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Committed to Building a Better World Wet Infrastructure

We fully understand the pressures

provides local access to the

and challenges that have to be taken

company’s full expertise and

MWH is a full-service global consulting,

into consideration when developing

resources. Our award-winning

engineering and construction company

unified and sustainable industry

IT systems allow employees

which is driving the “wet infrastructure”

infrastructure strategies.

instantaneous collaboration on projects

sector globally.

Unrivalled heritage

Wet infrastructure encompasses a

wherever in the world they are working.

Social responsibility

full range of diverse services, from

Established in 1844, MWH is now

water supply, treatment and storage

one of the largest employee-owned

We believe our management

to water resources management

environmental services firms in

practices should promote sustainable

and coastal restoration; from design

the world. Trust and integrity

development in the economy,

and construction of hydropower

underpin everything we do. We have

environment and society. This is why

and renewable energy facilities to

pioneered many water and energy

we conduct and support educational

a full range of environmental and

based technologies, including the

outreach programmes designed to

sustainability services; from design

development of the first large-scale

address climate change and encourage

and construction of waterways, ports

process for purifying municipal

sustainable practices. We have an

and harbour facilities to transportation

wastewater and, more recently, the

embedded Corporate Responsibility

solutions and planning.

design of the Panama Canal expansion

Policy and our own Climate Change

which will be delivered by 2014.

Commitment to further reduce our

Innovation has always been key to our

company’s carbon emissions.

Multi-sector innovation

success, and MWH has continued to Our work is based on a desire to

work on some of the largest and most

MWH is committed to Building a

stay at the forefront of new

significant wet infrastructure projects

Better World through our personal and

developments and to regard

in the world.

professional contributions to improving

innovation as an actual purpose. MWH provides a full range of

Local power with international backup

communities around the world.

consulting and technical multi-sector services including energy, waste,

Headquartered in Broomfield,

urban development, sustainable

Colorado, we have offices in 34

development, transportation,

countries employing approximately

international development and

7,000 staff on five continents.

institutional capacity building to

International technology, regional

industrial, municipal and government

knowledge and local skills are

clients all over the world.

combined in a global network which

MWH has a respected brand that goes back 160 years, providing expertise and world class engineering consultancy across water, energy, waste and infrastructure.

Water Providing sustainable water solutions for our communities

Project Highlights Loch Katrine Water Treatment Works, Scotland MWH designed this Saltire Award

MWH is at the forefront of the

We also offer a complete life cycle

winning project for Scottish Water.

water industry, supporting clients

approach, including strategic advice

The team met the challenge

in managing and meeting increasingly

and planning, design, programme and

of balancing the modern cost

stringent water and wastewater

project management and construction.

effective engineering investment

quality and regulatory requirements

required to upgrade the Treatment

whilst facilitating innovative, cost

We strive to produce solutions with the

Works with respect for the culture

effective solutions.

lowest carbon footprint and we often

and heritage of a major Victorian

find that these sustainable options

Legacy, to provide water to

MWH maintains its leading role by

provide our clients with even more

700,000 customers.

implementing renowned technical

savings than traditional technologies

and organisational expertise in

or approaches would allow.

A Roadmap to Wastewater

support of programmes for water

Treatment Works innovation in

quality improvement, environmental

the Netherlands

restoration, productive reuse and

MWH experts authored this

strategic environmental planning.

innovative roadmap to wastewater treatment for 2030, for the Dutch

We provide services related to water

Foundation for Applied Water

resources, reservoirs and dams, water

Research. The roadmap develops

supply, wastewater networks and

the concepts of the Energy Factory,

treatment, flood mitigation and river

Nutrient Factory and Water Factory

basin management.

with the aim of treating waste as a valuable resource for the future.

