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Vol. 8 June2010

Edited by M. Winter


to do something new each week this summer. Think about how you could use these tools to enhance your classroom and your life. Email me and let’s learn together!!!

Letter from Marilyn

My Must Use Websites

This year has been a growing year for me. I have found over the years that I have been in the classroom that most students as well as other teachers are not comfortable sharing their ideas in a group setting. I believe that most of us are afraid of being critiqued and misunderstood or not sounding as smart as the kid across the room. I have never had any trouble sharing my thoughts but I do worry about what others think and therefore sometimes I don’t express myself clearly. This year I have decided to just go for it. If I expect my students to publish to the world stage than I think that I have to lead the way. Here is the things that I have accomplished in the last nine months by deciding to be an active participant in my own personal growth. My hope is to inspire others to take a chance and grow with me.

Here is my list for a digital classroom. Projector, Smart board/tablet, Clickers, Digital Video/still

List of 2009/2010 Accomplishments *Taught a course at the University on technology. •Published Published a Newsletter on technology. •Joined Joined a Personal Learning Community. •Published Published a Blog. •Received Received an Invitation to a conference. •Published Published Google Sites for my students. •Learned Learned to Tweet. •Posted Posted videos on you tube. •Signed Signed up for Facebook.

camera, Laptop computer Flash drive, Terabyte station Here is my list of wants. Itouch or ipad/student Net books/student Online textbook. Digital Microscope

What’s Next? Write a book Create a Site of Resources Podcast

Where are you on the Technology scale?

Where are YOU on the NETS For teacher’s Rubric?

Things to Try this Summer! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Create a Google site portfolio. Make a blog with Make a digital story. Insert a fotobabble into your blog. Comment on a blog. Make a glog and embed it in your blog and portfolio. Investigate Investigate Discovery Streaming video. Make a Google tour. Learn to jing. Embed a Download a Youtube video with Make a rubric. Join a PLN. Try out Google forms and make a quiz.

Check out my sites My blog m/ My student science sites e/winterscience7/home e/winterscience8/home

Join a PLN

Twitter for Teachers If clicking will not take you to the site, try copying and pasting the url into the top bar. Check out setting the mood For your classroom

Make a beast. Give your images a new setting.

Draw with flames!!! s/flame/index.html#top If clicking will not take you to the site, try copying and pasting the url into the top bar. http://www.fes ney Fun Photo Effects

Put your face on the money

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