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Friday, May 15, 2009

Vol. 3 No. 28

A brush with nature • HOW ART THOU? Fran Telfer (left) and Maureen Rayner have a picture-perfect Murray River setting as they prepare for a unique art exhibition in Mildura in June. Story, more pictures on Page 19.

Photograph: JOE PASQUALE

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a look at the lighter side of life and other amazing things....


HEN poor old Jim died, relatives found out that his Will had made an allowance of $40,000 for an elaborate funeral. After the last guests had departed what turned out to be a rather unremarkable ‘send-off,’ Jim’s wife turned to her oldest, dearest and trusted friend. “Well,” she said, “I’m sure Jim would have been pleased with that.” “Yes,” replied her friend Brenda, “but how much did it really cost?” “All of it,” said Sharon, “the whole $40,000.” “No,” said Brenda, “it was nice enough, but $40,000?” “Well,” said Sharon, “the funeral was $6500. I gave $500 to the church. The food and drinks were another $500, and the rest went on the Memorial Stone.” “Goodness,” said Brenda, “$32,500 for a memorial stone… how big is it?” Sharon showed her the exquisite diamond ring on her finger… (see ABOVE RIGHT).


OU might be surprised to learn that all confusing ‘techno speak’ that surrounds computers was actually ‘stolen’ from the Australian vernacular... • LOG ON: Adding wood to make the barbie hotter.


• LOG OFF: Not adding any more wood to the barbie. • MONITOR: Keeping an eye on the barbie. • DOWNLOAD: Getting the firewood off the ute. • HARD DRIVE: Making the trip back home without any cold tinnies. • KEYBOARD: Where you hang the Ute keys. • WINDOW: What you shut when the weather’s cold. • SCREEN: What you shut in the mozzie season. • BYTE: What mozzies do. • MEGABYTE: What Townsville mozzies do. • CHIP: A pub snack. • MICROCHIP: What’s left in the bag after you’ve eaten the chips. • MODEM: What you did

to the lawns. • LAPTOP: Where the cat sleeps. • SOFTWARE: Plastic knives & forks you get at Red Rooster. • HARDWARE: Stainless steel knives & forks - from K-Mart. • MOUSE: The small rodent that eats the grain in the shed. • MAINFRAME: What holds the shed up. • WEB: What spiders make. • WEBSITE: Usually in the shed or under the verandah. • SEARCH ENGINE: What you do when the Ute won’t go. • CURSOR: What you say when the Ute won’t go. • YAHOO: What you say when the Ute does go.

• UPGRADE: A steep hill. • SERVER: The person at the pub who brings out the counter lunch. • MAIL SERVER: The bloke at the pub who brings out the counter lunch. • USER: The neighbour who keeps borrowing things. • NETWORK: What you do when you need to repair the yabby net. • INTERNET: Where you want the yabbies to go. NETSCAPE: What the yabbies do when they discover the hole in the net. • ONLINE: Where you hang the washing. • OFFLINE: Where the washing ends up when the pegs aren’t strong enough.

et’s find out just how clever you are; First Question. You are a participant in a race. You overtake the second person. What position are you in? If your answer was ‘first’, then you are wrong! If you overtake the second person and you take his place, you are in second place! Let’s try again. If you overtake the last person, then you are...? If you answered that you are second last, you are wrong again, because it’s impossible to overtake the ‘last’ person. Maybe you’ll get the last question right. Mary’s father has five daughters Nana, Nene, Nini, Nono, and ? What is the name of the fifth daughter? Give up? Her name is Mary. Read the question again! Okay, a bonus question. A mute person goes into a shop and wants to buy a toothbrush. By imitating the action of brushing his teeth he successfully expresses himself to the shopkeeper and the purchase is done. Next, a blind man comes in, wanting to buy a pair of sunglasses; how does he indicate what he wants? Simple. He opens his mouth and ask for it...



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New hope for old base hospital site

15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly


• Cr Mark Eckel

• Sharon Morrison

“of historic, aesthetic and social significance to the State of Victoria”. Princes Court Homes made a submission to the Council to have the heritage order lifted, arguing it wasn’t put in place for the right reasons, but little eventuated from it, and the heritage order still stands. However a new consortium with representation from organisations including Sunassist, Princes Court Homes and MADEC could finally offer a solution. The consortium, which was only finalised a month ago, has put forward a plan to develop the building into a ‘community facility’, to be utilised by a range of different organisations. Former Mildura Rural City Councillor Sharon Morrison sits on the Sunassist board, and is part of the consortium. She’s hopeful the consortium’s plan, which will initially involve only the ground floor of the building, will finally see it utilised again. “Until recently the sticking point has been a lack of communication

between diverse community organisations which are interested, and Sunassist has taken a lead role in that recently,” Ms Morrison said. “We now have a consortium who are interested in progressing the adaptive re-use of the site. “We knew that Princes Court had first option on

the building, and we’re now looking at possible joint ownership, or joint management of the building.” Ms Morrison said the ground floor, which requires the most work, would be the starting point, as many of the rooms on that level were

ing removing walls. “The way the building was constructed, you could remove internal walls without any concern about heritage and open it up as an open plan,” Ms Morrison said. Members of the consortium met with representatives from the Mil-

dura Council yesterday in a bid to gain in-principal support, which would aid in applying for Federal Government funding to purchase or work on the building. Mildura Councillor Mark Eckel has been a long-time campaigner to see progress on the site and said he’s hopeful the current plan could finally offer a way forward. “From my perspective, I think this is the most constructive thing that’s been put forward yet,” Cr Eckel said. “What happens from here, I believe, is going to be along the lines of what came out of the community consultations in 2000, which was to have the building remain in the community’s hands. “I believe that if the money was there, the best case scenario would be that of a consortium of local community organisations - that’s the best fit. “And once you’ve got that up and running it would open up more opportunities for other organisations to come forward, and I believe they would.” He said he believed the Victorian Government would be receptive to the plan, which finally offered a solution for the site. “I think they’d be interested. What’s the use of having a heritage order on something that you’re not maintaining, it’s ridiculous,” Cr Eckel said. “It’s in the best interests of the government that a consortium comes in and looks after the building.”


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THERE may finally be a glimmer of hope in the stalemate which has surrounded the future of the old Mildura Base Hospital site in Thirteenth Street. The building, and most of the site, has sat dormant for about 10 years and become an eyesore since its closure in 1999. Re-development plans over the years have often been stymied by the multimillion dollar cost of purchasing and demolishing the site/building, which is owned by the Victorian Government, if the site was able to be purchased at all. The latter plans (clearing the site) were further complicated by a heritage order which was placed on the main building, and land between 11 - 17 metres surrounding the building. The closest to a solution involved a plan put forward by the neighbouring Princes Court Homes to expand onto the site, just over 12 months ago. General manager Bruce McLean even met with then Victorian Finance Minister Tim Holding to discuss the issue. It’s understood Princes Court Homes has first option if an opportunity arose to do something with the site. But those initial plans by Princes Court Homes last year came to a halt because of the heritage order, which was requested by the Mildura Rural City Council in 2000 as the building was deemed as being

used as offices when the building was open. “I’ve been through the site myself and we’re currently getting tradesmen to go through and do some estimates on the cost, but basically it’s in good condition,” she said. “It needs a thorough clean, both inside and out, and a fresh coat of point, and the services would need to be reconnected. “Generally the condition of the building gets better as you go higher up. There’s less work needed the higher up you go.” She said the remaining areas on the ground floor, including patient rooms and other medical-specific rooms, wouldn’t provide too many obstacles, as the heritage order would not prevent significant changes inside the building, includ-


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There’s more to see at your Mildura Arts Centre Open daily: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Last admissions: 4:45 pm

AUSTRALIA? until 8 July 2009

This Autumn take a walk... Gallery, Theatre, Rio Vista House, Homestead

An exhibition of contemporary video art shot from differing points and perspectives from around the country. The strengths of Australian culture are constantly being re-evaluated, none more so than our obsession with defining moments in history. Exhibiting artists: Lane Cormick, John A. Douglas, Angelica Mesiti and James Newitt. Curated by Brendan Lee & Kristian Haggblom

PROSPECTS: Re-imaging gold country at Ophir & Hill End until 27 May 2009 Works on paper and photographs by Ken Orchard & Ed Douglas exploring the historic goldmining landscapes of Hill End and Ophir, sites of national importance in the history of gold-mining and visual art from the 19th century. Mildura Tourism Week Rio Vista & Gallery guided tours 2 - 4 pm, Saturday 16 May ‘09 Friends of MAC afternoon tea $10



Charlie Kedmenec

until 3 June 2009

8pm, Saturday 23 May 2009

Images of unusual earth based creatures that resemble extraterrestrial imaginings and contemporary jewellery inspired by them feature in the exhibition. Ornamentomology is a great example of the creative potential inherent in the crosspollination of science and art. Curated by Kirsten Fitzpatrick and Trevor Moore.

Mildura Arts Centre Theatre Having recently been awarded a contract with Opera Cologne in Germany, former Mildura local Charlie Kedmenec will return to wow local audiences with a mixture of art song, music theatre and opera. The evening will also see Kedmenec share the stage with Siobhan Stagg, Esita Morgan, wife Charmaine, Silverwater choir and Amanda Hodder on the new Steinway Grand Piano.

199 Cureton Avenue Mildura Phone (03) 5018 8330 Bookings: Mildura Arts Centre Phone: (03) 5018 8330 Mildura Visitor Information Centre Phone: (03) 5018 8376


Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

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15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly


Despite being heavily advertised as the first Australian city to go digital-only next year, Mildura is still...

Waiting, waiting, waiting for One HD By BEN PISCIONERI MILDURA could soon be one of the few country areas in Victoria without a full One HD service despite being advertised as the first city in Australia to go digitalonly next year. Southern Cross 10, which provides Network Ten content to most of regional Victoria (but not Mildura, which is provided with its Network Ten content by WIN Television) says it’s on track to broadcast the full One HD service to its markets within a matter of months. Chief operating officer for Macquarie Southern Cross’s television operations, Greg Dodgson, said while no specific date had been set, the full One HD service would be online by mid-year, which isn’t far away given it’s already May. This means towns and cities including Edenhope, Horsham, Hamilton, Bendigo, Shepparton, Ballarat and Swan Hill, and many towns much smaller than Mildura, will soon have the full service.

As things stand at the moment, residents in Sunraysia, which has been selected by the Federal Government to lead the digital television revolution, will be forced to battle on, waiting up until 1am each night to watch the heavily advertised sports-only station. A call to WIN Television’s national headquarters this week failed to shed any light on when Mildura viewers would receive the full One HD service.

Nothing new for now WIN Television’s manager for regulatory and network affairs, Shirley Brown would only say there was “nothing further to report at the moment”, refusing to confirm reports earlier this week that WIN Television was aiming to buy the rights to One HD. All she would say was the reports were not totally correct, but wouldn’t provide further clarification. The only consolation for Sunraysia residents is they are receiving the limited

One HD service - it’s only available between 1am and 6am and in high definition only - while most of regional Victoria has no access at all. But that will be cold consolation if Southern Cross 10 begins airing the full service to most of regional Victoria in one to two months, while Sunraysia residents are left with the same limited service they have now. Meanwhile, as Sunraysia residents continue to wait for their full One HD service, the Federal Government highlighted the $140 million allocated in the Federal Budget to help Australians get ready for the shift to digital television over the next three years - a shift the disadvantaged viewers of Mildura will lead. “This funding will provide reliable, timely and helpful information on how to access those broadcasts to assist Australians to prepare for the final switchover in 2013,” the Federal Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen

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•  LEFT OUT: Mildura could soon be one of the few country areas in Victoria without a full One HD service despite being advertised as the first city in Australia to go digital-only next year. Conroy, said this week. The funding will be injected into providing inhome assistance for the installation of digital television hardware and public awareness campaigns. Senator Conroy once again highlighted the role Mildura would play in the switch-over. “The Victorian region surrounding Mildura will lead the nation in digital TV take-up and will experience analog switch-off in the first half of 2010,” he said.

Mayor in Walk to School STUDENTS at Merbein, Merbein South and Irymple South Primary Schools will embrace healthy lifestyle choices, road safety and environmental awareness when they participate in Walk Safely to School Day today. An initiative of the Pedestrian Council of Australia the national event is expected to involve 8500 primary schools this year,

all of which will encourage students to walk to school safely tomorrow, Friday, 15 May 2009. Mildura Rural City Council Mayor Glen Milne will join Merbein Primary School students when they walk to school together as a group. He said the Walk Safely to School Day message was an important one for young people to learn.

These hearing aids are absolutely fantastic; I don’t even know I’m wearing them. My family life is much better – I can hear the TV at the same level as everyone else, and I’m less tired and strained from trying to listen. I can appreciate music again, and also my tinnitus is at least 40% better.

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Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

They give freely of their time, and ask nothing in return. They’re called ‘volunteers,’ and Australia has over five million of them. There’s hundreds around Mildura, and we say…

Take a well-earned pat on the back By LISA COOPER AUSTRALIA really is ‘The Lucky Country,’ a great country in so many ways, and one of the things that makes this country so great is the number of Australians willing to give up their time and expertise for their community. This week we have celebrated National Volunteers Week, and it has provided an opportunity for all of us to say thanks to all those people who give so freely of their time. ‘Volunteers: Everyday people, extraordinary contribution’ is the theme this year, and according to Volunteers Australia, the national body for our volunteers, this theme carries the message that we all have something of value to offer, and that every volunteer’s contribution, large or small, is extraordinary because that person cares so much about others. National Volunteers Week first began in 1989, and was first used to promote the work that volunteers do in an effort to encourage more Australians to take up this selfless work. It has since evolved from a recruitment drive to a celebration of the work of volunteers, giving the country the chance to say ‘thanks,’ and acknowledging the enormous contribution of volunteers. And, with a bit of luck, it also encourages more Australians to donate their time and expertise by becoming a volunteer. With 5.4 million Australians, or 34 percent of the population un-

• THANK YOU: Irymple’s Jean Allen with some of the awards and certificates she has received over the years as thanks for her volunteer work.

dertaking volunteer work, and the numbers growing all the time, recognising and celebrating the excellent work of our volunteers is the least we can do. This year more than ever, with the recent bushfire emergency in Victoria, and with Queensland ravaged by floods, much of the immediate response and recovery effort

in both instances was done by volunteers. Many came from within their own communities, but many more travelled long distances from other towns, often crossing State borders, to assist fellow Aussies in need. Both tragedies have highlighted not only the enormous effort that volunteers put in to this country,

but also the ongoing need for volunteers within the community. In 1995, 24 percent of the population were volunteers in some capacity. By 2006, this had risen to 35 percent. The 35-44 year olds are the most strongly represented age group amongst volunteer Australians, and half of all those say they do it because they believe in helping somebody. People living in regional and rural communities such as Sunraysia provide higher rates of volunteer work compared to our metropolitan cousins, taking up the positive experience of volunteering for the benefit of their communities. It is a sad realisation of today’s society that many charities and organisations would struggle to survive, but for the hard work of their volunteers. One local woman who has been a volunteer for much of her life is Irymple’s Jean Allen. Jean’s first taste of volunteering came in 1944 when she volunteered for the Women’s Australian Air Force (WAAF) during the Second World War, giving two years service. After that, she admitted to catching ‘the volunteer bug,’ and Jean has raised her hand in support of many local groups since then. She was a founding member of Irymple Fire Brigade’s Ladies Auxiliary in 1959, and is the group’s current President, leading the auxiliary toward its 50th Anniversary at the end of the year. • Continued Page 22, and see also Eric Jennings’ story Page 15.

John’s full of praise FEDERAL Member for Mallee John Forrest has recognised volunteers throughout the Mallee electorate for their outstanding contribution to Australian society. “Volunteers perform a range of important work through emergency services, sport and recreation, education and training, community health care, heritage and arts, environment conservation and religious, community and welfare organizations,” he said. “In the Mallee they make valuable contributions to our community every day through a huge range of activities. National Volunteer Week provides a platform to pay tribute to volunteers who give generously of their time and energy to benefit others and their communities. “It is an opportunity for us all to thank, recognise and show our appreciation and support to the more than five million Australian volunteers for their sacrifices, hard work and time and energy and valuable contribution they make. “Our communities wouldn’t be the same without them.”

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15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly


Welcome re-assurance for cancer sufferers SUNRAYSIA Cancer Resource personnel have moved swiftly to allay any fears about its services coming under threat of closure by the end of the year. Chairperson Jenny Gledhill said recent media reports quoting Cancer Council of Victoria staff were alarmist, and simply not true. A news report on Wednesday said the Cancer Council had conceded that the lifespan of the local cancer resources centre was coming to an end, but while face-to-face services “might cease to exist,” those in need of help would have access to staff via the telephone. The report quoted CCV community relations and fund-raising director Deb Stringer. Mrs Gledhill was busy contacting media outlets this week to stress that the resource centre had no plans to cease its operations. “On the contrary, the

committee and co-ordinator are continually striving to raise and attract funding from various sources to ensure this valuable resource continues to help local cancer patients navigate their way through the maze of cancer services and supports that are available locally and further afield,” she said. “When diagnosed with any cancer, people have a multitude of emotions whirling around their heads, and often do not know where to start finding the help and support that they may need to help them cope with their lifechanging diagnosis. “Some of the assistance provided by SCR, apart from providing print and multimedia information, includes helping fill out forms, referring to other services, access to support groups, loaning wigs, education and information sessions and many other activities.”

Mrs Gledhill said the Cancer Council of Victoria provided no funding towards the operation of the important local resource, and had “absolutely no authority” to make profound statements about its operation. She said money raised from their Relay For Life, Biggest Morning Tea, Daffodil Day, Pink Ribbon Day and other designated days was put toward research and programs which are available to everyone in Victoria, but they did not fund resource facilities such as SCR, to help at a local level. “Monies collected from these sources are not kept in Sunraysia, nor returned to Sunraysia on any pro-rata basis,” she said. Sunraysia Cancer Resources was set up more than two years ago, with the Federal Government providing ‘seed’ funding. Mrs Gledhill said addi-

•  Cancer Resources Centre chairperson, Jenny Gledhill, and volunteer of two years Vicki Maw are keen to dispel rumours that the centre is at risk of closing. tional “vital” funds had been provided by the auspicing body, Sunraysia Cancer Support Group Inc, through regular fund-raising initiatives, and from Loddon Mallee Integrated Cancer Services, Bendigo Bank and Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club, along with some community donations. She said it was an initiative of the committee of SCR to approach The Cancer Council of Victoria to bring their ‘Cancer Connect’ training to Mil-

dura so Mildura could have 10 to 12 local cancer survivors complete the training and trial face-to-face support, rather than linking new patients with a suitable volunteer over the phone as is done from Melbourne. “Previously, if a local person wanted to be a cancer connect volunteer, they had to get themselves down to Melbourne to attend one of the training programs held at The Cancer Council,” she said.

“SCR received a sum of $5000 to administer, on behalf of the Cancer Council, as part of their Patient Welfare Program, but received no administration funds to provide this service on their behalf. “Holding these funds locally did make it easier for local people to access these welfare grants, by eliminating the need for them to contact the Cancer Council themselves to request an application form.” •  Continued Page 22

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Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

Fish man facing $55,000 in fines

A NSW crackdown on illegal fishing the length of the Murray River has resulted in a Yanco man facing the possibility of up to $55,000 in fines. The 66-year-old will face court after allegedly being found in possession of nets that are illegal for fishing. The NSW Department of Primary Industries is publi-

cising the case in all Murray River states as a warning to others who are tempted to fish illegally. Fisheries compliance manager Glenn Tritton said the man was spoken to by inspectors from the Hume and Riverina district during a raid on a camp on Coonancoocabil Lagoon, a tributary of the

Murrumbidgee River. Mr Tritton said they had taken possession of three gill nets. Also seized were four golden perch, along with the man’s boat, motor and trailer. He said the 66-year-old will be prosecuted for a range of offences, including possession of illegal fishing gear, and being in

possession of fish that were unlawfully taken. The offences carry a combined maximum penalty of $55,000, and up to 15 months jail. Mr Tritton said the NSW DPI regarded gill net offences as “very serious,” and nets were banned in State waters. “They are normally set in still water, and

basically catch anything that is moving in a river or lake,” he said. “Nets of this type have the ability to impact heavily on fish stocks by taking large numbers of fish before they reach a size and age that has allowed them to reproduce. It is a priority that we continue to clamp down on all aspects of il-

legal fishing to ensure the sustainability of the State’s waterways.” Information about fishing rules and regulations in NSW can be found on the DPI website www.dpi.nsw. and anyone with information on illegal acts can report them to the Fishers’ watch hot lone on 1800 043 536.

Ouyen support for bushfire women OUYEN Patchwork Friends is the latest group to show support for victims of the recent devastating Victorian bushfires. The ladies, who meet every week at Ouyen Neighbourhood House, are a dedicated group of crafts women, as well as a network of friends, who have formed a bond over a shared interest. Knowing that within the communities of Kinglake, Alexandra and Marysville there were members of groups just like theirs who had just suffered devastating loses, the group decided to use their craft skills and connections to raise money and goods so that craft and sewing groups in these areas would have the resources needed for them to continue with their work. They came up with the idea of making a quilt to raffle, with all funds to be used to purchase sewing items. Members of the group, along with ladies from Speed sewing group, were involved in the construction of the quilt. Each participant was instructed to complete a block comprising of earth-toned materials, and then the 30 blocks were joined to finish the quilt. The end result was a magnificent artwork which took four weeks to complete, and which raised $1500 from ticket sales and donations. The money was used to buy four quality sewing machines, with support from Melberg’s and Spotlight Mildura. In addition, 64 packs containing items such as pins, needles, cotton, fabric, lace, patterns and other items have been put together by members of the group to distribute within the bushfire-affected communities. An afternoon tea was held at Ouyen Neighbourhood House on

Economic plan feedback call SUNRAYSIA businesses, community members and industry representatives are being asked to provide their input into the future of the district’s economy. The recently formed Mildura Development Corporation’s draft strategic plan sets out the direction the local economy will take up to 2013. Feedback can be emailed to, sent to PO Box 4146 Mildura, 3502 or provided over the phone by calling 5018 8186. The deadline for feedback is 5pm on Friday, May 29.

Water information

to celebrate the achievement and to draw the raffle. Mr John Senior, CEO of Mallee Track Health and Community Service drew the raffle and congratulated the group on such a wonderful initiative. The winner of the raffle was Yvonne Donaldson of Mildura. A trip is planned for the end of May for members of Ouyen Patchwork Friends to deliver the sew-

ing machines and craft packs to the Kinglake Community House, thanks to use of the Mallee Track Health and Community Service Sprinter bus, and donation of fuel to assist in the delivery of these goods. The Ouyen group is now looking forward to its next big project, International Quilt Day, to be celebrated in Ouyen in March next year.

• CRAFTY WORK: Plenty of loving hours went into the making of a quilt that was raffled in Ouyen in support of Black Saturday bushfire victims. Raffle winner was Mildura’s Yvonne Donaldson, pictured being presented with the quilt by Ouyen’s Colleen Mills. INSET: Mallee Track Health CEO John Senior and Colleen draw the winning ticket in front of the colourful quilt.

THE Department of Primary Industries is encouraging all Sunraysia irrigators to attend a ‘water information session’ on Wednesday, May 20, at the Workingman’s Club in the Sierra Lounge from 9.30am to 11.30am. Speakers from Goulburn, Lower and Western Murray Irrigation will be on hand to guide irrigators through the outlook for the 2009/10 season, highlighting rainfall predictions and how to plan for the season ahead. To register interest for this free information session contact the DPI on 5021 4500.

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15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly

Bloomin’ good time for a garden opening • EGGPLANTING: Reece O’Donnell, 5, of Mildura, with some of the garden’s very healthy eggplants.

EAST End Community House will host an open day this Sunday, May 17, with the event set to celebrate ‘Neighbourhood House Week’. A national celebration for neighbourhood houses and learning centres around Australia, ‘Neighbourhood House Week’ will be celebrated by thousands of similar organisations, acknowledging work done within communities. The launch of the group’s new ‘community garden’ will also take place on the day, with the group looking for residents to become involved in the project. Still under construction, the garden already has a number of plots in production, with eggplant, radishes and sweet chillies just some of the produce on offer. Once completed the garden will feature 14 individual plots for East End families to use, a large children’s garden, a communal orchard and ‘bush tucker’ area. An outdoor kitchen with a wood-fired pizza oven, a barbe-

cue area, and a number of large chairs and tables will also be featured, eventually turning the garden into a place where ideas and garden strategies can be shared amongst locals. East End co-ordinator Leo Male said the main purpose of the garden is to provide residents with access to cheap and nutritious food.

Final touches “We’re still putting the final touches on some of the features like the pizza oven,” he said. “Once finished we’ll be holding cooking classes in the outdoor facilities, using home-grown produce to show locals how to make cheap and simple meals. “Eventually people will get the opportunity to nominate themselves for one of the plots, and start growing their own vegetables. “A lot of these families come from farming cultures, and have the knowledge to grow great produce. All they lack is the soil and facilities to utilise their skills. “Our aim is to provide those facilities, tools and some of the

expertise needed to give them a chance to become a little more self-sufficient.” Thanks to a Commonwealth water grant, two underwater rainwater tanks have been installed, which in conjunction with an innovative sprinkler system will irrigate the garden in an environmentally friendly way. The Norma Robertson Arts and Crafts Centre will also be officially opened, with artwork created by the many Community House regulars on display. “Norma has been involved in the East End program for a number of years now,” Mr Male said. “Naming the studio after her is our way of saying thanks for years of hard work and dedication to the people living in the area.” Mr Male said there would be plenty of activities on offer for the kids, including games in the nearby park, with all locals invited to come along and enjoy the day’s activities. The day will kick-off at 11am, with events to be held at Community House headquarters at 8 Dove Place.

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Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

Many willing hands make warm work THE members of the Country Women’s Association (CWA) Carinya branch are not known for letting the proverbial ‘grass grow under their feet’. Recently they gathered up 13 crocheted rugs they made in past months and delivered them to the Mildura-based Mallee Accommodation and Support Program to help ward off the coming winter cold and, at the same time, assembled a similar care package of other various knitted, crocheted and sewn articles for the organisation’s Melbourne head office




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for distribution to the needy. The busy fingers that created the items included those in our photo, left to right, Joan Hill, Emma Ash, 9, Lesley Wright, Florence Quirk, Phyllis Cullinan, Helene Drayton (president), Yvonne Hancock, Elaine Innes, Elaine Lawton and Mavis Scott. And, in breaking news, the group has also just despatched 300 hand-made items for the Black Saturday bushfire victims in Marysville to “let them know we are still thinking of them”, BELOW.

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IT’S new, it’s true and it’s the growing trend! More and more people are realising that what’s happening on the inside is reflected on the outside. For the past few years it has seemed that personal image has been pushed to the boundaries, creating a look that is groomed and fashionable yes, but maybe a little restrictive for our individual spirits! Society has told us to pluck our strays, straighten our kinks, spray paint our skin, whiten our hair… But, alas, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be starting to glow, for fashion trends are starting to allow our natural, inner beauty to determine our own personal style. There seems to be an acceptance of what we were born with these days, and the hair and beauty industry is noticing an increased interest in inner health and natural enhancement. Personalised skin and hair treatments specifically designed for individual needs have become the order of the day. These services are not new, we professionals have been promoting them for years, but what is new is the general interest in what can be achieved by embracing them. Our society thrives on knowl-

edge and education – we want to know why our car broke down and how it is going to be fixed, why our groceries and petrol cost more each day and how the economy is dealing with these issues. Now more people want to know why their hair is fine or coarse, curly or straight, why their skin is oily or dry, wrinkled or irritated, and how to manage these aspects of who we are, not



with Shelley


so much combat them. Even the products taking over our bathroom shelves are becoming more centered around who we are naturally, not what we wish to become. Let’s face it, not everyone can pull off platinum blonde or glossy straight, dewy radiance or golden glow. From a professional point of view, this current thirst for knowledge is motivating and challenging. It’s exciting to be valued for our passion and dedication to our clients needs, and to see individual inner beauty embraced and enhanced. • Continued Page 12

15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly



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Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

$2m Federal boost for our arts centre A LONG-TERM vision to develop Mildura into a leading regional centre for the arts is a step closer to being fulfilled after the Federal Government this week committed $2million towards renovations at Mildura Arts Centre. Mildura Rural City Councillors, Mildura Arts Centre Board members and staff, and members of the local arts community were delighted to receive the news at a special announcement at arts centre this week. Mildura Mayor, Glenn Milne, said the funding boost would ensure important improvement works to the city’s theatre would go ahead. Council has committed $1.47million to the project, bringing the total to $3.47million that will be spent on building mattersoft fth he e an additional backof-house area at the theatre, more car parking, upgrades to theatre storage and loading facilities and replacing the theatre’s ageing seating. The theatre’s 390 seats are more than 40 years old. “The Mildura region is renowned for being a vibrant hub for the arts and has a reputation for staging brilliant cultural events, performances and exhibitions,” Cr Milne said. “Having appropriate facilities to sustain this reputation is vital, and Council is thrilled the Federal Government has invested in our region’s longterm arts and cultural future.” The redevelopment works will make up stage one of Council’s planned four-stage Arts and Cultural Precinct redevelopment plan, earmarked as an early priority in the 2005 Mildura Riverfront Master Plan. “Redeveloping our Arts and Cultural Precinct is a major $18million project. Council is working on this incrementally and looking forward to seeing stage one take shape. Getting it off the ground will provide a foundation on which we can build significant community benefits, deliver a cultural dividend on investment and drive employment opportunities,” Cr Milne said. Mildura Arts Centre Theatre hosted 52 sellout performances in 2008, drawing audiences from far and wide to local acts including Red Cliffs Musical Society’s ‘Footloose’ and Mildura Ballet and Dance Guild Inc.’s annual concert series, as well as popular touring shows like Orchestra Victoria’s free community concert and ‘Menopause the Musical’.


Volunteers sought for arts positions THE Mildura Arts Centre is looking for volunteers to assist gallery visitors, and to monitor exhibitions and other gallery programs. Volunteers are also being sought to become tour guides for Mildura’s historic Rio Vista House. To register an interest in volunteering at the Mildura Arts Centre or Rio Vista House contact the Centre on 5018 8330.

Inner beauty is the new thing to have! • From Page 10 It’s a great time to be involved in this thriving industry so, if you are contemplating a career in hair or beauty, now is the time to jump on board. This current trend has filtered into the training side and there are some fantastic new training facilities and innovative programs available right here in our region with a renewed emphasis on professional service and care. As a dedicated fashion observer (and often follower), I send a big ‘thank you’ to society and the fashion industry for allowing us to step back, breathe deeply and do our own thing for a while. How liberating it is to love who you are and realise that you are unique. I think it is amazing that there are no two people in this world exactly the same; that our personality is ours and we are free to express it in our own way. So my advice is to embrace who you are and enhance what you have been given for we are all beautiful in our own, special way. – Shelly Jones

15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly


May makeover for popular river areas • RIVERBANK REVAMP: The Darling River at Pooncarie and INSET, LMD CMA chair, Mark King.

THE river front has long been a popular Aussie venue for meeting people, camping, fishing, indulging a favourite water sport or celebrating special occasions with family and friends. Easter and Christmas are particularly busy times, when locals and visitors often return to a favourite spot to enjoy each other’s company and take in the natural beauty of the riverine environment. That’s the reason the Buronga-based Lower Murray Darling Catchment Management Authority (LMD CMA) is now in the throes of a series of rehabilitation activities to improve the health of about 12 kilometres of Murray and Dar-

ling riverbank in the greater Sunraysia area. “We recognise that many of these areas are very popular and we believe it is important to get the right balance between preserving the natural environmental and cultural values while allowing people to enjoy the social aspects of the river areas, LMD CMA chair, Mark King, said this week. “Often the reasons people enjoy going to the river are the very things that can also be destroyed at the same time,” Mark said. As examples, Mark said “just driving to a favourite fishing spot can kill the native vegetation that holds the river banks in place,

while the wood collected for a campfire destroys the habitat of native animals and insects that keep the delicate ecosystem in balance”. “The river frontages play an important part in the process of filtering and keeping the water we need for our towns clean.” For the remainder of this month, LMD CMA contractors will undertake a number of rehabilitation activities including track rationalisation, stock exclusion, pest animal and weed control across three demonstration sites in Dareton, Pooncarie and Menindee. An interpretation trail highlighting the values at one of the demonstration sites will also be developed.

“It has been encouraging to have such a high level of collaboration, and support, from the stakeholders involved in these projects including private land holders, the NSW Department of Lands and other government agencies, indigenous communities, the Wentworth Shire and Central Darling Shire councils, and companies like Boral Ltd,” Mark said. Public demonstration site promotional days will be held next month to showcase the project results, and how the rehabilitation activities have contributed to preserving the environment and community values.

“The days will provide an opportunity to outline how these activities can be implemented on other properties within the catchment,” Mark said. “The LMD CMA hopes to attract additional funding to undertake similar rehabilitation works with other interested landholders in the Lower Murray Darling Catchment in the future. “This would support the delivery of the LMD CMA Catchment Action Plan Targets, and NSW State Plan Targets while the long-term term benefits include enhanced ecological systems, increased biodiversity of native flora and fauna as well as improved water quality.”

OPEN EVENINGS 2009 Sunraysia’s Secondary Colleges will be conducting “Open Evenings” for interested families and members of the community.

IRYMPLE S.C. Monday, May 25 7:00 pm Student Centre

RED CLIFFS S.C. Tuesday, May 26 7:00 pm Library

MERBEIN S.C. Tuesday, May 26 5:00 pm Administration Area

CHAFFEY S.C. Wednesday, May 27 7:00 pm Flexible Learning Centre

Authorised by the Principals of the participating Secondary Colleges: Janet Pietsch; David Browne; Garry Costello and Fiona Merlin.


Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

Foundation stones, fires, Compiled by GRANT MAYNARD WE continue our series of columns detailing ‘highlights of history’ from the early years of the historic river port of Wentworth in the lead-up to the town’s 150th celebrations next month. The highlights have been researched by Renmark historian and author Yvonne ‘Johnny’ Gurr, and made available to the Weekly by the Wentworth Historical Society. The Society is also supplying the period photos from its extensive archive that continues to grow, documenting the history of the town. The highlights are newspaper excerpts, collected by Johnny during research for her books. She has conveniently attributed the snippets to the newspaper in which they were found, and dated them too. Now read on...

