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STATE REPORT: VICTORIA Steve Robertson Chief Executive Officer MWOA/NWOA

The year started with a bang with our first event being the MWOA Public Works Charity Golf Day. It was a hot day with the barometer reaching 37C as The Sands at Torquay turned it on. Despite below average rainfall for the summer the course was in great condition and all 96 players enjoyed a breakfast, fine golf and a hearty lunch… and no SNAKES! A big thank you to the team at The Sands for a great day. A big thank you too for our sponsors who’s support makes the day possible.

The first of our meetings was held in Gippsland where we again had a reasonable turnout to The Black Tie in Warragul. Unfortunately, our guest presenter pulled out at short notice so after a few frantic phone calls I managed to get on to Terry Barridge from the Warragul Toastmasters Association who gladly filled the void. Terry is a seafarer and shared some of his stories, the point of all was to plan, then plan, and then plan some more. He relayed a story of sailing a yacht from the Timor Sea down the East Coast where he learnt a valuable lesson on planning. But more than that it was a lesson on it not being enough to just ask the question, you must take the additional steps to ensure you have all of the correct equipment, maps and permits. In this instance Terry asked the question of the yacht’s skipper but despite feeling uneasy and little sceptical he left it at that. Some days later they ran aground on The Great Barrier Reef where they lay stricken for some days until help arrived in the form of the Navy. Needless to say, it was a valuable lesson and one he was happy to share.

Main Sponsor, Hole, & NTP SuperSealing (and Hole in One Sponsor for $1k) Hole & NTP Sponsors Delnorth Hole Sponsors Avery Dennison, City Circle, Hiway Stabilizers, RSP Environmental, The Drain Man, Quicklock, Durkin Construction, Katam Drainage Door Prizes R & S Grating & De Neefe Signs NT-Flag (Bunker) Dial Before You Dig We have also held a meeting at the Bendigo Airport where we were treated to a presentation Winners: C Pascoe, T Gellatly, A Jones by Ben Devanny – Manager, Business Services, City of Greater Bendigo, who spoke about the Again, many thanks to our sponsors for their expansion of the airport to accommodate Qantas. support. Keep an eye out for next year’s date Qantas will soon fly Bendigo – Sydney direct - TBC. As good as The Sands has been, we twice daily in what can only be described as a are open to a new course and new venue and coup for the local economy. Thank you to Tony welcome your suggestions.

Gellatly of City of Greater Bendigo for organising the meeting, venue, speaker and lunch. He did a great job. Well done. The Central meeting also saw the retirement of Col Sheppard of Gannawarra Shire Council who after many years as Secretary of the Central Branch stepped aside to allow the younger and more vibrant (and some might say more attractive?) Brett Quarrier of Mt Alexander Shire. Col has served MWOA, its members, sponsors and supporters for many years and I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his services. Col has and is a strong advocate for MWOA and we hope he will remain connected for years to come. We continue to roll out across the State with our regional meetings and are always keen to hear from you our members, sponsors and supporters and what, when, where and why… well maybe not the why but certainly we welcome your feedback and ideas. The “National Works & Engineering Conference” this year will be back at the Prince of Wales Showgrounds in Bendigo. The dates this year are the 19th & 20th of September and we are working on the program as we speak. If you have any suggestions on topics, training or demonstrations, please give me a call.

Alan Jones, Stephen Robertson, Cameron Pascoe, Tony Gellatly

Our awards for 2019 are now placed on the web and if you are interested and need any assistance, please give me a call: NW&EC 2019 International Study Award R&S Grating Award Road Maintenance Award Dial Before You Dig Award

STATE REPORT: QUEENSLAND Brian Weeks President Works Officers Association of Queensland

Hello From Queensland, We are currently busy planning the coming year. We have a Corporate Dinner planned for Friday 15th March at the Beaudesert RSL Club. These nights are intended to be a social event and allow both Corporate and General Members to catch up over a meal and a few drinks. We are also planning a Tech Tour of the Komatsu Workshops in Brisbane. This will be on Friday 31st May. The major event for the year will again be the Phil Lakey Memorial Golf Day and Networking Night, to be held on Saturday 7th December at RACV Royal Pines Resort Gold Coast .Last year’s event was the first at this venue and proved to be very successful with all participants enjoying a quality golf course, even if some of the golf may not have achieved the same high standard. The night will include our AGM with members voting for Executive and General Committee this year.

STATE REPORT: TASMANIA Peter Donato President Tasmanian Association of Municipal Supervisors

2019 International Public Works Conference – Hobart This year the Tasmanian Works and Engineering Conference will not be held, as our normal Conference Partner the IPWEA will be hosting the 2019 International Public Works Conference and our TAMS members will be assisting with this. The full conference program will run over 5 days, however there will be a ‘TAMS’ stream on the final day with a ‘Works focus to this steam. Additional information is available on the conference website au. It promises to be an outstanding opportunity to see, hear and learn about the latest in Public Works. 2018 Tasmanian Works and Engineering Conference The conference last year was held on the North West Coast. It was based at the ‘paranaple convention centre’ Devonport on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd November 2018. The conference was well attended with some excellent presentation. The new centre was widely regards as an excellent new addition to the Devonport area for this type of event. Thanks must go to the organising committee for a wonderful event and for the time spent in realising this. But also to the conference delegates and all important sponsors who made the event possible. Lance Holmes Award There annual Lance Holmes Awards which are aimed to encourage professional development opportunities for applicants working in associated organisations in Tasmania. The award is up to the value of $1,500, to enable the successful applicants to: Participate in an exchange program, or Attend an approved training program, or Attend an approved conference or other training opportunity in Australia.

