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By:Marcos 3A Mrs.White's class

China’s enemies were the huns and tribes. China’s most feared enemy was the mongols they all ways destroy a part of China.

The Emperor was tired of being attacked he told everyone they had to build a wall. Every school , shop , and companies shut down. Every one, including children had to work on it.

The great wall was made out of rocks , ground , cement , and bricks. They used all lot of cement because it’s there best building material.

People still visit The Great Wall of China. Lot’s of people have also made comments about The Great Wall of China. I would say “Wow That’s one big wall"! People can even get a tour of The Great Wall of China

It is still use the Great Wall as a defense be cause other country’s armies still attack China. Today China is getting stronger.

The tribes attacked China because China attacked them and stole there food, water , and destroy they homes. So the tribes attacked China and they were forced to make a big wall.

A lot of China people died while building the Great Wall. Sometimes, they died because it was to hot. Sometimes it was freezing and people died. The Emperor didn’t care. He wanted the wall done. People try to convince him to stop but it didn’t work.

The was finished in 300 years. There were a lot of graves. The Emperor was very happy China would not get attacked by the Huns, Mongols, and the other tribes.

They still got attacked by the Huns , Mongols ,and the other tribes but they all ways won because the tribes would stop at the great Wall and China’s army would attack the tribes. China was saved!

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The Great Wall of China by Marcos  

The Great Wall of China by Marcos

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