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Friday, July 24, 2009

Vol. 3 No. 38

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Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

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a look at the lighter side of life and other amazing things....



he lady waited with her few items in the express lane of the supermarket, quietly fuming. Completely ignoring the sign, the shopper ahead of her had slipped into the check-out line pushing a cart piled high with groceries. Imagine our shopper’s delight when the cashier beckoned the other woman to come forward, looked into the cart and asked sweetly; “So which six items would you like to buy?”

TAIRWAY to heaven, some wag in the office called it, but you’ve got to admit this is one stylish cellar.... and well-stocked too! The photographs, from the Internet of course, show that some people know how to live in style. Storing your wine like this, close to hand, and in a temperature controlled environment would be a serious wine drinker’s dream come true. The spiral staircase is a nice touch, adding to the overall ambience of the build, and the clear trap door means that you will never have to wonder just how much you have tucked away in the cellar when guests arrive. The downside of that is that the guests too, will know just how much you have and it will be hard to say: “Sorry, we seem to have run out.” when trying to convince them it’s time to go home.


he elderly couple didn’t make a reservation at their favourite restaurant, and despite there appearing to be plenty of room, were told by the haughty waitress that there would be a 45-minute wait for a table. “My dear girl,” the dignified husband said, “We’re both 90 years old, we may not have 45 minutes.” They were seated immediately.


hree friends from the local congregation were asked, “When you’re in your casket, and friends and congregation members are mourning over you, what would you like them to say?” Bill: “I would like them to say I was a wonderful husband, a fine spiritual leader, and a great family man.” Eugene: “I would like them to say I was a wonderful teacher and servant of God who made a huge difference in people’s lives.” Eric: “I would like them to say, “Hold on, he’s moving!”


he Aussie tourist climbs to the top of Mt. Sinai to get closer to God. Looking up, he asks the Lord; “God, what does a million years mean to you?” The Lord replies, “One minute.” Aussie; “And what does a million dollars mean to you?”

Lord: “A penny.” Aussie: Can I have a penny?” Lord: “In a minute.” Have you ever been guilty of looking at others your own age and thinking, surely I can’t look that old. well . . . you’ll love this one. My name is Alice, and I was sitting in the waiting room for my first appointment with a

new dentist. I noticed his diploma on the wall, which bore his full name. Suddenly, I remembered a tall, handsome, dark-haired boy with the same name had been in my high school class some 30-odd years ago. Could he be the same guy that I had a secret crush on, way back then? Upon seeing him,

however, I quickly discarded any such thought. This balding, grayhaired man with the deeply lined face was way too old to have been my classmate. After he examined my teeth, I asked him if he had attended Morgan Park High School . “Yes. yes, I did. I’m a Mustang,’ he gleamed

with pride. “When did you graduate?’ I asked. “In 1975. Why do you ask?’ “You were in my class!’, I exclaimed. He looked at me closely. Then, that ugly, old, bald, wrinkled faced, gray-haired, decrepit, rotter asked: “What did you teach?”


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24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly

$25m sporting plan hailed as breakthrough

• Design • Build • Supply of: • Panel • Pool • Garden • Industrial • Chain Mesh • Security Fencing & Gates • Electrical & Solar Gates • Bobcat Hire MW24258

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RELIABLE FREIGHT E SERVICE MILDURA TO SWAN HILL DELIVERIES including Robinvale, Balranald, Ouyen, Sea Lake, Managatang, Tooleybuc, Piangil, Nyah, Nyah West DAILY SERVICE in the Mildura Area Andrew Legg | M 0427 247 496 or 0428 247 494 E |

“The proposed plans for Mil•  NEW ERA: Indoor Sporting Group spokesman Paul Freckleton, dura Recreation Reserve have ABOVE, has hailed the $25 million plan as a major breakthrough for been presented to our advisory the 6000 indoor sporting participants in Sunraysia while, Mildura Rural board and it was agreed by occupiers of Mildura Recreation City Council’s manager for Leisure and Lifestyle Services, Ray Lyons, BELOW, points out massive changes to the Mildura Recreation Reserve that this is the preferred Reserve during this week’s announcement. option,” he said. The Mildura Rural City Council unveiled the plans publicly for the first time this week following several years working closely with key sporting groups. It’s now up to the public to have its say on the plan before more detailed work is done ahead of the start of construction on the many components in the plan. One of the bigger winners to come out of the plan is also one of the biggest sporting groups – indoor sports. Indoor Sporting Group spokesman Paul Freckleton said many indoor sports have effectively stalled due to a lack of sporting venues and facilities in Sunraysia. •  Continued Page 22





A $25million plan to expand and upgrade Sunraysia’s sporting venues has been given the green light by key sporting stake holders. The plan includes a new complex on the corner of Deakin Avenue and Sixteenth Street in South Mildura, which will include two sporting ovals, one of which will become the district’s premier football ground. Estimated at $22.5million, the complex will boast state-ofthe art indoor facilities catering for sports including squash, netball, basketball, volleyball and table tennis as well as kiosk facilities, office space and function rooms. According to the plans, there would initially be five multilined indoor courts which could be used for many of the aforementioned sports, with capacity for another five courts in future as demand increases. One of the outdoor grounds would be of AFL practice match standard, including the changeroom facilities, while the other would accommodate cricket matches. Mildura Recreation Reserve will also come in for attention after a decade of debate over its future between the three major user groups - the Imperials and Mildura football clubs and the Mildura Harness Racing Club. As has been previously mooted, one of the football clubs will relocate to the South Mildura facility – widely tipped to be Mildura – while the harness racing track will be extended to 900 metres, with a $2.5million funding injection from Harness Racing Victoria, among other upgrades at the venue. President of the Sunraysia Football Netball League, Peter Congress this week backed plans for both the existing Mildura Recreation Reserve and the South Mildura facility.



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Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly


Flying start for latest airport upgrade THE Mildura Airport is on the cusp of yet another major upgrade, this time to the facility’s arrivals and baggage area. In just over two months the airport will boast a carousel-style baggage system

and relocated arrivals point as part of a multi-million dollar ongoing works program. “As part of our overall terminal upgrade and tarmac works we’ve actually identified some major ar-

eas of conflict within passenger movements within the terminal and as part of the grant from Regional Development Victoria we are required to double the size of our baggage arrivals area,” airport manager Bill Burke, RIGHT, said. “Now in doing that we’ve decided to take it on the chin, put in a belt instead of people taking their luggage off the baggage trollies. There’ll be a carousel into the arrivals area just like any (larger) airport. It will get rid of a lot of confusion.” The new arrivals area will be about 30 metres to the east of the existing arrivals point as part of the upgrade. “We’ve decided to rationalise the entry point for the terminal to take away the congestion of people coming into the middle of the terminal and to bring them into where they really need to be, which is where the bags are going to be collected from,” Mr Burke said. Work on the new upgrades will start on Monday and are expected to

taken between eight and nine weeks to complete. During this period an alternative area will be created, minimising any disruptions for passengers during the construction phase. The works are the latest in a massive upgrade schedule, which has already seen significant work done to the airport’s tarmac and runway areas, LEFT. Once completed four Boeing 737-size aircraft could be accommodated at any one time at the airport. The need for the upgrade was made clear several weeks ago when a Boeing 737 was forced to land in Mildura due to hazardous conditions in Adelaide. The aircraft was parked in one of the older areas which hasn’t been upgraded and actually sunk several inches into the tarmac. While there was no risk to passengers or airport staff, it did highlight the value of the current works being undertaken at the airport. – BEN PISCIONERI

2009 LA TROBE LECTURE SERIES Rudolph Kirby ‘Lateral Violence – what is it? From a Koori perspective’ La Trobe University is proud to announce the sixth lecture for the 2009 La Trobe Lecture Series. These lectures are an annual series of informative events – open to all members of the public, free of charge.

Rudolph will discuss lateral violence, being violence directed against peers. Issues raised will include recognising what lateral violence is in the Koori community and more importantly how we can get rid of it.

La Trobe is pleased to present Rudolph Kirby, Deputy Director of the Koori Justice Unit for the Department of Justice, who is passionate about his work in the legal system and contributions to the improvement of the Koori people entangled within the Justice System.

Sunday 2 August 2009, 11.00am La Trobe University Brian Grogan Lecture Theatre 471 Benetook Avenue, Mildura Places are limited and bookings are essential T (03) 5051 4000 E W

TANK 6258/1


Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

Wine industry woes spark dried fruits interest revival By BEN PISCIONERI AS the winegrape industry continues to suffer under the weight of a massive oversupply of some varieties, increasing numbers of growers could be looking to the dried grape industry as an alternative. In a bid to help these growers make an informed decision the Australian Dried Fruits Association’s (ADFA) Mildura branch has organised a workshop on Wednesday to provide all the information they’ll need on the topic. Mildura branch president Warren Lloyd said the workshop was about providing growers with options and ensuring as many growers as possible stayed in the grape industry. “We don’t want to see more areas going to waste,” Mr Lloyd said this week. “We want to see growers remain productive and if that means converting to dried fruit it’s something we’d like to support.” Mr Lloyd stressed the workshop isn’t about trying to lure winegrape growers to dried fruit it’s about helping growers stay viable and get the information they need. “It’s (converting to dried fruit) not going to suit everyone, but it may just suit some growers,” he said. “It’s going to depend on a range of factors including the root stocks they have, whether they can top graft, the width of their rows,

the standard of their posts, these types of things. “But if all the pieces fall into place, it may mean they can convert relatively cheaply and quickly and be back into production.” Unlike the winegrape industry, the dried grape sector is in the midst of a resurgence, with a 40

ner w O e * On Under arranty ill Car W t S el * New u F ing d n a t tsomy u O * Econ pe * a h s t n 8 8 rre 8 u , C 9 1 * )



ine, l eng tioning, y c ndi e tr 4 ir co ry, cruis 2.0 l a h , t n i o t i w n s l e Al mis ss trans ls, keyle . c i t ma hee m’s auto loy w ol, low k l a , r bags cont 4 air


percent increase in tonnage over the past 12 months and increasing prices. The workshop will feature key figures in the dried grape industry including Ivan Shaw, who developed the swing-arm trellis, the Victorian and Murray Valley Vine Improvement Association’s (VMV-

VIA) Gary Thomas, who will speak on root stocks, and Ashley Johnstone, who instigated the workshop, and will speak on the costs involved in converting a property to dried fruit. Mr Johnstone’s costings will including scenarios based around converting existing vines and starting from scratch. Other speakers include the ADFA’s deputy chairman, Allan Long, who will speak on the role and future of the Association, and Sunbeam Foods’ David Swain. Mr Lloyd said if growers attend the session and decide to go ahead with a shift to dried fruit further workshops would be held in the future to provide all the information they require. He said Wednesday’s workshop could also be useful for existing dried grape growers interesting in purchasing winegrape properties and converting to dried grapes. The workshop will get underway at 4pm and begin with presentations from speakers, concluding with a barbecue about 6pm, when growers can talk with speakers about their specific situations. It will be held on Warren Lloyd’s fruit property which is in Benetook Avenue, between Fifteenth and Sixteenth Streets, and will be signed from the road. For more information contact the ADFA’s industry development officer, John Hawtin, on 5023 5174.

Camp fires prove costly TWO fishermen who left camp fires unattended while they were angling on the Murray River have been fined in separate cases heard by Mildura and Robinvale Magistrates’ Courts. In separate incidents, a 51 year-old Goulburn man and 50 year-old Robinvale man were each fined $300, with costs, for offences detected during Easter forest patrols. Department of Sustainability and Environment prosecuting officer Geoff Tyers said one of the men was camping at Mulcra Island, north west of Mildura, and the other at Gadsdens’ Bend, near Robinvale. “On both occasions campfires were left alight and unattended while the men had gone fishing. The fires were in pits, however flames were clearly visible,” he said. “Public land areas along the Murray River have a high level of dry leaf litter and other fuels on the ground, which are easily ignited.” Mr Tyers said while it was fortunate that temperatures were moderate during the Easter holiday period, gusty wind conditions were prevalent. “A single ember blown from either of the campfires could have quite easily led to a major fire event,” he said. “It’s important that visitors to our forests, parks and reserves are aware that campfires must not be left unattended under any circumstances.” Campfire offences carry a maximum fine of $10,000 and two years imprisonment. “If people are going to ignite a campfire, they must do so safely,” he said. “They must ensure that it is placed into a 30cm deep pit and the fire area cannot be any larger than one square metre. The area around the fire must also be cleared up to three metres from flammable material.”

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24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly


High locust alert at Broken Hill, Menindee AREAS of southwest NSW close to Mildura have been placed on high plague locust alert after monitoring by the NSW Government. The Australian Plague Locust Commission has forecast large hatchings, starting next month, as close as Menindee and Broken Hill. NSW Minister for Primary Industries, Ian MacDonald, said there was a danger of plague locusts “sweeping across parts of the State” unless farmers played their part by reporting egg beds. “In autumn we received almost 5000 locust reports from landholders – this means we are facing a very active spring,” he said. “Most landholders wait until locusts hatch before taking action, but this is too late to ensure sufficient resources will be available.

The need to know “Authorities need to know now where locusts have laid their eggs, or where swarms were spotted so that surveillance can be carried out to get an accurate handle on the area that can be affected in spring.” Plague locusts have been one of the biggest threats to Australian agriculture over many years, with the potential of large swarms to devour everything in their path while on the wing. Outbreaks have also been predicted in parts of northern Victoria, and observers say the Mallee would

• PLAGUE PROPORTIONS: Locusts, LEFT, can form vast ‘clouds’ as they swarm, devouring all in their path and posing a great threat to Australian agriculture. be under threat given the right conditions of temperature and wind direction. In Victoria, egg-bearing locusts have been recorded throughout 1.25 million hectares, including the irrigation district north of Shepparton. This was noticeably more activity than in the 2005-06 outbreak. “What we’re heading for is the potential for a fairly significant hatching of locusts come the first half of October this year,” director of the Australian Plague Locust Commission Chris Adriaansen said this week. Victoria’s plague locust commissioner, Andrew Tomkins, agreed

that several factors indicated locusts could be a threat this year. Locusts seen in Victoria this year were at a higher density than in 2005-06, in better condition and carried more eggs.

Just 10 days to act Authorities have about 10 days to act … when locusts are big enough to identify, but too young to fly, being the best time to attack them with insecticide. The threat has been discussed at meetings held by the primary industry departments of both major States and the Australian Plague Locust Commission.






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The Australian Plague Locust is a native species that occurs naturally in the far north west of NSW and adjacent areas of Queensland and South Australia. It is one of many locust species. The ability of locusts to form into dense swarms as adults makes them formidable eating machines that can devastate crops. The highly mobile nature of swarms and their ability to migrate over large distances means that virtually all agricultural areas are at risk of damage. It is possible for locusts to travel up to several hundred kilometres per night given the right wind conditions.

Most species of locust feed mainly on grasses. They thrive on grasses and cereal crops such as wheat, however when there is little green grass or wheat available they will eat a wide range of plants including horticulture crops, pasture, grapevines and trees. An Australian Plague Locust eats up to half its body weight a day. If a medium or high-density swarm landed on a pasture, lawn, golf course, park, or similar grassed area, all the grass is likely to be eaten within a few hours.

Highly unpredictable The behaviour of a swarm is highly unpredictable and a swarm will sometimes fly over apparently suitable crops. Damage to crops is often worse when conditions are very dry and they eat the only green vegetation remaining. When there is an abundance of green grass, the threat of damage to crops is often reduced. Landholders have been encouraged to peg out any locust infested areas for easy future identification. The DPI has urged that landholders continually monitor affected areas for signs of locusts laying eggs. More information can be found on the Australian Plague Locust Commission website, and the locust hotline to report any activity is 1300 13 5559.

Stepping out of the driver’s seat THERE are no aged-related requirements to holding a licence in Victoria. However, there may come a time when it will be necessary to reduce or cease driving. The advice of your doctor and other health professionals is very important. A wise driver will also listen carefully if their spouse, relatives or friends are concerned about their driving. Older drivers are generally considered to be safe, experienced and cautious, but statistics show that the risk of a casualty crash, per kilometer driven, is quite high for older drivers. If an older driver is involved in a crash, the outcome is likely to be more severe, because older people are more easily injured and take longer to recover. For many of us, driving a car represents independence, convenience, mobility and quality of life. Whilst maintaining this independence and mobility for as long as possible is important, so to is preparing for the time when you or your partner are no longer able to drive. If you plan ahead, the transition from driver to non-driver can be smooth and have minimal effect on your lifestyle. There are various things that you can consider now

to make retiring from driving easier: • Plan to make fewer trips. For example, try to organise to do your shopping on the same day that you have other appointments. • Plan each trip so that you can avoid major intersections. • Try to avoid peak hour traffic times or at night • Maybe ask family or friends to drive. • Are you near a bus

stop, or can you use a taxi? Many Councils offer community buses or volunteer drivers that can pick you up and drive you to your destination. There are many things to consider when you should begin to limit your driving or to stop altogether. They may include: • Difficulty maintaining concentration while driving • Trouble judging traffic gaps and at intersections • Feeling uncomfortable

or nervous while driving, especially in heavy traffic • More ‘near misses’ or small dents and scratches on the vehicle • Slower response to an unexpected situation • Difficulty in checking over your shoulder when changing lanes • Friends and family not wanting to drive with you. Adult children are often concerned about the driving ability of their aging parents, but are unsure how to broach the topic. Convincing parents to give up driving can be an emotionally wrenching task. Bring up the topic indirectly, for example “I saw a newspaper article about older drivers” or “I heard Mrs. Smith gave up driving”. Avoid criticising or making them feel attacked. Give them a copy of “The Victorian Older Driver’s Handbook” available from VicRoads, which contains a self assessment checklist and discusses many issues facing older drivers. Any questions or enquires about road rules can be forwarded to Denis Jewell 5021 3662 • Information resourced from Victorian Road Rules Hand Book and the VicRoads website:


Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

If you’ve been a beneficiary in any way of the more than $1million that Wentworth’s years, this is the man you need to thank. His name is Rob Hunt, the now former managing

Rob’s way. You By GRANT MAYNARD HE’S way too modest to ever admit to it, but his deeds will ensure Rob Hunt’s name lives on. His contribution to the Bendigo Bank, to the banking industry and to the City of Bendigo will see to that, but he will be remembered much further afield too, in hundreds of small communities around Australia, like Wentworth and Merbein, that have benefited enormously from his vision. Mr Hunt, now 58, will be recalled in these communities as the major architect of the Bendigo Bank Community Bank model. He is a man of vision, intellect, influence, and compassion... but you wouldn’t know it just by talking to him... he keeps his light well hidden under his proverbial bushel. But, it is impossible to separate the achievements and growth of the Bendigo Bank, and that of the community banking network across our wide brown land, from those of Mr Hunt himself. Mr Hunt joined the bank in 1973, after a six-year stint with the Commercial Bank of Australia. One of his roles with the CBA was as a relieving teller in northern Victoria. He worked for a while at Rupanyup, a town that was to become synonymous with his name and the success of community banking more than a quarter of a century later. Mr Hunt was appointed chief executive officer of the then Bendigo Building Society in 1988, and appointed to the board in 1990. He was the engine room of the organisation’s foray into the computer age, brought Visa to mainstream Australia, steered the bank and the industry through the Pyramid Building Society collapse, was in charge when it reached bank status in 1995, and when it merged with The Adelaide Bank in 2007. When he was appointed CEO in 1988, the bank had market capitalisation of less than $50million, 32 branches and 250 staff. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank now has assets under management of more than $48billion and market capitalisation of about $3billion with 430 branches and 235 Community Bank branches, employing about 5000 staff around Australia. Since the first one was estab-

lished in Rupanyup and Minyip in 1998, the Community Bank has been saving small and close-knit communities and their businesses from potential economic ruin. It has also allowed those communities to flourish, with profits being handed back, and there is no more indicative model than Wentworth’s highly successful branch.

Officially opened on March 18, 1999, by television personality Ray Martin, the event was a big day for a town that had been without banking services for two years after Westpac abandoned the town. The number of community banks across Australia has doubled in the past four years, and at the same time customers have tripled

their banking business commitment to the community network, increasing it to more than $11billion. More importantly, according to Mr Hunt, is more than $18million in community bank branch profits that have been returned to community projects through a program of community grants.



The Wentworth branch, which celebrated 10 years in business this year, reached the magical milliondollar milestone this year when it distributed more than $140,000 in grants. “This is a fantastic milestone to reach,” Wentworth Community Bank chairman, Cheryl Rix, said. “When we first opened the

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly


Community Bank has distributed to Sunraysia groups and organisations during the past six director of the Bendigo Bank, and the father of modern ‘community banking’ as we know it...

can bank on it!

branch a decade ago we wanted to return banking services to our town and make a community a better place to live in. We have achieved both goals but this has only been made possible through the dedication of our board and staff and our

loyal customers and members of the community who have shown strong support enabling us to achieve great things together.” Meanwhile, Mr Hunt’s involvement in the setting up of community-based organisations such as

Bendigo Community Telco, Community Telco Australia and Lead On will also form part of his legacy to the community. He does not freely talk about his impact on the bank or his time at the top, but recently gave a small

insight into his motivations. “When I first joined this organisation I was really taken at the connection it had with its customers and its community,” he said. “It was born of community by community. People put it togeth-

er because it had a need. “It was always my desire to not only gently move into banking with all the value systems and all the things we hold dear, but wouldn’t it be great if we could take this style of banking and apply it to communities all around Australia and give them the same benefits having a local financier for their own community. “The Community Bank, to a large degree, was reflective of history because, in essence, we have created a bit of a super building society for all these local communities. In effect it is a financier that becomes a big part of their own community.” Mr Hunt said the bank was well suited to continuing that philosophy. “One of the strategic advantages this place has is we are in a regional centre where customers will tell you if you are getting it wrong,” he said. “That is a real advantage. To me the one basic trait this organisation has is its ability to truly understand its role. I think that is what makes it a unique organisation.” So what’s next for the man who has worked almost around the clock? “I have lots and lots of unfinished business in what I call the community engagement models and to really properly complete writing up all of those models that will go on operating for the next 50 years,” he said. “I am also looking forward to spending more time with my family and my grandchildren, as well as a few exciting adventures. “I will build a bit of a retreat in the Otways, which is going to be something I have wanted to do, an eco-style house. “All those sorts of things that tend to get put on the sideboard until you have the time.” Wentworth Community Bank board chairman, Cheryl Rix, described Mr Hunt as “one of the most inspiring people I have ever met”. Some CEOs can be intimidating and daunting, she said; “But not Rob. He has a lovely personal style.” •  Continued Page 10

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Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

One for the road upsetting for Bill

SOUVENIR-hunters are causing a bit of grief to former long-time Millewa farmer Bill Beer. Bill is 85. His dad was one of the pioneers of the Millewa, and one of the roads was named in honour of the family. Bill lived there for 57 years before getting off the farm, just off the Werrimull Road a few kilometres from Lake Cullulleraine. The trouble is, people keep pinching the sign that says ‘Beer’s Road,’ obviously for their bar back home, the back shed, or just as an unusual keepsake. “I know for sure that one of the signs is in a pub in Hindley Street in Adelaide,” Bill said this week. He says the sign has been replaced by council at least four times, probably more, and is surprised at the time and trouble thieves take to steal the unusual signage. After a theft a few months ago, Bill made up his own steel ‘Beer’s Road’ sign and attached it to the post himself, using super-tight nuts and bolts to make it secure. But that didn’t deter thieves this week. When they couldn’t undo the bolts, they simply used steel cutters to shear off the sign as near as they could to the post. Bill, now retired and living in Mildura but a frequent visi-

tor to the Millewa, says he has reported the theft of the signs, and the vandalism, to authorities, but realises it’s almost impossible to trace the culprits. Although it’s not his responsibility, he says he will try to have the sign replaced again, and has urged anyone who knows anything about the missing signs to contact police. “It’s only a small thing, but it’s my family history, and it’s very upsetting,” Bill said. Werrimull Postmistress Janice Woodberry said yesterday she could understand Bill being upset, as a lot of townsfolk felt the same. “This happens far too often,” she said. “We are concerned that if an ambulance has to called out here, any unnecessary delay or confusion caused by lack of signage might have serious consequences.” Janice, who has lived in the Millewa all her life, said council had done a great job in signposting the roads, but over the past decade the Beer’s Road sign just kept disappearing. “The last one, the one that Bill did, lasted only a few days,” she said. “Obviously some young bucks were going past and felt they just had to take it for some reason.” Anyone with information on any of the missing signs has been asked to contact Werrimull police station.

• A Mildura Weekly mock-up of what the stolen signs look like.

Rob’s way. You can bank on it! • From Page 9 “He will certainly be missed... he strongly held true to the concept (community banking) from day one. “He is a believer that rural communities like Wentworth and Merbein can help themselves, by using their capital ‘internally’,” Cheryl said. “He was no doubt challenged at times about the longterm profitability and the ability for growth of his community banking model, but it is admirable that he believed in it so strongly that he felt compelled to see it become the success it is today.” Mr Hunt attended the Wentworth Community Bank branch opening a decade ago and, was an reluctant apology for the FEATURING Ever Bit Brilliant In more Ways Than 10thEver birthday celebrations held in March. • EARLY DAYS: At the opening of the Wentworth branch ten years ago in March 1999 “His community banking are, left to right, Ray Martin, bank board chairman to this day Cheryl Rix and Rub Hunt. model has been proven to work

and be very worthwhile,” Cheryl said. “It has never been about making big money, more about providing towns with a great service and it works! That is reflected in the high satisfaction and approval ratings the Bendigo Bank receives. “Bendigo takes the meaning of the word ‘community’ seriously.” Cheryl said it was comforting to know Mr Hunt will continue to sit on the national Community Bank Strategic Advisory Board, established up 12 months ago to advise Australia’s S U N R AY S I A growing Bendigo Bank Community Bank network and to guide the model’s future... building on its strengths and addressing any deficiencies. Australia’s community banks continue to thrive despite challenges imposed byR the S U N A Y global S I A financial crisis, Cheryl said. “As Mr Hunt noted on his re-


cent retirement, there have been plenty of commentators quick to dismiss the prospects for regional banks,” she said. “But this ignores what is actually happening at grass roots level, where our customers are quite happy to support the bank that supports them and their community.” Cheryl said the Wentworth and District Community Bank was proof of Mr Hunt’s comments. “We continue to grow our business and the contribution we make to the community,” she said. “And I share Mr Hunt’s confidence about our continued growth prospects, and the more people support us, the more we can support community.” S U Nour R A Y S I A


* The Mildura Weekly gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the Bendigo Weekly with editorial and images for this story. S U N R AY S I A


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Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

The economic recession has hit Victoria hard. There are job losses, mortgage woes and other hardships. But hopefully, there is some light at the end of the tunnel for struggling families. We’re supporting a worthy cause that is aimed at…

Putting food on the table

THE Mildura Weekly is supporting a unique State-wide campaign aimed at helping charity groups put food on the table of struggling Victorian families. We have joined forces with Melbourne’s Leader Community Newspaper Group and sister publication the Bendigo Weekly to publicise the ‘Feed Melbourne’ campaign, which aims to raise at least $1million between now and September 18. Although the campaign is Melbourne-based, one of its main organisers said this week that all charitable groups across the State, with an emphasis on isolated areas such as Mildura, would be included. Editor-in-chief of the Leader Community Newspaper Group, Toni Hetherington, said if the appeal was successful, Mildura charities who distributed food to the needy would be in line for grants of up to $10,000 to help them collect, store and distribute food products. “Every cent of the $1 million raised by Feed Melbourne will go to Victorian charities to equip them with items such as vans, fridges and freezers,” Ms Hetherington said. “Experts believe that 370,000 Victorians will run

and regiona

l Victoria

out of food at some point this year, and be unable to afford their next meal. “Young people, single parents, low income families, the elderly, refugees, migrants and the homeless are most at risk of food insecurity.

its main objectives were to raise funds for charities who distribute food to people in need, raise awareness in the community of the growing number of Victorians who suffer from food insecurity, and demonstrate the enor-

‘Feed Melbourne’ is an initiative of Leader Community Newspapers, the food charity FareShare, and action group Do Something. “Other research shows that one in 10 Victorians are malnourished, go hungry or feel anxious because they cannot either consistently afford or access healthy and safe food.” ‘Feed Melbourne’ is an initiative of Leader Community Newspapers, the food charity FareShare, and action group Do Something. Ms Hetherington said

mous amount of fresh and edible food that is wasted or disposed of each year food that could be donated to help those in need. “It’s during times like these that communities can pull together to make a real difference in people’s lives,” Ms Hetherington said. “When the public donates to Feed Melbourne, we can literally put food on the tables of thousands of


Over 400 small business events throughout Victoria. 1-31 August. DATE


Employing and Managing People 13 Aug Workplace Change and Agreement Making 31 Aug Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace Green Business and the Environment 5 Aug Green Business, Lean Business Marketing 19 Aug Marketing on a Budget Networking 12 Aug Networking Seminar Starting a Business 26 Aug How to Start a Business & Make it Successful Training and Skills Development 6 Aug From Manager to Leader 19 Aug Telephone Techniques Workplace Health and Safety 18 Aug OH&S Law for Managers



Mildura Mildura

2763 2758









Mildura Mildura

2739 2762



16993 MDG MW

Small Business Victoria presents Energise Enterprise - Victoria’s Small Business Festival. This annual small business month is the largest small business activity held in Victoria. • Over 400 events, including workshops, expos, seminars and networking sessions across Melbourne and regional Victoria • Find out how to best manage your small business in difficult times • Connect to a wider business network to exchange new ideas

To order a festival event guide or access event bookings, visit or call 13 22

people who will otherwise go without.” Marcus Godinho, CEO of FareShare said the growing number of people in Victoria going without food was largely hidden, “but particularly crippling.” He said one of the best things ‘Feed Melbourne’ could do was to help charities financially by increasing their capacity to receive more food donations and hand out more meals. John Dee, founder of ‘Do Something,’ said the current economic recession was affecting people’s ability to put food on the table. “Hard-working Australians are finding themselves out of a job and unable to feed their families,” he said. “This is why we’ve launched ‘Feed Melbourne.’ We can’t sit by and do nothing while our fellow Australians go hungry.” Organisers of the campaign joined in asking regional Victorians to join

their Melbourne counterparts in supporting the appeal. Donations to ‘Feed Melbourne’ can be made online at www.FeedMelbourne., or in person at any NAB branch. Phone inquiries should be directed to 03 9875 8383. Mildura charitable groups who believe they are eligible for the $10,000 grants should contact the same number. “Once they nominate, and when there are sufficient funds, a judging panel will decide the organizations that are eligible to receive the grants, based on the criteria of them being able to improve their community usefulness in the collection, storage and distribution of food,” Ms Hetherington said. “Charity groups in the Mildura region who are running soup kitchens, meals services or delivering food parcels are all eligible.”

Bush dance MERBEIN residents Geoff and Norma Baker have been busily organising the Wakefield Transport Settlers Bush Dance, set to be held on Saturday, August 22, and need volunteers to help bring the dance to life. Staged as part of the town’s centenary celebrations, the pair have taken it upon themselves to decorate the Wakefield Transport Warehouse on Main Avenue at Merbein, and are looking for more hands to help a worthy cause. More information is available by emailing Bernadette Wells on

Rural leadership opportunity THE Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) has been helping rural residents develop leadership skills for 16 years, with the group calling for interested people to enrol in their Course 17 program. The program provides leadership training to meet emerging challenges in rural, regional and remote Australia, with the hands-on course conducted over 16 months including workshops, discussions and an overseas field study. ARLP aim to produce a network of informed, capable and ethical leaders who will work to advance the interests of industries, communi-

ARLP aim to produce a network of informed, capable and ethical leaders ... ties and rural Australia in general. The program works to improve the capacity of people to engage challenges and contribute effectively to problems faced, regardless of where those problems arise like the political arena. Participants will have the opportunity to work in food and fibre pro-


duction, mining and fishing industries, human services, regional organisations, research and development, and rural infrastructure provision. The course is open to anyone, with no prior education requirements needed, and those already active in leadership roles in rural communities, primary industries and/or related infrastructure, services, research or support programs encouraged to apply. Applications close next Friday, July 31, with forms available by contacting (02) 6281 0680 or visit the ARLP website www.



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This weeks winners are: •Lois Glenn •Glenda Morris • Bev Giles Drawn By: Mr Myers

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Auction Sunday THE Wentworth Race Club will host a ‘White Elephant’ auction this Sunday from 10am at the Wentworth Showgrounds. A number of items will be up for grabs, with more information available by contacting 0428 273 113 or 0428 273 024.



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Meals on Wheels partnership proves its value By VINNIE RODI

• FOOD FOR THOUGHT: It’s a success story worth smiling about, from left to right, Barbie and Thea Cornell, Jill Mazzini, Meg Nathan, Mildura Base Hospital hotel services manager, David Grenfell, and in the background in black chef Kelly Kempton. Grenfell, said the hospital saw the partnership as a way to give something back to the community, and aid those going through a tough time. “Meals on Wheels is a fantastic organisation,” he said. “The work these people do each day, and with such a small number of volunteers is amazing. “I’ve made a few deliveries myself, and it’s definitely a service that Mildura needs. From our point of view we couldn’t think of a better partnership to form within our community, and we’re excited to see this relationship continue to grow.” This year will also mark

MOW’s 45th anniversary since its inception, with the group set to host an Annual General Meeting in September for all past, present and future members to attend. Barbie said that while the aim of the AGM was to celebrate the group’s history and achievements, it was also a chance to try and recruit new volunteers to the cause. “Volunteers are probably the one area where we are starting to struggle,” she said. “We really need more people to become involved with the organisation if we’re to continue. • Continued Page 22


Farm Gate


After almost 4 years of showcasing their garden to thousands of garden-lovers, FARM GATE GARDENS of IRYMPLE is closing its gates. Greg & Mary Taylor have thoroughly enjoyed sharing their garden with all the garden enthusiasts both locally & from afar. But they have now decided that it’s time to ‘stop & smell the roses’ (so to speak) and enjoy more time in the garden themselves. From this week-end, all stock & fittings will be drastically reduced; so it’s a great time to come in & pick-up a bargain or two! All jewellery, giftware, gardenware + plants will be marked down to 30% - 70% OFF! The cafe will still operate during the closing - down sale. So this will be the last chance for garden lovers to visit this wonderfully unique garden. OPEN FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY...........11am - 5pm. 75 CARWARP AVE, IRYMPLE PHONE 0429 017 387.

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MILDURA Meals on Wheels in partnership with the Mildura Base Hospital has helped produce and deliver thousands of meals to the region’s less fortunate and elderly. It’s a relationship that has proved beneficial for both parties, with MOW donating $13,000 toward cooking equipment, and the hospital allowing the group to establish a base of operations in its kitchen area, and use equipment to meet client’s needs. All donated funds have gone toward improving the hospital’s cooking equipment, with a motorised delivery trolley purchased to help ease staff burdens and a ‘Bratt Pan’ cooker also installed to increase the quality and quantity of food prepared. Between the two organisations an average 135,000 meals are prepared each year, with the latest additions helping to reduce the workload. MOW coordinator Barbie Cornell said the group’s financial contributions was their way of saying thank-you to the hospital for their support. “I don’t think we would have achieved anything without the Mildura Base Hospital and its staff,” she said. “The main role of our organisation is to provide a hot meal for those less fortunate or too old to look after themselves, and it’s because of our relationship with the hospital that we’ve been able to fulfil that role.” Barbie said MOW wasn’t just about ensuring clients ate healthy and nutritious food, but to also provide sought after company. “Some of our clients don’t have family living in the region and it can become very lonely for them,” she said. “While we don’t spend a lot of time with our clients, those times where we get to have a chat or simply share a cup of tea can make all the difference.” Mildura Base Hospital Hotel Services Manager, David


Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

Memorials to the war sombre reminder of • INSIDE THE GATES: This photograph shows what is believed to be Julius Grossman inside the memorial garden he created.

the Lisa Cooper


A POIGNANT feature of almost every town and city across Australia is a memorial to the local war dead. And while they may vary in size, shape and design, they all personalise the devastation of war felt right across the country, during the war years and beyond, after hostilities ended. The Mallee is no different, with its official memorials dotted across the region. But few people would realise there were many other ‘unofficial’ memorials erected and dedicated to local war dead in the early years after World War One, the knowledge and significance of which has been lost over time. One of the earliest memorials unveiled in Mildura was in memory of three boys who lived in Mildura prior to their enlistment. All three were employees of a Mr J. T. Grossman, and they all lost their lives during the Great War.

