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By Shandrea Schwender & Jeremy Jones

Hello I am Mickey. I will be teaching you about Internet Safety.

When I get on the computer I remember #1: When you get on the internet never give out Personal Information.

Goofy and Mickey don’t forget about rule # 2: Never meet someone you talked to on the internet, if they want to meet talk to your parents first.

Rule # 3: Do not accept Emails or IM messages from anyone that you do not know. You wouldn’t want to get caught up with the wrong person!!!

Rule # 4: Do not believe everything someone tell you on the internet. Someone may not be telling you the truth about themselves. That means you have to be careful with who you trying to get to know.

Mickey’s Rule # 5: Tell your parent or guardian if you see or read something uncomfortable online. Duck: That’s right Mickey.

Please remember to use the 5 SMART rules when surfing the internet. Safe: Keep safe by being careful not to give out personal information. Meet: Never agree to meet someone. Accepting: Do not accept emails or IM messages from someone you don’t know. Reliable: information on the internet may not be true or someone may not be telling you the truth- so check the information before believing it. Tell: tell you parent or guardian if something or someone on the internet makes you feel uncomfortable.

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