Adelaide Observer, May 27th. 1871 The foundation stone of the Church of England at Wentworth was laid on May 16 in the presence of about 200 people. The Rev. W. Cocks read the 145th hymn, also Psalm 1XXXIV, after which he delivered a impressive address.

Adelaide Observer, August 31st. 1872 Mr. Kirkman, the superintending inspector of the Joint Stock Bank of New South Wales, arrived at Wentworth per the steamer ‘Pride of the Murray’, and has been busily enaged in making arrangements for the opening of a branch of that institution. The premises lately occupied by the Commercial Banking Company have been altered and improved, so that business will be begun (sic) forthwith.

Adelaide Observer, September 14th. 1872 Last week the rickety Court House at Wentworth was pulled down and the debris was removed by Mr. W. Gunn (on) whose ground the building had stood. Many reminiscences, some




• HOUSE OF GOD: St John’s Anglican Church at Wentworth.

of them pleasant, or the reverse, lingered about the fabric.

Adelaide Observer, December 21st. 1872 FIRE ON LAKE VICTORIA STATION During the terrific thunderstorm which raged recently, the large store on Mr. McPherson’s run was struck by lightning at about 4 am. The lightning was both sheet and forked and within an hour the building and all its contents was consumed. The nearness of the burnt structure to the dwelling house caused the greatest exertions to be used in endeavouring to save the home station. The destroyed building had a frontage of 65 feet x 21 feet deep, and comprised a store, superintendent’s apartment, harness room and house store, The erection contained large quantities of goods including flour, sugar, tea, drapery, saddlery and tools and the building was partly insured for £500, but Mr. McPherson estimates his loss at about £800.

Pastoral Times, February 14th. 1874 (ex Adelaide Telegraph) fire.

Gunn’s iron store has been destroyed by

Adelaide Observer, August 29th. 1874 ST. JOHN’S CHURCH, WENTWORTH The foundation stone of St. John’s parsonage, Wentworth, was laid by Mrs. William Crozier of Moorna Station, in the presence of a large assembly of townsfolk and other residents of the district.’

Pastoral Times, August 5th. 1876 (Wentworth correspondent)

Southern Argus, August 30, 1877 (Wentworth correspondent)

£1,875 has been placed on the Estimates for police buildings at Wentworth and £10,000 for a gaol. The disgraceful inadequacy of the present buildings has frequently been referred to by our Court at Wentworth. (Police were placing 14 or 15 individuals in a space sufficient for two, when the temperature was 100°F and over!)

On arrival of the steamer ‘Avoca’ here some short time ago from South Australia, she landed a lot of ‘cordials’ for different consignees. They were entered on the manifest as lime juice &c., but when the sub-Collector of Customs here examined them he found them to consist of ginger brand, sarsparilla, gin &c., and as a matter of course seized the lot. The merchants in

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15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly

and some illicit cordials Adelaide have been frequently required to forward correct duplicate invoices to the agents at the different ports of shipment, but it seems a hard matter to get them to do this. However, this instance may be a warning to them; it was purely their fault by sending an invoice to the agents such as “20 cases cordials” and not describing the different lots of each.





Adelaide Observer, April 20th. 1878 (Wentworth correspondent) The long looked for Wentworth Telegraph and Murray River and Darling Advertiser came into existence this morning, and will, it is hoped, be a decided success. Mr. Dixon, who recently arrived from Melbourne, is the editor.

Riverine Herald, August 14th. 1878 (ex Wentworth Telegraph) The neighbouring colonies of Victoria and South Australia appear to be alive to the importance of securing the Darling trade, and each, from its own point of view, argues in favour of the scheme of attaching Wentworth, which is considered by each colony as a terminus for operations. The advantage, however, which Victoria possesses is that its borders are within a stone’s throw of the town, and if the scheme is carried out we shall witness the spectacle of a Victorian township immediately opposite a New South Wales town. One advantage will be enjoyed by the inhabitants, inasmuch as they will have an opportunity of testing the cheapness or dearness of those articles which enter into their daily consumption, and which, although Victoria is clogged by a protective tariff – from the enterprise of its merchants and the facility of importing goods – that colony, it is stated, can sell more cheaply than than its more favoured neighbours. But why does our own Government neglect to open out the colony, and why instead of this large and important district with its thousands of bales of exported wool finding

an outlet as it does now in South Australia, are not means afforded to have the shipment or sale of this wool at Sydney? In nearly every discussion on the facilities of trade as effecting the Darling, Adelaide is practically looked upon as the metropolis, and unquestionably in the present state of things it can scarcely be otherwise. The South Australian merchants and its steamers take advantage of every favourable opening to increase its trade; and it is no wonder that such efforts are met with the hearty support of the population of every township on the river, and generally the squatters find it to their interest to take advantage of the communication thus opened up, and which they find to their benefit. We are sure that our own Government need only be wakened up to the necessity of fostering another industry through its extended boundaries, and if our merchants

• STREETS AHEAD: An early Wentworth streetscape shows an increasing number of more sophisticated brick buildings, and the town’s signature wide streets. and shippers find that means were offered of forwarding and receiving goods from Sydney direct, the colony would be enriched to this extent... (*The editor was obviously pushing for a railway to the New South Wales outpost, for the Victorians were considering placing a railway to the border of their two colonies – which they did later, at Yelta. But no township sprang up as a result. Not only that, on October 16, 1878, the North-West Bend railway in South Australia was officially opened. The Yelta line exists today, taking wheat away from the surrounding Mallee farms, while Wentworth remains without transport links to any of the capitals.)

Pastoral Times, July 30th, 1864 (advertisement) NEW PUNT AT WENTWORTH Mr. Henry Leonard of Hay has much pleasure in announcing that his fine, safe, and strong punt has been removed to Wentworth. Sheep, for 1000, £2; horsemen 2-0’ fourwheeled, light wheels, per wheel 9d.

Pastoral Times, December 10th, 1864 The establishment of a branch of the Sydney Commercial Banking Coy. at Wentworth is looked upon by residents as inaugurating new era in the trade of the township. It is the first recognition of the claims of Wentworth to be considered as the central depot for the Darling and Murrumbidgee trade. • To be continued...

Honouring those who give, and keep giving By VINNIE RODI

• HANDY-MAN: Eric Jennings works on his latest invention for TADVIC (Technology for Independent Living). It’s one of countless jobs he’s undertaken for the organisation, helping Sunraysia’s less fortunate residents overcome their disabilities.

COUNTLESS numbers of hard-working volunteers give their time in Sunraysia each week to help people in need. One of them is Mildura’s Eric Jennings, 78, who for the past 14 years has been a volunteer with TADVIC (Technology for Independent Living). TADVIC is an organisation where volunteers design, construct or modify equipment for people with disabilities. It’s a nation-wide initiative, with more than 200 active volunteers dedicating their time to help those less fortunate adapt to everyday life. For Eric, a background as a mechanic and welder was a perfect fit for the organisation who is always on the lookout for ‘handy-men’. He worked for the Mildura Rural City Council for 31 years as a maintenance officer before retiring. He said his wife, Jill, had been talking with Sunraysia TADVIC Project co-ordinator Liz Irwin, and suggested Eric would be the perfect person for the job. “Jill told Liz about my background, and basically volunteered me,” Eric said.

“And I’m glad she did because it’s been an extremely rewarding experience. “Basically we meet once a month, where we have the opportunity to take on ‘jobs’, and then go away and come up with solutions.” Eric tries to make the lives of local disabled people a little easier by coming up with props to aid them, or by making improvements to existing pieces of technology like wheelchairs. Over the years he’s designed safety rails for beds, modified wheelchairs to suit individuals, and even added brakes to one lady’s chair because her son was worried she was going too fast. “I’ve done around 50 jobs for TADVIC now, and some were pretty difficult to solve,” Eric said. “But it gives you a way of passing the time, and keeps your mind active.” Every one of Eric’s inventions are created in his backyard workshop, simply called ‘The Shed’. He sometimes spends hours on each problem, coming up with the appropriate solution, or occasionally having to revisit inventions that haven’t worked as planned. And although sometimes time-consuming, Eric said he enjoys the challenge.

One job that required Eric to think a little outside the box included assisting another local volunteer, who wanted to be a reader for Vision Australia’s radio service. Due to the man’s severe back problem, which prevented him from sitting for long periods, he needed a way to read comfortably while standing up. Eric’s solution was to create a height adjustable reading stand, which became an instant success and is now utilised by countless readers at Vision Australia. Eric said while some of the jobs he’d undertaken over the years had left him feeling sad for those he’d met, overall it had been something he had thoroughly enjoyed doing. “People often ask me, ‘what do you do now you’re retired?’ and it gives me a lot of pride to say I’m a volunteer who helps people,” he said. “Sometimes it’s sad to see people who through no fault of their own are disabled and struggling with everyday tasks, but it makes me feel better to watch them overcome their disabilities. “TADVIC’s main aim is to try and give people their independence back, and I’m glad to be able to help that happen.”


Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

Many of the young Sunraysia men who fought for Queen and country in the six years a home away from home for our Diggers. But what isn’t widely and surfers. True story. The Mildura Weekly’s ALAN ERSKINE

Charlie don’t surf, JANUARY, 1970. The Vietnam War is grinding on. The 1st Australian Field Hospital near the beach at Vung Tau was packed with wounded men. Major General Colin Gurner, the Army’s Director-General of medical services, was on his first visit, concerned for the welfare of Aussie casualties. He approached the bed of 22-year-old Bob Meyer, whose head was heavily bandaged. “And what happened to you son?” he asked with concern. The Leading Aircraftsman from Melbourne replied; “Got hit by a surfboard, sir!” The story starts a book ‘Charlie Don’t Surf, but Aussies Do,’ by Stuart Scott, embracing “tall tales but true” from the blokes who experienced it first-hand, including Mildura’s Stan Middleton. Stan’s story has already been well documented in the Mildura Weekly. He’s the former soldier who befriended one of the club’s young Vietnamese workers, Sinh, and around 35 years later, tracked her down and married her! Sinh started working at the Peter Badcoe Club, aged 15, as a waitress, and later in the orderly room as a typist-clerk, interpreter and co-ordinator for the 300-plus Vietnamese employees at the Rest and Recreation centre. When she told her story to the Mildura Weekly last year, she remembered the Australians with great fondness, and described those years as among the best of her life. Stan also remembered the Peter Badcoe Club, although not with the same fondness initially. A story in Stuart’s book tells how the Mildura-born Digger decided to go for a swim by himself on a deserted section of the Back Beach near the Badcoe Club in 1967, got caught in a rip, and was swept out to sea. “I thought it was going to be the end of me,” he said. “Coming from Mildura, I was used to the Murray River, and didn’t know much about undertows.” Stan says he started to panic, but remembered a story about swimming sideways with the rip, not against it, and eventually he

About the author

Queensland journalist Stuart Scott, 58, missed being called up for national service by just one day … His birthday is July 28, and July 29 was the ball drawn from the barrel for his intake. A surfing enthusiast, he became curious when an American veteran of the Vietnam War mentioned that the Australian troops had better and newer surfboards than the Americans over there. He began a sea1rch for more information - from mates, ex-servicemen, veterans’ associations and in the official archives and found the never-before-told story of Australia’s own stretch of beach on the South China Sea. Stuart grew up in Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast long before it became a

staggered back onto the beach, exhausted but safe. He never went swimming alone again. Stuart also tells stories about another hazard – sea snakes. Doz-

trendy resort, and now lives overlooking the beach at nearby Coolum. In a 40-year newspaper career he has been a reporter on The Courier-Mail and Telegraph in Brisbane, and The Australian. In London he was a sub-editor on The Sun, The Mirror and the Evening News, and for the past 25 years has been the motoring writer for The Sunday Mail in Queensland. In 2007 he wrote and published his first book, “Noosa: Surfing the ’60s’’, about the history of board-riding there. He says he self-published ``Charlie Don’t Surf, But Aussies Do’’ because he had a clear idea of how he wanted the veterans’ stories to be presented, and didn’t want to spend years waiting for the project to fit in with a publishing house’s schedule. Selling the book directly via the internet proved an immediate success, with orders coming in from

ens of the reptiles were seen each week, many of them killed and thrown onto the barbed wire perimeter fence as a reminder to the Diggers of the danger.

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all parts of Australia. There have even been buyers from the US, Britain and Japan … and he was surprised to receive an order for 20 copies from a surf shop in Vietnam. “The bush telegraph among the veterans is incredibly efficient at getting the word around,’’ he says.

But the emphasis in Stuart’s book is on surfing, and gives a remarkable and often humorous insight into the antics of Aussies who brought a touch of their homeland to a war-torn country far away. He says that in the 10 years from 1962, around 61,000 Australians served in Vietnam. Of these, 520 died, 3129 were wounded – and many went surfing. “These were fit young men,” he said. “Plucked straight from the beaches of Australia at a time when the surf culture was booming. It didn’t matter that the beach might contain mines… there were waves lapping the shore.” Stuart said the Australian Army took over an empty section of beach, built a recreational centre complete with swimming pool amongst the sand dunes, and circled the whole lot with a protective barbed wire fence. It was named to honour the memory of the late Major Peter Badcoe, known as ‘The Galloping Major,’ a war hero who was posthumously awarded the VC

after being killed during a combat mission. It was a haven for the duration of the war, but far from a safe one. That section of Vung Tau was ‘alive’ with Viet Cong, and straying too far from the enclosure could have resulted in death. The Aussies surfed to the sound of giant American B52 bombers pounding enemy strongholds only a few kilometres away. The Peter Badcoe Club was experimental, and successful. The envy of American, Korean and Vietnamese troops further up the beach, it did a great job keeping Diggers entertained in a friendly atmosphere, away from the bars and massage parlours of the cities, where sexually-transmitted disease was rife. The club was frequented by Australian Air Force and Army personnel who, over time, named various areas in memory of their favourite beaches back home – Bondi, Cronulla, Portsea, Glenelg, complete with bright beach umbrellas.


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15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly

Vietnam War can tell you stories about the legendary Peter Badcoe Club, for known is that the club, on the South China Sea, had its own lifesavers has been in touch with author Stuart Scott about his new book‌


but Aussies do‌ Diggers had access to barbecue areas, a beer hall, gymnasium, tennis courts, beach go-karts, concert stage, lifesaving club, power and sail boats and dozens of surfboards. Soldiers said the surf was never big – the best recorded was less than a metre, but it was still good to head offshore on a board to forget about the war just a few kilometres away. The Vung Tau region had been a popular seaside resort since French colonial days. Their villas were still standing during the Vietnam War, although sadly neglected. It was well known that as well as being popular with Australian and American forces, it was also widely used as a rest and recreation area by the Viet Cong. As Stuart says, that might explain why the beach was a comparatively safe area in a decidedly unsafe land. Aussie singer Normie Rowe spent time there‌ just a few months after giving a concert in Mildura at the height of his popularity. He remembers the surf as “a bit ordinary,â€? with the water quite brown and waves virtually non-existent. Fellow soldier Richard McGoogan wrote; “The surf was usually warm or hot, with plenty of sea snakes. We threw them onto the barbed wire and left them there in the sun.â€? David Cripps wrote; “The beach went on forever‌ full of snakes and barbed wire. It wasn’t that good for boards or body surfing. The wins

• LAST WAVE GOODBYE: Aussie Diggers were sad to say goodbye to their surfing outpost when their tour of duty ended. RIGHT, Corporal Bob Rosier waxes his board in July, 1968, before hitting the surf. LEFT, the cover of Stuart Scott’s book ‘Charlie don’t surf but Aussie do’ and OPPOSITE PAGE, men from the 12th Field Regiment, Light Aid Detachment, about to hit the surf.

was a pain in the arse, and sometimes you would walk out for miles before you hit a wave.� Fresh troops, hundreds at a time, were arriving weekly, courtesy of the troopship HMAS Sydney. The Peter Badcoe Club quickly grew bigger, with smart new buildings, great facilities and – usually – plenty of supplies. In late ’66 there were four shortages listed as critical – beer, soft drink, boot polish, and envelopes – in that order. The beer problem was solved immediately, thanks to the over-supplied Americans virtually next door. The Army charged 15 cents a can for beer, and 10 cents for soft drinks. Army Command responded to almost every request as a matter of

priority. A ‘wish list’ sent in July, 1967, included three power boats, five 60hp motors, 20 ski ropes, five sets of water skis, 12 buoyancy vests, a dozen surfboards – and a piano. Ten days later, the Diggers had just about everything the list‌ with the exception of the piano. They weren’t unduly disappointed‌ in its place were four small yachts! The club was open from 7.30am to 10pm daily, guests had to be signed in, and there were plenty of signs warning that the local Vietnamese girls on staff were strictly for the serving of drinks, cleaning and other domestic duties. All weapons had to be signed in on arrival, locked away, and all surfboards had to be signed out‌ just so the Brass knew the whereabouts of each soldier. More than 200 people attended the official opening of the club... most in full ceremonial gear‌ and the threecourse banquet was costed out at $1.50a head. Despite the minimal charges for

food and drinks, the Peter Badcoe Club actually made a profit – more than $20,000 in the first three months alone. It even had poker machines, upstairs tavern, outdoor beer garden, landscaping, miniature golf course, accommodation a short distance away, and at the height of its popularity, its ocean-going fleet had swelled to 13 boats. It was so successful than Canberra voted to put in a swimming pool, named in honour of Prime Minister Harold

Holt, a keen surfer who lost his life while in office at Cheviot Beach, near Portsea. ‘Charlie Don’t Surf, but Aussies Do’ is a colourful insight into a lesser-known aspect of the Vietnam War, factual, interesting and often light-hearted in content, and compelling reading. More information is available through or author Stuart Scott on 07 54463211. The book would have wide appeal for Vietnam vets.

Club named to honour ‘The Galloping Major’ THEY called him ‘The Galloping Major.’ He didn’t look anything like the quintessential Aussie hero, being short, stocky and with thick glasses that made him look more like a suburban bank manager. But there was no questioning his courage under fire, and when the bullets were flying thick and fast,

Major Peter Badcoe, LEFT, was always on the run, right into the thick of the action. Stuart Scott has dedicated a chapter in his new book to the bloke after whom the Peter Badcoe Club was named, a soldier who was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for continued bravery in Vietnam. A non-smoker and tee-

totaller, Badcoe was lucky to even pass his Army medical – legend has it that he memorised the eye charts to get over the line. Quiet and reserved, he was a career soldier who loved delving into military history. He died, aged 33, on April 7, 1967, after rushing to the village of An Thuan to give assistance to a South

Vietnamese unit pinned down by machine-gun fire. Rising to his feet to throw a grenade, he was shot and killed. Major Badcoe had been in the country for just eight months as a member of the Australian Army Training Team, the most highly-decorated unit of the Vietnam War. • Continued Page 19




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Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

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15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly

Bush artists put works on show ELEVEN award-winning artists from many areas of NSW will come together to display their unique art works in Mildura for three days in June. The group, ‘Four M’s and Others,’ will stage the exhibition at the old Cottee’s factory, at the corner of 10th Street and Pine Avenue, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 19, 20 and 21. Instigator Fran Telfer, of Ariah Park near Temora, said the artists were excited at getting the chance to show off various styles of art, from contemporary to realism and abstract, and also including rustic garden sculptures and original patchwork patterns and other hand crafts. The subject matters are based around Australiana themes, including paintings of sheep-shearing, various flora, landscapes, livestock, the drought and its effects and different forms of wildlife. The group includes local artists from Pomona, along with a member from Broken Hill. Fran is currently on long service leave and doing some river, bush and animal life paintings while ‘house-sitting’ at Boeill Creek for the next six months. The June exhibition, ‘Our District Through Artists’ Eyes’ will be open from 10am to 5pm each day, and all works will be for sale.

• HOW GREAT THOU ART: Some of the original art works to be on show in Mildura in the ‘Australiana’ art show – flowers in full bloom ( RIGHT and BELOW) a different view of sheep (BELOW RIGHT) in the shearing shed ( LEFT) and picking up a winner at Moonee Valley, ABOVE.



Australia’s ‘Galloping Major’ • From Page 17 As Stuart Scott recalls in his book, earlier that day, Major Badcoe had written a letter to his wife, part of which said; “It’s time I came home. I’m getting bitter and cynical.” A month before he died, Peter Badcoe had led a series of charges on heavily-fortified Viet Cong positions, saving a district headquarter base used by Allied forces. Two weeks before that, he ran across 600 metres of open ground while under heavy fire, took charge of a pinned-down local unit, and led a counter-attack. While under fire, he rescued a wounded American adviser, and retrieved the body of another. His nick-name ‘The Galloping Major’ came as a result of the pace he set while on the attack. The author of another book on Australia’s involvement described Badcoe as always being at the forefront of his troops, leading by example in his distinctive red beret, infecting others with his optimism, appearing invincible, and often carrying the day with courage and audacity. As well as the Victoria Cross, Major Badcoe was awarded the Silver Star from the United States, the Armed Forces Honour Medal, and the National Order and three Crosses for Gallantry from the Republic of Vietnam. After his posthumous VC was awarded, more than six months after his death, the Australian Government, in a top-secret operation, officially named the Vung Tau R and R centre the Peter Badcoe Club in his honour. Badcoe’s letters back home, and his war medals, are now with the Australian War Memorial, thanks to a $488,000 gift from Channel Seven boss Kerry Stokes.

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Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

A special Sunraysia mum celebrates Mother’s

Family is

PUBLIC NOTICES COUNCIL MEETING DATES – MAY 2009 Notice is hereby given that the following dates and venues have been chosen for various Council Meetings for the month of May 2009: Date

Commencement Time


Planning Forum Monday 25 May 2009


Council & Committee Room, Upstairs Deakin Ave Service Centre, 76-84 Deakin Ave, Mildura

Mildura Arts Centre Board Tuesday 19 May 2009


Mildura Arts Centre 199 Cureton Avenue Mildura

Ordinary Council Meeting Thursday 28 May 2009


Council & Committee Room, Upstairs Deakin Ave Service Centre, 76-84 Deakin Ave, Mildura

Mildura City Traders Wednesday 27 May 2009


Rendezvous, Langtree Avenue Mildura

By SUE POOLE IT was a scene repeated across the nation last weekend – sons dropping by to wish their mum happy Mother’s Day. Nothing remarkable about that really as mums took the spotlight across our wide, brown land in what has become an annual show of affection often accompanied by gifts including cards, flowers and chocolates. However, there was one very special Mother’s Day celebration right here in Sunraysia that deserves recognition. What made this particular occasion remarkable was that mum is 98, soon to be 99, and her sons, all five of them who trooped into her kitchen, are themselves considered senior citizens! Yes, Muriel Pain’s sons count themselves blessed to have celebrated Mother’s Day 2009 with their mum, who not only lives in her own home and still enjoys cooking, but remains “as sharp as a tack”. Muriel admits she has lived for a very long time, long enough to witness two world wars and too many other world conflicts to mention. She has been around to see the advent of radio, television and the telephone while cars have become universal; the world has been changed irrevocably with the introduction of the internet and then there are the mobile phones! Times, Muriel acknowledges, have changed so dramatically since 1910, the year of her birth, to be almost unrecognisable. But a happy childhood, a happy marriage and a family whom she continues to inspire have been the most important parts of her life. She is, after all, “a country woman who has lived a simple life”. Born in Broken Hill in

Residents and ratepayers are most welcome to attend all meetings.

SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING – MAY 2009 Notice is hereby given that the following date and venue have been chosen for the Special Council Meeting: Date

Commencement Time


Special Council Meeting Thursday 21 May 2009 Adoption of Draft Budget and Draft Council Plan


Council & Committee Rooms, Upstairs Deakin Ave Service Centre, 76-84 Deakin Ave, Mildura.

Residents and ratepayers are most welcome to attend all meetings.

GREEN LIVING SEMINAR 2 Wednesday 27th May 2009 at the Sunraysia Institute of TAFE Auditorium, Benetook Avenue, 12.30pm – 6.30pm Free seminar. Light lunch and afternoon tea provided. If interested in attending or would like additional information please contact Development Services administration on 03 5018 8410 or by Monday 25th May 2009.

ROAD WORKS UPDATE – MAY 2009 Please be advised that Mildura Rural City Council will be undertaking road works during May 2009. Subject to weather conditions road works will continue on Monday 18th May 2009. Location of Works

Start Date

Finish Date

Road Closure

Cureton Avenue, Mildura (between Lock 11 hill & Mildura Homestead Carpark) - Bicycle Path Construction

Monday 11 May 2009 7.00am

Friday 22 May 2009 5.00pm

Traffic Control

Mildura Homestead (internal shared paths) - Shared Path Construction

Monday 11 May 2009 7.00am

Friday 22 May 2009 5.00pm

Traffic Control

Jacaranda Street, Red Cliffs (between Calotis St & Whittaker Cres) – Concrete Footpath Construction

Wednesday 20 May 2009 7:00am

Wednesday 17 June 2009, 5:00pm

Traffic Control

Centro Mildura Plaza (Fifteenth St Carpark Entrance No.2) - Traffic Island Works

Friday 22 May 2009 7.00am

Friday 29 May 2009 5.00pm

Lane Closure

Traffic control and detour signage will be provided to indicate the changed traffic conditions. No parking will be permitted within the work zones. Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated and if you have any further enquiries please contact Infrastructure Services Works Supervisor, Allan Eastmond at the Red Cliffs Depot on ( 5018 8483 or mobile 0417 584 145. Council regrets any inconvenience caused.



0809/33E 2pm Thursday 21 May 2009


Tender documents can be obtained by telephoning 03 5018 8100 or by downloading from the website




Band 5 - commencing at $47,434.40

Closing Date:

4.00pm Thursday 28 May 2009

Applications are invited from suitably experienced candidates for the position of Technical Officer (Infrastructure Assets) which currently exists within Council’s Asset Development Branch. The position is supportive of various Asset Management activities, with a responsibility for accurate infrastructure data capture, information validation and maintenance, storage, interrogation and reporting of asset related information. Please contact Human Resources on ( 5018 8197 for a Position Description prior to applying or alternatively, one can be downloaded from Council’s website at www.mildura. Applications, addressing the selection criteria, should be sent to the Chief Executive Officer, PO Box 105, Mildura 3502, or emailed to humanresources@mildura.vic. All emailed applications will be acknowledged.


Phone: (03) 5018 8100

PO Box 105, Mildura Vic 3502 Email:



• WARMTH: Muriel Pain keeps warm with one of her colourful patchwork quilts, ABOVE, and BELOW, pictured with her family, including six young nephews who were taken in when their parents died. Muriel is the small girl standing near her mother. 1910, during a dust storm, Muriel was the third child in a family of five... but grew up with only three siblings after one brother died as an infant. Her father was a toolsmith, who worked in the mines, and her parents ran a little Baptist Church. Before she was born, her mother’s sister and brother-in-law died, leaving six sons. The family lived next door and Muriel’s parents also took on the care of those boys. The eldest was 17 so they continued to live in their own house, except for the youngest child who lived with Muriel’s family. She clearly recalls it as a happy time despite being surrounded by boys and although she did not have a doll or girl’s toys, she

played boy’s games and many happy hours were spent out in the street playing cricket, football, marbles and even kite flying. Muriel remembers that the children made their own kites with brown paper and flour paste and yes, they did fly! She attended the little East School which she remembers being in a dusty paddock with no water laid on, and on the way home picking the Sturt’s desert pea that grew wild in profusion. On Sundays the family wore their good clothes all day, with a pinafore over the top to keep clean. They walked miles to the church on Sunday evenings, with no street lights to light their way, and just gas to light the church.

Muriel’s first job was looking after the greengrocers in South Broken Hill’s Paton Street when she was about 14, always accompanied by her little dog ‘Peggy’. “We had some lovely times together,” she recalls. Muriel’s mother, whom she described as “more than a saint” had asthma and, on the advice of doctors, the family moved to Adelaide to improve her health. It worked, she lived until she was 92! It was there that Muriel met up (again) with Thomas Pain, who had lived near the family in Broken Hill. His family had moved to Mildura when Muriel was 13 but memories of the young girl must have remained with Tom because

15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly

Day with her beloved sons and finds...

key to joy

• TOGETHERNESS: The Pain boys have always been a close knit bunch, even in the 1970s! From LEFT they are Bob, Merv, Bill, Ray and Alan standing proudly with mum Muriel. BELOW: Photographs of Muriel and Tom Pain taken on the day of their engagement. he travelled to Adelaide, ventured into her mother’s shop and waited until she came home from work. From that day they corresponded for three years before marrying when Muriel was 22 and Tom 29, and moving together to Mildura. They lived in a mud brick house on a 10-acre fruit block about seven miles from the GPO when they first married, but soon sold and moved closer to town onto a dairy at Mildura South. Although she did not like the cows, Muriel helped with the milking and cooling of the milk. Tom had a truck – Early Morn Dairy – with which he delivered the milk and many happy outings, Muriel says, were had in that truck. The introduction of pasteurisation forced the closure of the dairy and the cows were sold. Tom went to work at Stuart and Harrison Holden dealership – in all seven Pain boys were to work at Stuart and Harrison’s although not all at the same time. Muriel and Tom had five sons, Mervyn (born in 1933), Ray (1935), Bob (1939), Alan (1943) and Bill (1947). Muriel always hoped for a daughter but it was not to be, and she delighted in her sons, taking an active interest in their lives. Her granddaughter, Jill Gleeson, said Muriel was always outside playing footy and cricket with the boys. The boys themselves remember their mother as “lots of fun, with a good sense of humour when they got up to mischief”. As Ray remarked: “We all worked on the theory of what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her!” Muriel’s beloved husband died when he was 74. She said many a tear is still shed when she thinks of her life with Tom whom she described as a wonderful partner, a good father to the boys, a hard worker who was always spoken of highly by everyone. Muriel celebrated her 90thbirthday with a party and was given a little cricket bat. She promptly went out

to have a hit with the grand kids! A grandmother of 14, and great grandmother of 31, there are even some great great grandchildren beginning to arrive. Family has always been of great importance, and she worried herself to death when her youngest son, Bill, was sent off to the Vietnam War and the happiest day of her life was when he returned safely.

Bill continues to live with her and they share the cooking and housework. It gives Muriel great pleasure that her sons are still such good mates and says it is inevitable that at a function all the boys will end up in a group talking to each other!

Every Thursday she, and various members of the family, have dinner at the Workingman’s Club and enjoy a flutter on the ‘pokies’! A couple of years ago, as the story goes, Muriel had gone to the club’s toilets and she recalls: “One of the family came rushing in saying: ‘Grandmother your number is up, you have won $1000’ so we hurried out. The chap said: ‘Two minutes, you are too late!’ Many of the people playing the pokies began shouting out that I was an old lady and I could not run! The chap rang head office and they gave me the money!” Jill Gleeson remembers her grandmother sewing patchwork quilts for the family and cooking wonderful meals. She has always enjoyed music, and is well known for a wonderful wicked sense of humour. So what is the secret of a long and healthy life? According to Muriel it is weathering the ups and downs of what ever life sends your way, keeping a positive outlook, and most of all, the enduring love of family. Muriel will be 99 in October. She is quite amazing, active and happy, still taking a interest in everything around her – an inspiration to everyone she meets.


Banking on ATM rewards THEY say it’s one of the most unique, cost-effective and financially-rewarding investment schemes in Australia… owning your own Automated Teller Machines. There are almost 25,600 ATM’s in use around the country. Experts say the numbers increased by 11 percent since 1991. Following Reserve Bank reforms which came into effect from March 3, anyone can now own their own bank of machines, and one company that has 3000 on offer was in Mildura last week to offer the investment. The ATM investment seminar was organised by Pix Jonasson of Success Dynamics 21C, with attendees given the run-down on the investment opportunity by former SA Senator Grant Chapman, and former Judge’s associate and economist Ross Cameron, the people behind the company MyATM. They are claiming that investors receive a minimum guaranteed income yield of 20 percent per annum, based on the GSTexclusive price of the ATM, with low entry costs based on a 10 percent deposit (from $7700) with that sum being returned within a few months if 100 percent financing is approved. Ross said after the seminar that Australian taxpayers may be eligible to benefit from a 30 percent investment allowance if they owned a company and bought a bank of five machines. Non-company owners could also be eligible to claim the same allowance if they put up their hand for a minimum of 10 machines. The ATM’s come in two price ranges - $12,000 and $14,000, plus GST, with five the minimum buy-in, to be placed at selected locations around the country. The company arranges guarantees from deployers to return an investment on a minimum 1000 transactions a month, but say the average is more like 3000. (Australian average including bank ATM’s in December ’08 was more than 300). The investor receives 20 cents per transaction each time the ATM is used, or the guaranteed minimum of 20 percent per annum, whichever is the greater, out of the $2 transaction fee.

The company claims that most machines pay themselves off within five years, or three if the tax advantage is factored in. Ross said that since 2002, the number of Australian ATM’s had grown by more than 70 percent, and in the 14 years from 1994, ATM withdrawals grew from 29 million a month to 78 million, or around 170 percent. The machines are installed by a deployment company, usually in the security business, filled with varying cash amounts which could be as much as $25,000, and all costs such as insurance, maintenance and repairs are met by the ‘Deployer.’ Ross said the ATM’s, ordered from companies in the United States and Korea, would be ready to be installed between now and June 30 next year. Pix Jonasson said anyone seeking information on the new investment scheme, or the people behind it, was welcome to contact her on 0418211738, or email pix@successdynamics21c. com

Water information session THE Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is encouraging all Sunraysia irrigators to attend a ‘water information session’ on Wednesday, May 20, at the Workingman’s Club in the Sierra Lounge from 9.30am to 11.30 am. Speakers from Goulburn, Lower and Western Murray Irrigation will be on hand to guide irrigators through the outlook for the 2009/10 season, highlighting rainfall predictions and how to plan for the season ahead. To register interest for this free information session contact the DPI on 5021 4500.

Biggest party on the calendar for kids GIRLS Guide Sunraysia is inviting all six to 14-year-old youngsters to the biggest party on the calender. A ‘Junior Disco’ fully supervised, will be held on Saturday, May 30, between 2pm and 4pm at O’Malley’s Irish Tavern. Admission is $10 and includes soft drinks, water and pocket lollies, with prizes athroughout the afternoon.

All funds raised will go towards Girl Guides Sunraysia’s trip to the Australian Centenary Event (ACE) Jamboree in 2010, due to be held at Britannia Park, 72km east of Melbourne. The event will celebrate 100 years since Girl Guides Australia was formed. More information on the ‘Junior Disco’ is available by contacting Raywin on 0428 535 023.


Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

A well-earned pat on the back •  From Page 6

Jean is also current President of Red Cliffs/Irymple RSL Auxiliary, a role she has held for the past 13 years, and she is currently helping to organise that group’s 70th Anniversary. Jean is a member of Cardross Progress Association, assisting with BBQ’s at the Red Cliffs Steam Train, and is also a member of the Ex-Servicewomen’s Association. She assists Legacy and Red Cliffs Canary Club. She was awarded a life membership for her many years of hard work with the Irymple Football Club in 1978 and has, over the years, helped Irymple Neighbourhood Watch, fund-raised for Irymple Kindergarten, local marching girls and St Luke’s Anglican Church in Irymple. Jean was also a volunteer at Sunassist, being a companion for

older members of the community so they were not alone, and participating in a ‘phone-in’ project where she would telephone older ladies who lived alone to make sure they were safe and secure in their homes. Jean’s latest highlight in her volunteering life was participating in the recent Relay for Life, completing the entire walk as part of the group, ‘Happy Campers’. She is an exceptional example of volunteering in our local community, but sees none of it as ‘work’. “It’s all about friendship, and I’ve really enjoyed my time”, Jean says. “Whatever I do, I love doing, and I’m only too happy to lend a hand. “There is always someone worse off than yourself, and you can always find generous people to lend a hand”.

Re-assurance for sufferers •  From Page 7 Mrs Gledhill said the Mildura facility is open Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 4pm, and managed by co-ordinator Viona Woodroffe and a team of ‘Centre’ volunteers, who are different from the Cancer Connect volunteers. “The dedication of the co-ordinator, volunteers, committee and the current group of funding contributors is to be commended,” Mrs Gledhill said. “Their attempts to ensure the facility continues to operate are not going to wane, as they all feel that the centre is a valuable asset to Sunraysia. “Each month the statistics show there are more people access-

ing SCR, and these people cannot be left in the lurch in their darkest hours.” But Mrs Gledhill stressed that with the current economic climate, SCR was finding it difficult to attract corporate sponsorship, and following the Bushfire Appeal and Relay for Life, it was a tough ask for community members to contribute yet again. “However, if every household in Sunraysia donated just $5 to Sunraysia Cancer Resources, this would be enough to continue assisting local cancer patients and their families for 12 months,” she said. “Anyone is in a position to help, they can contact us at Shop 2, 302 Deakin Ave, Mildura, or phone 5025 8866.”

Try a trade for the day FOR the majority of Sunraysia’s secondary students, trying to find the right path to their chosen career can leave them baffled as to where to put their feet. Options for entering the workforce or continuing to study can be numerous and quite confusing, and sometimes it helps to have someone who knows what they’re talking about available to ask advice. It’s for these reasons that Sunraysia Murray Group Training is providing secondary students and job seekers with the opportunity to ‘Try a Trade’ on Friday, May 22. The day will enable participants to get some hands-on experience with a number of traditional and non-traditional trades, including plumbing and electrical, along with getting the opportunity to meet potential employers, and get answers to whatever questions they may have about career choices. More than 15 different trades will be on show, with a large number of local tradesmen to be on-hand to answer queries and supervise activities. SMGT Manager of Employment Services Dean Umbuck said there would be plenty of opportunities for participants to get their “hands dirty” on the day.

“There will definitely be an opportunity for students to get a taste of what certain trades entail, use some of the tools used on the job, and ask questions,” he said. “More than 500 school students from across the district will participate, which is probably the largest number we’ve ever had take part. “The day will enable students to see what the trade industry is all about, and get advice on how to get into those industries that interest them.” Mr Umbuck said that employment opportunities and apprenticeships will also be discussed, which should interest those looking to jump straight into the workforce once they complete their education. “I thinks it’s something schools around Sunraysia should get on board with,” he said. “Even for those students who plan to continue their studies, it’s still worthwhile to hear the information that will be presented.

“We’ve had students in the past who’ve had every intention of heading to university, only to change their mind for whatever reason and take up a trade instead. “At least by coming along they gain a better understanding of what options are available, see what trades are out there, and get the information they need to make an informed decision about their future.” ‘Try a Trade’ day will be held at the Sunraysia Skills Centre Workshop at 34 Lemon Avenue from 9am to 3.30pm on the 22nd.

Wentworth Shire Council CHANGE TO JUNE MEETING OF COUNCIL Residents and ratepayers are advised that the Ordinary meeting of Council scheduled to be held on Wednesday 17 June will now be held on Wednesday 24 June commencing at 9am. PETER KOZLOWSKI General Manager


Established for 40 years


Wide Band Radio Scanner Features - Frequency Range: 150khz - 1309mhz Including aviation N.D.B.5 - Channel Scanning - Priority Scanning - Dual Watch Capability - Direct Frequency Input - Adjustable Squelch Control - Scanner Reciever Antenna - Rechargeable Battery Pack - Earphone - Charger Cradle - Power Adapter - Lanyard Strap

•  GETTING A FEEL FOR IT: Chaffey Secondary College Year 9 student Matt Browne, 15, heeds the advice of Sunraysia Skills Centre trainee assessor Colin Prunty and INSET: Chaffey Secondary College Year 9 student Manu Tameifuna, 14, tries his hand at welding, once again under Colin’s watchful gaze. Matt and Manu will be among 500 students to take part in SMGT’s ‘Try a Trade Day’ next week.

A cemetery tour ‘with a difference’


19 Pine Avenue, Mildura 5023 5472 Fax: (03) 5023 1039 Phone: (03) 502 Email:


‘When you deal with Marty, you deal with the owner of the business. One who has energy, commitment & the drive to achieve results.’ SERVICING SUNRAYSIA

Phone Marty Now on 0429 953 365 34 Darling Street, Wentworth. Ph: 5027 3411 W: E:

THE Mildura and District Historical Society will conduct a tour with a difference this Sunday, visiting the graves of some of the most prominent people in Mildura’s history. The Society’s Glenn Miller will lead the tour, which will take place at the Mildura Cemetery in Nichols Point. It will include stops at some of the oldest grave sites in the district, dating back to the 1890s, including those

of W.B. Chaffey and the first Mayor of Mildura, E.T. Henderson. Others include grave sites of the Nash and Bowring families, and the great photographer, E.E. Oswald, who died in a house fire in 1891. Mr Miller said there will also be stops and explanations at the graves of some of the less famous people who have passed away in unusual circumstances. “We will see the graves of victims of,

but not limited to, road accidents, fires, floods and Spanish Flu,” he said. “Finally we will note the graves of those who died during training with the Operational Training Unit in Mildura during the Second World War.” People interested in taking part in the tour, which is free, are to meet at the lower entrance to the cemetery, on Cemetery Road at 2pm.

Gardens open day THE gardens of John Munro, at 1434 Koorlong Avenue, Irymple will once again be opened to the public for St. Luke’s Ladies Guild of the Anglican Parish of the Northern Mallee annual Garden Party and Fashion Parade…with the big event scheduled for tomorrow from 2pm. Fashions on show will be from Lorraine’s Ladies Wear, and there will be door prizes and afternoon tea. Entry to the day will be $8 a head.

Getting the bugs out of the system IT had been a quite a few years since I had been on a school excursion, whether it was as a student or as a parent helper. So it was with mixed feelings that I recently boarded the bus with 51 students and their teachers, and headed off to the Gol Gol School Endowment Block, located on the banks of the River Murray, and which is being turned into an Environmental Education Centre. This will allow students to have a hands-on approach in learning about the importance of caring for our environment. It wasn’t my first visit to the endowment block, nor will it be my last. I arrived with the mission statement of “remember, today’s actions become tomorrow’s rewards” ringing in my ears. Standing on the NSW side of the river looking out over the Murray to the opposite side I couldn’t help but be moved by this little piece of paradise. I stood with Peter Cameron, the school’s general assistant, who earlier had brought out the grass slasher to make a path for the kids to walk along. “Are you going down there?” he asked one of the teachers as he indicated the spot further down the incline that he had recently slashed. Mrs Mason shook her head. Peter smiled at me. “I wish I had known that half an hour ago.” I laughed lightly and shrugged. As the children’s names were called out three groups were soon formed and with hats firmly on heads and water bottles at the ready, the children were ready to explore. A quick reshuffle was required to even out the groups, volunteers were called for, which always equates to “you, you and you” and finally the three groups were sent in different directions.

The Water Bug Group I headed off with the Water Bug Group, armed with nets and buckets (which some kids took to wearing on their heads) and most importantly, an abundance of enthusiasm. We scurried, slipped and slid down the decline and made our way to the billabong, and listened attentively to Peter Verway the local ‘water watch’ co-ordinator give instructions on fishing for bugs.

the world according to

Janelle Lee He went through the tools required – net, paintbrush, microscope device, pipette, tray, bug sorter (aka ice cube tray), and ID card. He then went through the correct procedure for catching the bugs. “We don’t want to stir up the mud at the bottom so don’t scrape your nets,” he said. “Use the figure eight motion and then tip the contents of the net into the bucket, and pour gently into the tray. Using the pipettes, pick up the bug and place in the bug tray, then use the microscope to identify the bug.” Got it. “Do you use the trays for ice when you are finished?” one kid asked. I had to smile. There’s always one in a crowd. “No,” said Peter, “now make sure you hold onto your buddy.” We split into smaller groups. Kids were soon leaning out at precarious angles over the water, held by a bud-

15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly


• BUG-BEAR: Youngsters from Gol Gol Public School were a picture of concentration, at times going back to back to back as they filled in records of their bush discoveries during their recent outing to the school’s endowment block. INSET: Sophie Fox was among those to capture some interesting bugs from the system, ready for identification and recording. dy. The ‘leaners’ were busy with their figure eights, and the ‘leanees’ were busy holding tightly to shirts. I waited for someone to fall in the water. There was one close call, but that’s all. “I might have found a bug,” one child called out. Which was good, because that’s what she was supposed to be doing.

Identifying the catch Some of the girls began to squeal as they found bugs… that had the boys grinning. They were soon identifying their catch. We had stone fly nymphs, mini bugs, brown bugs, shrimp, black bugs… and the find of the day, a water strider. Fish, we were told, were not allowed. I didn’t think we had much of a chance anyway, seeing as I’m not convinced there are any fish in the river. Just as I was ready to begin counting bugs, it was time to move on. Every single hole found me as I walked through the bush to the next task, the Riparian Zone. I looked up at the steep incline.; “I’m not climbing that,” I told Mrs Stone. “It’s easier

to go up than down,” she offered. I had no intentions of proving her wrong. I learnt that this special zone actually stops erosion, is habitat for wildlife, a buffer zone for trash… and keeps pollutants out of the river. I found myself nodding and shaking my head at the questions she posed to the youngsters. Then it was time for the kids to draw their own zone. There were no clipboards… they had been left behind at the interchange area. I began to take photos. ‘Looking busy’ is my personal mission statement - that way you can’t be ‘volunteered.’ Kids are adaptable… they began to use their classmate’s backs to draw on. I found out if you stand still long enough you soon become a human clipboard. At the completion of the task I made my way back through the bush to the interchange area. I was starving. I asked a kid if it was recess. He frowned. “Shouldn’t you know?” ‘I guess I should,’ I thought as I looked to see how far we were from the water. Lucky for him the distance was too great. I thought I was in danger of becoming the first person in the



Shop T54 Centro Plaza Mildura Cnr Fifteenth St & Deakin Ave Ph: 03 5021 4911

school’s history starve to death in the bush. I thought about hiding behind a tree but the next task, the treasure hunt beckoned… Mrs Mason was handing out her instructions.

Finally! I can eat... I found myself traipsing through the bush with the kids once again, looking for berries, leaves and bark to attach to the Woodland Study worksheets. Half an hour later we were done, and finally I could eat. I managed to combine recess and lunch before it was time to empty shoes and socks of bits of the environment and scamper back onto the bus. The synchronised roll call rang out as the teachers marked off the children’s names. There was a slight hold-up as a hitch-hiking lizard was removed from a youngster’s hat and released back into the environment… the school has a strict ‘no livestock allowed on the bus’ policy… and soon we were off back to school, leaving a little piece of paradise… this will always be a place to remember.


Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

It usually starts with a repetitive twitch or involuntary noise, starting in childhood, and than originally thought. To recognise the 20th anniversary of its national

Dealing with family life, and Tourettes… Special report by PEARL LINDLEY* I HAVE three beautiful boys, aged 15, 12 and 9. The eldest and the youngest have Tourette Syndrome. My eldest son Jamie was diagnosed with Tourettes when he was nine. This was after years of watching a great kid slide slowly downhill. From a child full of confidence, energy and a love for learning, to a child with great anxieties, unexplained irrational fears and panic attacks, as well as an onslaught of what I now recognise as tics. Initially his constant sniff was diagnosed as an allergy by an ear, nose and throat specialist, even though all of his tests came back negative. The doctor informed me that Jamie fell into the one percent of cases where they can’t find an allergy, but they “know” they are allergic to something. The sniff disappeared after six months, and of course by this stage it wasn’t allergy season anymore, so this confirmed the diagnosis. Unfortunately for Jamie, no one could explain why a placid and happy child had started to hate his sport, hate his music, and dislike life in general. Why had he started to bite the inside of his mouth to such a severe extent that I had to reduce his meals to custards, jellies and soups? Why couldn’t he just stop that biting? And why, too, had he taken to licking his lips, as well as stretching his mouth so wide that it bled constantly, and

he was badgered incessantly with, “you must stop that Jamie, you are hurting yourself”. To which he would always reply, “I can’t stop it”. As a busy parent I found this answer inadequate and frustrating. I often thought, “Why can’t he stop? Doesn’t he realise or feel the hurt?”

I now realise he felt hurt Of course I now realise he did feel the hurt, but due to the nature of TS being a neurological disorder causing uncontrollable tics, he really couldn’t stop. I now think, “how naive was I to think he didn’t feel the pain?” This was one time when mother did not know best! I still feel pangs of guilt over not believing him, and I think this guilt is felt strongly by all parents

when we first learn we have a child with Tourettes. Following on from this, it was evident that Jamie’s schoolwork had declined to an unacceptable level. He was not getting work completed at school, which was very unusual. He would sit for hours at home and rub out the numbers until they looked just right, often rubbing right through his page of work, and having to start all over again. I became quite good at chopping out little squares of paper and sticking them over the holes so he didn’t have to start all over again. Or he would be stuck on the one sum, just in case it was wrong, even though he had done the sum right many, many times. I made an appointment to see his teacher, expecting to hear that he was mucking up in class, or not paying attention, or perhaps he needed a tutor now? I certainly wasn’t prepared for her first words; “Have you heard of Tourette Syndrome?” My mind raced as I tried to locate the knowledge that yes, I had heard a little of this. Wasn’t that swearing? Surely she couldn’t think Jamie had such a thing? The teacher went on to explain that she had once taught a child with Tourettes and she believed that Jamie displayed a lot of similar behaviour as her past pupil. I turned to the Internet for information and instantly gained access to the TSAA web site. If you have any concerns about a relative

or friend and feel they may have TS I would encourage you to access this site. The information is easy to read and understand. I printed out the basic pages and poured over examples of symptoms and behaviours. All the pieces of the puzzle fitted perfectly once I had read what Tourettes was. I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long to recognise it.

Conflicting emotions I received Jamie’s diagnosis with such conflicting emotions. On one hand I was relieved that I now had a name for what was happening to my child. I had a starting point from where I could gain help for Jamie. But on the

other hand this shouldn’t be happening. How can my child have this Syndrome? This wasn’t in the plan, when I held that little bundle of joy tight at his birth nine years earlier. As parents we want only the best for our kids. Initially the guilt of maybe I have done something wrong? Could I have done things differently? What if? And so on is very overpowering. It is utterly essential to have professional help, as well as a support network, to guide you through this confusing and often very painful time. I quickly realised that most people perceived Tourettes as the loud, swearing, obnoxious form that had been sensationalised on television and in the movies.


turned to the Internet for information and instantly gained access to the TSAA web site. If you have any concerns about a relative or friend and feel they may have TS I would encourage you to access this site. The information is easy to read and understand.

An organisation with a VIEW

Christie shop

MILDURA’S Christie Centre will ‘take over’ the 15th Street showrooms of Clive Peeters next Friday evening for a unique fund-raising effort. There’s an open invitation from 5pm to 7pm, for cooking demonstrations and finger food, and entertainment by the ArtragUs Art Group, and Sunny Street singers.

clubs in Australia, and 22,000 active members. After hosting an introductory session to register interest, 25 local women attended the first Sunraysia VIEW meeting at the Mildura Gateway Tavern in April, with organisers hoping numbers will continue to expand in the future. The next meeting will also be held at the Mildura Gateway Tavern on Friday, May 22, from 10.30am. A morning tea will be on offer for those who attend, with all interested people welcome to come along.

DON’T PAY TO THROW IT AWAY Recycle your cardboard





AFTER a successful launch last month, the first Sunraysia VIEW (Voice, Interests and Education of Women) Club has been established in the district. VIEW is a national organisation that encourages women meet monthly for fun, friendship and actively support the Smith Family (an organisation that supports disadvantaged Australian children), and its Learning for Life programs. The organisation has grown exponentially since it was founded in 1960, with 400











Dropit it off off at Drop at: Ellwaste Ellwaste 93-95 Cureton Avenue East, Mildura 11-13 Reliance Court, Echuca Ph:5022 50 22 9544 9544 Ph: Open Mon Fri 8am 5pm Open Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm MW26819

13-15 Tenth Street, Mildura | Ph:5021 4506

15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly


persisting through life. Tourette Syndrome is often mis-diagnosed, and is more widespread support group, the Mildura Weekly asked one local member to tell her story…

What is it?

At the time of Jamie’s diagnosis there was a show on television called Ally MacBeal. One of the characters portrayed on this show had TS, and of course it is much funnier to have a swearing out of control character. While swearing is one symptom of Tourettes, it is by no means the norm. I found a huge lack of understanding in our schools and the community as a whole, as well as a misinformed opinion of TS. Tourettes is a very complex disorder, where no two people will display the same symptoms. Armed with my new knowledge, and a wonderful group of determined parents, we undertook a challenge to educate schools with the goal of helping families and educators through knowledge, support and understanding.

TOURETTE Syndrome is a medical condition (Neurological disorder) with a genetic component, but it’s unknown as yet what causes the condition. It is believed to stem from the abnormal metabolism of brain chemicals (neurotransmitters). Basically the brain is over-stimulated with an excess of neurotransmitters that bypass filters in the brain which would normally be used to control one’s movement, thoughts, emotions and actions. It is characterised by a combination of chronic muscular tics (twitch-like movements) and vocal tics (involuntary noises) and is often socially stigmatising. It usually starts in childhood and is likely to persist throughout life in varying degrees of severity. Tics are involuntary, rapid, repetitive movements of individual muscle groups. A tic has been described as an irresistible urge to scratch an itch or an uncontrollable need to sneeze. It cannot be held onto and must be released. Tourette Syndrome is characterised by multiform, frequently changing motor and phonic tics, which may be transient lasting only a few weeks or a few months. Tics tend to come in bursts or “bouts.” These are called waxing and waning cycles. The average age of onset is 6-7, with the peak severity in the majority of cases between the ages of 10-12 . Many youngsters will be virtually tic

Finding the positives On a personal level I wanted both of my sons to reach their full potential, to have confidence in who they are and not to hate Tourettes. To see TS as a positive uniqueness; to find the positives, where originally there was thought to be none. The only way to achieve this was to create understanding and acceptance. Through hard work I believe we are achieving this understanding. The more awareness we can create, the brighter the future for those with TS. It was with tears in my eyes, and pride in my heart that I listened to my son a few years ago tell me that if there was a cure for Tourettes he wouldn’t want it, because Tourettes is a part of who he is… and he likes who he is. Who could ask for more? * FOOTNOTE: Names in this story have been changed for privacy reasons. information is available from TSAA, Phone 02 9382 3726 email:info@tourette. or visit the website: www.

• BAFFLING DISEASE: Children are often left confused and anxious, with irrational fears and panic attacks as a result of Tourettes.





Community Centre

s s s s s s s s s s

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free by the age of 18. When someone with Tourettes is totally and constructively engrossed in something, the tics may stop altogether. Children who ‘tic’ actually tend to ‘tic’ less when they are fascinated with classroom tasks or activities, and because of this they should be encouraged to enter enrichment or gifted programs that are more likely to enable them to focus constructively. About 80 percent of individuals with Tourette Syndrome have integral and additional problems which may include Obsessive Compulsive and Ritualistic behaviour, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), learning disabilities, difficulties with impulse control and defiant and angry behaviour, sleep or mood disorders and depression. A major problem for parents and teachers is understanding which behaviours are beyond the control of the Tourettes person and which can be, or should be, controlled. If the family can learn to accept the member with Tourettes along with the symptoms, not despite them, it can provide the sense of security necessary for a healthy approach to the “outside world”, promoting selfesteem and competency in school and peer group relationships. – Courtesy of the Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia inc.

This weeks winners are: • Jan Perkins • Pat MacDonald • Lois Patterson • Pat Rogan Drawn By: Maureen Homfray

• 204 Deakin Ave, Mildura • Ph: 5021 2008

Sunday - Friday 9am - 8pm Saturday 9am - 7.30pm

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery for

Breast Reduction Enlargement Reconstruction Body Abdominoplasty Body Lifts Hand Dupytren’s Arthritis Face Skin Cancer

will commence consulting at 202 ONTARIO and operating at Mildura Private Hospital monthly from March 2009. For an appointment please call 03 9500 0366 u


Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

Mildura gears up for beaut ute comp EVERY year, thousands of people flock to southern NSW for the great Deniliquin Ute Muster. Mildura’s Dave Thomas hasn’t missed one for the past nine years, and loves the atmosphere so much he’s organising a ‘minime’ for Mildura… not so much a muster as a gathering of vehicles for the inaugural Mallee Sunset Ute Competition. Around 40 ute owners have already in-

dicated an interest, and Dave is hoping for many more entries by the time of the competition, on Saturday, May 23. Entries will be taken from 8am on the day, with judging about 3.30pm. Cost will be $15 general entry and $5 per category entered. “We’re starting off small,” Dave said. “We won’t ever be able to compete with the likes of Deniliquin, but it may turn into something bigger down the track.”

The Mildura Rural City Council parks and gardens employee will be among an estimated 20,000 enthusiasts to attend the Deni Muster this October. The aim of organisers is to smash last year’s record of 7242 utes. The event is the town’s biggest drawcard and money-raiser by far, with family passes for the weekend costing $360. The Deniliquin event, which is now in its

10th year, includes nightly concerts, and a variety of activities for utes and their owners, and Dave is hoping that the Mildura event will lead to something similar, just on a smaller scale. He said the Mallee Sunset competition was open to all ute owners, and he invited people who wanted more information, or who wanted to enter, to contact him on 0418 894 062.

• UTE MAN: Mildura’s Dave Thomas hasn’t missed a Deniliquin Ute Muster for the past nine years, and loves the atmosphere so much he’s organising a ‘mini-me’ for Mildura.

New treatment for severe Osteoporosis patients EVERY five to six minutes an Australian is admitted to hospital with a fracture as a result of osteoporosis. By 2021 this rate is set to increase to one every three to four minutes. These statistics will probably hit close to home for Sunraysia residents, with a recent report conducted by Mildura Rural City Council concluding that Sunraysia’s population was an ageing one, with more people set to fall into the osteoporosis danger area

within the next 10 years. It’s due to these growing statistics that the Australian and New Zealand Bone Mineral Society (ANZBMS) has spent the past eight years trying to get ‘Forteo’, a new form of treatment for severe osteoporosis sufferers added to the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme. Ideal for a condition like osteoporosis, where the bones become fragile, leading to a high risk of fractures, Forteo aims to help

control the disease. One in two Australian women and one in four men aged 60 or older will suffer an osteoporotic fracture in their lifetime, resulting in changes to their posture, muscle weakness, loss of height, bone deformity, chronic pain, disability, loss of independence or even premature death. Forteo is an anabolic medication that activates growth cells, working from within to strengthen

weak bones. The treatment helps decrease the chance of fractures, and is taken once a day, every day, for 18 months. However due to high costs (previously $15,000 for 18 months treatment) and the nature of the drug, Forteo won’t be available to just anyone, with ANZBMS President Professor Phillip Sambrook saying the treatment will act as a last resort for osteoporosis sufferers.

“It will be used for treating people who have failed to recover using more conventional treatments,” he said. “Only severe cases or established osteoporosis in patients with a high risk of fractures will have access to the treatment.” For more information on Forteo contact your local doctor or pharmacist, or visit and follow the links in the ‘Medicines’ option at the top of the page.

Weddings, Parties, Functions Tablecloths, Runners, Chair covers and Sashes 80 Colours to choose from

Mildura Table Linen Services

For all enquiries contact Hanny p (03) 5022 5305 | m 0428 272 087 |

15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly



f r e e

r e a l

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g u i d e

highly prized location 118 McKays Road, Birdwoodton

Finance your new home with ResCom Financial Services..... ResCom Finance |

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Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

highly prized location Wow, here is your opportunity to purchase a solid and well proportioned home on approximately a ¾ acre allotment in the highly prized Birdwoodton area. The sort after location is only minutes from the vibrant Merbein Township and also only minutes from Centro Plaza. Featuring a recently renovated kitchen, family / dining area with new stainless steel appliances to the kitchen, new cupboards and bench tops and a central preparation island with stone bench top. The home is perfect for the growing family with separate living areas and well separated master bedroom from bedrooms 2 and 3. All bedrooms have built in robes and shelving, ceiling fans and cooling / heating outlets. Outside there is an approximately 60’ x 20’ machinery style shed with 3 phaze power and a tandem 2 car carport, a large secure rear yard fully fenced with entertainment area. The home has also recently had a new reverse cycle heating and cooling system fitted as well as Septic and Realm drains replaced approximately 3 years ago.

Address: 118 McKays Road, Birdwoodton

Open: Open Saturday 16 May from 2.00pm


Rob Pallot 0428 273 411

Mark Thornton 0408 534 7 Andrew Whitelegg 0429 9

DARETON 22 Millie Street

MILDURA 332 Ontario Avenue

WERRIMULL 24 South Road

Perfec t First Home

Fantastic investment


15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly 29 6OöOJTIFEQSPKFDU

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Au ct io n



POMONA River Road

.&3#&*/$OS$PXBOOB:FMUB3PBE #*3%800%50/.D,BZT3PBE

IRYMPLE 1-4 2121 Fifteenth Street 8&/58035)#FWFSMFZ4USFFU



Renovated Victorian (SFBUMPDBUJPO



Panoramic Rural Views (SFBUöSTUIPNF





Li Ne st w in g




Rural $"--"-i#JH#FOEw4UBUJPO


DARETON 22 Millie Street

MILDURA 332 Ontario Avenue

WERRIMULL 24 South Road

POMONA River Road

Perfec t First Home




t t t t t


t t t t t










34 Darling Street, Wentworth

#*3%800%50/.D,BZT3PBE .&3#&*/$OS$PXBOOB:FMUB3PBE

(SFBUMPDBUJPO Renovated Victorian tt tt tt tt tt

Phone: 03 5027 3411

8&/58035)#FWFSMFZ4USFFU IRYMPLE 1-4 2121 Fifteenth Street

%POUXBJU8POUMBTUMPOH A real gem Watch your money grow







(SFBUöSTUIPNF Panoramic Rural Views



tt tt tt tt tt


tt tt tt tt tt



ct io


Rural $"--"-i#JH#FOEw4UBUJPO

VIA WENTWORTH, Lake Victoria District


Pollards Cutting


DARETON 22 Millie Street

Perfec t First Home t t t t t



34 Darling Street, Wentworth



MILDURA 332 Ontario Avenue

WERRIMULL 24 South Road


Fantastic investment




t t t t t

POMONA River Road2 western land leases 6610ac (2675HA),



Approx. 4km magnificent river frontage

6OöOJTIFEQSPKFDU 880ac cropping licence w/- share farmer


1IPOFUPJOTQFDU House (STCA) For Sale Site0òFSTPWFS  Phone to Inspect $POUBDU .BSUZ%FBDPO For Sale $470,000 + Contact Marty Deacon 0429 953 365


Phone: 03 5027 3411


Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09




ct io n

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ct io n















t t







3 Freehold titles, total area of 17.14Ha










curtilage and roads t































Irrigation Licence allowing access to















































irrigation entitlement.

irrigation entitlement


34 Darling Street, Wentworth


Phone: 03 5027 3411


‘W sunraysia water exchange ‘Water is what we do!’

‘water is what we do’ temporary water trades permanent entitlement sales sunraysia water exchange water market advice and strategy ‘Water is what we do!’

Permanent Wanted! Water is one of Water our most important and valuable assets. Therefore, like any asset, it isedimperative thatlarge it isquantities managed to achieve We have qualifi buyers seeking theprofessionally following permanent water: the best financial results and security for your rural business. • LMW High Reliability Water is one of our most important and



temporary trade water available Zone

Volume (ML)

Spot Price (as atat1415 May 2009) (as May 2008)

Vic Vic -- 1A 1A Goulburn Goulburn Vic - 1A Goulburn NSW Lower Murray Vic - 1A Goulburn NSW- 1A Lower Murray Vic Goulburn Vic Barmah NSW- 7Lower Murray waterVic exchange Barmah NSW- 7Lower Murray

3 15 20 100 14 25


$470 $470 $500 $514 $499 $499


valuable assets.45Therefore, like 320 100 325 Sunraysia Water Exchange (SWEX) can provide the necessary advice to it enable you any asset, it is imperative that is managed professionally to achieve the 103 325 to• NSW make General informed Security decisions and achieve the best results in respect of your water sunraysia 100 330 requirements. best fi nancial results and security for your rural business. ‘Water is what we do!’ To discuss the current market value of your permanent water entitlement contact us today. Vic - 7 Barmah 125 340 How Can WeSecurity Help You? • NSW High

permanent entitlements for sale

To view our electronic water To discuss your permanent or How Can We Help You? trading platform go to temporary water requirements


Licence Type Murray Valley High Security Murray Valley High Security Lower Murray High Reliability Marty Deacon Mobile: 0429 953High 365Reliability Lower Murray

Volume (ML) 90 175 107 56.9 please contact Phil Grahame. Sunraysia Water Exchange (SWEX) can provide the necessary advice to enable you Mobile 0408 596 678 to make informed decisions and achieve the best results in respect of your water Email sunray Email: requirements. ‘W

telephone 03 5027 5027 2517 3411 To discuss your permanent or

facsimile 03 5027 3511


To view our electronic water


24 Jenner Street, Merbein

87 Commercial Street, Merbein Phone 5025 3133 Fax 5025 313913 Cedar Street, Red Cliffs



Little Beauty At Birdwoodton 10 Ope .4 n 5- Sa 11 t .1 5

10 Ope .3 n 0- Sa 11 t .0 0 11 Wattle Street, Red Cliffs


Yes it needs TLCAvenue, but this littleBirdwoodton 2 bedroom cottage is on 324some River a big ¼ acre (1015m2) block and is surrounded by fruit trees and foliage. Includes big shed, garden watering system, high ceilings, secure yard and quiet Nursery Ridge location.

Attractive Package – Great Location

324 River Avenue, Birdwoodton 13 Cedar Street, Red Cliffs

$179,500 $129,000

$179,500 Merebin Court, Comfortable 4 bedroom home on big 3 corner block in quiet Red Cliffs location. Good current rental return of around 7%pa gross and features include high ceilings, big secure backyard, wood heater, side access and subdivision potential (S.T.C.A). Great value at this price. Birdwoodton Location-Budget Price


11 Ope .3 n 0- Sa 12 t .0 0 11 Rusticana Court, Mildura

Block 81 Oak, Avenue, Birdwoodton

$98,000 NEG


32 Acres - Great Value

One For The Handyman



56 Seventh Street Ext, Birdwoodton

$110,000 NEG

property is 6.31 Ha (15.6 acres) and includes 40 x 20 shed with

in the popular Birdwoodton area, on just over 15 acres (6.197

20 x 20 lean to and 2.3 megs water right. Also features excellent

Hectares). Includes 2.4 megs water right, basic shedding and is

sandy loam soil and neighbouring properties are good quality.

priced for a quick sale.

Investment Opportunity

For Lease

89 Commercial Street, Merbein • Central Merbein location • Rent $90 per week • Includes GST & outgoings • Available now

Super Investment Property

$199,000 Lot 1 (28) River Avenue $199,000 $150,000-$165,000 Terrific investment with further development potential $199,000 Character 3 bedroom home directly opposite Chaffey Park and Lot Merbein 1 (28) Avenue consider theseRiver features. Over ½ acre of land. Very good easy walk to the river. Tastefully renovated and features include location, walk to park & river. Includes 2 houses with high ceilings, timber kitchen, spacious lounge with bay window, current rental income of $305 per week. Almost ¼ acre separate dining room, utility room, good shed, shady gardens and vacant land. Possibility for third house (STCA)

$149,500 Yes it needs some renovation but it’s basically sound and located


Roger Walder 0417 711$149,500 217 Aaron Walder 0408 315 746

9 Baylee Avenue, Mildura

3 Merebin Court, Merbein 21 River Avenue, Merbein

Terrific spot for that dream out-of-town home on acres. This

83-89 Commercial Street, Merbein

9 Baylee Avenue, Mildura


Nestled deep in a quiet court in the sought after Green Vines Estate, this 3 bedroom brick veneer and tile home represents a very attractive package. Features include great street appeal, double L.U.G, landscaped gardens (auto water system), terrific outdoor entertainment area, big secure back yard, wood shed and BBQ shelter.

Located in central Merbein on a generous ¼ acre allotment (1217m2 approx), this commercial property boasts 4 shops (3 tenanted) and represents a great opportunity for further development (STCA).


Super Investment Prop

All The Boxes Good Ticks Location – Great Outlook



$139,000 Neg

Ticks All The Boxes

Little Beauty At –Birdwoodton 4 Bedrooms Big Block

There’s A House In There!