Lest we forget Julius Theodore Grossman was a man who had spent a considerable amount of his own time and funds in creating the memorial garden dedicated to three young men who had touched his life. Born in Geelong in 1863, Grossman decided to settle in Mildura after the establishment of the irrigation colony by the Chaffey Brothers. He arrived in 1888 and selected a block of 10 acres, and a town allotment. The house he built there became one of the settlement’s first buildings. Grossman eventually worked for the Chaffey Broth-

ers as an expert horticulturalist. He was also a member of the Mildura Shire from 1898, was a member and ex-President of the local hospital, and a member of Mildura Horticultural Society. His 10 acres was under fruit cultivation which included sultanas and currants, and located at ‘Langtree Park’ where he resided, on the corner of 12th Street and Langtree Parade. The memorial plaque and garden that he dedicated to his three young friends was on that property, and the public unveiling was witnessed by a large number of locals on Wednesday, October 15 1919, making it one

of the first, if not the first, memorial dedicated to Mildura’s war dead.

High praise indeed Grossman had created an “ornamental frontage” on the property near his house “which would do credit to a memorial park,” according to the Mildura Cultivator newspaper. Fenced along the front, with a large double ornamental gate as well as two pedestrian gates and gravelled pathways, one of the front fence posts had attached to it a brass plaque, bearing the words “The Seggie-Hart-Evans Gateway – 1914-1918.”

The three boys were Robert Harvey Harcourt Seggie, Horace Arthur Hart and William Guisippi Evans, who all worked for Mr Grossman prior to their enlistment. Mr James Mathew JP undertook the public unveiling in front of an “unexpectedly large” crowd, but few relatives of the boys. The family of Corporal Hart, living in Dunedin, New Zealand, were unable to attend, and Sergeant Seggie was said to have had “few relatives.” But the mother and sister of Willie Evans were present. Mr Matthew remarked that the Memorial Gateway “was just another indica-

tion of the great kindness and sympathetic nature of Mr Grossman, who was willing to expend a large sum of money in showing respect for them.”

A place to ponder The gateway erected by the side of a “quiet, retired road” (12th Street) was said to be one of those places past where one could not go “without solemn thoughtfulness” of the sacrifices of others. Corporal Horace Arthur Hart served with the 8th Battalion AIF. Born in Ballarat, he was one of Australia’s first enlistees, signing up on Au-

gust 18, 1914. Horace was a builder by trade, and came to Mildura from Ouyen. He left Australia as part of the first contingent of Australian’s sent after the outbreak of war, but wouldn’t return. Corporal Hart was killed in action during the Allied attack on Turkish positions at Krithia, Gallipoli, on May 8, 1915. A letter from a soldier named ‘Dyer’, given to the Red Cross, told how Hart and another man, at great risk, had carried him to safety after a Gallipoli fight, and how Horace had immediately volunteered to go out on a very dangerous mission. It was

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dead are a lives lost during that mission that Horace met his death. He was just 26. Corporal Horace Arthur Hart lies with no known grave, but is remembered at the Helles Memorial at Gallipoli. Situated on a small hill known as Goztepe, near the original Anzac landing and evacuation place, the limestone walls record the names of 20,763 Allied soldiers who died with no known grave, including 248 Australians. Almost all the deaths recorded at the Helles Memorial were the casualties of the battle of Krithia on May 8, the same battle that took the life of Horace Hart. Sergeant Robert Harvey Harcourt Seggie served with the 6th Battalion AIF on the Western Front. Working as a labourer for Mr Grossman, he enlisted on June 4, 1915 at age 21 and gave his address at the time as ‘Merbein, near Mildura’ with his next of kin an uncle in Toorak. Mr Matthew described Robert as having a “fine, quiet manliness” about him. By all accounts, Robert had made a great impression on those around him, especially his officers and fellow comrades. Seggie was well known to be a reliable, steady worker. Friends wrote that he was “the most popular sergeant in the Sixth Battalion,” and “particularly game under fire.”

Turned down Seggie was recommended several times for awards. The first being on September 8, 1916 for a Military Medal, the same recommendation later being used for the Croix de Guerre award. It reads; “At Pozieres 14th to 22nd August 1916 he inspired the men with confidence and showed a fine example of untiring energy and self sacrificing devotion to duty.” Both recommendations were turned down. The third recommendation was for a Mentioned in Despatches, which reads; “rendered very conspicuous service during the last six months, on several occasions when the line has been heavily shelled, have held (his) men well in hand by their fine example of cool courage.” Reports at the time say Robert was fatally wounded as he sat in his dugout in the battlefield at Rouen, northern France. He was admitted to the 45th Casualty Clearing Station on


s you e k a m t a h t o * ! Enter a phot 0 0 0 , 0 1 $ n i w smile and 3pm Thursday 13 August Entries close

•  IN MEMORY: The plaque announcing the Seggie-HartEvans Gateway, ABOVE, and BELOW, on the outside looking in... the memorial garden from the front. March 3, 1917 with multiple gun shot wounds. There was a slight improvement in his health after being transferred to the 3rd Stationary Hospital on the 8th, but with severe wounds to his back and thighs, Robert would not survive. The Reverend Tudor Phillips wrote a letter to the Red Cross, one that would have been sent home to loved ones, on May 25, 1917. It reads; “This NCO was admitted suffering from wounds in various parts of the body. He was dangerously ill at the time and remained so until his death. He suffered greatly at times, but not towards the end. I have been in constant communication with Miss N Treadwell of Merbein, Victoria, to whom I sent all particulars immediately after his death.” Robert Seggie, at age 22, died of his wounds on April 30, 1917, and was buried at St Sever Cemetery Extension in Rouen. Private William Guisippi Evans served with the 60th Battalion. He was considered the only ‘native’ of the three men, having lived in the district his entire life before enlisting. The son of William Walter and Alice Maud Evans of Magnolia Avenue, Mildura, Willie worked as a plumber before enlisting in the AIF aged just 18. Willie was described to the crowd as “dutiful and respectful, manly and brave” and many letters that had been sent home to his grieving parents from friends, officers and his Battalion

Chaplain were read out to the crowd. Willie was in charge of a Lewis gun during the Battle of Amiens, which occurred early in August ,1918, his regiment said to have advanced “1100 yards on August 7 and another 2000 yards the next day, establishing their positions while fresh troops moved in.” Willie was shot by a sniper on August 9, 1918, dying of his wounds soon after. Aged just twenty years and three months, he is buried at St Pierre Cemetery, Amiens, France. The Armistice was signed three months later. James Matthew stated; “All three men were of fine and faithful character, who died becomingly for their Country.”

Perfectly tendered As those in attendance watched the ceremony, and afterwards as the solemn crowd walked at their leisure through Mr Grossman’s perfectly tendered garden, loved ones and friends never far from their thoughts, photographs of each of the three men, and one of the original grave site cross of Robert Seggie, hung on the fence posts alongside their plaque. The memorial plaque and garden was such a simple gesture, erected in remembrance to these three beloved lives lost, out of almost 200 local men. And yet its poignancy and sentiment was such that it was highly admired for many years. •  Continued Page 22

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ur School. Visit www.s milep m. au for mo re deta ils.

To enter your photo in the ‘Smile’ Photography Competition simply: Step 1 Label the back of your photograph with your name and phone number. Step 2 Place an unmounted, 6 x 4 print of your photo and this entry form in an envelope (one photo per entry form). Step 3 Deposit the envelope in the entry box located outside Diner’s Life at Centro Mildura. To enter a digital photo include a 6 x 4 print and image file on CD or enter on-line at (Digital photos must be taken with a minimum 3 mega pixel camera on a high quality setting). Entries close 3pm,Thursday 13 August, 2009. FIRST NAME LAST NAME




Are you a Student? ! S U L P If you would like to enter the Smile School Photography Competition, complete the details below in addition to those above: Na me of your School Age

If you are entering a photo of a person, please tick this box to confirm you have permission to enter a photo of them in the Smile School Photography Competition. Y es, I have permission from the subject of this photo I agree to abide by these Conditions of Entry. If entrant is under 18 years, this form must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. PRINT NAME


DATE ENTRY STAGE CONDITIONS OF ENTRY 1. Photo entries will be accepted from 9am (local time) Thursday, 23 July 2009 until 3pm (local time) Thursday, 13 August 2009. 2. Photos and/or discs will not be returned. 3. The top 16 photos will be displayed in centre from 3/09/09 to 20/09/09. 4. The photo must have been taken by the person listed on the entry form. 5. The winners will be notified by phone by 05/11/09 and in writing thereafter. 6. Prize values are correct at the authorisation date of the competition. 7. For full Conditions of Entry visit SCHOOL CONDITIONS OF ENTRY 1. Photo entries will be accepted from 9am (local time) Thursday, 23 July 2009 until 3pm (local time) Thursday, 13 August 2009. 2. Photos and /or discs will not be returned 3. The top school photographs will be displayed as a collage in the nominated centre from 3/09/09 until 20/09/09. 4. The photo must have been taken by the person listed on the entry form. 5. The winners will be notified by phone by 5/10/09 and in writing thereafter 6. Prize values are correct at the authorisation date of the competition 7. For full Conditions of Entry visit


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Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

High winds make a powerful friend By ALAN ERSKINE

EVEN from a distance they are huge, row after row of them, rising from the earth like giant sentinels. The first of these whispering columns created a great deal of controversy when first suggested for Australia around 2001. But since then, wind farms have been springing up all over the country, with at least 46 either established, or in the pipeline. They are becoming increasingly popular because they are a renewable source of energy, without any carbon dioxide emissions. I happened across Australia’s biggest wind farm on a recent visit to the Yorke Peninsula region of South Australia. Construction of the Wattle Point Wind Farm, south of Edithburgh, began in July, 2004, and was completed the following April. Its life span has been put at 25 years. The farm has 55 wind turbines on 11.5 square kilometres of land, and is said to generate 91 megawatts of clean, green, renewable energy when the wind turbines are at full power, or 312,000 MW (about two percent) of SA’s electricity in an average year. Apparently that’s enough to supply 52,000 homes with all their power needs.

Towers in various sizes The towers spread throughout coastal and inland Australia come in various sizes – the ones at Wattle Point are a towering 67 metres, or 110 metres if you measure to the tip of the blade. Electricity generated at Wattle Point is fed directly into Electranet’s 132 kV main transmission system, and then into the national electricity grid. More and more electricity companies are turning to wind power to make electricity. Country Energy, a power provider in Sunraysia, is a partner in four of Australia’s largest wind farms - Blayney and the Crookwell in regional NSW, Lake Bonney in South Australia, and Wonthaggi in Victoria. Other wind farms are spread across the country, in regions as remote as Esperance and Albany in WA, Windy Hill in Queensland, Starfish Hill near Cape Jervis, Cathedral

Rocks near Port Lincoln, and Silverton, near Broken Hill. This will be the nearest wind farm to Mildura, and eventually, Australia’s biggest, with almost 600 turbines planned, generating enough power for 200,000 homes. The $2.2 billion venture will not only provide a valuable energy source for regional NSW, but should provide about 700 jobs during the five-year construction period, and as many as 120 when up and running.

It’s a big project The renewable energy group Epuron, part of the Macquarie Group, proposed the wind farm in 2007. Stage one will involve erecting 282 wind turbines, with the number increasing to 598 by the final stage. Silverton is one of 14 wind farms with a total capacity output of 2486 megawatts approved for construction in NSW since 2005. The Government has said that when all the wind farms are operating they will save more than six million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually, the equivalent of taking more than one million cars off the road, and will have the capacity to power around 800,000 houses. Wind farm turbines automatically start turning when wind speed is greater than 15 km/hr. The turbines reach maximum power at wind speeds of 54 km/hr, and most are designed to automatically shut down in winds greater than 72 km/hr. Research shows that in recent years, there has been an unprecedented expansion in the renewable

• PUTTING THE WIND UP…Just two of the examples of some of the huge wind turbines that are spring up at various locations across Australia. While some companies go for isolated locations in regional centres (ABOVE) others prefer coastal locations like this one (LEFT) where high winds are a daily fact of life. Most of the turbine towers are well over 50metres, with blades measuring 30 metres or more.

component of electricity grids by wind turbines, with the main advantages being lack of greenhouse gas, ease of handling, and relatively low

production costs. Wind power doesn’t need fossil fuels. It is a clean energy source, and doesn’t directly produce carbon di-

henty highway COACH



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Mobile: 0427 865 379 Ph/Fax: 03 5023 5658




9.15AM 10.00AM 10.15AM 10.25AM 10.30AM 10.45AM 10.50AM 11.15AM 11.30AM 11.50AM 11.55AM 12.20PM 12.25PM 12.30PM 12.35PM 1.00PM 1.05PM 2.00PM 2.05PM 2.35PM

oxide, sulfur dioxide, mercury or any other type of air pollution. Unlike nuclear power, wind power doesn’t produce radioactive waste, and if a comparison is made on production costs, wind energy is extremely competitive in many cases compared to conventional technologies. And wind energy costs are said

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to be continuously decreasing due to technology development. Power companies have spent millions of dollars through the years researching the best areas for constructions of wind farms, settling mainly for coastal regions because of consistently high winds. • Continued next page

SELF DRIVE OR CHARTERED LONG & SHORT TERM RENTALS • 12-25 seat buses • Air conditioned latest models • Air conditioned utes • One Tonne Capacity • Truck

5023 4366

FAX 5021 5041 COMPETITIVE RATES F Book B kb by email: il b t k t ti @bi d 488-492 Benetook Ave, Mildura (Opposite Tafe)


Learning to climb the corporate ladder early By VINNIE RODI SOME believe the best way to prepare for the workforce is to simply get your hands dirty. For St Joseph’s Secondary College and Mildura Senior College Year 11 students, the opportunity to ‘own a business’ and run it their way, is a great chance to get a taste for the corporate world. The exercise is a Sunraysia Institute of TAFE and Australian Business Week initiative, set to be held between October 5 and 10. ABW aims to bring students from all around the country together in a simulated business environment, developing their ability to cooperate as a team. Activities will promote leadership and business judgement, and preparing students for the experiences, demands and deadlines faced once entering the ‘real world’. Locals will be split into 10 teams, with both MSC and St Joseph’s students working together to run a hospitality business, and hopefully turn it into a success.

The ‘hospitality simulation’ challenges participants to run a 200 bed full service hotel (consisting of 170 standard rooms, 20 deluxe rooms and 10 luxury rooms), with students adopting the roles of key personnel. They will elect a General Manager, with remaining team members to be split between marketing, operations and finance. To be considered a viable business, each team will need to produce a profit utilising the hotel’s available products. This includes hotel rooms, rental of conference space, meals and drinks and a variety of sundry items including gymnasiums, health spas etc. In the case of this model, participants will be considered a success if occupancy of rooms is high, their revenue exceeds the cost of making products available, and they increase the value of the hotel’s share price. The Sunraysia Institute of TAFE will host ‘business operations’, with 2009 marking the first time MSC students will participate. Organiser and SuniTAFE

teacher Greg Leslie said all three schools were looking to build on the success of last year’s event, which saw more than 50 St Joseph’s students participate. “Feedback was extremely positive,” he said. “Students performed well last year and from all reports learnt a great deal. “Business classes from Mildura Senior College were keen to get involved based on that success, and it’s been one of our aims to involve as many students as possible in the future. “So far more than 100 Year 11 students, all studying VCE and VCAL commerce related subjects, are set to participate.” St Joseph’s Secondary College teacher Paula Cox said the program allowed students to learn from a direct approach, putting all their knowledge from the classroom into practice. “The fantastic thing about the program is that they can make mistakes and then learn from them,” she said. •  Continued Page 19

•  LADDER CLIMBERS: Samuel Freeman and Bree Robbins, both Year 11 students at St Joseph’s Secondary College, BELOW, ready themselves for the challenge.

High winds make a powerful friend •  From previous page Sunraysia, on the other hand, with its abundance of sunshine, has been selected as the ideal location for another major form of ‘green’ energy - solar power, and was recently selected as the site for the world’s largest solar power station, to be built by Solar Systems. Once completed, the $420 million project will

produce 270,000 megawatt hours of electricity each year, which would be enough to meet the power needs of more than 45,000 homes. The Solar Systems power station will employ technology developed by NASA for power generation in space. It will be centred around large numbers of heliostats which will be grouped into fields of 250. Heliostats are

sun-tracking mirrors which focus the sun’s rays onto highly efficient photovoltaic (PV) receivers that turn the sun’s rays into electricity. The technology is far more efficient than the more commonly seen solar panels fitted to people’s homes. The heliostats can collect and concentrate sunlight by 500 times, which is intense enough to melt steel.

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly



Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

Masons make very welcome donation By GRANT MAYNARD THEY missed out on $50,000 in grant funding they were hoping to secure from the Victorian Government so donations from the community, like the one recently given by the Freemasons, are doubly welcome. Mildura’s fledgling Men’s Shed group is now $2000 better off thanks to the Freemasons Public Charitable Foundation. It is a funding boost that has been warmly welcomed by the Shed’s steering committee chairman, Ron Dudley. “It is a wonderful gesture, and the money will certainly be put to good use,” he said. The group wants to raise about $150,000 to build and equip the large shed that will ultimately be its headquarters and house its workshop operations. The group is presently working out of a small shed provided by Mildura’s recycling success ‘Aroundagain’, one of the organisations the Men’s Shed has formed a working partnership with. Another they have strong ties to is the Christie Centre. The trio of groups has formed a winning, working alliance, with positive outcomes all three as well as the environment and the wider community. Men’s Shed volunteers are repairing damaged recycled articles for resale at Aroundagain with the proceeds from these initial sales to be shared by all three organisations. “The sales of refurbished goods are providing a small, but welcome initial source of funding for the Men’s Shed,” Ron said. When making the donation pre-

masons Public Charitable Foundation raises funds from the general public, as well as from Freemasons. Investment income funds raised by the foundation are then directed to public charitable enterprises across Victoria after being approved by the foundation and the Commissioner of Taxation, ensuring tax deductibility for all donations. Bob said past Sunraysia recipients of Freemasons’ grants have included the Christie Centre and Chaffey Aged Care at Merbein, and a little further afield the Manangatang Hospital. Ron said in light of the group being knocked back for funding by the State, donations like that from the Freemasons were “all the more opportune” and “more critical”. He said the group planned to raise a funding barometer in Deakin Avenue and begin appealing for public and corporate support to further the Mildura Men’s Shed plan. “Atlas Sheds have donated the materials for the barometer and it will be constructed in our workshop,” Ron said. “We hope to have it up soon.” The group has some funds in the kitty, Ron said, but will need a lot more assistance to its plans come to fruition. • GOOD ON YOU MATE: The Freemason’s Bob Tollner, left, and Men’s Shed steering committee chairman, Ron Dudley, share a story at the recent cheque presentation as Ron explains how the money will help the Shed project get off the ground.

Mildura Weekly ‘PLAY MAKERS’ Kicking Go for Local Business sentation, Masons’ Deputy Grand Master, Bob Tollner, explained that the donation had been made because of the value his organisation saw in the Men’s Shed concept.

The catalyst had been a talk Ron had given to the Sunraysia Daylight Lodge members “three or four months ago” about the Shed, and the aspirations of its volunteers.

“We considered it worthy of our support,” Bob said. He said the money has come from a fund that had been established two decades ago. The Free-

Weekly, Everybody can advert e h t n i e ise in vertis d the W a n a c eek You ly

Tara Ridley Rebecca Batey

Bianca Mooney

Steele Denman

Sue Brymer

Contact the Mildura Weekly sales team on 5021 1777


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prestige home, prestige location 14 Cambridge Terrace, Mildura


Wouldn’t you rather $36,500 in your pocket? Ask US How? Nicola Moras 0418 965 456

Julie-Ann Bond 0458 351 078

Corey Iredale 0439 700 711

Copyright © 2009 Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141Offer only available to customers eligible for the First Home Owner Grant in their state or territory This offer commences on 1st July 2009 for applications lodged from this date and can be withdrawn at any time at Westpac discretion, and is not available in conjunction with any other offer. Full details of all applicable terms and conditions are available on request. Home loan applications are subject to the Bank’s normal lending criteria.


Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

Home Buyers Guide

prestige home, prestige location Set in a most prestige location of Cambridge Terrace comes this absolute quality brick veneer home providing all the benefits that a busy modern family requires, tailored to deliver consumate comfort levels, light-filled formal and family spaces surround the home, starting with the open plan kitchen incorporating island bench, quality appliances, natural gas cooking & walk through pantry. Two separate living areas, four bedrooms including main with ensuite, powder room & central family bathroom. The home offers incredible views from the open plan living looking firectly out to a state of the art entertaining area. Once outside sit back and take it all in enjoying a sparkling salt water heated in-ground pool, top of the range BBQ cooking area with new mirrortone kitchen fit out, all under a grand pitched roof line, surrounded by calming plant life. And to complete the picture the home shows a 40x20 colourbond shed complete with concrete floor and split sircuit power along with handy direct access route from the double garage. This home is truly worth your inspection and is sure to impress.

Address: 14 Cambridge Terrace, Mildura

Price: $520,000

Contact: Inspect: Thursday 30th July from 5.15 to 6.00pm Tim Davey 0409 234 271 or

First home rises from the ashes.. MANY Sunraysia residents have played a part in helping re-start the lives of those affected by Victoria’s bushfires of January and February, especially ‘Black Saturday,’ February 7. This includes donation of money and goods, building expertise, many thousands of pine posts for fencing, and volunteers giving freely of time and expertise in the bushfire-affected areas. And now one local firm has helped its southern ‘cousins’ celebrate a special occasion – occupancy of the first home to be re-built in one of the affected areas…and it’s a story with special meaning for the youngsters of the house. Mildura’s Tony Morello is proud that the first home completed in the fireravaged Boolarra region, population 600, was JG King built, and as regional sales manager said the Mildura franchise was happy to be among the first Victorians to donate to the fire appeal, with Mildura staff also recently sending various goods to the fire-affected areas.

HOME, SWEET HOME: Jessica, Tania, Paul and Aaron Gauntlett outside the newly built Landsborough 235 JG King home.

“In this case, the Gauntlett family lost their home on daughter Jessica’s birthday,” he said. “Now it has been re-built, with the family inside in time to celebrate the 10th birthday of son Aaron.” The Gauntletts barely escaped with their lives – and a handful of birthday presents –and returned a few days later to find only the chimney standing. “The easiest thing to do would have been to take the insurance cheque and buy a new home somewhere else,” dad Paul Gauntlett said. “But we wanted the kids to keep on at their school and we like the area, so I started to call some builders instead.” He spoke to Dean Currie, Tony’s counterpart in Gippsland, to discuss one of JG King’s steel framed homes, and says after that it was just a formality, with the firm working ahead of time to make sure Aaron’s birthday could be celebrated “with a roof over their head.”

Tony said this week that being the first new home in Boolarra had aroused a lot of interest in the region, and a lot more people were now inquiring about the more fire-resistant steel framed homes. “We have opened up a shop front in Kinglake, with one of the people affected by the fires employed as a company salesperson,” he said. “He is among one of about 30 people we’ve quoted for to re-build their home in the bushfire-affected region.” Tony said he was among those to really feel for the families who had lost loved ones, homes and all their worldly possessions, and would join with JG King staff state-wide to continuing in a supporting role wherever possible. The fire that started on January 29 and which raged in the Strzelecki Ranges between Darlimurla and Boolarra was suspected to have been deliberately lit. In Boolarra, 30 houses, 82 sheds, nine cars and a pig farm were destroyed.

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly

Home Buyers Guide

NSW Permit No.: LTPS/09/5289 ACT Permit No.: TP09/2255

6 Kunjara Court, Mildura

574 San Mateo Avenue, Mildura









Open Saturday 10.30 - 11.00






Large 4 bedroom, two bathroom brick veneer home with wonderful potential. Complete with ducted heating and cooling, secure child friendly yard and peaceful family friendly court, just a short stroll to Centro Shopping Centre, schools and parkland - families must not miss this affordable opportunity. Terms: 10% deposit, balance 30/60 days


Open Saturday From 11.30


You take a step back in time when you enter this charming character filled period home offering 3 large bedrooms plus study, open family room, Jarrah timber kitchen with all the conveniences of modern living, three original fire places, leadlight, original floorboards, sweeping verandahs, delightful gardens, fruit trees, natural gas, 3.75megs water. Set on large 3888m2 allotment and positioned between 15th and 16th Street only 1km to Centro Plaza. Treat your family to the way life used to be. Terms: 10% deposit, balance 30/60/90 days

Auction: Saturday 25th July at 12noon on site

Auction: Saturday 25th July at 11am on site

Contact: Cheryl Reberger 0408 214 360 or

Contact: Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917 or

499 Ontario Avenue, Mildura

10 Tireel Drive, Nichols Point W


ALL INGREDIENTS FOR A FABULOUS LIFESTYLE Set on a grand 3/4 acre lot, this delightful family home boasts 3 bedrooms plus study, WIR and ensuite to main, formal lounge and dining, family/meals area, extensive covered entertainment and BBQ area and 9m x 6m shed. Located in prestigious Nichols Point community, this home is a rare find!





Open Saturday 12.30 - 1.00


Invitingly spacious, light filled immaculate family home has all the key elements families desire. Step inside to formal entry enhanced by timber floors/dado boards, separate lounge, French doors with lead light feature opens to large tiled dining/family room. The functional kitchen is enhanced by walk in chefs pantry. Other key features include 4 bedrooms, ensuite to main, large laundry with additional shower, floor heating, ducted vac system. Outdoors hosts huge 9m x 7m entertainment area with pitched roof/ceiling fans and delightful garden surrounds plus 9m x 7.2m shed. This solid brick sandstone frontage home with approx 28sqs under main roof and set on 1207m2 allotment is sure to impress.


Contact: Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902 or Tim Leng 0408 133 326 or

Contact: Cheryl Reberger 0408 214 360 or

5 Kookaburra Court, Mildura

24 Degaris Drive, Mildura W


Open Saturday 12.45 - 1.15





Open Saturday 12.00 - 12.30


Beautiful four bedroom, two bathroom brick veneer home in sought after peaceful westside court, surrounded by parkland and walking distance to schools and Mildura City Heart shopping centre. Completely refurbished inside this truly has a homely feel throughout. With spacious mirrortone kitchen, totally refurbished bathrooms, ducted natural gas heating throughout and complete with beautifully established low maintenance gardens, don’t miss this truly rare find.

Immaculate and well maintained this 3 bedroom home will appeal to all who inspect. Boasting 3 big bedrooms, main with WIR and ensuite, 2 separate living areas and dining areas, well appointed timber kitchen, double carport, paved outdoor area and low maintenance yard. Surrounded by quality homes with only a short walk to Centro shopping and popular 15th Street precinct.


Contact: Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902 or Tim Leng 0408 133 326 or


Contact: Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917 or

Cnr Madden Avenue and Eleventh Street, Mildura

 


    


   


A once in a lifetime opportunity exists to secure this sensational prime corner development site in Mildura CBS. Including 3 titles with a total area of 1410m2. Close to other major developments and high profile businesses, Waves complex & sporting facilities. Zoned Business 2. Frontage - Madden Avenue, 30 metres and Eleventh Street, 47 metres.


Contact: Lyle Massey 0418 505 507 or


67 Lime Avenue, Mildura Ph: (03) 5021 2200

First Natioanl believes this information is correct but itt does not warrant or guarantee the accurancy of the information. You should make your own enquiries and check the information. Certain Certan information has been obtained from external sources and has not been independently verified. MW9-11-2007 MW6/3/2009



Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

Home Buyers Guide

NSW Permit No.: LTPS/09/5289 ACT Permit No.: TP09/2255

Clarendon Heights, Mildura

1 Clark Court, Mildura W





Open Saturday 10.00 - 10.30



This light and bright tastefully renovated home will surely impress the fussiest of buyers, with 3 very spacious bedrooms all with robes, large open plan living with dining and meals areas. very appealing kitchen overlooking, roomy paved outdoor living area, spacious rear yard and tradesmans size shed. Ducted natural gas heatiing, double carport with access into rear yardand located in a quiet westside court. Your search is over! This is a very nice home!

Here is your opportunity to purchase this quality affordable 3 bedroom brick veneer home (18sqs), open plan design, kitchen/ meals/lounge area, 1-2 bathrooms, WIR, natural gas cooking and solar heating, evaporative cooling, dishwasher and double carport.


Starting From $211,500

Contact: Robert J Stephens 0458 658 566 or

Contact: Lyle Massey 0418 505 507 or

19 Hunter Street, Mildura

3040 Deakin Avenue, Mildura








Open Saturday 12.30 - 1.00






This neat and tidy 2 bedroom plus study home has the real homely feel to welcome your family in. Boasting fire place to lounge, well appointed classic timber kitchen overlooking outdoor decked entertaining area. Together with large bathroom with foot claw bath this home will suit the most astute buyers.

Potential to occupy and renovate or enter the investors market is this three bedroom conite home with partly renovated bathroom, new carpet in lounge, sunroom at rear, large kitchen with old wood stove, grey water and rain water tank. Step outside and appreciate the 30x40 tradesmans shed, decked area and large 1349m2 allotment.


Contact: Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902 or Tim Leng 0408 133 326 or 255 Koorlong Avenue, Nichols Point


Open Saturday 11.00 - 11.30


Homes for sale in Nichols Point are rare. In need of some handy work this 3 bedroom weatherboard home has instant appeal. Good sized lounge and meals area, utility room, good shedding on 758m2 of land. With some work and TLC this really is an outstanding first home or investment. Terms: 10% deposit, balance 30/60 days

Open Saturday 1.30 - 2.00

50B Jamieson Avenue, Red Cliffs





Open Saturday 1.00 - 1.30

Open Saturday 2.00 - 2.30





Over 17 acre vineyard planted to Ruby Cabernet & Cabernet Sauvignon, excellent irrigation ssytem all under drippers, electric pump all under 10 years old. Sensational elevated location in the irrigation settlement plus a bonus of a pump on the river & town water available. Genuine vendor - great opportunity for the astute buyer. Terms: 10% deposit, balance 30/60 days

Auction: Friday 24th July @ 12.30pm on site Contact: Robert J Stephens 0458 658 566

885 Twentieth Street, Koorlong N



Open Saturday 10.30 - 11.00

Open Saturday 10.00 - 10.30

Need a little space & privacy then place this home on your list, featuring 3brs, separate lounge, country style kitchen, large internal laundry & updated central bathroom, making this a great entry into the property market. Once outside enjoy rural lifestyle with the home set on approx 2000m2 allotment, basic shed set up & surrounded by mature trees & garden life, making this a true diamond in the rough that could be so much more! Terms: 10% deposit, balance 30 days


A neat 3 bedroom weatherboard home with a tiled roof, slow combustion heater & a good sized lounge, master bedroom has built in robes, new fencing in a good location. Terms: 10% deposit, balance on or before 60 days

A prime location in Irymple. A 3 bedroom home with a large rear yard. A good investment property for residential lease or with possible approval from the relevant authorities, for a commercial usage dwelling. Terms: 10% deposit, balance on or before 60 days

Built in the 1950’s is this three bedroom weatherboard home on large inner city allotment of 737m2, loads of potential to renovate or re-develop and within walking distance to CBD. Terms: 10% deposit, balance 60 days

Auction: Friday 7th August @ 2pm on site Contact: Mike Chaplin 0429 336 755

Auction: Friday 7th August @ 11am on site Contact: Mike Chaplin 0429 336 755

Auction: Saturday 8th August @ 11am on site Contact: Cheryl Reberger 0408 214 360

67 Lime Avenue, Mildura Ph: (03) 5021 2200


77 Cherry Avenue, Mildura

2108 Fifteenth Street, Irymple




Contact: Robert J Stephens 0458 658 566 or



3-77 Indi Avenue, Red Cliffs


9 Namoi Avenue, Red Cliffs




The best value on the market, 2 low maintenance brick units in a great central location close to shopping centre and bowling club. With a return of $110 per week each, these units represent outstanding value for any investor, or a chance for the girst home buyer to snap up a bargain, but at this price they wont last long so be quick!

Auction: Saturday 8th August at 12noon on site Contact: Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902 Tim Leng 0408 133 326

73 Nursery Ridge Road, Red Cliffs







Contact: Cheryl Reberger 0408 214 360 or


For Sale Now or By Auction on Friday 7th August @ 12.30pm on site Contact: Lyle Massey 0418 505 507

First Natioanl believes this information is correct but t does not warrant or guarantee the accurancy of the information. You should make your own enquiries and check the information. Certan information has been obtained from external sources and has not been independently verified. MW9-11-2007 MW6/3/2009

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly

Home Buyers Guide

NSW Permit No.: LTPS/09/5289 ACT Permit No.: TP09/2255

Cnr 16th Street & Ontario Avenue, Mildura

14 Cambridge Terrace, Mildura

21 Bakogiannis Court, Mildura

19 Nancy Court, Mildura






This property is ideal for future residential development (STCA). Consisting of 38 acres of Residential 1 zoned freehold land, 108mgs of permanent high security water, 29 acres of Residential 1 zoned Lower Murray Water (LMW) leasehold land (with possible future option to purchase freehold - subject to LMW approval), 75mgls of ‘water by agreement’ from LMS, 4br/brick/conite home, 2 work sheds & substantial office. Available for sale with management company in place to manage the plantings. With contracts & management secured, this is a truly rare opportunity to purchase a prime cash positive horticultural holding within Mildura’s residential growth corridor.

Open Thursday 5.15 - 6.00

Open Saturday 1.30 - 2.00

Blue chip location, 4 large bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and powder room, 2 genuine separate living areas, quality kitchen with glass splash backs, study nook, ducted gas heating and cooling. Top of the range pitched roof entertaining area, sparkling salt water in-ground pool, 40x20 tradesmans shed and double garage.

Brand new & completely finished quality filled 4 bedroom home, built to suit the fussiest of buyers. With just under 25sqs of living, huge mirrortone kitchen, ducted rev/cyc & stunning porcelain tiles throughout, massive pitched roof outdoor entertaining area, access to rear yard & so much more - complete with awesome westside location - this is simply irreplaceable value.



For Sale By Tender - Tenders Close 7th August 2009 Contact: Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917

You’ll be impressed with this 4 bedroom modern design, displaying huge master bedroom, ensuite, powder room, formal tiled entry, separate dining overlooking alfresco area. Theatre room off spacious family area. To die for kitchen with 900mm gas appliances, large WI pantry. Complete with 30x20 shed with power, located in premier court location.

$344,950 Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377 Matt Mason 0438 274 258 1 Rita Drive, Mildura

Open Saturday 9.45 - 10.15


3 acres and massive shedding. The home needs TLC but has 4 bedrooms, new evaporative air conditioning & plenty of space. The shed is a whopping 540m2 with 3 phase power & concrete floor. Next to Etiwanda Wetlands, this is an ideal for tradesman or businesses needing storage room. Priced to sell.

$300,000-$320,000 Contact: Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902 Tim Leng 0408 133 326

OLD ENGLISH CHARMER Set in popular Kings Billabong is this truly admirable English cottage. Boasting 3 good sized bedrooms, open plan living and meals area, well apportioned kitchen and bathroom. This property with more than ample shedding, fully fenced and all the space the most active of families needs.

$279,950 Contact: Tim Davey 0409 234 271

Contact: Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902




This 3 bedroom townhouse has much to offer. Featuring open plan living, quality kitchen, ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling, two courtyard entertaining areas, double carport with auto door and much, much more. Estimated rent return of $240 per week.

$198,000-$217,000 Contact: Lyle Massey 0418 505 507

67 Mildura 67Lime LimeAvenue, Avenue, Mildura Ph: Ph:(03) (03) 5021 5021 2200 2200



Contact: Tim Davey 0409 234 271


Matt Mason 0438 274 258

Matt Mason 0438 274 258

2/234 Wade Avenue, Mildura


4 bedroom extensively renovated family home features polished floors, master with ensuite, separate lounge, reverse cycle air conditioning, decked outdoor living area overlooking rear grassed yard and 6m x 3m garden shed. Double carport and separate garage, 163m2 of living, excellent location next to Waves, complete with beautiful street scape.

Instantly appealing townhouse, ideal location with short walk to schools, shops, parks and transport. Includes ensuite to main, reverse cycle heating and cooling throughout, total paved outdoor area, will impress the fussiest of buyers.

Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377

Contact: Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902


Matt Mason 0438 274 258


Tim Leng 0408 133 326

4 Noyce Court, Mildura W

Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377


Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377

Open Saturday 11.00 - 11.30



You would be proud to own this 3 bedroom spacious home, large lounge and kitchen, quality floor coverings, relaxing pitched outdoor living, complete with 30x20 shed with floor and power, landscaped gardens with vegie patch and garage under main roof, picket fence enhances street appeal. Close to shops, schools and parklands.

House and land for under $280,000. Includes 4 bedrooms, 2 living areas, render and textured facade, double garage, alfresco area, 17sqs of living, set on 669m2, last remaining block in the court. Excellent location, close to schools and Centro. Call today to discuss details of this wonderful opportunity.

98 Twelfth Street, Mildura



8 Delta Court, Mildura


Need a large block of land just under 1/2 acre? Require a 3 bedroom + office home? Need a 30x20 shed? Require a new kitchen, bathroom & laundry? Looking for a double carport with roller doors? Then you need to inspect this immaculate brick veneer home today!

