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Transient Hydraulic Analysis Surge pressures in pipeline systems

systems, telemetry and surge

are generated followings rapid changes

suppression equipment.

Key Benefits

destructive forces being applied to

Network models are efficiently

• Powerful analysis software with advanced visualisation tools

pipework, fittings and restraints. It is

converted for use in InfoSurge, an

critical that the surge response of a

advanced transient analysis component

system is understood and mitigating

of the InfoWater package. This allows

measures calibrated and optimised,

complex water supply and distribution

where necessary. Surge analysis is

systems to be studied without the need

frequently an essential component of

to rebuild network models in a separate

any comprehensive hydraulic study.

software package.

in flow velocity and can result in

• A fully integrated engineering response • Fast, efficient and high quality analyses with stakeholder involvement throughout

undertaken to ensure the most

MWH’s Approach


As it is common for surge

MWH ensures that all relevant

considerations to be overlooked, MWH

stakeholders are involved in the

ensure timely assessment of the relative

development of design solutions, not

MWH prides itself on the quality of its

risks associated with transient hydraulic

least surge suppression. There are a

outputs. All surge analyses are fully

operations. Following this, and should

variety of methods that can be used to

checked and reviewed by appropriately

the need be demonstrated, detailed

mitigate the effects of surge, including;

qualified staff, with provision of a full

surge analyses are scheduled as a part

surge vessels, control systems, control

report as standard.

of a fully integrated design response.

valves, flywheels and air valves. MWH

sustainable solutions are considered in each case.

develops design solutions to ensure

MWH’s ability to undertake specialist

MWH employs the powerful pipeline

planning permissions, constructability

analyses in-house ensures that designs

simulator and analysis software

and other key interactions are

are treated holistically, solutions are fit

“Varisim” in detailed analysis. This

considered at every step.

for purpose and re-work is minimised,

software allows robust and rapid

regularly not the case when hydraulic

analysis of the interaction between

Control, automation and power

analysis is undertaken away from the

pipelines, plant equipment, control

consumption studies can be

core design.

Transient Hydraulic Analysis Software MWH employees the latest transient analysis software. With powerful visualisation and modelling capabilities, analysis of any system can be approached with confidence.

Steady State Simulation

Transient (Surge) Simulation

Surge Assessment

System Description

Control and Automation

Model Build

Model Calibration

Site Test

Control & Automation Study

Hydraulic control of a scheme is as much a question of functional process performance as it is of structural integrity. Time dependent control and automation of a scheme can be simulated with outputs fed directly into the operating philosophy.


Energy Consumption Analysis


Outline Design

“MWH’s responsive and professional approach in this technical area was a key factor in meeting the regulatory output for the project� Solution Modelling Solution Modelling

It is usual for there to be a number of potential solutions to overcome undesirable hydraulic conditions. Ensuring the most appropriate solutions are fully explored requires a fully integrated approach with the project team, something MWH delivers as standard.

Site Tests Flow and pressure monitoring of existing infrastructure that is subject to deficient hydraulic performance or future modification can be invaluable.


Calibration of hydraulic models against benchmark data can identify substantial design efficiencies.

Design Development

Outline Design

Detailed Design

Project Life Cycle Transient analysis is employed at varying stages in the life cycle of projects, depending on the unique challenges presented in each case. Early identification of the relative capabilities and constraints posed by a systems transient operation opens opportunities to positively affect the outcomes, often negating long and costly remedial works design.


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Transient Hydraulics Analysis  

Surge pressures in pipeline systems are generated followings rapid changes in flow velocity and can result in destructive forces being appli...