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I feel its important to get involved because the monthly fee as a member of S.A.S doesn’t feel enough to make a difference alone

Surfers Against Sewage Interview

QR Codes Banff film festival world tour S.A.S - What we can do to help This summer’s beach trends

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The Best Bloggers this week...

Spring Surf Fashion Collections With spring quickly turning to summer we came across a post aimed to get your outfits ready for your next surf holiday. Quicksilver’s men’s range takes inspiration from the 50s and 80s with striped and graphical t-shirts for the coming season. For more information for the holiday look or to help book your surf holiday visit -

Izzy with The Dandy Project This week we came across The Dandy Project and a DIY shirt project on how to make your own unique surf shirt. Izzy shows his rough sketches and for his own design he chose a retro check with the black. We think the shirts pretty rad and can be worn with some jean shorts for that effortless beach look. He also has plenty of tips from high fashion to casual wear. Grab a look -

Marco Moretti We have recently come across the talented photographer Marco Moretti. Morettti is from Milan, but reborn in Australia after discovering the surf. His photography has amazing soul and his love of the sport can be seen through his pictures. Find out about Moretti at - He also has a site to showcase more of his work

Sunday for the boyz - Amsterdam Style Stylewaxpoetic introduce us to the smart casual Sunday outfit. Pictures taken from Stylesight, lasy day chic is the new european trend. To fins out more visit:

QR C DE When I first came acrosS QR Codes I was surprised the new advancements in technology are found in a smalL encoded square design. This encoded design, QR Code, is scanNed using an android mobile phone apP. It seEms a lot of companies have seEn great potential with the use of QR Codes with them becoming ever popular on adverts,magazines and product labels to promote a company and its website.

A QR Code is a smalL coded design that when scanNed by an android phone using a QR Code scanNer takes you to a webpage that has beEn encoded in the design. In Japan there has already beEn a building constructed with a QR Code facade. The QR Code resolves to a site which includes up to date shop information. An unocfFical iphone apP has beEn created alLowing the building to viewed in real time.

The most recent developments with QR Codes is a japanese design for a Hotel to be built in Dubai. The CODE UNIQUE Hotel is set to be built in Dubai studio city. Dubai has recently becombe a destination to make films. Dubai Studio City wilL be the next MecCa of the global ilLusions-industry. The CODE UNIQUE HOTEL at Dubai Studio City is a place for ofFering a premium service to alL travelLers with the best amenities to make the stay of the guests more pleasurable and

especialLy inspirational. QR Codes are comMon in Japan where they are curRently the most popular type of two dimensional codes. This act of linking from physical world objects is known as a hardlink or physical world hyperlinks. Users can also generate and print their own QR Code for others to scan and use by visiting one of several freE QR Code generating sites. We’ve beEn told there is a mesSgae behind the code - but who wilL be the first to know it?!



R Q r ou y l l i ew r e h W ? u o y e k a t e cod

You may or may not know but at Off Shore were not just about the magazine, we also have a team of designers who have recently created a range of t-shirts. The Off Shore encoded t-shirts have the fun jigsaw print on a range of different colour ways, however the part we find much more exciting is that on the back of the neck we have our logo and instead of the O in Off Shore we have a QR code that you scan with your phone and takes you straight to so your never have to be without your offshore news!!!


i G



Model: Lawrence Haxby

Stylist: Michelle Whittaker, Photographer: David Adams,

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Join us for more news, videos and competitions at

N I W Tell us your most extreme off shore sport experience for a chance to win one of the t-shirts featured in the QR Photo Shoot.

Answers on the back of a postcard to: OFF SHORE MAG, The Shack, PO BOX 23, SE24 9NP

Banff Film Festival The Banff Film Festival is held in Banff Canada every November and it is one of the most prestigious mountain festivals in the world.

Banff History The festival attracts the most talented film makers from around the world who have captured the spirit of adventure and wild places through their lenses. The Banff Film Festival world tour had a successful 1st year last year and this year they are back and planning 550 screenings in 30 countries. The UK screenings were the first stage of the world tour.