24 McKendrick Avenue, Mildura C DU


Contact: Cheryl Reberger 0408 214 360

Open Saturday 10.30 - 11.00

Tim Leng 0408 133 326

12/145 Riverside Avenue, Mildura

This three bedroom home plus study plus separate office has the lifestyle you desire. Enjoying separate lounge, open living, ensuite to main and an entertains kitchen overlooks 14m x 25m outdoor entertainment area and inground salt water solar heated pool/spa. With great street appeal and in sought after location this ideal family home has something for everyone.

462 Eleventh Street, Mildura

82 Cooke Street, Kings Billabong

Set in the popular subdivision of Ontario Heights is this 22sqs of family sized home including garage and entertaining area. Features include rendered front, formal lounge, 3 bedrooms, designer open plan kitchen/meals/family room, neutral colour scheme, ducted reverse cycle heat/cool, double garage, side gate access & smart alfresco entertaining area. Now under construction.

Open Saturday 12.15 - 12.45

Contact: Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917

92 Cureton Avenue, Mildura




Contact: Tim Davey 0409 234 271

10 Bakogiannis Court, Mildura



19 Curran Close, Mildura




Open Saturday 11.15 - 11.45



An excellent opportunity for the 1st home buyer or an investor with this most delightful brick veneer home, featuring 3 large bedrooms all with BIR’s, central bathroom, cosy lounge room, separate to the meals/kitchen area overlooking neat as a pin family sized yard & to complete the home it offers a double brick garage.

Enjoying 3 good sized bedrooms, large central bathroom, open living to lounge/meals and kitchen, brick veneer finish, double carport with tenant in place at $200 per week.

$190,000-$210,000 Contact: Tim Davey 0409 234 271

Contact: Tim Davey 0409 234 271


Natioanl believes this information correct does not warrant orthe guarantee the ofYou theshould information. Youown should FirstFirst National believes this information is correctisbut it doesbut nottwarrant or guarantee accuracy of theaccurancy information. make your makeand your ownthe enquiries andCertain check information the information. Certan information has sources been obtained external sourcesverified. and has not been enquiries check information. has been obtained from external and has from not been independently independently verified. MW9-11-2007 MW6/3/2009 MW7/12/07


6 Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

Home Buyers Guide

NSW Permit No.: LTPS/09/5289 ACT Permit No.: TP09/2255

3 Elinda Court, Red Cliffs

122 Boyden Street, Mildura

Open Saturday 12.45 - 1.15


LETS GET STARTED Smart buyers will take a look at this 3 bedroom brick veneer home with semi ensuite, separate powder room, large lounge & dining overlooking rear pergola and small yard, spacious open kitchen/dining, gas heating and cooking appliances. Rear lane entry for convenience plus single garage. Excellent location, walk to shop, chemist, school and gym. Rented for $200 per week.

$175,000-$190,000 Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377 Matt Mason 0438 274 258

Carefree living at its best, low maintenance 3 bedroom home in just like new condition, spacious living, separate meals/living, attractive kitchen, sensational outdoor living, carport, shed, nothing to do inside or out.


Contact: Robert J Stephens 0458 658 566

9 Eastwood Drive, Mildura


1/172 Olive Grove, Mildura


Call in before its too late. Also saving thousands on stamp duty and securing your brand new 3 bedroom home today. Features include BIR’s to all bedrooms, 2 way bathroom, open plan living with kitchen/meals and lounge area & double carport. Hurry and take advantage of this unbelievable value house & land package today!

Walk to city centre, 3 bedroom detached unit, ideally positioned, separate meals and timber kitchen area. Suit investor, first home owner, ample living area, enclosed carport and outdoor living, you will be impressed.

From $189,000 Less FHOG $36,5000 Contact: Lyle Massey 0418 505 507

Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377


Matt Mason 0438 274 258

369 San Mateo Avenue, Mildura

45 Hector Street, Mildura

2 Murray Avenue, Red Cliffs





Vintage Estate, Mildura



CALLING ALL LOCAL INVESTORS This neat 3 bedroom townhouse would make a fantastic first home or investment property. WIth BIR’s to all rooms, neutral tones throughout, very low maintenance yard and situated in a quiet location. 12 month lease in place at $205 per week!


Contact: Matt Mason 0438 274 258

Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377

Murray Park Estate, Merbein (Pump Hill)


The vendor has reduced the allotments & they will not last long! Some allotments have been reduced by up to $41,000 & if you are eligible for the first home buyers grant, you are saving up to a massive $77,500 on your new home! Located on top of Pump HIll, this land has to be the best value land in Sunraysia being only a 5 minute drive to Mildura, within walking distance to the Merbein shopping district & the Murray River. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

From $68,000 Contact: Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917

Well presented 3 bedroom home, boasting open plan meals/living with polished floor boards, well appointed kitchen, bathroom and separate shower room, spacious rear yard, garden shed and double carport, reverse cycle heating and cooling and natural gas heating.


Contact: Robert J Stephens 0458 658 566

Lyle Massey 0418 505 507

Contact: Graham Hill 0408 992 242

67 Lime Avenue, Mildura Ph: (03) 5021 2200

Here is a great little 2 bedder for the first home buyer or keen investor. The home has a formal lounge, kitchen meals, gas cooking & heating, & ducted evap cooling. Outside is a 20x30 shed complete with wood heater and air con. This property would rent at $160 per week!

$135,000-$145,000 (less $16,000 FHOG) Contact: Lyle Massey 0418 505 507

Contact: Matt Mason 0438 274 258

5 Quail Court, Mildura

Pamper yourself & experience real living. 3 bedrooms plus parents retreat/office, formal dining, separate lounge & rumpus room, galley style kitchen with high quality appliances, 11” ceilings, polished timber floorboards, low maintenance gardens, wide verandahs, double carport and shed. Escapse the rat rate.


Contact: Robert J Stephens 0458 658 566 FIRST HOME BUYERS DREAM

Wonderful rural home, a short stroll to the river, is this affordable 4br brick veneer home. Offering 2 bathrooms, 3 separate living areas (including huge rumpus with BI bar), fully self contained granny flat (toilet, bathroom & kitchen), inground pool, shed & double carport. Located near Mildura’s best wineries you won’t find better value in the district.

The Centreway, Mildura $189,000-$199,000 Phone For Inspection Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917

Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377 Ruby Views Estate, Wentworth

Sensational renovated solid timber kitchen is the showpiece of this large open plan living home. With 3 spacious bedrooms all with BIR’s, master with doors leading out to a private paved courtyard. Great family sized rear yard with paved pergola/BBQ area, shed, double carport, all located in quiet westside court.


Contact: Robert J Stephens 0458 658 566 OFF TO A BEAUTIFUL START


Designed to open plan living comes these most affordable 3br house & land packages, perfect for 1st home buyer or investor & most inviting for all walks of life. These brand new house & land packages along with $36,500 first home buyer grant, are made for you. Mildura, Irymple. Merbein, Red Cliffs Enquire today! From $159,000 $36,500 BONUS

Phone For Inspection Lyle Massey 0418 505 507


This 3br red cedar home with ensuite to main is nestled in a peaceful court on the doorstep of parklands & currently returning $230 per week with excellent tenants, leased until January 2010. Featuring decked verandah, spacious lounge & dining area plus large kitchen, fantastic outdoor area with decked spa complete with large shed & 3rd toilet.





Boonoonar Road, Colignan $195,000-$220,000 Phone For Inspection Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917


Affordable 2 bedroom weatherboard home with separate meals/kitchen, formal lounge, high ceilings, reverse cycle heating & cooling, spacious family friendly backyard, well located home only minutes from 15th Street shopping precinct, schools & sporting facilities. With just a little TLC you can put a lot of value into this property.

416 Dairtnunk Avenue, Cardross

WANTED!!! I have had strong enquiry for this type of property and have a list of buyers. So if you have a property to sell in this area, please call me now!



392 Millers Tank Road, Manangatang


Open Friday 4.30 - 5.30 and Saturday 11.30 - 12.00

Open Saturday 10.45 - 11.15




Ropers Road, Cardross $145,000 Phone For Inspection Lyle Massey 0418 505 507


Ropers Road, Cardross $149,500 Phone For Inspection Lyle Massey 0418 505 507

Get away from the hustle & bustle & enjoy this great 2 bedroom home, with updated kitchen/meals area, separate lounge, double carport, 10ft x 8ft shed & situated on 1 acre with 1.5 megs water. Would suit horse lovers or boys with toys. Only minutes from schools & shops. This is a great beginning for first home buyers.

Tired of city living? Looking for some space & privacy? Set on 1 acre with great views is this freshly painted 3br weatherboard home. Open kitchen/meals area, separate lounge, 60ft x 20ft shed with 57 olive trees, 1.5megs of water & only minutes from schools, shops & with a bus stop at your front door step. Don’t miss out on the Government grant. Deduction of $17,000 off this property.


Rare court location of 837m2 and fully fenced is available in family friendly court in prime Mildura subdivision. Be quick - this offer won’t last!

Hugo Court, Mildura $95,000 Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902 Tim Leng 0408 133 326

First Natioanl believes this information is correct but t does not warrant or guarantee the accurancy of the information. You should make your own enquiries and check the information. Certan information has been obtained from external sources and has not been independently verified. MW9-11-2007 MW7/12/07

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly

Brick veneer home with 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms on 10 acres close to town. 15 megs of rural water connected and metered. Perfect location. Plant lucerne, ride motorbikes or just enjoy this magnificent hobby block. • Town water


Horse Lovers’ Heaven!


Irymple 490 Sandilong Avenue


Home Buyers Guide



Mildura 54 Panorama Drive Stunning Appeal Don’t delay inspection as this 4 bedroom + study home of approx 27.5 squares under roof is the best in the market. Currently leased at $350/wk to a corporate tenant, the property makes for sound investment or potential live in. • 5x4m shed with side access

• 3 bed 2 bath home

• Reverse cycle & natural gas

• 10 acres

• Ducted vacuum system & alarm system

• Existing paddocks

• Undercover outdoor entertaining area

• 15 megs water

• Roomy 842m2 lot

Sale POA View Tuesday 5:00 - 5:30pm Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Tel 03 5021 9500 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue



Auction Sat 1 August 2009 at 11.30am On Site View Sat 11:00 - 11:30am Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Tel 03 5021 9500 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Red Cliffs 131 Indi Avenue If you prefer something a bit out of the ordinary but still offering comfort, then this could be you. This property makes for comfortable modern living with a twist! Historical information memorandum available • • • • • •

4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (spa bath) Natural gas heating, reverse cycle air-con Bosch appliances 6x6m shed and double carport Approx. 1 acre of established gardens Ideal for tea rooms or B&B

Auction Sat 1 August 2009 at 1:30pm On Site View Sat 12:00 - 12:30 Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Tel 03 5021 9500 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Mildura 25 Langtree Parade

Mildura 11 Taminga Court

Red Cliffs Thurla Farms

This is a rare development opportunity. 754m² allotment, 70 foot frontage to Langtree Parade with rear lane access. 3 bedroom home currently leased at $180 per week. Be quick as enquiry has been plentiful.

Delightful 3drm plus study/ 2 bathroom family home with undercover spanline outdoor area, all on a shade off a ¼ acre. Close to schools, bus routes and Centro, tucked away in a safe quiet court location. Ideal for the growing family. Inspection is a must!

The most exciting new development to involve Sunraysia is the Federal, State & Local Governments initiative to develop a freight gate Centre at Thurla. With lots ranging from 2.0ha - 8.0ha. All services provided.

Sale $210,000 - $240,000 View Sat 10:00 - 10:30am Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale $265,000 - $279,000 View Sat 11.30 - 12:00 Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale From $66,000 per acre View Phone for details Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue



Mildura 321Tenth Street

Mildura 6 Durham Avenue

Outstanding opportunity to purchase with potential return of 13.5%. 16 studio rooms with potential rent of $130 per bed, 2-3 occupants per room. Ideal for individual leasing or backpackers.

Potential for 5 genuine bedrooms. Big living areas including; formal lounge, dining and family. 6m x 4m colourbond shed with floor and power plus inground swimming pool. This is the best value home on the market!

Sale Offers over $600,000 View Phone to inspect Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale $270,000 - $315,000 View Monday 5:00 - 5:30pm Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Mildura 4/364 Deakin Avenue

Mildura Lot 15 Barraclough Way

Mildura 10 Duneden Close

Located in Mildura’s main street opposite McDonalds, is this fully furnished 2BR unit rented at $190 per week for 1 year with a possible extension with an option for another 1 year with 2.5% rental increase.

Under construction with slab about to go down, save on stamp duty with this 4 bedroom + study, 2 bathroom home on 642m2 of land. State of the art, environmentally friendly, 5.5 star energy rating, approx. 22sq of living.

Amazing 4 bedroom + study home. Only one block away from Centro. Approx. 30 sq living, huge formal dining, 2 bathrooms, 3 living areas & 2 fantastic outdoor entertaining areas for family & friends.

Sale $129,000 View Phone to inspect Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale $298,000 View Phone to inspect Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale $490,000 View Sat 10:40 - 11:10am Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Tel: 5021 9500

Mildura 33-37 Seventh Street

Mildura 632 14th Street

Secure a prime industrial building featuring; 2 showrooms, over1,000m2, mezzanine storage, staff faciilities, natural gas, A/C x3, side & rear access & parking. Previous rental income approx $59,000pa.

Mildura’s cheapest sub-divisional land with prices beginning at $66,000 for 494sqm block. Located close to St Paul’s Primary School. Take the opportunity to buy your land cheaply and build with first home owners grant.

Sale Price Upon Appllication View Phone to Inspect Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale From $66,000 View Phone to Inspect Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Red Cliffs Sandridge Estate

Koorlong 138 Cowra Ave

Merbein 4 Tyers Court

1 acre lots with all services. Close to the Red Cliffs township, underground power and street lighting with town water connected. Titles available with existing owners starting to build. Prestige subdivision at give away price.

Sensational 16 acre building allotment with planning permit in place! Loam house pad down ready to build on. Includes: 2 megs rural water, 3 phase power to the boundary, overhead sprays ideal for crops or horse paddocks, elevated rural location.

Located in a quiet court is this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home. With above ground pool and outdoor entertaining, this home is sure to impress. With $17,000 (first home buyers) you couldn’t build at this price.

Sale Offers over $80,000 View Phone to Inspect Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale $129,950 View Phone for details Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale $190,000 - $220,000 View Sat 12.00 - 12.30 Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

CALL OUR OFFICE TODAY ON 50219500 OR COME IN AND SEE US AT 69 DEAKIN AVENUE competition closes end August 09 confidentiality ensured

8 Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

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Wentworth Wentworth Club Motel P.O.A Phone to Inspect Wentworth’s Best Located Motel The Wentworth Club Motel is centrally situated in Wentworth and only a short distance from the renowned Wentworth Services Club, as well as walking distance from the Tourist Attractions. 19 comfortable units are available of which 15 are at ground floor level with further expansion possible (STCA.) Freehold and Business for sale on a walk in walk out basis. For Sale Richard Wyatt 0414 600 035


Expressions of Interest 4463 Benetook Avenue Phone to Inspect Lean Green Investment/Development Machine 120H/A of prime industrial land. Recently rezoned Industrial (1) with excellent access to main roads and services including electricity water & gas, a massive expense covered! Currently occupied and operated by Bemax Resources we are able to offer a lease back scenario by negotiation. This is the perfect investment/development opportunity offering both strength For Sale & flexibility. Richard Wyatt 0414 600 035






$375,000 1 Hugo Court Open for Inspection Saturday 11:45-12:15pm Now This Is Unique Why so unique? The moment you walk in the front door this home screams quality. Quality tiling greets you at the entrance and flows through to the huge open plan living and family room. The gourmet kitchen includes Smeg appliances; there is a separate home cinema, 3 large bedrooms plus study, 2 bathrooms, reverse cycle air con and a covered outdoor For Sale kitchen. Now that’s unique. Richard Wyatt 0414 600 035 Web Id 382409





$259,500 4 Jane Eliza Court Open for Inspection Saturday 11-11:30am Not Just Outstanding Value Priced to sell this superbly located modern family home offers an exceptional lifestyle. A feeling of light and space is instant boasting an open plan living area overlooking the landscaped garden, 3 large bedrooms, main with W.I.R & full ensuite and the smart use of courtyards & glass. Inspection Highly Recommended For Sale Richard Wyatt 0414 600 035 Web Id 374329

Imagine…. Could it get any better?

Gol Gol $250,000 + SAV Gol Gol Store (Business for Sale) Phone to Inspect Reap the Rewards This extremely profitable well established mixed business is offered for immediate sale. Located adjacent to the Primary School, boat ramp, tennis courts and hotel, and includes near new plant and equipment. The 5 bedroom home attached offers comfortable living along with huge under cover outdoor area and fully fenced yard. Grasp this rare opportunity and For Sale enjoy the lifestyle and income it can provide. Richard Wyatt 0414 600 035





the ultimate experiencing the perfect waking up in your kitchen nights sleep own day spa Personal inspection can be arranged by calling Richard Wyatt direct 5025 8712 or 0414 600 035 - Web Id 381182 TOP VALUE RIVERFRONT

photo for illustration purposes only





$179,000 Unit 1/841-845 Fifteenth Street Open for Inspection Saturday 11-11:30am Get There First This quality 2 bedroom townhouse in the sought after Plaza Village complex, features near new carpets, ducted cooling, chefs kitchen, buiit in robes, large private yard, under cover outdoor living & double garage. Situated a stones throw from Centro Plaza with a bus stop at the front door its the ultimate in convenient, affordable and carefree living. For Sale ered 6x4 shed. Inspection is aWeb must. Kevin Forbes 0419 596 302 711Web Id 356204 ForSale Sale For Judy Aitken 0418 502 IdRichard 382372 Wyatt 0414 600 035 Web Id 375337

Kevin Forbes Property Property Consultant Consultant To0419 be Revealed! 596 711

Property Consultant

Property Consultant Property Consultant Property Consultant

Richard Wyatt Manager Real Estate 0414 600 035

Jason Zambelli Graeme Roper PropertyConsultant Consultant Property 0438824 761008 052 0429

Judy Aitken Property Consultant 0418 502 302

Wendy Hobbs Property Manager 0400 688 044

Gol Gol P.O.A 6 Murray Street Phone to Inspect Absolute Water Front - Owner Says Sell - Make An Offer Almost 2 magnificent acres including your very own private mooring area, just a short stroll to shopping & schools. This is one of the very best riverfront building allotments offering outstanding value. Undeveloped Riverfront land is fast becoming a thing of the past, don’t miss your opportunity, make an offer today. For Sale Web Id 374103 Graeme Roper For Sale For Sale Richard Wyatt 0429 0414 824 600008 035Web WebIdId365774 382948

Sally Hardy Property Manager 0417 162 741

Sarah McKenzie Sales Administration

Tiana Radman Front Office Reception

Kathryn Martin Water Trade 0419 847 210

Deb Ryan Home loans 0488 422 366

Jo Edgcumbe Finance 0400 772 772

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly

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124.1 ltr United & Woolworths Fuel

Fuel - Diesel 121.5 ltr Woolworths & United Fuel Heavy - Toohey’s Extra Dry 24 stubbies pack $34.99

Beer - save $10.00 Fishers I.G.A Liquor

Mid Strength - XXXX Gold Stubbies 24 cans $32.98 save $5.02 Gol Gol Hotel Huggies Convenience Pack boys & girls 2 for $22.00 save

Nappies - $7.96 Woolworths

Melaleuca Heights Estate


$79,000 Lot 23 Casuarina Way Phone to Inspect Start Living On offer is the opportunity to build yourself a lifestyle, a relaxed lifestyle close to all amenities without the huge mortgage. Superbly elevated and ready to build on, not far from the river and offering plenty of room at 874m2 - Make an offer & start living!! Richard Wyatt 0414 600 035




$99,500 Walnut Avenue ( Sunraysia Village) Phone to Inspect Brand New And Beautiful - Affordable Housing This 4 bedroom villa is almost complete, full gloss kitchen, reverse cycle air cond gas appliances, raked ceiling to living area, lovely neighbours, fully fenced back yard, under cover outdoor living area, single carport. Full use of community pool and BBQ . Small well mannered pets welcome, Improve your lifestyle - downsize & cash up! Judy Aitken 0418 502 302 Web Id 348305 For Sale





$265,000+ 218 Seventh Street Phone to Inspect Upmarket Townhouse This very desirable townhouse is situated only a few minutes walk to the river, almost opposite the Art Centre & very close to the CBD. It offers 9’ ceilings throughout, magnificent marble kitchen private courtyard, 2 large bedrooms & separate formal dining, A double garage finishes this stunning low maintenance home+ Judy Aitken 0418 502 302 Web Id 380401 For Sale








1 $119,900 Cnr Twelfth Street & Riverside Avenue Only A Wedge Away Overlooking the seventh fairway at picturesque Mildura Golf and Country Club this large building allotment would suit a premier new home or two first class units. Within walking distance of the hospital, medical precinct and parkland suggests the ideal location for families or to build your retirement nest. Act now. Jason Zambelli 0438 761 052 Web Id 377808 For Sale

97-99 Lime Avenue, Mildura

5025 8700



$480,000 10 Hyder Drive Phone to Inspect When Your Family Deserves The Best Once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy a first class lifestyle. This top quality home, located in one of Mildura’s best streets has it all, 4 large bedrooms & ensuite, polished Murray Pine floorboards, split level living, separate formal lounge & dining, large family room, solid timber chefs kitchen, 4 stunning bay windows, huge landscaped gardens & much more. Judy Aitken 0418 502 302 Web Id 346580 For Sale

sell. Strong demand achieving outstanding prices. from cashed up buyers Two successful months means we need more houses.. and few houses available means Elders are achieving outstanding prices.

Two successful months means we need more houses..

Call today for a free market appraisal 5025 8700 Koorlong

$159,900 1 Simon Court Phone to Inspect Grab Your Walking Shoes Only a short stroll from the Red Cliffs shops & Post Office & within 2 minutes of the Bowling club this 2 bedroom brick home unit with airconditioning, modern kitchen, large lounge & dining is ideal for retirees or investors. With all the comforts you expect including a secure & paved outdoor living. This totally free standing home is available for your occupation now. Jason Zambelli 0438 761 052 Web Id 378467 For Sale



Now is the ideal time to sell strong demand from cashed up buyers is the THE GREAT INBALANCE and few houses available means Now Elders areideal time to




For Sale

$385,000 961 Fifteenth Street Open for Inspection Saturday 12-12:30pm Smart Architecture = Stunning Family Home Quality built home with 2 separate living areas and family room. Boasting a luxury kitchen with 900mm upright stainless steel oven, dish washer and microwave, 4 large bedrooms all with BIR’s, main with ensuite.Tiled family bathroom with spa bath, ducted heating and cooling, double garage, covered outdoor living and landscaped gardens. Judy Aitken 0418 502 302 Web Id 372607 For Sale

Red Cliffs


365,000+ 15 Cherry Avenue Phone to Inspect It’s Simply Sensational This luxury townhouse in a dream location opposite the Art Centre is only a few minutes walk to the river.Comprising 3 bedrooms separate formal dining & large formal entry, dream kitchen with stainless steel appliances, built in wall unit to lounge, private courtyard & the convenience of a double garage. Go on you deserve it. Judy Aitken 0418 502 302 Web Id 380397

For Sale



$128,000 Lot 2 Etiwanda Avenue Phone to Inspect A Place With Space 9 ¼ ac in peaceful Koorlong, between 20th & 21st Street. A great spot for your new family home, with lots of room for vegies, fruit trees, roses, kids or a hobby farm. No red tape as the property includes a current planning approval to build your dream home. Plus 22.9mgl of water. Only a few minutes from Centro, why not have the best of both worlds? Judy Aitken 0418 502 302 Web Id 348581 For Sale





$595,000 Cudmore Road Phone to Inspect Fish Farm On The River 100ac with more than 200m of Darling River frontage, huge 3 bedroom home, quality shedding, fully operational fish farm including yabby breeding. Approx 50m x 6m fully fitted fish breeding shed constructed of 6” cool room panel, 26 dams, approx 60m x 10m hot house for veggie growing, 1 bedroom flat for your guests, all this plus your very own jetty. What a lifestyle! Web Id 376655 Richard Wyatt 0414 600 035 For Sale

10 Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

Home Buyers Guide

11am – AEST Thursday 6 August 2009 River Room Crown Casino Southbank Melbourne

Investment Portfolio Auction 46 3 Prime Entry Level Investments

+ K 75 1 $

Mildura VIC, 70-72 Langtree Mall – – – – – –

Shop 1

New 6 year lease Annual 4% fixed increases Leased to Colorado Group Ltd Area: 159m2* 1 car space on title Rent: $62,400pa* (as at 3/9/09) Web Ref M020609

– – – – – – –

Tony Roccisano 0418 502 101

Shops 3 + 4

7 year lease to Sept 2010 no option In occupation since 1993 Huge retail / Langtree Mall frontage Underlet - poised for rental growth Double shop total area 300m2* 2 car spaces on title Rent: $90,628pa* (as at 1/10/09) Web Ref M040609

– – – – – – –

First Floor

Versatile 1st floor with fitout Former CBA Business Banking Centre Suits variety of commercial uses Develop/Invest/Owner Occupy Area: 562m2* 2 car spaces on title Rent: $25,000pa* (1YR rent guarantee) Web Ref M050609


83 Deakin Avenue, Mildura VIC 3500

Jamie Perlinger 0413 860 315 Shaun Venables 0411 860 865

roccisano property group

03 9613 0400

Level 2 360 Little Collins Street Melbourne 3000

* Approx

Rural .&3#&*/-PU'JSTU4USFFU





































i4NJUIJFTw t t  t t



34 Darling Street, Wentworth










t t t t t




Phone: 03 5027 3411

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly

Home Buyers Guide







*0 $5



IRYMPLE 1-4 2121 Fifteenth Street



$5 6 "

Watch your money grow

 &8 ( / 5*/ -*4


*0 $5







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 8 ( & / 5*/ -*4




$ "6




$5 6 "

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 8 ( & / 5*/ -*4

IRYMPLE Lot 1 Karadoc








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 8 ( & / 5*/ -*4

   8 8 ( & & // 4*$5&*/ 1-3*







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 / &8 *0( / 6$55*/ "-*4












 &8 /( /  5* -*4

 &8 /( /  5* -*4













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34 Darling Street, Wentworth

t t t t t



*0 $5


t t t t t


*0 $5




t t t t t




Phone: 03 5027 3411

12 Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

Home Buyers Guide

Home Buyers Guide

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly


14 Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

Home Buyers Guide

Home Buyers Guide

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly


16 Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

Home Buyers Guide


We’re the only agents open 7 days Mildura

12/59 Cureton Avenue

62 Madden Avenue



2/14 Pearl Avenue FIRST RELEASE


Overlooking Mildura Marina

A Heartbeat Away

Fully renovated 3 bedroom double storey townhouse opposite the Mildura Marina. Approximately 13 years old, new kitchen, stainless steel appliances, new floor coverings, solid timber floors through lounge & meals area, freshly painted, new bathroom, low maintenance yard, large lounge. Single carport set on 214m2.

Price Inspect Contact

$259,000 By Appointment Daniel Cawood 0408 388 732


438 Eleventh Street

Well Worth A Call

This spacious townhouse nicely located on the west side close to a corner store/bakery, sporting ovals & playground is a must see. Featuring 3 bedrooms all with BIRs, ensuite, kitchen/meals area & large living room. The yard is designed for entertaining with a built in gas BBQ, open fire place & shade sail surrounded by lovely established gardens. Double garage with auto door & garden shed complete the package. Currently leased at $225 per week.

Price Inspect Contact

Offers Over $210,000 By Appointment Faye Scherger 0407 212 860

Commercial Opportunity Enjoying solid tenancy (new 3 year lease March 2009), a central location and a modern facade is this spacious, thoughtfully planned Commercial Property. Boasting a flexible floorplan and great internal space this is a great investment opportunity. Currently returning $38,500 approx. plus G.S.T plus out goings the numbers speak for themselves.

Price Inspect Contact

$500,000 By Appointment Ashley Burns 0408 618 294


5 Francesca Drive

Superbly presented is this attractive 3 bedroom plus study home in popular Irymple. Boasts 2 separate living areas, functional fully equipped kitchen, refreshingly high ceilings, natural gas heating & ducted evap air con. Outside is a real treat with covered alfresco, great shed, boat cover, above ground swimming pool & double carport. All in family friendly Irymple on a good sized allotment.

Price Inspect Contact

Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

3 Adelong Court

Brand New Brilliance

An imposing family residence of generous proportions, this tastefully decorated & equipped home with every inclusion you could dream of is being offered for sale for the first time. Designed for easy family entertaining this home features 4 bedrooms plus study, 2 large bathrooms, 3 living areas & triple lock up garage. The home also boasts the latest CBUS technology for entertainment & home automation with auto roller shutters. Located within the Kings Billabong precinct, a short distance to walking tracks & the water’s edge, it is sure to impress.

Price Inspect Contact

$630,000 By Appointment

Daniel Cawood 0408 388 732


6 Eyre Court



9 Opray Court

Located in a quiet Westside court within easy walking distance to Mildura West Primary School & convenience store makes this an ideal family home. Features include 3 generous size bedrooms all with BIRs, 2 separate living areas, semi ensuite bathroom plus a powder room for separate use during the morning rush hour. There’s a paved pergola area & the double carport allows easy access to rear yard & garden shed.

Price Inspect Contact

$285,000 - $315,000 Sat 10.30 - 11.00am

Kings Billabong

Price Inspect Contact

Nice & Neighbourly

All The Right Ingredients

61a Eleventh Street

Located within walking distance to the marina and city centre this renovated 2 bedroom unit offers open plan living, neat kitchen, BIRs, natural gas heating, evaporative cooling, timber venetian blinds, a fully enclosed backyard and garage at a price you can afford. Currently leased at $150 per week

$195,000 - $210,000 By Appointment

Faye Scherger 0407 212 860

$135,000 By Appointment Faye Scherger 0407 212 860


19 Marziano Drive

You Will Love It

Spotlessly presented 3 bedroom brick veneer home in up market location & offering 2 separate living areas, fully fitted mirrortone kitchen complete with dishwasher, built in robes in all bedrooms, ensuite to main plus separate family bathroom, extras include ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, verandah, bay window, outdoor living area & double carport with auto door. Superb investment or live in.

Price Inspect Contact

$225,000 - $240,000 By Appointment

Ian Miers 0428 586 205

111 First Street

Nichols Point

All The Right Ingredients

Located in Nichols Point just around the corner from Bruce’s Bend. The land comprises approx 9.5 acres including all stables, paddocks, irrigation framework is underground & with 12.3 megs of high security water would be popular for the horse enthusiasts. Also included is a separate 2 bedroom unit with heating/cooling system & all living facilities. The home offers an outdoor living area, 2 ample sheds, plant & equipment.

Price Inspect Contact

$395,000 - $420,000 By Appointment Adriano Aiello 0438 075 747


2 Kalimna Drive


48 Eaglesham Street



Clean As A Whistle!

4 Years Young

Investors, First Home Buyers or Retirees

Space, Space, Space

Forget 40 years of landing on the moon. Come & visit this SPACE. Consisting of 4 bedrooms, 3 living areas, 2 bathrooms & great shedding all situated on 1345m2 of land which is over 1/3 of an Acre. Great opportunity to Subdivide STCA

Sited on a large 906m2 lot with rear lane access is this fully renovated home with great shed/bungalow. Boasts new kitchen & bathroom, new floor coverings throughout & light & bright atmosphere. A gigantic 6m x 9m shed with part bungalow & a huge carport complete the picture outside. Along with outside laundry & toilet & shower. Must see!

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

Situated in a great court location is this superb 3 bedroom family home. Features large lounge, separate kitchen & dining. Ensuite & WIR to main, BIR’s to all other bedrooms. Outside is a wonderful secure yard with garden shed & covered outdoor area. With natural gas heating this home is sure to warm you up. MUST BE SOLD!

$239,000 Sat 11.45am -12.15 & Mon 5.15 - 5.45pm Adriano Aiello 0438 075 747

This approx. 18 month old home is nestled on a small allotment walking distance to La Trobe University Campus. Features include 3 bedrooms ensuite & WIR to master, 2 living areas, stainless steel appliances & evaporative air conditioning. Plus a double carport & good size shed. Currently leased at $240 per week.

Offers Over $210,000 By Appointment Faye Scherger 0407 212 860

153 Magnolia Avenue


$310,000 - $330,000 By Appointment Sam Boake 0400 658 461

$165,000 Sun 12.30 - 1.00pm Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

354 Deakin Avenue



Location, Location

Art Deco

Perfectly located is this 3 bedroom home that has been fully renovated internally. Featuring an attractive new kitchen with timber cupboards, open plan lounge & dining, excellent landscaped outdoor area, crisp modern bathroom, timber venetians, reverse cycle heating/cooling & large shedding. Situated within walking distance to the CBD, in this location this home will be snapped up quickly!

Price Inspect Contact

$205,000 Sat 11.00 - 11.30am Adriano Aiello 0438 075 747

Natural light abounds in this Art Deco style 3 bedroom home. Offering an attractive façade with an interesting floor plan, the home boasts a new kitchen with natural gas cooking, lounge with open fire place, courtyard style alfresco, excellent car accommodation with remote access, workshop & rear lane. With a real focus on security & privacy this home is within walking distance to Centro & is full of surprises.

Price Inspect Contact

$219,000 Sat 11.30am - 12.00noon Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

Stockdale & Leggo believes this information is correct but it does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information.You should make your own enquiries & check the information. Please note: open inspections are subject to change.

5023 5000 107 Eighth Street

5022 4700 Shop 65 Centro Plaza



24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly

Home Buyers Guide


We’re the only agents open 7 days Mildura


218 Walnut Avenue

369 San Mateo Avenue



63 Riverside Avenue

1022 Benetook Avenue

Inner City Secret

Attention First Home Buyers & Investors

Great Family Home

The opportunity exists to create equity through this tidy 3 bedroom home with great sized land of approx 759 m2. Internally it offers large main bedroom with reverse cycle heating cooling, 2nd bedroom with ceiling fan & 3rd bedroom with BIR. Kitchen provides gas cooking, kitchen cupboards & WI pantry. Previously rented at $175 per week. Enquire today to secure your investment!

Tidy 3 bedroom brick veneer home in good residential location. Featuring ensuite, separate dining, lounge with slow combustion heater & split system r/cycle air conditioning, ducted evaporative cooling, modern kitchen with dishwasher, family room opening to outdoor living, brick gas BBQ, separate studio, double carport, double garage with auto roller door & watering system.

4.047 Ha (Approx.. 10 Acres)

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

This delightful 3 bedroom family home is ideally located & is within a short stroll to shops, schools & hospitals. The home has been rewired, plumbed & features a large lounge with reverse cycle air conditioning & carpets, large bedrooms all with BIRs, undercover entertaining area, lock up garage, workshop & all set on a fully fenced allotment with established gardens.

$160,000 - $175,000 Sat 11.00 - 11.30am Jason Lawler 0417 248 002


$130,000 - $145,000 Sat 10.15 - 10.45am Adriano Aiello 0438 075 747


3249 Etiwanda Avenue


Moos Cafe` / Take away

$220,000 - $240,000 By Appointment Ian Miers 0428 586 205


Planted to Lucerne & oats with overhead sprinklers (35.5 megs). 3 bedroom conite home with shedding. Currently leased at $190 per week. Vacant possession available. College lease approx. $5,000 p/a. Great opportunity to live in rural situation yet be just minutes from all Mildura’s facilities.

$110,000 - $130,000 By Appointment Ian Miers 0428 586 205


167 Eighth Street

20 Scott Crescent


Create Your Own Lifestyle

9.4 acres of land with a 15m x 9m x 3.6m shed with 3 phase power connected incorporating a lined & fully insulated 2 bedroom home with lounge, kitchen & s/s air conditioning built at one end (6m x 9m), plus an external bathroom/ laundry/toilet under a 5m x 9m verandah. Town water & 2 megs garden water supply connected.The perfect answer.

Price Inspect Contact

$180,000 Sat 11.00 - 11.30am Faye Scherger 0407 212 860


Price Inspect Contact

Lot 21 Barraclough Way

Good Speculative Buy

Bustling, Well Positioned Cafe` Positioned in the heart of Mildura City is this bustling, cafe` known as Moos on Lime. Reluctantly offered for sale due to family relocation, offering a fantastic opportunity for those looking for a cafe with strong cash flow, excellent plant & equipment & loyal staff. Selling a wide range of popular, healthy hot & cold meals on an eat in or take away basis means a wide range of loyal customers growing by the day.

$69,900 plus S.A.V By Appointment

Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

Mildura Inner City Location

130 Olive Avenue

Freehold Warehouse

Located in a high profile area of town this modern retail premises of approximately 60m2. Offers investors an exceptional opportunity to get into the commercial market. The freehold is being sold with the existing tenant in place (currently paying $845 per month).

