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Organic Waste Treatment & Recycling Our Team MWH and HTP have formed a

The MWH and HTP team are able to

collaborative team to deliver waste

design and deliver the most appropriate

Construction Contracting (EPC),

management projects within the

solution for treatment or recycling of

including commissioning.

UK. The two parties bring together

municipal, organic, food processing

extensive experience in the areas of:

and industrial wastes. The team can

• Waste analysis and design of

• Engineering Procurement

• Trouble shooting of existing treatment

provide a full range of design, build and

plants - process re-engineering or

commissioning services including:

refurbishment to treat new wastes.

innovative agricultural recycling or treatment solutions. • Materials recycling and sorting.

• Feasibility - input waste identification, characterisation and project

recycling services of waste to

technology selection or agricultural

land, identifying benefits from

recycling solution.

organic wastes and industrial by-

• Design, build and commissioning of Mechanical Biological Treatment,

products, under waste management • Design - conceptual development

Anaerobic Digestion and In-vessel

through to detail, conventional or

Composting Facilities.

within a Design and Build (D&B) model.

• Biogas management. • Agricultural Recycling, digestate disposal and downstream treatment.

• Waste management – agricultural

• Client Technical Advisor (TA).

regulations, turning cost into revenue.

Partnership MWH is a global engineering

cogeneration, waste management and

consultant and contractor in the water,

digestate treatment and disposal.

waste, energy and environmental

By combining their capabilities, MWH and HTP can offer the most comprehensive expertise and services currently available on the UK waste market. It brings decades of European and Global expertise to the UK through MWH’s UK network of 20 offices with over 1500 employees.

sectors and has designed and

HTP is one of the leading engineering

delivered, in partnership, hundreds

consultants in Germany for waste sorting

of waste management facilities and

and recycling. Founded in the early

recycling solutions across the globe.

1990’s, it has designed over 50 reference

These range from sewage treatment

plants in Germany and Northern Europe,

sludge and bio-residuals over

treating a wide variety of waste such

domestic solid waste to hazardous

as food waste, various organic waste

industrial waste and medical waste.

streams and municipal solid waste.

References include controlled

HTP has worked with all leading

landfills, materials sorting, recycling

European mechanical equipment

and in-vessel composting facilities,

and process suppliers and thus

mechanical biological treatment

has a clear understanding of the

plant, mass burn Energy from Waste

capabilities of each supplier and their

plants as well as gasification plants

equipment. HTP is independent and

and biomass power plants. MWH has

so is able to design cost effective,

designed more than twenty anaerobic

innovative and sustainable waste

digestion plants for sludge and organic

processing solutions, independent

waste, often in combination with

from specific suppliers.

Materials Sorting and Mechanical Pre-treatment MWH-HTP can offer independent experience on Materials Recycling Facilities (MRF), Sorting Facilities and Mechanical Pretreatment processes. MWH-HTP’s extensive

Biogas Management

experience allows expert project feasibility assessment.

The commercial viability of any organic waste AD or MBT project is strongly dependent upon maximising the revenue from the AD biogas. Three main

MWH-HTP works closely with the

options are developing in the UK biomass AD market:

client to characterise the waste. Waste characterisation enables

• On-site cogeneration.

MWH-HTP to design, specify

• Biogas cleaning and injection into the national gas grid.

and deliver the most appropriate

• Biogas conditioning for commercial fuel applications.

flow sheet for the client, and also provide flexibility to treat the full

MWH has been involved in the design and installation of many cogeneration

range of proposed waste streams.

facilities. MWH is working with United Utilities and WRAP on the biogas to biomethane demonstration project at Davyhulme wastewater treatment works.