Please refer to the website for how to apply for the award. Meg Lorang was latest recipient of the award and provided an insightful summary of how the award benefited her and her organisation at our Annual General Meeting. Bree Hunter from the City of Hobart has been approved for the award for 2018. We look forward to learning of how this award will benefit her in her career. Congratulation Bree. Annual General Meeting The Annual General Meeting was held in October at Ross, the Annual report was presented and election of the Management Committee positions was held with the following now consisting of our new team: Vice President – Leigh Sear Public Officer – Paul Medhurst Secretary – John Jago Committee Member – Greg Osborne Committee Member – Curtis Ward Congratulation to the above for their election to these positions. They join the current serving committee members. Upcoming Events A social event is currently being organised, please stay tuned to our website for details of this and upcoming meetings. TAMS Enquiries Should you have any queries in relation to upcoming events please contact any of the TAMS management committee via the details on the website. www.tasams. Peter Donato President TAMS

Road Patch Stabilisation Alternative from Australia Sealed road patch stabilisation using cutting edge alternative to current methods. Australian made. Toll Free: 1800 790 907 Mobile: 0418 897 511 Email:

The root cause of most roadway failures is drainage, drainage, drainage. “Experience has shown that if water passes through a road and fills the native soil, the road whatever its thickness, loses support and goes to pieces.” (John MacAdam 1820). By adopting this simple advice, you’ll be much closer towards the goal of better longer lasting roads. Generally, time tested and proven road stabilisation is carried out using lime or cement stabilisation. These additives have worked well for many years, although there has always been some niggling issues such as; cracking, shrinkage, rocking of stabilised areas (patches ending up non flexible or brittle) and OHS issues when handling cement or lime. Environmentally, cement or lime may not be the best choice either as they both require large amounts of water. They both however have their place and are valuable in the industry. The alternative that is becoming widely accepted around Australia is the 2Kg pack of PolyCom Stabilising Aid shown on the right.
 The advantages of PolyCom: • A single pack will treat 50m3 of compacted road material. • Field proven over 16 years. • 1000 times less PolyCom is required than cement or lime at 2% mix design to achieve similar results. • Flexible pavement created with high CBR values, not rigid or brittle • No block cracking • No OHS or environment issues • No requirement for costly spreader trucks, bulk tankers or heavy lifting of bags. • 50% less water requirement equals time saved carting and placing water. • Easy spreading with a small custom made hand held or 12v device fitted to work ute determined by size of patch. • Training and support provided on site as required at no cost. • Recyclable packaging that is easy and clean to handle. • No time limit on workability and can be re worked at any time as required. • Works in all kinds of materials normally found in failed road patches like clay, sandy clay, crushed rock and pit gravels, reclaimed asphalt and more. • Can be sealed immediately and takes a seal well with better adhesion properties. • No special mix designs or complex lab testing required to get results. Fully Backed up by On site advice and training by experienced operators that will make your works simple faster and more efficient. Contact the Earthco Projects team today to find out more on: 1800 790 907 or visit

This 2Kg pack treats 50m3 of material.

PolyCom benefits at a glance • OHS compliant • Considerable water savings • Can be used with non-potable water • Environmentally compliant • Reduced use of natural resources • Reduced sediment run off from roads • Less trucking by using in-situ material • Considerable reduction in fuel use • Reduces mud and dust • Makes roads less slippery when wet • No need for special machinery • Local knowledge and backup • Simple to use with ongoing, on site training provided

autumn 2019 I 8

Keep water out of

your crack

The most common reason for pavement failure is moisture penetrating the surface. Cracks in pavements allow moisture to penetrate the surface which causes pavement material failure. Failure to seal cracks results in further cracking, potholes and eventually a major pavement breakdown, leading to unnecessary expensive repairs. SuperSealing operates throughout Australia and New Zealand, specialising in crack sealing of Residential Streets, Major Roads, Highways & Freeways, Airport Runways & Taxiways, Flood ways, Car Parks, Bike Paths, Bridge Joints and Trench & Pavement Reinstatements.

Crack Sealing

Traffic Management

Roadside Civil & Maintenance Works

Crack Sealing

New South Wales


South Australia


Western Australia

0419 521 237

0419 521 237

0418 543 354

0408 524 449

0400 683 568

Other Services

Head Office

Traffic Management - Vic

Roadside Civil - Vic

03 9801 1622

0432 427 505

0408 660 909

Web: Email:

28 I winter 2018

winter 2018 I 17

Shoalhaven City Council optimises landfill use with machine guidance technology

Peter Windley, Team Coordinator Waste Operations, Shoalhaven City Council waste services was looking to improve machine efficiency, maximise air space and extend the landfill life of the West Nowra landfill site. In particular, Mr Windley wanted to use GNSS technology on the site’s landfill compactor. To achieve these goals, Position Partners worked with Shoalhaven City Council to implement the Carlson LandfillGrade machine guidance system. “Overall reduction of landfilling is certainly an organisational goal for Shoalhaven City Council Waste Operations,” he said. “Maximising air space within our current landfills is a major factor in our strategic planning and, when used in conjunction with effective resource recovery activities, will ensure we prolong the landfill lifespan.” “We conducted a trial of the Carlson LandfillGrade system in partnership with Position Partners,” Mr Windley added. “The system was fitted to our existing landfill compactor at the West Nowra landfill site. The results have been extraordinary.” Why did Shoalhaven City Council choose the Carlson LandfillGrade machine guidance system? The West Nowra landfill site required a technology solution that would complement the sites’ current strategy and allow Mr Windley’s team to be agile in its recycling and waste operations and continue to provide residents with state-of-the-art waste management services.