To be sold with vacant possession & in a popular location is this secure warehouse with shop front, rear access & car parking. Land size approx. 364m2 with building of 262m2 approx. Includes 2 toilets, rear roller door & glass shop front. Ideal for small business, storage or investment, choice is yours. Rare Opportunity

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

$125,000 By Appointment

Faye Scherger 0407 212 860


Lot 14 Cureton Avenue

Offers Over $200,000 By Appointment

Ashley Burns 0408 618 294


138 Cowra Avenue Extension BUILDING PERMIT APPROVED

Offering 475m2 (approx.) of vacant land in the heart of town. Boasts rear lane access, majority of new fencing to both sides & just tailor made for your new townhouse or blue chip investment property. Getting harder & harder to find are these opportunities so don’t let this one slip.

Price Contact

An Impressive Opportunity

Situated in a quiet street, this well designed home will be set on approx. 500m2. Boasts 3 bedrooms (main with ensuite & WIR). Features include separate lounge & spacious living/ dining room, kitchen with new modern appliances. The home comes with r/cycle heating/cooling. Outside enjoys a good sized yard & covered outdoor area. Close to Centro, public transport & schools.

Price Inspect Contact

$243,500 By Appointment Adriano Aiello 0438 075 747


$130,000 - $140,000 Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

Koorlong Lot 6 Dow Avenue Industrial Land In Mildura Lifestyle Block Ideally located in the popular industrial precinct of Mildura 5.913 hectares (approx. 14.61 acres) of cleared land with Escape The Rat Race

On approx. 5.8 acres is this gigantic colourbond shed (27m x 9m with 3m verandahs) with power, water & septic connected. Well set back from the road, the shed has had partial completion for a temporary dwelling, double roller doors & all with cement floor. Town water connected (rural water also available) with the property being fully fenced & with 2 horse yards. Perfect hobby block!

Price Contact

624 Sandilong Avenue

$170,000 - $200,000 Ashley Burns 0408 618 294


2 Westcliffs Avenue

East is this industrial 3 zone 1884m2 vacant allotment. Fenced on 3 sides & services available, makes this is the ideal site for your growing business. Located between Armaguard & Mildura Ice works on Cureton Avenue.

approved home site & building pad. Ideally suited for cash crops or redevelopment, horse paddocks or Lucerne production. Features overhead sprays & 3 phase electric pump. Within minutes of Mildura & Fifteenth Street precinct. Includes 2 megs of water.

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

$190,000 - $210,000 excl. GST By Appointment Jason Lawler 0417 248 002

Red Cliffs

$129,000 By Appointment Daniel Cawood 0408 388 732


6 Loddon Avenue

60 McEdward Street


Two For The Price Of One

Sensationally presented home offering a 4 bedroom bv home with 2 living areas, new fully fitted kitchen, large dining area, 2 bathrooms, extras include s.c. heating, split system r/cycle air cond, gas htr, c/fans, ducted evap. cooling, dble carport plus single carport. Plus huge covered & paved outdoor living. There is a self contained unit offering 1 bedroom with ensuite, new kitchen, dining & separate lounge over looking decked outdoor living. Don’t miss out

Price Inspect Contact

Offers Over $280,000 By Appointment Ian Miers 0428 586 205

Clean & Crisp Home On A ¼ Of An Acre

This 3 bedroom home boasts brand new kitchen, floor coverings and is freshly painted throughout. Reverse cycle heating and cooling with an extra gas heater in the lounge. Outside holds a concrete floored garden shed and the districts best pear and mandarin trees. Situated in a quiet location with side lane access allowing plenty of room to manoeuvre any cars, caravans & toys you may have.

Price Inspect Contact

$155,000 Sat 10.30 - 11.00am Sam Boake 0400 658 461


6 Belleview Drive, Irymple 70 Cherry Avenue 19 Marziano Drive 1 Belle Gardens Drive 3 Sirius Court 415 Benetook Avenue 1/484 Walnut Avenue 35 Cherry Avenue 6/6 Sapphire Court 280 Wade Avenue 258 Sixteenth Street 229 Seventh Street 2/145 Riverside Avenue 24 Floral Ave East 164 Walnut Avenue 2/1 Joakim Court 91A Lemon Avenue 6/853 Fifteenth Street 3, 8 & 4/5-7 Cameron Avenue

BEDROOMS 4+Study 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 3 3 3 2+ Study 2 2 2 1



Lovely home, great outdoor area Modern 3 br/2 bath townhouse Spotless & spacious, 2 living areas Well presented, ensuite, 2 living areas Great west side location, mod kitchen Close to tafe, DW, renovated kitchen BIR’s, 1 bathroom, dbl garage Evap cool, nat gas heat, BI bbq Beautifully maintained & in good location Open plan, r/cycle s/system, RW tank Neat & tidy town house Quiet location, close to CBD Spacious kitchen with DW, dbl gge Good yard, dble carport, gas heating Lovely cottage close to shops/schools Located in a quiet court, elec heating Neat cottage with polished floors Neat & tidy, close to Centro, Evap a/c Renovated Westside unit

$285.00 $270.00 $250.00 $245.00 $245.00 $230.00 $225.00 $220.00 $215.00 $215.00 $210.00 $210.00 $210.00 $195.00 $180.00 $175.00 $170.00 $150.00 $125.00

Fabulous First Home Or Investment

Very tidy 2 bedroom home with study plus bungalow. Featuring updated kitchen/meals & updated bathroom, lounge & separate dining area, split system reverse cycle air conditioner, evaporative cooler, gas heater, 2 toilets (1 internal plus 1 external), carport plus shed & separate workshop. Currently leased at $165 per week.

Price Inspect Contact

$110,000 - $125,000 By Appointment Ian Miers 0428 586 205

PROPERTIES TO LET Lynne Pinnington’s Property Management Tip Health Check For Your Property!

They are small - but can cause big problems. It is recommended that you have an annual pest inspection carried out on your property by a professional. For a minimal annual fee, you will have peace of mind that your property is protected & safe. Your Property Manager can arrange this to be carried out & paid for on your behalf.

See The Possibilities

Featuring an expanse of living, this amazing home is ideal for large families looking for a 2 acre block in a quiet location. The 2 level floor plan features classic styling with potential for modernisation. Features rumpus with wood heater, double garage with kitchenette, formal lounge & dining, central kitchen, meals & family room, entertaining zone, 3 bedrooms, ensuite, BIRs, spa bathroom & great sized secure yard with shedding.

Price Inspect Contact

$395,000 - $410,000 By Appointment Adriano Aiello 0438 075 747



13 Stockmans Dr, Irymple 29 Drings Way, Gol Gol 6 Belleview Dr, Irymple 12/803 Irymple Ave, Irymple 122a Chaffey St, Merbein 4/996 Karadoc Ave, Irymple 23 Emmet St, Ouyen 4 Emmet St, Ouyen 3/24-26 Mitchell St, Ouyen

3 4 4+Study 3 2 2 4 2+Study 1

5 Bristol Way 1 Floral Avenue 2/3 Eileen Street 7 Bowring Place

3 3 2 3



Study, lovely outdoor area & great shed Executive home, ducted r/cycle Lovely home, great outdoor area Modern t/house, WIR to main, dbl c/port Very neat & tidy cottage in Merbein Neat unit, secure yard, close to schools Spacious, WIP, good sized yard, carport Low maint yard, 2 sheds, gas wall heater Lovely spot, short term lease available

$390.00 $330.00 $285.00 $235.00 $185.00 $155.00 $135.00 $130.00 $ 90.00

RECENTLY LET Offers 2 living areas, ensuite, r/cycle Character home, wood & gas heating Stroll to Centro, neat unit, r/cycle air con 3 br home in quiet court


Stockdale & Leggo believes this information is correct but it does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information.You should make your own enquiries & check the information. Please note: open inspections are subject to change.

5023 5000 107 Eighth Street

5022 4700 Shop 65 Centro Plaza



18 Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

Home Buyers Guide


We’re the only agents open 7 days Merbein

35 Box Street

35 Chaffey Street


Merbein South

Lot 1 Sturt Highway


Sturt Highway Frontage

Paint, Perspire & Profit

With a bit of hard work & a few dollars for materials, this 2 bedroom home could be one of the cosiest. There is rear lane access to a great handyman’s shed & secure backyard. A coat of paint, the floors repolished & a touch up in the yard, this home would certainly shine once again. We have a quality tenant waiting for a property such as this in the area. Potential weekly rent of $170 - $180.

Price Inspect Contact

$140,000 Sat 11.15 - 11.45am Chris Hill 0431 378 202


Cnr Cowanna & Yelta Road

The Great Entertainer!

This well presented home situated a stones throw from Merbein’s main street is the perfect starter for the first home buyer or investor. With a practical floor plan, 3 bedrooms, sunken lounge & open kitchen / dining. Combine this with a great size yard & an entertaining area that overlooks the common, it all adds to the appeal of this great family friendly home. Well worth the look!

25 acres of freehold land with excellent frontage to the Sturt Highway at Merbein South. Located opposite Merbein Mushrooms this land has approval for a storage facility & would be ideally suited for Freight or associated industries. With all services available & approved Vicroads opening. Invest for the future today.

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

Offers Over $225,000 By Appointment Chris Hill 0431 378 202


37 Neilpo Street


16 Neilpo Street

$125,000 By Appointment Daniel Cawood 0408 388 732


82 School Road FIRST RELEASE

First Class Dried Fruit Holding

Budget Buying At It’s Best

Quality home - Walk To Everything

18.65 hectares (46.09 acres) with 157 megalitres of high security water. Being offered with this property is a 10 year contract with Clyne Foods & also includes structural improvements with residence & excellent shedding. Currently planted to approximately 18.53 acres of Sun Muscats & 19.20 acres of Carina Currants

Great first home or investment situated in the heart of Dareton & offering 3 large bedrooms, spacious lounge/ dining with slow combustion heater & brilliant polished floors, sunny kitchen with loads of cupboards & electric stove with rangehood. Extras include evaporative cooling, garden shed, carport & large allotment. It’s a beauty!

Located in the centre of Coomealla is this well loved family home. Features 3 bedrooms, BIR’s, large lounge, separate kitchen/dining, WI Pantry, ceiling fans throughout, ample storage & split system heating & cooling. Outside features great sized secure yard, established trees, rainwater tank & side access to shed with concrete floor & 3 phase power. Within walking distance to the Coomealla club & schools.

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

$550,000 By Appointment Daniel Cawood 0408 388 732


524 Shaggy Ridge Road


Lot 24 River Road

Ideally located this 3 bedroom home plus study on a large block would be ideal for the growing family or those looking for some space in a rural setting. This home features a new kitchen & modern bathroom, large wood heater, ducted evaporative cooling, large outdoor area, excellent water storage & fully secure yard.

$179,900 By Appointment Daniel Cawood 0408 388 732

The Darling River is right at the back door of this affordable family residence. Fully renovated throughout this 3 bedroom home located on approximately 10 ha of freehold title boasts panoramic river views & excellent shedding. Features include solid timber kitchen, large living areas, office & fully renovated bathroom. Your change in lifestyle awaits you & with a private rural outlook.

Price Inspect Contact

$130,000 - $140,000 Sat 12.45 - 1.15pm Adriano Aiello 0438 075 747


65 Cadell Street

Relax, Unwind & Enjoy The Lifestyle

Tree Framed River Views

Country Living

Price: Inspect: Contact:

$130,000 By Appointment Ian Miers 0428 586 205

$299,000 By Appointment Daniel Cawood 0408 388 732

Located on the verge of the Darling & Murray rivers is this cosy 2 bedroom home plus sleep out. Set on a large well established block, enjoy your outdoor lifestyle on the massive deck or in the BBQ shack & let the world go by. Ideally suited for short term holiday accommodation or the retired couple. This sort of property is rare & will not be available for long.

Price Inspect Contact

$199,000 By Appointment Daniel Cawood 0408 388 732

Hobby Farm

The property consists of 4 acres of freehold land with 1 meg water entitlement. This delightful 3 bedroom cottage has been restumped & has new cladding. Features large open lounge with wood fire heater, large kitchen/meals area with stacks of cupboard space & generous size bedrooms. Outside features undercover entertaining area, large pool with timber decking, 4 carports & some shedding.

Price Inspect Contact

$139,950 By Appointment Jason Lawler 0417 248 002


8/6 - 10 Sturt Highway

Investment Unit This very neat 2 bedroom unit would be ideal as an investment. Currently leased at $125 per week & presented in excellent condition the home features 2 large bedrooms & spacious lounge. Located in a quiet area & within walking distance to shops & 10 minutes to Mildura on foot. Close to River precinct & schools.

Price Inspect Contact

$119,000 By Appointment Daniel Cawood 0408 388 732

Ouyen Properties Ouyen

15 Martin Avenue


Our Ouyen Agent Chris Hill has recently been appointed as our Ouyen & District specialist & will be in Ouyen conducting all things real estate each & every Friday. Born & bred in Sunraysia Chris has a broad knowledge of the district & it’s people & is the perfect fit for the Ouyen area. With our market share consistently growing in this area we see this appointment as critical as we move forward into the Ouyen & District market place.

In The Heart Of Town

Attractive from the street is this well presented 3 bedroom home. Offering a solid construction with mighty high ceilings, freshly painted throughout, new vinyl floor in kitchen & a lovely formal living room all serviced by new evap air conditioner. All on a good sized block with sewerage connected & valuable side lane access. Currently rented at $165 per week.

Price: Inspect:

For anyone wishing to discuss any real estate matter please call Chris on 5023 5000 or 0431 378 202 or email

$119,000 By Appointment


11 Martin Avenue

37 Farrell Street



Fabulous Home

A quiet position & an inviting interior will tick all the boxes Steeped In History on any Home Buyer’s checklist. Positioned within a tightly Circa 1930 this lovingly restored home features pressed metal ceilings throughout, renovated kitchen & bathroom, held pocket of Ouyen, you’ll find living here incredibly cosy formal lounge with wood heating & separate dining room. Other features include ducted evaporative cooling, convenient to Ouyen Primary School. Features 4 bedrooms large verandahs & rear lane access. All located on approximately 1/2 acre in the heart of town. plus study, large separate living rooms, well sized kitchen & bathroom, car accommodation, large private backyard & lots more. Inspect today.

$220,000 - $240,000 By Appointment

Price: Inspect:


Ouyens Special

Ideally located is this 2 bedroom home close to the heart of Ouyen. Features include large lounge, and 2 good sized bedrooms. Next door to the Ouyen Caravan Park, it would make an excellent rental. Situated with side access and it also has a fully secure yard.

Price: Inspect:

$40,000 By Appointment


33 Ritchie Street



Price Inspect

12 Calder Highway

$145,000 Fri 1.00 - 1.30pm


The Size Will Surprise

Sick of the kids sleeping 2 to a room? No study area or space for friends to sleep over? No room for entertaining? This rambling, comfortable 4 bedroom family home will take care of that! The home also features 2 separate living areas, large open kitchen/dining & huge bathroom. Set on a large allotment, all this property needs is the shed to complete the package.

Price Inspect

$199,000 By Appointment

Stockdale & Leggo believes this information is correct but it does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information.You should make your own enquiries & check the information. Please note: open inspections are subject to change.

5023 5000 107 Eighth Street

5022 4700 Shop 65 Centro Plaza





8. What was your biggest sale? Sorry: client confidentiality!!

g u i d e

e s t a t e

r e a l

f r e e

y o u r


24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly

Home Buyers Guide

9. What was your smallest sale? A Fully furnished(18 month old furniture) 3 bedroom house with sheds on ¾ acre in country Vic for $65,000


10. What has been your most funny experience (moment) in real estate? Working with comedians makes it tough to pick one out, but it is a very long list, depending on your sense of humor. 11. What has been the biggest change to the real estate industry your time in the industry? The $36,500 First Home Owners Bonus has really made new homes attractive.

Graham Hill

reet, Merbein Fax 5025 3139

12. Favourite football team? - ST.KILDA & Bambil 13. Favourite food? - as it turned out……the fattening ones!!!

1. Name - Graham Hill 2. Employer - Collie and Tierney First National Real Estate Street, Merbein 3 Fax 5025 3139

15. Favourite past time? Kicking back in quiet remote places with some of the above.

Aaron Walder 0408 315 746

U REDManager: Branch manufacture/rollformed steel building products UCED or trade and retail. 13 ½ years.(Mildura) Real Estate Agents emailrepresentative.(Vic.) N.T. Auctioneers Lic.12 Sanders Street, Merbein


10 Ope .0 12 nOp 0- .1 Sean 105 - tSun .3 12.4 0 5

AUC IO N TOMMT OROW 17. Favourite movie / actor? Movie: Shrek Actor: Shrek


Attention Builders/Handymen Roger Walder 0417 711 217Ve 18. Any Significant others? - One and three Aaron Walder 0408 315 746


Offers Over $90,000


Lot 1 Myall Lane, Merbein

12 Sanders Street, Me

10 Ope .0 n 10 Ope 0- Sa .0 n 10 t 0- Sa .3 10 t 0 .3 0

9. Ope 45 n – Sa 10 t .1 5

3/60 Box Street, Merbein

ed W 45 en 6. Op 00 6.

12 Ope .0 n 0 Su -1 n 2. 30

Say goodbye to the landlord and get into this attractive little 87 Commercial Street, Merbein 3 bedroom home. A real first home buyers special, freshly 19. What do you like most about Mildura / Sunraysia? -


Roger W Vend Aaron W

10 Ope .0 n 0- Sa 10 t .3 0

10 Ope .4 n 5- Sa 11 t .1 5

F 87 Commercial Roger Street, Merbein Walder 0417 711 217 OF 5. What job did you doprior to real estate, do you hold any other R E Phone 5025 3133 Fax 5025 3139InvestmentND qualifi cations? Serenity Special PR ICE

Attention Builders/Handymen 16. Favourite Band / artist or song? Jethro Tull. :- living in the past. 11 Ope .1 n 5- Sa 11 t .4 5

Investment Special

Vendor Says Sell 4. How long have you worked in the real estate industry? Fourth year NEW NEW NEW PRICE LISTING LISTING LISTING REDUCED ER

O 9. pe 30 n -1 Sa 0. t 00

3. How long have you worked with your employer? Third year

O 9. pen 30 -1 Sa 0. t 10 Ope9 Op 00 .0 n.3 en 0- Sa0 10 t S .3 10 at 0 .0 0 11 Ope .3 n 0- Sa 12 t .0 10 Ope 0 .4 n 5- Sa 11 t .1 5


Roger Wa Aaron Wa

14. Favourite drink? - Beer, white wine, red wine,whiskey,bubbly,vodka,bourbon, port and I like water too.

10 Ope .1 n 5- Sa 10 t .4 5

87 Commercial Street, Merbein Feel The Serenity Investment Special Terrific Home Opportunity Big Roger BlockWalder 0417 711 217 First Phone 5025 3133 Fax 5025 3139 24 Werrimull Sth Rd, Werrimull $89,000 Offers Over $90,000 3/60 Box Street, Merbein Aaron Walder 0408 315 746

Attention Builders/Handymen


Good Place to Start Comfortable 4 Bedrooms – Big Block $115,500 $129,000 LISTING

12 Sanders Street, Merbein 13 Cedar Street, Red Cliffs


Leafy Home on Acres Terrific First Home Opportunity There’s ASeclusion House In There!

24 Jenner Street, Merbein





24 Street, Red Merbein 11 Jenner Wattle Street, Cliffs

$139,000 Neg $99,500



$139,000 Neg

Ticks All The Boxes

$149,500 $109,500

Aaron Walder 0408 315 746 NEW LISTIN G

322 Fifth Street, Merb


Just Move In Comfortable Home Acres 4 Bedrooms – Bigon Block

Vendor Says Sell

912Baylee Avenue, Mildura Sanders Street, Merbein

Comfortable Home Acres $115,5 4 Bedrooms – Bigon Block 12 Sanders Street, Merbein

10 Ope .0 n 0- Sa 10 t .3 0

$139,000 Neg

FER F 9 Baylee Avenue, Mildura RO DE N UGreat –Place Good Location GreatTo Outlook Start 30



10 Ope .3 n 0 S 10 Op-e11.0 at . n0

10 Ope .0 n 0- Sa 10 t .3 0

email EW NLNE email ISTW L I S T IIN NG G 24 Jenner Street, Merbein


12 Sanders Street, Merbein

Great Place To Start Comfort Roger Walder 0417 711 217

Great Place To Sell Start

Says Lot 1 MyallVendor Lane, Merbein

-1 Sat 1. 00

Terrific First House Home Opportunity In There! Offers Over $90,000 3/60There’s Box Street,AMerbein

10 Ope .3 n 0- Sa 11 t .0 0



10 Ope .0 n 0- Sa 10 t .3 0

10 Ope .3 9n Ope 0- .30Sa n 11 -10t Sat .0 .00 0

Vendor Terrific Home – Big Block Phone 5025 Says 3133Sell Fax 5025 3139 First Phone 5025Opportunity 3133 Fax 5025 3139 Block


Lot 1 Myall Lane, Merbein

NEW email LISTING 87$110,000 Commercial Street,Street, Merbein $115,500 12 Sanders Merbein 87 Commercial Street, Merbein 4 Bedrooms – Big 24 Werrimull Sth Rd, Werrimull

Vendor Says Sell

Great Place To Start


10 Ope .0 n 0- Sa 1 10 Ope 0.3 t .0 n 0 0- Sa 10 t .3 0

10 Ope .0 n 0- Sa 10 t .3 0

11 Ope .3 n S 0- u 12 n .0 0

inside andindustry? includes new floor 6. What do you like most about the real estate - coverings in high trafficWhen you knock off from work, you are already where other people want to come to Phone 5025 3133 Fax 5025 3139painted Feel The Serenity Investment Builders/Handymen areas, high ceilings and built inSpecial robes in 2Pbedrooms. PricespendAttention Vendor Says Sell RIC their holidays. NEW711 217 Anything can happen on any day. Roger Walder 0417 dymen REDUCE Vendor Says reduced to Sell sell. LISTING ED PRICE REDUC 20. What would you change / introduce to Mildura? - Aaron Walder 0408 315 746 E email 7. What do you most dislike about the real estate industry?DI look forward to the Marina complex being up and running as it is the biggest change to 1.Wearing a tie! Mildura’s lifestyle and is indicative we are maturing as a tourist destination with classy 2.Keys/locks that don’t work. l $89,000 Offers Over $90,000 $110,000 12 Sanders Street, 3/60 Box Street, Merbein Lot 1 Myall Lane, Merbein facilities.

322 FifthStreet, Street,Red Merbein 13 Cedar Cliffs

FER F O 9 Baylee Avenue, Mildura ER ND U Super Investment Property

$179,000 $129,000 LISTIN LISGTING

322 Fifth Street, M


Attractive Pac

3 Merebin Court, Merbein

$199,000 $150,000-$165,000


Super Investment Property 4 Bedroom Home on 17 ¼ Acres

Lot 1 (28) River Avenue

Lot 1 (28) River Avenue



11 Ope .1 n 5- Sa 11 t .4 5

1111 OOppee .0.1 nn 05-- SSaa 1111 tt .4.4 55

Ticks All The Boxes Good Location – Great Outlook Surprisingly Spacious

3 Merebin Court, Merbein 21 River Avenue, Merbein

Attractive Pa

Attractive Package – Great Locatio Birdwoodton Location-Budget Price P

RICourt, 11 Rusticana CE Mildura REDUC ED $199,000

11 Ope .1 n 5- Sa 11 t .4 5


Super Investment Property

1111 OOppee .0.1 nn 05-- SSaa 1111 tt .4.4 55

10 Ope .4 n 5- Sa 11 t .1 5



10 Ope .4 n 5- Sa 11 t .1 5

Little Beauty At Birdwoodton Quite Quiet $179,000

322 Fifth MerbeinBirdwoodton 324 Street, River Avenue,

Ticks All The Boxes

11 Ope .3 n 0- Sa 1 t 10 O2p.0e0 .4 n 5- Sa 11 t .1 5


10 Ope .4 n 5- Sa 11 t .1 5


10 Ope .4 n 5- Sa 11 t .1 5

Comfortable Home on Acres $149,000 $150,000-$165,000 7 O’Bryan Street, Merbein 21 River Avenue, Merbein 34 Commercial Street, Merbein $180,000 $165,000 South 15 Walters Drive, MerbeinAll Little Beauty At Birdwoodton Attractive Package – Great Location Ticks The Boxes Super Investment Property $109,500 Good Location – Great Outlook 24 Street, Merbein 912Baylee Avenue, Mildura 13 Cedar Street, Red $139,000 Neg $149,500 322 Fifth Street, Merbein $179,0 Sanders Street, Merbein $99,500 Everything is done with this well presented 3 bedroom 11 Jenner Wattle Street, Red Cliffsmany good features There’s still a little bit to do Cliffs but this largely renovated $129,000 Character 3 bedroom home directly opposite Chaffey 13 Cedar Street, Red Cliffs $129,0 This ‘out-of-town’ property has PR I C conite home in great central Merbein location. With E vinyl weatherboard 3 bedroom home has a lot to offer and tremendous potential. The home sits on a generous Park and easy walk to the river. Tastefully renovated PRICE PRICEand RED LISTING EDUheating, the first home buyer. Features include new kitchen and CED new kitchen, Rgas REDspacious 1255m2 (approx 1/3 acre) alotment & includes high CED UCED polished Ufloorboards, features include high ceilings, timber kitchen, evaporative cooling, double lock up carport with auto door bathroom, reverse cycle322 air-conditioning plus wood $149,500 Fifth Street, Merbein ceilings, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms $179,000 (spa bath), 3 toilets, lounge with bay window, separate dining room, utility and being fully landscaped this is an excellent first home heater, 2 living areas and close to primary schools and huge carport, 2 rainwater tanks (kitchen tapping), shed, room, good shed, shady gardens and carport. buyers package. all facilities 3.5mgs water, garden sprinklers & solar hot water. $259,000 $249,000

P RIC $149,500

E RE ECourt, N DUCEDM W 11 Rusticana PRICE

Attractive Package – Great Location

Attractive Package – Great Location

11 Ope .1 n 5- Sa 11 t .4 5

11 Ope .1 n 5- Sa 11 t .4 5

$199,000 Lot 1 (28) $199,000 $179,500 3 Merebin Court,For Merbein River Avenue Opportunity 324 River Avenue, Birdwoodton 11Birdwoodton Rusticana Court, Mildura - Small Acres $249,0 Investment Lease$210,000-$225,000 P111 355 Yelta Road, Merbein West RISixth $199,000 $150,000-$165,000 $149,50 C 21 River Avenue, Merbein EStreet, Merbein $149,000 41 Rodwells Road, Birdwoodton $279,000 $80,000 NEG Block 81 Oak, Avenue, Birdwoodton R opportunity for $179,500 first home buyers who want a quiet DUC 11 Rusticana Cour Looks can be deceptive & an internal inspection of this $199,000 $199,000 3 Merebin Court, Merbein Lot 1 (28) River Avenue n EGreat ED out-of-town location on an acre of land. This appealing 4 home will disclose 4 big bedrooms plus a big study or 5th Located in the popular Birdwoodton area this tidy dried This property is 6.31 Ha (15.6 acres) and includes 40 x

bedroom weatherboard home with high ceilings is being fully renovated and will be good as new throughout. Don’t delay & arrange your inspection now, this one won’t last. 11 Rusticana Court, Mildura $259,000

11 Rusticana Court, Mildura

bedroom and 2 separate living areas. Located on a quiet acre of land it also features quality soft furnishings, full ensuite, polished floorboards & a great 40x20 shed with wood heater.

For Lease

89 Commercial Street, Merbein



W LISTIN fruit property has a lot to offer. Includes a lovely 4 bedroom 20 shed with 20 x 20 lean to and 2.3 megs water right. G conite home with huge lounge and separate formal dining Also features excellent sandy loam soil and neighbouring room, town water connected, full working plant including 2 tractors, good shed, rentable brick pickers quarters, properties are good quality. Birdwoodton - Small Acres Investment Opportunity terrific soil and 3 megs of irrigation water. $149,0 $199,000 83-89 Commercial Street, Merbein

20 Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

Home Buyers Guide


roccisano property group

These properties have been hand selected by Management as the best value in their price range. NEW LISTING




Little Gem Good Location • 3 bedrooms with Built In Robes • Open Living • Separate lounge/theatre room • Quiet court location

Contact: Loretta 0418 596789 Address: 9 Risbey Court C7 Internet PID: 342935

$198,000 Immaculate Near New Townhouse

• Fully appointed kitchen • Large garden shed, auto sprinklers • Landscaped garden, timber decking • Room for caravan and trailer


$220,000 First Home Owners Buy Now

•Spotless 2 bedroom townhouse in

• Bathroom and ensuite secure private westside location • Ducted Reverse cycle •Formal lounge room, spacious mirror • Room for 2 cars, boat & caravan tone kitchen with dishwasher • Low maintenance

• 2 bedrooms/built-in robes • 1 bathroom • 2 toilets • Reverse cycle split system


• 1 carport, garden shed • Short walk to Centro & Gateway Tavern • Close to transport, good location

Contact: David A 0408 514 666 Address: Unit 4, 2 Eileen Street C6 Dyar PID: Ave 336498 Open: Saturday 11.45-12.15pm Internet

Contact: Graeme 0429 824008 Address: 24a Canterbury Drive D1 Open: Saturday 10.00-10.30am Internet PID: 343050



Fabulous Home on 1/2 Acre (approx) • A perfect family lifestyle home • 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms • Separate lounge, gas fire place • Terrific large rumpus room


• Outdoor BBQ/entertaining area • Remote gate to spacious yard • Great brick shed, separate orchard • Town & 3.2 meg water right

For Sale Now or by Auction Saturday 1st August, 2009 at 12.00noon Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 & Mandy 0417 017 635 Address: 3048 Deakin Avenue (over Seventeenth Street) Internet PID: 339721 Open: Saturday 1.00-1.30pm

Large Enough for Everyone


• Huge 1200m2 allotment • 20 x 10 Colourbond Shed • 3 bedrooms with built in robes • Walking distance to CBD of Red • Brick workshop plus shower, toilet Cliffs and combustion heating • Rear lane access For Sale Now or by Auction Saturday 8th August, 2009 at 11am Contact: David A 0408 514 666 Address: 3 Myall Crescent Internet: 341688 Phone to inspect


Dress Circle Court

Build your dream home in this court among some of Mildura’s best quality executive homes. Elevated 788m2 site with all services available, this is one of the few remaining building sites in this highly regarded court. Ensure the value of your new home by building in one of the best courts in Mildura.

For Sale Now or by Auction Saturday 22nd August, 2009 at 11am Contact: Peter 0407 212850 Address: 19 Bakogiannis Court Internet PID: 343061




Red Cliffs’ Best Buy

$325,000 Inner City Cottage

• 3 bedrooms and 3 living areas • Beautiful undercover entertainment • Stunning timber kitchen with quality area appliances • Large Shed with shower and bath• Solar heated inground pool room attached

Contact: David A 0408 514 666 Address: 5 Melia Avenue Internet PID: 332528


• Charming 1 bedroom with potential • Fabulous convenient location, short to extend distance to shops and CBD • Good size yard with road access, • Great Investment or first home and fully fenced and secure very affordable

•4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

Down by the River

Contact: Loretta 0418 596789 Address: 263 Cureton Ave E1 Internet PID: 339776



A rare opportunity to acquire a three bedroom home plus study, in one of Mildura’s most sought after areas. The home comprises a beautifully appointed Blackwood kitchen, elegant gas log fire place, fully ducted reverse cycle heating/cooling plus floor heating, large double carport, fully fenced and paved. Walking distance to CBD, Arts Centre, Lock 11 and the Murray walking tracks along side the river. This home is situated on a large allotment with room for expansion, a true blue chip property, a must see!

Inspection by appointment only

• Approx 7 acres • Close to Murray River, Aero ovals • 8 megs of water and Mildura golf course •Planning permit for a dwelling, • Rural lifestyle close to CBD swimming pool and shed • LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION

BURONGA ESR$315,000-$350,000

•40 x 25 shed, 2 roller doors, power, concrete, wood fire heater, a/cond •Spacious backyard with kid’s play area, shade sails

Reflections of a Bygone Area



• Be impressed by the attention to detail • Tremendous inner city location

in maintaining true original character • Feature timber kitchen, polished •3 good sized bedrooms, formal lounge, boards and decorative ceilings family area and bright dining space • Gas and wood heating

Contact: Graeme 0429 824008 Contact: Tony 0418 502101 Address: 22 Melaleuca Street, Buronga Address: 219 Eleventh Street, Mildura F4 Internet PID: 337717 Open: Saturday 12.00-12.30pm Internet PID: 341501 Open: Saturday 12.30-1.00pm


Investor/First Home Buyer • 3 spacious bedrooms • Separate kitchen / dining • Lounge • Rumpus / family room

Contact: Peter 0407 212850 Address: 5 Teal Drive D4 Internet PID: 338452

83 Deakin Avenue, Mildura


$219,000 Move In and Put your Feet Up

• Single garage • Free standing separate garage • Established gardens • Close to schools, transport & shops



•This quality home has all the “I wants •Ducted gas heating & Evap Cooling and needs” •Attractive low maintenance gardens •4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms •Good sized workshop •Beautiful new mirror-tone Kitchen •Excellent westside court position

Contact: Graeme 0429 824 008 Address: 4 Iredale Court B5 Phone to inspect Internet PID: 343092

Open: Saturday 11.00-11.30am

*ESR - Estimated Selling Range


5021 1900

•2 living areas plus rumpus room •Reverse Cycle Heating/Cooling •Outdoor entertaining area


Contact: David M 0417 007 556 Address: 65 Flora Avenue C1 Internet PID: 340082

Contact: Rico 0418 516773 or Mandy 0417 017 635 Address: 86 Thirteenth Street Internet PID: 342963

Melaleuca Heights Best Buy


Fantastic Opportunity

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly

Home Buyers Guide


roccisano property group


• Brick Veneer • 3 bedrooms with Built In Robes • 2 Living areas • Secure yard with shed

$210,000 Central Location

• Double Lock Up Carport • Close to Centro • Established neighbourhood • Great first home

Contact: Peter 0407 212850 Address: 27 Maloney Drive D6 Internet PID: 342977

Phone to inspect


Character On Jacaranda • 3 bedrooms • 10 ft ceilings • Polished floorboards • Recently renovated

Contact: David M 0417 007556 Address: 42 Box Street Internet PID: 332638

$170,000 Money Making Opportunity

• 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms • Timber Kitchen • Open Plan living • Carport and side access to Shed

• Huge outdoor entertaining area • Walking distance to CBD • 40 x 20 (approx) Shed • College Lease Land

Contact: David M 0417 007556 Address: 120 Walnut Avenue E3 Internet PID: 341699

Open:Saturday 10.00--10.30am


Contact: Graeme 0429 824 008 Address: 740 Deakin Avenue B7 Internet PID:


•Elevated site, near schools & shops •3 bedrooms, ensuite, large shower •2 living areas, 2 TV wall stands •Kitchen, D/W, gas hot/p, elec oven

Phone to inspect

Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 or Mandy 0417 017 635 Address: 6 Cavallo Drive C4 Internet PID: 334864 Open: Saturday 11.00-11.30am

Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 or Mandy 0417 017 635 Address: 1 Newman Close I15 Internet PID: 329436 Open: Saturday 12.00-12.30pm




Investment Opportunity


• Low maintenance yard/fully paved • Large carport, auto electric gate • Garden shed, beautifully landscaped • Ideal First Home Buyer or Retiree

•Rental return $8840 PA • Secure tenant in place • 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom • Bungalow - Kid’s Retreat

• 2 Sheds • Renovated, new carpets, paint • Close to CBD and Primary School • A great little starter for investor

Open: Saturday 11-00-11.30am

Contact: David A 0408 514 666 Address: 4 Murray Avenue Internet PID: 332305

• Timber kitchen • 10 foot ceilings • 734m2 allotment (15.54 x 47.22m) • Ideal first home

Phone to inspect



$205,000 A Golden Oldie

Open: Saturday 10.00-10.30am

• Character home • Tightly held location • Brick home • Polished daddo & floor boards


$180,000 plus



• 3 big bedrooms all with BIR’s • Covered entertainment area, B/In BBQ • Semi Rural location close to Centro • Combustion Heating, Evap Cooling

Owner Says SELL!