24 Jenner Street, Merbein

$139,000 Neg

15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly

10 Ope .4 n 5- Sa 11 t .1 5

13 Cedar Street, Red Cliffs



10 Ope .3 n 0- S 11 .0 0


Birdwoodton - Small Acres


• 5.77 Ha (14 1/4 Acres) • 2 Megs water plus Town Water available • Plantings include Merlot,Chardonnay,Petit Verdot, Temperanello & Picolet • 40 X 20 Shed,Pickers •Hut & Diesel Pump • Drip Irrigation & Excellent soil • Great spot for a home

Block 69 Fifth St, Merbein


You won’t find better value than this – Check out the features, 32 acres (12.98ha) with excellent sandy loam soil. 40 HP electric pump & 25 acres of low levels & OHS. Plantings include chardonnay, shiraz, pinot gris. Fully drained with besser block pickers quarters & 4 bay G.I shed with concrete floor & power. O.K to build (STCA). No water or working plant.

1/2 Acre – Close to Town

Lot 1 Channel Road, Merbein


Located close to Merbein this ½ acre (2037m2) approx property would make an ideal house location. With garden right entitlement, this could be the place for your dream home. MW24876



Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

Property of the week





Cudmore Road $595,000 Phone to Inspect Fish Farm On The River 100ac with more than 200m of Darling River frontage and a huge 3 bedroom home, quality shedding, fully operational fish farm including yabby breeding. Approx 50m x 6m fully fitted fish breeding shed constructed of 6” cool room panel, 28 dams, approx 60m x 10m hot house for veggie growing, 1 bedroom flat for your guests, all of this plus a magic spot on the river with your very own jetty. What a lifestyle! Inspection by appointment. For Sale Judy Aitken 0418 502 302

$215,000 7E Sirius Court Open Saturday 12:45-1:15pm Serious Value Here! This one ticks all the boxes. Huge living area with imposing kitchen, 2 bathrooms, BIRs in all 3 bedrooms, ducted evap cooling and gas heating, double garage with auto door, 2 outdoor entertaining area’s, large tool shed/workshop plus low maintenance gardens that guarantee you a relaxed lifestyle in an area close to hospitals, schools and golf course. Graeme Roper 0429 824 008 Web Id 365872 For Sale






$272,000 4 Jane Eliza Court Open Saturday 1-1:45pm Spectacular family home This modern family home with expansive use of stunning floor tiles and cathedral ceilings will catch your attention offering plenty of wow factor. With large lounge, dining and open plan family room overlooking the outdoor living and open rear gardens. The home also boasts 3 generous bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and is within walking distance of the river and lock For Sale island. One not to be missed. Kevin Forbes 0419 596 711 Web Id 374329







66 Wentworth Street Open Saturday 10-10:30am| Auction Saturday 20th June on site, 11am The Darling at your back door Positioned on a large allotment of 1ac backing on to the picturesque Darling river, this 3 bedroom colonial style residence is the perfect choice. boasting 3 good sized bedrooms, spacious lounge/dining room, separate laundry, bathroom & toilet. This property could be further subdivided (STCA) and is an excellent site to build your dream home overlooking the Darling. Graeme Roper 0429 824 008 Web Id 375902 Auction







Offers over $250,000 188 Adams Street Phone to Inspect Fishing & bushwalking on your doorstep Fall in love with this spacious 2 bedroom home which could easily be converted to 3 or 4. Two open plan living rooms, 2 split systems plus wood heater & evap cooler. Excellent entertaining areas, workshop (including shower & toilet), plus carport large enough for 4 cars. Add to this, relaxing gardens, frontage to Thegoa Lagoon, with access to Darling River only metres away. Graeme Roper 0429 824 008 Web Id 375185 For Sale

Lot1 Old Calder High Way Phone to Inspect | Auction Friday 22nd May, 2pm@ Hotel Mildura Conference Room The Ultimate Eco Friendly Lifestyle Approx. 1718 acres of mainly native Mallee bushland, just 12kms from the mighty Murray River, fantastic 50’ x 60’ shed with power and water, 2 unit water allowance (200 gallons per day) from Mournpall Water Users Association 3 water tanks. Subject to section 173 planning & environment Act 1987 Judy Aitken 0418 502 302 Web Id 352289 Auction



14 Leicester Street $379,000 Open Saturday 11:30-12pm Big is beautiful Barley 3 years old this superb family home offers an abundance of space. Boasting 4 bedrooms, main with ensuite & WIR, chef’s kitchen with dishwasher. Opening onto a large family room & separate rumpus, All living areas over look the stunning in ground pool with waterfall & covered outdoor entertaining area. Located on a large landscpaed garden of apprx 970sq with a powFor ered 6x4 shed.0419 Inspection is a must. Kevin Forbes 596 711Web Id Richard 356204 Wyatt 0414 600 035 Web Id 375337 ForSale Sale

$495,000 Lot 1 Seventeenth Street Phone to Inspect The absolute ultimate Top quality 4 bedroom home plus ensuite, granite benches, designer bathroom fittings, 12’ ceilings, huge open living, polished floorboards, shady verandahs, swimming pool, heated spa, under cover outdoor living area and large tradesman’s shed, what a ripper! Judy Aitken 0418 502 302 ForSale Sale Web Id 374103 Graeme Roper 0429 824 008 Web Id 365774 For


Richard Wyatt Manager Real Estate 0414 600 035

Kevin Forbes Property Consultant 0419 596 711

Graeme Roper Property Consultant 0429 824 008

Judy Aitken Property Consultant 0418 502 302

Wendy Hobbs Property Manager 0400 688 044

Sally Hardy Property Manager 0417 162 741

Sarah McKenzie Sales Administration


Tiana Radman Front Office Reception

Kathryn Martin Water Trade 0419 847 210

Deb Ryan Home loans 0488 422 366


Jo Edgcumbe Finance 0400 772 772


15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly



118.9 ltr Woolworths Fuel, Fishers Fuel & Shell Buronga

Fuel - Diesel 119.9 ltr Fishers Fuel & Woolworths Fuel Beer -

Heavy - Melbourne Bitter 24 cans/stubbs $36.98 Gol Gol Hotel & Grand on Deakin Mid Strength - Carlton Mid Strenght 24 cans/stubbs $36.00 Grand on Deakin

Nappies - Huggies Convenience pack boys & girls $12.99 Fishers IGA


Mildura South AUCTION

Lot 1 Sheoak Avenue Phone to Inspect Auction Friday 5th June, on site, 2pm Is this your new home site?* Just over 1ac, with lots of room for your vegie garden, fruit trees & chooks & of course your dream home. Power & water are connected saving you around $27,000 in costs Grab your architect, builder & cheque book & start living the lifestyle you deserve *Subject to council approval Judy Aitken 0418 502 302 Auction

Merbein Mildura South

3 4


2 1






$269,500 32 Canterbury Drive Open Saturday 12-12:30pm Stunning Designer Home Open the front door and WOW, be impressed by the style and quality of this super home. Boasting separate formal lounge, granite gourmet kitchen, super spacious family room, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 outdoor living areas and landscaped gardens with fully automated watering system. Style quality and value. Judy Aitken 0418 502 302 Web Id 370864 For Sale







$139,500 22 Sarnia Avenue Open Saturday 10:45-11am Excellent investment opportunity With the stock market falling rapidly, there is no better investment than real estate, very comfortable 3 br weatherboard & stucco home, currently let to a reliable tenant, handy to schools, corner store and situated in a street filled with period homes

Judy Aitken 0418 502 302 Web Id 314595




For Sale






$139,500 4 Ruby Street Open Saturday 10:45-11:15am Why Rent When You Can Buy If you are a first home buyer entitled to the FHOG you could be paying off this home for less than it would cost to rent. 3 bedrooms, formal lounge, ducted cooling, gas heating, plus LU garage, carport and a generous block. Get out of the rent race. Elders can assist with finance *(To approved purchasers) Graeme Roper 0429 824 008 Web Id 362689 For Sale

97-99 Lime Avenue, Mildura

5025 8700

For Sale




$386,000 961 Fifteenth Street Open Saturday 11-11:30am Smart Architecture = Stunning Family Home Quality built home with 2 separate living areas and family room. Boasting a luxury kitchen with 900mm upright stainless steel oven, dish washer and microwave, 4 large bedrooms all with BIR’s, main with ensuite.Tiled family bathroom with spa bath, ducted heating and cooling, double garage, covered outdoor living and landscaped gardens. Judy Aitken 0418 502 302 Web Id 372607 For Sale




$480,000 10 Hyder Drive Phone to Inspect When your family deserves the best Once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy a first class lifestyle. This top quality home, located in one of Mildura’s best streets has it all, 4 large bedrooms & ensuite, polished Murray Pine floorboards, split level living, separate formal lounge & dining large family room, solid timber chefs kitchen, 4 stunning bay windows, huge landscaped gardens & much more. Judy Aitken 0418 502 302 Web Id 346580 For Sale

Sunny Cliffs



Kevin Forbes 0419 596 711





UND by





For Sale

$245,950 10 Canterbury Drive Phone to Inspect Its got the lot! This immaculate home has 3 bedrooms, large modern kitchen, separate lounge, spacious family room, double garage, landscaped gardens, front and back with fully automated watering system and an amazing outdoor living area. A real lifestyle property




$149,500 9 Rose Street Open Saturday12-12:30pm First Home Buyers Must Inspect Today Do you qualify for the “First Home Buyers Grant”? This 3 bedroom home is the perfect starter. Located in a central tree lined street, the home offers open plan living with wood heater, ducted evap. cooling. Enjoy the immaculate ¼ acre gardens with storage, shed and separate workshop for the handyman.


$220,000 $209,950 3 Jandra Court Phone to Inspect Stylish Townhouse This attractive 3 bedroom townhouse would suit the fussiest buyer. It has a large modern kitchen, separate formal lounge and spacious dining. Featuring natural gas heating, evaporative cooling. Low maintenance gardens Double garage and outdoor living area ideal for barbies. A safe and secure lifestyle awaits! Judy Aitken 0418 502 302 Web Id 350791 For Sale

UN by


Graeme Roper 0429 824 008 Web Id 365774

$150,000 1057 Sturt Highway Phone to Inspect All offers considered With 3 acres of freehold land and 3acres of lease land ($68.00pa). This property is ideal for the young family with animals or outdoor hobbies. the home is in need of a little loving but has heeps of potential including four bedrooms, modern kitchen & lots of storage. Fenced to four paddocks, vendors are keen to sell. Kevin Forbes 0419 596 711 Web Id 353771 For Sale






$239,000 3 Mellis Street Open Saturday12-12:30pm Hard To Find - Easy To Own This solid brick home with bull nose verandah & circular drive, featuring 3 large bedrooms, main with WIR & ensuite, BIRs to all other bedrooms. The large tiled family room has combustion heating & the lounge/dining has gas heating. With carport, garden shed and work shop this home would suit a large family or tradesman Kevin Forbes 0419 596 711 Web Id 342053 For Sale

Koorlong AUCTION

Lot 2 Etiwanda Avenue Phone to Inspect Auction Friday 26th June, on site, 2pm A Place With Space 9 ¼ ac in peaceful Koorlong, between 20th & 21st street. A great spot for your new family home, with lots of room for vegies, fruit trees, roses & kids. No red tape as the property includes a current planning approval to build your dream home. Plus 22.9mgl of water. Only a few minutes from Centro, why not have the best of both worlds?? Judy Aitken 0418 502 302 Web Id 348581



Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

185 Flora Avenue, Cabarita

408 Pitman Avenue, Buronga













Open Saturday From 10.30

ENJOY THE SERENITY Just short of an acre of rural land, sits this refreshed 3 bedroom family home. Offers; new floor coverings, new kitchen, painted throughout, complete with fully fenced pool, chooks pens & stock pens, 20x20 shed & established trees complete this rural lifestyle home. The tennis court has been started. A must see! Terms: 10% deposit, balance 30/60 days

Auction: Saturday 16th May at 11am on site

Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377 or Matt Mason 0438 274 258 or


Imagine sitting in your own backyard enjoying absolute river frontage and watching the world go by, nestled to a delightful 1 1/2 acres comes this most desirable home that truly has all the I wants in location and lifestyle. From your first entry into this quality brick veneer home only then will you begin to appreciate the true quality and incredible river views this home offers, with open plan designer living, delightful updated kitchen, this smart refurbished home will impress. Featuring 4 bedrooms with master bedroom entertaining ensuite & central bathroom to accommodate other family members, other features to impress is ample shedding, 15megs of high security water, dual pump system & much much more, this home truly offers a lifestyle that you have been waiting for.


Contact: Tim Davey 0409 234 271

10 Bakagiannis Court, Mildura

Open Saturday 1.00 - 1.30

2 Mayan Court, Mildura

Open Saturday 12.15 - 1.00



4 bedroom brick veneer plus theatre room approx 210m2. This modern yet unique designed family home boasts many features. Huge master bedroom with mirrored sliding robes beautiful ensuite design, chefs kitchen with large preperation area, walk in pantry, 900mm gas stove, theatre room, separate family and dining area overlooks garage with auto door, amongst prestige homes. Gardens are not complete.

Recently listed, this 3 bedroom + study (or 4th bedroom) home is absolutely immaculate throughout. Full list of features include, ensuite & WIR, 2 living areas, double garage UMR with access to house, central timber kitchen, natural gas heating, outdoor entertaining, with new blinds, 6000 x 6000 colourbond shed with floor and power, landscaped low maintenance gardens, lovely, comfy home with plenty of space.



Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377 or Matt Mason 0438 274 258 or

Contact: Graham Hill 0408 992 242 or

6 Calmeria Court, Irymple

5 Kyamber Court, Mildura G





Open Saturday 12.30 - 1.15



Well built is this quality four bedroom, two bathroom character home on 801m2 allotment. Boasting; Have you been in search of the perfect family home? Well you’ve found it! This home boasts 4 full separate lounge, open living, huge family kitchen complete with ample storage space, dado boards, sized bedrooms, ensuite & WIR to main, formal lounge, open living & dining, huge outdoor BBQ area, high ceilings, family area opens to large paved/covered outdoor entertainment area, complete with built in sand pit for the kids and side access for Dads boat or trailer! water feature and overlooking fenced inground pool offset by delightful garden surrounds. Located in paved court amid other quality homes. Inspection will delight.



Contact: Matt Mason 0438 274 258 or Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377 or

Contact: Lyle Massey 0418 505 507 or

416 Dairtnunk Avenue, Cardross

6/6 Sapphire Court, Mildura G





Open Saturday 11.15 - 11.45

Open Sat 1.00 - 1.30 & Monday 3.15 - 4.00




Contact: Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902 or Tim Leng 0408 133 326 or

With 11 foot ceilings and polished floor boards this home offers charm and comfort for the whole Nestled in serene Sapphire Court is this delightful two bedroom townhouse which looks onto family, with 3 bedrooms + mezzanine floor and walk-in robe to master. Separate lounge & formal parklands. Features include; light fresh decor, large lounge, t imber kitchen, dining/meals overlooks dining, gourmet galley style kitchen with timber bench tops, new gas stove & dishwasher plus parklands, paved/covered courtyard and neat low maintenance yard. Often sought but rarely found pantry, all adjoining open meals/living room. Year round comfort is assured with slow combsution or gas heating options, plus new evaporative cooler. Low maintenance garden with shady trees, is a townhouse like this one, positioned moments to Centro Plaza. extensive paving, wide verandahs & outdoor entertaining areas with your very own hot tub! Shed, rear lane access & town water. Conveniently located next to shop & schools & just a 10 minute drive to Centro shopping. $179,000-$193,000

Contact: Robert J Stephens 0458 658 566 or

67 Lime Avenue, Mildura Ph: (03) 5021 2200

First Natioanl believes this information is correct but itt does not warrant or guarantee the accurancy of the information. You should make your own enquiries and check the information. Certain Certan information has been obtained from external sources and has not been independently verified. MW9-11-2007 MW6/3/2009

15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly

64 Avocado Street, Mildura

149 Almond Avenue, Mildura











Open Saturday 11.30 - 12.15


Open Saturday 10.45 - 11.15



3 bedroom home with good size bedrooms, renovated kitchen, open plan living to meals/kitchen/ lounge area. With central bathroom, family size backyard with rear lane access with shedding, great 1st home buyer or smart investment.

2 bedroom home with 10ft ceilings, huge lounge, original kitchen, central bathroom, step outside and appreciate the tradesman shed, city heart location, making it the perfect starter for the first home buyer or handyman.



Contact: Lyle Massey 0418 505 507 or

Contact: Lyle Massey 0418 505 507 or

Ridgeway Estate, Merbein

271-285 Tenth Street, Mildura

Open Saturday 11.00 - 12.00

FABULOUS LIVING FOR THE OVER 50’S This well appointed home is situated in the westside gardens residential village, new lifestyle opportunity with 40 quality homes. Large well appointed community centre, including indoor sports, kitchen, BBQ, outdoor entertaining etc. 24 hour emergency call system. Public transport at your front door. Resalable with no restraints. $5,000 cash back bonus till end of June 2009. Be quick - dont miss out!

RIDGEWAY ESTATE - MERBEIN 1 acre residential allotments, town water and power, fenced, elevated site, stones throw to river. Quiet court. Not just a block of land but a rural lifestyle with benefits of city living!

From $69,500


Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377 or Matt Mason 0438 274 258 or

Contact: Lyle Massey 0418 505 507 or 69 Deakin Avenue, Mildura


A brilliant opportunity exists to purchase a stylish, refurbished landmark

Featuring genuine 4brs with BIR & study, rumpus & separate dining, meals &

buidilng in Mildura. Featuring 268sqm (approx) of office space, 176 sqm

lounge rooms. This is a must see for all families dreaming of the great

(approx) of dwelling on the upper level set to 713sqm of land. Currently

escape. This home comes complete set on nearly 10 acres. Irrigated with

leased & showing solid returns, this iconic building provides infinite

state of the art drippers & sold with full water right & working plant &

opportunities in the future. Zoned B1, the opportunity to purchase property in

equipment. Only 5 minutes to Red Cliffs township located in the quiet rural

Mildura’s most prominent location is rarely seen. For more detailed

setting. This property offers the ultimate lifestyle.

information, please contact Contract Iredale.

$1,200,000 Contact: Corey Iredale 0439 700 711 12 Upland Drive, Mildura

453 Channel Road, Merbein

Open Saturday 12.45 - 1.15

Open Saturday 12.00 - 12.45


Cowra Avenue, Mildura

Red Cliffs Meringur Road, Red Cliffs


Contact: Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902

Tim Leng 0408 133 326



Located just minutes to Mildura CBD by car, this 8 acre lot (approx) has endless options and opportunities. Featuring a large shed, complete with power and part flooring, this property has numerous possibilities. With an option to buy freehold or lease, you’d be mad not to investigate this one!

What a stunning Metricon home set on 2 acres of cleared land! Features include 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, huge games room, sitting room, amazing kitchen with butlers pantry & the list goes on! Why build when all the hard work has been done.

$350,000 Contact: Corey Iredale 0439 700 711

Contact: Matt Mason 0438 274 258

29 Ularara Drive, Mildura

10 Burnside Way, Mildura


Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377

534 Ontario Avenue, Mildura





Open Saturday 11.15 - 11.45

Open Saturday 11.30 - 12.00




MUST BE SOLD! OFFERS INVITED Dunning built home featuring 3brs, main with WIR & ensuite, formal lounge, stunning kitchen, with all the mod cons, rev/cyc for heating & cooling & natural gas connected.

Located with parks & schools close by comes this deceptively large light filled home. Comprises 3 large bedrooms & home office, large hostess kitchen opening onto dining & living areas, separate home theatre room, 2 bathrooms, dbl garage all surrounded by easy low maintenance lawn & garden areas.

Contemporary living, desirable address & just minutes from the city heart comes this smart 3br brick veneer home. Featuring 2 living areas, double garage, ducted reverse cycle throughout, pitched roof entertainment area, genuine side gate access & much more.

Nestled within sought after, family friendly court is this wonderful family home. With formal lounge, 4 real bedrooms, stunning timber floor & rev/cyc throughout & French doors opening to undercover outdoor area (with BBQ) & child-friendly rear yard - families couldn’t ask for more.

$298,000-$328,000 Contact: Tim Davey 0409 234 271

$295,000-$310,000 Contact: Tim Davey 0409 234 271

$290,000-$310,000 Contact: Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917

67 Lime Avenue, Mildura Ph: (03) 5021 2200

Open Saturday 10.30 - 11.00


Contact: Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902

Tim Leng 0408 133 326

First Natioanl believes this information is correct but t does not warrant or guarantee the accurancy of the information. You should make your own enquiries and check the information. Certan information has been obtained from external sources and has not been independently verified. MW9-11-2007 MW6/3/2009


Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

369 Eighth Street, Mildura

681 Boomerang Avenue, Cardross

9 Harmony Drive, Mildura

15 Westside Boulevard, Mildura ED



Open Saturday 10.00 - 10.30


4brs + spacious formal & informal area provides all the benefits a bust modern family requires. Set close to Ularara Estate comes this brand new b/v home, open plan kitchen with quality appliances & stylish finish, separate lounge, ensuite to master br, ducted nat gas heat & evap cool, fully l/scaped gardesn & large family friendly b/yard, 10x10 c/bond shed with floor & dbl garage completes this distinctive modern style home.

$275,000 Contact: Lyle Massey 0418 505 507

Open Saturday 12.15 - 12.45

Open Saturday 10.30 - 11.00

CALLING ALL BLOCKIES Located in Boomerang Avenue, Cardross is a property awaiting a new owner. With a livable home & massive amounts of shedding, huge array of plant & equipment & approximately 28 acres of vines, this property will suit the right buyer. In addition to all this, the property will supply 40 mgls of water, with a possibility to purchase additional water. Call today for more information.

$245,000-$270,000 Contact: Corey Iredale 0439 700 711

Beautifully rendered quality home in sought after west-side location. Set on a generous 825m2 with decked outdoor area with shade sail. Features include three huge bedrooms & ensuite with spa to main, open plan living + modern fixtures & reverse cycle throughout. Young couples looking for quality & class must inspect today.

$248,000-$264,000 Contact: Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917

Beautifully presented brick veneer 3 bedroom + study home. Featuring ensuite, large formal lounge, stunning pitched outdoor living with pattern paved pathways, sheltering verandah on north side, low maintenance gardens, double garage in friendly neighbourhood, walk to Centro.


Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377

Matt Mason 0438 274 258

29 Cherry Avenue, Mildura

3 Mellis Street, Sunnycliffs

Lot 66 Nicholas Avenue, Mildura



12/145 Riverside Avenue, Mildura





Open Saturday 10.45 - 11.15

Open Saturday 12.15 - 12.45

Open Saturday 12.15 - 1.00

BRAND NEW HOUSE & LAND PACKAGES Brand new range of house and land packages are now ready to view at Lot 66 Nicholas Avenue, Take advantage of the $29,000 first home buyers grant and enjoy the quality of an Ontario built home.

From $240,000

Contact: Tim Davey 0409 234 271

THE FRONT DOOR TO YOUR FUTURE Low maintenance 3 bedroom brick home set in semi rural Sunnycliffs location. Spacious lounge/dining, large kitchen & meals/living, 2 bathrooms, wide verandah, outdoor living, double carport, 2 sheds & more.


Contact: Robert J Stephens 0458 658 566

3/155 Darling Street, Wentworth


This 3 bedroom townhouse has much to offer. Featuring open plan l iving, quality kitchen, ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling, two courtyard entertaining area, double carport with auto door & much much more. Estimated rent return of $240 per week.

Contact: Warrick Fisher 0428 214 330

Contact: Tim Davey 0409 234 271


Offers Over $210,000

Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377

Matt Mason 0438 274 258

4/174 Olive Grove, Mildura



Open Saturday 1.15 - 1.45

Open Saturday 1.45 - 2.15

INNER CITY VALUE & SPACE Walk to the city centre, 3 bedroom detached unit, ideally positioned, separate meals and timber kitchen area. Suit investor, first home owner and ample living area, enclosed carport and outdoor living, you will be inmpressed.


Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377

Matt Mason 0438 274 258

CLOSE TO PARK AND SCHOOLS Nestled in neat Close is this 3 bedroom brick veneer home on 798m2 allotment. All bedrooms with BIR’s, separate lounge, combined kitchen/meals area, double carport and good sized yard. Expected rental of $200pw. Great first home or consider as an investment.

$175,000-$190,000 Contact: Cheryl Reberger 0408 214 360


Matt Mason 0438 274 258

67 Mildura 67Lime LimeAvenue, Avenue, Mildura Ph: Ph:(03) (03) 5021 5021 2200 2200


Contact: Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902

Tim Leng 0408 133 326

1 & 2/9 Maloney Drive, Mildura D




Open Saturday 12.45 - 1.15

Contact: Trevor Rogers 0409 506 377

Rare opportunityto purchase yourself the perfect lifestyle. Be within walking distance to Mildura’s shops, schools, cafes, restaurants & more. Comprising 2brs, refurbished kitchen, living areas & bathroom. The property also boasts 10m x 7m shed with auto door & rear lane access. This is truly 1 of todays best value properties.





293 San Mateo Avenue, Mildura

Langtree Mall, Mildura CE

2br brick unit, free standing, offers space, separate lounge, modern kitchen, low maintenance gardens, walk to city, next to Catholic schools and Church. Currently rented for $185 per week. Single lock up garage, Top quality investment.

157 Orange Avenue, Mildura






3 Canning Close, Mildura

1/174 Olive Grove, Mildura DE

Double storey townhouse offers 3 bedrooms & modern bathroom downstairs, spacious living & open kitchen with decked balcony offering river views, single carport, landscaped gardens with direct access to river front on 900m2 allotment freehold.


Superbly located 3br home in sought after Cherry Avenue. The location is second to none being within walking distance to CBD, Murray River, Arts Precinct, Mildura Lawn Tennis Club, Bowling Club & the list goes on. Features include polished floorboards, decked outdoor entertaining & established gardens. Don’t delay & call for an inspection today.



Open Saturday 10.30 - 11.00


Open Saturday 12.00 - 12.30


from strength to strength since 1962.

Don’t miss out on the Government Grant! Solid 3br refurbished home with polished timber flooring, spacious bedrooms & living area, huge fully paved & u/cover o/door entertaining, generous rear yard, large shed (floor & power) & bonus garden shed. Just a short stroll to schools & shops & fully connected to natural gas.

This low maintenance t/house is perfect for those looking for easy living or a great investment. Featuring 3brs & ensuite to main, spacious open plan living with dining/lounge area & separate alfresco courtyard area. Complete with outdoor area, garden shed & only a short stroll to Mildura Centro Plaza & current rental return of $190pw.

Contact: Tim Davey 0409 234 271

Contact: Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917

Contact: Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917

Well positioned to Mildura’s City Heart Mall & established for over 20 years comes an opportunity to own & operate the quality franchise business of Aussie Disposals Mildura. Rarely will an opportunity present itself again to purchase a successful & profitable franchise operation such as this. Aussie Disposals Mildura offers the independence of owning your own business, with the security & support network of a national company that has gone

$180,000 + SAV



Natioanl believes this information correct does not warrant orthe guarantee the theshould information. Youown should FirstFirst National believes this information is correctisbut it doesbut nottwarrant or guarantee accuracy of theaccurancy information.ofYou make your makeand your ownthe enquiries andCertain check information the information. Certan information has sources been obtained external sourcesverified. and has not been enquiries check information. has been obtained from external and has from not been independently independently verified. MW9-11-2007 MW6/3/2009 MW7/12/07

15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly

13 Sargent Avenue, Mildura

74 Eaglesham Street, Mildura

18 Lockside Avenue, Mildura


Irymple, Mildura, Red Cliffs, Merbein





Open Saturday 10.00 - 10.30




* 3 bedrooms, open plan living * Tastefully renovated, central bathroom plus powder room * Pitched roof entertaining area with wood decking * Central location to shops, schools & sporting facilities * Suit genuine 1st home buyer or investor.


Contact: Lyle Massey 0418 505 507

This 3 bedroom home is located within walking distance to the Arts Centre, Lock 11, Murray River, CBD & many sporting facilities & parkland. The home is on a 697sqm lot & is ideal for the 1st home buyer or investor. Contains new bathroom, laundry, WV & recently re-wired & painted. Rent appraisal of $190 per week.

First home buyers take note with this one. A delightful conite style home, featuring near new kitchen, beautiful polished floor boards, 3brs + study, formal lounge, large meals area & central bathroom. Outside enjoys king size family backyard with lane access. Tenant in place at $190 per week.



Contact: Tim Davey 0409 234 271

Contact: Warrick Fisher 0428 214 330

54 Indi Avenue, Red Cliffs


40 Eleventh Street, Mildura

25 Tambo Road, Red Cliffs

Designed to open plan living comes this most affordable 3br house and land packages, perfect for the 1st home buyer or inevstor and most inviting for all walks of life. These brand new house & land packages along with $29,000 1st home buyers grant are made for you. Enquir today!

From $159,000

Contact: Lyle Massey 0418 505 507

504 Eleventh Street, Mildura





Open Saturday 10.00 - 10.30

Open Saturday 12.00 - 12.30

Open Saturday 11.30 - 12.00




A spacious townhouse with massive potential, right in the heart of Red Cliffs township, approximately 15sqs of living, spa bath, paved outdoor living, 20x20 shed, rear lane access, it even has a hothouse. Great investment, suit a residential home or even run a business from home as it has a shop front. Unlimited potential!

Comfy low maintenance conite home with lounge, open kitchen/meals, 2 bedrooms + 2 sleep outs, excellent condition throughout with new floor coverings, rev/cyc heat/cool, 2 toilets, outdoor entertaining area, large shed & spacious rear yard with rear lane access & loads of room for boats & caravans. With a rental appraisal of $150 per week this property would suit an owner occupier or an astute investor.

Contact: Robert J Stephens 0458 658 566

Contact: Robert J Stephens 0458 658 566


2/77 Indi Avenue, Red Cliffs




Rare chance to purchase this ideal 2 bedroom home in central Mildura location. Boasting lounge, well appointed kitchen, ample shedding, outdoor living area and rear lane access complete this package


Contact: Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902

Tim Leng 0408 133 326

3/39 Guava Street, Red Cliffs

Fifteenth Street, Mildura ED



Open Saturday 10.45 - 11.15



You can’t afford to miss out on this sensational buy. Spacious neat, low maintenance 2br unit right in the heart of town, separate lounge room, large kitchen meals area & your own private courtyard. Too good to miss out on.


Contact: Robert J Stephens 0458 658 566

This is the best buy in Sunraysia. Solid, neat & secure low maintenance unit in the heart of Red Cliffs. Set on a large lot with loads of potential, even room for extensions. Suit owner occupier or investor. Currently let at $110 per week.


Contact: Robert J Stephens 0458 658 566


Flora Avenue, Mildura $155,000 Phone For Inspection Lyle Massey 0418 505 507

Premier location where you can build your dream home with spacious room for your pool, tennis court, big shed etc. Only minutes from the city, golf club, sporting facilities, river, etc. 3 phase power, town water, Telecom to boundary and sewer available.

Indi Avenue, Red Cliffs $65,000-$85,000 Phone For Inspection Robert J Stephens 0458 658 566

67 Lime Avenue, Mildura Ph: (03) 5021 2200

You won’t ever get a better opportunity to own your very own beautiful new hairdressing salon than now! Located within the busy retail precinct of Mildura Centro Plaza, this fully equipped, modern salon offers an affodable & flexible lease, great exposure and established clientele.


Contact: Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917

Attention first home buyers! Red hot land in premier Buronga/Gol Gol location. Boasting 620m2 of land close to all amenities. This is an ideal starter.

Melaleuca Drive, Buronga $45,000 Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902 Tim Leng 0408 133 326


Contact: Cheryl Reberger 0408 214 360 G.J GARDNER HOMES TOGETHER WITH COLLIE & TIERNEY AS YOU TO....... - Come and inspect our just completed 4 bedroom home - Have a friendly chate about designs and prices - Take advantage of not to be repeated discounts on land - Consider added opportunities for first home buyers before the grant is reduced. A lot of people are looking to invest into bricks and mortar. Whilst there are savings to be made, isn’t now a good time for you? Come and talk to us Mike & Sue, down at Lot 29 River Bend Estate Euston, between 2pm - 4pm Sunday 17th May 2009 Sue Cullen 0400 924 869 Mike Chaplin 0429 336 755 PRIVATE & PEACEFUL



ABSOLUTE BARGAIN OF THE CENTRUY Don’t miss this one in a lifetime opportunity. Fully renovated unit with huge bedroom, ensuite, open plan living & modern kitchen/meals. Low maintenance courtyard, reverse cycle heating & cooling. Great location in the centre of town. Currently let showing excellent return of $110 per week.


If you are a handyman and in need of a project then this is for you. One bedroom conite home currently tenanted at $140 per week positioned accross from Aero Ovals and walking distance to bakery.

San Mateo Avenue, Mildura $89,000 Phone For Inspection Corey Iredale 0439 700 711

Located close to shops, schools & positioned between Centro & the CBD, this great little unit is as solid as a rock. Featuring 1 bedroom with BIR, electric cooking, rear secure courtyard, & roomy living area. Currently tenanted at $95 per week, this property will prove to be a great investment.

Curran Close, Mildura $205,000 Phone For Inspection Tim Davey 0409 234 271


The Boulevard, Mildura $247,000-$259,000 Phone For Inspection Tim Aldridge 0407 239 917

This home is perfect for any investor looking for that little bit extra! Beautifully refurbished inside & out. With 4 huge bedrooms including ensuite to main, 2 spacious living areas, massive kitchen, formal dining & large outdoor u/cover entertainment area with pitched roof & built in BBQ. Complete with large shed & soldi tenancy until Oc 2009 for $280pw.


7 acres, close to river and town. 2megs of water, rural fencing and building permit.

Flora Avenue, Mildura $220,000-$240,000 Clem De Rosa 0408 239 902 Tim Leng 0408 133 326

Vintage Estate, Mildura $185,000 Phone For Inspection Lyle Massey 0418 505 507

Located to be a most private west side location comes this smart 3 bedroom townhouse, featuring separate lounge room, open plan kitchen/meals area, large central bathroom & double carport. Would suit the investor & location. Rental return of $200 per week until June 2009.

APPEALING & VERY AFFORDABLE FIRST HOME BUYERS PACKAGE Make sure you grab the 1st home buyers grant before its too late, save thousands on stamp duty & secure your brand new 3br home today. Features include BI robes to all bedrooms, central bathroom, open plan designed living to kitchen/meals/lounge area, dbl carport & with a city heart address just minutes from any sporting/shopping & school area what more could you want. Limited numbers to be built, hurry & put your name on one of these fantastic value homes today.