Following the trial with Position Partners, the team at West Nowra landfill site kept the Carlson LandfillGrade installed on their Tana E520 landfill compacter and now have plans to include a rover unit on the site in 2019. Mr Windley has found that the Tana E520 landfill compacter and the Carlson LandfillGrade from Position Partners work together seamlessly. “It is a natural fit and we have seen some excellent results in air space savings and significant reductions in filling and compaction costs,” Windley said. Benefits of implementing the Carlson LandfillGrade machine guidance system Prior to implementing the Carlson LandfillGrade from Position Partners, the West Nowra team struggled to ensure consistent landfilling practice with inconsistent filling and considerable reworking a common problem. “This was very time consuming and inconsistent filling was very common, requiring considerable reworking at times,” he said. “Supervisory staff had to hold tip face, regular meetings multiple times per week and at shift changes just to ensure consistent landfilling practice.” “These issues are now a thing of the past, our compaction rates have increased, cell filling is exact, we use significantly less cover material and have seen considerable reduction in fuel usage,” he added

Mr Windley found that the Carlson LandfillGrade from Position Partners was the best fit for the Shoalhaven City Council landfill site for a wide range of reasons, including: Improvements in airspace utilisation and maximised compaction to reach optimum density in less time; The ability to measure waste volume and density daily; The ability to import weighbridge data for accurate daily density calculations; Minimise daily cover use in accurately measuring cover material; Track waste compaction (deflection and pass counts) in real-time; Determine slope and grade management; Assist operators to eliminate overfill for outer design slopes and need for rectification; GPS locate and record hazardous waste within landfill cell; Record actual material placement; The ability to locate and track avoidance zones such as gas wells and hazardous material placement; To provide connectivity of machines and office; Remote monitoring of machines and work completed; Provide historical playback for machines and material placement; Easily generate airspace, daily density and volume reports. “The reporting and monitoring features of this system are excellent,” he said. “The 3D replay feature is great for operator tool box talks and issues relating to multiple operators and continuity on a filling face over seven days have been eliminated entirely. They just follow the design on the screen.” The importance of service and support during purchasing and implementation One of the major factors that Mr Windley took into consideration when choosing to implement Carlson LandfillGrade machine guidance technology was the service and support offered by Position Partners. “Dieter, from the landfill and mining section of Position Partners, has been excellent, he has conducted

training sessions for our team and provided a thorough level of support,” he said. “The improvements to our disposal cell areas and filling activities are substantial. Operators have been able to fill according to the exact design, with reduced machine passes and use minimal cover. Saving time, cost and maximising air space utilisation,” he added. “Every landfill operator should consider this technology to maximise landfill life and reduce costs.” About Shoalhaven City Council Shoalhaven City Council waste services is responsible for recycling, resource recovery and waste disposal activities for a local government area of approximately 5,000km² and 100,000 residents. Shoalhaven City Council is committed to finding the most effective ways to reduce, reuse and recycle for its communities and offer its residents contemporary facilities and leading technologies to reduce waste in the environment. Peter Windley, Team Coordinator Waste Operations with Shoalhaven City Council, leads a team of 56 staff that manage daily operations at Shoalhaven City Council’s 10 recycling and waste facilities including two landfills, transfer stations at each site, a pre-booked garden organics and bulky goods collection service, 10 Community Recycling Centres (CRC’s), seven buyback recycling shops and three former landfills.

Radar technology makes looking under ground easy


ennards Hire Test & Measure hires innovative and leading-edge testing, safety and measurement equipment suitable for applications in data analysis, electronics, pipe and sewer and general instrumentation. Catering to the needs of municipal works officers, Kennards Hire Test & Measure offer a range of equipment that makes their work easier. Included in Kennards Hire’s extensive Test & Measure product mix is a range of ground penetrating radar designed for varying applications, including the Utility Ground Penetrating Radar which has been used by municipal works officers with great results.