ESR $230,000-$250,000

•Ducted natural gas heating •Low maintenance yards, shedding •Great outdoor area, built-in bar •Separate side access to yard

Contact: Peter 0407 212 850 Address: 211 Twelfth Street D3 Internet PID: 320153


•Enter this renovated home & be impressed by quality & spaciousness • Bright modern kitchen, huge family dining, large lounge

• Charming 1930’s home • Polished Murray Pine floors • Wunderlick walls & ceilings •10 foot high ceilings

$168,500 Great Investment/First Home

• Timber dado • Close to Marina & river • Large 756m2 allotment • Outstanding restoration project

Contact: Peter 0407 212 850 Address: 27 San Mateo Avenue F4 Internet PID: 328249

• 2 bedroom home • Huge allotment • Gas heating/evap cooling • Paved pergola area



• Westside location • Close to schools/kindergarten • Walking distance to CBD • Close to sporting facilitates

Contact: Peter 0407 212 850 Address: 233 Eighth Street F4 Phone to inspect Internet PID: 325351

Phone to inspect


The Best Value New Home Package On The Market $249,000 ea

• 3 bedrooms, ensuite to main • Hide-away/study nook • Stainless steel appliances • Reverse cycle air conditioning • You won’t find better value • Undercover outdoor entertaining • Double lock up garage/auto door • Good size yard with rear access


•Zoned R1- perfect for subdivision (STCA) •This is a rare opportunity to cash in •1.857 HA (4.5 Acre approx) •Elevated site - proposed 23 Lot plan •4 bedroom Western Red Cedar Home available. Don’t Miss It! •THIS PROPERTY MUST BE SOLD!! Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 or Mandy 0417 017 635 Address: Chaffey Park Drive, Merbein Internet PID: 319226

•Beautifully maintained 2 bedroom •Kitchen, dining, separate lounge •Floating floorboards throughout •Lovely courtyard & lawn area •Kitchen, pantry, fridge/freezer space •Lock up car accommodation •Combustion heating, evap cooling •Private & secure, garden shed


Found- The House for You


Townhouse with Charm ESR $165,000-$175,000 Stunningly Presented

ESR $200,000-$230,000

• 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms • 2 living areas & office • Gourmet kitchen, dual Italian stoves • Covered decking, private courtyard



• Shedding • Rear lane access • Approx 800m2 allotment • FULL OF CHARACTER AND CHARM

Contact: David A 0408 514 666 Address: 127 Jacaranda Street Internet PID: 329662

Bargain Buy



Calling All 1st Home Buyers


High on Hill, Complete Infrastructure MILDURA

Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 or Mandy 0417 017 635 Address: Lot 8 Renshinkan Court D12 Internet PID: 317370

5021 1900

83 Deakin Avenue, Mildura


$230,000 Rare Opportunity

• Red wine grapes with contract • Imperial mandarine - 1/2 Acre • Computerised watering system • Pump shed, overhead sprays


• Quiet court location • Walking distance to Alcheringa pre-school, Gol • Large Allotment (1064m2) Gol primary School, Murray River, Boat ramp, • Fully fenced Tennis courts, General store, Post Office and • Be Quick the beautiful Gol Gol Hotel. Contact: Tony 0418 502101 Address: 7 Lauren Close C1 Internet PID: 340082

Real People in Real Estate Tony Roccisano 0418 502 101

Rico D’Amico 0418 516 773

Mandy D’Amico Peter White Gary Castleman Loretta Paiano 0417 017 635 0407 212 850 0419 548 922 0418 596 789

David Adolph 0408 514 666

David Martin 0417 007 556

Graeme Roper 0429 824008

MW24072009 *ESR - Estimated Selling Range

• Approx 30 Acres • High on hill, good soil • 10 Megs of High Security Water • Electric Pump (8 Acre shifts) Contact: Loretta 0418 596 789 Address: Lot 2 Paschendale Avenue Internet PID: 337565


22 Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

Home Buyers Guide



Shops for Sale

• 2 Premises/2 leases • Good traffic exposure • 587 m2 land and shops • Zoned (BIZ) Business Zone 1


• Ideal for investors or owner occupier • On street car parking and close to sporting ovals and Tafe


Langtree Avenue Freehold

• Excellent exposure to traffic and pedestrians • Ideal for Investors/owner occupiers •Building 140m2/large window front


• 8 car park facility • Staff room facility with 2 toilets • Land size 280m2 freehold • Entrance to Mall - Prime Location


Citrus/Avocado/Chardonnay Farm

$265,000 Affordable 10 Acres

• Planted with citrus & avocados • 4 acres of Chardonnay with contract • 10 megs high security water

• Approx. 10 acres (4 planted to Shiraz) • Solar farm minutes away • Close to Red Cliffs town centre


ESR $65,000-$72,000 • 3 Megs of High Security Water • Natural gas main on Trioda • Deep sandy red loam

First Home Buyers Don’t miss out

• River frontage • Large allotment 2.5 acres • Own your own island • Fully fenced Contact: Tony 0418 502101 Address: 6 Murray Street Internet PID: 311027


• Walking distance to Gol Gol • High elevation • Bird life sanctuary • Exclusive location

Phone for an Inspection

83 Deakin Avenue, Mildura


Rico and Mandy D’Amico Your Local Real Estate Agents. Professionals Sales Team of The Year.

100% IS WHERE WE START Selling your home?

Call Rico and Mandy Direct for professional assistance on

5018 9104 0418 516 773

Results in Real Estate

5018 9114 0417 017 635

roccisano property group

• 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom • Recently renovated • Large shed, good size block • Side access to yard

• School next door, walking distance to shopping precinct • Great opportunity to purchase your first home now, be quick!

Huge $36,500 Grant

Don’t miss out on the Government Grant, you may never get a chance like this again... Build new & save thousands on stamp duty! Call today to secure your Land or House & Land Package. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 or Mandy 0417 017 635 Address: Riverside Park, Cnr Fifteenth St & Riverside Ave D12 Internet PID: 266851

Real People in Real Estate *ESR - Estimated Selling Range

RED CLIFFS Ideal First Home Opportunity ESR $160,000-$170,000


5021 1900


• Ideal for Investors and owner occuppier • Buy now, profit later!

Contact: David A 0408 514 666 Address: 6 Murray Avenue Internet PID: 337555

RIVERSIDE PARK Lifestyle on the Murray


Contact: Loretta 0418 596789 Address: 163 Eighth Street E3 Internet PID: 340722

Contact: Loretta 0418 596 789 Address: 37 Trioda Street Internet PID: 336290


Freehold Commercial Shop

• Absolutely Prime Location • Huge carpark precinct • Excellent exposure • Good passing pedestrian traffic

Contact: Loretta 0418 596789 Address: 94 Langtree Avenue F3 Internet PID: 339734

Contact: Loretta 0418 596789 Address: 1301-1307 Etiwanda Avenue F5 Internet PID: 340754

• 7 bay lockable shed • 3 phase power • 7 bay lean-to shed, chemical shed • 17 acres with overhead sprays Contact: Loretta 0418 596 789 Address: 7 Cowanna Avenue Internet PID: 336486

roccisano property group

Tony Roccisano Rico D’Amico 0418 502 101 0418 516 773



Mandy D’Amico Peter White Gary Castleman Loretta Paiano 0417 017 635 0407 212 850 0419 548 922 0418 596 789

David Adolph 0408 514 666

David Martin Graeme Roper 0417 007 556 0429 824008

We have you covered! for all your rental needs PAGE 28,29

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly

Home Buyers Guide

Home Loan Rates

Paradise Found absolute river frontage

Call 5021 5101 0417 215 107 HOME LOANS

Home Loan Repayment Indicator Check the indicator below for WEEKLY PAYMENTS on housing loans available on all residential properties listed in this supplement.

HOUSE COST $100,000 $110,000 $120,000 $130,000 $140,000 $150,000 $160,000 $170,000 $180,000 $190,000

LOAN REPAYMENT $95,000 $119 $104,500 $130 $114,000 $142 $123,500 $154 $133,000 $166 $142,500 $178 $152,000 $190 $161,500 $202 LOT $171,000 $214 $180,500 $225


HOUSE COST $200,000 $210,000 $220,000 $230,000 $240,000 $250,000 $260,000 $270,000 $280,000 $290,000

LOAN REPAYMENT $190,000 $237 $199,500 $249 $209,000 $261 $218,500 $273 $228,000 $285 $237,500 $296 $247,000 $308 $256,500 $320 $266,000 $332 $275,500 $344

Repayments based on a 30 year loan term, with 5% deposit, at an interest rate of 5.06%* per annum to approved purchasers. * Fees and charges apply. Terms and conditions available on application.

Best rates available in the market

• Over 300 acres of freehold land • Own private Island • Approx 2km’s of Darling River Frontage at pool level • House Permit • Offers over $250,000

At Mildura Home Loans, we provide the complete service • Quick Approvals • Assistance to first home buyers through to settlement (incl first home buyers grant) • Re-financing existing loans • Renovations Loans • Personal Loans • Investment Properties

First Home Buyers Grant Applies

Call Mark Weight to arrange an appointment


Phone 5021 5101, 0417 215 107 Fax 5021 5707


92 Lime Avenue, Mildura

Marty Deacon 0429 953 365

2ES#OM MW25962

Mark Weight



Martin Williams 0429 695 280


24 Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

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Crosbie Ct E-F10 Cross Ct H15 Crown Ct E16 Cureton Av D-F6-8, H-18 Cureton Av East I-K7 Curran Cl E11-12 Currawong Ct F12 Cursaro Dr I17 Cynthia Cl E17 Cyprus Av E9 Damien Ct F17 Dampier Cr H15 Darlington Pde E16-17 Dawn Av H11-12 Daytona Ct I15 De Garis Dr G-H15 Deakin Av G8-19 Deakin Pde G11 Delta Ct E16 Denbeigh Ct E16 Dennis Av H13 Desroy Av E10 Diamond Ct F15-16 Dockside Dr H7-8 Dolfin Dr J7 Domenico Dr E18 Dominic Ct C9 Donmaria Ct D9 Douglas Av H9 Dove Pl J10 Downie Dr F15 Dr Abramowski C F13 Dundas Ct H14 Duneden Cl E16 Dunlop Ct F18 Dunning Dr F17 Durham Av C8 Dyar Av C9-10 Dylan Ct F15 Eaglesham St H11 Eastwood Dr G18 Edmund Barton CtF17-18 Edward Ct I15-16 Eighth St B18 Eileen St G15 Eleventh St B-K10 Elizabeth Av G16 Elizabeth Ct H13 Ellen Ct D8 Ellswood Cr J-K7-9 Emerald Dr F15 Emily Ct F14 Endeavour Ct E14 Essex Ct C8 Damien Ct F17 Dampier Cr H15 Darlington Pde E16-17 Dawn Av H11-12 Daytona Ct I15 De Garis Dr G-H15 Deakin Av G8-19 Deakin Pde G11 Delta Ct E16 Denbeigh Ct E16

Dennis Av H13 Desroy Av E10 Diamond Ct F15-16 Dockside Dr H7-8 Dolfin Dr J7 Domenico Dr E18 Dominic Ct C9 Donmaria Ct D9 Douglas Av H9 Etherington Dr C8 Etiwanda Av I16-19 Eulinga Dr F13 Euneva Dr H13 Evans Wy D7 Evergreen Ct E16 Excelsior Dr D8 Explorer Dr H18 Eyre Ct H19 Fawkner Ct I15 Federation Dr F17-18 Felix Ct H18 Fifteenth St D-K16 Finch Ct F12 Flamingo Dr E-F12-13 Fleetwood Ct E17 Flora Av B8-13 Floral Av H11 Floral Av East H11-12 Floral Av West H11-12 Flynn Dr D-E18 Ford Cl F14 Fourteenth St E-K13 Flangipani Ct H15 Freshwater Ct H18 Fush Pl E17 Gambetta Ct H15 Garden Ct F16 Gardenia St E9 Gem Pl D8 Georgia Trc E17 Gina Cl E13 Golden Ash Dr C-D8 Grandview Way B10 Greenvale Pde E16 Grossman Ct H17 Harbourside Way H7-8 Harmony Dr G17 Hartley Ct F13 Harvest Ct F17 Harvey Ct E16 Havilah Cr G13 Hawthorn Gr G-H12 Hazel Av I11 Dove Pl J10 Downie Dr F15 Dr Abramowski C F13 Dundas Ct H14 Duneden Cl E16 Dunlop Ct F18 Dunning Dr F17 Durham Av C8 Dyar Av C9-10 Dylan Ct F15 Eaglesham St H11 Eastwood Dr G18

Edmund Barton CtF17-18 Edward Ct I15-16 Eighth St B18 Eileen St G15 Eleventh St B-K10 Elizabeth Av G16 Elizabeth Ct H13 Ellen Ct D8 Ellswood Cr J-K7-9 Emerald Dr F15 Emily Ct F14 Endeavour Ct E14 Essex Ct C8 Hazeldene St H-I12 Healthscope Ct E11 Heather Cl E13 Hector St I-J10 Heidi Ct C9 Helen Ct F14-15 Heley Ct E10 Henderson Pl H10 Herbert Ct I17 Heron Av E7-8 Herston Dr H14 Hillcrest Cl C10 Hodges Way (pvt) G8 Hollywood Bvde G18-19 Holyoake Way E17 Homebush Ct E14 Homestead Ct H17 Honeysuckle Cl F14 Hornsey Park I11 Hoyts Dr G19 Hugh King Dr E-H7-8 Hugo Ct C10 Hunter St G-H12 Hutchison St I8 Hyder Dr F14 Hynes Ct I8 Ibis Pl F13 Iredale Ct E16 Isabelle Ct I15 Jacks Ct C9-10 Jacob Ct E18 James Ct H13 James Cook Dr H18 Jamieson Ct E7 Jandra Ct D7 Jane Eliza Ct E7 Jasmine Cl G14 Jaylee Tce E17 Jenkins Pl E9 Jenner Ct (private)G11 Jennys Way\ H17-18 Joakim Ct E11 Jobson E13 Jodie Ct F14 Joe Ct E19 John Monash BvdF18 Johns St I12 Jordon Ave D9 Josie Ct I13 Jubilee Dr E-F15 Jude Ave E9 Julia Ct E19

Kaitlyn Ct Kalimna Dr Kamira Ct Kane Dr Karinya Dr Keam Cr Keam Pl Keam St Kelly Ct Kelvin Av Kepeto Ct Kiata Dr Kilburn Ct Killara Ct King Av Kingfisher Ct Kingston Av Kittyhawk Ct Kookaburra Ct Kovac Ct Kunjara Ct Kurrajong Pde Kyamber Ct Kyte Cl Laila Ct Lainie Ct Lakeview Ct Lancaster Ct Langdon Ct Langtree Av Langtree Pde Lapthorne Ct Lavender Ct Lawsons Ridge Le Pedeleure Av Le Amon Av Leask Av Leicester St Leichhart Dr Lemon Av Lemon Pl Leonard St Lever Ct Liberty Ct Lilley Dr Lilley La Lime Av Linden Cl Linton Ct Lisa Cr Lizlee Ct Lockside Av Logan Av Louisiana Ct Lubbo St Luke Ct Luke Rd Mabel Av Macquarie Ct Madden Av Madison Cl Magnolia Av Mahogany Dr Malbec Ct Maloney Dr

E18-19 G-H14 H14 F17-18 F13 I12 I12 H-I12 H14 H11-12 J10 F11-12 G15 H14 I8 F13 I9 J8 F12 D8 H14 F11 E16 F13 D9 I17 E16 J7 I15-16 G8-10 G10-11 H14 C-D8 D16-17 F16-17 H11 G13 B-C9-10 H19 H8-10 G-H8 I-J10 H15 F18 E-F13 G18 G8-10 K13 I12 I12 F18-19 E8 G13 E17 H11 J8 G18 H8 H15 G8-10 I15 H8-10 F14 H18 I15

Mansell Dr E7 Marina Walk H6-7 Marion Ct D8 Marley Ct I12 Marsden Dr G16 Mary Av H13 Marziano Dve E18 Massey Cl C10 Matotek Ct G15 Matthew Flinders DrH-I15 Mayan Ct D9-10 Mayfield Ri F13-14 McEdward Ct E7 McKay Pl H14 McKendrick Av F12-13 McLaren Ct F16 Meadow Gr E16-17 Melrose Dr E16 Merinda C G14 Merle Ct D7 Merlot Ct I13 Michael Ct E8 Milia Ct E17 Miller Av H15 Mimosa Av H12 Mirage Dr H18 Mitchell Ct H18 Montana Dr E17 Montrose Ct F16 Murray Av E8 Muscat Ct G15 Myall Pl H13 Myora C G13 Nabila Ct C9 Nancy Ct F14 Nash Ct H13 Neville Ct I13 Newman Cl G19 Nicholas Av E18 Ninth St D-19 Noble Ct G15 Nonda Cl F12 Noyce Ct H13 Oak Av H12 Olive Av F8-10 Olive Gr F10 Olivewood Dr H16-17 Olivia Dr E18 Olympic Wy E14 Ontario Av E8-19 Ontario Park Wy E18 Pelican Cl F13 Perry St J10 Peter Ct D9 Peter-John Court C10 Petrucci Way C9-10 Pevensey Grove D7-8 Phillipa Cr E18 Pia Ct I17 Pietro Ct E17-18 Pine Av F8-10 Plane Tree Dr I13 Plant Ct G16 Plantation St F-615-16

Poplar Pde F11 Popular Alm Ct D10 Primose Drive F-G14 Princess St G12 Pyap Ct D8 Quail Ct F12 Rambling Wy G14 Ramsay Ct (pvt) F10 Ranfurly Wy B11 Ranger Ct D7 Ransom Ct H12 Raymond Ct E10 Redford Ct G18 Regal Ct F15 Regency Pde F15 Renee Ct F17 Renniks St E9 Renskinkan Ct D16 Reuben Lock Ct F18 Reynolds Ct G18 Rhymney Ct E18 Ribarits Ct D-E10 Richardson Gr F13 Ridge Ct H15 Riesling Ct I13 Risbey Ct H17 Rita Dr E18 Rivanna Ct F16 River Pde E8 River Rd B-D4 Riverside Av. D7-10, D16-18 Riverview Way D6 Rodeo Dr I15 Rodger St J12 Rodi Ct E11 Rodney Ct D8 Rose St F9 Opal Ct F15 Opray Ct D9 Oram Ct F13 Orange Ave G8-10 Orlando Ct I15 Oswald Ct H14 Oxley Ct H19 Pacino Ct G18 Palm Tce (private)G16 Panorama Dr E-F16-18 Park Way F18 Parliament Ct F17 Pasadena Dr G-H12 Patricia Dr F14 Patterson Av E11 Paul Pl J9 Rosemont Av G11-12 Rothbury Gr E8 Rowse Ct B10-11 Royal Ct F16 Ruby Av H8 Rural Dr D7 Rusticana Ct G14-15 Rydal Av J10 Sahara Ct H18 San Mateo Av H8-19 San Mateo Ct (pvt)H10 Sandhill Ct H18

Sandown Dr Sandpiper Dr Sapphire Ct Sarah St Sargent Av Sarnia Av Sauer Ct Scherger Dr Scott Cr Sebastian Ct Semmens Cr Settlers Dr Seventh St Seventh St Shakira Ct Sharland St Sheridan Ct Sherring Wy Shiraz Ct Sirius Ct Sixteenth St Sixth St Sky Ct Smith Cl Sobee Pl Sotiri Ct Sovereign Ct St Neots Ct Stanford Rise Star Ct Sterling Dr Stevens St Streisand Ct Stephanie St Stuart Av Sturt Ct Suffolk Dr Summerhill Dr Pearl Av Pearse Ct Pegler Av Sunnyside Av Sunrise Dr Sunset Ct Sunview Cr Swan Pl Symonds Ct Tait Av Tamarisk Gr Taminga Ct Tarella Ct Tarrango Ct Tarrango Dr Tasman Ct Tatra Av Taylor Dr Teal Dr Tenth St Terry St Thames Pl The Boulevard The Centre Way The Crescent The Grange

K10-11 F12 F15 J8 I11 H11 H12 D-E11-12 I-J10 E14 H14-15 H17 E-I8 I-J8 C9-10 F11 G15 E18 I12 E14-15 D-K19 D-E7 G17 F14 J9 F17-18 E15 H13 D16 E15 E15-16 E8 G19 E-F19 E-F10 H18 C8 F17 H9-10 F16 E7 H11 H18 .F17 .I10 F12 D10 E13 F10 D9 D7 H18 H18 H19 D8 G18 F12-13 D-I9 G18 C8 G-H15 G12 I-J8-9 H17

Thirteenth St E-I11 Thomson Gr E7 Timansi Ct I17 Todd Ct C9 Toorak Av F10 Topaz Ct F15 Torrens Ct F14 Touriga Ct H18 Trafalgar Dr D8 Trevatt Ct H10 Tulane Dr F16-17 Twelfth St D-I10-11 Ularara Dr C-D9 Ulmarra Pl G13 Upland Dr F15 Vab Cl I17 Valencia Av G12 Valentino Ct F18-19 Valley View Ct F19 Victor Av H9 Victoria Ct I11 Vidovic Av H15 View Ct G17 Village Way F11 Villiva Dr C10 Vincent Ct G15 Vincor Pl (pvt) J10 Vine St E-F9 Vineleaf St H15 Wade Av G11-12 Walnut Av F8-21 Walnut Ct F16 Waltham Av H12 Wanera Wy D-E7-8 Washington Dr D-E7-8 Waterside Way H7 Wattle Av G1 Wattle Pde G10 Weir Cr 12-13 Westside Blvde E16 Wigla Av E9 Willandra Ct G14 Williams Av G15 Willow Gr F10 Wills Ct H18 Wilson Ct E13 Windsor St I11 Wingillie St F10 Wirraway Dr J7-8 Wisteria Wy D16 Wittman Av G14-15 Woodham Av G11-12 Woodley Dr E-F17 Woodstock Dr F17 Woorak Ct F11 Woorlong Ct (pvt) H10 Wren Cl F12 Wright Ct E11 Wyndham Ct H14 Yanina Cl F11-12 Zhoe Ct C-D8

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly

Petrea King is on her way to Mildura By SUE POOLE AUTHOR and inspirational speaker Petrea King will visit Mildura in mid-October for a two-day workshop on self-help techniques and strategies. Loddon Mallee Integrated Services are bringing Petrea to Mildura for the workshops on Sunday, October 18, and Monday, October 19. The workshops will be of particular help for those dealing with loss, grief, depression, despair, and hopelessness. Others who may benefit are those simply wanting more peace or meaning in their lives. Petrea is a naturopath, herbalist, clinical, hypnotherapist, and also teaches yoga and meditation. Since recovering from leukaemia, she has counselled many thousands of people living with life-changing illness, grief, trauma and tragedy. She has written eight books including ‘Your Life Matters’ and ‘Spirited Women’ and has also produced relaxation and meditation CDs. She established the Petrea King Quest for Life Centre in 1998 and conducts seminars throughout Australia and internationally. Well-known in the media, Petrea was one of the first to be featured on ABC’s ‘Australian Story’ and is a regular on Tony Delroy’s nightlife program for ABC Radio. Petrea is at the forefront of ‘wellness education’ – seeing crisis as the

Wentworth Shire Council DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL An application has been received for approval of this Council to the following development:DA09/087 – PROPOSED MOORING SITE TUCKERS CREEK ADJACENT TO LOT 17 DP 756994 WILLIAM STREET, WENTWORTH The application and plans relating to this development may be inspected at the Shire Offices, 26-28 Adelaide Street Wentworth between the hours of 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday and until 24/8/09. Any person, who feels that their land will be affected or who would like to make a submission regarding the above development, may lodge a written submission with the Wentworth Shire Council (PO Box 81 Wentworth 2648) before the above date. PETER KOZLOWSKI GENERAL MANAGER MW28365

Established for 40 years DAVID CARSONS ELECTRONICS P/L Welcome to blue phone Independent Living Aid


catalyst for spiritual growth and understanding, and as an opportunity for healing. Topics covered in the workshops will include: • Relaxation and meditation techniques • Peace of mind and how to attain it – being present in life • Identifying the physical mental and emotional causes of stress • Dietary and complementary therapies • Transforming adversity into com-

passion and renewal • Forgiveness and techniques for living in the present • Dealing with our feelings • A positive attitude and how to maintain it. The first workshop will be held on Sunday, October 18, and the second on Monday, October 19 at the Quality Hotel, Mildura Grand. Bookings can be made at the Mildura Arts Centre telephone 50 18330.

An ideal unit as an ordinary phone or emergency phone.

• Very loud for hard of hearing • Emergency neck pendant alerts next of kin • Called person can call in and talk to caller even though they may not be near the phone • A host of other features If you have need for such a product and peace of mind call in for a demonstration.

19 Pine Avenue, Mildura Phone: (03) 5023 5472 Fax: (03) 5023 1039 email: RI0905_022MW RND04

All set for Wentworth pre-Show IT’S back again, the annual precursor to the popular Wentworth Show, and commonly referred to as the ‘pre-show’. This year it is set down for Sunday, August 16, once again a fortnight before the show proper on the weekend of August 29 and 30th. Events get under way for one of the district’s

premier equine outings at 9am and include hacking; encouragement/topsy ring, novelties, show jumping and harness. Spectator admission is $2 per person or $5 a car. There is a $10 per powered site camping fee for competitors wanting to stay overnight Saturday with an entry fee of $3 per event.

There will be place ribbons to third, and Champion and Reserve Champion for all sections as well as Supreme Ridden Exhibit; Supreme Lead Exhibit and Supreme Rider. A barbecue lunch and refreshments will be available. All enquiries to Alan Behsmann on 5027 6311 or 0400 783 636.


Learning to climb the ladder • From Page 17 St Joseph’s Secondary College students Samuel Freeman, 16, and Bree Robbins, 17, both said they were excited to be taking part in the week-long program. “I think it’s going to be a great learning experience,” Sam said. “Hopefully I can walk away with some knowledge about the business world.” Bree said she was also looking forward to working with students from other schools, with each team to be comprised of five students from St Joseph’s College and five from MSC. “It’s going to be a lot of fun working with people I don’t know or don’t go to school with,” she said. “It will add an extra challenge to the project and make it even more interesting.”


Mr Leslie said the simulation had proved a great way for students to jump into the business world, allowing them to grab set activities “by the horns” to achieve desired results. “Students will be asked to present marketing prospects, prepare oral presentations and shoot a television commercial promoting their hotel,” he said. “It’s going to be a fullon experience, with daily operations left entirely to students. “While a couple of mentors will visit throughout the week to offer guidance on how to prepare oral presentations etc. for the most part students will be left to their own devices.” Results will be sent to ABW headquarters in Syd-

ney on a regular basis, with reports sent back to give students an idea of how they’re travelling. A number of awards will be handed out to highlight outstanding achievement, including best commercial, best company report and best website and PowerPoint presentation. An overall ‘hotel simulation’ winner will also be announced, something Sunraysia’s future businessmen and women will be vying for. “At the end of the day it’s a competition to see who can create the most successful hotel,” Mr Leslie said. “Our local ‘businesses’ will be up against teams from all around Australia, so it’s an opportunity to learn more about the day to day activities involved with running a business.”

He said while only two schools would take part this year, TAFE was already looking to register interest for 2010. “We’re also looking for businesses to come on board to act as mentors in 2009,” he said. “So far the response has been fantastic, but every extra set of hands would be welcome. “It’s a highly beneficial program for everyone involved, and I think worthwhile for local businesses to get involved with. “It gives the students an knowledgeable source of information, while giving businesses a chance to see the next generation up close.” For more information on Australian Business Week, or to register as a mentor contact Greg Leslie on 5022 3631.

Whatever your interest TAFE NSW Riverina Institute has the nationally recognised training to meet your needs.

Courses on offer at Coomealla Campus include: – Business (Certificate III and IV) – Access to Work and Training – Information Technology (Certificate II) – Education Support (Aboriginal) To find out more about courses on offer contact Coomella Campus on 03 5019 8700

Book your classifieds online now at



Your Special cial Day

Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09


Teagan Nathan


IT was a fairy tale wedding that came true. Everything went perfectly. That is how bride and groom, Teagan Clarke and Nathan Davis, described their special day. The couple was married at Gol Gol Ampelon Gardens by celebrant Alan Cameron, and watched by 120 friends and family. The bride was attended by Maid of Honour and her twin sister, Mindy, and bridesmaids Belinda Anderson and Julia Rowse. Standing by the groom were best man, Andrew Davis, and groomsmen Jason Davis and Larry Cavallo. The reception was held in the Grand Hotel ballroom and the couple honeymooned on “beautiful” Hamilton Island. The couple thanks Party by Design for “the amazing job they did with our decorations for the reception”; Amazing Cakes for the breathtaking wedding cake and Kim Chamblerlain for “the wonderful photos that she captured of our perfect day”.

Hi Darl, all the girls have had a huge week at work so we will be staying back late for champagne & tapas at

Why not organise your guests & keep them together. Enjoy nibbles & drinks between the wedding & reception at


Wedding Photography Weddings and Portraits By Kim Chamberlain. M 0419 886 906 E


24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly


Dating in the Naughties! AS a single 30s-something woman I am all at once fascinated, and daunted, by the revolution of the dating process in the past 20 years. Allow me, if you will to take all you fellow 30-somethings on a walk down memory lane to the days of Blue Light discos and phone boxes! Aaah yes… the days when a note passed from table to table in the classroom was how we confirmed our interest in the opposite sex. By ticking a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ box, we answered the scary question of ‘Will you go out with me?’ I’ve always wondered though, go out where? Because, at the ripe old age of 15, there wasn’t really many options for ‘going out’. I do remember the ultimate social event being the monthly Blue Light disco that, for me and my best friend, became not so much a chance to try to ‘get on with’ the school hunk, but an outlet for our carefully choreographed dance moves that invariably resulted in free tickets to the next disco! If you are a fan of the movie ‘Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion’, then you will no doubt be familiar with the dance routines I’m talking about... reminiscent of the Young Talent Team in its hey day. I specifically remember one young man who sent me a rose with a cryptic message after meeting me once, then waited for hours outside my workplace, posing on his red XC Falcon to ask me on a date. So sweet…. of course these days, the rose would have been sent as a gift on Facebook! And the date. Picking me up from my parents house, receiving the third degree from my father about the precious cargo he was about to transport in that hot red Ford then opening the car door for me (from the inside if memory serves, because



with Shelly the handle was broken). Oh, the memories… Of course, there is something to be said about dating in this millennium too. I am quite fond of txt dating, where you can be social from the comfort of your own home or, in my case, the

comfort of a quiet bar, with a glass of wine. I find that this way, if I am enjoying the conversation, I can invite them to join me in person and, if I’m unsure, I can safely end the date without the awkward departure. These days we have so many protection devices at our disposal that the vulnerability of the last century is a distant memory. I think mobile phones have revo-


lutionised the dating game and added the vital element of safety. If we think about what life was like before these amazing pocket survival devices became our closest friend, its surprising just how trusting we were in the company of a new acquaintance on a Saturday night. I mean, if you found yourself on a blind date where you wish you were, in fact, blind, you were stuck there, secretly willing one of your friends to magically turn up so you had an escape and a ride home. These days, an inadvertent text message under the table can see the arrival of your savior in record time and completely coincidental! Hooray! I actually have an agreement with a girlfriend that, in the instance of a bad date, a sent blank text means I will receive a phone call telling me a member of my family has taken ill and help is required. That way I can politely explain the situation and leave, knowing that if my date decides to contact me again, it will only be via text message so he doesn’t feel quite so vulnerable. Then, in the safety of that same quiet bar, with another glass of wine, I can decide whether to answer him or not. And so the process continues…. I must admit, I am becoming quite a fan of this new dating revolution! Can’t quite grasp the whole Internet dating thing though… anyway, that’s another story. – Shelly Jones

VCE is Our Passion...

Feeling the ANZAC spirit SUNRAYSIA’S Year 9 and 10 students are being encouraged to enter the 2009 Spirit of ANZAC Prize schools competition. It is the first time the competition has been expanded to include students in Year 9 and Year 10; with the expectation that this will increase the number and quality of entries. This change allows students who entered in Year 9 in 2008, but were not selected, to submit fresh entries in Year 10. “This is an excellent opportunity for students in those year levels to explore the ANZAC spirit and

to relate it to their lives, with the chance of being rewarded with an amazing prize,” Member for Mildura, Peter Crisp, said. “This year, 10 students representing each of the education regions in Victoria will be chosen to participate in a two-week study tour to sites of historical significance in France, Belgium and Thailand. “Students will need to explore ways in which the Spirit of ANZAC is relevant to today’s young Victorians and can present their material in one of several ways including writing an essay, producing an audio

or video presentation, a graphic or a CD-ROM presentation. Previous entries have examined the way in which the ANZAC spirit is exhibited through local communities in times of hardship such as drought and bushfires. All competition entries will be assessed by regional panels before 27 State finalists are interviewed by a central panel in late January 2010. Entry forms are available to download online from www.veterans.vic. or by emailing 76 Madden Avenue Mildura 5022 0477


Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

Garden of solace •  From Page 15 A place of quiet reflection for those who had lost loved ones during the Great War, Julius Grossman’s garden would have given great solace to local families, suffering terrible loss and grief in the years after hostilities ceased. The first of Mildura’s memorials to our war dead, it was hoped the garden would “stand as a permanent memorial” to those three boys to which it honoured. This would certainly have been the wish of Julius Grossman and many of the local people. And it did for many years until the fence was dismantled to make way for a new one. Both Julius Grossman and his beloved garden have long since left us, although it stands to reason that a few of his well-cared for plants may still stand amongst the many gardens that make up the area around 12th Street and Langtree Parade. Photographs of these three men are nowhere to be found, so if anyone can shed light onto the whereabouts of their photographs, or indeed have photographs of any of our ex-service personnel, it would be greatly appreciated. The “Seggie-Hart-Evans” plaque however, is now held in trust by the Mildura RSL until it can be permanently placed on public view. But the memory of the garden, the man who tendered it so carefully and dutifully, and the boys it stood to memorialise, will remain forever as part of Mildura’s history. The words of James Matthew, which rung out across the crowd that day, still hold great significance today, when he said; “The men who were honoured were lying on the battlefields of Europe with duty well done. We did well to remember their names.”

$25m sporting plan •  From Page 3 “Most of the indoor sporting user groups in our group can’t actually expand at the moment because there’s just not enough court space,” Mr Freckleton said. “It’s really affecting the participation within our sport. “Most of the sports can’t conduct any training sessions at all because there’s physically not enough stadiums. “This plan is going to allow us to run a main competition at this sort of venue, but it’s also going to allow those one-court stadiums to become training venues so we can actually run our sports properly.” While much of the public debate over sporting facilities in Sunraysia over the past decade has centred around the Mildura Recreation Reserve and arrangements between the two football clubs and the harness racing club, indoor sports probably represent a larger pool of players in Sunraysia, making this week’s announcement of significantly more indoor facilities a major breakthrough. “Our sporting group represents 6000 indoor sporting users in this town today,” Mr Freckleton said. “Council, with this plan, has actually involved us right from the start and we’ve pulled it apart and put it back together numerous times to come up with the correct solution for indoor sporting groups.” Mr Freckleton said the concept

•  Paul Freckleton plans revealed this week will ultimately provide a significant cash injection for the district in terms of major events. He estimates major State and national titles could generate up to $10million a year for the disPUBLIC NOTICES trict. Mr Freckleton said he has already been approached by the Australian Volleyball Association to host international events in Sunraysia if the South Mildura facility goes ahead as planned. While the South Mildura sporting complex and upgrades to the Mildura Recreation Reserve are the big ticket items, many other facilities across the district will receive attention as part of the plan. A one-off $200,000 facility im-

Funding the massive $25million project remains one of the big obstacles and will come from a variety of sources - rate payers, governments and key stake-holder sporting groups. All of which is yet to be determined. The draft plans for the proposed Mildura South Sporting Precinct are available on the Mildura Council’s website at and at the Council’s Madden and Deakin Avenue Customer Service Centres. For more information about the plans call Kate Andronescu on 5018 8314.

provement grant for the Mildura Basketball Association is planned to ensure the Association’s existing Eighth Street facility, which houses four courts, is improved and properly maintained. Another $200,000 is earmarked for either upgrading or expanding the existing gymnastics facility at Red Cliffs, with the possibility of combining ballet with gymnastics. Work is already under way on two indoor courts at Chaffey Secondary College which will further add to the district’s sporting venues. The Mildura Council’s manager for Leisure and Lifestyle Services, Ray Lyons, has been one of the key personnel in developing the plans and said this week it was imperative to ensure existing facilities were maintained. “We need to be mindful that we didn’t want to build a facility that then made existing facilities, such as the Irymple Leisure Centre, St Joseph’s Stadium, Mildura Basketball Stadium and Nichols Point Stadium under-utilised,” Mr Lyons said. Council’s manager for Community and Culture, Martin Hawson, stressed this week the Council had not made a decision on the plans. “Council has not made a decision yet. They have considered and seen the plans, but now it is time to ask the community for their thoughts,” Mr Hawson said.

Meals on Wheels •  From Page 13 “Most of our established volunteers have been with us for anywhere between 20 to 40 years, and while it’s an amazing achievement and one we hope they can continue to add to, some are simply becoming too old to keep doing the job. “It’s an area we’ll be looking to address in the coming months, desperately trying to encourage other community members to get on board with Meals on Wheels.” More information on the AGM, or on how to become involved with the organisation is available by contacting Barbie Cornell on 5021 3090.