We are sharing new management approaches and creating ways to manage valuable resources more efficiently. Project Highlights Playing a Key Role in the


Brescia-Bergamo-Milan Highway Project in Italy

Balancing the needs of infrastructure development and environmental sustainability

Our environmental expertise and technical design support has been key to gaining outline design approval for this flagship highway project linking three major Italian

MWH brings a professional

We also actively support clients by

innovative approach and strong

providing innovative and sustainable

portfolio of capabilities to the

solutions in risk, project and

Unique Solution to

delivery of infrastructure projects

programme management. Our services

Sediment Processing for

across the world.

cover the entire project cycle starting

the Port of Antwerp, Belgium

cities in time for Expo 2015.

from concept and feasibility, through

MWH has teamed up with Keppel

Our experience includes the

site development, operation and

Seghers to develop a unique

design and construction of major

maintenance, to site demolition and

solution to sediment processing

structural works, from harbours to

closure. We offer consulting, design,

for the Port of Antwerp. By

roads and railway networks, as well

construction management and health

adopting a mechanical dewatering

as the restoration of important

and safety services in areas as diverse

approach to dealing with 2.6

industrial areas.

as water, wastewater, transport

million cubic meters of sludge per

networks, housing, schools, shopping

year, 80 acres of valuable land

and leisure construction.

have been saved.

As a broad based engineering, environmental and asset management consultancy, we are involved in projects requiring geotechnical, mechanical, electrical, structural, environmental and transportation engineering.

Leaving a lasting legacy for ou Programme and Project Management organisation, rigorous commercial management and technical expertise to ensure optimum delivery for our clients.

instil goals and implement best practice and standards whilst working quickly to integrate with our clients, helping them to achieve their objectives.

Environmental & Sustainability Services MWH offers consultancy in the fields of sustainability and the environment, covering a broad range of services from soil and groundwater remediation,

capability to project manage large-scale projects for government authorities and project developers.

expertise extends from water sourcing and wastewater treatment to environmental and natural resources throughout their projects from initial concept feasibility studies through to detailed design, procurement, construction supervision and commissioning. We have significant experience of developing ‘signature designs’ for clients, utilising standard components to meet their specific process and operational needs.

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services. We assist our clients





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infrastructure services, our technical


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Encompassing the entire spectrum of

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Engineering and Technical Services

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integrated approach and MWH has the


adaptation. Complex issues demand an



to climate change mitigation and


evaluation and waste management,


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through environmental impact



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capital improvement programmes. We

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project participants across large wet

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ew a u d t i S e sa y t t i l i n

for designers, contractors and third party


often our clients’ single point of contact

E ne rgy Wast A

MWH project management teams are

s n e t m i t a d e u Tr


brings together acute business


Our programme management approach



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ur communities and the planet Management Consulting

As se t


technology implementation, strategy development, asset planning, data management and operational improvement services for more

T t n e m i d ment Se

effective or efficient ways of performing business tasks.

International Development Our team of International Development experts supports financing institutions (World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank) and Aid Agencies (EuropeAid, MCC, USAID) in implementing development programmes in transition and developing countries; it ultimately contributes to improving quality of life for local populations. Our mission is to improve delivery of aid-programmes by providing high-quality consulting services in institutional strengthening, capacity building, design, procurement and


construction supervision for water,

re at me

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g in

a l P rce

u n t


ti o n

in coaching, skills development,



consultants provide specialised support







for improvement. Our management

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problems and development of plans

e em


the analysis of existing business


Ch a n ge


their performance, primarily through

ag Diligence ue an dD M an d A c c an o rint it tp

Carb o

MWH helps organisations to improve

wastewater, energy and waste projects. As part of our activities, we also offer management support and monitoring and evaluation of large programmes.

Construction MWH Constructors provides individually tailored, “start-to-finish� construction capabilities to both public and private sector clients. Our integrated project delivery methods provide singlesource responsibility for engineering, design, construction management and commissioning and start-up services, with a total emphasis on safety, quality and sustainable solutions.

We are at the forefront in solving environmental, climate change and energy challenges and are dedicated to the principles of sustainability.