It is well known that plans often do not reflect the real situation on the ground. Often they are dated, inaccurate and municipal works officers who use them as their sole reference point do so at their own risk. When new works are undertaken and an excavator breaches a water pipe that no one knew was in that position, it can cost time, money, and goodwill from local residents and business owners who are without water for hours or even days whilst the damage is

being repaired. The Utility Ground Penetrating Radar allows users to detect both conductive and non-conductive underground utilities using wide-band radar technology, including water pipes, and electrical cables up to eight metres in depth. A real benefit in using this product is the technology. It features a high-resolution touch screen that allows users to draw arrows on the screen to highlight features of interest. Screenshots and tables can be saved as JPegs and emailed to colleagues using Wi - FI, data and images can be exported via USB for archiving or inclusion in reports. All these features increase productivity as well as supplying proof of the existence of utilities. Kennards Hire chose this unit over its competitors because of its easy to set up and use. Some competitive products have taken four hours to set up and calibrate, but the Utility Ground Penetrating Radar can be set up and working in minutes. Whilst it may

look complicated, it is not. The technology makes things easier, not harder. It is easily transported and set up and can be used over rugged terrain without fear of breakage. The Utility Ground Penetrating Radar has proven its worth time and time again in municipal works. It was recently hired to a council that were putting in a new water main near one of the main stadiums in Melbourne. Municipal works officers were hitting pipes that were not shown in the plans. The Utility Ground Penetrating Radar found six additional pipes they were unaware of, saving the project money, time, and community goodwill. Another example of this unit helping municipal workers officers involved its use in a project in North Geelong where tree planting was taking place in a major park. No plans were available and they needed proof that no utilities were present. The Utility Ground Penetrating Radar clearly showed that no utilities were present in the area designated for planting. Had the team not taken the time to use the radar, they would have had some costly mistakes. In the short term, an excavator may have hit a utility in the digging, and in the longer term roots from trees planted in the wrong area may come into contact with utilities, causing extensive damage. Availabout through Kennards Hire Test & Measure branches, municipal works officers have found the Utility Ground Penetrating Radar unit invaluable as it has saved them time and money as well as offering peace of mind knowing where utilities are. It can be supplied the next day (or same day if necessary), so those tight deadlines are met. Kennards Hire Test & Measure 135 135 /

The Essen al First Step. Dial Before You Dig is a not-for-profit organisation that connects anyone planning to dig with the owners of underground infrastructure. It’s free to lodge an enquiry. Dial Before You Dig is the essential first step before any excavation.



Before you break the earth surface for any reason it is essential to lodge a free enquiry with Dial Before You Dig at least two business days before works begin.

Do you know who is digging near your assets?

Lodging your free enquiry is easy:

Is your council-owned infrastructure protected through the Dial Before You Dig Service? Dial Before You Dig and local governments can work together to better serve our community to protect all Australians from damaging assets. App Store and Google Play Call 1100 during business hours

Along with underground assets, you can now protect any above-ground infastructure, including:

Asset owners will contact you directly with information on their assets this is usually in the form of email.

• • •

Trees Heritage sites and art Contaminated land

It is important to read all information provided by asset owners including their duty of care statements.

To enquire about registering your assets with Dial Before You Dig please contact Joe Fiala on or 0488 900 689.










Optional accessories may be pictured but not included


For 30 years, Cat has been designing and releasing the British built 432 Backhoe Loader. Those decades of experience, combined with today’s technology, give you a machine that is innovative, reliable, and full of power. Features include: • Advanced Power Management System to save fuel without reducing productivity • Intelligent Load Sensing Hydraulic System that actively matches hydraulic power and flow to provide the right amount of power at the right time • Redesigned roof cap that gives the loader superior visibility at maximum dump height from the comfort of the seat • Parallel lift loader arms that offer superb forward visibility and self-levelling to ensure excellent material retention through the lift and lower cycles • Cat Cushion Swing, which dampens the boom oscillation during trenching cycles Urban Maintenance • Excavator style boom that provides versatility and powerful breakout force

Systems is an established provider of maintenance services. Privately owned and To speak to a product specialist about the features of the Cat 432 F2 Series Backhoe Loader, call 1300 WADAMS. proudly Australian, UMS has Or visit to learn more. been partnering with Local Always improving – it’s how we’re built.20 years. Government for over


© 2018 Caterpillar. All Rights Reserved. CAT, CATERPILLAR, BUILT FOR IT, their respective logos, “Caterpillar Yellow”, the “Power Edge” trade dress as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.