Mildura Rural City Council PUBLIC NOTICES


COUNCIL ASSISTANCE FOR RECREATION GROUPS Mildura Rural City Council is pleased to announce Round 1 of the 2009 - 2010 Recreation Grants are now open for application. These funds are available to local sporting clubs and recreation groups with recreation projects and/or programs Recreation Development Grants This grant assists local recreation and sporting organisations to: • Develop new leisure initiatives at a local level with the potential to expand the range and quality of recreation opportunities for the general community; or • Enable modification or extension to established programs and activities that will lead to greater public participation in quality recreation pursuits. Grants are up to $1000.00 on a “$2:$1” basis

ROAD WORKS UPDATE – JULY / AUGUST 2009 Please be advised that Mildura Rural City Council will be undertaking road works during July & August 2009. Subject to weather conditions road works will continue on Monday 27 July 2009. Location of Works

Start Date

Finish Date

Road Closure

Meridian Road, Merbein South (between Sturt Hwy & Red Cliffs – Meringur Rd) Gravel Resheeting Works

Monday 20/7/09 7.00am

Monday 31/8/09 5.00pm

Partial Road Closures

Pine Avenue, Mildura CBD (between Ninth St & Tenth St) Road Widening & Reconstruction

Sunday 9/8/09 7.00am

Friday 16/10/09 6.00pm

Partial Road Closures

Traffic control and detour signage will be provided to indicate the changed traffic conditions. No parking will be permitted within the work zones.

Recreation Facilities Upgrade Funding for capital works projects which fulfil any of the following criteria: • Extend or improve an existing facility; • Increase accessibility for people with disabilities to an existing facility; or • Develop a new facility. Grants are up to $6,000.00 on a “$2:$1” basis Applications open Monday 27 July and close 4.00pm on Friday 4 September 2009. Application forms and guidelines are available from Mildura Rural City Council’s Recreation Services at 76-84 Deakin Avenue, Mildura or at Council’s Ouyen Office, Oke Street, Ouyen. Forms are also available via Council’s Internet Site ( under Community Information/Community Grants. For further information or assistance please contact Council’s Community Recreation Officer, Carmel Pethick on 03 5018 8316.

SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING – JULY 2009 Notice is hereby given that the following date and venue has been chosen for a Special Council Meeting in July 2009: Date

Commencement Time


Special Council Meeting Thursday 30 July 2009 Contractual Matters


Council Room Upstairs Deakin Avenue Service Centre, 76-84 Deakin Avenue, Mildura

Please note these matters may be dealt with in Confidential Council.

TENDER DEAKIN AVENUE MEDIAN LANDSCAPING STAGE ONE Contract: 0910/04C Closing at: 2pm Tuesday 11 August 2009 Tender documents may be obtained by telephoning 03 5018 8100 or by downloading from the Website

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated and if you have any further enquiries please contact Infrastructure Services Works Supervisor, Allan Eastmond at the Red Cliffs Depot on 03 5018 8483 or mobile 0417 584 145. Council regrets any inconvenience caused.

SITUATIONS VACANT PARKS & CBD MAINTENANCE PERSON ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES BRANCH - Full Time Position Job Number: R794 Remuneration: Band 2 - Commencing at $38,032.28 per annum Closing Date: 4.00pm Thursday 6 August 2009 CBD SWEEPER OPERATOR ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES BRANCH - Full Time Position Job Number: R793 Remuneration: Band 2 - Commencing at $38,032.28 per annum Closing Date: 4.00pm Thursday 6 August 2009

Please contact Human Resources on 03 5018 8197 for a Position Description for either of the above mentioned positions prior to applying or alternatively, one can be downloaded from Council’s website at Applications, addressing the selection criteria, should be sent to the Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 105, Mildura 3502, or emailed to All emailed applications will be acknowledged. CHERYL WOOD ACTING CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

108-116 Madden Avenue, Mildura

Phone: (03) 5018 8100

PO Box 105, Mildura Vic 3502 Email:

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly






Noon World Watch 12.50 I Could Be Me 1.00 The Promise Of Music 2.40 Two Pieces For Het 2.50 The Chopin Preludes 3.00 Wonderful World Of Albert Kahn 4.00 China's Art Avant-Garde 4.30 Newshour 5.30 Wedding Sari Showdown 6.00 Tour De France 2009: Daily Updates 6.30 World News 7.30 Mythbusters 8.30 The Squiz 9.00 Rockwiz 9.50 Plastic 10.00 Tour De France 2009: Stage 20

Friday 24th

Noon Test Drive 12.30 How To Look Good Naked 1.30 The 7pm Project: Presented by Charlie Pickering, Carrie Bickmore and Dave Hughes 2.00 Jamie's Kitchen Australia 3.00 AFL: Geelong v Hawthorn 6.00 Ten News 6.30 Before The Game: Presented by Dave Hughes, Mick Molloy, Andrew Maher, Sam Lane and Lehmo 7.30 AFL: St. Kilda v Western Bulldogs 11.00 Movie: Nick Of Time: Johnny Depp, Courtney Chase, Charles S. Dutton and Christopher Walken

Saturday 25th

Noon Eclipse 1.00 V8 Xtra 1.30 Motorsport: V8 Utes: Round Five: Townsville 2.30 Magnum P.I. 3.30 David Copperfield 4.00 Deal Or No Deal: Test Of The Psychics 5.00 Guide To The Good Life 5.30 Coxy's Big Break 6.00 Seven News 6.30 Movie: The Wild: Kiefer Sutherland and James Belushi 8.10 Movie: National Treasure: Jon Voight and Harvey Keitel 10.50 Movie: Rumble In The Bronx: Jackie Chan and Anita Mui

Noon Stateline 12.30 Wheelchair Basketball: Rollers World Challenge: Preview 1.00 VFL: Casey Scorpions v Coburg Tigers 4.00 South Side Story 4.30 The Fitzroy Stars 5.00 Bowls: Perth International 2009 6.00 Echo Beach 6.25 Minuscule 6.30 Gardening Australia 7.00 ABC News 7.30 East Of Everything 8.30 The Bill 10.00 ABC News 10.10 Foyle's War 11.45 rage

Sunday 26th

Noon World Watch 1.00 The Food Lovers' Guide 1.30 Insight 2.30 Olympia 3.20 Home 3.30 Stock Squad 4.00 World Watch 4.30 Newshour 5.30 André Rieu: The Fairy Tale 6.00 Tour De France 2009: Daily Updates 6.30 World News 7.30 Annie Oakley 8.30 As It Happened: The Last Voyage Of The Gustloff 9.30 World News 10.00 Tour De France 2009: Stage 19

Noon Landline 1.00 Gardening Australia 1.30 Message Stick 2.00 Weapons Races 3.00 The Sculpture Diaries 3.50 Composer Tunes 4.00 Killer Whale and Crocodile 5.00 Sunday Arts 6.00 At The Movies 6.30 The Einstein Factor: Presented by Peter Berner 7.00 ABC News 7.30 Cassowaries 8.20 ABC News 8.30 The Last Enemy 9.30 Compass 11.05 Lee Miller: Through The Mirror

1.00 TAC CUP: Future Stars 2.00 Football Stars Of Tomorrow 2.30 WWE Afterburn: Presented by Josh Mathews 3.30 Movie: On Moonlight Bay: Doris Day, Gordon MacRae, Billy Gray, Leon Ames, Mary Wickes and Rosemary DeCamp 5.30 Antiques Roadshow 6.00 Nine News 6.30 Random Acts Of Kindness 7.30 60 Minutes 8.30 To Be Announced 10.50 Movie: Magnum Force: Clint Eastwood, Hal Holbrook, Mitchell Ryan, David Soul and Tim Matheson

Noon The Most Extreme 1.00 The Animal Extractors 2.00 Brut Footy Flashbacks 3.00 AFL: Essendon v Richmond 6.00 Seven News: Presented by Jennifer Keyte, Rob Gell and Tim Watson 6.30 Dancing With The Stars: Presented by Daniel MacPherson and Sonia Kruger 8.30 Bones: A human skeleton being used as a prop for a band turns out to be the remains of a murder victim. 10.30 AFL: Melbourne v Sydney

Noon Merlin 1.00 Orangutan Diary 1.30 Australian Superbike Championship 2.30 It’s Me Or The Dog 3.30 Don't Forget The Lyrics 4.30 Meerkat Manor 5.00 Ten News 5.30 Out Of The Blue 6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Merlin: Arthur vanquishes a questing beast 7.30 Movie: Night At The Museum: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Robin Williams and Ricky Gervais 9.45 The Biggest Loser 11.00 Harper's Island

Noon IAAF World Youth Championships 1.00 Speedweek 3.00 2010 FIFA World Cup Magazine 3.30 Futbol Mundial 4.00 Les Murray’s Football Feature 5.00 The World Game 6.00 Tour De France 2009: Highlights 6.30 World News 7.30 The Moon 8.30 Dateline 9.30 Journos 10.00 Tour De France 2009: Final Stage: Presented by Michael Tomalaris

Monday 27th

Noon Dr Phil 1.00 Oprah 2.00 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Judge Judy 3.30 The 7pm Project 4.00 Huey 4.30 The Bold & The Beautiful 5.00 Ten News 6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Neighbours 7.00 The 7pm Project 7.30 So You Think You Can Dance 10.00 Law & Order: Criminal Intent 10.50 Ten News 11.20 Sports Tonight 11.50 The Late Show With David Letterman

Noon Midday Report 12.30 Poirot 1.30 The Cook And The Chef 2.00 The Bill 3.00 Children’s Programs 6.00 Landline Extra 6.30 Talking Heads 7.00 ABC News 7.30 The 7.30 Report 8.00 Australian Story 8.30 Four Corners 9.20 Media Watch 9.35 Spooks: Harry is interrogated by MI5. 10.30 Lateline 11.05 Lateline Business 11.35 Where The Sun Rises

Noon The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 Alive And Cooking 3.30 Children's Programs 4.30 This Afternoon 5.30 Hot Seat 6.00 Nine News 6.30 Win News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Two And A Half Men 8.00 The Big Bang Theory 8.30 Sea Patrol: A sea rescue casts doubt on the circumstances of ET's death. 10.30 Footy Classified 11.30 ET

Noon Movie: Daughter Of The Bride 2.00 All Saints 3.00 New Idea TV 3.30 Children’s Programs 4.30 Seven News 5.00 M*A*S*H 5.30 Deal Or No Deal 6.00 Seven News 6.30 Today Tonight 7.00 Home And Away 7.30 How I Met Your Mother 8.00 Scrubs 8.30 Desperate Housewives 9.30 Brothers & Sisters 10.30 The Jonathan Ross Show 11.30 It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Noon Dr Phil 1.00 Oprah 2.00 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Judge Judy 3.30 Friends 4.00 Huey 4.30 The Bold And The Beautiful 5.00 Ten News 6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Neighbours 7.00 The 7pm Project 7.30 Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? 8.30 Good News Week 9.40 Supernatural 10.40 Ten News 11.25 The Late Show With David Letterman

Noon World Watch 1.00 The Food Lovers' Guide 1.30 The Boys Of Baraka 2.30 Dateline 3.30 Insight 4.30 World Watch 5.00 The Crew 5.30 Corner Gas 6.00 Tour De France 2009: Highlights 6.30 World News 7.30 Top Gear 8.30 South Park 9.00 Flight Of The Conchords 9.30 World News 10.00 The Dark Side Of The Moon 11.00 Movie: Godzilla: Final Wars

Tuesday 28th

Noon Movie: Striking Poses: Shannen Doherty and Joseph Griffin 2.00 All Saints 3.00 New Idea TV 3.30 Children’s Programs 4.30 Seven News 5.00 M*A*S*H 5.30 Deal Or No Deal 6.00 Seven News 6.30 Today Tonight 7.00 Home And Away: Rachel has an emergency, but where is Tony? Aden makes a strange request of Nicole. 7.30 Better Homes And Gardens 8.30 AFL: Carlton v Collingwood 11.45 Renters

Noon Midday Report 12.30 The Einstein Factor 1.00 The New Inventors 1.30 Whatever! The Science Of Teens 2.00 The Bill 3.00 Children’s Programs 6.05 Time Team 7.00 ABC News 7.30 The 7.30 Report 8.00 Foreign Correspondent 8.30 Grand Designs 9.25 Tracey Ullman's State Of The Union 10.00 Artscape 10.30 Lateline 11.05 Lateline Business 11.30 Four Corners

Noon The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 Alive And Cooking 3.30 Children's Programs 4.30 This Afternoon 5.30 Hot Seat 6.00 Nine News 6.30 Win News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Dance Your Ass Off 8.30 Two And A Half Men 9.30 20 To 1: Presented by Bert Newton 10.30 Little Britain 11.15 ET 11.45 Win News

Noon Movie: Random Encounter 2.00 All Saints 3.00 New Idea TV 3.30 Children’s Programs 4.30 Seven News 5.00 M*A*S*H 5.30 Deal Or No Deal: Presented by Andrew O’Keefe 6.00 Seven News 6.30 Today Tonight 7.00 Home And Away 7.30 Air Ways 8.00 Surf Patrol 8.30 Packed To The Rafters 9.30 All Saints 10.30 10 Years Younger In 10 Days 11.00 Gavin & Stacey

3.00 Judge Judy 3.30 The 7pm Project 4.00 Huey 4.30 The Bold & The Beautiful 5.00 Ten News 6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Neighbours 7.00 The 7pm Project 7.30 Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation 8.30 NCIS 10.30 Ten News 11.15 The Late Show With David Letterman

Noon World Watch 1.00 Stockinger 2.50 Tragic Story With Happy Ending 3.00 Here Comes The Neighbourhood 3.30 Help 4.00 World Watch 4.30 Newshour 5.30 Corner Gas 6.00 Global Village 6.30 World News 7.30 Insight 8.30 Liberal Rule 9.30 World News 10.00 Hot Docs: Fog Of War 11.50 Movie: I Am: Piotr Jagielski and Agnieszka Nagorzycka

Wednesday 29th

Noon The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 Alive And Cooking: Presented by James Reeson 3.30 Children's Programs 4.30 This Afternoon 5.30 Hot Seat 6.00 Nine News 6.30 Win News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Two And A Half Men 8.00 Til Death 8.30 Movie: I Am Sam: Sean Penn 11.15 Win News 11.45 Friday Football: Manly Sea Eagles v Newcastle Knights

Noon Midday Report 12.30 Darling Buds Of May 1.30 Spicks And Specks 2.00 Monarch Of The Glen 3.00 Children’s Programs 6.00 Message Stick 6.30 Can We Help? 7.00 ABC News 7.30 Stateline 8.00 Collectors 8.30 Trial And Retribution: Mike delves into the dark bond between two brothers. 10.05 Last Word Monologues 10.35 Lateline 11.15 triple j tv With The Doctor 11.45 Good Game

Noon Midday Report 12.30 National Press Club Address 1.30 Talking Heads 2.00 The Bill 3.00 Children’s Programs 6.00 Travel Oz 6.30 The Cook And The Chef 7.00 ABC News 7.30 The 7.30 Report 8.00 The New Inventors 8.30 Spicks And Specks 9.00 The Chaser's War On Everything 9.30 United States Of Tara 10.00 At The Movies 10.30 Lateline 11.05 Lateline Business 11.30 A Most Mysterious Murder

Noon The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 Alive And Cooking: Presented by James Reeson 3.30 Children's Programs 4.30 This Afternoon 5.30 Hot Seat: Presented by Eddie McGuire 6.00 Nine News 6.30 Win News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Australia's Perfect Couple 8.30 RPA 9.30 Cold Case 10.30 CSI: Miami 11.30 ET

Noon Movie: Murder Without Conviction 2.00 All Saints 3.00 New Idea TV 3.30 Children’s Programs 4.30 Seven News 5.00 M*A*S*H 5.30 Deal Or No Deal 6.00 Seven News 6.30 Today Tonight 7.00 Home And Away 7.30 World's Strictest Parents 8.30 Criminal Minds 9.30 My Name Is Earl 10.00 Scrubs 10.30 Family Guy 11.00 American Dad

Noon Dr Phil 1.00 Oprah 2.00 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Judge Judy 3.30 The 7pm Project 4.00 Huey 4.30 The Bold & The Beautiful 5.00 Ten News 6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Neighbours 7.00 The 7pm Project 7.30 The Simpsons 8.30 Law & Order: SVU 9.30 House 10.30 Ten News 11.15 The Late Show With David Letterman

Noon World Watch 1.00 Movie: The Cuckoo 3.00 Submariners 3.30 Going Bush 4.00 World Watch 4.30 Newshour 5.30 Corner Gas 6.00 Global Village: Presented by Silvio Rivier 6.30 World News 7.30 Food Investigators 8.00 James May's 20th Century 8.30 Voyages Of Discovery 9.30 World News 10.00 Mini Series: Accursed Kings: Iron King (Part One) 11.40 Movie: Killing Words

Thursday 30th



Noon Midday Report 12.30 Family Footsteps 1.30 Collectors 2.00 The Bill 3.00 Children’s Programs 6.05 World's Greenest Homes 7.00 ABC News 7.30 The 7.30 Report 8.00 Whatever! The Science Of Teens 8.30 The Link: The story of the 47-million-year-old fossil known as Ida. 9.35 Q&A: Presented by Tony Jones 10.35 Lateline 11.10 Lateline Business 11.35 Live At The Basement

Noon The Ellen DeGeneres Show 1.00 The View 2.00 Days Of Our Lives 3.00 Alive And Cooking 3.30 Children's Programs 4.30 This Afternoon 5.30 Hot Seat 6.00 Nine News 6.30 Win News 7.00 A Current Affair 7.30 Getaway: Celebrity traveller Cameron Diaz shares her holiday tips. 8.30 20 To 1 9.30 The Footy 11.15 ET 11.45 Off The Bench

Noon Movie: Big Trouble: Tim Allen 2.00 All Saints 3.00 New Idea TV 3.30 Children’s Programs 4.30 Seven News 5.00 M*A*S*H 5.30 Deal Or No Deal 6.00 Seven News 6.30 Today Tonight 7.00 Home And Away 7.30 The Amazing Race 8.30 Double Take 9.00 TV Burp 9.30 True Beauty 10.30 Family Guy 11.00 American Dad 11.30 That ’70s Show

Noon Dr Phil 1.00 Oprah 2.00 Ready Steady Cook 3.00 Judge Judy 3.30 The 7pm Project 4.00 Huey 4.30 The Bold & The Beautiful 5.00 Ten News 6.00 The Simpsons 6.30 Neighbours 7.00 The 7pm Project 7.30 Rules Of Engagement 8.30 Rush 9.30 Law & Order: Criminal Intent 10.30 Ten News 11.15 The Late Show With David Letterman

Noon World Watch 1.00 Australian Biography 1.30 Secrets Of The First Emperor 2.30 Dateline 3.30 My Generation 4.00 World Watch 4.30 Newshour 5.30 Futbol Mundial 6.00 Global Village 6.30 World News 7.30 Cricket: 2009 Ashes: Third Test: Day One: Presented by Stuart MacGill, Greg Matthews and Damien Martyn 10.00 World News 10.30 Cricket: 2009 Ashes: Third Test: Day One


Noon Children's Programs 1.00 Danoz 1.30 The Snow Show 2.00 Movie: Arthur: Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli, John Gielgud and Jill Eikenberry 4.00 Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince: Behind The Magic 4.30 Talk To The Animals 5.00 Fishing Australia 5.30 Postcards Australia 6.00 Nine News 6.30 Australia's Funniest Home Videos 7.30 Movie: Big Daddy: Adam Sandler 9.30 Movie: Man On Fire: Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning



Noon Dr Phil 1.00 Oprah 2.00 Ready Steady Cook: Presented

by Peter Everett






Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

73 Orange Ave, Mildura

PHONE: 5021 1777

FAX: 5021 1733





low level survey

Low level powerline inspections by a fixed wing aircraft will take place across Coombah, Pooncarie, Wentworth, Curlwaa, Buronga, Gol Gol, Monak, Paringi, Euston and surrounding areas.

When? Commencing on Monday 10 August 2009 and continuing daily until Friday 21 August 2009 between 8am and 5pm, weather permitting.

What do you need to do? There is no need for you to do anything. However, owners of sensitive areas with sheep, cattle, horses etc. should advise our Customer Contact Centre on 13 23 56 prior to the inspection commencing.

Why do we do this? These inspections are carried out annually to provide a more reliable and efficient energy supply to our customers.



Aerial inspection Where?



30% OFF





BARGAINS YOU CAN’T MISS OUT ON D o n’t ju st s it th er e If you haven’t had a Pap test in the last two years make an appointment with your Community Health Centre today.

ANNUAL General Meeting, Sunraysia Cancer Support Group Inc ABN 50681685892, Princes Crt Village 13th St, Mildura, Tuesday 11th August 2009, 1.30pm. Audited accounts, committee reports, election of office bearers, direction discussions, followed by general meeting & afternoon tea. Jan Innes Secretay Ph:50230665

MANEQUIN HEADS & ANTIQUE CABINETS FOR SALE 63A Langtree Mall, Mildura • Phone:5022 7195

ART SALES Riverfront Studio Adjacent to Jaycee Park SATURDAY 11am -5pm Free Admisssion MILDURA Gay & Lesbian Group meets monthly, P.O. Box 3091 Mildura. TOYS wanted for donation to The Koorlong Play Group. If you have toys in reasonable condition to donate please contact : Sue on 0408111497, D a n i e l l e o n 0407294898 or Shelly on 0417715379




• $300 TO $2000 • Had Credit Problems? • Pensioners & Centrelink Recipients 240 Welcome MW28160 113.1 • ApplyGlobal by Phone City Finance Loans Moneyline Pty Ltd & Cash Solutions *conditions apply

Additional clinic times: 12noon, 12.30pm, 1.00pm, 1.30pm Tuesday and Wednesday

Phone our friendly reception staff today to make an appointment on (03) 5022 5444. Sunraysia Community Health Services, Ramsay Court, Mildura.


Ph: Laura or Emily

73 Orange Ave, Mildura Phone: 50211777

Wentworth District Racing Club Inc.

WHITE ELEPHANT AUCTION Wentworth Showgrounds SUNDAY 26TH JULY from 10am ITEMS INCLUDE: Ford 4100 tractor with ROPS Howard 6’ slasher Daihatsu short wheel base petrol 4WD Honda XR200 motorcycle Yamaha Peewee 80 Atomic 140cc motorcycle Machinery Household goods Furniture Bric-a-brac

Mildura Weekly

Orm McLeod 0428273113 Richard Harvey 0428147236


115 Pasadena Grove, Mildura


The committee of management, staff and consumers of SRS cordially invite all interested members of the public to attend

Wednesday, July 29 3-6pm


When: 4.30pm Thursday 3 September 09 Where: EJ Faulkhead Room, Mercure Hotel Mildura – 120 Eighth Street

Have you enrolled your child for Kinder?


1. To receive and if acceptable, adopt the Annual Report of the Committee of Management, including the Audited Financial Statement for the th period ending June 30 2009 2. To elect 3 members of the Committee of Management. The following members will retire, but are eligible for re-election for 3 year term: Don Seward, David Loader, Brian Gambetta. 3. Nominations for appointment as auditor, th received before 12pm, Monday 24 of August 09 4. To transact any other such business of which at least seven (7) days notice given.

We are centrally located between San Mateo Ave and Deakin Ave. Come and see us and discover what Kinder is all about! * Pre-Kinder Groups (3-4 y.o) * Kinder Groups (4-5 y.o)

Light refreshments following st RSVP by 21 August to: or 50221741


For any inquiries please phone 50231105

5021 R 1777 Buses Us Bus service to Broken Hill. Monday, Wednesday & Friday Departing at 3.10pm

One way Adults $60.00 Concession/Student $50.00

Return $104.00 $90.00

CALL 1300 10 1300

PERSONALS AMANDA'S ESCORT SERVICE. Classy & discreet. Mildura & surrounding areas until 13.08.09 Ph:0415191268. NO PRIVATE NO'S. PCA 4832XE BROKEN HILL Mature Escort. Extremely busty, discreet location, Ph:0427187179 SAMANTHA HOT & LIVE. 1902214117. Amber 1902211992. $3.25p/m mob extra.


FREE term fees for Health Care Card Holders in Kinder Group only (Deposit required)

Don Seward (President)


Lunch time clinics will be conducted from June to August for working women.


For booking contact: Broken Hill 08 8088 6900 Mildura Visitors Information Centre 50188380

ANGLICAN Parish of Sunraysia South 25 Heath St, Red Cliffs Sundays - 10.30am Bible based, Christ centred Ph: 50242521



Book your classifieds online now at *Conditions Apply

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly


73 Orange Ave, Mildura

PHONE: 5021 1777

FAX: 5021 1733





Sacred Heart & St Paul’s Catholic Primary Schools of The Sacred Heart Parish, Mildura

Enrolment Interviews St Pauls ~ Transition and Prep ~ 2010 Sacred Heart ~ Prep ~ 2010

Solar Hot Water Unit

Interviews are being held over the weeks of

Monday, 20th July to Wednesday, 12th August, 2009 Please telephone or call into the school office to make an interview time. SACRED HEART PRIMARY SCHOOL Olive Grove, Mildura Mr Greg Lane Principal Telephone: 5023 1204

ST PAUL’S PRIMARY SCHOOL 716 Fourteenth Street, Mildura Mrs Cornelia Conway Weel Principal Telephone: 5023 4567

NB: Children must turn five years of age by 30th April, 2010 (preferably prior to commencement of school year) to be eligible for enrolment.






Call Today For Free Quote

Sam Spary Ph: 0400 276 900






Professional Painting & Decorating • Exterior • Interior • New Homes 710• MW27923 113.1 Re Paints AD • Renovations PK 3#35=#41 • Commercial



CONCRETING sheds, driveways or footpaths. Free quote, Ph:0438051332

Experienced Guaranteed Quality

LADIES and Mens haircuts $10. Ph:0416586308


No Job too Big or too Small

0438 042 729



MP PAINTING SERVICES Over 25 years experience, all household painting needs, big or small. Free quotes call Michael 0402605334 PAINTING, Decorating, Repairwork & Interiors & Exteriors, Car Park Lines. Would you like one or two rooms painted? Ph: Ron 50227639 or 0409692502


• 2 frost tolerant collectors • 215 ltr storage tank • Infinity 26 gas boost (N/G or LPG) ^ Installations costs subject to site inspection * conditions apply enquire instore for details 80 Pine Avenue, Mildura

Phone: (03) 5023 2907

Email: Fax: (03) 5021 1716


Ph: 0419 556 803 •

SERVICES OFFERED FREE removal of all unwanted white goods fridges, freezers, washing machines, hot water services etc. Ph: 0429816800 or 0447235133 PAVING Need to give an area a new look? Give us a call for a free quote on 0417135633 R&W Septic Cleaning Septic pumping, fast 7 day service. Phone Roger on 50241986 or 0428413323 TRANSPERSONAL Counselling, Inner Child, Personal Development, Stress Management, Meditation & Energy Feelings Ph:50220266


No Job Too Big or Too Small

Quality Tubular Design Fencing Specialising in Colourbond Security, Tennis Courts, Garden Fencing, and Pool Style Fencing

Free Quotes • Cheap Rates Free Call • 1300 324 734 0409 254 581 • 5023 1858


Martin Irwin & Richards the local firm with over 135 Years of legal experience

SHANNAZ Computer Repairs.Is your computer struggling to keep up with you? Let the guys at Shannaz revitalise your PC with fast, reliable & friendly service. All problems solved! Phone Chris: 0428306771 or Mark: 0422181173 today.

Criminal Law • Children’s Court Matters • Commercial Law • Civil Litigation Employment Law • Family Law • Victims of Crime • Legal Aid. • Local Government Law Property Sales & Purchase (Vic & NSW) • Wills & Estate Planning 61 Deakin Ave, Mildura | P 5021 1100 | F 5023 7560 |

TRIGG MOBILE HAIRDRESSING All aspects of ladies and men’s hairdressing.

TREE Removal, fast 7 day service. Phone Roger Moser on 50241986 or 0428413323 IRONING. Need ironing done? Ph:0419397914




Sunmaster Solar H.W. System

The most effective, efficient and enviromentally friendly sewerage system you can own.

Anyone interested can obtain the necessary information and application forms from the school, 18 Box Street Merbein, or by contacting Mr. Des Lowry, Principal, on 50252258 to arrange an appointment. Closing Date – Friday 28th August 2009. NB: Children must turn five years of age by April 30th, 2010 to be eligible for enrolment.

Massive Rebates Available on the



Do you want to save water & money?



GREAT RATES CALL TODAY, AVAILABLE ANYTIME Phone: Bec 5022 7242 or 0409 416 804



Want value for money? Professional service? Competitive rates? Want value for money? Professional service? Competitive rates?

*Prompt friendly service * Full insurance • Prompt • Locally ownedand andpacking operated *Locallyfriendly ownedservice and operated *Storage • Full insurance • Packing, boxes for sale materials (boxes etc) for sale at competitive prices •*Local Local and and Australia-wide Australia-wide service service AUSCO REMOVALS & STORAGE AUSCO REMOVALS & STORAGE -- NOW AT --

526 Benetook Avenue Mildura (opposite TAFE oval) 526 Benetook Avenue Mildura Depot hours 8.30am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday, 8.30 – 12pm Saturday PHONE 5022 22 00 7 DAYS

PHONE 5022 22 00 7 DAYS





• • S Clut erv che icin s g • •B 59 Ro rake Nin ad s Ph. th Str wo e ( rth Fax 03) 50 et, M ildu . (0 2 y 2 3) ra 2 502 1

5 51 503 0





OU TL ET Formerly R&D Automotive


“Fix just about anything”

• Key Cutting • Shoe Repairs • Leather & Bag Repairs • Watch Batteries & Bands • Shoe Accessories • Zip Repairs • Engraving • Novelty Gifts est 1932 Old Fashion Friendly Service

Now at 76 Lime Avenue, Mildura

Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09


73 Orange Ave, Mildura


PHONE: 5021 1777

FAX: 5021 1733












Be Your Own Boss Dareton Take Away. Ex turn over, fantastic local trade & community, selling to start a family, $65,000 ono walk in walk out MUST SELL Ph: 50274630 BUSINESS FOR SALE Great oppurtunity for self motivated person, who has pride in what they do. This licensed convenience store shows good returns, has a great customer base, very consistent business. $200k + SAV. Ph: 0428596906



Ph: Laura or Emily

73 Orange Ave, Mildura Phone: 50211777

Alison Kedmenec Remedial massage Relaxation massage Hahana Stone massage Health Fund Rebates

$50, 1 Hour 1 Oak Avenue Mildura 5022 9634

MASSAGE Remedial Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Cancer Massage (accreted) Reiki, Crystal Healings, Ph:50220266

GARDENERS LAWN mowing & gardening. No job too big or small. For the best job in town, give Bob a call. Ph: 0417059735 or 50215065 LAWN mowing & gardening. No job too big or small. For the best job in town, give Bob a call. Ph: 0417059735 or 50215065


Construction Training The Construction Induction Card is mandatory for people performing construction work in Victoria. Date: 30th July 2009 Time: 11.00am - 5.00pm Cost: $150 per person

2007 Intro to Microsoft Word Date: 30th July 2009 Time: 5.30pm - 8.30pm Cost: $85 Bookings and payments can be made at Sunraysia Skills Centre 146a Eight St, Mildura Ph:(03) 5022 0741 Fax:(03) 5022 0742 Email:

E M P L OY M E N T OPPORTUNITIES CLINICAL CARE COORDINATOR RN DIVISION 1 - FULL TIME This ideal role for a Registered Nurse Division 1, offers accountability for clinical care and resident outcomes within a residential care and community focused environment, across 2 residential aged care facilities. Located in Swan Hill, Alcheringa Aged Care Facility has recently successfully obtained all 44 accreditation outcomes and in September 2009 will govern and manage another residential care facility in St. Arnaud As the Clinical Care Coordinator, the person appointed will possess strong leadership skills and a commitment to best practices, whilst upholding a culture of continuous improvement and excellence in clinical care. To be considered for this position the person will be required to be a Registered Division 1 Nurse, with current practicing certificate and drivers licence, plus • Demonstrate knowledge & commitment to contemporary nursing management practices • Be a true leader able to manage, mentor, inspire & develop staff, to facilitate an holistic approach in achieving quality care and service outcomes within a multi disciplinary team • Have a full understanding of, and strong competencies in quality systems, clinical care practices, accreditation, & funding model • Committed to customer satisfaction & business outcomes, plus to personal professional development • Participates in developing and implementing comprehensive training programs for staff at all levels, across both residential care facilities Applications can be forwarded to: Mrs Ann Rough CEO Alcheringa Hostel Ltd 2-14 Boree Drive Swan Hill VIC 3585 or via email Phone: 5032 9169 Applications close July 31st 2009.

Do you want to learn how to turn on a computer and send emails and Photo’s to your family and friends? Please Contact Sunraysia Skills Centre on BH 5022 1833 to express your interest

Robinvale - 5051 8080

Red Cliffs - 5024 3777

Merbein - 5025 3344

Wentworth - 5027 2203

Ouyen -



Commercial Business Manager Commercial Business Manager Caltex Petroleum Services (CPS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary

5021 1777



Caltex Petroleum Services (CPS) is a wholly-owned of Caltex and operates across Australia targeting thesubsidiary small to of Caltexenterprise and operates across Australia targeting the small to medium market for petroleum and lubricant products. medium enterprise market for petroleum and lubricant products. Based in Mildura or Renmark and reporting to the Lead BasedManager in Mildura or will Renmark and reporting the Lead Sales you manage and grow a to portfolio of fuel Sales Manager you will manage and grow a portfolio of fuel and lubricant customers in the Mildura, Renmark, Pinnaroo and Horsham lubricant customers in the Mildura, Renmark, and regions. Your focus on growing the Pinnaroo sales mix, and Horsham regions.and Your focus on growing the sales customer satisfaction maintaining a compliant, safemix, and customerfree satisfaction compliant, incident operationand will maintaining ensure proďŹ atable growth safe and and long incident free operation will ensure profitable growth and long term customer retention. term customer retention. To succeed in this role you will have a passion for sales, To succeed in thisfocused role youattitude, will havehave a passion for sales, have a customer the ability to work have a customer focused have ability tochanging work autonomously whilst beingattitude, adaptable to the managing autonomously whilst being adaptable to managing changing priorities in the business environment. Previous experience in a priorities in the business environment. Previous experience in a similar environment will be highly regarded. similar environment will be highly regarded. If you are compliance and safety focused and have exceptional If you are compliance and safety focused and have exceptional time management skills then come and make your mark with time management skills then come and make your mark with CPS. CPS. For further information please contact Nick Kuba, Human For further information please contact Nick Kuba, Human Resources Advisor on (02) 9250 5457. Resources Advisor on (02) 9250 5457. To apply, please email your application to To apply, please email your application to Applications 2009. Applications close close Friday, Friday, 31 31 July July 2009.

The Riverland Weekly is an equal opportunity employer


FOUND. Female Maltese Terrior, desexed, found Lake Victoria area. Looks as though has been missing a while. Brown collar. Ph:50278277


JACK Russel x, F, 10 wks old, first 2 vacc done, microchipped, comes with kennel & bedding. $250 Ph:0422416650


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Expression of Interest

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Mildura -



Market Research Interviewers (Ouyen) A Sydney based firm require a person to train as Market Research interviewers for a project. Successful applicants will be interviewing people in their homes; these people will be interviewed by appointment. The interviews will be conducted in the Ouyen area, therefore applicants must have a car. Hours of work will be 15-20 per week depending on what appointments have been made, and will be conducted in daylight hours. Some weekend work will be required. Basic training will be provided for applicants who haven’t had market research experience and a project training for everyone. . Resumes to June at MADEC 126 Deakin Ave Mildura Ph: 5021 3472. Apprentice Chef A cafe in Mildura require a person to complete a 4 year apprenticeship. Employer will consider a 2nd or 3rd year Apprentice Chef. Split shifts may be required over a 7 day roster. Resumes to June at MADEC 126 Deakin Ave Mildura Ph: 5021 3472 Apprentice Baker Two people who have a keen interest in the baking trade and wanting to complete a 4 year apprenticeship are required for a local bakery. Must be keen and willing to learn. Early morning starts will be required (Hours 1am - 9am). Resumes to June at MADEC 126 Deakin Ave Mildura Ph: 5021 3472 Bricklayer A local Bricklayer requires a qualified person or a very experienced person for full time work. Employer will consider a 3rd year apprentice. Essential to be able to lay bricks. Applicants will be required to have an ABN. Resumes to June at MADEC 126 Deakin Ave Mildura Ph: 5021 3472 Apprentice Painter A local painter & decorator requires a person to complete an apprenticeship in painting & decorating. This is a full time position. A current driver’s licence and own car preferred. Resumes to June at MADEC 126 Deakin Ave Mildura Ph: 5021 3472 Tractor Drivers Two people are required to work in the Colignan area. Must be experienced in driving tractors - spraying, hoeing, slashing, fungicide & weediciding. A Chemical User’s Certificate & mechanical skills preferred. Essential to have a current driver’s licence & own transport. Resumes to June at MADEC 126 Deakin Ave Mildura Ph: 5021 3472 Positions available at time of printing

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NSW REC 184034C VIC REC 17362

QH Paint Mare, 4yo, 14.3hh+, quiet needs experienced rider, for sale or free lease. Ph:0419144092

GARAGE SALES BLOCK 410a Mourquong Rd Buronga, 8am Sat, furniture, tools, tandem trailer, fridge & freezer, house for rent, bric-abrac. HUGE Garage Sale/Car Boot Sale $10 per car. Saturday 25th July commencing 8:30am at The Salvation Army, Cnr Fourteenth & Etiwanda. Furniture, bric-a brac, toys, clothes, etc. Come and grab a bargain. For more information please call: 50231647.


