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“Winning Isn’t Everything, It’s the Only Thing.”

(RGB Code: 11, 11, 1) This shade of black was chosen because it has always be my favorite color and I think it is simple but yet very effective. (RGB Code: 236, 231, 23) This shade of gold was chosen because it is the color of champions and I always strive to win.

My logo will be used project my brand in a positive image and leave my name in high expectations in the minds of the consumer.

I am different from other Sports Administration majors because I am driven by my high competitive nature, comfortable with technology and I am also a very fast learner. I have always been a good leader and always strive to be a leader but I am also humble enough to know when I have to step back and be led..

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing” I use this tagline because it was the best advice my mentor ever gave to me and it has been one of the most if not the most motivating lines in my life. This tagline helps me to push myself to always be the best at whatever I do. It has a very contagious effect because when I push myself to be the best and my peers or teammates see my efforts they tend to push themselves just as hard.

I want people to view my personality as confident. A confident person stands out in a crowd which signifies leadership. I want to always be seen as a leader. Everything a leader does is influential , exemplary and affects what others think or feel and I want to be seen in that light. Even though I always aim to win people must also think of me as being compassionate, caring and mindful of others feelings.

Being the captain of a soccer program that had a record of 0-17 previously and leading it to being ranked as high as #4 in the nation has thought me a lot and I’ve gained many leadership qualities. Since my entry into the University of Charleston I have taken a number of technology classes that have given me an advantage when developing presentation. I have always been a person my peers could depend on and would always try to make myself available in some way or another to assist.

Being a leader helps me to bring the best out of others and also set a high standard for others to follow. In a world that is technologically driven, being technologically advanced gives me a major advantage. My generation is not seen as one with the traditional values that out fore-fathers are used to so with me being a reliable young man gives me an edge.

When people see me I want them to think of my logo as it signifies my being an outstanding star. I absolutely love soccer and want it to be a part of my life for as long as I live. I want people to think soccer when they see me.

I want my peers to smile when they see me or see me in the light of someone that could make them smile.

I plan to use technology to my advantage to establish my brand . I plan to use simple short videos and social media that will portray my features, what I stand for and advantages of using my brand.

an organization created to donate used athletic equipment to less fortunate youth in Kenya

the link has been attached for viewers to witness: de_final_edited?mode=embed&layout= v/color/layout.xml&backgroundColor=000000&showFl ipBtn=true

a campaign created to reduce the use of smokeless tobacco.

University of Charleston Head Men’s Soccer Coach./ Professor Relation: Chad has been my soccer coach for three years Stock Broker Relation: Former assistant soccer coach at the University of Charleston Business Law Professor at the University of Charleston Relation: Former assistant soccer coach at the University of Charleston

Dion Peters' Brand Manual  

Assignment for SPAD 301 Sports Marketing in Spring 2011 at University of Charleston (WV).

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