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I’m a teacher, a learner, an inquirer…

Visit this terrific collection of Online tools, References, And Resources. Many are free and may give you a great idea that you can use for yourself or with your students in the classroom.

Use the 21st century KWHL to help students organize what they know and what they are learning. Copy and paste to a word document to use with your students.

Copy and paste these from here to a Word document, then laminate and use A clothes pin to help your students keep track of their noise level. Let students Be in charge of determining the noise Level as one of your classroom jobs. Then visit “the organized classroom blog” For more ideas.

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See if you can find it Just like finding Waldo

Draw a stickman and click on done, then watch the stickman walk around.


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I’m a teacher, a learner, an inquirer‌ 73 Ideas Just to Start With

Learn to use all things Google Doc. These great Tutorials will help put you In the cloud. Not sure what the cloud Is call me and I will share with you How I am using it.

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Estimate and Measure Interactive For elementary students.

Human Cadaver dissections

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