WANTED To Buy. Old and Antique Bottles, Ginger Beers, Soda Syphons, Engine Oil Bottles, Enamel Signs, Carnival Glass, Floral China - anything old and interesting. Private Collector paying cash for single items or collections. Ph:50227028 after 6.00 pm, or 0408618294 anytime.

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BULLDOZER FOR HIRE Cat D5 Rippers Powershift available for general earthmoving, stick raking, citrus, almonds, avocados. Owner Operator with 15 years local experience. Will not be beaten on best job and price. Will travel anywhere. Ph:Dean Lampard 0408291517

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly 73 Orange Ave, Mildura

PHONE: 5021 1777



Angelica Gift and Home Garden


% Melts 20 450 MW28411 141.7 d r Angelica% 3 Home Wares 15 DAY H T R Gift Home Garden I B SALE 10 % Melt Burners OFF OFF OFF

One Week Only | Ends 31st of July | ANZ Walkway

FAX: 5021 1733

Some stock stock reduced reduced Some by more than 50% by more than 50% No lay lay bys, bys, Cash, Cash, Card Card only only No Excludes some items Excludes some items

Pizazz Fashion Boutique 132 Ninth Ninth Street Street Mildura Mildura 132 Ph: 03 50221809 Ph: 03 50221809



25 x 25 x 1.6 x 6.5m - Galv

AMENTALS 40 x 40 x 2.0 x 8.0m - Galv

an be50arranged x 25 x 2.0 x 8.0m - Ptd am –503.30pm x 50 x 1.6 x 8.0m - Galv



REES FRUIT T Local “Free Delivery”

Local Delivery” can“Free be arranged be arranged Mondaycan to Friday 9am – 3.30pm

$38.65 $33.70

Trading MondayNo to Weekend Friday 9am – 3.30pm


50 x 50 x 3.0 x 8.0m - Ptd


25nb MED Painted Pipe x 6.5m


40nb XL Galv Pipe x 6.5m - FFP





40 x 40 x 3.0 Angle - 7.5m


30 x 30 x 3.0 Angle - 7.5m


65 x 65 Downgrade RHS 6-8m Lengths


BOYS clothes, size 2, ex condition, $40 the lot Ph: 0429483044

2 motorbike helmets $20 ea or 2 for $35 Ph:50237534

CHROME canon rear exhaust muffler $35 Ph:0409537477

HSVI Genuine super sport, 20" rims, brand new $1,500 ono Ph:0413273291

6 hand knitted scarves, choose your colour, $9ea Ph:50233117

COFFEE table, recycled timber 1.5 mt x 1mt $45 Ph:50228702

AG & LM BRIANT. ELECTRONICS. Repairs to TV's, VCR's, DVD's, Microwaves, digital TV Antenna's, UHF CB Radio's, Installations & many other small appliances. Supply & install digital set top boxes. Over 35 years of experience in electronics & repairs. 3452 BENETOOK AVE, cnr 20th Street. Ph:50257137 or 0419849176

CURTAIN rod set & rings, holding brackets, 290 cm $30 Ph:50231246

AQUARIUM with short neck turtle and some fish, heaters, filters, reptile light and fluros, turtle shelf, black corner tank on stand with cupboard, $700. Ph:0418389401

5023 5944

LARGE assortment ladies winter clothing & bags $20 the lot, will seperate Ph:0437674232 LOVE your skin? Try Miessence - all natural and certified organic.

EXERCISE bike, VGC, $50. Henslite lawn bowels no.1 in case $25 Ph: 50243095

LUCERNE, $15 a bale, 10 or more bales for free delivery Ph: 0416709696 or 50211365

FIREWOOD Split, ready to burn. $60 per bin pickup. $70 delivered, Mildura town area. Ph:50215786

MONITOR CRT 15" $30 Ph:50220424

GOAT 60 young eaters, GC, $15 each Ph:50276451 or 0427372057 GOLF bag, PGF brand, EC $30 Ph:0437094194 GREAT Grandma's chrocheted shawl/rug, 1930's $50 Ph:50233277 LEGGO large quantity $35 Ph:50243095

MUSHROOM Compost Ideal garden mulch and soil conditioner. Orders over 10 cubic metres. Ph: 50256265 PIANO, "Bentley", very good condition, must sell $1,200 ono Ph: 0407280664. PINE dining setting, 6 chairs with fabric bases, table 1500 x 900mm, turned legs, $90 Ph:0418389401 TO GIVE AWAY 2 Date palms Ph:0417247223

SAXOPHONE CONN20M Alto in case, good condition, suit student $700 Ph:50230950

SHIPPING Containers 20 & 40 ft, wind & water proof. Mildura. Ph: 0416142638 SPLIT system Kelvinator airconditioner, reverse cycle with inverter, 2.6KW, new, still in box $650 Ph:50221725 or 0401961547 TELEVISION set, colour 3 5 c m $ 4 9 . Ph:50247574 VULCAN oil heater and 400 litre oil tank, see working, $150. Ph:0408309210 XC Ford bucket seats $45 the pair. Ph:0438547322




Phone: 5021 5008


5021 1777

Ph: Laura or Emily


Phone: 50211777






73 Orange Ave, Mildura




�f �e �ee�

PHONE 0419 036 396

*Conditions Apply

Over 30 Cars In Stock

Finance Now Available on Unsecured Loans

VT Holden Calais

2000 Mitsubishi Magna Sedan

Diahatsu Charade $3,499



Drive Away

Drive Away

Drive Away

• V6 • Auto • Heaps of Luxury



MW28191 MW28191


100 scrub tubs/picking buckets 50c ea. Ph:50272524


436-444 Benetook Avenue, Mildura



606 MW27824 141.7 Sunraysia WANT TO Detailing

More steel deals in-store




Prices include GST. Available only while stocks last. Delivery charges may apply.


BOBCAT attachments, trencher (new chain), $2,500; post hole digger, 600 and 200 augers, $2,500; pallet forks, $600. Ph:0409179053

P 03 5024 8643 Sturt Highway Gol Gol NSW P 03 5024 8643

Other Products


S/N 846

• 4 Cyl • Air Con • Auto • Cheao to Run

Dave Curran 0418 544 962 Allan Teasdale 0408 147 103

S/N 829

• 3.5 Lt • Auto • Power Steering • White Duco

S/N 847

10 Street & Orange Ave, Mildura - P: (03) 5023 5223




locking, great sound single axle, single beds, FOR LEASE CARAVANS CARAVANS system, light gold in AC, R/O awning, & TRAILERS & TRAILERS reg 96 VSMarch Holden10 Ute, NSW, cKoIlAo u r R i oF P C -2107054., wave oven, porta-potty, 45,700kms, bought 60A/H deep cycle bat249,500 kms, dual fuel, $7,000 coloum auto, brandAve, new,Mildura CC, centralPHONE: 2000 +5021 Goldstream, 17', 150 lt gas$4,500 tank (8yrs in Ph:0417521333 tery inverter, ASW-98L ono 73 Orange 1777 new FAX: 5021 1733 EMAIL: locking, great sound tyres, singleEC, axle,$22,000 single beds, date), nudge bar, ono Ph:0448579879 R/O awning, microd/lights, tonneau cover, system, light gold in PAC, h:50210757 or Address Rent p/w F P C - 1 7 5 . 0402824085 wave oven, porta-potty, JAYCO Eagle campervan, regFord March 10 NSW, c o l o u r 97 Laser GLXi AUTO AUTO $7,000 60A/H deep cycle bat249,500 kms, 2 1 12 Leonda Village, Buronga FOR LEASE $145.00 in CARAVANS EC, sleeps 6, 3 way Sedan 1.8L, 11 mths CARAVANS tery Jayco + inverter, new fridge, full annex, end ASW-98L 2002 Swan Camprego, VGC,$4,500 manual,ono AC, Ph:0417521333 2 1 1/12 Caffrey Court, Irymple $150.00 & TRAILERS & TRAILERS tyres, EC, $22,000 ono Ph:0448579879 1 queen, 1 dbl Rio 2 0 0 4 , ervan. 96 VS steering, Holden Ute, flies, awning, reg Nov power windows K I A 3 1 131 Lemon Avenue, Mildura $150.00 P h : 5 0 2 1 0 7 5 7 o r bought bed, bed flys, table '09, auto, dual fuel, 45,700kms, tare campervan, 740kg, &coloum alloys, spoiler, Address Rent p/w 0402824085 JAYCO Eagle 97locks, Ford Laser GLXi 2000 Goldstream, 17', 150 lt gas tank (8yrs in brand new, CC, central folds 3 1 1/3 Holney Grove, Irymple $160.00 to extra bed, 3 great reluctant sale locking, great sound single axle, single beds, $7,500 2 1 12 Leonda Village, Buronga $145.00 date), nudge bar, in EC, sleeps 6, 3 way Sedancar, 1.8L, 11 mths way fridge, microwave, 3 1 20 Kauri Street, Red Cliffs $160.00 Ph:0408881651 SGK-435, $7,500ono 2002 Jayco Swan Campsystem, SP23, light gold in AC, R/O awning, micro- fridge, full annex, end d/lights, tonneau cover, 2004, rego, VGC, manual, AC, MAZDA 2 1 1/12 Caffrey Court, Irymple $150.00 awning, ervan.4oven, 1burner, queen, 1 dbl flies, awning, reg Nov colour FP C -till 1 711 5 . grill, Ph: 50237983 33 11 wave porta-potty, reg March 10windows NSW, 42,000KMS, 6131 Pitman Avenue, Buronga $160.00 power steering, reg Lemon Avenue, Mildura $150.00 wardrobe, waterproof $7,000 60A/H deep flys, cycle table bat- '09, bed, bed 249,500 tare 740kg, & locks, kms, alloys, spoiler, /09, 2007 suspension cover, 33 11 183 Merbein $170.00 1/3 Commercial Holney Grove,Street, Irymple Ph:0417521333 electric brakes, tery +to inverter, new3 $7,500 ASW-98L $160.00 folds extra bed, great car, $4,500 reluctantono sale kit fitted, ZMZM-04, 2.4 33 11 520Sarnia Mildura tyres, EC, $22,000 ono Ph:0408881651 Ph:0448579879 $175.00 wired, GC, easy wayvolt fridge, microwave, KauriAvenue, Street, Red Cliffs $160.00 SGK-435, $7,500ono $20,000ono. MAZDA SP23, 2004, to Pgrill, htow, : 54 0 reg 2burner, 1 0till 7 5Nov 7awning, or 09. 33 11 11/290 Ninth Street, Mildura $180.00 Ph: 50237983 Address Rent p/w 6 Pitman Avenue, Buronga $160.00 42,000KMS, reg till 11 Ph:0400091315 0402824085 97 Ford Laser GLXi wardrobe, waterproof JAYCO Eagle campervan, $14,900. 223 111 Leonda Village, Buronga 212 Kelvin Avenue, Mildura $145.00 $185.00 183 Commercial Street, Merbein Sedan 1.8L, 11 mths /09, 2007 suspension cover, electric brakes, in EC, sleeps 6, 3 way $170.00 P2002 h : 5 Jayco 0 2 1 3Swan 3 0 9 Campo r fridge, full annex, end kit fitted, ZMZM-04, rego, VGC, manual, AC, MITSUBISHI 1/12 Caffrey Court, Irymple $150.00 Pajero 0409601910 223 111 21/874 Fifteenth St(Palm Tce)Mda 5 Sarnia Avenue, Mildura $190.00 $175.00 2.4 volt1 wired, GC,1 easy ervan. queen, dbl flies, awning, reg Nov power steering, windows 2000 $20,000ono. 33 11 131 Lemon Avenue, Mildura NM-GLS, 3.5 bed, $150.00 to tow, reg till Nov 09. 3+S 1 11/290 Ninth Street, Mildura bed flys, table 191 Dumosa Street, Red Cliffs $180.00 $190.00 '09, tare 740kg, & locks, alloys, spoiler, Ph:0400091315 32 11 1/3 Holney Grove,Mildura Irymple $160.00 $14,900. folds to extra bed,new3 TOYOTA mobile home, $7,500 Coaster, dual great car, reluctant sale petrol, manual, white, 7 25' 2 Kelvin Avenue, $185.00 2 1 2/4 Ascot Court, Mildura $195.00 VGC, 10 2004, mths 3hp way fridge, 3 1 P h : 5rev 0 2cycle 1 3 microwave, 3 0air 9 con, o r Ph:0408881651 20 Kauri Street, Red Cliffs COMMODORE VX S '02 seater, $160.00 SGK-435, $7,500ono MAZDA SP23, Pajero MITSUBISHI fuel-petrol & twin gas 2 1 21/874 Fifteenth St(Palm Tce)Mda $190.00 2 1 23 Ruby Avenue, Mildura grill, 4 burner, awning, $195.00 0409601910 reg, BBE-07F, $15,500 Ph: 50237983 3 1 electrics, one lady own- 42,000KMS, 6 Pitman Avenue, Buronga $160.00 gas, stove oven, reg till 3.5 11 fridge, 2000 NM-GLS, wardrobe, waterproof tanks, auto D series 3+S 1 191 Commercial Dumosa Street, RedMerbein Cliffs $190.00 2 1 4/430 Etiwanda Avenue, Mildura er, VGC, reg til March Ph:0409331190 $195.00 /09, 2007 suspension 3 1 183 Street, microwave, solid anx $170.00 petrol, manual, white, 7 cover, motor, shower, dual tolelectric brakes, 25' mobile home, new Ford 2 1 TOYOTA Coaster, 2/4 Ascot Court, Mildura $195.00 kit fitted, ZMZM-04, '10, TVR-401, must sell $8,000. 33 11 5 Sarnia Avenue, 3/302 Ninth Street,Mildura Mildura seater, VGC, 10 mths 2.4 $175.00 $200.00 COMMODORE VX S '02 $20,000ono. dbl bed, &instant 3hpvolt rev wired, cycle GC, air easy con, iet, fuel-petrol twin gas gas 2 1 23 RubyNinth Avenue, Mildura $11,500 $195.00 reg, BBE-07F, $15,500 Ph:0427587143 to tow, gas, reg till Novoven, 09. hot water, reverse cycle 3 1 11/290 Street, Mildura electrics, one lady own- Ph:0400091315 $180.00 fridge, stove 3 1 9 Euneva Drive, Mildura $200.00 tanks, auto D series Ph:0407854036 $14,900. Etiwanda Avenue, er, VGC, reg til March Ph:0409331190 $195.00 22 11 microwave, solid anx air 24/430 Kelvin Avenue, Mildura Mildura $185.00 con, microwave, 2 Ford motor, shower, tol3 1 11 Alkira Place, Mildura $205.00 CAMPER P$8,000. h : 5 0 2 Trailer 1 3 3 0 92007, or '10, TVR-401, must sell MITSUBISHI 3/302 Ninth Street, Mildura Pajero 0409601910 23 11 $200.00 21/874 Fifteenth St(Palm Tce)Mda way colour TV, 3 way $190.00 iet, dbl bed, instant gas off-road, stone 3 1 50 Williams Street, Gol Gol $210.00 FORD BA auto super cab 2000 NM-GLS, 3.5 semi $11,500 Ph:0427587143 3+S 11 3 fridge, awning, dual 191 Dumosa Street, Red Cliffs hot water, reverse cycle 9 Euneva Drive, Mildura $190.00 $200.00 60 home, ltr water Ph:0407854036 /chasiss, alum tray, tow petrol, manual, white, 7 guard, 323 111 1/3 Hoyts Drive, 25' mobile new rear $220.00 air con, microwave, tyres, reg April TOYOTA Coaster, dual2 2/4 Ascot Place, Court,Mildura $195.00 11 Alkira Mildura $205.00 CAMPER Trailerair 2007, wheel, COMMODORE '02 seater, VGC, 10 mths tank, bar, alloy, VX roo S bar, 3hp rev spare cycle con, 2010 way colour 3 way fuel-petrol &TV, twin gas 323 111 $20,000 323 Amy Court, Mildura $230.00 Ruby Avenue, Mildura $195.00 semi off-road, stone reg, BBE-07F, $15,500 50 Williams Street, Gol Gol electrics, one lady own$210.00 swing out pantry, gas FORD BA auto super cab fridge, gas, stove oven, window tint, deluxe tanks, D series fridge, auto awning, dual 323 111 4/430 Etiwanda guard, heavy 60 solid ltr water 18 Street, Mildura er, VGC,low regkms, tiltray, March $195.00 $240.00 microwave, anx Ford /chasiss, alum tow Ph:0409331190 bottle, duty axle, 1/3Albert Hoyts Drive,Avenue, Mildura Mildura $220.00 canopy, RWC motor, shower, tolrear tyres, reg April N I S S A N 3 0 0 Z X '10, must bar, sell tank, brakes, spare battery, wheel, WANTED $8,000. Street, Mildura bar, TVR-401, alloy, roo $200.00 disc TO BUY: Annex, 333 211 iet, dbl$20,000 bed, instant gas 93/302 Avenue, Mildura $240.00 supplied was $14,500, 2010 3Durham AmyNinth Court, Mildura $230.00 195,000kms, Aus $11,500 Ph:0427587143 swing out pantry, gas window tint, deluxe 3 hot water, cycle Euneva Drive, $200.00 4 meters, full any size, reverse GC, ASAP. now $13,500,UGN-782 3+S 211 7918Stamford Court,Mildura Gol Gol made, '90 model, opens 3 $240.00 Ph:0407854036 Albert Street, Mildura $240.00 bottle, heavy duty axle, canopy, low kms, RWC air con, microwave, 2 N I S S A N 3 0 0 Z X 3 1 11 Alkira Place, Mildura a n n e x e $ 5 , 5 0 0 Ph:0409023756 $205.00 Trailer battery, 2007, WANTED TO BUY: Annex, Ph:0409501304 GC, CC, elec win- CAMPER 3 1 disc brakes, 3 2 4 Sunset Court, Mildura 9 Durham Avenue, Mildura way colour TV, 3 way $245.00 $240.00 supplied was $14,500, 195,000kms, Aus semi off-road, stone Ph:50221705 3 1 50 Williams Street, Gol Gol $210.00 FORD BA auto super cab dows, exhaust, rims, opens 460meters, full fridge, any size,awning, GC, ASAP. dual now $13,500,UGN-782 3+S 2 7 Stamford Court, Gol Gol 3 2 made, '90 model, 36 Carfora Drive, Mildura $240.00 guard, ltr water $270.00 /chasiss, alum tray, tow 3 1 1/3 Hoyts Drive, Mildura $220.00 FORD EB, sedan, gas & sGC, o u n dCC, selec y s t ewinm , tank, tyres, reg April a n n e x spare e $ 5wheel, , 5 0 0 rear Ph:0409023756 Ph:0409501304 bar, alloy, roo bar, 3 4 Amy Sunset Court, Mildura $245.00 3+S 211 36 OliveCourt, Avenue, Mildura $300.00 3 2010 $20,000 3 Mildura petrol, RWC, PZA-380, $230.00 Ph:50221705 11mths rego, $7,900 out pantry, gas dows, exhaust, rims, swingMOTOR window tint, deluxe MOTOR 3 2 36 Carfora Drive, Mildura $270.00 auto $3,000. 3 1 3+S 2 18 Albert Street, 38 Olive Avenue, Mildura $240.00 $300.00 FORD EB,low sedan, & UBX-816 canopy, kms, gas RWC Ns oI Su Sn Ad N s y3s0t 0e ZmX, bottle, heavy duty axle, Ph:0449677968 Olive Avenue, disc BIKES brakes, battery, WANTED TO BUY: Annex, 33+S 2.2. $300.00 936Durham Avenue,Mildura Mildura petrol, RWC, PZA-380, Ph:0415467479 $240.00 BIKES supplied was $14,500, 11mths rego, $7,900 195,000kms, Aus date), nudge bar,

d/lights, tonneau cover, Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09


tyres, as new Getz cond. '07 Hyundai SIQ-886 $16,500 ono. hatch, 3 door man, 03 P hHolden : 5 0 2 2Berlina 0184 or w/books, air, PCC, S , PW,P WPB, , 0418802054 traction control, 6 CD

36,000ks, warranty stacker, sheepskin-seat '07 2011 Hyundai Getz til WWW-099 covers, hatch, 3 64,000ks, door man, $8,450 6mths 4P new a i r , reg, P RWC, Snew , 577 W, Ph:0438 tyres, as 340 cond.

36,000ks, warranty SIQ-886 $16,500 ono. Ptil h : 52011 0 2 2 0WWW-099 184 or 1993 FORD S wagon. $8,450 0418802054

Gas & petrol, Ph:0438 340tow 577bar, '07 RKW-818 Hyundai$2,500. Getz GC, hatch, 3 door man, Ph:0449677968 1993 FORD S wagon. air,



Gas &Jeep petrol, tow bar, 36,000ks, 1994 4WD,warranty electric GC, RKW-818 $2,500. til 2011 WWW-099 windows, leather interi$8,450 Ph:0449677968 o rPh:0438 , w h i340 t e , 577 VGC, 780-LNR, 1994 Jeep 4WD,$5,999 electric windows, interiP1993 h : 5 0FORD 2 7leather 4 4S7 0wagon. or o r , & wpetrol, h i t e , towV G C, 0427617298. Gas bar,

780-LNR, GC, RKW-818 $5,999 $2,500.

1999 P h : 5Hyundai 0 2 7 4 4Excel 70 or Ph:0449677968 reliable, excellent on 0427617298. 1994 new Jeep tyres, 4WD, 4electric fuel, mths windows, leather 1999UZS-078, Hyundai Excelinterirego, oreliable, r, w h iexcellent t e , $4,000 V G Con, ono. Ph:0417753133 780-LNR, fuel, new tyres,$5,999 4 mths AH. Prego, h : 5 UZS-078, 0 2 7 4 4 7 0$4,000 or 0427617298. ono. Ph:0417753133




AH. Hyundai Excel 1999 reliable, excellent on auto$13,500,UGN-782 $3,000. fuel, new tyres, 4 mths now Ph:0409501304 rego, UZS-078, $4,000 FORD EL - sedan, gas & Ph:0449677968 ono. Ph:0417753133 petrol, auto TSJ-859 FORD AH. FORD EB, EL - sedan, sedan, gas gas && $4,000 petrol, petrol, RWC, auto PZA-380, TSJ-859 Ph:0449677968 auto $3,000. $4,000 2000 Mitsubishi Pajero Ph:0449677968

4WD, V6, 103,000kms, 2000 Mitsubishi bullbar, towbar,Pajero 7 4WD, V6, 103,000kms, seats, 6CD, roadworthy, bullbar, towbar, 7 6seats, mths6CD, rego, roadworthy, new tyres, E2000 , Mitsubishi Q H Hnew - 9Pajero 46, 6Cmths rego, tyres, $4WD, , 0 Q0103,000kms, E 2C 5, V6, H0 H - 9o4n6o, Ph:0439536139 bullbar, $ 2 5 , 0 0towbar, 0 o nor7o seats, 6CD, roadworthy, 50234986. Ph:0439536139 or

Ph:0449677968 FORD Falcon EL, VGC, FORD auto, EL - sedan, blue, power gas steer,& FORD Falcon EL, VGC, petrol, auto new TSJ-859 airbag, CD, gas blue, auto, power steer, $4,000 tank, RWC, WYQ-512 airbag, CD, new gas Ph:0449677968 $4,200ono. tank, RWC, WYQ-512 Ph:0408540652 FORD Falcon EL, VGC, $4,200ono.

blue, auto, power steer, Ph:0408540652 airbag, ASTRA CD, new gas HOLDEN CD 1.8 tank, RWC, WYQ-512 650234986. mths rego, new tyres, 2004, one owner, HOLDENauto, ASTRA CD 1.8 $4,200ono. E C , Mitsubishi QHH-9 4 6 , AC, 2001 Lancer elec & one tint owner, win2004, auto, Ph:0408540652 0, 0 0 s i l Lancer s$2001 e2d5a ,nMitsubishi voenr o, dows, AC, elec & tint wincruise, 12mths Ph:0439536139 sedan, s$10,000 i l v e or r , rego, 91,000kms dows,34,000km cruise, 12mths 50234986. HOLDEN ASTRA CD 1.8 91,000kms $10,000 rego, 34,000km Ph: 0408242778. POS-227. $15,000 2004, auto, one owner, Ph: 0408242778. 2001 Mitsubishi Lancer Ph:0409385754 POS-227. $15,000 AC, elec & tint winsedan, s i l v e r , dows, Ph:0409385754 cruise, 12mths 91,000kms $10,000 rego, 34,000km Ph: 0408242778. POS-227. $15,000 Ph:0409385754

2002 2002 Merc Merc Benz Benz C180E C180E Elegance, Elegance, fully fully opopt2002 dd,, Benz lleeaatC180E tiioonneeMerc thheerr,, 17"alloys etc, etc, AC, op12 17"alloys AC, 12 Elegance, fully reg, l USE-730 tmonths i o n e d ,reg, eUSE-730 ather, months $ 22 55 ,, 00 00etc, $17"alloys 00 AC,nn ee12 gg Phh::550022reg, 011 oorr Pmonths 4455110USE-730 $0427245101 25,000 neg 0427245101 Ph:50245101 or 0427245101 2003 Merc Merc Benz Benz C180, C180, 2003 90,000kms, 12 mths 2003 Merc Benz C180, 90,000kms, mths rego, EC, 12 SHS-333 90,000kms, 12 mths rego, EC, SHS-333 $ 2 5 , 5 0 0 ono $rego, 2 5 , 5EC, 0 0 SHS-333 ono Ph:0419596165 $25,500 ono Ph:0419596165 Ph:0419596165


made, UBX-816'90 model, GC, CC, elec winPh:0415467479 dows, exhaust, rims, sound system, 11mths rego, $7,900 VW 02.EPS UBX-816 W 7.0 Ph:0415467479

VW D 02.EPS 2.00 W 7.0 D 2.00

VW 2002 Bora, 2.3L V5, VW 02.EPS leather interior, 7.0 2.3Lsun VW 2002W Bora, V5, roof, heated seats, fully Dinterior, 2.00 leather sun optioned, 105,000kms, roof, heated seats, fully 10 mths 105,000kms, reg, service optioned, VW 2002 Bora, 2.3L V5, history, OSX-000. 10 mths reg, service leather sun $15,000ono history, interior, OSX-000. roof, heated seats, fully $15,000ono Ph:0432762310 optioned, 105,000kms,

opens 4 meters, full annexe $5,500 Ph:50221705


any size, GC, ASAP. Ph:0409023756



'98 Nighttrain Custom 10,700 original Custom kms, '98 Nighttrain registered & roadworth, 10,700 original kms, lots of extras EN-428 registered & roadworth, $lots 2 2of, 0extras 0 0 EN-428 ono '98 Ph:0429977694 $ 2 2Nighttrain , 0 0 0 Custom ono

HYOSUNG GV 250 2007, EC, very low kms,2007, reg HYOSUNG GV 250 till EC,Feb very'10 low14lt kms,tank, reg black/silver $5,700 till Feb '10 14lt tank, Ph:0419804173 black/silver $5,700

10,700 original kms, Ph:0429977694 registered & roadworth, HONDA TRX 200, lots of extras EN-428 HONDA TRX 200, Ph:0432762310 10 mths reg, service Four $ 2 2 , wheeler, 000 o EC, no Four wheeler, EC, VZ HSV 6LT OSX-000. R8 Maloo $2,000ono history, Ph:0429977694 $2,000ono VZ HSV 6LT R8 under Maloo Ph:0418388526 $15,000ono Ute, XLJ-471 Ph:0418388526 Ute, XLJ-471 under HONDA TRX 200, Ph:0432762310 41,000ks, $38,000 Four TRX wheeler, 41,000ks, $38,000 HONDA 250TM,EC, 4 ono Ph:0432360588 HONDA TRX 250TM, $2,000ono VZ 6LT R8 Maloo wheeler, onoHSV Ph:0432360588 2005 model,4 wheeler, 2005 model, Ute, XLJ-471 under Ph:0418388526 low WH 2003, 41,000ks, $38,000 low kms, kms, as as new. new. WH Statesman, Statesman, 2003, Ph:0427668879 HONDA TRX 250TM, 4 114,000km, V8, any ono Ph:0432360588 Ph:0427668879 114,000km, V8, any wheeler, 2005 model, test test welcome, welcome, perfect perfect HUSQVARNA kms, TE 01, WH Statesman, 2003, low HUSQVARNA TEas610 610new. 01, condition, $21,000 condition, $21,000 Ph:0427668879 114,000km, V8, any elec elec start, start, land land range range test welcome, perfect tank, tank, 6,500kms, 6,500kms, EC, HUSQVARNA TE 610 EC, 01, HOLDEN condition, $21,000 HOLDENEpica Epica FY-115 ono FY-115 $4,500 ono elec start,$4,500 land range Dec 2007 2007 model model Dec Ph:0418388526 Ph:0418388526 tank, 6,500kms, EC, 10,000kms WYQ-382 10,000kms HOLDEN Epica WYQ-382 FY-115 $4,500 ono $25,000 Dec 2007 model $25,000 KAWASAKI KX80, KX80, EC, EC, Ph:0418388526 KAWASAKI 10,000kms WYQ-382 Ph:0419437914 Ph:0419437914 new FF && RR tyre, tyre, new new new $25,000 KAWASAKI EC, chain && FF && KX80, R spockets, spockets, chain Ph:0419437914 new F && RRR tyre, pads, new new F brake F &FR& brake pads, chain R spockets, HOLDEN VP VP Commodore, Commodore, XR6 XR6 Falcon Falcon Ute, Ute, 2001 2001 new recent&rebuild, rebuild, ready to to HOLDEN ready new Fand & R ride brake pads, '91, ETH-151, WC road model. 140,000Kms recent race $1,850 HOLDEN VP Commodore, XR6 Falcon Ute, 2001 race '91, ETH-151, WC road model. 140,000Kms recent rebuild, ready to and ride $1,850 worthy cert, regWC DecemRED-661,140,000Kms $12,000 ono Ph:0407242081 '91, ETH-151, road RED-661, model. worthy Decem$12,000 race and ride $1,850 ono Ph:0407242081 ber cert, 09, reg $2,950 Ph: 0408269049 worthy cert, reg$2,950 Decem- Ph: RED-661, $12,000 ono Ph:0407242081 ber 09, 0408269049 Ph:50237990 ber 09, $ 2 , 9 5 0 Ph: 0408269049 Ph:50237990 Ph:50237990




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4x6 5x7 6x8 10x8 10x15 11x15 16x20* 20x30*

$ 7.50 $ 9.50 $ 11.50 $ 14.50 $ 18.50 $ 32.50 $ 39.50 $ 56.50

* Dependant on the quality of the image. 67 Lime Avenue Mildura Phone 5021 2200 “We first” Please contact our put office you to arrange an inspection. For a complete list call into our office or visit our website

KAWASAKI KAWASAKI VN800 VN800 VulVulcan can Cruiser, Cruiser, windshield, windshield, leather side panniers, leather side panniers, KAWASAKI VN800 Vuldriving lights, backrest, driving lights, backrest, can Cruiser, windshield, full service book, reg full service book, reg leather side panniers, Jan $9,500, clothJan 10 10lights, $9,500, clothdriving backrest, ing, negotiaing, helmet helmet etc negotiafull serviceetc book, reg ble CW-135 CW-135 ble Jan 10 $9,500, clothPhh::5helmet 500224466etc 3 oorr negotiaPing, 00113 ble CW-135 0458563682 0458563682 or

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HYOSUNG GV 250 2007, Ph:0419804173 EC, very low kms, reg till Feb '10 14lt tank, black/silver $5,700 Ph:0419804173

Ph:50246013 0458563682 YAMAHA VIRAGO


67Avenue, Lime Mildura 3+S Phone 25021 2200 3+S 2 738Stamford Court,Mildura GolAvenue Gol Olive $240.00 $300.00 3 1. . an inspection. 4 Sunset Court,Please Milduracontact our office to arrange $245.00 67Drive, Lime Avenue 5021 2200 3 Phone 36 Carfora Mildura For a complete list callMildura into our office or visit 2our website $270.00 3+S an inspection. 2 36 Olive Avenue,Please Milduracontact our office to arrange $300.00 For aMildura complete list call into our office 3+S or visit2our website $300.00 38 Olive Avenue, “We put you first” . .