AF Gason Pty Ltd in Ararat Victoria is an Australian manufacturer of Agricultural & Industrial machinery with over 70 years experience that began as a tractor cab producer in 1947. For more than a decade Gason have been manufacturing a range of mowers and slashers from 6ft/1.8m to 41ft/12.5m for Public Works to Agriculture applications which has been the result of the acquisition of Chris Grow (CGE) Mowers and Slashers in 2010 as well as continued research and development from then onwards. The Public Works models are used for roadside verge, parks maintenance, forestry services and the open green areas of airports and military bases around Australia. Gason have an Australia wide dealer network and their sales team can advise a suitable model for any application. The founding father was Mr Frank Gason and the company remains a family owned business today with second, third and fourth generation family members occupying key roles within the business’s day to day management. CGE started designing and manufacturing the award winning Mowers and Slashers in 1977 and exported to USA, Europe, South Africa and New Zealand. CGE was the first Australian agricultural machinery manufacturer to be European Certified (EC) based on the stringent standards in the European Union (EU)’ in 1999. Chris Grow works closely with Technical Services Director Greg Gason to keep model innovation at the forefront. Gason is a true blue Aussie firm and a significant regional employer with 180 staff over three plants in Victoria and welcomes clients to tour the modern factory/head office in Ararat 200km west of Melbourne. The Public Works models are a fully featured VHD ‘’Very Heavy Duty’’ Slasher range and stems from operator input to gain the best performance and ground use efficiency. Models start with 3 Point Linkage (3PL) tractor mounted Single Rotor slashers of 6ft/1.8m & 7ft/2.1m, Taper Back and 7ft/2.1m & 8ft/2.4m Straight Deck. Twin Rotor centre mount 3PL and the versatile ‘’on the move’’ hydraulic Side Shift 8ft/2.4m model that offers 1.95m offset to left or 1.65m right from centre of Tractor. Twin Rotor 10ft/3.0m & 12ft/3.6m are centre mount 3PL. The tractor drawn range start with 10ft/3.0m & 12ft/3.6m Twin Rotor Flat Deck, 15ft/4.6m & 20ft/6.1m Triple Rotor Delta Flex Wing, 24ft/7.3m Four Rotor Winged and 35ft/10.7m & 41ft/12.5m Six Rotor Winged for wide green areas. All models comply to the February 2011 Slasher Directive “A Guide to Health and Safety Standard”. SINGLE ROTOR Clean top fall away deck reduces mulch and seed build up and easy cleaned via blower or hose, no grass covered trip points whilst operator is servicing or adjusting. Tapered back design reduces turning radius and allows cutting close to fences/road posts etc. The 3PL connection to tractor is world class. Centre mount and offset to left linkage position is used to favour road verge/fence line work. Cat 2 & 3 and USA Cat 3 quick hitch frame compatible gives the entire operator hook up practice respected by OHS authorities. 3PL top link connection float or lock bracket gives the versatility of fine float for low cutting with rear wheels so the slasher will not bottom out on the skids if the tractor wheels travel through a drain or rut. This is a major problem for height control with slashers with a fold down chain brace secured headstock/tower.

SINGLE ROTOR (CONTINUED) For use in rugged and steep terrain (e.g. banks, bridges and going through creeks) just reposition the pin for full floatation. Refer attached photos “Top Link Connection & Float”. The floating bracket has a limiting stop to prevent the slasher body rising too high causing possible damage to the Power Take Off (PTO) shaft to the tractor that could cause injury. Chain towers don’t and have a polyurethane shock absorber pad to softly reconnect as the machine is lifted. A well proven part from use with broadacre tillage equipment. Wheels on this model are one pivot king pin single or dual wheels giving a very stable platform and not losing any benefit on the turning radius a tapered back swing delivers. The wheel kit comes standard with a screw type adjuster to set cutting height. The secondary screw adjuster mounted on the wheel main arm to the pivot allows for perfect setting to the king pin to remain vertical. This allows the wheels to castor around with the cutting height remaining the same. This feature is important for those Shires that are responsible for the grounds maintenance of the surrounds of sporting fields and complexes. Rapid operator/drivers with forward/reverse shuttle shift gears just think this is fantastic. There are several contactors who are extremely pleased with the hydraulic fold up wheel option which instantly allows the operator to control from the tractor seat the ability to fold up and inwards over the deck – the complete wheel assembly to reverse into corners/fences shrubbery etc. No more limitations from two individual wheel arms pinned at set height out the rear backing into unknown obstacles. TWIN ROTOR The 8ft/2.4m Taper Back models have similar features to the Single Rotor and are manufactured to give the widest possible cutting width to an overall road legal size of 8.2ft/2.5m with a choice of rear wheels or roller. 10ft/3.0m & 12ft/3.6m have optional wheel kits. TRIPLE ROTOR The 15ft/4.6mt. & 20ft/6.1mt. Delta Flex Wing Slashers are fitted with six wide profile floatation tyres on the rear and can have optional front wing caster wheels to prevent scalping of undulations when low cutting, especially for Air Field work. Units our easily road transported as wing fold to road legal width. FOUR & SIX ROTOR 24ft/7.3mt., 35ft/10.7mt. & 41ft/12.5mt. Winged slashers suit the Broadacre wide green areas such as Airports & Military Bases where high Air Traffic movements limits when the slasher can be used so a requirement to cover as much ground as possible whilst working.

In use the q

Please refer the corresponding drawings and pictures and visit our website to see our Mowers and Slashers in operation. At Gason we look forward to your enquiry in regards to an interest in our Australian designed and manufactured machinery that is built to last and fitted with performance features preferred by operators.

AF GA 29-31 ®

(03) 5

22 I winter 2018




OmniCube With Intelligent Cube Technology TM Avery DennisonTM has taken reflective sheeting to the next level in performance and safety. OmniCubeTM full-cube sheeting provides higher reflectivity and a more cost-effective production solution.



Q z




With Smart Cube Technology

Avery Dennison™ has taken reflective sheeting to the next level in performance and safety. OmniCube™ full-cube sheeting provides higher reflectivity and a more cost-effective production solution.





Smart at EvEry anglE


Spill Control An extensive range of products to assist with liquid spills Managing commercial and industrial environments is no easy task. That’s why you need a partner like Gemm. From big oil spills to small mishaps. We’ve got you covered. At Gemm Chemical & Coating Solutions, spills are our business. We’ve supplied oil spill equipment for the largest oil spills. As well as spill kits for the smallest workplace spills. Whatever your spill problem, we can help solve it.

Seven Steps to a Spill Clean Up 1 Access

Can you handle the spill by yourself?

2 Contain

Surround the spill with booms.


Do not become a victim of the spill. Put on your PPE.

4 Absorb

Using EnviroSweep, turn the liquid into a solid.