Project Highlights Supporting Energy Efficient Investments in Turkey A MWH led consortium is playing a leading role to launch and operate a $200 million credit line for energy efficiency investments in Turkey for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development


(EBRD). The consortium’s role will include helping prospective

Meeting the challenge of energy generation, renewable, supply and carbon reduction

borrowers identify the best solution for their investment needs. Bringing Hydropower Expertise to Scotland

MWH is leading the way in promoting

We can deliver significant savings

MWH global expertise in

improvements in energy efficiency,

for clients through a comprehensive

Hydropower and specific

supporting the development of

range of energy services, including

understanding of the environment

advanced environmentally-friendly

the development of sound corporate

and planning requirements is

energy generation solutions and

energy roadmaps, energy efficiency

supporting Scottish and Southern

helping reduce greenhouse gas

auditing programmes, power

Energy to deliver the Feasibility and

emissions. MWH’s services are

generation solutions, feasibility

Outline Design for two proposed

specifically tailored to our clients’

studies, conceptual, basic and

major pumped storage hydropower

goals and needs, and bring a unique

detailed design, construction

schemes with a potential capacity

value, not only to the industrial and

monitoring and supervision.

of up to 600 MW.

power generation processes, but also to our clients’ organisation as a whole.

Supporting a Global Climate Change Alliance The MWH team of International Development experts is managing the Support Facility of the Global Climate Change Alliance (GCCA). The GCCA intends to deepen dialogue and cooperation on climate change between the European Union and poor developing countries most vulnerable to climate change.

Waste Enhancing a new perception of waste as a valuable resource

Project Highlights Ireland’s First Energy from

MWH has a strong experience in

Our contributions include integrated

Waste Plant

waste management and regulatory

waste management centres for waste

Our Waste specialists

advice, waste prevention and collection

processing and recycling and modern

are providing engineering

as well as waste treatment and

plants that convert waste into energy.

design services for the new

processing. We develop solutions for

MWH has extensive expertise in

Meath Energy From Waste

organic waste, municipal solid waste,

cogeneration using waste, sludge,

Plant near Dublin. The plant

industrial and hazardous waste and for

biomass and biogas.

will be the first of its kind in

waste in public spaces.

Ireland and is a major Our strong competencies in Energy

milestone in the development

We have designed and implemented

and Sustainability allow us to approach

of integrated and advanced

waste management plans, collection

waste as a resource with an eye

waste management services.

systems and processing installations

towards long-term quality of life and

all over the world.

environmental issues.

MWH designs one of the largest Energy From Waste

We promote initiatives to create

Plants in Europe

public awareness in order to

MWH is providing planning,

enhance effective implementation

permitting and design services

of our strategies.

for one of the largest waste and renewable energy projects in Europe. The state of the art plant will enable the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority to contribute significantly toward meeting EU Landfill Directive targets.

Project Highlights


Supporting ExxonMobil’s Commitment to Safety

Providing compliance advice and consultancy to industry

The trusted multi-service agreement established between ExxonMobil and MWH was demonstrated through MWH’s organisation of the ExxonMobil’s

Major industrial clients consume large

Our clients often face stringent

Global Contractor Safety Forum in

quantities of energy and water and

regulations concerning energy

Milan. The event focussed on best

require factories and machinery to

efficiency as well as safety, emissions

practice, hazard identification and

convert raw materials into goods and

of hazardous substances, prevention of

lessons learnt from around

products. They also produce waste

soil contamination and the clean-up of

the world.

materials and waste heat that may pose

industrial estates. Providing Procter&Gamble

environmental issues or cause pollution. We work closely with our industrial

MWH supports its clients by providing

with a first-class HSE

clients operating, among others, in the

advice and conducting studies aimed

Management System

metallurgical, manufacturing, cement,

at preventing or limiting environmental

An innovative organisational

oil & gas, pharmaceutical, chemical

damage and improving energy

model is the best way to protect

and petrochemical sectors and help

efficiency and consumption.

a company from noncompliant or

them solve issues related to the

illegal actions taken by employees.

nature of their business.