MW27903 MW27903

03 Holden Berlina w/books, CC, PW, PB, traction control, 6 CD stacker,AUTO sheepskin-seat covers, 64,000ks, 03 Holden 6mths reg, Berlina RWC, 4 new w/books, PB, tyres, as CC, newPW,cond. traction control, 6 CD SIQ-886 $16,500 ono. stacker, sheepskin-seat Pcovers, h : 5 0 2 2 064,000ks, 184 or 0418802054 6mths reg, RWC, 4 new


28 “We put you first”

For Lease

For Lease

List your rental property with Ray White today. ListFor your rental property withservice Ray White today. For Lease effective, professional phone For effective, professional service phone

List your rental property with Ray White today. (03) 5021 9500 (03) 5021 9500 For effective, professional service phone

69 69 Deakin Deakin Avenue, Avenue,Mildura MilduraVIC VIC 3500 3500 (03) 5021 9500

69 Mildura Mildura

Deakin Avenue, Mildura VIC 3500Other $$ Available Available Other 1/145 Riverside Avenue $250.00 LEASED 3 2 2 Modern Townhouse 1/145 Riverside Avenue



$240.00 $240.00

Available 28/08/09 28/08/09



Other 22 Walk WalktotoCBD CBD

412Etiwanda EtiwandaAvenue Avenue 412 9 Cameron Avenue

$230.00 $230.00 $240.00

Now Now 28/08/09



Closetotoshops shops 222 Close Walk to CBD

4Kepeto Kepeto CourtAvenue 4412 Court Etiwanda

$220.00 $220.00 $230.00




Bungalow 222 CloseBungalow to shops

Princes Street 418Kepeto Court 18 Princes Street

$210.00 $220.00 $210.00




Character home Bungalow 222 Character home

12Rosemont Rosemont Avenue 18 Princes Street 12 Avenue

$210.00 $210.00 $210.00




Fantastic location home 222 Character Fantastic location

12 Avenue 57Rosemont Tenth Street

$210.00 $190.00

LEASED 30/07/09



Mildura 99Cameron CameronAvenue Avenue

1/145 Riverside Avenue

$250.00 $







Modern Townhouse


Modern Townhouse

21 Fantastic Close tolocation town

57 Tenth Street





1 Close to town

9 Thirteenth Street





2 Close to shops

10 Hunter Street 10 Hunter Street

$160.00 $160.00

Now Now



11 Character home Characterhome

4/27 4/27 Walnut Walnut Avenue Avenue

$160.00 $160.00

Now Now




Walk Walk to to CBD CBD

311 Tenth Tenth Street Street 311

$140.00 $140.00

Now Now




Furnished Furnished

57 Tenth Street 9 Thirteenth Street 910Thirteenth Street Hunter Street

4/27 Walnut Avenue 311 Tenth Street

Red Cliffs

Red Cliffs Cliffs Red 6 Ilex Street

$190.00 $180.00 $180.00 $160.00


$140.00 $

30/07/09 25/08/09

25/08/09 Now





Available Available Now

623/133 Ilex Street Calder Highway

$110.00 $120.00

End July

23/133 Calder Highway


6 Ilex Street

23/133 Calder Highway




32 22



11 11

1 1

12 Close Closetototown shops 21 Close to shops Character home



End July

End July



Other Other Office



Walk to CBD









Office Office Partly Furnished

Partly Furnished

1 Partly Furnished

MW27907 MW27907



ADELAIDE ADELAIDE AccommodaAccommodation at Semaphore from $tion 8 5atp Semaphore er n i gfrom ht $ 8 5 p e rAccommodanight ADELAIDE Ph:0412106646 Ph:0412106646 tion at Semaphore from www.seacroftapartment www.seacroftapartment $ 85per night Ph:0412106646

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11 bedroom bedroom flat, flat, newly newly renovated, renovated, quiet quiet block, block, furnished or unfurnish1ed bedroom newly furnished orflat, unfurnishPh:0429239425

ed Ph:0429239425 renovated, quiet block, PERSON toorshare 3BDR furnished unfurnishPERSON to 3BDR house, closeshare to Centro, ed Ph:0429239425 house, close to Centro, 2 bathrooms, dbl car-

p2 o bathrooms, r t to$share 1 1 dbl 0 3BDR p /carw. PERSON p o r t close $ 1to1 0 p/w. Ph:0400958490 house, Centro, Ph:0400958490 2SELF bathrooms, dbl Lock carSTORAGE Own Individual p&SELF oKey r tSTORAGE $ 1 1Own 0 pUnits /w. Lock FREE local move-in Units van Ph:0400958490 & Key Individual

HOUSEBOAT 18.8mx8.1m In SA Survey HOUSEBOAT 18.8mx8.1m 5 Queen Bedrooms Ph: FREE50220841 local move-in van In SA Survey 2 x Honda Outboards HOUSEBOAT 18.8mx8.1m SELF STORAGE Own Lock 5 Queen90 Bedrooms Ph: 50220841 Honda 7 KVA Generator In SA Survey 2 x Honda 90 Outboards & Key Individual Units Value 5 Excellent Queen Bedrooms Honda 7 KVA Generator FREE local move-in van Excellent 2$325,000 x Honda 90 Value Outboards ONO HOUSEBOAT Honda 7 KVA18.8mx8.1m Generator $325,000 ONO Ph: 50220841 InonSA Survey MaxExcellent 0417 445 190. Value Max on 0417 445 8100 190. 5 Queen Office 08Bedrooms 8569 ONO Office 8100 2 $325,000 x Honda08908569 Outboards Max on 0417Generator 445 190. Honda 7 KVA Office 08 8569 Excellent Value8100

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly


73 Orange Ave, Mildura


PHONE: 5021 1777

FAX: 5021 1733






FOR RENT roccisano property group

PROPERTIES FOR LEASE $ Blk 370B Twentieth St, Card 2/211 Thirteenth St, Mda 3/18 Etherington Dve, Mda 2/15 The Boulevard, Mda 679 Seveteenth St, Mda 42 Seventh St, Mda 210 Walnut Ave, Mda 108 Lemon Ave, Mda 50 Main Road North, Mbn 34 Midway Dve, Bur 212A Walnut Ave, Mda 13 Tower Crt, Bur 7 Aylmer Crt, Mda 5 Rodeo Dve, Mda 12 Emerald Dve, Mda Lot 1 Melaleuca St, Bur 1 Cambridge Tce, Mda


3 2 2 2 3 3 3 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5

1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2

1 1 1 1 1 2 1 2 2 2 1 2 2 2 2 2 2

5021 1900

83 Deakin Avenue, Mildura



TO LET 96 Riverside Avenue, Mildura 35 Carfora Drive, Mildura







2/2121 Fifteenth St, Irymple 4/2121 Fifteenth St, Irymple

WENTWORTH Houses 18 Shannon St, Wentworth 83 Cadell St, Wentworth 40 Helena St, Wentworth 62 Murray St, Wentworth 58 Murray St, Wentworth 7 William St, Wentworth 5 William St, Wentworth

$150.00pw 18 Sirius Court, Mildura 4br $275pw $150.00pw 20 Sirius Court, Mildura 2 3br $240pw $155.00pw 474 River Avenue, Birdwoodton 1 3+study $220pw $160.00pw 210A Adams St, Wentworth 1 2br $210pw “WANTED”LEASED $190.00pw Rental properties throughout area to$200pw 68 Eaglesham Avenue, Mildura the Sunraysia3br accommodate our growing LEASED list of applicants. $190.00pw 2/1 Damien Court, Mildura 2br $190pw $200.00pw 13 Williams Street, Wentworth 1 3br $180pw $200.00pw River House, Boeil Creek 1 3br $170pw LEASED $200.00pw Blk 173 Merrijig Avenue, Red Cliffs 3br $165pw $220.00pw 6/153-155 Darling St, Wentworth 1 3br $160pw 31 Sandwych Street, Wentworth 1 2br $140pw $225.00pw 87 Wilkes Street, Wentworth 1 2br $140pw $230.00pw 47A Darling St, Wentworth 1 2br $125pw $300.00pw $310.00pw Y E LTA P R O P E R T Y $320.00pw L g e 3 Br house, modern appliances, $380.00pw downstairs rumpus room, rural outlook, PLUS 60x60mt c $400.00pw /f shed incl 20 pallet c/room, sm of fice, m/f amenities. Ideal package

Sally Hardy

.............3br ..............3br ..............3br ..............3br ...............3br ...............2br ............... 1br

400 MW27904 283.4 WENTWORTH Units 6/153 Darling St, WentworthDeacon ..............3br 6/40 Sandwych St, Wentworth Real Estate.............3br Services

MILDUR A HOUSES AVA I L A B L E A P R I L 15 T H Deacon Services. L o t 2 C oReal w r a A v e n Estate u e , b e t w e e n 14 t h & 15 t h S t

.............$210pw ..............LEASED ............ $185pw ............. $175pw ........... $160pw ........... $130pw ............ $130pw

3Br house, rural setting, no immediate neighbors $ 13 5 p w

Clearing Sale EW L@ I S T10.00am. INGS WENTWORTH 25th NJuly 4 0 H e l e n a S t . . . . . . 3 B r h o u s e a v a i l a b l e s o o n $ 18 5 2 / 2 2 1A/C A d a mD s S& t .K . . .Wiseman 2 B r u n i t r i v e r s i d e . . . . . . $ 13 5 W E N T WWentworth. ORTH HOUSES 83 Cadel Street 32 Sandw ych St . . . .3Br centrally located . . . . $200

............ $160pw ............ $155pw 1/36 Sandwych St, Wentworth .............3br ............ $155pw 9/221 Adams St, Wentworth ............... 2br ............ $130pw 2/165 Adams St, Wentworth .............2br ............. $125pw 2/80 Murray St, Wentworth ..............2br ............ $120pw


Main St Wentworth, prime central corner position, renovated to perfection, a must to view $250pw Incl Shop 8, Tapio St Dareton $110pw+GST Call Jenny on 5027 3411 to discuss all your Property Management needs.

$ 6 0 0 p w p l u s G S T.

W E N T W O R TWendy H H O UHobbs SES

For Lease .............. 2br ............ $125pw ...............2br ............ $125pw

Kathryn Martin


3 2 S a n d w y c h S t . . . . 97 3 B– r h99 o u sLime e a v a iAve l . s oMildura o n . . . $ 18Ph 5 p w5025 8700

47 Darling St Wentworth Ph 5027 3080



6 / 4 0 S a n d w y c h S t . . . 3 B r u n i t c e n t r a l l o c a t i o n $ 15 5 p w

2 / 3 6 S a n d w y c h S t . . . 2 B r u n i t c l o s e t o t o w n . . . $ 14 0 p w

Book your classifieds online now at 2 / 2 2 1 A d a m s S t . . . . 2 B r r i v e r s i d e . . . . . . . . $ 13 5 p w 2 / 1 6 5 A d a m s S t . . . . 2 B r i m m a c u l a t e . . . . . . . $ 12 5 p w 2 / 5 8 W e n t w o r t h S t . . 1 B r u n i t . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 11 0 p w

4 / 5 8 W e n t Avenue, w o r t h S t . . 1 Mildura Br unit . . 4/111 Ontario

. . . . . . . . . . $ 11 0 p w

- 3BR - Recently renovated - BIR - Private yard - Close to schools, shop & CBD

$150 per week

Please refer to Stockdale & Leggo’s Property Guide on Page 17 of the home buyers guide liftout for RENTALS

1 6 5Assorted D a r l i n g S t china . . . . . 3&B bric-a-brac. r h o u s e r i v e r a c c e s s . . $ 18 5 C a edition d e l l S t . .Gibson . . . . . . .tea 3 B r pot h o u sNo. e , a vW296, a 28t h A p r il $165 Ltd W china ENTWO R T H Utea N I Tset, S Gold crown fine “gold” 2 / 15 R y d e r C r . . . . . . 2 B r u n i t , q u i e t c o u r t . . . . $ 15 5 assorted china by Alfred Meakin, British 2 / 1 6 5 A d a m s S t . . . . 2 B r i m m a c . U n i t . . . . . . . . $ 12 5 Anchor, 2 / 5 8 S. W eFord n t w o r& t h Co, S t . Johnson . 1B r U n i t . etc, . . . . Earthen . . . . . . . . . $ 11 0 4 /& 5 8glass W e n t wbottles o r t h S t .collectables . 1B r U n i t . . . . etc. . . . . . . . . . . $ 11 0 Wertheim sewing machine haros D A R E& T Otable, N 14 Hiron u m e Sbedheads, t . . . . . . . . 2 Bblacksmithing r i m m a c u l a t e h o u stools, e . . . $ 15 0 steamer, 0 M i t c h eearly l l S t . .50’s, . . . . 2power B r h o u sfarming e l g e y a r dmags . . . . .& . $ 13 5 milker, 1furphy, late 40’s early 50’s fishing mags. 03 Toyota Sportivo app 75,000 km eng no 2AZA062515. 83 Toyota Land Cruiser app 448,700 km eng no 1213937. 1 x 7’ x 4’6” trailer, 1 x tandem trailer, 1 x app 50’ x 22’ steel shed as new. Agent comments : This is a genuine 30 year private collection. Sundries to numerous to mention. Cash/cheques payable on day. Catering available on day. Number system with ID required. Signs to be erected. Visit HYPERLINK "" for photo’s.

All enquiries to agent Robert Pallor 0428 273 411 or Auctioneer Marty Deacon 0429 953 365


Res Com

for lease

a new level in property management 178 Commercial Street, Merbein

1 Maiella Court, Irymple

- 2BR - Sunroom - Large gardens - Established fernery - Single carport

- 2BR - Low maintenance - Paved courtyard - Garden Shed - Single carport

$155 per week

$185 per week 113 Boyden Street, Mildura

7 Essex Court, Mildura

- Furnished or unfurnished - BIR - Wood heating - Good size shed -6 month lease only

- 3BR - Study - Ensuite - WIR - Timber floors - 2 Sep living areas - Formal lounge - Double lock up garage

$230 per week $210 per week

$320 per week 1 Aiden Way, Mildura - 3BR - Ensuite - WIR - Double lock up garage

$285 per week

110 Walnut Avenue, Mildura

es by R $220 per week

- 1BR - BIR - Reverse cycle - Updated - River fronted - Close to all amenities

$125 per week 2/287 Cureton Avenue, Mildura - 2BR - BIR - Reverse cycle - Updated - River fronted - Close to all amenities

$145 per week

7 Marsden Drive, Mildura

Res Com Property & Finance

153 Pine Avenue, Mildura

183 Eighth Street, Mildura- 2BR, Gas heater, Polished floor

$175 p/w

4 Hornsey Park, Mildura- 3BR, Ensuite, BIR, Single cport

$180 p/w

- 3 BR - Ensuite - BIR - Formal Lounge/Family Room 2/934 15th Street, Mildura- 2BR, BIR, gas heat, Private yard - Innercity Townhouse - Double Lock up carport w/ autodoor

$265 per week

$170 per week

- 3 BR - 3 Separate living areas -E 2D Showers S heating LEA - Combustion - Dishwasher - Triple Carport Com

1,3 and 4/287 Cureton Avenue, Mildura

- 2BR - Electric heating - Dishwasher SED yard - Double lock up garage LEA - Court 55 Thirteenth Street, Mildura- 2BR, Gas heating, Dble c/port $140 p/w m Close to Centro sC- o e R y b 4/111 Ontario Avenue, Mildura- 3BR, Renovated, BIR $150 p/w 400 MW28081$185 538.2 per week

- 2BR - Electric heating - Decent Sized Yard - Shed - Close to CBD

Pitman Avenue, Buronga


33 Keam Street, Mildura

ED - BIR - Spacious lounge -S3BR LEA- Gas heating - Auto sprinklers m sCo y R-eShed - Low maintenance


$195 per week

$180 p/w

2/13 Belleview Drive, Irymple- 2BR, BIR, Single LUG

$180 p/w

116 Ontario Avenue, Mildura- 2BR, BIR, Single LUG

$185 p/w

145 Walnut Avenue, Mildura- 3BR, sep lounge, evap cooling $200 p/w 7 O’Bryan Street, Merbein – 3BR, Renovated, Single LUG

$200 p/w

1 Dunning Drive, Mildura - 3BR, BIR, sep lounge, gas heat

$210 p/w

10 Burke Court, Mildura- 3BR, Ensuite, Garden shed

$240 p/w

3 Parkway Mildura - 3BR, Ensuite, Modern large yard

$250 p/w

38 Golden Ash Drive, Mildura- 3BR, WIR, Study, Dble LUG

$250 p/w

10 Kovac Court, Mildura- 3BR, Study, Ensuite, D/washer

$285 p/w

38 Olive Avenue, Mildura- 3BR, Study, Ensuite, Workshop

$300 p/w

5021 4600 | 79 Pine Avenue, Mildura |


Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

Cricket speedster Brett Lee, writing for the Mildura Weekly during the current UK Ashes tour with the Aussie side, is philosophical about being one down in the series, but says…

It’s time to re-group… IT’S been a tough few days for those of us in the Aussie touring squad who didn’t play in the Lords Test. The hardest part of not being able to play is that you feel a little helpless. It’s hard to watch your teammates when things aren’t going so well, whereas it’s actually quite fun to be in the rooms when the team is on top and destined for a win.

I am also starting to get a bit of cabin fever, so I have been taking every opportunity to get out of the rooms, even for little things like taking a walk or doing some extra rehab to help with my injury. All the same, I never stray too far because it is important for the whole squad to be together as much as possible over duration of the match. My rib injury is feeling better all the time, although I am not yet sure what the immediate future holds. Of course, I would love to be a part of the threeday game this week at Northampton, and put myself forward for selection for the Third Test, but we will just have to wait and see. I know my body pretty well, and this particular injury is not new to me, so I will know when the time is right. With the scorecard now showing 1-0 to England, it is important for all of us to get out on the paddock. I think you will see some big efforts this week at Northampton, which should flow through to the Third Test at Edgbaston. I must also congratulate Michael Clarke for his magnificent hundred in the second innings. Most of us in the Aussie squad think it was the best century we have

There is certainly no lack of effort from our guys, and I think all of us associated with the squad were proud of the way the team nearly snatched victory after copping some flak over the first three days of the match. It was pretty tense in the dressing room during the five days of the Test, as you would expect when there is so much at stake. It doesn’t get much bigger than an Ashes Test at Lords, and this game had so many twists and turns that we didn’t get a chance to relax much at all.

seen so far in this series, and there have been a few. In the context of the match and the quality of the English bowling at the time he went into bat, ‘Pup’ will probably agree that this was one of his best Test innings. It was an enormous achievement for us to get within 100-odd runs, and I think there are good signs for the team leading into the Third Test. There is certainly no lack of effort from our guys,

and I think all of us associated with the squad were proud of the way the team nearly snatched victory after copping some flak over the first three days of the match. I can tell all Mildura Weekly readers that we have already moved on from the Lords Test, and are now starting our preparations with a view to equalling the series at Edgbaston. I just hope I can be out on the ground playing my part – Brett Lee

Crunch time for top four ahead of finals maintain its first quarter pressure, finishing on the end of an 86 point drubbing. The same can be said of the Roos, who had a chance to beat South Mildura last week but struggled to get the job done. Merbein coach Paul Makepeace will have strong

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words to pass on to his young team; win this or drop out of the finals race. On the other hand Wentworth coach Mick Dean will be similarly looking to pump up his side ahead of the clash, with the Roos a chance to replace Merbein in the top four with a win. Wentworth will miss ruckman Angus Crowley, who will line up for the Under 18s, with the youngster enjoying a fantastic year. The Magpies should take advantage of his absence, with the likes of Josh Whitelaw, Jia Sloan and Luke Scambler roaming the ground. The Magpies won easily by 45 points the last time these two sides met, with the added incentive of playing finals sure to be a telling factor in how these two teams will run out. Red Cliffs blew its finals chances last week against Irymple, falling eight points shy of a win. The Tigers will aiming to make amends against ladder leaders Mildura this week, with the Demons dropping only one game for the year. The Dees have had the



luxury of a full list this season, with some of its reguSunraysia lars enjoying some added Junior Fo otball Leag exposure in the Under 18 ue competition. The Tigers on the other hand have beenForlacking 3 points consistency, withWho Sunday’s am I? Born onCliffs the 4th of August, 1901, Igot was orphaned an the game not one Red Imps home atby early age and had to make a living singing for nickels will be lookingin my forward barestSentenced of margins native New Orleans. to a boys home(one at the age of 12, I was taught the cornet by Peter Davis to. themusicians, last time these (who ran the home).point) Working with like King Mildura simply have Oliver, my reputation quickly grewwith and I became known two met, the question as one oflike the greatest Jazz Cornet players in the world. too many class-players being I can Known simply as ‘Satchmo’, am? the Dogs turn Jack Bower, Ben Christ- the tables against a side odoulou, Riley Chirgwin, it hasn’t beaten for some For 3 points Indigo Hensgen, Jamahn time. Who am I? Sailor and Ben Cadmore to This game will Born Charles Hardin Holley in Lubbock Texas on be an September 7th, 1936, I would only‘blinder’, live to be twenty two a choose from, with Red absolute with years old before dying in a plane crash in 1959. Cliffs relying heavily on physiological edgeforup for A Rock ‘n’ Roll Pioneer, I layed the foundations talented players Sam groupsStanlike ‘The Beatles’ andfor ‘The the Rollingeventual Stones’, along grabs vicwith countless others. brook, Michael Russo and tor. Responsible for hits like ‘Peggy Sue’ and That’ll Be The Michael Peart to Day’, come I am?up In the final game of the with the goods. round Irymple will host South Mildura has Robinvale on Sunday, and played well the pastFor two on current form the Swal3 points weeks, and will faceWho sec- am lows I? should notch up anond-placed Imperials other win. Born on on the 19th August, 1883, I was orphaned at an early Roman Catholic of off Sunday in the game of theage in theIrymple aremonastery coming Aubazine, where I learnt the trade of a seamstress. round. a tightly contested My school vacations were spent with relatives,game where I was taught to sew with more flourish. With The Doggies were imagainst menswear-inspired Red Cliffs, fashions, while a modernist philosophy, pressive against Wentworth and pursuit ofRobinvale expensive simplicity I became a an 103 suffered important figure in 20th-century fashion. In 1921 I last week, whilst Imps had a signature point fragrance, hammering produced Chanel No. at 5, mythe signature cardigan jacket 1925in-form and signature “little a big win against cellarhands ofin an Imps black dress” in 1926. I am? dwellers Robinvale. line-up. A win to South will see Simply put, Robinvale player’s confidence sky- hasn’t got the fire-power rocket ahead of the finals, to beat the Swallows, with with a win to the Imperials the Eagles looking to avoid Football Club also a chance a repeat of last week’s perto build momentum. formance. ANSWER: 1. KU KLUX KLAN, 2. TRAITORS GATE, 3. BRAZILIAN 4. TOBLERONE, 5. PETER RABBIT, 6. BARCELONA, 7. SIR ISSAC NEWTON 8. DAVID CAMPESE, 9. DONNA KARAN NEW YORK, 10. BUDDY HOLLY

with a loss to Wentworth. Merbein have dropped from second to fourth in the last two rounds of the SJFL, and need to find its early season rhythm if its to maintain pace with the ladder leaders. Merbein started well against the Demons last week, but was unable to

THIS week’s round of the Sunraysia Junior Football League will see teams jostling for positions ahead of the finals series, with a number of the top four sides looking to cement spots. Round 13 could prove unlucky for Merbein, who may fall out of the top four

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly

SPORT SHORTS Inaugural Almond Blossom bike ride GET on ya bike. That’s the call from the Robinvale/Euston Bicycle Users Group. The group is encouraging people to sign on for the inaugural Almond Blossom Festival Ride on Sunday, August 16. It is not one ride, in fact, but two, catering for different fitness levels with both being organised as part of this year’s Almond Blossom Festival. The first ride will cover 60 kilometres and the second, 100 kilometres. Both will begin at the Kyndalyn Park almond farm’s head office, 24 kilometres towards Swan Hill on the Robinvale to Swan Hill road. The 60km loop will take in Lake Powell – Bannerton – Wemen (for a drink and food stop) and return by the same route. The 100km ride will take in Lake Powell – Bannerton – Annuello – Wemen (again for a drink and food stop) – Happy Valley – Bannerton – Lake Powell and back to Kyndalyn Park. The entry fee is $15 and includes the catering at Wemen. Both rides will get under way at 9am and a ride escort and SAG wagon will be in attendance. All riders will need to register and sign a disclaimer before starting to ride. For more information contact Vin Walsh on 0427 263 449; Peter Jury 0438 095 704 or Tim Kennedy, 0428 397 068.

Netballers aiming for Murray Bridge triumph MILDURA’S Academy netballers will travel to Murray Bridge this weekend with hopes of securing a win at the Murray Bridge Netball Association Tournament. The girls will come up against South Australia’s finest during the event, with the Under 13 and Under 15 divisions to be represented. Four teams consisting of 40 players will make the trip, with Mildura’s teams performing well recently in Bendigo and Swan Hill. Mildura Netball Association President Karen Martin said the top-age Under 13 and 15 sides had a good chance of walking away with victory, while the outing would prove a good learning curve for bottomaged players.

“They’ll gain some valuable experience coming up against a variety of new teams,” she said. “Coming from Mildura our girls tend to play the same sides each year, so it will certainly be a good experience. “It will also be an opportunity to see some of the talent that will make its way to Mildura in September when it’s the Academy’s turn to host a tournament.” Players have spent the past six months training with a number of specialist coaches in preparation for the event, with David McCullum, a highly regarded Victorian coach and current assistant at the Northern Zone Academy, the most recent to make the trip.

Local players Georgia Oliver, Renee Phillips, Ashely Flentjar, Rebekah Adair, Ebony McClean and Laura Robertson were lucky enough to receive some one-on-one time with McCullum, with all six girls to attend a Netball Victoria Northern Zone Academy selection day on August 9. Karen said McCullum provided the girls with an insight into what selectors would be looking for, and how to mentally prepare for upcoming events or training camps. “David talked about getting in the right frame of mind regardless of whether it’s for a big tournament or a selection camp like the one the girls will attend next month,” she said.

Local netballers were also lucky enough to get an audience with Australian coach Norma Plummer, with the veteran conducting a talk in the region in May. Karen said the talk was an “inspirational one”, with the ‘Diamonds’ coach using her life experiences to motivate players. “She focused on grasping opportunities that may come along, which is especially important for country kids who don’t often get the chance to play in elite teams,” she said. “It certainly gave our girls a belief that they can reach their goals, and hopefully Norma’s advice will continue to encourage the players to do their best this weekend.”

‘Black and White’ ball for Merbein THE Merbein Football Netball Club will host a ‘Black and White Ball’ tomorrow night at the Kenny Park Function Rooms from 8pm. Supper, prizes and drinks at bar prices will be on offer, with tickets still available for $30 for doubles, $15 for singles, or $140 for a table of 10. Dress is semi-formal, with more information available by contacting Vicki on 0438 252 344.

‘Hassa’ luncheon A LEGEND of the Merbein Football Netball Club will make his return on Saturday, August 15, with the ‘Hassa Mann’ luncheon to be held at the Kenny Park function rooms from 12pm. The event is expected to be the perfect start to the town’s centenary celebrations, with the Merbein favourite to conduct a talk and watch the Magpies’ final game for 2009. Tickets are limited and will cost $20, with a three course meal, drinks at bar prices and the chance to win a football signed by Hassa included. More information is available by contacting Vicki on 0438 252 344, or email

Sport star nominations

Contact: Rob Pallot on 0428 273 411 for all your Real Estate needs.


MALLEE Sports Assembly is calling for all nominations for the Harvey Norman and 3MA Sports Star of the Year Award for the month of July. Nomination forms are available from Sportspower, Harvey Norman, Mallee Sports Assembly, Radio 3MA, or by visiting www. Nominations close at 5pm on Friday, August 14 and can be delivered to 262 Deakin Avenue or mailed to PO Box 2316, Mildura, 3502. More information is available by contacting 5021 3464.


• INSPIRATIONAL: Mildura’s Academy netballers will be looking to utilise the advice passed on by Australian netball coach Norma Plummer (MIDDLE) when they travel to Murray Bridge this weekend.

Harness racing at Mildura OUYEN harness racing will head to Mildura today, with the Mildura Recreation Reserve to host a ‘Day Meet’ from 12pm. Admission is $7 for adults, $3 for aged pensioners, with those under 17 admitted or $2, or free if accompanied by an adult. More information is available by contacting 5023 2454 or 0407 864 558.

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Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

Bec’s on board for the ride of her life


made her way to Sacramento, of so many people. California, staying at the Delta “Basically the companies Wakeboard Camp based 30 min- listened as we explained the feautes from the city. tures of a wakeboard, and how “The camp is a great place for their boards differed from othwakeboarders to come and hone ers and how we would improve their skills, or if you’re a beginner them. learn the basics of the sport,� she “Being a part of those talks said. “I met people who share the gave me confidence to be able to same interests, and experienced speak in front of an audience and some of the best wakeboarding explain the sport I love, which is spots inGROUP California.� a skill that could come in handy A TOYOTA COMPANY Bendigo What made this camp differ- when dealing with potential Bendigosponsors.� Truck Centre 03 5440 9111 ent was the arrival of five wakeDandenong South Prestige Hino 03 9212 5555 “The camp is a great place for wakeboarders

think that 25 years ago people were riding surf boards behind an outboard boat, inventing MILDURA wakeboarder Bec tricks that are now commonGange has been busily preparplace in the sport. ing for the World Wakeboarding “One of my aims has always Championships to be held in been to push female wakeboardKorea next month, spending the ing to the limit, and having the past seven weeks overseas developportunity to ride the original oping her skills. waves of the sport was great inBec, 19, will take a fantastic spiration to do that.â€? run of form into the championBec is currently staying in Orships, recently claiming the Auslando Florida, completing final tralian Women’s Junior Wakepreparations in the lead up to boarding Title for the fourth year the World Titles, saying her time running, and currently ranked in America had already started to third in Australia. return dividends. She said she was looking forA TOYOTA GROUP COMPANY Bendigo Laverton North a “Personally I feel my riding ward to the ‘worlds’, and strongto come and hone their skills, or if you’re Bendigo Truck Centre 03 5440 9111 CMI Hino Melbourne 03 9931 6500 has improved in the brief time ly believes a podium finish could beginner learn the basics of the sport... Dandenong I’ve been here,â€? she said. “I’ve be on the cards. South Mildura also5555 been doing lots of gym “A few people involved in Prestige Hino 03 9212 Sunraysia 03 5021 2999 long work to improve my cardio and AfterHino a hefty schedule, the sport have said I have a board companies who invited North and mentally preparing meals a dayLaverton of strength, good chance of becoming World Bec and a few other local wake- hours and three Moorooduc CMI Hino Melbourne 03 9931 6500challenges the championjunk food, said 8203 she finally for the Champion, but I don’t want to boarders to help demonstrate Peninsular Hino Bec 03 5978 the strengths and weaknesses of got the (Parts opportunity relax, re- ships will throw at me. get my hopes up,â€? she said. and Serviceto only) Mildura tiring to team mate Shelby Kan“This trip has been the persĂĽ!IRĂĽ#ONDITIONING “Personally I think I have a their product. Sunraysia Hino 03 5021 2999 North Geelong It was a daunting experience tar’s hometown of Calsbad in fect preparations for the compegood shot of finishing in the top sĂĽ0OWERĂĽ7INDOWS ISR Hino 03 5278 9844 tition, and I can’t wait to get to three, and at the moment I’m for the youngster, who up to that San Diego. Moorooduc sĂĽ#$ĂĽ0LAYER The trip was also a historic Korea and mix it up with the best concentrating on doing lots of point in her career had never Peninsular Hino 03 5978 8203 Shepparton one for Bec, had1301 the opporsĂĽ#ENTRALĂĽ,OCKING wakeboarders in the world.â€? riding, and learning and perfect- spoken in front of a crowd of Shepparton (Parts and Service only) Hino who 03 5823 that magnitude or expertise. tunity to visit wakeboard’s birthBec will leave America on Auing tricks.â€? sĂĽ!"3ĂĽ"RAKESĂĽ ĂĽ new sĂĽ!IRĂĽ#ONDITIONING North Geelong • WAVE-RIDER: Bec Gange, who has “I found the experience pretty place at Calsbad Wodonga Lagoon. gust 21 to head to Korea, where left Mildura on May 29, sĂĽ%ASYĂĽ(ILLĂĽ3TARTĂĽ!SSIST Bec sĂĽ0OWERĂĽ7INDOWS ISR Hino 03 5278 been in America honing her skills since Jacob Hino 02 6022 9516 hard,â€? Bec said. “It’s something “It was amazing being at the she 9844 will aim to add a World Title arriving in Los Angeles after Exhaust Brakes sĂĽ3PRINGĂĽ0ARKĂĽ"RAKE sĂĽ#$ĂĽ0LAYER to her growing list of achieveMay, is looking to add a World Title to her spending 24 hours cooped up on I’ve never done before and I was exact location the sport was in-Shepparton sĂĽĂĽ3PEEDĂĽ4RANSMISSION sĂĽ#ENTRALĂĽ,OCKING “It’s crazy ments. a plane. From there she steadily fairly nervous getting up in front vented,â€? she said. growing list of accolades. Shepparton Hino to 03 5823 1301



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24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly


There have been some gifted players go through local footy ranks and on to bigger and better things. Not to mention a few of the ‘journeymen’ of footy who came to play with local sides. Helping track one down, we asked - whatever happened to…

Elkin Reilly, a touch of SFL ‘black magic’ IF local football administrators ever decide on their SFL Aboriginal ‘Team of the Century’ or Hall of Fame nominees, Elkin Reilly will no doubt be right near the top of the list. Probably not so much for what he achieved during his brief foray into the Sunraysia league, but for what he achieved in a proud sporting, cultural and professional life as an ambassador for his people. The ‘old-timers’ of the SFL would remember Elkin Reilly well…they will be happy to know he’s alive and well, living in South Australia and still heavily involved in health and culture issues for his people, especially the youth.

Sunraysia residents and visitors will be able to get a better perspective on the life and times of the great man by visiting Merbein during its August Centenary celebrations, and having a close look at some of the dossiers prepared by amateur Mildura historian Raylee Schultz. Raylee has taken a close look at many of the former champions who played a part in the sporting development of this region, and they are documents well worth reading, backed up by photographs that should bring many memories flooding back. The Elkin Reilly story, although not having a direct connection with Merbein, is one of them. Elkin Reilly was born in 1938 to parents Ruby and Harvey on Lake Nash Station on the NT/Qld border. He was just six months old when he and his brothers and cousins were taken under police escort to the Telegraph House, known as ‘the halfway house for stolen children.’ The baby ended up in Alice Springs, where Doctor Pat Reilly talked police into leaving the boy in the care of his family. They called him Julian Elkin Reilly, but everyone referred to him as Elkin. The family transferred to Ho-

petoun, where Elkin spent his early education before another move, this time to Minlaton on the Yorke Peninsular of SA where his foster dad set up a medical practice. Elkin went to the boarding school Rostrevor in 1951, was appointed House Captain, and was encouraged in both academic and sporting worlds. He became the South Australian junior high jump champion in 1957, clearing the bar at 6ft 2ins, played top grade cricket with some success, and later became only the second Aboriginal student from Rostrevor to play in the VFL. After National Service training, Elkin returned to Minlaton, winning the league best and fairest medal. He repeated the win the following year, this time while with the Barmera Football Club. By his own admission he became a footy ‘nomad,’ playing for clubs in leagues in SA and Victoria, and working at whatever jobs they could find him. In 1961 he was invited to play for South Melbourne on a six-game permit, and played those games in the Reserves. After the permit expired, Elkin received an offer from Wentworth Football Club in the Sunraysia league, and played a full season for the Roos, winning the club best and fairest. In 1962, at 191cms and 91kgs, he was recalled to South Melbourne, and spent the next five years as a ruckman against some of the best players in VFL – including the legendary Polly Farmer and John Nicholls. One of his coaches was the great Bobby Skilton. He played 51

games for South, kicking two goals. While in Melbourne he married Marlene, and they had two children. Elkin worked for the International Harvester Company. In 1966 his appendix ruptured and he found it hard to get back the fitness required for VFL level, so he moved to Cohuna where he was captain-coach for two years. In 1969 he moved to Kingston in SA as coach – and gave a youngster by the name of Michael Taylor his start in senior footy. Retiring from football the following year, Elkin moved to Adelaide and worked for Harris Scarfe for several years before taking on a job with the Aboriginal Health Commission, where he stayed for 17 years. He retains strong links with the Steering Committee for The Stolen Generation and Aboriginal Health Council. He maintains a strong affiliation – and affection – for Rostrevor, and in a recent college magazine told the story of running “stone motherless last” in a cross-country championship, and one of the Christian Brother tutors commenting; “You had better change your brand of smokes Reilly…the ones you’re smoking aren’t doing you any good.” He is currently the figurehead of a charity that bears his name, the Elkin Reilly Appeal, and which raises money to bring Aboriginal children to be educated at Rostrevor, and has been honoured by Rostrevor ‘Old Collegians.’ Elkin, 71, lives in Port Adelaide.

• BLAST FROM THE PAST: That’s a young Elkin Reilly in his playing days with South Melbourne (ABOVE) and earlier this year while on a return visit to Rostrevor College in Adelaide (FAR LEFT) where the Elkin Reilly reconciliation wall is featured (BELOW).

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Mildura Weekly - 24/7/09

Unleashing the beast • NO LIMITS: South Australian Greg Gartner on his way skyward in his Extreme 2WD. (below) Shannon Rentsch goes into this weekend’s round level on points with series leader Dave Fellows, who is pictured on the back page during the recent Finke Desert Race, which he won for the third time.

THIS weekend’s PWR Sunraysia 500 at Tapio Station is expected to produce some of the closest racing of the six-round Australian Off Road Championship. Much attention will be on the top-tier Pro Class buggies of championship leaders Shannon Rentsch and David Fellows who go into this weekend locked on points. Rentsch is the reigning national champion while Fellows took out the recent Finke Desert Race, his third win at the event. Both will be hoping to leave Mildura on Sunday with the points lead. “We are level with Fellows in the championship so we are back to the start where points are concerned,” Rentsch said. “We had a good start to the season in Western Australia and with the car pulling up well after Finke, we are looking forward to a top result at Mildura.” Fellows meanwhile goes into this weekend’s event with a relatively new car. His recent Finke Desert Race win was just the second race in his new pro buggy, a good sign going into the PWR 500. Fellows has been racing off road for 17 years, 13 in a thundering Pro Class buggy. During that time he’s seen the sport evolve tremendously, both in terms of the competitiveness of drivers, and the technology and performance of the cars. He said this increased competi-

tiveness, evident this year by his equal first place in the championship with Rentsch, means drivers often have to drive all-out rather conserve themselves and look at the overall championship. “It does depend on where you are in the championship, but this year it’s so close with other competitors knocking on the door you’ve got to be careful, but competitive at the same time,” Fellows said. The Toyota driver said he was looking forward to the longer laps of the PWR Sunraysia 500. “The race format is the same for everyone, but the longer laps allow you to get into the groove and settle down,” he said. “The track shouldn’t chop up as bad and there shouldn’t be as much bull dust.” Fellows and Rentsch are certainly no strangers to close-quarters racing. At last year’s Sunraysia 500 the pair was less than four seconds apart after 500 kilometres of all-out racing, and a similar battle is expected this weekend. They’ll be joined by a host of top-class competitors who’ll be keen to take points off the championship leaders, including Glen Owen, Danny Brown, Buddy Crowe and Hayden Bentley. A new format this year will add another element to the mix. There’ll be a one-lap race tomorrow afternoon from one o’clock, after the morning’s prologue. Drivers will then form up again at 9am Sunday for the first of three

laps of the 113 kilometre Tapio Station course, with a half-hour break between each lap. While the Pro Class buggies will certainly grab their fair share of attention there will be plenty on offer for spectators with ultra-competitive fields in all classes, many of whom recently did battle at the Finke Desert Race. Victorian driver Justin Watt and Alice Spring’s Wayne Sanderson will be among the front runners in the 3.5 litre Pro-Lite buggy category, while

Werner Zetti is expected to be among the drivers to beat in the Super 1650 class and is the class leader. The Extreme 2WD class is always a popular one with spectators. The adrenalin-charged combination of thundering V8 motors, long travel suspension and large chassis makes for a stunning spectacle off road. The Performance 2WD class is expected to be equally as spectacular and features Sunraysia’s Tim Watson in his heavily modified white Holden utility and the consistently

quick Matt Ryan. Both are capable of taking more than a few scalps this weekend. The PWR Sunraysia 500 officially kicks off tonight with the ‘show and shine’ at Number Three Oval from 5pm - 9pm. It will provide a chance for the public to inspect competitors’ awesome machines and meet the drivers who pilot them. The first of the on-track action gets underway tomorrow with the allimportant prologue from 9.30am.




AUGUST 14 - 17 2009 100’S OF HOT RODS , 1,000’S OF PEOPLE EXPECTED.

24/7/09 - Mildura Weekly


Living on the edge!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

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This is the type of action set to take place at the PWR Sunraysia 500 this weekend. Read about it on page 34.

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