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Water Wall Plaza


Mist + Mounds Garden


Ward 7 Playground


Duke Ellington School


Beale House Passage


Beale House Walled Court


George Mason H.S.


Fellows’ Courtyards


Metro Bus Depot Retro-Fit


Access Road Eco-Tones


Selected Sketches


Framing the Collective

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Free Library Parklet


Reading Garden


Turf’s Up Parklet


Clean Water Parklet

professinal university installations

LAB 2014 - 2019

T H E BAN K S AP T S . WAT E R WA L L P L A Z A Client: PN Hoffman (680 Eye St SW, Washington, DC)

The Water Wall Plaza in Washington DC is envisioned as a meet-up space for the community. Multiple cascading water features create a landmark visible from side streets as passersby move from the neighborhood to the riverfront. Plantings and zig-zag benches transform an enlarged area of sidewalk into a protected lush space for occupants to sit and talk. In both the architecture and the landscape, views are of paramount importance in the design, and create the varying angles in the architecture, which in turn create a backdrop for the water walls.

In collaboration with Studios Architecture & Geier Brown Renfrow Architects

LAB 2017 - 2018

M I S T & M OU N D S VI E WI NG G AR DE N Client: Thor Equities (3000 M St NW, Washington, DC) professinal

The Mist & Mounds Viewing Garden is an inbetween green roof space beneath two hotel towers. It is meant to be observed from above and from rooms on both sides of the narrow space. Small lights create a fire-fly effect, mounds provide an undulating groundplane in which small flowering trees grow, and mist is used to create an atmospheric effect. The striking seasonal colors of bright green moss and fuscia flowers are meant to reflect upon the windows. Depending upon the time of day, this reflection effect may be interrupted with sillhouettes of the building inhabitants, creating an almost eerie scene of smoke and mirrors.

university installations







View from Above:

Cross Section:

In collaboration with Shalom Baranes Arquitects & Gensler Architecture




LAB 2014 - 2019

WA R D 7 S H O R T T E R M H O U S I N G P L AY G R O U N D Client: Washington, D.C. Department of Human Services

As part of DC Mayor Muriel Bowzer’s initiative, an aging and derelict homeless shelter was closed, as new family-focused shortterm housing facilities were built and opened in every ward of the city. In Ward 7, the site was extremely tight. Our challenge was to design a playground for the up to 200 kids that will be circulating in and out of this home. Our aim was to accommodate all ages in a fun and special meeting place. We wanted every detail to show that this space was built with love by a community that cares.

In collaboration with Cunningham Quill Architects

LAB 2017 - 2018

DUKE E LLI NG TON S C H O OL OF T H E ART S Client: Washington, D.C. Department of Public Schools professinal university installations

Duke Ellington School of the Arts renovation project is a newly reopened public performing arts magnet High School in Georgetown. The landscape is largely historical. However, due to the impact of the construction on the site, the landscape was entirely re-built. As the project manager during construction, I was onsite designing creative solutions to unforeseen impacts the construction was having on the landscape design. The grand stair in the photo to the left was one of these elegant solutions.

In collaboration with Cox Graae + Spack Architects

LAB 2014 - 2017

B E AL E H OU S E PA S S A G E Client: Miller Development (143 W St NW, Washington, DC)

The Beale House Passage exists between condo buildings leading from alley townhouses to the public sidewalk. In order to cross the space and meet existing building entries, three adjacent paths slip and slide by each other, creating opportunities for bookend bench seating and patios surrounded by lush plantings. Now built, this garden is very popular with residents. During the design process, I worked closely with the developer and building team to envision and realize this highly detailed space. In collaborated with the building architects, I created the 3D model above, building all of the landscape portions of the scene.

In collaboration with Cunningham Quill Architects

LAB 2014 - 2019

B E AL E H OU S E WA L L E D C O U R T Client: Miller Development (143 W St NW, Washington, DC) professinal university installations

Beale House is a block of newly built townhouses located in the oversized alley behind the Passage Garden highlighted on the previous page. The Walled Court provides a semi-private outdoor space for residents to enjoy throughout the year. Selected locations for semi-transparent screens and gates allows occupants to see if someone is entering the courtyard. The 3D model shots here were taken from the model I built in collaboration with the architecture team. These images were professionally rendered for marketing purposes, under my advisement.

In collaboration with Cunningham Quill Architects

LAB 2018 - 2019

G E ORG E MAS ON HIG H SCHO OL Client: Falls Church City Public Schools (7124 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, Virginia)

George Mason High School is a design/build public project in Northern Virginia. Working closely with the community, the contractors, and the building architects, our team led the site planning effort. Because of the tight size of the sight and lots of topographic change, it took out of the box thinking to fit all of the programmatic elements together around strong organizing design principles.