5 Dispose Place waste absorbent into disposable bags provided. 6 Report

Report all spills to a supervisor or manager.

7 Restock Notify Gemm Chemical & Coating Solutions immediately for replacement stock.

We also provide: • Cotton booms 2 metre + • 240 litre spill kits • Absorbent pads

• Spill kit servicing

• Vehicle spill kits

• Site audits available

Gary Johnson 0433 890 850

©2018 Gemm Chemicals

“If we don’t have it, we’ll source it”

Council Surplus Plant & Equipment 2009 Caterpillar 963D Traxcavator/Crawler Loader

GraysOnline is Australasia’s largest online industrial auctioneer specialising in the valuation and sale of surplus equipment for Councils & Government including Earthmoving, Transport, Agriculture, Sweepers and General Equipment. Every month we conduct dedicated Council & Government auctions and recently achieved the below result on behalf of Wangaratta Rural City Council.

SOLD $248,620






Unique Webpages Visitors

Total Page Visits

Bidders From NSW, VIC & QLD


Video Views

Sold within

2 Weeks of Engagement

Sold from VIC to NSW Buyer

For more information about the results of this sale or for a confidential discussion about surplus fleet, contact: Logan Fenemor | Business Development Manager—Councils & Government 0410 082 603 |

The stabilisation specialists Hiway Stabilizers is a leading supplier of Pavement Stabilisation services in Australia. Hiways design and construct stabilised pavements using Lime, Cement Blends and Foamed Bitumen techniques. With the capacity to deliver either spread and mix or finished for seal levels of service, including trimming and compaction, Hiways is the one stop shop. The Hiway Group has a proud tradition of getting the job done on time and on budget by utilizing its extensive resources and expert industry knowledge. With a variety of different sized stabilising machines and purpose built spreader trucks, Hiways can undertake all types of work from small stabilised patches to large scale full road reconstruction projects. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for all your stabilising requirements.

Contacts Mark Filsell

Southern Region M: 0428 803 001

T: 03 9730 2020 E: Kenn Hall N.S.W. M: 0409 741 716 E:

CLIENT: KOMATSU AUSTRALIA SUBJECT: GRADER ‘PURPOSE BUILT’ FOR HERITAGE AREA. Ken Grierson takes his job on Tasmania’s Sorell Council very seriously. He’s the Works Programmer – Roads in charge with the upkeep of 152 kilometres of gravel roads and lanes that link the villages in the historic shire, just east of Hobart.

is mainly desk bound. Neville still drives as part of the capital works team which concentrates on 245 km of sealed roads in the shire. “Most of the gravel roads are on a 12-week maintenance cycle and all see a blade at least twice a year,” Ken says.

Ken and his brother Neville – plant operator – both now in their 60s, can lay claim to having been the principle carers for Sorell’s roads for 45 years.

Its an exacting task. Sorell is one of Australia’s oldest communities, first formed in the early 1800s, and many of its rural arteries are narrow and tortuous.

They started working on pick and shovels for the council where their great grandfather had been chief clerk another half century earlier.

“For the past ten years we’ve had a grader with a fourteen-foot blade and it’s been difficult. It was too large for the roads,” he said.

It’s a matter of some pride and perhaps even family responsibility, that the roads of Sorell, which link north and south Tasmania, form a gateway to the east coast and Port Arthur, and importantly keep the local rural population connected, remain in good shape.

But this year there’s a new blade in town. In accordance with its ten-year capex cycle, council bought a new grader – its first Komatsu, a GD555-5, and most importantly for Ken, it has a 12-foot blade.

Ken Grierson works on maintenance and these days

“It allows far more precision and it offers a lot more visibility from the cab in every direction,” Ken said.

Productivity is up, costs are down and most importantly a new policy to have the equipment serviced by Komatsu either remotely or at its nearby depot, has introduced new efficiency. Sorell Council took the opportunity to hire two new operators under Ken’s guidance at the time of the grader purchase. “They’re using the new Intelligent Topcon machine control system which plots and calculates optimum run off from the crown of the road,” Ken said. Ken favours a four-to-six percent camber change on his roads, taking-into-account rainfall and drainage requirements in Tasmania’s climate. “There’s still a need for seat-of-the-pants feel, but to have GPS plotting on board introduces a new accuracy that improves precision,” he said. Ken expects his new grader to clock up 800-1000 hours in its first year on a nine day a fortnight work cycle with the tenth day used for planned downtime and maintenance. “We’re doing as much work as we did previously, but we’re doing it easier and with greater efficiency,” he said. Ken has not yet commissioned KOMTRAX, Komatsu’s invaluable satellite-based monitoring system. It’s an action item for the next service. “When Neville and I were on the shovels we learned to be nice to the grader drivers, because otherwise they’d make sure they heaped the roads with rocks

and rubble which we had to clean up,” he said. “These days the machines are looking after us far better than the operators ever did.” Ken’s only regret – he’s not yet driven the new grader. “I’ve sat in it in the depot and its totally different to anything we’ve had before – especially the vision out of it which is really outstanding,” he said. “I’ve put my name down as relief driver – maybe someday.” Ends….