First Natioanl believes this information is correct but t does not warrant or guarantee the accurancy of the information. You should make your own enquiries and check the information. Certan information has been obtained from external sources and has not been independently verified. MW9-11-2007 MW7/12/07


Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly



Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly



Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly



Mildura 6 Durham Avenue Pretencial for 5 genuine bedrooms. Big living areas including; formal lounge, dining and family. 6m x 4m colourbond shed with floor and power and inground swimming pool. This is the best value home on the market! • • • • • • •

Fully appointed kitchen Gas ducted heating throughout Resort style gardens Large entertaining area Big 848 sq. metre block Only 4 ½ years old Double garage UMR with auto door Sale $270,000 - $315,000 View Mon 5.00 - 5.30 Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Tel 03 5021 9500 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue


Sellheim QLD Sellheim Park Lifestyle And Income Property

Auction Auction 29 May 10.30am Venue Level 5, 123 Eagle St, Brisbane

Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ross Palmer 0428 874 788 Tel 03 5021 9500 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Birdwoodton 165 Mena Road

Merbein 20 Jenner Street

Merbein 183 Commercial Street

Fabulous property on ½ an acre. A natural native setting surrounds this neat 3 bedroom home. Includes 30x20 shed with floor & power, reverse cycle, rear pergola, lounge, dining & meals area. Enjoy this wonderful property for years to come.

This 2BR home plus study is a perfect way to enter the market. Located opposite the Merbein Primary school, walking distance to shops & on a generous 1017m2 block of land. Also included is a newly renovated bunglow with refrigerated air-conditioning.

Delightful 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home walking distance to Merbein’s CBD. Great kitchen for the ladies, fantastic shed for the blokes including bar, bbq, pot belly and outdoor decking to entertain.

Sale $180,000 - $205,000 View Sat 10.00 - 10.30 Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale $120,000 - $140,000 View Sat 10.00 - 10.30 Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale $140,000 - $160,000 View Sat 10.40 - 11.10 Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

S DR 6 O O M






20km East Charters Towers and 120km NW of Townsville, this area is amongst the first table grape producing areas in Australia. Sellheim Park includes 75 acres of table grapes & 35 acres in production, 565 acres (229ha) cleared for cattle grazing, water facility of 230ML earthen dam & new pump system water security & water license 350ML. 3 bedroom double story house & 3 bay 18x16 equipment shed, plant & equipment include cool room, bird netting, vehicles. Varieties are Red Globe, Dawn & Maroo. Set up for cash cropping with 9ha of pumkins planted.

2 2

Mildura 8/364 Deakin Avenue

Merbein 4 Tyers Court

Mildura 21 Floral Avenue East

Nichols Point 32 Irymple Ave

Red Cliffs 12 Westcliffs Avenue

Red Cliffs 12a Westcliffs Avenue

Located in Mildura’s main street opposite McDonalds, is this fully furnished 2BR unit rented at $185 per week for 1 year with a possible extension with an option for another 1 year with 2.5% rental increase.

Located in a quite court is this 3 Bedroom 2 bathroom home. With above ground pool and outdoor entertaining this home is sure to impress. With $17,000 ( first home buyers ) you couldn’t build at this price.

Extremely neat. Owner occupied 3 bedrooms plus study, perfect first home, retirement or investment. Potential rent of $220-230/pw. Baltic pine flooring, large family room and second bathroom, paved outdoor entertaining, carport and lock up garage.

Only 3 years young, this classical limestone construction property offers everything within a manageable 1031m2 site. 4 spacious bedrooms, polished red gum flooring and ceasar stone, in ground sald pool and outdooring living.

Huge home includes 6 bedrooms & two bathrooms. Massive lounge area and dining area in the newly renovated kitchen. High ceilings, polished boards and rear access. The home is great for the extended family.

Large brick veneer home on generous 745 sq metre block. Big living areas, includes lounge & family area off kitchen. Huge bedrooms and ensuite to master. Big shed with floor & power, rear lane access & large back yard.

Sale $132,000 View Sat 11.30 - 12.00 Nigel Pavilach 0401 137 990 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale $190,000 - $220,000 View Sat 11.00-11.30 & Tue 5.00 -5.30 Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale $155,000 - $175,000 View Sat 12.00 - 12.30 Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale Offers over $430,000 View Sat 1.00 - 1.30 Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale Offers over $185,000 View Sat 2.00 - 2.30 Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale Offers over $185,000 View Wed 5.00 - 5.30 Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Red Cliffs 9/133 Jacaranda St

Red Cliffs 9/11 Indi Avenue

Red Cliffs 49 Indi Avenue

Mildura 11 Stanford Rise

Colignan 33,35,2 Bonoonar Rd

Mildura Fourteenth Street

Very neat and cheap 1 bedroom with double bed, shower, toilet, vanity kicthen facilities and close to public transport. Live in or invest at $90 per week. (Photo indicative only)

Recession proof yourself! Big Lizzie Pizza shop business. 60 years these premises have operated as a takeaway. Iconic location with good will! Pizza, Fish n’ Chips, ice creams & drinks. High turnover, excellent profit!

• Lease with Westpac

Need room to move? Then this goes to the top of the list! Features include 5 living areas - lounge, dining, family, utility & outdoor living, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, stunning outdoor living and gardens with in ground pool.

Grow Lollies in this soil! Outstanding parcels of approx 1760 ha comprised of 3 lots. Good red sandy loam country ideal for cereal cropping & horticultural crops. Close to river for pumps. Potential to subdivide STCA.

Mildura’s cheapest sub-divisional land with prices beginning at $66,000 for 494sqm block. Located close to St Paul’s Primary School. Take the opportunity to buy your land cheaply and build with first home owners grant.

Sale $60,000 - $65,000 View Phone To Inspect Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale $60,000 - $80,000 View Phone To Inspect Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale $270,000 View Phone To Inspect Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale $370,000 - $410,000 View Phone To Inspect Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale Price On Application View Phone To Inspect Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

Sale From $66,000 View Phone To Inspect Craig Kerr 0427 700 450 Ray White Mildura 69 Deakin Avenue

• Tenant pays all outgoings • 418m2 (land) and 318m2 (building) • Almost 8% net return


Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

roccisano property group


These properties have been hand selected by Management as the best value in their price range.


IRYMPLE EPR $290,000-$310,000

• Comfortable 3 bedroom & study home • 30x30 American style barn/shed • Formal lounge & dining • Significant fencing & infrastructure • Functional kitchen • Set up as horse & pasture complex • Town water & 8.2 megs • Approx. 5 acres, minutes to CBD Contact: Gary 0419 548 922 Address: Lot 3 Eleventh Street (Btw Karadoc & Koorlong Avenue) Internet PID: 288467 Open: Saturday 12.00-12.30pm

House & Land Packages

MILDURA Great Investment/First Home ESR$155,000-$165,000

From $245,000

• 2 bedroom home • Huge allotment • Gas heating/evap cooling • Paved pergola area

• Various plans available • 8 subdivisions to choose from • Use the builder of your choice

Phone us now on (03) 5021 1900

(Sample only)



• Westside location • Close to schools/kindergarten • Walking distance to CBD • Close to sporting facilitates

Contact: Peter 0407 212 850 Address: 233 Eighth Street F4 Ave InternetDyar PID: 325351

Open: Saturday 11.45am



AUCTION - Moving Interstate, Better Hurry!


AUCTION - Two Titles, Many Possibilities


If it’s increased vineyard holdings you are after then this 23 acre vineyard is as good as it gets. It is planted to Chardonnay and has two titles; one being a 10 acre lot & other being a 13 acre lot. The opportunity to sell off one title and build on the other makes this an attractive proposition and certainly good value for money. There is town water connected along with a three mega litre water right being sold with the property. Horse paddocks and good shedding is another great feature that this property has on offer. An inspection will impress.

For Sale Now or by Auction Friday 15th May 2009 at 2.00pm at Mildura Club, Deakin Avenue, Mildura. Contact: David 0408 514 666 Address: 157 Cassia Street, Red Cliffs Internet PID: 327236

•4 bedroom brick veneer with ensuite •2 separate living areas •Stunning kitchen, skylight, storage draw •Quality window blinds & timber shutters

•Large allotment, approx. 894m2 •Fabulous low maintenance gardens •Rain water tanks to gardens & fridge •Great outdoor area, approx. 20x40 shed

For Sale Now or by Auction Saturday 16th May, 2009 at 1.00pm Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 or Mandy 0417 017 635 Address: 42 Matthew Flinders Drive K11 Internet PID: 328827 Open: Saturday 12.30-1.00pm


AUCTION - Your Very Own Resort

A property that many aspire to but very few will ever achieve, this resort style home has the lot.


Enormous master with WIR/double shower to full ensuite, study, 4 other spacious bedrooms with WIR, parents retreat, rumpus room, gourmet Blackwood timber kitchen, adjoining spacious tiled meals area, 8m x 8m enclosed alfresco entertaining area, heated in-ground pool, synthetic tennis court, 2 car garage, 2 reverse cycle units & in-floor heating, all set on 5000m2 of beautifully landscaped allotment.


AUCTION - See It & You’ll Buy It!!!

•Conveniently located •Lovely new bathroom •Fully renovated 3 BR plus study •Natural gas heater, outdoor e/taining •New timber kitchen with gourmet stove •Huge car, boat or caravan storage area •Polished floorboards, high ceilings •Great shed with power For Sale Now or by Auction Saturday 23rd May, 2009 at 11.00am Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 or Mandy 0417 017 635 Address: 3 Lubbo Street K6 Internet PID: 329830

For Sale Now or by Auction Saturday 23rd May 2009 at 12.00noon Contact: Tony 0418 502 101 Address: 22 Modikerr Way, Gol Gol Internet PID: 307689 Open: Saturday 11.00-11.30am



AUCTION - Buy Block, Re-locatable For Free •608m2 zoned R1 •Stroll to proposed sports complex •Fenced & water connected •Very realistic vendor •Partially constructed re-locatable For Sale Now or by Auction Saturday 30th May, 2009 at 2.00pm Contact: Gary 0419 548 922 Address: 1597 Deakin Avenue I15 Internet PID: 328748 Open: Saturday 10.00-10.30am

AUCTION-Character On Jacaranda


• 3 bedrooms • Shedding • 10 ft ceilings • Rear lane access • Polished floor boards • Approx 800m2 allotment • Recently renovated • FULL OF CHARACTER AND CHARM For Sale Now or by Auction Saturday 6th June, 2009 at 11.00am Contact: David 0408 514 666 Address: 127 Jacaranda Street, Red Cliffs Internet PID: 329662 Open: Saturday 11.00-11.30am

AUCTION - Stunningly Presented

Beautiful home on elevated site, walking distance to school & shops. This three bedroom home with ensuite, two living areas, fabulous outdoor entertaining area with built-in bar, securely fenced ideal for pets and small children, with a separate side access gate to storage area plus shed makes this a very attractive package.

•Fantastic large L-shaped 4 bedroom •Approx 2750m2 allotment •2 large separate living areas, ensuite •Separate office/rumpus room •Timber kitchen, storage draws, D/W •Self clean, salt, solar heated pool •Huge outdoor entertaining area •Fully fenced yard, 20x40 shed For Sale Now or by Auction Saturday 6th June, 2009 at 1.00pm Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 or Mandy 0417 017 635 Address: 429 Koorlong Ave (between Eleventh & Fourteenth Street) Internet PID: 329481 Open: Saturday 2.00-2.30pm


•Kitchen, D/W, gas H/P, elec oven •Ducted natural gas heating, evap cooling •Low maintenance yards, comput- Investment Portfolio Starts erised sprinkler system •Double car accommodation with • 2 Bedrooms • Bungalow - kids retreat auto door • 2 Sheds plus power •Ensuite with large shower • Recently renovated For Sale Now or by Auction Saturday 30th May, 2009 at 11.00am Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 or Mandy 0417 017 635 Contact: David 0408 514 666 Address: 1 Newman Close I15 Address: 4 Murray Avenue, Red Cliffs Open: Saturday 11.30-12.00pm Internet PID: 332305 Internet PID: 329436

83 Deakin Avenue, Mildura



ESR $135,000-$145,000 • Walk to school next door • Close to CBD area • Rental return $170 pw • Currently leased to March 2010

*ESR - Estimated Selling Range


5021 1900


AUCTION- Luxury Country Living on 2750m2 approx

15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly




roccisano property group RED CLIFFS BEST BUY...


For Sale Now or by Auction Saturday 4th July at 1.00pm Worthy of the title of Best Buy in the CBD area of Red Cliffs, is this capturing property which boasts a lifestyle second to none. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, this home is ideal for entertaining or simply just to relax and enjoy the setting.


AUCTION - Dirt Cheap 82 Acres!! DEEP RED LOAM

Comprising of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, three living areas, stunning huge timber kitchen with quality appliances, beautiful undercover entertainment area and positioned beside a stunning solar heated inground pool. Outside there is a large shed with shower and bathroom attached for convenience.

Situated approx 30 minutes from Mildura is this large 32.89ha freehold parcel of land. The property has water and power located at the boundary with a shared pump being located on the Murray River. The soil is a rich loamy type suitable for many Horticultural crops and has undulating slopes across the landscape. Anyone considering increasing their land holdings will appreciate what this has on offer. Land this cheap is rarely seen let alone on the market place, so be quick at this price, it certainly won’t last long. For Sale Now or by Auction Friday 19th June 2009 at 2.00pm at Mildura Club, Deakin Avenue, Mildura. Contact: David 0408 514 666 Address: Lot 2, Mondall Road, Iraak Internet PID: 332562


For Sale Now or by Auction Saturday 4th July 2009 at 1.00pm Contact: David 0408 514 666 Address: 5 Melia Avenue, Red Cliffs Internet PID: 332528

This lifestyle can all be yours for a fraction of it’s replacement cost. An inspection will surely impress.



A Golden Oldie • Charming 1930’s home • Polished Murray Pine floors • Wunderlick walls & ceilings •10 foot high ceilings Contact: Peter 0407 212 850 Address: 27 San Mateo Avenue J4 Internet PID: 328249

$176,000 Very, Very Affordable

• Timber dado • Close to Marina & river • Large 756m2 allotment • Outstanding restoration project

• 3 bedrooms plus ensuite • 2 bathrooms • Double carport • Low maintenance yards


ESR$175,000-$185,000 InnerCity Location


• Character home • Tightly held location • 1950’s brick • Polished daddo & floor boards

• Timber kitchen • 10 foot ceilings • 734m2 allotment (15.54 x 47.22m ) • Ideal first home

Contact: Peter 0407 212 850 Address: 211 Twelfth Street G6 Open: Saturday 12.15-12.45pm Internet PID: 320153

Open: Saturday 11.00am

•Great location •Close to river, schools & transport •Secure investment •Great family home

Contact: David 0408 514 666 Address: 36 Crane Drive, Buronga Open: Saturday 10.15am Internet PID: 328226


Blue Chip Commercial Investment

COMMERCIAL DIVISION An absolutely rare opportunity to acquire a prime Langtree Avenue property, securely leased to the Government.

Ideal Family Home

• 3 bedroom & office • Undercover decked e/tainment area • Large bedrooms • Renovated kitchen Contact: Peter 0407 212 850 Address: 99 Thirteenth Street J7 Internet PID: 326165


This property boasts a high profile corner location and Government tenant.


• Open plan living • Central location • Separate dining area • Ducted gas/heating & reverse cycle

Executive Summary Lease Term - 5 years with 2 further 2 year options Current Rental - $243.776 per year Outgoings - to be borne by tenant Tenant - Commonwealth of Australia Land Size - 1900.8 square metres Gross Building Size - 1416 square metres Rental Increases - to CPI This really is an opportunity of a life time.

Open: Saturday 9.30am


Supurb Location



•Renovated throughout •Short walk to Chaffey & Senior College •New kitchen & bathroom •Outdoor undercover area & shed •Polished boards & fashion tiles •Good size yard with side access •Spacious kitchen, separate living rooms •Perfect first home or investment

Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 or Mandy 0417 017 635 Address: 121A Burrows Street I8 Internet PID: 328223

5021 1900

83 Deakin Avenue, Mildura *ESR - Estimated Selling Range

MILDURA Contact: Tony 0418 502 101 Address: 158-164 Langtree Avenue Internet PID: 328538

Contact Tony Roccisano 0418 502 101


Real People in Real Estate Tony Roccisano 0418 502 101

Rico D’Amico 0418 516 773

Mandy D’Amico 0417 017 635

Peter White 0407 212 850

Gary Castleman 0419 548 922

Loretta Paiano 0418 596 789

David Adolph 0408 514 666


For a detailed Property Report


Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09


roccisano property group




Lankmark Restaurant

$139,000 + SAV

• Recently refurbished, seats 40-50 • Bar & waiting area • Private upstairs facilities • Significant clientele via Great • High exposure Deakin Ave location Western Motel (4 &1/2 Star) • Spacious kitchen / staff facilities • Genuine sale reason

Contact: Gary 0419 548 922 Address: 244 Deakin Avenue I7 Internet PID: 330143


BIG is Beautiful-4000m2 Allotment ESR $665,000-$710,000

All the room you could ever want and brimming with quality. A superior residence in the quietest neighbourhood and walking distance to Kings Billabong. This outstanding five bedroom plus study home has three bathrooms, three separate living areas, formal dining room, alfresco outdoor entertainment area, huge 20m x 10m x 3.5m high shed, fully automatic irrigated gardens located in the prestigious Forester Estate, Nichols Point. Grand is the only way to describe this spectacular residence. Inspection will surprise.


WOW!! Privacy, Security, Low Maintenance

ESR $220,000-$235,000 This stunning four bedroom home with three bathrooms, two living area is ideal for first home buyers or retired couple. The home is in pristine condition and boasts gourmet kitchen with dual Italian upright stoves, dishwasher, storage units, office, covered decking with private court yard, fully paved rear yard for low maintenance, large carport with auto electric gate, garden shed and is beautifully landscaped.

For further details call Tony Roccisano on 0418 502 101.

Contact: Tony 0418 502 101 Address: 42 Box Street, Merbein Internet PID: 332638

Irymple Townhouse

Open: Saturday 1.45-2.15pm

Contact: Tony 0418 502 101 Address: 710 Cureton Avenue Internet PID: 316491

Open: Saturday 12.00-12.30pm

The Best Valued New Home Package On The Market MILDURA

• 3 bedrooms, ensuite to main • HIde-away/study nook • Stainless steel applicances • Reverse cycle air conditioning • You won’t find better value • Undercover outdoor entertaining • Double lock up garage/auto door • Good size yard with rear access

$245,000 each

Internet PID: 312703 / 317370

• 3 Bedroom with built-in robes • 2 Bathrooms • Fully appointed kitchen • Separate lounge area

BOZZI HEIGHTS a level above the rest!

Is this the best subdivision in Mildura?

Due to unprecedented demand STAGE 3 release has been rushed forward.....

• Choose your own builder • First Home Buyers Grant applies • Naturally elevated allotments • House plans available

Complete House & Land Packages From $239,000

Allotments Priced from $60,000

Agent on site Saturday 9am

5021 1900

83 Deakin Avenue, Mildura *ESR - Estimated Selling Range

FOR FURTHER DETAILS CONTACT Gary Castleman 0419 548 922

(less current FHBG of $29,000) =$210,000 Secure your building block today as little as $500 will put your block on hold. Premier west side location, natural gas, protective covenants sized to suit, don’t miss this opportunity.

Located at Sixteenth Street (Between Walnut & Ontario Avenue)

Real People in Real Estate Tony Roccisano 0418 502 101

Rico D’Amico 0418 516 773

Mandy D’Amico 0417 017 635

Peter White 0407 212 850

Gary Castleman 0419 548 922

Loretta Paiano 0418 596 789

David Adolph 0408 514 666



• Approx 2 years old, close to CBD •RedGum kitchen, 6-burner gourmet • Supurb quality, leadlighting, decorative stove, polished floor boards features, extensive tile work • Enclosed outdoor area with open fire • Gas fire place, study loft & attic • Built-in gas/coal BBQ, sink & prep area

Condor Homes & Emerald Park Estate HOUSE & LAND PACKAGES




Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 or Mandy 0417 017 635 Address: 97A Thirteenth Street J7 Internet PID: 306951

Contact: David 0408 514 666 Address: 599 Etiwanda Avenue L11 Phone for an Inspection Internet PID: 316339

Contact: Gary 0419 548 922 Address: Unit 3, 7 Francesca Drive, Irymple Internet PID: 332401


Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 or Mandy 0417 017 635 Address: 29 Anthony Street G11 Internet PID: 317041

$275,000 Quality & Character

• Open plan living • Secure yard on good size allotment • Close to 15th St. shopping precinct • Transport at your doorstep


•Approx 10m2 enclosed entertainment area with 8 seater heated spa •Fully established gardens & shedding •Double lock up garage, a must see!



• Double garage with auto door • Reverse cycle / auto irrigation • Delightful alfresco area • Spotless presentation

•Stunning quality window furnishings •Spacious kitchen with bay windows •3 large brms/ensuite & formal lounge •Fabulous quiet court location

Contact: Rico 0418 516 773 or Mandy 0417 017 635 Address: Lot 30 Wisteria Way & Lot 8 Renshinkan Court D12

ESR $240,000-$260,000 Family Living

• Classic Condor Townhouse • Blackwood kitchen with dishwasher • 3 Bedrooms with full ensuite & WIR • Spacious living area

Ready to Go, Ready to Sell

15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly


We’re the only agents open 7 days 13 Stockmans Drive


4 Hugo Court









Quality Without Compromise

Speculate To Accumulate

Auction Terms Inspect Contact

Auction Terms Inspect Contact

Executive style 3 bedroom plus study home of pleasing proportions in tightly held “Heritage Gardens” Offers a flexible & well designed floor plan, fully equipped kitchen, 2 living areas, 2 bathrooms & all enjoying a leafy outlook across the well maintained & established gardens, paved & pitched roof outdoor living area & the great shed designed to take the family caravan. All on approx 1583 sqm with “oodles” of extras, this one is sure to impress even the fussiest of buyers. Sat 13th June at 11.30am On site 10% Deposit, Balance 30 Days Fri 6.00 - 6.30pm & Sat 1.15 - 1.45pm Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

29 Walnut Avenue








Attractive 4 bedroom home in popular Ularara Estate. Offers 2 living areas, 2 bathrooms, quality kitchen and reverse cycle throughout. Ideally suited to the astute buyer who understands the importance of location, location, location. On a good sized allotment with double garage this home requires some maintenance to enhance the overall value of the property and could turn out to be the buy of the year. Sat 13th June at 1.30pm On site 10% Deposit, Balance 30 Days Sat 11.30am - 12.00pm Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

152 Madden Avenue







Look What We Have Found!

Prime Location

Auction Terms Inspect Contact

Auction Terms Inspect Contact

On a gigantic 950 sqm allotment is this outstanding investment opportunity right in the heart of town. Boasts a 4 bedroom Situated in sensational location is this neat 3 bed home with rear lane access offers gas heated lounge, evap. cooling, home to the front (recently returning $225 p.w) & single bedroom dwelling to rear returning $115 p.w. With rear lane spac. Dining off kitchen, kitchen with elec. cooker, 3 large bedrooms, verandah at front, o/door living at rear & large access (bitumised) and in a blue chip location this surely is an outstanding investment opportunity with “oodles” of future brick garage. extras inc. c/fan, ornate cornice, high ceilings, security doors and much more. Too good to miss. potential. Sat 13th June at 9.30am On Site 10% Deposit, Balance 30 Days Sat 12.15 - 12.45pm Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

29 Drings Way

Gol Gol

Sat 20th June at 1.00pm On site 10% Deposit, Balance 60/90 Days Sat 1.45 - 2.15pm Ian Miers 0428 586 205

36 Belleview Drive



A Home To Fit Your Needs

Family Approved

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

This near new 4 bedroom family home is a real surprise, boasting generous sized bedrooms all with BIR’s, ceiling fans & ducted air con, master bedroom includes WIR & ensuite, formal lounge, solid timber kitchen with island bench, dw & stacks of space. Other features include double lock up garage, 2 undercover entertaining areas, fully fenced private yard with established gardens & all this in a quiet court location in popular Gol Gol. A must inspect!

$300,000 - $330,000 Sat & Sun 11.00 - 11.30am Jason Lawler 0417 248 002

Enjoying a popular Irymple location is this spacious 4 bedroom plus study home. Offering 3 living areas, attractive timber kitchen with natural gas cooking & dishwasher. This is surely the complete family home. Outside offers a good sized yard, large outdoor covered & paved outdoor living, double carport and a good sized 20 x 20 handyman’s shed with power & concrete floor. An inspection is highly recommended.

$329,000 Sun 2.00 - 2.30pm Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

463 Walnut Avenue Mildura


354 Deakin Avenue FIRST RELEASE

To Finalise A Deceased Estate

Art Deco

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

Well proportioned 3 bedroom plus study home, featuring 2 bathrooms, large open plan living, separate rumpus room and spacious kitchen with new appliances. Master bedroom has special needs ensuite and reverse cycle a/c. Outside offers covered outdoor living, side yard access and double carport with security gates. Spacious family home in popular Westside location.

$240,000 - $270,000 Sat 11.00 - 11.30am Ashley Burns 0408 618 294 or Faye Scherger 0407 212 860

164 Walnut Avenue


Natural light abounds in this Art Deco style 3 bedroom home. Offering an attractive façade with an interesting floor plan the home boasts a new kitchen with natural gas cooking, lounge with open fire place, courtyard style alfresco, excellent car accommodation with remote access, workshop and rear lane. With a real focus on security & privacy this home is within walking distance to Centro and is full of surprises.

$225,000 - $245,000 Sat 10.45 - 11.15am Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

2 Sotiri Court


Affordable Inner City

Dunning Built!

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

Tastefully decorated is this charming 3 bedroom weather board home in the heart of Mildura. This home boasts many Superbly presented approx. 18 month old superior dwelling in prestigious neighbourhood. Simply oozing with desirable features including 11’ ceilings, separate lounge with open fireplace & large bedrooms with BIR’s. With off street parking & features. Offering 2 separate living areas, superb fully fitted kitchen with electric wall oven & gas hot plates, dw etc, 3 great neat tidy verandahs this home would be ideal for the first home owner or those looking for a low maintenance life style. sized bedrooms, Ensuite & WIR to main plus tiled family bathroom, quality fixtures & fittings throughout, ducted r/cycle air con, ornate cornice, covered & paved outdoor living & double garage. Estimated Rental $260 p.w. Inspection is a must!

$165,000 Sat 10.00 - 10.30am Chris Hill 0431 378 202

$265,000 - $280,000 Sat 1.00 - 1.30pm Ian Miers 0428 586 205

Stockdale & Leggo believes this information is correct but it does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information.You should make your own enquiries and check the information. Please note: open inspections are subject to change.

5023 5000 107 Eighth Street

5022 4700 Shop 65 Centro Plaza




Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09


We’re the only agents open 7 days Colignan

3672 Kulkyne Way


111 First Street


11 Harmony Drive




Finalising A Deceased Estate

Enjoying a popular location close to Murray River & offers approx 100 acres. Great for horses, motor bikes etc. Majority of property enjoys good red sandy loam soils, balance is low grey country. Bitumen Road frontage on 2 sides. Old 2 bedroom cottage & some shedding. Excellent redevelopment opportunity. Offers 6 megs with private water diversion & pump.Very realistic vendor expectations - must be sold. Sat 23rd May, 10.30am 10% Deposit, Balance 60 Days Sat 2.30 - 3.00pm Ashley Burns 0408 618 294


7 Orlando Court



When Only The Best Will Do! All The Right Ingredients The Complete Makeover UCTIOR A & out O is this spacious 4 Located in Nichols Point just round the corner from Bruce’s Immaculate & large modern 4 bed brick veneer home with Boasting extensive renovations both inside



N Enjoying TDeakin bedroom, 2 bathroom homeR NS new kitchen VEAve. O onfloor I R with gas cooking & dw, new coverings TIOincluding extensive R E C P D U N tiled areas, & fully renovated R this home is ideally suited U wetSTareas to the buyer/investor.Attractive IN from the street the home comes with a rendered finish in modern tones, secure fencing & garage with remote access. Buy today, be rewarded tomorrow. Auction Sat 30th May, 10.30am Terms 10% Deposit, Balance 30 Days Inspect By Appointment Contact Ashley Burns 0408 618 294 Mildura

25 Golden Ash Drive

Saved You All The Hard Work

Built for the growing family is this modern 18 month old home. The expansive floor plan combines stylish separate living areas, 4 bedrooms, study & 2 bathrooms. Plenty of entertaining space in the living room & dining room, kitchen boasts all modern appliances, BIR’s/WIR & double garage. Outside is the 21x21 shed complete with power & concrete floor with access from side of home & secure yard & pool just perfect for summer.

$300,000 Sat 1.00 - 1.30pm Adriano Aiello 0438 075 747

Family Home With The Lot

This modern home offers 3 bedroom plus study and is packed with many of today’s lifestyle features. Enjoys open plan living with floating timber floors including lounge & dining adjoining a top quality kitchen. Refreshingly high ceilings, bay window, ensuite, BIR’s, WIR, ducted gas heating, & cooling & numerous down lights. Outside enjoys covered & paved outdoor living for quality entertaining, great sized shed with side access for caravan, dbl car garaging with internal access.

Price Inspect Contact

$265,000 - $275,000 Sat 10.45 - 11.15am Adriano Aiello 0438 075 747

31 Johns Street Mildura


Bend. The land comprises approx 9.5 acres including all stables, paddocks, irrigation framework is underground & with 12.3 megs of high security water would be popular to horse enthusiasts. Also incl. is a separate 2 bedroom unit with heating/cooling system & all living facilities. The home offers an outdoor living area, 2 ample sheds, plant & equipment.

Price Inspect Contact

$455,000 Sat 9.45 - 10.15am Adriano Aiello 0438 075 747


57 Wood Street

top quality fixtures and fittings throughout. Offers huge formal & informal living rooms, magnificent fully fitted kitchen. Extras include ensuite, c/fans, bay windows, gas log fire, ducted evap cooling, double garage under main roof line & with office. Outside is a covered & paved outdoor living, 8m x 5m shed & beautifully established gardens. You wont find better.

Price Inspect Contact

Offers Over $350,000 By Appointment Ian Miers 0428 586 205


332 Sixteenth Street



Price Inspect Contact

Nichols Point




Auction Terms Inspect Contact

352 Deakin Avenue

153 Magnolia Avenue

Stone’s Throw To Boat Ramp

This spacious 3 bedroom plus study home features separate living areas, new carpet, renovated ensuite to master bedroom, raked ceilings, solid timber kitchen with DW & plenty of bench space. Outside boasts paved undercover entertaining, tradesman shed with concrete floor & power connected & all this set on a huge fully fenced allotment in the heart of popular Gol Gol. Added advantage of being within 200m of the Gol Gol boat ramp.

Price Inspect Contact

$245,000 - $265,000 Sat & Sun 10.00 - 10.30am Jason Lawler 0417 248 002

Red Cliffs

37 Boobook Avenue

Great Location & Inground Pool This 4 bedroom home offers separate lounge, huge open plan kitchen & dining room. All BIR’s to all bedrooms, dishwasher & plenty of cupboards in the kitchen. Floating floor boards, ducted vacuum double lock-up garage, shedding, & huge allotment of approx. 1154m2, secure rear yard, inground pool which needs a little love & located just a few minutes from Centro & the growing 15th Street precinct, you will be more than happy here!

Price Inspect Contact

$245,000 - $265,000 Sat 1.45 - 2.15pm Adriano Aiello 0438 075 747


28 Rosemont Avenue


This quality home is a great dream-starter. Surrounded by fully established gardens. Features include 4 bedrooms, BIR’s. Formal lounge & dining, bright modern kitchen, meals & family room. Ample storage, huge living areas all on approx. 1500 m2 allotment. Outside you will find double carport with rear access & great sized shed. The position is excellent with supreme privacy so don’t miss this quality property!

Take the plunge into buying your first home. The fully renovated interior features 3 bedrooms, attractive new kitchen, excellent landscaped outdoor area, open plan lounge/dining, timber venetians, r/cycle heating/cooling, & large shedding. With quality location this home will go fast!

Location Location!

Rustic Style

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

What’s Your Dream?

$225,000 - 235,000 Sat 12.15 - 12.45pm Adriano Aiello 0438 075 747


26 Belle Gardens Drive

$215,000 - $235,000 Sat 11.30am - 12.00pm Adriano Aiello 0438 075 747


On offer is a spacious 4 bedroom home with large open plan living areas with beamed ceilings. Boasting huge kitchen meals, separate dining & spacious lounge (with S.C.W.H & ceiling fans) 2 bathrooms & spacious bedrooms complete the picture. Only approx 4 years old this home offers more than first meets the eye. Outside you’ll find a shaded timber deck & good sized tradesman shed all on 3000m2 with ample water storage.

$210,000 - $230,000 Sun 2.45 - 3.15pm Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

Designed For Entertaining

Enjoying an absolute blue chip location is this 4 bedroom, offering exceptional value. Boasts open plan living in neutral tones (serviced by r/cycle air con), compact kitchen & a central bathroom all in great condition. Courtyard style gardens with garden shed, single car accommodation & an easy walk to the city centre complete the picture.Whether purchasing that value packed first home or a smart investment you can’t go past this one for low maintenance living. Rental Appraisal $220.00 p.w

Price Inspect Contact

$180,000 - $210,000 Fri 5.00 - 5.30pm & Sat 10.00 - 10.30am Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

Lot 6 Dairtnunk Avenue Buronga

36 Belle Gardens Drive Cardross

2 Orana Crescent


Great Family Home

Perfect Inside & Out

Immaculate 3 bed bv w/- ensuite, 2 living, gas ducted heating, ducted evap cooling, fully fitted kitchen - elec wall oven & gas hot plates, paved & covered out door living, built in robes in all 3 bedrooms, bay window & c/fan to bed 1, sunblinds, dble c/port with auto door. Immaculate presentation.

Approx. 4 year old home with lounge, fully fitted kitchen includes d/w & 2 good sized bedrooms & is situated on easy care allotment. Features include nat gas heating, ducted evap. cooling, 2 split system r/c air cond units, c/f’s, sunblinds, paved & covered outdoor living, double carport, 6m x 3.6m shed conc floor, power & toilet, garden shed w/- power & light, sprinkler & dripper systems & fully est. gardens.