Mechanical Biological Treatment, Anaerobic Digestion and In-Vessel Composting

Agricultural Recycling, Digestate Disposal and Downstream Treatment MWH is a UK leader in developing cost

Our services identify beneficial

effective, innovative and sustainable

properties of industrial by-products by

MWH has designed a number

recycling operations, ensuring Duty

assessment satisfying requirements

of different anaerobic digestion

of Care compliance, delivering value

of Waste Management Licensing

processes, specific to project

to our clients through improved

Regulations 2005. MWH ByProduct

requirements, and have included a

waste management practices and

Recovery provides new and innovative

number of AD variants, undertaking


outlets for wastes including brick and

conceptual, detail design and

block manufacture, using waste to

contractor review roles. The type of

Diversion of waste from landfill and

treat waste, assessing waste suitability

anaerobic digestion processes have

reduction in carbon footprint are

for co-incineration within the cement

been designed specific to project

achieved through our solutions and

industry and the marketing of waste as

requirements and have covered a

we manage circa 140,000 tonnes

‘products’. Our clients include Cemex,

number of AD variants: single stage,

per annum of waste and digestate

Heinz, Nestle and Northern Foods. Our

two phase, temperature phase and

recycling. We tailor nutrients supplied

‘one stop shop’ service includes:

thermal hydrolysis.

by waste and digestate to crop requirements and soil fertility levels by

• Waste collection and transportation.

Organic AD - MWH has provided

analysis. Our intelligent and pragmatic

• Identification of appropriate land

technical support on anaerobic

approaches recover a wide range of

digestion facilities for municipal, food

organic waste streams including:

and other organic waste streams. Enzymic two phase hydrolysis –

• De-inked paper pulp.

waste exemption with

• Wastes from the preparation of

Environment Agency.

meat, fish and other productions

enhanced digestion upgrade to

of animal origin, including Cat 3

produce a fully pasteurised digestate product. Blackburn was the first Enhanced Enzymic Hydrolysis process installed in the UK.

catering wastes. • Waste from fruit, vegetable and cereal manufacture. • Waste from the dairy product industry. • Waste from the manufacture of lime.

Thermal hydrolysis – MWH was

engaged to provide an enhanced digestion upgrade to Northumbrian Water’s Bran Sands AD centre. Bran Sands has just come on stream and at present is the largest site utilising Cambi thermal hydrolysis technology.

• Pollution risk assessments. • Registration of appropriate

MWH was engaged to provide an Blackburn AD treatment centre, to

banks, soil sampling and analysis.

• Wastes from aerobic and anaerobic treatment. • Sludges from water clarification.

• Tailoring crop nutrient requirements by application rate and soil fertility. • Provision of spreading equipment tankers, umbilical units, shallow injectors, irrigators, rear and side discharge spreaders. • Post application checks for demonstration of agricultural benefit.

Present and future legislation and financial incentives 2012

Who we are MWH is a global company, owned by its employees, which delivers

UK carbon budget requires reduction of all UK greenhouse gas emissions by 22% from 1990 level.

programme management, technical services and construction. We have over 7,000 employees who bring a tradition of business consulting, project and programme management, multi-disciplinary expertise, engineering excellence and innovative

2013 EU Landfill Directive requires member states to reduce biodegradable municipal waste sent to landfill by 50% from 1995 levels.

problem solving to all aspects of

Landfill tax to reach £72/tonne.

capital investments, infrastructure engineering, environmental services and management. We have a history of delivering large, complex projects on time and to budget, with a culture of challenge that has provided best value to our clients.


In the UK, MWH is serviced by over 1,800 staff based in 16 offices with over 700

UK carbon budget requires reduction of all UK greenhouse gas emissions by 28% from 1990 level.

2020 - EU Waste Directive requires member states to meet 50% reuse and recycling target for household waste.

focussed on the delivery of design and construction projects and 1,100 providing technical consultancy and project/ programme management services.

EU Renewable Energy Directive requires 16% of all UK’s energy consumption to come from renewable energy sources.

EU Landfill Directive requires member states to reduce biodegradable municipal waste sent to landfill by 65% from 1995 levels.

Marcel Goemans

Frederic Galais

Waste Sector Director

Senior Proposals Engineer

t: +44 (0)1925 845 000

t: +44 (0)1706 626 274



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MWH Organic Waste Treatment & Recycling  

MWH and HTP have formed a collaborative team to deliver waste management projects within the UK. The MWH and HTP team are able to design an...

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