MWH advises Procter&Gamble on the implementation and maintenance of a high standard Health & Safety and Environmental Management System in line with UNI EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

Excellence and involvement Creation of continuous innovation encourages development and growth Recognition for Excellence

Worldwide quality

Health and safety

Top 500 Design Firms,

The MWH Way is our worldwide

Safety is our top priority. We are

Engineering News Record, 2010

quality management system:

committed to the safety and health

• #1 Top 20 - Hydropower

of our employees, subcontractors,

• #2 Top 20 - Water

Engage the Workforce motivates

clients and the public at our company

• #3 Top 20 - Sewer/Wastewater

employees to take responsibility for

premises and project sites. Safety is

• #13 Top 50 - Designers in

their own professional growth.

one of our core values and our work-

International Markets • #17 Top 500 - Design Firms

safety practices and performance Manage the Business uses our global IT platform to ensure

have proven to be outstanding.

Edilizia e Territorio, Top 27

consistency in reporting and

Engaged employees

Italian Engineering Firms,

standardisation for all of our clients

The open culture at MWH offers

November 2010

ample room for employees to pursue Manage the Project drives

personal initiatives, in projects at

continuous quality improvement,

work, and also in social responsibility

Costruire, Top 30 Italian

deploying the right person to the

outside the scope of their day-to-day

Engineering Firms,

right place at the right time.

activities. Through our Corporate

• #8 Pure Engineering

November 2010 • #6 Pure Engineering


Responsibility Policy and our Climate Change Commitment employees are

In Italy, MWH has an ISO 9001:2008

encouraged to develop community

Certified Quality System as well

involvement and educational

UK, RoSPA Occupational Health

as a certification for the MWH

initiatives touching clients, staff

& Safety Awards 2010 MWH has

Environmental Management System,

and young people.

now received Gold Medals for 7

according to ISO 14001. A Safety

consecutive years, recognising our

Management System complying

commitment to improving health &

with OHSAS 18001:2007 was also

safety performance.

established in 2009.


• Italy, 100 Best Employers 2009 awarded by Great Places to Work Institute. • UK, Sunday Times Top 100

Netherlands, Price Award for the “Future Adaptive Water Veins” project. Italy, Certiquality Excellence Award 2009 Awarded for having successfully integrated our environmental, quality and safety management systems.

companies to work for, 2009.

MWH Europe-Africa Region UK Headquarters: Dominion House, Temple

North Europe Headquarters

South Europe Headquarters

Court, Birchwood,

Delftechpark 9

Centro Direzionale, Milano 2

Warrington WA3 6GD

2628 XJ Delft

Palazzo Canova

United Kingdom

The Netherlands

20090 Segrate (Milan)

t +44 1925 845 000

t +31 15 751 23 00


f +44 1925 845 001

f +31 15 262 53 65

t +39 02 210 841



f +39 02 269 242 75

Offices in:

Offices in:

• Belfast

• Amsterdam

Offices in:

• Cardiff

• Arnhem

• Aviano

• Crawley

• Mechelen

• Rome

• Edinburgh

• Brussels

• Naples


• High Wycombe

• Priolo

• Newcastle Upon Tyne

• Istanbul

• Solihull • Wakefield

Other MWH locations Global and Americas Headquarters

Middle East Headquarters

Asia-Pacific Headquarters

370 Interlocken Boulevard

Downtown Burj Khalifa

Level 2, 39-41 Chandos Street

Suite 300

Souk Al Bahar

St Leonards, NSW 1590

Broomfield, Colorado 80021

Al Saaha Offices


United States

Block B (Core F), Office 404


t +303 410-4000

PO Box 3020

t +61 2 9493 9700

f +303 410-4100


f +61 2 9493 9799

UAE t +971 4 449 5600

We also operate in several African

f +971 4 422 5349

countries such as Ethiopia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Uganda, Senegal, Mali, Cameroon, Mozambique.

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