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

$225,000 - $245,000 Sat 11.30am - 12.00pm Ian Miers 0428 586 205


32 Avocado Street

The Key To Wealth

$185,000 - $215,000 Sat 12.15 - 12.45pm Ian Miers 0428 586 205


17 Floral Avenue West

Character & Charm….



Charming Home

Neat & tidy 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home in a hard to find price range. Enjoys lounge, kitchen meals and good sized bedrooms. Situated on a huge 1024 sqm allotment (freehold) with a good sized shed and ample room to move. Currently returning $190.00 p.w on periodical lease. Ideal first home or smart investment. Choice is yours!

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

$225,000 - $245,000 Sat 1.00 - 1.30pm Faye Scherger 0407 212 860


Easy To Live In, Easy To Let Out

Great Location

Price Inspect Contact

Centrally located is this 2 bedroom weatherboard home. Ideally suited for the first home buyer or the investor. Offering excellent street appeal & currently leased at $180.00 per week the home features generous sized bedrooms, large separate lounge & fully secure yard.

This superbly presented ashlar brick town house is centrally located a few minutes walk to shops. Features include two bedrooms with built in robes, semi ensuite, open plan living, evaporative and 2x split system air conditioners, bay window, security doors, front and rear verandahs and carport. It’s a beauty!

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

$159,900 By Appointment Chris Hill 0431 378 202

$169,950 By Appointment Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

280 Wade Avenue Irymple


… is investment and here is an opportunity not to be missed. Neat 3 bedroom home with pol. timber floorboards, gas cooking, natural gas log heater, evap. cooling, carport, garage & 3 garden sheds. Plus shops schools & transport are within easy reach. Currently tenanted at $185 p.w

Offers Over $140,000 By Appointment Faye Scherger 0407 212 860

3 Bedroom Home On Large Block

This charming 3 bedroom plus study weatherboard home. Features include high ceilings, new bathroom, renovated kitchen & 2 living areas. Paved outdoor living area, double carport 30’x 20’ shed with power. Completely re-stumped & re-roofed. Great location.

$165,000 - $175,000 By Appointment Faye Scherger 0407 212 860

5 Lochhead Avenue

Feature filled & well located 3 bedroom home walking distance to all Irymple’s facilities; offers 2 separate large living rooms, updated kitchen with electric cooking & dw, pantry etc. & adjoining dining area. Extras include ducted evaporative cooling, gas heater & s.c heater, lead light windows, picture rails, high ceilings, box bay window, carport, 6m x 3.7m shed, garden shed, established gardens & covered outdoor living area. Inspection is a must!

$160,000 - $180,000 Sat 10.45 - 11.15am Ian Miers 0428 586 205

Stockdale & Leggo believes this information is correct but it does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information.You should make your own enquiries and check the information. Please note: open inspections are subject to change.

5023 5000 107 Eighth Street

5022 4700 Shop 65 Centro Plaza



15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly


We’re the only agents open 7 days 2/30 Olive Avenue Mildura


167 Eighth Street

Red Cliffs

20 Leach Road

Inner City Investment

Good Speculative Buy

Centrally located is this large 2 bedroom unit in the heart of Mildura City. A genuine stones throw to the CBD & all other facilities it boasts a large open living area. In a group of 4 & having street frontage to Olive Avenue the property enjoys a neat courtyard and access to a swimming pool. Currently leased at $145.00 per week for 12 months.

Located in a high profile area of town this modern retail premise of approximately 60m2 offers investors an exceptional opportunity to get into the commercial market. The freehold is being sold with vacant possession, the existing tenant may stay if required (currently paying $845 per month).

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

Red Cliffs

115 Jacaranda Street


Cowra Avenue Extension

Ready Made Investment

Located on the edge of Red Cliffs on approx 1000sqm is this ideal first home boasting many extra’s. Inside offers Reverse cycle A/C, good sized lounge room with slow comb wood heating & a spacious kitchen/meals. Outside offers rustic style outdoor living with own bar, great shed with power & cement floor, water storage, 1.5mgs (metered) & a peaceful outlook. Won’t last.

Centrally located 2 bedroom unit with long standing tenant. Almost “bullet proof” in construction this is a great opportunity to commence the investment portfolio. Hard to fault for location so inspect today.

$129,000 - $149,000 Sun 1.15 - 1.45pm Ashley Burns 0408 618 294


“Yipperoo”, Williamsville Road

Possibilities Are Endless 5.913 hectares(approximately 14.61 acres) of cleared land with approved home site and building pad. Ideally suited for cash crops or redevelopment, horse paddocks or lucerne production. Features overhead sprays and 3 phase electric pump. Within minutes of Mildura and 15th Street precinct. Includes 2 megs of water.

Offering some 34 acres of freehold land with absolute Murray River frontage, native bushland along with towering River Red Gums. Includes an old dwelling, 72 megs general security water & a building envelope. Your chance to own your own water front property only minutes from Abbotsford Bridge & the townships of Wentworth & Merbein.

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

Price Inspect Contact

$129,900 By Appointment Chris Hill 0431 378 202


Lot 4 Tapio Street

Darling River Frontage


Immaculate & most charming cottage style 3 bedroom weatherboard home on great sized allotment with rear lane access. Complete with decorative ceilings, picture rails and offers modern kitchen, lounge with slow combustion heater (brick surround). Extras include approx 22’ x 16’ garage (auto door), 20’ x 10’ workshop/storage, tandem carport, wood shed , paved and covered outdoor area at rear, verandah at front, plus beautifully established gardens & fernery. You will love it!!

Offers Over $152,000 Sat 10.00 - 10.30am Ian Miers 0428 586 205

Price: $115,000 - $125,000 Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Ashley Burns 0408 618 294



As Cute As They Come

2/34 Cherry Avenue

First Home Buyer Bonanza

Price Inspect Contact

$125,000 By Appointment Faye Scherger 0407 212 860



$119,000 By Appointment Chris Hill 0431 378 202


$370,000 - $410,000 By Appointment Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

Council approved to build your home or shed with 5 year DA, sealed road to front gate, only 15km from Wentworth - take the boat to town. Wide open stretch of river in the Murray pool, with a variety of frontage to the Darling. Start building today, or legally use your 5 year permit. New stock fences to waters edge. Blocks under influence of Murray weir pool.

Price Inspect Contact

Offers Over $220,000 By Appointment Ashley Burns 0408 618 294

Stockdale & Leggo believes this information is correct but it does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of the information.You should make your own enquiries and check the information. Please note: open inspections are subject to change.

5023 5000 107 Eighth Street

5022 4700 Shop 65 Centro Plaza

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Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

Importance of the financial assistance The REIV March quarter research figures reveal that Melbourne’s house price median has experienced a drop of 3.1 per cent since the previous quarter, from $423,000 to $410,000 – and down 4.7 per cent over the last 12 months. The decline can be directly attributed to continuing economic uncertainty and a lowering of investor and consumer confidence. The figures also highlight the importance of the financial assistance provided to first home buyers, which has been a critical factor driving demand for housing over the last few months. That fifteen of the 20 top growth suburbs for the quarter have a median price of under $500,000 is a sign of first home owner activity as the maximum grants are only available for homes under that value. Of the same top 20 growth suburbs only eight show a median price in excess of the March 2009 and December 2008 medians. Four suburbs recorded double-digit growth in the March quarter (as in the December quarter). In March, Doncaster East topped the list at $637,550, up from $531,000, an increase of 20.1 per cent (and 6.8 per cent in 12 months); Mount Martha rose from $430,000 to $500,000 (up 16.3 per cent); Keysborough climbed to $380,000 from its December figure of $336,000 (up 12.9 per cent); and Brighton East grew 10.8 per cent to $972,000 from $877,500.

Boronia, Malvern East and Mitcham. Over the 12 months to March 2009, only Doncaster East and Mount Evelyn remained in the 10.

Home Loan Rates

Key centres in regional Victoria have recorded a wider diversity of results,

$240,000 to $242,000; and in the City of Greater Geelong it declined by 3.8 per

Enzo Raimondo CEO REIV

Are you Buying or Selling? You need ALLSTATE

Check the indicator below for WEEKLY PAYMENTS on housing loans available on all residential properties listed in this supplement.

HOUSE COST $100,000 $110,000 $120,000 $130,000 $140,000 $150,000 $160,000 $170,000 $180,000 $190,000

cent from $329,000 to $316,500.


Choose the quick, efficient personalised services of a private conveyancer... Sheree Hensgen is a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (Vic Division) and Associate Member of the Institute of Legal Executives (Vic) Flat Rate plus disbursements Professionally insured for civil liability • Preparing Section 32 statements and contracts of 3/,$ sale for vacant land and existing homes • Transfers of land Call our office for a quotation and speak to our wonderful staff

LOAN REPAYMENT $95,000 $117 $104,500 $129 $114,000 $141 $123,500 $152 $133,000 $164 $142,500 $176 $152,000 $188 $161,500 $199 $171,000 $211 $180,500 $223

HOUSE COST $200,000 $210,000 $220,000 $230,000 $240,000 $250,000 $260,000 $270,000 $280,000 $290,000

LOAN REPAYMENT $190,000 $234 $199,500 $246 $209,000 $258 $218,500 $270 $228,000 $281 $237,500 $293 $247,000 $305 $256,500 $316 $266,000 $328 $275,500 $340

Repayments based on a 30 year loan term, with 5% deposit, at an interest rate of 4.96%* per annum to approved purchasers. * Fees and charges apply. Terms and conditions available on application.

Best rates available in the market

At Mildura Home Loans, we provide the complete service • Quick Approvals • Assistance to first home buyers through to settlement (incl first home buyers grant) • Re-financing existing loans • Renovations Loans • Personal Loans • Investment Properties Call Mark Weight to arrange an appointment

Phone 5021 5101, 0417 215 107 Fax 5021 5707

Allstate conveyanCing services p/l Office: 41 Pine Avenue, Mildura Phone 5023 5355

Mark Weight MW23657


Home Loan Repayment Indicator

with the median house price in Greater Ballarat increasing by 8.2 per cent from $227,500 to $246,250; in Greater Bendigo it grew by 0.8 per cent from

Call 5021 5101 0417 215 107

92 Lime Avenue, Mildura


The other six suburbs in the top 10 were Mount Evelyn, Essendon, Epping,



15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly Digital


Noon World Watch 1.00 La Grande-Duchesse De Gerolstein 3.40 The Chopin Etudes 3.55 A Sensitive Eye 4.30 Newshour 5.30 Tribe 6.30 World News 7.30 Eurovision Song Contest 2009: Semi Final Two 9.30 Movie: ABBA The Movie: Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus and Agnetha Fältskog 11.15 Movie: Foon: Martine Chevallier, Alexandre Brik and Dominique Frot

Friday 15th

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Saturday 16th

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Monday 18th

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Wednesday 20th

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Thursday 21st

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1.00 2.00 3.00 3.30







Classifieds Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09



GermaneFarnsworth Fansworth

Matt, Grace and Cooper are thrilled to announce the


Riley Francis

PERSONALS ESCORT AMANDA Attractive, classy blonde. Ph:0415191268. PCA 4832XE JOHN (Life is like a garden) read your profile Ph:0447014218 or 50235762

MAY 17TH 8 - 1PM

CityMoneyline Finance Pty Loans Ltd & Cash Solutions *conditions apply

CALL 1300 10 1300

Every customer will go into the lucky draw to win 240 MW27029 283.4 Daniele, a 20 piece Bessemer “Blue Tulip” dinner set and a Cosi Chinese Wok valued at $304.50


Love Yourself, Heal Your Life, Achieve Your Dreams, Life Changing Workshop, JUNE 20 & 21 Mildura





Roslyn Maye Relationship, Family & Individual Counselling

Ph: Mark 0447 753 296

*Conditions Apply

0409 503 750




Ph: 0419 556 803 •


Ph: Laura or Emily 73 Orange Ave, Mildura

Phone: 50211777


PH 5023 2114 PH 5023 2001 Mobile 0458 229 880


25years Experience

• Tree Surgeon. 250 MW26842 113.1 • Tree Removalist. • Tree Transplanting. Pete’s • General pruning. Pruning Service Phone Pete • No job too big or too small. 0419 332303 or • Competitive rates. ah (03) 5024 5016 • Pensioner discounts.



Domestic + Commercial Cleaning

The most effective, efficient and enviromentally friendly sewerage system you can own. Special offer available until the 31st May 2009.

PO Box 6265, Mildura 3502

Ph 5021 1777


• Carpet Cleaning • Lounge Suites • Car Carpets + Seats • Floor Tiles • Free Quotes

Do you want to save water & money?


For booking contact: Broken Hill 08 8088 6900 Mildura Visitors Information Centre 50188380

Mildura Weekly


Sunraysia Steam Cleaning



Return $104.00 $90.00

ART SALES Riverfront Studio Adjacent to Jaycee Park SATURDAY 11am -5pm Free Admisssion


Bus service to Broken Hill. Monday, Wednesday & Friday Departing at 3.10pm

One way Adults $60.00 Concession/Student $50.00

Specialists on Carpets, Ask for this months special

Buses R Us

Real Estate Guide

On Site Dry Cleaning

Upholstery and Drapes

PH: (03) 5033 0130

Sunraysia’s Largest

John May


Plant One On Me Plant Sale At The Merbein Markets $ 10

Drytron Sunraysia / Mallee


Liquidambar Trees


1pm at Range

LIC 3209795

$ 15-20 $ 50 $ 20

Phone : Geraldine Mezzatesta to place your orders early on 5026 3982 or 0408 364 299

17th May 2009

Yummy Coffex Coffee

Standard Roses Weeping Mulberry Fruit Trees

(off Ontario Ave, between 14th and 15th Streets)



NORTHERN Mallee Christian Fellowship 10.30am Sunday Service. Friendly Family Church. Corner of Dyar and 17th Street. Contact 0417845954 www.northernmallee.go

contact Sharyn 0418 835 024, Vanessa 0413 001 027



ANGLICAN Parish of Sunraysia South 25 Heath St, Red Cliffs Sundays - 10.30am Bible based, Christ centred Ph: 50242521

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of MAY 9am till 6pm 19 Olympic Way, Mildura


D.J. TAKEAWAY SPECIAL egg ‘n’ bacon burger & can of softdrink $4.90





Phone 50211777

All Bessemer 30 % off everything in stock Trade up all your old cookware at 40 % off Also raid out your cupboards because we can trade all your old ( non Bessemer ) pots for 35 % off.

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Mildura Weekly


• $300 TO $2000 • Had Credit Problems? • Pensioners & Centrelink Recipients Welcome 240 MW26092 113.1 • Apply by Phone Global





NEW GIRL IN TOWN Monique is a caring, bubbly girl who has long blonde hair, blue eyes and a stunning smile. She loves the outdoors, cooking and long drives. She is looking for a genuine gent to share her life with.






safe arrival of

Born 23rd April 8lb. Special thanks to all involved.

FAX: 5021 1733



PHONE: 5021 1777


73 Orange Ave, Mildura



Book your classifieds online now at

Classifieds Classifieds SERVICES OFFERED

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FAX: 5021 1733


15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly

73 Orange Ave, Mildura

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FAX: 5021 1733



All aspects of ladies and men’s hairdressing.


GREAT RATES CALL TODAY, AVAILABLE ANYTIME GREAT RATES Phone: Bec CALL TODAY, AVAILABLE ANYTIME 5022 7242 or 0409 416 804 Phone: Bec 5022 7242 or 0409 416 804


Cheaper Removals, MOVING HOUSE? Professional Service, Cheaper Removals, Full Insurance, Professional CompetitiveService, Rates Full Insurance, Local - Country - Interstate Competitive Rates Phone Ausco Removals


MW26673 MW26673


5022 2200 Phone Ausco Removals 5022 2200 Septic Cleaning MR. FICKS-IT R&W Septic pumping, fast 7 Local - Country - Interstate

CALL 24HRS 0439 209 540






MW26670 MW26670




• Warm Wash • Ear Clean DOG WASH & DOG CLIPPING • Towel Dry Warm Wash •• Toe Nail Clipping • Ear Clean • Towel Dry • Toe Nail Clipping





Call Scott on 0429 046 035

PAVING Need to give an Call Scott on 0429 046 035 area a new look? Give us a call for a free PAVING to give an quote onNeed 0417135633 area a new look? Give us a call for a free quoteHEALTH on 0417135633


Specialising in exercise ALLAN'S Personal programs for over Train55s. ing Studio. One on one or group Specialising in exercise training available. programs for over 55s. Ph: 50215352 One on one or group training available. Ph:PAINTERS 50215352

PAINTERS Professional Painting & Decorating • Exterior Professional • Interior Painting & Decorating • New Homes • Exterior • Re Paints • Interior ••Renovations New Homes • Commercial • Re Paints Call Today For Free Quote • Renovations Spary • Sam Commercial Ph: 0400 276 900

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No Job too Big or too Small

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PAINTING SERVICE Guaranteed Experienced Quality Guaranteed Interior/Exterior Quality No Job too Big or too Small

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FOR SALE ADVERTISMENTS Ph: Laura or Emily 73 Orange Ave, Mildura Phone: 50211777


5021 1777

FENCING Supply and manufacture of quality Tubular Design fencing. Specialising in of quality Supply and manufacture Colourbond Security, Courts Tubular Design Tennis fencing. Garden and Pool style Specialising in fencing. No job too big or too small. Colourbond Security, Tennis Courts Free Quotes - Cheap Garden and Pool style Rates fencing. Supply Install Fencing No&job too PVC big orPlastic too small. Free Various Quotes -Varieties Cheap Rates FREECALL 1300Plastic 324 734 Supply & Install PVC Fencing Various 0409 254 581Varieties - 5023 1858

FREECALL 1300 324 734 0409 254DETAILING 581 - 5023 1858 CAR


MW26579 MW26579


day service.Phone R&W Septic Cleaning Roger on 50241986 Septic pumping, fast 7 or 0428413323 day service.Phone Roger on 50241986 SHANNAZ Computer or 0428413323 Repairs.Is your computer struggling to SHANNAZ keep up withComputer you? Let Repairs.Is comthe guys atyour Shannaz puter struggling to revitalise your PC keep fast, up with you? Let with reliable & the guys service. at Shannaz friendly All revitalise your PC problems solved! with fast, reliable Phone C h r i s &: friendly service. All 50232405 or Mark: problems solved! 0422181173 today. Phone Chris: 50232405 or Mark: 0422181173 today. SHUT DOWN Winter air conditioning service. SHUT DOWN Covers avaliable, cooler cWinter l e a n i nair g conditioning service. service. Ph:50242102 no anCovers avaliable, swer please leave cooler mescleaning service. sage. Ph:50242102 no answer please leave mesTREE Removal, fast 7 sage. day service. Phone Roger Moser on 50241986 TREE Removal, fast 7 or 0428413323 day service. Phone Roger Moser on 50241986 PAINTING, Decorating, or 0428413323 Repairwork & Wallpapering, Interiors & Exteriors. PAINTING, Would youDecorating, like one or Repairwork Wallpapertwo rooms & painted? No ing, Interiors job too small. & 25Exteriors. yrs exp. Would you like one or Ph: Ron 50227639 two rooms painted? No or 0409692502 job too small. 25 yrs exp. Ph: Ron 50227639 or 0409692502 MASSAGE



PITTSTOP Lawn mowing GARDENERS & Gardening Maintenance. Mulching, tree PITTSTOP pruning, Lawn mowing lopping, gar& Gardening MainteADVERTISMENTS SOLD den tidying, rubbish re- UNTIL nance. Mulching, tree moval, gutter cleaning. Advertise your Ph: Laura lopping,insured, pruning, free garFully ADVERTISMENTS car FOR SALE or Emily den tidying, rubbish requote, friendly and moval, gutter 73 Orange Ave, until it sells. prompt service cleaning. guaranPh: Laura Fully Wayne insured, teed. Langley free ($35 or Mildura with a photo) Emily quote,50242925 friendly and on or Phone: 50211777 73 Orange Ave, prompt service guaran- 0414865661 teed. Wayne Langley Mildura on 50242925 or Phone: 50211777 Private Use Only 0414865661 FENCING *Conditions Apply





COUNTER HAND – Ouyen A local Bakery requires a person with excellent customer service skills with experience in cash handling, food preparation and cleaning. Food Handlers Certificate essential or willingness to acquire this Certificate. Contact KYLIE at MADEC, Red Cliffs. APPRENTICE MECHANIC – Ouyen A vehicle repair business requires a person to be trained in all aspects of vehicle repair must be willing to complete a full apprenticeship & have mechanical aptitude. Contact KYLIE at MADEC Red Cliffs. Qualified Pastry Chef – Red Cliffs A qualified pastry chef is required duties will include cake decorating, cake baking, bread making, cleaning of baking equipment, kneading, glazing, operate bakery ovens, mix dough, Will require Certificate in Food Processing – Baking must have own transportation as there will be early morning starts Contact KYLIE at MADEC Red Cliffs. Qualified Butcher – Ouyen 280 MW24241 425.1 in Ouyen. The person will need to be trade qualified, A qualified butcher is required to work in well established Butchers MADEC service. This is a small business and as such the person reliable and hard working with experience in retail customer would need to have the ability to work within a small team. Work 280 MW24241 425.1is full time permanent after a trail period. Assistance in accommodation may be available for the right applicant during the trial period. Salary will start meat industry award MADEC during the trail period and negotiated according to skill and experience. Please forward an application letter together with your resume to Kylie @ MADEC HC Truck Driver – Esperance WA Looking for a Sea Change? Fuel Distribution Company, in Esperance WA is looking for a Fuel Delivery Driver. Must have HC Licence, Dangerous Good Accreditation and current AIP. Employer will consider relocation costs after trial period and long term commitment to position. Wage based on a 40hr work week. Penalty rates for OT. 9% Superannuation and 17.5% Leave Loading. 4 weeks A/Leave a year. Great Location. Night Porter - Wentworth Night Porter required in Wentworth Live in position; duties include carry luggage for guests. They also show guests to their rooms, provide other guest services as required. Contact David in Wentworth. Cleaners / Housemaids – Wentworth and Dareton Hrs to suit parents with School aged children. General cleaning duties of Motels. Please contact David Doering on 0427563860 General Hand (tourism) - Sunraysia A person is required for various jobs on a citrus property, including running the tourist tractor tour, including some preparation for the tour. The ability to play a musical instrument would be looked on favourably. Min 3 hrs each morning plus the possibility of afternoon work. Position would suit a semi-retired person. Resumes to June at MADEC 126 Deakin Ave Mildura Ph: 5021 3472 Positions available at time of printing




Come and enjoy a variety of 17 MAY 2009 displays, stalls & entertainment ST PAUL’S, 14TH STREET Come and enjoy a variety of displays, stalls & entertainment

Alison Kedmenec

Phone the schools for pick ups St Paul’s - 50234567 | Sacred Heart - 5023 1204 Phone the schools for pick ups St Paul’s - 50234567 | Sacred Heart - 5023 1204

$50, Hour 502219634 1 Oak Avenue Mildura 5022 9634 MIND. Reme-

PIECE OF dial massage therapist, facial and body waxing. PIECEvouchers OF MIND. RemeGift available. dial massage AAMT Member.therapist, For apfacial and body pointments call waxing. Judith Gift vouchers available. Nicolaou - 50227370. AAMT $50 perMember. hour. For appointments call Judith Nicolaou - 50227370. $50 per hour. GARDENERS

GARDENERS LAWN mowing & gardening. No job too big or small. For the best LAWN mowing garjob in town, give &Bob a dening. job too big call. Ph: No 0417059735 or small. For the best or 50274140 job in town, give Bob a call. Ph:Lawn 0417059735 ANYDAY Mowing & or 50274140 Gardening Service. All types of garden ANYDAY Lawn Mowing & maintenance Gardening Service. Ph:0428245176 All types of garden maintenance Ph:0428245176

Mildura - 5021 3472 Merbein - 5025 3344

Robinvale - 5051 8080 Wentworth - 5027 2203


MASSAGE Remedial massage Alison Kedmenec Relaxation massage Hahana Stone massage Remedial massage Health Fund Rebates Relaxation massage $50, 1 Hour Hahana Stone massage 1 Oak Avenue Health Fund Rebates Mildura



TRIGG MOBILE HAIRDRESSING All aspects of ladiesHAIRDRESSING and men’s TRIGG MOBILE hairdressing.

HANDYMAN SERVICE, VERMIN CONTROL & SNAKE HANDLER • Painting & Decorating HANDYMAN SERVICE, •VERMIN Small Maintenance CONTROL && Renovations SNAKE HANDLER • Fencing&&Decorating Paving • Painting • Small Maintenance For Removal or & Renovations Eradication of: • Fencing & Paving Pigeons, Mice, Rats, Goats & Possums For Removal oretc. CALL 24HRS Eradication of: Pigeons, Mice, Rats, 0439 209 540 Goats & Possums etc.


73 Orange Ave, Mildura

Red Cliffs - 5024 3777


Boilermakers / Welders Exact Mining Services has a reputable history in the mining industry, Boilermakers / Welders

built on years of experience providing high quality and superior services to a range of high le mininghistory clients. company has Exact Mining Services has profi a reputable in The the mining industry, experienced cant growth recentlyhigh andquality has a national workforce built on yearssignifi of experience providing and superior in excessto ofa300 employees services range of high profile mining clients. The company has experienced significant growth recently and has a national workforce Exact Mining Services is currently recruiting for experienced in excess of 300 employees boilermakers/welders to join our team of professionals at the Ginkgo mine Pooncarie. require industry qualifications and a Exactsite, Mining ServicesApplicants is currently recruiting for experienced keen interest or experience earthmoving machinery. boilermakers/welders to joinwith our heavy team of professionals at the Ginkgo mine site, Pooncarie. Applicants require industry qualifications and a This successful candidates to work machinery. autonomously keenposition interestrequires or experience with heavy earthmoving and manage demanding and changing priorities. You must be a strong team player andsuccessful be able tocandidates show initiative and autonomously have a strong This position requires to work trouble shooting ability. and changing priorities. You must be a and manage demanding strong team player and be able to show initiative and have a strong We strive to provide our employees with excellent and safe working trouble shooting ability. conditions, in a supportive environment where they can grow and develop their skills. Successful candidates will attract We strive to provide our employees with excellent andexcellent safe working working conditions, remuneration, and benefi ts.they Accommodation conditions, in a supportive environment where can grow andand Meals aretheir provided site, rosters are 2 weeks on 1 week off. Exact develop skills. on Successful candidates will attract excellent Mining considers itself andand employer ofAccommodation choice and looksand workingServices conditions, remuneration, benefits. forward to viewing application. Candidates this Meals are providedyour on site, rosters are 2 weeks interested on 1 weekinoff. Exact opportunity are asked to apply forwarding their qualifi Mining Services considers itselfnow andbyemployer of choice and cations, looks licenses, covering letter, resume and contactable referees forward totickets, viewing your application. Candidates interested in this online or by 08 8372their 1199. opportunity are asked to apply now byFax forwarding qualifications, licenses, tickets, covering letter, resume and contactable referees online or by Fax 08 8372 1199.

Book your classifieds online now at EMPLOYMENT


EMPLOYMENT PRUNERS WANTED Charters Towers, QLD. 3-4 weeks work. APRUNERS c c o m m o dWANTED ation Charters Towers, available. QLD. 3-4June weeks Starting A c c o mManager, modation Contact: available. 0417337169 Starting June 8th. Contact: Manager, 0417337169

TUTORING MP PAINTING SERVICES Over 25 years experience, all household MP PAINTING painting needs,SERVICES big or Over 25 experismall. Freeyears quotes call ence, all household Michael 0402605334 painting needs, big or small. FreeSALE quotes call FOR Michael 0402605334 ADVERTISMENTS Phone: 50211777


Laura 5Ph:LINES

or Emily Ph 5021 1777 73 Orange Ave,

Mildura Phone: 50211777


Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09


73 Orange Ave, Mildura

PHONE: 5021 1777


FAX: 5021 1733




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Suitably qualified subcontractors & suppliers who are interested in, or are pricing the above project, are invited to contact the Estimating team or email:


Instruction by qualified teachers



Garage Sale


450 MW26958 283.4 Mildura Weekly


460 MW26957 283.4 Mildura Weekly

for the month of

Ph (02) 6051 1900 Fax (02) 6021 7054

Jeromy Baird or Bill Mercer 0439 876 122


Closes Wednesday 27 May



Place your 5 line


For a FREE assessment please contact





390 MW27047 141.7 Mildura Dezigner Dogs





1/285 8th St, Sat at 7.30-8.00am start, Kalvinator 335 lt fridge, sml cupboard, bbq, tools, lots of bric-abrac.

40 Dyar Ave, Cabarita. Friday arvo and Saturday morn. Patchwork fabric, exc bike, elec items + much more.

50'S & 60's records, private, call between 7pm -8pm Ph:0400849188

971 KARADOC Avenue, Irymple Saturday, bar fridge, front load washer, bar stools, chest of drawers, bedside cupboards.

VOLKSWAGEN Kombi, complete car, parts, panels or accessories. Other VW models also considered. Ph:0419582865


13 Oram Court, Mildura, Saturday 9am. Heaps of items, to much to mention.

Ph:5021 1777 7

classifieds assifieds ssifieds



100 Scrub tubs/picking buckets 50c ea. Ph:50272524

DINING suite, oval extension table, upholstered chairs, mountain ash timber (hardwood) $500ono Ph:50210775

3 CDs never used. Kelly Clarkson, Natalie Bassingwhaite, Jessica Mauboy $10ea. Ph:0437674232. AG & LM BRIANT. ELECTRONICS. Repairs to TV's, VCR's, DVD's, Microwaves, digital TV Antenna's, UHF CB Radio's, Installations & many other small appliances. Supply & install digital set top boxes. Over 35 years of experience in electronics & repairs. 3452 BENETOOK AVE, cnr 20th Street. Ph:50257137 or 0419849176 BABY car seat reversable $50 Ph:0407854036 BREVILLE Turbo Convection Oven $50 Ph:50227827 COMPUTER monitor, 17" C R T $ 3 0 Ph:50220255

DOUGIES Sea Food Fish, cray fish, prawns, crabs, scollaps & much more now selling at the Sunday markets which include Red Cliffs & Merbien Ph:0429887747 FIREWOOD $70 per bin, pick up or delivered, t o w n a r e a . Ph:50215786 FORD XD-XF tow bar $35 Ph:0438547322 GOFER Fisher & Paykel 3 wheeler, GC $1400. Antique wardrobe VGC $500. Large dog bed. Ph:50228577 MITRE saw with red-eye V G C $ 5 0 PH:50243095 MONITOR CRT 17" $50 Ph:50220424

Mildura Weekly


FOR SALE ROUND Pedestal table, 4 chairs, matching buffet with hutch, baltic pine EC $850 ono Ph:50231289

HEATERS, 1800w rotating blow heater. (3) $20ea. 55cm wide Delonghi coil heater. $65 Ph:50211777, BH MERBEIN Buy & Sell. CLOSING DOWN SALE. 91 Commercial Street 50% OFF FURNITURE, WHITEGOODS, BRIC-A-BRAC, BOOKS. Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm.. Saturday 11am - 4pm. MUSHROOM Compost Ideal garden mulch and soil conditioner. Orders over 10 cubic metres. Ph: 50256265 PYROX LPG Portable gas heater. Heat lge room, see working $160. Chest freezer 200L $120. Ph:50236513

SALE at Quality Palms Nursery. All prices heavily reduced. Open all weekend. Eftpos available. Ph:50253530

SHIPPING Containers 20 & 40 ft, wind & water proof. Mildura. Ph: 0416142638 SILKY Bantams, all colours. Young hens $10. Young roosters $5. Ph:50257688 or 0408359 699 SUNBEAM Bakehouse bread maker, near new $67 Ph:0437412710 WOODEN field bin 4FT square 3FT H. $30 Ph:50233277

24 Melaleuca Street, Buronga, Friday 12-6. Saturday 7am - 12pm. 9 man tent + extras, 2 bar fridges, 1 small, 1 med. Lawn mower, old value radio working renovators delight. 2 home brew kits + 3 brews. Complete fowlers preserving kits + jars. Male & female mountain bikes, exercise bike, home irrigation fittings, small pressure washer, 2 sets lawn bowls, lots more. 34 Box St, Merbein. Fri, Sat & Sun. Massive house & shed clearance, antiques, collectables, old furniture, glass/china ware, period renovation leftovers & more.

PETS MINI JACKY - Foxy x. Vet/vacc/wormed. Tri coloured, 8 w/o. Female only $200 n/n. Parents exc hunters or pet. Ph:0448806947 AH or 53871044 RIDGEBACK pups, 2 male read wheaten with r i d g e s $ 5 0 Ph:0429930910

To Give Away

2 female kittens Ph:0449061184



5 bed complete kit inc. ensuite, built in robes, full length verandah, all kitchen appliances & bathroom fittings. 362 to MW26795 141.7 Ready build $55,935. Kitome Call Michael now on

(03) 5722 9866 JUST$10 FOR

WHIPPET pups, 2 male, 5 months old, reg, vacc, $500 ea Ph:50210053




Ph 5021 1777


BULLDOZER FOR HIRE Cat D5 Rippers Powershift available for general earthmoving, stick raking, citrus,alm onds,avocados. Owner Operator with 15 years local experience. Will not be beaten on best job and price. Will travel anywhere Ph:Dean Lampard 0408291517

BUSINESS FOR SALE Be Your Own Boss Dareton Take Away Ex turn over, fantastic local trade & community, selling to start a family, $65,000ono walk in walk out Ph:50274630



Phone: 50211777


Get this for.... $10.85 ($1.55 per line)

For S

SHOP WORK ose, urp Multip 5th St, es, 1 premis arence le high C space , floor 2 m 5 2 2 00m2 s plu 1 ine. n mezza 899 23 4 Ph: 50

Or this for..... (160mmx64mm) $188.80 ($5.90 per col. cm)m) * Full Colour GST inc.