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12-14 Leeds St Rhodes NSW 2138

Unit 3, 74 Fullarton Road, Norwood, SA 5067 Unit 2, 116 Crockford St Northgate, QLD 4013

61-63 Benison Rd Winnellie NT 0820



- PROTECT OPEN PITS AND TRENCHES DURING INSTALL VicRoads has recently issued a Safety Alert, calling for the adequate protection of pits and excavations on all work sites. Exposed xposed pits and trenches create potential hazards to workers and members of the t public, who face risk of injury from slipping, tripping or falling. All ground openings must be covered immediately after being formed on site, using purpose-fit covers that are load-rated to bear the weight of people and equipment that may traverse the site.

SVC Civil’s Temporary Pit & Trench Cover provides a convenient solution on. SVC TEMPORARY P & T COVER 1200m 00mm x 800mm Load-rated to max. weight of 800kg Suits max. opening width of 700mm Used to cover exposed pits, manh manholes, trenches and footpaths Lightweight 12kg unit is ea easy to move and manoeuvre Product Code: ACT1280

Send your enquiry via email to or call the phone numbers listed below. 38 JAPADDY ST MORDIALLOC 3195 1300 287 782

2 CHAFFEY ST THOMASTOWN 3074 03 9460 3813








Optional accessories may be pictured but not included


For 30 years, Cat has been designing and releasing the British built 432 Backhoe Loader. Those decades of experience, combined with today’s technology, give you a machine that is innovative, reliable, and full of power. Features include: • Advanced Power Management System to save fuel without reducing productivity • Intelligent Load Sensing Hydraulic System that actively matches hydraulic power and flow to provide the right amount of power at the right time • Redesigned roof cap that gives the loader superior visibility at maximum dump height from the comfort of the seat • Parallel lift loader arms that offer superb forward visibility and self-levelling to ensure excellent material retention through the lift and lower cycles • Cat Cushion Swing, which dampens the boom oscillation during trenching cycles • Excavator style boom that provides versatility and powerful breakout force

To speak to a product specialist about the features of the Cat 432 F2 Series Backhoe Loader, call 1300 WADAMS. Or visit to learn more. Always improving – it’s how we’re built.

© 2018 Caterpillar. All Rights Reserved. CAT, CATERPILLAR, BUILT FOR IT, their respective logos, “Caterpillar Yellow”, the “Power Edge” trade dress as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.

Heard about Lean, but not sure how to implement it? What is Lean? Lean is not a ‘once off action’ - Lean is a culture. Lean is a set of business management and operational systems that interact as one. Lean methodology uses tools to identify opportunities for reducing waste and improving effectiveness of procedures by instilling a culture of continuous learning within your organisation. It’s all about that ‘C’ word – Continuous Improvement! The aim is to analyse business processes with a focus on eliminating waste – not the stuff you throw in the bin, rather resource consuming activity that delivers no value to the organisation or end user, whether it be the external or internal customer. Lean looks at issues like production defects, errors, over processing, time wasting and ineffective use of resources. Through the use of Lean methods such as process mapping, visual management, 5S, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and many more, you can identify and work towards solutions aimed at improving efficiency, cost reduction and in turn both boost staff morale and profit.

How Lean can be applied to your workplace? One of our LMA Facilitators, Steve Farrugia tells us of his experience working with one of our clients on Lean improvement projects.

They have done an excellent job implementing 5S at their site. Operating over 3 shifts, each shift complained that the previous shift was leaving the work area in a mess. This was causing delays in start-

up, as operators had to replenish stock, empty bins and wasted time looking for missing items. For the 5S training, we allocated each shift a specific work area in which they were given the task of developing 5S standards whilst identifying and implementing ideas to improve workflow and reduce waste. The teams really involved themselves in the project and worked together to develop a number of great initiatives: purpose-built trolleys, cleaning stands, quality display boards, line marking, visual standards and start of shift checklists. The change in the place has been enormous. There has been a reduction in cleaning times, improved equipment up-time, improved productivity and output as well as an overall improvement in the look of the factory. Our key objective is to leave our clients with a sustainable continuous improvement culture and programs. To achieve that, we develop our participants, after completing the training, to not only be confident in the Lean tools but also have the mindset to want to contribute to the ongoing improvement of the business operations.


Our facilitators have found effective solutions to the common issues faced by organisations who have unsuccessfully tried to implement lean concepts and techniques previously. Our primary focus in our first 12 weeks on site is to engage operators, team leaders and management alike in the desire for Continuous Improvement. We then work on developing the skill levels of all employees. The Lean tools can be foreign and complex to use when first introduced. This why we spend time working with the Lean tools, applying and using them in the workplace and testing them on business processes. Newly learnt skills need to be practiced before they sink in, so doing it once in a classroom doesn’t mean the concept will stick. We work to overcome this through providing on-the-floor coaching, allowing staff to apply the concepts to real work scenarios and achieve real work outcomes and improvements.

How can we help you? LMA is a leading training and development organisation that has been creating “Exceptional Results for and through people” for almost 50 years in Australia. Our results are achieved through developing leaders at all levels and implementing sustainable Lean practices and tools throughout the organisation. Our Unique Process is focused on individual and team development, efficiency and productivity improvement and developing a continuous improvement culture to drive increased performance and cost effectiveness. LMA have successfully implemented customized Continuous Improvement and Lean programs across many industry sectors in Australia. Our unique delivery process places leadership, people, development and Continuous Improvement at the core of our business solutions.

