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Hurricanes By:Sarah Lee

Introduction A Hurricane is a big storm of water.It is a powerful vicious storm that can destroy crops,houses,trees and etc.It could kill hundreds of people!In this presentation I will tell about Hurricanes.

Were Hurricanes occur Hurricanes happen on hot tropical areas.They could happen on either side of the equator.

How Fast It Can Go A hurricane can go 74 to 95 miles per hour.And the surge is 4 to 5. Hurricanes can go super fast!!

After the storm After the storm everything is ruined! And trees are toppled and furniture fly out!!!Also windows are shattered it is more than you think!!!!

A Famous Hurricane A famous hurricane is called Hurricane Katrina one of the strongest hurricanes. It formed on Aug 23,2005.

It effected people by... Hurricanes effected lots of people by breaking peoples' home.1,800 people died in the storm and 770,000 where homeless.

How you know When it's starting You know when hurricanes happen when it gets dark and it starts to blow.

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Hurricanes by Sarah  
Hurricanes by Sarah  

Hurricanes by Sarah