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Logo Light Lavender was used as the outline for my name as well as the design I created because it represents strength and prosperity to me. Ever since I began going to a church here in Charleston that used purple in everything they did, I began to really think differently about the color. Now when I see any color of purple I automatically think of my church and the strength it has given me. Also, this year I added purple flowers around my cross tattoo so I believe this color truly represents me.

Midnight Black

I used as the fill color for my design as well as my name because I wanted to keep it as simple but delicate as possible. I think black makes my logo bold and simple, which is my personality. I didn’t want to have to much detail because I am a fairly easy going, simple person that doesn’t need much to be happy.

Tagline: None of the secrets of success will work unless you do. I chose this tagline mainly because I believe that success won’t just be handed to you. It is something that you must work for to achieve.

Unique Selling Proposition Knowing how many candidates there are within other Sports Administration/Management majors out there, it is essential to make yourself stand out. I believe I can do this around other students my age in a few different ways. First of all, I take criticism extremely well and actually work better because of it. I love knowing things that I can do to make myself and whoever I am working for better. Along with this I love challenges and coming across obstacles that involves critical thinking. I think this is something that is hard to find today because so many people would prefer things to be handed to them. In my eyes you must work for everything you get and in the end, you never would have made it as far as you did if it weren’t for all of the mistakes that you learned from. Another thing that I have to offer is my ability to understand the importance of listening. I don’t think people truly realize how great of a quality listening is. Success is based around communication and hard work. Without being able to adapt yourself to the people around you and take the time to listen to what is going on, it is so easy to miss out on great opportunities that can benefit you and the people around you. The last thing that I feel I have that many other students my age don’t is passion. This is something that is so easy to say you have, but there is a clear difference in someone who just says they have passion about something and someone who truly does. I have an extremely big heart and I put everything that I have into the task at hand.

When you hear my name, I hope you think‌












Lives for the moment

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Features and Benefits •Technologically savvy- Being able to work with technology in today’s world is a major benefit. The future is based on technology and by being knowledgeable about computers and computer software, I can be a great asset to many companies.

•Responsible- This feature is essential to have during any aspect of life. I could benefit any company by having this quality because I will always be a trustworthy employee to them.

•Creative- By having a creative mindset, I can be a huge advantage to any business or company. I will be able to come up with different ways to deal with problems that are associated with whatever project we are working on.

What can I do to advance or establish my brand? The main thing that I would choose to do to help advance my brand is by using technology to create videos on the web. Since I am comfortable with this, I believe that this would advance my brand the most and it would be the most beneficial to me. I would make my brand well known through using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many other social medias.

Athletes Against Alcohol This project was started this year to show to athletes, faculty, and the communities that are apart of the WVIAC what alcohol can really do to athletes. This shows alcohol’s main effects on the body and how it can hinder how athletes performance. This project can help establish my brand because it shows my views on a major topic like student athletes abusing alcohol.

Rebuilding and restoring playgrounds in underprivileged areas in Charleston, WV This is a project my group and I are just now beginning which is going to benefit the children in underprivileged areas by rebuilding their play areas one neighborhood at a time. I believe that this project will establish my brand further because we are doing community involvement as well as being creative by looking for needs that kids in our area have that people many times overlook.


Bren Stevens Associate Director of Athletics and Head Volleyball Coach at the University of Charleston

I have known Coach Stevens since was a freshman coming into the University of Charleston. I have been starting for her the past three years.


Kelli Gora Assistant Volleyball Coach at the University of Charleston and Recruiting Coordinator

I have also known Kelli since I was a freshman. She has been a huge part to our team in many aspects that go further than coaching.


Betsy and Ed Wargo “Second family “back home

I have known the Wargos since my freshman year of high school. They have both always been great mentors for me and have been a very active part in my life since I have met them.

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Katie Williams' Brand Manual  

Assignment for SPAD 301 Sports Marketing in Spring 2011 at University of Charleston (WV).