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Lisanne Comeau

Where simple meets extraordinary

304-881-9218 lisannecomeau@cc.ucwv.e du


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Unique Selling Proposition Rising above and beyond, Lisanne is unique in the sense that she has both Canadian and US ties that expands her outreach, opportunities and resources. She has made those connections by earning a scholarship in the US, in which case people have doubted her ability to do so. She thrives on over achieving and proving others wrong when they overlook her. Getting it done, under any circumstance is what Lisanne is about and having her as a part of any company is in one’s best interest.


LOGO The logo is simple but gets the point across with an exclamation mark (in the shape of an “L”). This was used to show that Lisanne is exciting and has strong feelings and volume with what she does. The logo also has a “C” surrounding the L which stands for Comeau.

Where simple meets extraordinary


Colors The blue is green 162 and blue 232. Blue is seen as trustworthy, reliable, and dedicated. These are all words that describe Lisanne, both as a person and an employee, and these are important characteristics within a workplace. The red is green 28, blue 36 and red 237. This red it is seen as an exciting color with power and relates to the amount of energy a person contributes to the environment surrounding them.


Terms Committed

Passionate Inspirational





Admirable 6

Features •  Communicable •  Professional

•  Self-Motivated •  Positive Attitude

Benefits •  It is important to be able to communicate one’s message effectively especially when dealing with sports because within the sports industry Lisanne will be dealing with people everyday. •  Lisanne is very professional where she realizes that work is work. The way she is seen represents her company, and as she understands that she is always on time, looking qualified, and acting accordingly. •  Lisanne is excited about working and loves what she does. This is essential when working with sports because everyone has to be motivated with getting things done in order to move forward in the sports industry. Lisanne is ready and willing to put in the hours without anyone having to hassle her about it. 7 •  Bringing positive attitude into the workplace is important because

Branding •  She also was the leader of organizing the “Red Card for Cancer” soccer event where she had to get in contact with sponsors, assign tasks and make sure everybody was doing their part, etc. •  Director for the Mississauga Monarchs house league. She assigned teams, coaches, planned schedules and drills, etc. •  Will be working as an intern this summer with Kickstart fitness to gain experience in the sports business industry. She will be working both the business side of sports and working personally with the athletes to learn about physical training aspect. •  Is using other ways to get her name out there such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Business Card, Conference Booth, Create a website, Register with phonebooks, Conventions, send out news articles, and write articles.


Brand Associations •  •  •  • 

Leader Innovative Loyal Kind

•  Hard Working •  Dedicated •  Passionate

Projects •  •  •  •  •  • 

Why Campaign (Un-branding Racism in Sports) Bats for Books Red Card for Cancer Event Created marketing plan for the Hinge Alarm Internship with Kickstart Fitness Member of SAAC


Career Board of Directors Bet Naumovski Personal Trainer/ former Assistant coach at Binghampton University Former Employer/ player Michelle Wells Professor and Program Coordinator Current student

Briana Cicero-Johns Professor of Business and Management Current Student Rachel Pike Assistant Basketball Coach & SAAC leader Current player

Bren Stevens Associate Director of Athletics/ Head Volleyball Coach Former Student 10

Lisanne Comeau's Brand Manual  

Assignment for SPAD 301 Sports Marketing in Spring 2011 at University of Charleston (WV).

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