In collaboration with Stantec and Quinn Evans Architects

LAB 2016 - 2018

LA QUE RCIA F E L L O W S ’ C O U R T YA R D S Client: Harvard University, Dumbarton Oaks Research Library + Collection (Georgetown, Washington, DC)

professinal university installations

These two narrow spaces are located in the heart of Georgetown tucked between historical buildings and alley carriage houses. Using artifacts from the Dumbarton Oaks’ campus, we created two complimentary settings. Above is the social courtyard, designed to accommodate a range of party sizes. To the left is the solitude and study courtyard. In collaboration with Cunningham Quill Architects

LAB 2018

M E T RO BUS DE POT RE TRO - FI T Client: Perkins + Will (4250 Connecticut Ave, Washington, DC)

This Metro Bus Depot is a covered urban space, now abandoned, and re-imagined here as a bustling multifunctional public space used for food trucks, outdoor markets, and festivals. As part of this, I worked on the landscape team in collaboration with the architecture team to build a 3D model of the building and newly envisioned curved garden beds that draw and direct passersby from the street into the covered Bus Depot. These images are a combination of model shots and professionally rendered images from our model, under the design team’s direction.

In collaboration with Perkins + Will and

LAB 2016 - 2019

AC C E S S R O AD ECO-TONES Client: Department of Homeland Security (SE Washington, DC) professinal university installations

This research project won the 2018 Potomac American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Honor Award for Analysis, Planning, and Urban Design, and was presented at the 2017 International Conference on Ecology and Transportation (ICOET) by myself and my co-author Michael Smith. Borrowing from the local ecology, we designed a shared use bike path and pedestrian walk with an evocative planting design that served local and migratory pollinators, showcased various plant community typologies, and provided a range of spacial environments and feelings, which of course changed in color and texture both along the path and throughout the season. This project was meant to be a new standard for design methodology and local plant selection for large scale public projects in DC and an example for the larger bio-region.


SELECTED SKETCHES The hand-drawn images below are a mixture of observation sketches abroad, drafting exercises, and design musings.


T H E S I S : F RAM I NG T H E COLLECTIVE professinal university installations

This thesis project explores the concept of democratic public space across an existing park in a historic neighborhood, next to a commercial center, and intercepting a rail line. The intersection of so many systems makes it an ideal battle ground for understanding public space. The goal of the design was to retain the current plaza functions and services while expanding use and users to the various members of the neighborhood and

networks, who in turn impact the space. Fences and walls were surgically removed. New structures were designed to accommodate people, grasses, and small animals. Existing structures like swings, basketball hoops, and light posts were distributed across the site’s varying conditions to allow for new and surprising associations between actors. Large and small pathways were formed to frame microcosms of the collective and relationships between users.

LAB 2018

2 0 1 8 PA R K ( I N G ) D AY F R E E L I B R A R Y PA R K L E T In 2018, I lead the design of LAB’s Free Library Parklet in Washington, DC. Using common objects, we designed and built our temporary parklet as a 3D model and then in real life. The book themed park was located on Pennsylvania Ave, adjacent to a bookshop and within view of the Library of Congress. Neighbors donated and picked up books for free, and many spent some time reading and rocking in the park and getting to know one another.

LAB 2015 - 2018

C L E V . PA R K L I B R A R Y R E ADI NG G AR DE N professinal university installations

This walled garden is located next to the children’s area of the Cleveland Park Library. This permanent installation was envisioned as a place for storytime, an extremely popular library event. Since the weather can be quite variable in Washington, DC, lacy canopied trees provide shade in the summer and allow for sun in the late fall and early spring. A large wooden bench provides two-levels of climbable seating for kids, and parisian-style chairs are supplied for the care-givers and librarians. Plenty of space is provided for strollers. Because the furniture is movable, this flexible space can be configured by the Library for various types of events.

LAB 2016

2 0 1 6 PA R K ( I N G ) D AY T U R F ’ S U P PA R K L E T

This temporary parklet asks the question, ‘what happens if the groundplane is lifted up’? In this case, it reveals the dark pavement below. Park(ing) Day is an annual even where parking spaces are converted into parks in an effort to raise awareness about the use and design of public space. The LAB office collectively designed and built this park, and it was a huge success. We attracted cafe-goers and the lunchtime crowd, who each had a proverbial seat at the green table.

LAB 2017

2 0 1 7 PA R K ( I N G ) D AY C L E A N WAT E R PA R K L E T professinal university installations

For Park(ing) Day 2017, my team chose to raise awareness about pollution of the Anacostia River. Using bottles collected by local organizations from the river, we designed and built this temporary installation which represents gallons of waste water that overflow into the river every year during ma jor rain events. The yellow and pink bottles represent different types of runoff treatment such as green infrastructure. Mountain View, CA 804 - 854 - 6536

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Marjorie Woodbury 2019 Portfolio  

Marjorie Woodbury 2019 Portfolio Landscape Architecture Environmental Design + Art

Marjorie Woodbury 2019 Portfolio  

Marjorie Woodbury 2019 Portfolio Landscape Architecture Environmental Design + Art

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