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Technology Rebecca Jones 3rd Period February 5, 2014


ď‚› Over the past generations technology has changed a lot, technology has become more advanced. ď‚› There are now portable computers and touch screen devices.


 However, there are two types of fraud:  Account Fraud: Which is when someone is using your bank account or credit card without your consent.  Identity Theft: When someone takes your personal information and pretends to be you.

Social Media

 Nowadays there are many social media sites:  They include: Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, Pinterest, and Skype.  On most social media sites you share and communicate with friends.

Internet Basics

 Internet Basics are the search engines you use and the way you use them.  Some search engines are:  Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.


ď‚› Copyright is protected by federal law, which allows use of copyrighted material by others only under certain circumstances. ď‚› Once something is copyrighted it can not be copied by anyone.


 Plagiarism is when you steal and pass off the ideas or words of another as one’s own.  You must credit the source so you do not get accused of plagiarism.


 The internet has progressed a lot with social media.  There are many different search engines and social media sites to use.  You also need to be careful about fraud on the internet.  You do not need to violate copyright or commit any plagiarism.

Thanks for Viewing My Presentation ! Hope you enjoyed it ! This Wonderful Presentation was done by Becca Lynn (:

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