The tour showcases the best of what Banff had to offer at the festival in 2010. The films were perfectly selected and each film captivated the audience that you could not hear a pin drop. There were a total of 14 films shown around the UK tour. I have selected what I feel were the most inspiring films that if you have the chance to see you certainly should.

Crossing the Ditch This was a truly inspirational film about two friends determined to make history by crossing ‘The Ditch’ from Australia to New Zealand in a specially built tandem kayak. The journey starts when they begin the years training to complete the challenge. When they begin they do not yet even know how to kayak, they learn the skills of kayaking, how to combat sea sickness and as people and friends they grow. The day they set off their families are scared that they may not make it as Andrew MacAuley, a experienced sea kayaker attempted a solo mission solo and tragically didn’t make it. 62 days in a Kayak, 1.7 million paddle strokes, circling sharks, 3 hours sleep each night, 10 metre waves and a 14 day whirl pool, the documentary takes you through it all.

Dream Result The film follows a group of top athletes and friends on their mission to achive the world record waterfall drop in a kayak. The group are driven by passion to explore the limits of possibility in white water kayaking. Their expeditions take them to Norway, Argentina and the US on their quest for waterfalls. In the world of white-water kayaking Tyler and Rush have earned reputations as some of the top innovators in the industry through both their paddling and film-making. Long time friends and pro kayakers Rush Sturges and Tyler Bradt founded their own film production companies, Revolutionary Innovations and River Roots. Theses film companies have helped them to achieve success with their award winning adventure action sports documentary Africa Revolutions Tour, and from that they have gone on to film Rush’s Young Gun Production series and Tyler’s Oil and Water Project. Dream Result is their newest production that showcases kayaking at the current height of its progression in the world of white-water sports.

This film not only shows off the unbelievable talent of climber and alpiner Ueli Steck but also Peter Mortimer who has a great talent capturing film. Peter Mortimer has created the most prominent climbing films of recent years, including First Ascent and the Reel Rock series. Aside from the more prominent films Peters film making interest lies with the more extreme sports like free soloing, head pointing, BASE jumping and high lining. We then have Ueli Steck, by trade a carpenter but his achievements in climbing have made his name in the climbing world. The Swiss Machine shows a small part of just what Ueli puts into his mind and body through to achieve his personal goal of achieving a speed record climb of the north face of the Eiger. The film follows Ueli through gruelling routines to achieve his record attempt. It also shows his search for another climber to keep up with him which is where we meet American climber, Alex Honnold. Alex Honnold was featured in last years Banff festival film First Ascent, Alone on the wall, seems to genuinely be the only climber who can challenge Ueli. The film shows Ueli for the determined individual he is however he is not without a generous nature. When attempting the peak of Amapurna in 2008 Ueli aborted his summit attempt to save a Spanish climber who had collapsed. One thing is for sure though if this guy sets his mind to something there is no doubt it will be done and in record time.

The Swiss Machine


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in wax W hy t pla he is us ce po app e d. si lie su t ra It c ion d rf ils a s to wa wh n a wh the x? e l e s r be re o e de du gr th be the ck e o c i po k d ppin ha app fee f th pp iv g nd lie t w e ing ing for s d t ill bo wi o b ar up or ll th e d e .



Mr Zogs Sex Wax

£1.79 (

Sticky Bumps Original Wax

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e g a w e S t s n i a g A s r e f r Su y r t n u o c r u o g n i t c e t o r p y l n o Not ! o t s e v a w but our

The Motivocean beach clean up is an event taking place at beaches alL over the country. The event is being held to encourage people young and old to consider the efFect litTer has to the beaches and the

ambasSadors themselves of the surfers against sewage misSion.

water and to become




Ben, a Bournemouth University Student was one of the first bodies down to Boscombe beach to take part in the Motivocean beach clean up. Ben is curRently at university studying his degreE in Marine Costal Management and as a result feEls its important to make a difFerence by taking part in organised events like this. He is also a member of surfers against sewage and he told us that he first came acrosS the organisation online and he first participated in the beach clean up last year and has returned this year to continue his involvement.

