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Efficiency Multiplier Approach water energy waste infrastructure industry

About MWH MWH is a full-service global consulting, engineering and construction company providing world class expertise across water, energy, waste and infrastructure. Wherever we work in the world we aim to improve lives and leave a lasting legacy.

The Efficiency Multiplier Approach

Health & safety compliance assurance

Water usage & consumption MWH is a world leader in water sector with experience and expertise in design and construction management and in water resources management. We are trusted partners helping clients in industry to achieve sustainable solutions including water usage and consumption. We have extensive experience on providing water efficiency services to industrial clients in sectors including food and beverage, and manufacturing.

The aim of the Efficiency Multiplier Approach (EMA) is to carry out a check-up of all the company’s plants, irrespective of location, and to estimate the potential benefits due to efficiency recovery actions. The “multiplier” operates across different inputs and across different plants and countries, evaluating possible efficiency improvement measures against the “big picture”, allowing for priorities to be set. This holistic, integrated approach leads to improved results for mature organizations and to sustained safety performance.

MWH is a leader in safety supervision in line with ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 standards. Our services include assuming responsibility as Health and Safety Officer, assessment of risks, identification of preventative measures, risk assessment, audit and emergency plans. We help to create a safety culture that enhances existing performance with proven methodologies in employee, contractor, process and operational risk management. Our methods help reduce incidents, develop employee skills and minimize risks, thereby improving operational efficiency and enhancing your company’s growth.

”We are experts in feasibility studies, project reviews, construction timing analysis, environmental analysis, risk analysis, regulatory framework analysis and structuring, and economic evaluation of efficiency programs.”

EMA project implementation • Check-up plants to investigate potential efficiency gains • Plan efficiency recovery actions based on the four improvement areas • Define guidelines for the selected company plants


Efficiency Multiplier Approach


MWH addresses the risks related to cost volatility, competition, regulation and public and investor expectations that drive businesses to improve environmental performance. We work to ensure compliance with all the relevant regulators. Our expertise includes environmental management design and implementation, permitting and compliance audits. Our consultants can effectively manage a wide range of environmental risks while simultaneously creating sustainable supply chains and reducing your corporate footprint.

Corporate Efficiency Evaluation


Environmental & regulatory compliance




Plant Check-Up

Efficiency Parameters Analysis

Plant Efficiency Evaluation

• Evaluate overall potential efficiency gains and risk reductions • Rank the opportunities based on a cost-benefit approach

Recognition of Excellence MWH is internationally recognised for excellence by top industry institutions such as the Engineering News Record in the US, New Civil Engineer in the UK and Edilizia e Territorio and Costruire in Italy. Engineering News-Record Top 500 Design Firms Sourcebook, 2011 lists MWH in the top 3 for each of the following categories: Hydroplants, Sanitary and Storm Sewers, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Water Supply, Transmission Lines and Aqueducts, Treatment and Desalination, Sewerage and Solid Waste. In 2010, Edilizia e Territorio and Costruire listed MWH as n. 8 and n. 6 respectively in the top pure engineering Italian companies.

Energy efficiency & clean technologies Our energy management services for a wide range of industrial and public sector clients have delivered energy savings worth millions of euros a year. We support our clients in assessing the level of efficiency of their assets, and implementing efficiency programs at their facilities. We approach energy management from a low to no-capital perspective, and work with you to assess, rate and prioritize energy savings opportunities and deliver a sustainable energy management program that improves energy efficiency, identifies renewable energy sources (i.e. biomass, waste to energy) and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Corporate responsibility & reputational risks MWH’s broad industry experience has allowed us to create a vast methodology for working conditions analysis. We have developed a specific supplier control plan to identify any deviation from lawful, efficient and fair practices. We have implemented an audit protocol and checklist to assess suppliers focusing on EHS and social aspects such as labor rights, ethics policy, discrimination, human rights, child labor, salary and overtime. Using a risk-based approach, we categorize unacceptable practices and assign them an order of magnitude of potential brand reputation damage. We have developed an integrated procedure to manage suppliers’ identified gaps and are able to provide our expertise to implement corrective measures according to local law requirements and international best practices.

Certifications • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality System • Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001 • Safety Management System complying with OHSAS 18001:2007 • “Certiquality Excellence” award for successfully integrating Quality, Environment and Safety systems • Certified inspection body for project validations according to UNI CEI EN/IEC 17020

Projects Multi-country natural resource efficiency assessments for manufacturing giant MWH assisted Procter&Gamble in implementing an energy and water efficiency programme aiming to reduce consumption and increase efficiency of their manufacturing processes in several countries. MWH’s services included assessing energy and water consumption and costs, identifying energy and water saving measures and energy generation opportunities, as well as carrying out preliminary studies and economic analysis of the proposed measures.

Corporate Social Responsibility audits at promotional material suppliers, worldwide On behalf of an important multinational client, leading in various sectors (media entertainment, film and record industry, etc.), MWH has been conducting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) audits at facilities where the client intends to commission the production of promotional material. Audits address social (salary, discrimination, human rights, minor labor, etc.), environmental and occupational health and safety issues.

EHS services leading manufacturing multinational client, worldwide On behalf of a major multinational client ranking among the TOP 10 Fortune Global 500 companies, MWH has been performing worldwide EHS compliance auditing during all of the acquisitions carried out by the client. In order to ensure newly acquired businesses meet corporate standards, MWH has also conducted EHS integration audits, as well as suppliers’ audits, ensuring EHS compliance throughout the whole supply chain.

Worldwide energy efficiency assessment programme for fire protection, aircraft engines and heating and ventilation manufacturing facilities Within UTC’s Energy Efficiency Programme, MWH was retained to perform assessments of their plants and facilities. consumptions and costs and the development of a GHG blueprint of emissions. MWH helped the client identify energy efficiency opportunities and measures, prepare feasibility studies for the identified measure as well as a prioritized energy efficiency investment plan. An assessment of the energy management systems was also made to help UTC achieve its goal and optimize costs to reduce GHG emissions.

Energy efficiency assessment programme for aerospace, defence and security company in Italy and UK A multinational client retained MWH to support it in developing an energy efficiency programme at its larger industrial sites aiming to develop an effective energy management system. MWH delivered a series of efficiency recommendations and studies, reviewed the designs for new buildings and factories, and carried out compliance assessments within the new EU Emission Trading Directive.

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