Want to know more about how Lean can improve your workplace? Come along to one of our complementary Demystifying Lean Workshops. Call us to find out when we’re running one in your state or speak to us about your specific business needs.

For further information, please contact LMA on 1800 333 270 Leadership Management Australia Pty Ltd (RTO #3908) Think Perform is a trading name of Leadership Management Australia Pty Ltd (RTO 390)


Looking for ideas to improve efficiency? Want to streamline processes and change organisational culture? Every organisation has its own unique set of challenges. Whether you have 5 employees or 5,000, we can design and deliver a tailored business solution to achieve exceptional results. We have successfully implemented customised Continuous Improvement and Lean programs across many industry sectors in Australia. Our unique delivery process places people, leadership development and Continuous Improvement at the core of their business solutions. Our model integrates Leadership Development and Lean Continuous Improvement principles with a flexible learning approach to maximise results, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Each component of our five stage delivery process is tailored, allowing you to choose project opportunities specific to your needs.

Increase your productivity and profitability

Empower people to achieve results

Engage your workforce

Implement customised Lean tools

Increase efficiency and reduce waste

Develop new skills and transfer knowledge

Building teams of highly engaged people with exceptional skills is at the core of our commitment.

For further information, please contact LMA on 1800 333 270 Leadership Management Australia Pty Ltd (RTO #3908) Think Perform is a trading name of Leadership Management Australia Pty Ltd (RTO 3908)

Steve Hey M: +61 409 683 750 E: W: A: PO Box 1142 Kungung, Vic 3930



Our operators are registered plumbers that specialise in clearing drain blockages of all types. We respond to reactive clearing of drains on an adhoc basis and programmed inspection and maintenance of drains.

WE DO NOT OFFER GENERAL PLUMBING SERVICES. WE SPECIALISE IN PROVIDING: DRAIN RELINING SERVICE SPECIALISED DRAIN CLEARING CCTV CAMERA INSPECTION AND ASSET LOCATING (BOTH TRACTOR CAMERA AND PUSH ROD) ROBOTIC CUTTING AND TOP HAT/T WRAP SOLUTIONS The Drain Man uses the latest high-tech CCTV equipment to provide clarity on an asset status and to diagnose the cause of ongoing asset blockages; this allows us to offer a precise and long-term solution for our customers which are end to end.



We operate a large specialised fleet equipped with High Pressure Water Jets, Drain Clearing Machines, CCTV cameras with Recording and Locating equipment on board. Our other specialised equipment includes Tractor Cameras for inspecting sections of drain up to 300 metres in length (from 100mm diameter to over 1 metre diameter) and Robotic Cutting equipment to cut out intrusions, damaged or collapsed sections and for the installation of junction liners for lateral connections in previously lined or not yet lined drains.


Up until December 2017 The Drain Man have relined over 25,000 drains and pipes for Water Authorities, Hospitals, Schools and Civil Contractors Australia wide. Our quality services in Drain Cleaning, Inspection and Rehabilitation are available 7 days a week. Our growth is testament to investment in the licensing of the use of the best products and equipment, along with our professionally trained staff to complement the products and equipment. The Drain Man is CCF Civil Construction Management Code Certified for Sewer Reticulation & Renewal as well as Renewal and Pipe or Manhole Rehabilitation. WE ARE ON A PATH TO OBTAINING ISO ACCREDITATION WE ARE FOCUSED ON CONTINUING TO MEET OUR CUSTOMER’S INDIVIDUAL COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS OUR TRACTOR CAMERA EQUIPMENT RECORDS TO CURRENT WSAA CODE REQUIREMENTS


PP 4/7

60 SECONDS 60 SECONDS WITH: PETER DONATO Work History: Clarence City Council – Operations Group Manager / Business Unit Manager – Roads Various Contract Roles – Road and Vegetation Maintenance Contracts LPH / SKM Consulting Engineers - Civil Designer Nick Name: Pete or Pedro Do you have a pet? Family Rabbit called Pocket Recently lost a Cavoodle called Megs at 13 years old What’s your favourite food? As the surname would suggest, I enjoy great Italian food, but have been known to eat anything and everything, as the waist line would suggest. What’s your favourite sport? An avid Golfer, play when possible but with 2 kids (10 and 12) it can be a stretch at times to get on the course, however my son is now showing interest, so hopefully this will mean more time with club in hand What’s your favourite hobby? I really enjoy getting out on the bike (both mountain and road) but the Tassie mornings can be a bit chilly on the ears. I also enjoy fishing and camping with the family.

Ideal Holiday? Any holiday is a good holiday, but a number of years ago I walked the South Coast Track in Tasmania – Flight in over SW Tasmania – then 85km / 5 days, no phone, no mail, no communication with the outside world, best in the world scenery – Very hard to beat. Favourite TV Show? I love watching sports, it can be anything from football, golf to lawn bowls, I enjoy the competition. Any of the Grand Designs are a favourite also. Favourite Movie? I have always enjoyed the James Bond movies, and am quite partial to Adam Sandler movies for a bit of easy watching ridiculous humour. Favourite Book? I don’t really have a favourite, but normally only read biographies, I have read some excellent ones of early day explorers. Dream Job? Hard to go past a Professional Golfer, still have a way to go with this one. What type of car do you drive? I currently drive a Holden Colorado Ute. But would enjoy an Aston Martin one day – Good to have dreams

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