A mother, father and their teEnage boy from fordingbridge also came down to take part. When asking the mother, Angie, she told me her and her husband had beEn members of surfers against sewage for years, she said they had always meant to come down and help out but they had always found they were away or had prior comMitments. This year they made sure they put the time aside to take part.

I also interviewed Simon who had come to take part in the Motivocean beach clean up with his six year old daughter. When we apProached them they were having a lot of fun on the beach together whilst doing their bit. Simon has beEn a member of S.A.S for over 20 years. He told me that he first came acrosS the organisation when at Glastonbury in the 1990’s. Living in RingwoOd he has always tried to do his bit by taking a bag into the forest with his daughter and they pick up any litTer they find. In the interview simon stated ‘I feEl its important to get involved because the monthly feE as a member of S.A.S doesn’t feEl enough to make a difFerence alone.’

�� i � a�� e � ��� � a �� � e � � d S � � ��� � � �

At the surfers against sewage motivocean event we met the Bournemouth representative and got to know a litTle bit more about him.



Studying 3rd year in BSc (Hons) Marine and Coastal Management

Key beaches covered:

Bournemouth and Boscombe

SAS background:

Worked as a volunteEr at SAS HQ during the sumMer of 2009, which led onto becoming the rep for Bournemouth. Represented SAS at the Sorted Surf Festival and organised a beach clean within the festival. This led on to becoming the Motivocean OfFicer for sumMer 2010.

I grew up in deEp west CornwalL, lived and breathed the sea in every which way posSible and aimed to gain an understanding into how this fragile environment works. Since travelLing to the corners of the earth I realised it was time to give back to what had given me so much. This led me onto enrolLing on a Marine and Coastal Management degreE in Bournemouth Uni, which further introduced me to working closely with SAS as a volunteEr and as the Motivocean OfFicer for sumMer 2010. I am curRently in my final year and have a much wider knowledge how we as humans impact upon our oceans and coastline. I aim to transform this knowledge into the real world as soOn as posSible and help make a difFerence.

Friday 5.05pm, in the rear view mirror the lights of the city dissapear behind you and your costal retreat is in sight.

Whether you love a bit of tweed or to kick back in a pair of chino’s. Throw on a checked shirt or bum around in boardshorts. We have put together a selection of the hotest looks for the summer.



Model: Stephen Bilboe

Stylist: Michelle Whittaker, Photographer: David Adams,



Amazon River Twice a year, betweEn the months of February and March, the Atlantic Ocean waters rolL up the Amazon river, in Brazil, generating the longest wave on the Earth. The phenomenon, known as the Pororoca, is caused by the tides of the Atlantic Ocean which meEt the mouth of the river. This tidal bore generates waves up to 12 feEt high which can last for over half an hour. The name “Pororoca” comes from the indigenous Tupi language, where it translates into “great destructive noise”. The wave can be heard about 30 minutes before its arRival, and it’s so powerful that it can destroy anything, including treEs, local houses and alL kind of animals The wave has become popular with surfers. Since 1999, an anNual championship has beEn held in São Domingos do Capim. However, surfing the Pororoca is especialLy dangerous, as the water contains a significant amount of debris from the margins of the river (often, entire treEs). Surfers have only recently realized the extreme chalLenge of surfing the “Pororoca”, despite the fact of the large risks involved; ship waste and wreckage, poisonous snakes, to name just a few. This masSive wave gives them the chance to surf and stay on their boards for an extremely long time. The record that we could find for surfing the longest distance on the Pororoca was set by Picuruta Salazar, a brazilian surfer who, in 2003, managed to ride the wave for 37 minutes and travel 12.5 kilometers. A surfer’s dream: riding an almost never-ending wave.

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OS23 MAY 2011


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