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The book of Technology Ga’lexius Downs February 4,2014 3rd

Introduction  Technology has changed over the past  People use technology a lot around the world  In technology you can use fraud, social media internet basic, copyright, plagiarism, conclusion

Fraud  Fraud is when somebody takes your personal information pretending to be you  Six types of ways fraud happens Theft of a purse, Mail Theft, ”Dumpster Diving”,”Vishing”,Skimming, ”Shoulder Surfing”

Social Media  Social Media is something that uses social network  Social Media contains Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Skype, Blogger, and Linked in  Using social media you can communicate with people you love and people who are long distance from you

Internet Basic ďƒ˜ Internet Basic is the title for things that can help on the computer ďƒ˜ Internet Basic is the title for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Safety

Copyright  Copyright is when you protect your information from somebody were they can’t use it or get in  Using copyright can help people in many different ways  If you use copyright your information well be safe

Plagiarism  Plagiarism is when somebody uses somebody else work and saying that it is theirs  When using plagiarism you can get in to a lot of trouble  Plagiarism is not a good thing to use because you are trying to get credit for somebody else work

Conclusion  Technology has change a lot in this world.  Technology might change over the years.  Technology is containing with a lot of stuff fraud, social media, internet basic, copyright, and plagiarism

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