73 Orange Ave Mildura • Phone: 5021 1777 • mwclassies@mildur duraw aweekly com

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15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly



73 Orange Ave, Mildura

PHONE: 5021 1777


�f �e �ee�

FAX: 5021 1733


Finance Now Available on Unsecured Loans

Mazda 121 Metro

Holden VT Sedan

2000 Ford Falcon Forte Sedan

$8,490 Drive Away

$7,999 Drive Away

• Air Con • Pwr Steering • Cruise Control • Alloy Rims • Rear Spolier • Heaps of Rego

• Auto • Air Con • Rear Spoiler • Power Steering • Tow Bar • Cruie Control • Duco in grey

S/N 815

$4,990 Drive Away

• 4 Door • Auto • Air Con • Heaps of Rego

S/N 817

S/N 768

10 Street & Orange Ave, Mildura - P: (03) 5023 5223

UEG847.eps W 7.0 D 2.00 03 TOYOTA Hiace Bus, 4sp auto, 11 seater, petrol. $17000 ono. UEG847 Ph: Rodney on 0408032104 05 Nivara 4x4 diesel, 54870kms, fog lights, CC, tub liner, $27000 ono, TOF397 Ph:50541005 AH or 0402913993. '07 Hyundai Getz Hatch, 3 door man, air, PS, PW, 35000ks, warranty til 2011 WWW099 $8999 Ph:0438 340 577

'98 Daihatsu Terios DX, 5sp man, 1.3 litre, AC, PS, 91000ks, airbags reg 09/09 EC, many extras $8500ono, must sell closest offer accepted. Ph:0428272087



COMMODORE VS, 1996, AC, PS, 12mths rego, ADAM07 $3500 Ph:0438443980

COMMODORE VX S '02,electrics, one lady owner, VGC, TVR401 must sell Ph:0407 854 036 DAEWOO Nubira station wagon, air con, electric windows, manual, blue, new tyres $3600 ono Ph: 0421501836

HOLDEN Acclaim VX wagon '01, VGC, 160000kms. Electrics, towbar, cargo barrier, roof racks, 5 mth rego $9000ono SYW-509 Ph:0407330497 HYUNDAI Accent '02, sky blue, manual, 160000kms, RNZ693 $5000 Ph:0438257137


Phone: (03) 5024



Cnr 15th Street and Koorlong Avenue, Irymple

Your Water Broking Specialists WATER TRANSFER WATER WATER PERMANENT & TEMPORARY WATER AVAILABLE NOW!! Please ring Kristen at Advance Water Trade on 50332223 All enquiries welcome

TO LET 2 BDR Unit, Deakin Ave. Close to all services $175 pw, bond + references reqd. Ph:0437394461 2 BDR Unit, very close to Centro Plaza. $140 pw, bond + references reqd. Ph:0437394461

Mildura Weekly

HSV GRANGE, 5.7 LTR, Luxury Sports Car, Build # 301, PPK 574, $22,500 ono. Ph:0419352362. NISSAN Pathfinder, wagon, 2000 model, TI, auto 162000ks, bullbar, new tyres, RWC, EC, $14000 ono CI256 Ph:0429388479 RAV 4 CV. '04 model, auto, silver, AC, toe bar & front bumper bar. EC 81000ks $20000. Ph:0409359759 TOYOTA Rav 4 CV 07, 4WD, auto, wagon, 2.4L, AC, AB, PW, ABS, CL, CD/MP3, silver, immobi, WAB670, reg 23.10.09 7100Ks, $27000ono Ph:0421548359

MOTOR BIKES SUZUKI GSX-R 600 2008, low ks, $10800. RMZ 250 2008, very clean $5800. Ph:0418513688

HOLIDAY ACCOM. ADELAIDE Accommodation at Semaphore from $85n Ph:0412106646 www.seacroftapartment

Contact Kerry Homfray or Kurt Roberts


MOTOR BIKES KAWASAKI KX80, ex cond, new F & R tyre, new chain & F & R spockets, new F & R brake pads, recent rebuild, Ready to race and ride $2100ono Ph:0407242081 TRIUMPH TT 600 2002, black & yellow, 4783 kms, braided front brake lines, FY164 $ 5 6 0 0 o n o Ph:0428384208 YAMAHA WR-F 250 2008. Low kms, never raced, reg till Jan 2010. $9500ono Ph:0408423940

CARAVANS & TRAILERS JAYCO offroad campervan, GC, new canvas, axle and brakes on rodeo rims, good interior. C97516 $6500 ono Ph:0409210073





TRADING HOURS: 8.00am-5.00pm

Cyril Rhode for


Vaughan Waters for PARTS

Keep your machinery moving. Factory trained technicians means less down time for you.







VISCOUNT Caravan, 1985, DBL bed, full annex, gas/elec, fridge, oven, m/wave 11 mths rego VGC $6900 Ph:0429105027

FOR SALE Sunraysia’s ADVERTISMENTS Phone: 50211777 Largest

Real Estate Guide

Mildura Mi ild Weekly

Phone 50211777


Classifieds 5021 1777

SMITH - Pa ul and Sonia are proud to an nounce the sa fe arrival of th eir baby bo y.

John Lee

on May 14th

, weighing 7


SMITH - Pa ul and Sonia are proud to an nounce the safe arrival of th eir baby bo y.

John Lee

on May 14th , weighing 7 lb 2oz at Mildu ra Hospital.

announce the arrival of your nnew addition to your family $1.55 per line, ............................... ............(minimum of 5 lines) ............ Name......................................................$3.00 Logo .......................................................$5.00

To place your message call into Mildura Weekly at 73 Orange Ave Mildura Phone: 5021 1777 Fax: 5021 1733

Book your classifieds online now at

Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

Classifieds Classifieds

73 Orange Ave, Mildura 73 Orange Ave, Mildura

PHONE: 5021 1777 PHONE: 5021 1777


FAX: 5021 1733 FAX: 5021 1733





Thursday May 2009 11am OUR PREMISES: Lot28th 4 Sturt Highway NSW Thursday 28th May 2009 at atBURONGA 11am OUR PREMISES: Lot 4 Sturt Highway BURONGA Under instructions from Major Finance Companies and Corporate Clients, OUR PREMISES: Lot 4 Sturt Highway BURONGA NSW NSW

we will sell following byCompanies way of public auction: Under instructions fromthe Major Finance and Corporate Clients, Under instructions from Major Finance and Corporate Clients, will sell the following by Companies way of public auction: TRACTORS we EARTHMOVING we will sell the following by way of public auction: TRACTORS EARTHMOVING John Deere 9400T CAT D8K Dozer TRACTORS 9400T EARTHMOVING John CAT D8K DozerLoader 8850 4WD 4WD 988 Artic Artic Loader John Deere Deere 8850 CAT 988 John Deere Deere 9400T CAT 988 D8K Dozer John CAT Artic Loader Case In 93908850 4WD4WD Moore SP1411 SP Multi Multi Tyres Tyres Roller Roller Case In 9390 4WD Moore SP1411 SP John Deere 8850 CAT 988 Artic Loader Case In 9390 4WD4WD Moore SP1411 SPltr Multi TyresTanker Roller MF 2220 FWA Chapman 29000 ltr Bitumen Tanker MF 2220 FWA Chapman 29000 Bitumen Case In 9390 Moore SP1411 TyresTanker Roller MF 2220 FWA4WD Chapman 29000SPltrMulti Bitumen TN55 FWA TILLAGE/HAY TN55 FWA TILLAGE/HAY MF 2220 FWA Chapman 29000 ltr Bitumen Tanker TN55 FWA TILLAGE/HAY TYM T451 FWA Horwood Bagshaw 6000ltr Aircart TYM T451 FWA Horwood Bagshaw 6000ltr Aircart TN55T451 FWA TILLAGE/HAY TYM FWATractor Horwood Bagshaw Kubota B7000 Tractor New Holland BB9406000ltr Baler Aircart Kubota B7000 New Holland BB940 Baler Kubota B7000 Tractor MKII New Holland BB940 BalerConditioner Chamberlain Industrial MKII 411 Mower Mower Conditioner TYM T451 FWA Horwood Bagshaw 6000ltr Aircart Chamberlain Industrial New Holland 411 Chamberlain Industrial New 411 Mower Conditioner MOTOR VEHICLES Kverneland Twin Rotor Hay Rake Kubota B7000 Tractor MKII New Holland Holland BB940 Baler MOTOR VEHICLES Kverneland Twin Rotor Hay Rake MOTOR VEHICLES Kverneland Twin Hay Rake 12/06 Nissan Patrol Utility WORKSHOP EQUIPMENT Chamberlain Industrial MKII New Holland 411Rotor Mower Conditioner 12/06 Nissan Patrol Utility WORKSHOP EQUIPMENT 12/06 Nissan Patrol Utility WORKSHOP EQUIPMENT 07 Toyota Hilux Ext Cab Cab Utility Macson Lathe MOTOR VEHICLES Kverneland Twin Rotor Hay Rake 07 Toyota Hilux Ext Utility Macson Lathe 07 Toyota Hilux Ext Cab Utility Macson LatheEQUIPMENT 05/05 VZ Holden Crewman Utiliy Mobile Welder Generator 12/06 Nissan Patrol Utility WORKSHOP 05/05 VZ Holden Crewman Utiliy Mobile Welder Generator 05/05 VZ Holden Crewman Utiliy Mobile Generator 02/05 Ford BA MKII MKII Utility Denbigh Pedestal Drill 02/05 Ford BA Utility Denbigh Pedestal Drill 07 Toyota Hilux Ext Cab Utility MacsonWelder Lathe 02/05 BA Utility Denbigh Pedestal Drill 09/05 Unimig Welder 09/05 Ford BA MKII MKII Utility Utiliy Unimig 05/05 Ford VZ Holden Crewman Mobile Welder Generator 09/05 Ford BA Sedan MKII Utility Unimig Welder 03/04 Ford Uni Plasma Plasma Cutter 03/04 Uni Cutter 02/05 Ford BA BA Sedan MKII Utility Denbigh Pedestal Drill 03/04 BA Sedan Uni Plasma Cutter 02/04 Ford XR6 Sedan Sedan 1200mm Metal Plate Rollers Rollers 02/04 1200mm Metal Plate 09/05 Ford Ford BA BA XR6 MKII Utility Unimig Welder 02/04 Ford BA BA XR6 XR6 Sedan Sedan 1200mm Metal Plate Rollers 09/04 Ford MISCELLANEOUS 09/04 MISCELLANEOUS 03/04 Ford BA Sedan Uni Plasma Cutter 09/04 BAVZ XR6 SedanWagon MISCELLANEOUS 07/05 Ford Holden VZ Station Wagon New Holland Holland MC28 MC28 Frt Frt Deck Deck Mower Mower 07/05 Holden Station New 02/04Holden Ford Commodore BAVZ XR6 Sedan 1200mm Metal Plate 07/05 Holden Station Wagon New Holland MC28 FrtRollers Deck Mower 07/05 VZ Station Wagon Jacobsen Frt Reel Reel Mower 07/05 Holden Commodore VZ Station Wagon Jacobsen Frt Mower 09/04Holden Ford Commodore BA XR6 Sedan MISCELLANEOUS 07/05 VZGL Station Wagon Jacobsen Frt12 Reel Mower 07/01 Mitsubishi Triton Utility Aluminium 12 Punts with5hp 5hp44Stroke StrokeMotor Motor 07/01 Utility 22New xxAluminium ftftPunts with 07/05 Mitsubishi Holden VZ Triton StationGL Wagon Holland Deck 07/01 Mitsubishi Triton GL Utility 2 x Aluminium 12MC28 ft PuntsFrt with 5hp 4Mower Stroke Motor TRANSPORT Black Skink Industrial Industrial Vacuum Cleaner TRANSPORT Black Skink Vacuum Cleaner 07/05 Holden VZDrive StationP/M Wagon Black Jacobsen ReelFrt Mower TRANSPORT SkinkFrt Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 01/02 VolvoCommodore FH12 Bogie Bogie John Deere 1445 Deck Mower 01/02 Volvo FH12 Drive P/M John Deere 1445 Frt Deck Mower 07/01 Mitsubishi Triton GL Utility 2 x Aluminium 12 ft Punts with 5hp 4 Stroke Motor 01/02 Volvo FH12 Bogie Drive P/M John Deere 1445 Frt Deck Mower 02 Ford Transit 350 Tipper 02 Ford Transit 350 Tipper TRANSPORT 02 Ford 350 Tipper 79 VolvoTransit F10 -- 23 23 F/W Concrete Pump PumpBlack Skink Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 79 Volvo F10 F/W Concrete 01/02 Volvo Bogie Drive P/M 79 Volvo F10FH12 - 23 F/W Concrete Pump John Deere 1445 Frt Deck Mower 01 Hino Dutro Cab Chassis 01 Hino Dutro Cab Chassis 01 Dutro Cab Chassis 02 Hino Ford Transit 350Day Tipper Inspection: prior 9am 9am -- 4pm, 4pm, and and from from 8am 8am day day of of sale sale Inspection: Day prior Enquiries: Gerard Nolen 0418 109 036day of sale Inspection: DayConcrete priorGerard 9am - 4pm, and from 8am 79 Volvo F10 - 23Enquiries: F/W Pump Nolen 0418 109 036 Enquiries: Gerard NolenFOR 0418 109 036 TERMS AND CONDITIONS SALE 01 Hino Dutro Cab Chassis AND CONDITIONS SALE PAYMENT TERMS: TERMS Cash,bank cheques, EFTPOSFOR or by direct deposit. TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR SALE PAYMENT TERMS: Cash,bank EFTPOSand or byfrom direct8am deposit. Inspection: Day 9am - 4pm, day of sale Payments to be made byprior 4pmcheques, day following PAYMENT TERMS: Cash,bank cheques, EFTPOS or by direct deposit. Payments to be made by 4pm day following BUYERS PREMIUM: Buyers premium will apply to all lots Enquiries: Gerard Nolen 0418 109 036 Payments to be made by 4pm day following BUYERS PREMIUM: Buyers premium will apply to all lots GST: Sale will be conducted on a GST will exclusive basis (Hammer price + GST). BUYERS Buyers AND premium applyFOR to allSALE lots GST: SalePREMIUM: will be conducted on a CONDITIONS GST exclusive basis (Hammer price + GST). TERMS GST: Sale will be conducted oncheques, a GST exclusive price + GST). PAYMENT TERMS: Cash,bank EFTPOSbasis or by(Hammer direct deposit.

This Saturday 16 May @10.00am a/c E. Weaver Inspections from 9am 20 Weaver Lane (off Pascendale Avenue) Merbein West

Mechanical and Electrical 1955 Austin A30 car, engine number 51057 (restored), Honda monkey mini bike, assorted vintage reel mowers and original victa rotary mower (restored), assorted small engines (restored), quantity of power and garden tools including saws, drills, router, rotary hoe, wood lathe, sizer, 4 stroke generator plus much more. 472 MW27052 MW27052 510.2 510.2 472

Deacon 472and MW27052 510.2 General Collectables Deacon Deacon Real Estate Services Old petrol tins, Pre WW2 Real Estate Services wooden Real Estate Services WW2 era kerosene boxes, assorted tobacco, WW2 era tea tin (pressed), 4 x singer sewing machines in varying states. Transistor radios plus sundries to numerous to mention.

Outside entries invited Cash / cheque payable on day. Catering available on day. Number system with ID required. Signs to be erected. Visit for photos All enquiries to Agent Rob Pallot 0428 273 411 or Auctioneer Marty Deacon 0429 953 365

Payments to be made byCairns 4pm day following Dubbo Mildura Moree Northam Adelaide Brisbane Devonport Adelaide Brisbane Cairns Devonport Dubbo Mildura Moree Northam BUYERS PREMIUM: Buyers premium will apply to all lots Perth Shepparton Sydney Toowoomba Townsville Wagga Wagga Adelaide Brisbane Cairns Dubbo Mildura price Moree Northam GST: Sale willShepparton be conducted on aDevonport GSTToowoomba exclusive basis (Hammer + GST). Perth Sydney Townsville Wagga Wagga

Adelaide Brisbane Cairns Devonport Dubbo Mildura Moree Northam Perth Shepparton Sydney Toowoomba Townsville Wagga Wagga

Sally Hardy Sally Hardy Sally Hardy

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Kathryn Martin Kathryn Martin Kathryn Martin

We’ll make your your car car We’ll make go go ONLY ONLY ONLY * * $ faster * ONLY $ * $35 faster 25 35 $ OR UNTIL SOLD* WIH A PHOTO 25 UNTIL SOLD* UNTIL SOLD*

Fromtht • •From Whynot n • •Why IN TOWN Ideallylo BEDROOMS DETAILS RENT P/WEEK • •Ideally Study Magnificent Magnificent home, open open plan plan living livingRENT P/WEEK $360.00 Transp BEDROOMS DETAILS 44 ++ Study home, $360.00 Transpo Executive home, home, r/cycle, dw living $350.00 44 + Study Executive r/cycle, dw $350.00 Magnificent home, open plan $360.00 Securey • •Secure Ensuite, BIR’s, BIR’s, fully fenced, lge study study $300.00 Ensuite, fully fenced, $300.00 44 Executive home, r/cycle, dwlge $350.00 Modern home home with with bathrooms $275.00 Ensuite, BIR’s, fully 22fenced, lge study $300.00 343 Modern bathrooms $275.00 Contact Contact: Modern t/house t/house with bathrooms $270.00Address home with 2 bathrooms $275.00 33 Modern with 22 bathrooms $270.00 Address: 2 Bath, Bath, dbl dbl c/p &&with dbl LU garage $240.00 33 t/house 2LUbathrooms $270.00 2Modern c/p dbl garage $240.00 InterneP Internet MILDURA MILDURA 3 Study, ceiling fans, 2x garden sheds $230.00

PROPERTY ADDRESS 521 Walnut Walnut Avenue Avenue PROPERTY ADDRESS 521

120 Dyar Dyar Avenue Avenue 120 521 Walnut Avenue 2 Ellen Ellen Court 2120 Court Dyar Avenue Etiwanda Ave 2601 Ellen Court Ave 601 Etiwanda 4/34Etiwanda Carfora Drive Drive 601 Ave 4/34 Carfora 260 Sixth Sixth Street 4/34 Carfora Drive 260 Street Waltham Avenue 260 Sixth Street 11 Waltham Avenue 438 Eleventh Street 1438 Waltham Avenue Eleventh Street 29 Walnut Walnut Avenue 438 Eleventh Street 29 Avenue Joakim Court 29 WalnutCourt Avenue 66 Joakim 3/265 283 Twelfth Street Street 63/265 Joakim Court -- 283 Twelfth Linton Court 3/265 - 283 Twelfth Street 66 Linton Court 24Linton FloralCourt Ave East East 624 Floral Ave 20 Floral Plaza Village, Village, 15th Street Street 24 Ave East15th 20 Plaza 3/401 SanVillage, Mateo15th Avenue 20 Plaza Street 3/401 San Mateo Avenue 6/86 -- San 88 Seventh Seventh Street 3/401 Mateo Avenue 6/86 88 Street 4/238- Deakin Deakin Avenue 6/86 88 Seventh Street 4/238 Avenue 5/5-7 Cameron Avenue 4/238 Deakin Avenue 33 && 5/5-7 Cameron Avenue 8/227 Wade AvenueAvenue 38/227 & 5/5-7 Cameron Wade Avenue 8/227 Wade Avenue

2Study, Bath,ceiling dbl c/pfans, & dbl2xLU garage $240.00 garden shedsMILDURA $230.00 Lge kitchen, kitchen, tidy yard with BI BI BBQ BBQ $225.00 Study, ceilingtidy fans, 2x with garden sheds $230.00 Lge yard $225.00 Great location close towith CBDBI BBQ $225.00 Lge kitchen, tidy yardto $225.00 Great location close CBD Neat &&location Tidy 33 bedroom bedroom home $210.00 Great close to CBD $225.00 Neat Tidy home $210.00 2 Bath, Bath, near3golf golf course,home dw, gdn gdn shed shed $210.00 $210.00 & Tidy bedroom 2Neat near course, dw, Immaculately kept, bath, gas heating $200.00 2Immaculately Bath, near golf course, dw, gdn shed $210.00 kept, 11 bath, gas heating $200.00 Good yard, yard, dble dble carport, gas heating $195.00 Immaculately kept, 1 bath, gas heating $195.00 $200.00 Good carport, gas heating Close yard, to Centro, Centro, neat && tidy tidy unit $190.00 Good dble carport, gasunit heating $195.00 Close to neat $190.00 Neat 22tobedroom bedroom unit in in& good good location $145.00 Design Close Centro, unit neat tidy unit $190.00 • •Designe Neat location $145.00 Low maintenance maintenance unit, close to to river river $130.00 Neat 2 bedroom unit in close good location $145.00 Low unit, $130.00 • Yourinvi • Your Bath, close to to schools schools shops $125.00 Low maintenance unit, close to river $130.00 11 Bath, close && shops $125.00 strict Renovated Westside unit $125.00 strict bub 1Renovated Bath, close to schools & shops $125.00 Westside unit Neat 11 bedroom bedroom unit,unit carport $100.00 Renovated Westside $125.00 Firstininw Neat unit, carport $100.00 • •First Neat 1 bedroom unit, carport $100.00

Bo Bo

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Sectio • •Section

Lands • •Landsca 32 Irymple Irymple Avenue, Avenue, Nichols Nichols Pt Pt 44 Ent area, area, close close to to river, river, pool pool && shed shed $400.00 32 Ent $400.00 29 Drings Drings Way, Way, Gol Gol Gol Executive home, ducted r/cycle $330.00second 32 Irymple Avenue, Nichols Pt 44 Ent area, close toducted river, pool & shed $400.00 secon 29 Gol Executive home, r/cycle $330.00 174Drings Pitman Ave,Gol Buronga Study, great great outdoor arear/cycle pool $280.00• Choos 29 Way, Gol Executive home, ducted $330.00 174 Pitman Ave, Buronga 343 Study, outdoor area && pool $280.00 • Choose 19 Francesca Dr, Irymple Lovely townhouse, WIR, dw, r/cycle $230.00 174 Pitman Ave, 33 Study, outdoorWIR, areadw, & pool $280.00 19 Francesca Dr,Buronga Irymple Lovely great townhouse, r/cycle $230.00 524 Shaggy Ridge Rd, R/vale 3 2 living areas, lge home in rural location $210.00 Contact 19 Francesca Dr, Irymple WIR,indw, r/cycle $230.00 Contact: 524 Shaggy Ridge Rd, R/vale 3 2Lovely living townhouse, areas, lge home rural location $210.00 14 Karadoc Ave, Nichols Point 34 Vineyard setting, carport $180.00 Addres 524 Shaggy Ridge Rd, R/vale 2 living areas, lge home in rural location $210.00 Address: 14 Karadoc Ave, Nichols Point 4 Vineyard setting, carport $180.00 MILDURA MILDURA 7/1 Silver City Hwy, Buronga Open plan living, carport r/cycle $170.00 InterneP 14 Ave, Nichols Point 422 Vineyard $180.00 Internet 7/1Karadoc Silver City Hwy, Buronga Open plansetting, living, r/cycle $170.00 MILDURA 15 Martin Street, Ouyen 1 Bath, neat & tidy home $165.00 7/1 Silver City Hwy, Buronga 233 Open $170.00 15 Martin Street, Ouyen 1 Bath,plan neatliving, & tidyr/cycle home $165.00 21/133 Calder Hwy, Red Cliffs 1 partly furnished unit $130.00 15 Martin Street, Ouyen 1Neat, Bath,partly neat furnished & tidy home $165.00 21/133 Calder Hwy, Red Cliffs 31 Neat, unit $130.00 20 Fuller Street, Ouyen 3 Neat 3partly bedroom homeunit in Ouyen $125.00 21/133 Calder Hwy, Red Cliffs 1 Neat, furnished $130.00 20 Fuller Street, Ouyen 3 Neat 3 bedroom home in Ouyen $125.00 1&4/24-26 Mitchell St, Ouyen 1 Lovely spot, short terminlease avail $90.00ea 20 Fuller Street, Ouyen Neat 3 bedroom Ouyen $125.00 1&4/24-26 Mitchell St, Ouyen 13 Lovely spot, shorthome term lease avail $90.00ea 1&4/24-26 Mitchell St, Ouyen 1 Lovely spot, short term lease avail $90.00ea RECENTLY LET PROPERTIES RECENTLY LET PROPERTIES LET 22 Excelsior Drive 3 Immaculate west side home LET PROPERTIES LET 22 Excelsior DriveAvenue RECENTLY 32 Immaculate west side home LET 3/236 Woodham Low maintenance, private courtyard LET 22 Excelsior Drive 3 Immaculate west side home LET 3/236 Woodham 23 Low private LET • Only m 21 Euneva Drive Avenue Closemaintenance, to school, BIRs, dbl courtyard l/up gge LET • Only min 3/236 Woodham 2 Low maintenance, private courtyard LET 21 Euneva Drive Avenue Close school,Enclosed BIRs, dblcourtyard l/up gge LET 2/2088 Fifteenth St, Irymple 332 Good to location. LET 21 Euneva Drive St, Close to school,Enclosed BIRs, dblcourtyard l/up gge LET 2/2088 Fifteenth Irymple 2 Good location. Stage1 • •Stage LET 2/2088 Fifteenth St, Irymple 2 Good location. Enclosed courtyard

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Results in For Lease Lease Real For For Lease inEstate Results

roccisano property group

List your your rental rental property with with Ray Ray White today. today. List ListFor your rental property property with service Ray White White today. Real Estate effective, professional phone Mildura For For effective, effective, professional professional service service phone phone

(03) 5021 5021 9500 9500 (03) (03) 5021 9500 69 Deakin Avenue, Mildura VIC 3500 $ $

22 Denbeigh Denbeigh Close Close 35 Riverside Avenue 35 35 Riverside Riverside Avenue Avenue 2 Toorak Avenue 22 Toorak Avenue Toorak Avenue 1/40 Cherry Avenue 1/40 1/40 Cherry Cherry Avenue Avenue 4/189 Deakin Avenue 4/189 Deakin 4/189 Deakin Avenue Avenue 311 Tenth Street 311 Tenth Street 311 Tenth Street

$310.00 $310.00 $310.00 $285.00 $285.00 $285.00 $200.00 $200.00 $200.00 $160.00 $160.00 $160.00 $145.00 $145.00 $145.00 $135.00 $135.00 $135.00 $

939 Irymple Avenue

$300.00 $300.00 $300.00 $

939 Irymple Avenue Nichols Point Nichols Point Nichols Point 32 Irymple Avenue

Red Cliffs Red Cliffs Red Cliffs

Now Now 15/06/2009 15/06/2009 15/06/2009 5/06/2009 5/06/2009 5/06/2009 Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now Now

4 44 3 33 2 22 2 22 2 22 1 11

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2 22

$ $

Available Available Available Now

$ $

Now Available Available Available MILDURA 4 2

$400.00 $400.00 $400.00

32 32 Irymple Irymple Avenue Avenue

Available Available Now

$ $ $

Available Available Available



Mirage FOR LEASE PROPERTIES roccisano property gro Results in Real Estate From $90,000

roccisano property group

Mildura Mirage

69 Avenue, 69 Deakin Deakin Avenue, Mildura Mildura VIC VIC 3500 3500 $ Mildura Available Other

Mildura Mildura 2 Denbeigh Close

Securey • •Secure ContactC Contact: Address Address: REDCLIFFS CLIFFS RED InternetP Internet RED CLIFFS

MILDURA other $ Mildura Mirage MILDURA MILDURA 3/4A Westside Huge Home ESR$240,000-$260,000 3/4 Westside Huge Home ESR$240,000-$260,000 Westside Huge Home ESR$240,000-$260,000

• New subdivision now released • 76 fully serviced lots • House & land packages available MILDURA From $90,000 • New subdivision now released • From the traditional larger lot with room for the pool, shed & workshop Great Value ESR $140,000-$150,000 • 76 fully serviced lots • Why not call Mildura Mirage home? • House & land packages available MILDURA rst home or investment • Separate toilet, laundry & bathroom • FromSchools, the traditional larger lot with room • forIdeal the pool,fished & workshop • Ideally located within walking distance to Centro Plaza, Great Value ESR $140,000-$150,000 • Why not call Mildura Mirage home? • 3 bedrooms • Impressive 11ft ceilings • Ideal first home or investment • Separate toilet, laundry & bathroom Transport & other facilities • Ideally located within walking distance to Centro Plaza, Schools, • Lounge, neat kitchen &• 3dining • Gas heating, evaporative bedrooms • Impressive 11ft ceilings cooling Transport & other facilities • Lounge, neat kitchen•& Great dining sized • Gasbackyard heating, evaporative cooling • Secure your block now! • Lots of cupboards • Secure your block now! • Lots of cupboards • Great sized backyard Contact: Carol 0428 542 192 Contact: Carol 0428 542 192 Contact: Contact: Stuart 0418 322 384 Stuart 0418 322 384 Address: Mildura Mirage H19 Address: 1 Hunter Street G-H12 Address: Mildura Mirage H19 Address: 1 Hunter StreetInternet G-H12 Internet PID: 173357 MILDURA Open: Saturday 11.00-11.30am PID: 168055 Internet PID: 173357 Internet PID: 168055 Open: Saturday 11.00-11.30am

Popul Largefamily familyhome home Outdoorentertainment entertainmentarea area • •Popular • •Large • •Outdoor • Large family home • Outdoor entertainment area • Well p extralarge largebedrooms, bedrooms,BIR BIR Timberkitchen kitchenwith withdishwasher dishwasher • Well pr • •3 3extra • •Timber • 3 extra large bedrooms, BIR • Timber kitchen with dishwasher bed •2 2bathrooms, bathrooms,2 2living living areas Reversecycle cycleheating heating& &cooling cooling • •3 3bedro Other •2/120 •1•Reverse Other Eleventh Mda areas 2 areas 1• Reverse $120.00pw to Tafe • 2St,bathrooms, 2 living cycle heatingClose & cooling 2 Large shed Separ •OnOndouble doublesize sizeallotment allotment •Double Doublegarage garage • •Separat • • MILDURA 22 Large shed • On double size allotment • Double garage 4/368released Deakin Ave, Mda 2 1 1 $120.00pw Close to Centro •Large Newshed subdivision now Bozzi Heights 2 Bungalow Contact:Peter Peter0407 0407212 212850 850 Contac Contact: Contact: Contact: Peter 0407 212 850 “A level above the rest” From $65,000 22 Bungalow •Bungalow 76 fully serviced lots Address: 500Eleventh Eleventh StreetC10 Addres Address: 500 2/471 San Mateo Ave, Mda Street 2C10 1 1 $150.00pw Gas Heating Address: Address: 500 Eleventh Street C10 1 In-ground pool Open:Saturday Saturday10.00-10.30am 10.00-10.30am MILDURA Internet PID: 161447 Interne Open: Internet PID: 161447 “A level above the rest” Internet • House & land packages available From $65,000 11 In-ground pool Saturday Internet 102 San Mateo Ave, MdaPID: 161447 2 1 2Open: $180.00pw Lock$180,000-$205,000 Up Garage In-ground pool Neat & Comfortable 10.00-10.30am • Designed to maximise capital growth 1 Walk to CBD • From the traditional larger lot with room for the pool, shed & workshop • Your investment is protected and enhanced by the Bozzi Estate Great Near Value 11 Walk to 9/803-805covenants Irymple Ave, Mda 2 1 1 $180.00pw New Walk to CBD CBD strict building • Why not call Mildura Mirage home? MILDURA 1 Close to CBD • First in will reap the rewards, selling fast Neat & Comfortable $180,000-$205,000 • Ideal fiOpen: rst home MILDURA Saturday 11.45-12.15pm 42 Seventh St, Mda 3 Plaza, 1 2 $190.00pw 20x12 Shedor inves 11 Close to • Section 32’s now available, builders termsto available • Ideally walking distance Centro Schools, Close to CBD CBDlocated within 400 MW25526 453.5 paved pergola area • Landscaping, maintenance & natural elevation will make the Bozzi Estate • 3 bedrooms with built in robes • •3Large bedrooms 1 Furnished • Heights Large light filled lounge • Secure yard Immacolata 400 MW25526 MW25526 453.5 Roccisano Transport & other facilities 400 453.5 second to noneAve, & unbeatable value 14 Pegler Mda 3 1 2 $200.00pw Quiet Location • Spacious meals area Powered shed neat with concrete floor 11 Furnished • ••Lounge, kitchen & Furnished • Choose your own builder Roccisano • Timber with dishwasher Double carport, close to Centro Fromkitchen $55,700 Otheryour block Roccisano • Secure now! Real Estate • Lots of cupboards Contact: Peter 0407 212 Mda 850 219 Wade Ave, 3 1 1 Close to Shops Contact: Stuart 0418 $210.00pw 322 384 Other Other MILDURA Address: Corner Walnut Avenue & Sixteenth Street F19 Real Address: 9 Batey Crescent H15-16 2 Large shedCarol 0428 Real Estate Estate Contact: 542 171067 192 MILDURA Sunraysia’s Best Value House & Land Package $199,500 322 Internet Open: Saturday 11.45-12.15pm Contact: Stuart 0418 22 Large 1/313PID:Eighth St, Mda 2 1 Internet PID: 1 172800$210.00pw Secure Location Large shed shedMildura Mirage Address: H19 Other Address: 1 Hunter Street Internet PID: 173357 Other 2B Hillcrest Cl, Mda 3 2 1 MILDURA $225.00pw Quiet Location Other Internet PID: 168055 SOUTH MILDURA SOUTH 2 Pool, shed

From $90,000

Bozzi Heights


• Designed to maximise capital growth • Your investment is protected and enhanced by the Bozzi Estate strict building covenants • First in will reap the rewards, selling fast • Section 32’s now available, builders terms available • Landscaping, maintenance & natural elevation will make the Bozzi Estate second to none & unbeatable value • Choose your own builder

• 3 bedrooms with built in robes • Large light filled lounge • Spacious meals area • Timber kitchen with dishwasher

Contact: Peter 0407 212 850 Address: Corner Walnut Avenue & Sixteenth Street F19 Internet PID: 171067

Contact: Stuart 0418 322 384 Address: 9 Batey Crescent H15-16 Internet PID: 172800

• Only minutes from the heart of Red Cliffs • Stage 1 of a 134 lot subdivision • Lot sizes range from 450m2 to nearly 900m2 • Prices start from $55,700 • House & Land packages available • Suit first & second home buyers, astute investors, retirees • Affordable living • Secure your home site now! Contact: Carol 0428 542 192 Address: Immacolata Heights Internet PID: 175838

Contact: Carol 0428 542 192 Address: Matthew Flinders Drive H-I15 Internet PID: 175919

Immacolata Heights

Bozzi Heights Pool, Pool, shed shed

Other Other Other

• Large paved pergola area • Secure yard • Powered shed with concrete floor • Double carport, close to Centro

