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D V Z “Never settle with good, always strive for greatness�

Brand: Derek Veazey

Brand Logo •  My brand logo is my first initial and the first two letters of my last name. •  My brand logo describes the explosive and determined attitude I have but also respectful, humble, and appreciative characteristics I have towards accomplishing my goals or a specific task I have in life. •  The “V” inside the explosive shape describes how my last name is very different from anyone else out there. The V inside the shape explains how my characteristics such as determined, appreciativeness, and respect are unique and different from my competition just like how my last name is very unique and different from anyone else. •  The “D” and the “Z” outside of the shape describes how I always think outside the box when it comes to me accomplishing a goal or completing a specific task I may have.

Brand & Logo Color •  The reason I chose green as my brand and logo color is because I wanted my brand to stand out and set itself apart from my competition. •  I feel that this shade of lime green represents me the best because it’s my favorite color and it’s very different from any other color. •  That’s my main focus for my brand, I want it to be different from the competition and I want it to be viewed as bright, determined, and explosive. •  I think my qualities such as determined, humble/appreciative, respectful are lacked in today's workforce. I feel that people don’t appreciate the little things in their job or life. It’s very important to respect all aspects of your job such as; your boss, employees, and the position which you are involved with. I think people lose track of that today, and that’s why I am different than my competition and the reason I have chosen a very unique color that represents my brand.

Tagline •  “Never settle with good, always strive for greatness” –  I came up with this tagline for my brand because I believe it best describes me as a person and the way I’m motivated. I think this tagline represents my demeanor as a person and the high standards I expect from myself.

Derek’s Unique Selling Proposition •  The difference between myself and others is the fact that I have dealt with a tremendous amount of adversity in my life that I have greatly overcame. –  Including; financial barriers and people saying that I couldn’t do something.

•  When I started my freshman year of college I began that year on academic probation, and now I can proudly say that my cumulative GPA is right at a 3.0. •  I have a very humble attitude because I have overcame many hard times in my life and I have grown to become very appreciative and respectful of others. •  With my humbling attitude I also have a very dedicated and hungry characteristic about myself that I think has diminished in the world today. People today are determined and hungry but they lack humbleness, appreciativeness, and respect. –  That’s the difference between ME and my competition and I believe that’s the quality that sets me apart from my competitors.

Words That People Think of When They Hear My Name •  •  •  •  •  • 

Hard Working Determined Devoted Respectful Humble/Appreciative Kind

Projects I Have Completed That Will Help Establish My Brand •  I completed a Men’s Golf Media Guide for the University of Charleston. –  Researched and collected all data, including past scores/results, competition outcomes, information on each golf course where team played –  Used only Power Point to create a media guide that received extensive praise from players, coaches, athletic school administrators, and professors –  Worked consistently with two other group members

•  I have worked various WVIAC tournaments and established an exceptional amount of hands on knowledge with the overall operations of the conference tournament and what actions need to take place for a successful event. •  I have worked as a private kicking instructor. –  This means I have had experience working one on one and teaching an individual how to learn an perform a specific task that I taught them. –  I experienced the hard work it took from me and that specific individual on teaching him how to kick and him actually becoming successful and learning how to kick in one summer.

Features •  •  •  • 

Technology driven Confident Leader Team player

Benefits •  Technology driven: This is a huge benefit in today’s work environment because businesses are becoming more technology friendly. If I'm proficient in Microsoft Office and I know how to create and use various types of technologies then that set’s me apart from my competitors. •  Confident: Confidence is a huge benefit when determining if your going to be successful in the work environment. When your confident as a person it forces your employees and the people around you to become more confident. It also allows your employees to develop more trust in you. •  Leader: Its very beneficial for a person to have a leadership sense quality about them. I have always been viewed as a leader and being a leader differentiates you from just an average employee. Not everyone is meant to be a leader. It takes certain qualities from a person to establish themselves as a leader. This quality will also help you move up in a company, its hard to keep moving up in a company if you don’t have the leadership quality instilled in you. •  Team player: It’s always beneficial to be viewed as a team player. It helps you establish a great relationship with your fellow employees. This quality always makes your task come easier as well. If I care about my team more than I care solely about myself then this will help establish a great sense of team unity. I’ve always seemed to have a great team player quality about myself.

Establishing My Brand •  I will create my own website to help establish and spread the word about my brand. •  I will use various social networking sites such as; facebook, twitter, and YouTube to help spread the word about my brand as well. •  I will make business cards with my brand information on it and give them out to people to also help spread the word of my particular brand. •  I will take on certain projects and tasks that will help further my knowledge and experience as an individual to help me become successful.

Images To Be Associated With •  When people hear my name I want them to think of images that relate with a person establishing themselves as a winner, leader, and a devoted team player. •  When people hear my name I want them to think of successful organizations. •  I also want people to think of how I’m from West Virginia and I maintain a very kind sense of personality that is also a very hard working determined individual.

Board of Directors •  Ed Cromley: My High School Football Coach. Me and him have also had a close relationship. He has always been very straight forward with me about what I need to improve on. •  Michael DeVault: Front Desk Supervisor at Sheraton Hotel. He is also my sister’s husband. Me and him have a close brother type of relationship, he has known me since I have been 10 years old. He would always want the best for me and I know he would give me honest feed back on how I need to improve my brand.

Tianni Kelly's Brand Manual  

Assignment for SPAD 301 Sports Marketing in Spring 2011 at University of Charleston (WV).

Tianni Kelly's Brand Manual  

Assignment for SPAD 301 Sports Marketing in Spring 2011 at University of Charleston (WV).