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Introduction • Technology has changed over the past. • Many people have discovered new things by using technology • It helps with a lot of things we do today.

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Fraud •

Fraud is when someone tries to still your information.

There are 2 types of fraud and they are account fraud and identity theft.

Account fraud is when someone uses your credit card or bank account without your consent.

Identity theft is when somebody takes your personal information and pretend to be you.

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Social media • Social media is deals with a lot of social networking. • There are many varieties of social media. • Here are some Examples of social media: Facebook, twitter,pintrest, path , Instagram, Myspace, and etc…

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Internet basics • With internet basics it deals with going online and doing other things. • There are many things dealing with internet also. • Here are examples of things dealing with the internet such as search engines and other stuff : google chrome, internet explorer, Firefox, and etc…

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Copyright • Copyright is when something of yours is protected by the law. • If you want to use something that is copyrighted you will have to ask the person that has it protected to use it which involves fair use.

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Plagiarism • Plagiarism is to steal other peoples ideas and saying its yours without crediting the source. • Plagiarism is about providing credit for the work.

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• Thanks for reading my book and I hope you understand more about technology !!!!!!!!! ! Page 8

Aliecia davis , my book of technology  
Aliecia davis , my book of technology