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ITSC Extra April 2011 pg 1 Edited by M. Winter

I’m a teacher, a learner, an inquirer‌

The gang was paying close attention. We attended all of the events and learned a lot. Check out the following for interesting tidbits. m/group/itsc11

Vol. 16 April 2011 pg 2 Edited by M. Winter

I’m a teacher, a learner, an inquirer‌ Check out this slideshow. It won the best slideshow of the Year. Share it with your students and see what they can create. It demonstrates the effective use of using images and statistics to tell a story with the impact of just a few words.

Social Learning Network Use this site to exchange knowledge and information on academic interests with others that have the same interests.

Jog the Web and Investigate Web Tools for Kids un/z1O1GPxm4bCR/Web2.0-Tools-for-Kids

Google Sites for ALL Check out the following presentation and learn to make a Google Site that will support your classroom objectives. / /itsc---google-sites Check out the schedule for ITSC and click on what looks interesting. Then check out the links provided by each presenter. It is amazing what other educators are doing in the classroom. Maybe you will find something that you would like to try out. Such as an ipad and apps in the classroom.

Vol. 16 April 2011 pg 4 Edited by M. Winter I’m a teacher, a learner, an inquirer…


Here is a list of interesting things from Alex Allen. His list consists of a variety of websites that you might find useful in creating lessons and delivering lessons. Just click and have fun investigating.

Top 100 learning tools, or, Wikipedia reference (ignite, lightning task, speed geeking, death by powerpoint) Posterous,, creates a blog Behold (creative commons images), is it blocked, create instant webpage (fake facebook wall) (101 link at the top) 101 things you can do with it myna (online sound editing tool), linked to google apps random name generator ( ) instapaper (like readitlater) create a newspaper of items to read latter http://www.screenr Allows you to make screen casts ngramviewer (analysis of words as they’ve been mentioned in literature) http://bighugelabs Use to make puzzles, trading cards, and other cool things for students to use to learn from http://todaysmeet (backchannel) tripgeo (create a map) http://www.symbaloo (personal start page) qrcodes (tom barrertt, interesting ways to use qrcodes) ( ( add qr to end of URL created yto get qr code for website) asp tools (show youtube videos) ( , shorten videos, drag & share) (quiet tube) (give a list of url’s to students, shortens a bunch into one URL)

Powerful and Free Tools for the ITSC 2011 Crowd

Tech News April 2011  

Technology News for educators