• Automatic watering system • Luxury affordable living • Minutes from Mildura Shopping Precinct • Fencing & paving • Evaporative air conditioning • Double garage with auto door • Furnace heating • Top investment value


3$55,700 2 2 $230.00pw$129,000 Low Maintenance Rive 10acres acres -ideal ideal rural home site From River 10 10 -acres -rural idealhome ruralsite home site$129,000 $129,000 RED CLIFFS

23/265 Twelfth St, Mda

• Only minutes from the heart of Red Cliffs • Stage 1 of a 134 lot subdivision MILDURA • Lot sizes range from 450m2 to nearly 900m2 Brand New $345,000 MILDURA Opportunity to purchase a brand new modern style home for less than some • Prices start from $55,700 NICHOLSBest POINT Value MILDURA older ones. Features are many but some are: 4 bedrooms, 3 with built in robes, Sunraysia’s House & Land Package $199,500 plus magic ensuite and walk in robe to master, dream kitchen fully equipped 3/4 Acre With The Lot $320,000 Westside Huge Home ESR$240,000-$260,000 • House & Land packages available including dishwasher and pantry, large entertaining areas, separate lounge and family room, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning to all rooms, • Luxury • Automatic watering systemceiling fans and • Popular Nichols Point area • 40x20 shed affordable living • Large family home • Outdoor entertainment area • Suit first &bedrooms, secondBIRhome buyers, astute down lights with double lock up garage. A large alfresco area for those balmy • Well presented home on 3/4 acre • Covered outdoor entertaining area • 3 extra large • Timber kitchen withinvestors, dishwasher retirees • Minutes from Mildura Shopping Precinct • Fencing paving nights, plus there’s more, a 9m x 6m & x 2.7 freestanding garage/workshop with • 3 bedrooms, office, 2 bathrooms • Variety of fruit trees • 2 bathrooms, 2 living areas • Reverse cycle heating & cooling slab floor, power and lights. Fully landscaped (drought tolerant) 800m2 cul-de-sac • Affordable living • Separate lounge, dining & family • Established attractiveair gardens • Evaporative conditioning • Double garage auto door • On double size allotment • Double garage block. If you have got this far, call in and see thewith rest for yourself. • Secure your home • Furnace heating • Top Contact: Peter 0407 212 850site now! Contact: Peter 0407 212 850 Contact: Carol 0428 542 192 investment value Address: 500 Eleventh Street C10 Address: 131 Belar Avenue Address: Lot 39 Daytona Court I15 Contact: Carol 0428 542 192 Open: Saturday 10.00-10.30am Internet PID: 166050 Internet PID: 161447 Open: SaturdayCarol 12.30-1.00pm Open: Saturday 10.45-11.15am Contact: 0428 542Internet 192 PID: 171577 Address: Immacolata Heights Address: Matthew Flinders Drive H-I15 Internet PID: 175838 Internet PID: 175919

33 Francesca Dve, Irymple 3okok Idealhome home site- relocatable - relocatable • •Ideal site

2totoplant $250.00pw Suitable plant •2•Suitable upup

Open Plan Living Walkto • •Walk

• Ideal home site - relocatable ok • Suitable to plant up 12 Westcliffs Avenue $270.00 Now 5 2 2 2085m minutes fromCentro CentroPlaza Plaza Drainage rights • •2085m • •1010minutes from •2•Drainage PARKVIEW VIILAS 23/313 Eighth 2 •rights $260.00pw •St,10Mda minutes from 3Centro Plaza Drainage rights Reverse Cycle 12 $270.00 Now 55 22 22 Onlymm 12 Westcliffs Westcliffs Avenue Avenue $270.00 Now •Bus Busservices servicestotoschools schools •These Thesetypes typesofofproperties propertiesare areinin • •Only • • Executive Low Maintenance Villas • Bus services to schools • These types of properties are in 7 Goulburn Avenue $190.00 Now 3 1 2 Close to pool 167 St, Mdaright 3 1 limited 2 supply$270.00pw Opp St Joseph’s Surro •2 Twelfth 2meg megwater water right limitedsupply • •Surroun • 77 Goulburn $190.00 Now 33 11 22 Close • 2 meg water right limited supply From$240.00pw Goulburn Avenue Avenue $190.00 Now Close to to pool pool 21/133 Calder Highway $130.00 Now 1 1 1 Fully•furnished Designed to maximise capital growth 135 Dyar Ave, Mda0407 2 2 $340.00pw Large Family Home Contac Contact: Peter 0407212 212850 8504 Contact: Contact: Peter 323 Eighth St, Mda – 3br 23/13 Eighth St, Mda – 3br Contact: Peter 0407 212 850 21/133 Calder Highway $130.00 Now 1 1 1 Fully•furnished Addres Lot SheoakAvenue Avenue Address: RED investment CLIFFS Your is Address: protected and enhanced by5the Bozzi2Estate 2 Address: Lot 5St,5Sheoak Lot 1 Melaleuca Bur $380.00pw Large Shed 6 Ilex Street $110.00 Now Offi ce Address: Lot 5 Sheoak Avenue 35/313 Eighth St, Mda – 3br 33/313 Eighth St, Mda – 3br Interne InternetPID: PID:172119 172119 Internet Internet strict building covenants 6 Ilex Street $110.00 Now Office Internet PID: 172119 Big Lizzie Units $90.00 Now 1 1 1Partly Furnished • First in will reap the rewards, sellingMILDURA fastSOUTH GOL GOL CARDROSS Big Lizzie Units $90.00 Now 1 1 1Partly Furnished $245,000 Fruit block with contract 10 acres - ideal rural home site $129,000 River Aspect $240,000 • Walk to River • Elevated position 9/133 Calder Highway $90.00 Now 1 1 1Partly•Furnished home site - relocatable okbuilders • Suitable to plant up Section 32’s now•• Ideal available, terms available • 6.47ha (16 acres) • Contracted to BRL Hardy MILDURA • 2085m2 allotment • Exclusive location 10 minutes from Centro Plaza • Drainage rights • 2.28ha (5.65 acres) Cab/Sav • 30x20 shed with concrete floor • Only meters from the river • Capital growth guaranteed • Bus services to schools • These types of properties are in • 1.61ha (4 acres) Chardonnay • Pump shed - Perkins Diesel pump • 3 bedrooms with built i Brand New $345,000 9/133 Calder Highway $90.00 Now 1 1 1Partly•Furnished • Surrounded by prestigious homes • The ultimate location for your home • 2.3ha (5.7 acres) • 2 meg water right limited supply Columbard • 35 megs water, Good producer Landscaping, maintenance & natural elevation will make the Bozzi Estate

“A level above the rest”

‘Leaders In Property Management’ Call the Professionals

From $65,000

5021 1900 5021 1900 5021 1900

Real Peop Neat &Real Comfort People Rea

RealEstat Est ininReal

Opportunity to purchase a brand new modern style home for less than some in Re • Large light3 with filled lounge NICHOLS POINT older ones. Features are many but some MILDURA are: 4 bedrooms, built in robes, Available Other second to none 3/4 & unbeatable value plus magic ensuite and walk in robe to master, dream kitchen fully equipped 83 Deakin Avenue, Mildura 83 Deakin Avenue, Mildura Acre With The Lot $320,000 Westside Huge Home ESR$240,000-$260,000 • entertaining Spacious meals areaandSe $ including dishwasher and pantry, large separate lounge Real People 83 Deakin Avenue, Mildura *ESR Estimated S *ESR - -areas, Estimated LEASED 3 2 2 CloseOther to river family room, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning to *ESR all rooms, ceiling-fansEstim and 5021 • Popular Nichols Point1900 area • 40x20inshed The Professionals$190.00 have theAvailable lowest • vacancy Large family homerate in Sunraysia. • Outdoor area Real Estate •entertainment Choose your own builder • Timber kitchen with down lights with double lock up garage. A large alfresco area for those balmydis

Buronga Buronga 2 Murray Gardens Estate


2 Murray Gardens Estate



• 3 extra large LEASED 3 bedrooms,2BIR • 2 bathrooms, 2 living areas • On double size allotment

Contact: Peter 0407 212 850 Address: 500 Eleventh Street C10 Internet PID: 161447


Contact: Peter 0407 212 850 Address: Lot 5 Sheoak Avenue Internet PID: 172119

kitchen dishwasher 2• Timber Close towith river

Contact: Carol 0428 542 192 Address: Lot 4 Carramar Drive Internet PID: 174242

• Well83 presented on 3/4 acre • Covered outdoor entertaining area Deakin home Avenue, Mildura *ESR - Estimated Selling Range • 3 bedrooms, office, 2 bathrooms • Variety of fruit trees • Separate lounge, Contact: Peter 0407 212 850dining & family • Established attractive gardens Contact: PeterAvenue 0407 212 850& Sixteenth Street F19 MW24923 Address: Corner Walnut Address: 131 Belar Avenue Open: Saturday 10.00-10.30am Internet PID: 166050 Open: Saturday 12.30-1.00pm MW24923 Internet PID: 171067 • Reverse cycle heating & cooling • Double garage

Contact: Peter 0407 212 850 Address: Lot 2 Dairtnunk Avenue Internet PID: 172020

nights, plus there’s more, a 9m x 6m x 2.7 freestanding garage/workshop with MW24082007

UNTIL SOLD* WIH A PHOTO Ph: 5021 1777 • Apply Ph: 5021 1777 *Conditions • *Conditions Apply



$ $

$310pw $ $310pw $255pw $310pw $255pw $210pw $255pw $210pw $210pw $210pw $210pw $210pw $210pw $210pw $200pw $210pw $200pw $200pw $200pw $200pw $200pw $200pw $180pw $200pw $180pw $180pw $180pw $175pw $180pw $175pw $170pw $175pw $170pw $170pw $170pw $165pw $170pw $165pw $160pw $165pw $160pw $155pw $160pw $155pw $155pw $155pw $140pw $155pw $140pw $125pw $140pw $125pw $110pw $125pw $110pw $110pw

Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm Fri 9am-5.30pm CENTRO OFFICE HOURS • 76 full Sat 9am -12 noon Sun11am-2pm Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm Fri 9am-5.30pm• 76 fully House& House Sat 9am -12 noon Sun11am-2pm • •

Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.30pm


Lime Ave Mildura Ph 5025 8700 97 99 Mildura 5025 8700 Wentworth 9747– –Darling 99 Lime LimeStAve Ave Mildura Ph 5027 5025 3080 8700 47 47 Darling Darling St St Wentworth Wentworth Ph Ph 5027 5027 3080 3080


We’re the only agents open 7 days agents open 7 days CENTRO OFFICE HOURS Newsub s • •New



Irymple Irymple Irymple 939 Irymple Avenue

Wendy Hobbs Wendy Wendy Hobbs Hobbs 97 – 99

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107 Eighth Street Shop 65 Centro•Plaza MW15052009 PLEASE CONTACT US TO ARRANGE AN INSPECTION •Suit Suitfirst fir


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Contact: Carol 0428 542 192 Address: Lot 39 Daytona Court I15 Internet PID: 171577

Contact: Stuart 0418 322 Address: 9 Batey Crescen Open: Saturday Internet PID:10.45-11.15am 172800


15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly


Clash of the titans in junior football THERE will be plenty of action being played out in Round 4 of the Sunraysia Junior Football League on Sunday. No doubt the match of the round is between the two undefeated teams in the Under 16 competition, Mildura and Merbein, being played at the Aero oval complex. Both teams have strengths all over the field and the side that can apply pressure for 100 minutes will be rewarded. Last round, Mildura easily accounted for a disappointing Irymple side while Merbein had to really apply themselves to overcome a determined South Mildura who hit the front early in the final quarter only to go down by seven points. This will be a battle of the coaches as well as the sides - Mildura coach Craig Deckert versus Merbein coach Paul Makepeace. It will be a fascinating game to go and see. The Demon’s forwards had a field day against the Swallows with Luke Stanbrook kicking sev-

ence is made up with endeavour. Peter Cua, Michael Peart and Sam Stanbrook made it all happen for the Tigers with Nick Johns Michael Russo and Michael Peart all amongst the goals with three apiece.

en goals and Jack Bower five goals in an awesome display. The Magpies’ forwards struggled somewhat against a tight South Mildura backline last week and if their leading forward Toby Kirby can be kept in check Merbein could struggle to kick a winning score. Mildura has the ability to crack the opposition open with Jamahn Sailor, Riley Chirgwin, Ben Christodoulou, Cameron and Hayden Gunn dominating so far this year. The ‘Pies will be struggling to keep the Demons from taking the points in what should be a great game. Last week the Tigers defied all odds and opened up their account against the more fancied Imperials last week at Number 1 Oval. This week they play host to Irymple who like the Tigers have only won one game for the season. This will also be a close tussle, the Swallows have a fare share of players who featured in last years grand final. Tthe Tigers on the other hand have a far less experienced side, but what it’s lacking in experi-

The Roos had a field day against the Eagles but this Sunday it will be a lot harder against the Doggies who are a very even team and have been playing well. The Swallows meanwhile are not playing with any confidence and lack a forward who can kick goals on a regular basis. This is a real toss of the coin as the Tigers have not been playing all that well until last week. Now that they have a win on the board they should be able to stay

Little ‘Aths’ are all set to go cross country running

New Hockey program for youngsters LOOKING for something to keep the kids occupied after school? Then look no further than the Hook in2 Hockey program. Hook in2 Hockey is a state-wide initiative that aims to keep children healthy and active, and teach them new skills. Labelled as a fantastic after school fitness activity, and a way to keep the kids

entertained during winter, the program will run from 5.30pm to 6.30pm every Monday night at the Hockey Turf (turn left off Eleventh Street just after the Park for Play). Sunraysia Hockey Association coaches and players will be on hand to guide participants through a number of activities.


Each youngster will receive a hockey stick, ball, shin guards and show bag. Sunraysia Hockey is encouraging all locals aged between 6 and 12 to come along and join in the fun. Registration costs $40. More information is available by contacting Alison Curry on 0408 257 155.

73 Orange Ave, Mildura

South played well last week and it was only in the dying minutes of the game that they let the Magpies back into the game and coach Anthony Kelly will be out to reverse last week’s loss. The Roos had a field day against the Eagles but this Sunday it will be a lot harder against the Doggies who are a very even team and have been playing well. Wentworth will go into this game with a great deal of confidence Lee Taylor starred last week with six goals while Angus Crowley , Tom Riordan and Andrew Murdoch backed him up with three apiece. South are a good marking side and players such as Callum Morvel, Marshall Day and Damon Duffield are sure to play their part applying the pressure to the Roos. South will need to counter the ruck work of Angus Crowley who to date is having a great season but the Dogs should have enough use of the ball to put a winning score on the board in what will be an entertaining game

on the winning list at Red Cliffs on Sunday. Imperials will make the journey to Robinvale on Sunday and on current form will be too strong for the Eagles. Imps last week may have taken the Tigers a bit lightly and coach Tony Hickey will have them primed to reverse last week’s defeat with a big win. Robinvale battled hard against the Roos last week but were no match going down by 20 goals and they will be hard pressed to stop an avalanche of goals this weekend. Ryan McClure, Daniel Iudica and Blake Karagiannis are all top players for the Eagles but up against Sam Ellis, Gene Palazzo, Connor Lynch, Sean Hickey and Darby Edgeworth Robinvale will be hard pressed to stop a a winning score coming up for Imps. South Mildura and Wentworth will play in what could be the closest game of the round. South are coming off a seven-point loss to Merbein and the Roos have won two on the trot will be all out to keep the Doggies to a losing score.

MILDURA and District Little Athletics Association will commence its cross country season this Sunday, 17 May at Apex Park. The competition is being labelled

PHONE: 5021 1777

FAX: 5021 1733


by Little ‘Aths’ organisers as a great way for both kids and adults to keep fit in a relaxed environment, and have a lot of fun in the process. Athletes from Under 6

right up to Under 17 are welcome to participate. The competition will be held at various locations each week. They include Rio Vista Park, the Orna-

petitors are required to bring a hat and water bottle. More information is available by contacting Sean Brown on 0434 566 053, or Steve Erlandsen on 0427 233 504.

mental Lakes Park, Psyche Pumps and Ranfurly Park. Registrations and warmups will commence from 1.30pm, with races starting at 2pm. All com-




039436 5021 4600 6888

Res Com Property & Finance Centre ResCom Property & Finance Centre 79 Pine Avenue, Mildura 510 Plenty Road, Mill Park

fo r l ease BLOSSOM PARK

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BUYER GUIDE In excess of $435,000

This quality built home is sure to please with the numerous features on offer, such as the sunken lounge with timber floors and cathedral ceilings, huge tiled family room, timber kitchen to please any cooking enthusiast, 3 bedrooms with robes and full ensuite and walk in robe to master, ducted heating, and cooling, alarm, outdoor covered deck area with built in spa, double garage with internal access & rear drive through. Set on an excellent size allotment. A total package awaits your inspection.

BUYER GUIDE In excess of $300,000 INSPECT Saturday 12.30 - 1.00 pm


This home is close to all amenities in a great location. It features 3 bedrooms with WIR and ensuite, ducted heating, evap cooling, alarm, slate tiling, double garage with drive thru and it is elevated on pine flooring ready to be polished! All this on a great sized block of land with room for that pool or alfresco area!

“We put you first”


Please contact our office to arrange an inspection. For a complete list call into our office or visit our website

BUYER GUIDE $290,000 - $320,000 INSPECT Thursday 7.30 - 8.00 pm

Great opportunity here to buy your 1st home or investment at an affordable entry to the market. Positioned amongst Top Location, Perfect Presentation South Morang’s major development area, this unit has 2 bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, family, 9 foot ceilings, lock up Located within walking distance to schools, shops and transport. This garage, private garden, bull nose verandah and currently exceptionally clean 3 bedroom family home offers generous sized bedrooms, let for $823pcm. Vacant possession available. formal lounge, dining area, large kitchen with a new U/R stove and adjoining Sat 5th April at 12.30 pm family and meals area. This is definitely one that should be on your inspection AUCTION BUYER GUIDE In excess of $300,000 BUYER GUIDE In excess of $220,000 list. Located within a few minutes walking distance to schools, shops. INSPECT Saturday 11.30 - 12.00 pm INSPECT Saturday 12.30 - 1.00 pm

2 Ontario Park Drive, Mildura MILL PARK 7 Silverbirch Rise SOUTH MORANG Lot 9092 Paringa



Federation Townhouse

4 Bedrooms/2 Living Areas

Brand New - Turn Key!

Situated in a private and quiet, well established location, this townhouse features, formal lounge, timber kitchen, family area opening out to the courtyard, 3 bedrooms with robes. Excellent presentation th’out, WW carpets, gas ducted heating & double garage. An ideal investment or 1st home, inspection will impress.

Brand new 4 bedroom home, master with full ensuite and walk in robe, formal & informal living areas, stunning kitchen, 900 SS appliances, beautiful tiling and décor, carpets to bedrooms, ducted heating, downlights throughout, double remote drive through garage, huge stamp duty savings.

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Modern family home featuring 3BR, BIR, ensuite, 2 living areas, gas cooking, d/washer and double lock up carport. four services in one real estate mortgages

UNITS 10/221 Adams St, Wentworth....................2br ................. $135pw 4/80 Murray St, Wentworth .......................2br ................. $130pw

AUCTION Sat 5th April at 12.30 pm BUYER GUIDE In excess of $300,000 INSPECT Saturday 12.30 - 1.00 pm

BUYER GUIDE In excess of $300,000 INSPECT Saturday 12.30 - 1.00 pm

67 Lime Avenue Mildura Phone 5021 2200

Located within walking distance to schools, shops and transport. This exceptionally clean 3 bedroom family home offers generous sized bedrooms, formal lounge, dining area, large kitchen with a new U/R stove and adjoining family and meals area. This is definitely one that should be on your inspection list. Located within a few minutes walking distance to schools, shops. This is definitely one that should be on your inspection list. Located within a few minutes walking distance to schools, shops. Located within a few minutes walking distance to schools, shops.

This quality built home is sure to please with the numerous features on offer, such as the sunken lounge with timber floors and cathedral ceilings, huge tiled family room, timber kitchen to please any cooking enthusiast, 3 bedrooms with robes and full ensuite and walk in robe to master, ducted heating, and cooling, alarm, outdoor covered deck area with built in spa, double garage with internal access & rear drive through. Set on an excellent size allotment. A total package awaits your inspection.

$150 P/Week

1 1 2 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 2 2 3 3 3 2 3 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 3+S 3+S

40 Helena St, Wentworth ..........................3br ................. $185pw 121 Darling St, Wentworth ........................3br .................$180pw 62 Murray St, Wentworth ..........................3br ................. $175pw 16 Ryder Cres, Wentworth.........................2br ................ $170pw 142 Darling St, Wentworth ........................3br ................. $165pw 97A Adams St, Wentworth .........................3br ................. $160pw 58 Murray St, Wentworth ..........................3br ................. $160pw 7 William St, Wentworth............................2br ................. $140pw 5 William St, Wentworth............................ 1br ................. $130pw

Superior quality home in College Release of The Lakes. These homes are fully complete, all you need to do is move in. It features 4 bedrooms, ensuite plus walk in robe, 2.5 living areas, vinyl wrapped kitchen, high ceilings, downlights, front and rear landscaping, dishwasher, antenna, letterbox, ducted heating and evaporative cooling, double garage and more...

Elevated Home! We are proud to offer for sale this 4 year old 3 bedroom, open plan living home. Featuring formal lounge with air conditioning and polished floor boards, huge kitchen and family room, built in robes to all bedrooms & ensuite to main bedroom. Other features include ducted heating, quality fittings, double garage and more...

Freshly painted 3BR home featuring floorboards throughout, combined kitchen & dining, sep lounge & large yard.

Mel Ref: 183 E9 BUYER GUIDE $329,000

BUYER GUIDE In excess of $280,000

conveyancing insurance “A new level of Property Management”

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Rent p/w


Stunning, four double bedrooms plus rumpus exquisite home. Enter an open tiled foyer, large lounge with extensive windows and cathedral ceilings. An imposing kitchen with quality appliances, including dishwasher, large meals and adjoining family room, overlooking a lavish undercover entertainment area. Complimented by fully landscaped, manicured gardens,extensive paving, built in BBQ, close to schools and transport, double remote drive through garage, ducted heating, cooling, alarm and irresistible homely feel.

$270 P/Week


For Lease

MILL PARK 8 Prince of Wales Avenue

Stylish &1BR Elegant*Bed Living sitter *Fully furnished 61 Morkeller Road, Red Cliffs $130 NEW LISTING 99 Game Street, Merbein 3BR *Open plan living *LU shed *Large allotment $145 2/76 Cherry Avenue, Mildura 2BR *BIR*Private Courtyard* Carport $145 667 Woomera Avenue, Red Cliffs 3BR *BIR *Rural area *Wood heating *Single garage $150 38A Guava Street, Red Cliffs 3BR *Timber floors *Updated kitchen *Courtyard $150 1 Pine Street, Red Cliffs 3BR *Combined kitch/dining/lounge *Large yard $150 3/471MILL San Mateo Avenue, 2BR *BIR *R/C cooling *Pergola area *Single carport $150 PARK 12 Manning Clarke Road Mildura Prominent Location Space, Quality & Features 2/333 Eleventh Street, Mildura 2BR *BIR *Close to schools & shops *Single carport $165 116 Eleventh Street, Mildura 3BR *Freshly painted *Large yard *Single carport $170 2/35 Cureton Avenue, Mildura 2BR *BIR *Private courtyard *Single carport $170 Lot 6 & 7 Silver City Hwy, Mourqoung 3BR *BIR *Large living *Rural location $175 293 Deakin Avenue, Mildura 3BR *BIR *Evap air con *Fenced yard *Single carport $170 454 McEdwards Street, Merbein 3BR *Large living areas *Timber kitchen *Rural $180 MILL PARK 12 Manning Clarke Road MILL PARK 8 Prince of Wales Avenue 10 Rosemont Avenue, Mildura The Perfect 3BR *Evap cooling *Sunroom *Large shed $210 Choice 13 Cynthia Close, Mildura 3BR *Gas heating *Low maintenance *6month lease $220 400 +MW25525 425.1 *D/washer *Ducted heating $230 14 Henderson Place, Mildura 3BR study/ sunroom Res *WIR *BIR *Double LU carport 18 Burnside Way, Mildura 3BR *Ensuite $240 3 Tarella Court, Mildura 2BRProperty *Open plan living *Bungalow/ rumpus room $240 Com & Finance 174 Alkira Road, Yelta 4BR *Ensuite *BIR *D/washer *Rumpus *Pool *1 acre $250 63 Belleview Drive, Irymple 3BR *Ensuite *WIR *D/washer *Workshop *Dble cport $250 MILL PARK 26 Golf Links Drive SOUTH MORANG 3/808 Plenty Road 293 Eleventh Street, Mildura 4BR *2 living areas *New kitchen & bathroom $260 2 Ontario Park Drive, Mildura 3BR *Ensuite *BIR *2 living areas *Double garage $270 2/15 John Street, Irymple 3BR *Ensuite *Ent. area *19 squares $280 1 Aiden Way, Mildura 3BR *WIR *Ensuite *Formal lounge *Double garage $285 Popular Location, With Potential! First Home Or Investment!

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TO LET 2 Bedroom Townhouse MILDURA - $200 p/w 4 Bedroom House IRYMPLE - $245 p/w 3 Bedroom House + Study CARDROSS - $200 p/w Cnr 15th Street and Koorlong Avenue, Irymple

Phone: (03) 5024 6855


Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

Sunraysia’s desert racing specialists are gearing up to tackle the quickest, most

Sunraysia’s fearless

Contact: Rob Pallot on 0428 273 411 for all your Real Estate needs. 34 Darling Street, Wentworth

•  TRUE GRIT: (above right) Ty Rayfield hammers through another set of waist-high whoops during last year’s event. The Sunraysia rider is burning plenty of midnight oil getting his bike ready for the 2009 event.

Phone: 03 5027 3411

Finke) on day one, and back again the next day, following the Old Ghan Railway line. It’s 230 kilometres each way, and the fastest riders complete each leg in just over two hours, reaching more than 180km/h on some sections. This is all the more impressive when you consider riders are hitting these speeds on sand and uneven terrain. No bitumen. And despite the two hour-plus journey each way, there’s certainly no ‘pacing yourself’. The top riders basically ride their bikes as fast as they can for as long as they can. Sunraysia riders have traditionally done the district proud at Finke, and have been regularly making the almost 2000-kilometre trip to Alice Springs for years. The event started back in 1976 as a bike-only race, following a ‘there and back’ challenge between a group of local riders. It’s since grown to the point where organisers were last year forced to introduce a 500-rider limit on the bike field. That quota has once again been filled this year, with a waiting list for riders who missed the cut. So what is the attraction, apart from the $10,000 first prize of course? What would possess a rider to travel 2000 kilometres to ride against almost 500 other riders in a race where, most of the time, when you fall off it’s going to be at well over 100km/h. Of Sunraysia’s current crop of top off-road riders, Nathan Hawkes and Ty Rayfield have been among the most successful, and both are now gearing up to once again tackle the event. They’re not the only Sunraysia riders entered this year. They’re among at least nine riders including Brad Garrigan, Brendan Liddle, David Burford, Jason Stewart and quad racers Ben Hall, Jodie Wagner and Steve Wagner. But Hawkes and Rayfield have consistently been the best performers in recent years, and will race in the 450cc and 250cc (four-stroke) classes respectively, as well as gunning for outright positions. Hawkes has finished eighth and seventh outright in the last two events (third in class last year) against 500 of the best desert racers in the nation. Rayfield’s best performance was a 14th in 2001 (despite not being able to eat for the entire week leading up to the event due to illness). He took third in class (250cc four-stroke) last year and was 30th outright, beating many of the thundering open class

Hattah Desert Race auction Senior, Junior & double karts available MW26033


PLEASE CONTACT (03) 50 211 191

55 The Crescent, Mildura

THE North West Victorian Motorcycle Club will hold a fundraising auction for this year’s Hattah Desert Race on Sunday. The auction will be held at the Sandbar Winebar from midday to 6pm and include live music. This year’s Hattah Desert Race will be held on the weekend of July 3, 4, and 5.

•  Action photos: Moving Pictures. bikes home in the process on his screaming 250cc machine. For Hawkes, who is now a regular top-10 rider, this year will be his seventh visit to Finke - his first was in 2000. Rayfield will tackle his sixth Finke this year. His first was 1998. Both riders say that, despite the challenges offered by the event, it’s the sense of achievement, and the drive to do better each year that keeps them coming back. “You get half way down and sometimes you think, ‘I don’t want to be here’, it gets that rough. But then when you finish, it’s definitely worth it. That’s an achievement in itself,” Hawkes said. “The first time was a bit of Des Woodberry’s (owner of Red Cliffs’ Sunset Cycles) influence I suppose. I went up there to have a go and didn’t do very well - I got two flat tyres and was pretty disappointed,” Rayfield said. “So I went back the next year to do better, and then the next year again, just trying to do better every time.” Both riders say the event is liking nothing else in Australia, and describe it similarly. “It doesn’t compare to anything. Finke is tough on you mentally be-

cause of the high speeds,” Hawkes said. “One slip-up and it’s all over. “You can’t ease your way into it. It’s like a very long motocross race basically. You just go as hard as you can for as long as you can.” “At Finke you have to sprint all the way, and if you don’t, you’re going to get left behind,” Rayfield said. “It’s basically a two-hour motocross race. You have to average at least 100km/h or you’re going to be behind. “It’s the biggest mental game ever. You can’t have lapses in concentration because you’re averaging 100km/h and every couple of minutes you’re hitting something that’s maybe going to make you crash.” Both riders have certainly tasted success, featuring among Australia’s best desert races, including many factory racers. But both have tasted the harsh realities of crashing at speed. For Hawkes, it was during prerunning for the 2006 event. He was left with two broken vertebrae in his back, a dislocated hip and a broken shoulder. Rayfield meanwhile had his massive ‘off’ in 2005, about 100 kilometres into the race. He was left with a broken back in

Gregg & Sons (Steel) EVERYDAY SPECIALS

Phone: (03) 50 215 155 Fax: (03) 50 215 166 MONDAY-FRIDAY 7AM-5.30PM SAT 8.00AM-12NOON

SILVERCITY HWY BURONGA ALL PRICES ARE FOR LENGTHS ONLY AND INCLUDE GST. AVAILABLE WHILST STOCKS LAST.ALL STOCK UNDER COVER. EFTPOS AVAILABLE We stock and sell corrugated iron,& c-section purlins All prices are for lengths only and include G.S.T Available whilst stocks last. Eftpos available

Many more sizes available

19 x 19 x 1.2 2nds blk rhs x 6.1 50 x 50 x 1.6 2nds blk x 6.6m 20 x 20 x 1.6 ptd rhs x 6.5m 25 x 25 x 1.4 2nds blk rhs x 6.1m 25 x 25 x 1.6 ptd rhs x 6.5m 25 x 25 x 2.0 new gal waterstained x 6.5m 30 x 30 x 1.2 2nds blk rhs x 6.8m 38 x 25 x 1.6 2nds blk rhs x 6.1m 38 x 25 x 1.6 2nds gal rhs x 7.5m 40 x 40 x 2.0 gal new waterstained x 8m 50 x 50 x 2.0 gal new waterstained x 8m 67 x 29 x 2.0 2nds blk rhs x 7.320m 57 x 35 x 1.6 2nds gal rhs x 7.320m 76 x 38 x 1.6 2nds gal rhs x 8m 89 x 89 x 2.0 gal waterstained x 2.85m

$7.00/ln $28.00/ln $11.80/ln $10.80/ln $15.50/ln $22.45/ln $12.75/ln $15.60/ln $25.00/ln $43.15/ln $54.70/ln $36.50/ln $34.55/ln $47.15/ln $25.00/In MW26506

THERE aren’t too many motorsport events that attract more than 500 competitors, particularly events where the attrition rate is commonly more than 20 percent, many due to injury. But there aren’t too many events like the Finke Desert Race which, along with Sunraysia’s own Hattah Desert Race, is acknowledged as one of the must-do races of the year for Australia’s top off-

road motorcycle racers. June and July are traditionally Australia’s main desert racing months, featuring the aforementioned events, kicking off with the Finke Desert Race, starting in Alice Springs, on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in about a month’s time, with Hattah on the first weekend in July. Finke is renowned for its high speeds and rugged terrain and is fought out over two days - from Alice Springs to the tiny Aboriginal community of Aputula (also known as



15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly


dangerous but richest race in the Southern Hemisphere - the Finke Desert Race.

Finke fighters three places and six months off the bike. While mental and physical preparation are obviously important, so too is bike preparation to take the rigours of an all-out dash through some of the roughest terrain in Australia. Hawkes says, in the 450 class, tyres and wheels are major factors. When open class bikes hit speeds of 180km/h for extended periods in sand and dirt, the tyres heat up and begin to melt, throwing off pieces of rubber. So that’s one area he pays particular attention to. That and wheels, which can quickly be dented or break when hitting objects at high speed. Both riders have suffered prob-

lems in this area over the years. Aside from that it’s gearing the bike up to reach between 140 and 180km/h, and ensuring the machine is handling well through the rough stuff. And there’s plenty of rough stuff to handle. The race throws out everything from straight sections of hardpack, deep sand and a notorious 40-kilometre stretch of whoops (mounds of dirt in close succession) which can be more than one-metre high. The faster bikes simply skim over the top of them. And if they mis-time a whoop, at the high speeds they’re traveling, riders can jump up to 40 metres before making contact with

terra-firma again. Each rider also takes a fuel crew with them. They’re stationed at one or two points along the track and quickly re-fuel their rider before he’s released back into the action. It can be a long trek for these guys. Most of the time they camp out at their fuel station overnight, as the track is closed to traffic between 6am and 6pm. There also needs to be a crew stationed at Finke for the overnight stay after the first leg of the race. This means a 600-kilometre drive from Alice Springs. This year’s Finke Desert Race will take place on the weekend of July 5, 6, 7 and 8.

•  FLAT OUT: (left) Nathan Hawkes on his way to seventh overall at last year’s Finke Desert Race. He’ll tackle this year’s event on Kawasaki machinery (above).


Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

Masters cyclists set for Wheels fun - and Games Mills on with

ROAD bikes, mountain bikes and BMX machines will be showcased during the Mildura Masters Games to be held in August. Mildura is a fantastic place for cycling, and with very active local cycling clubs to host these events, we are sure that all participants will receive well organised and professionally run events. The games will attract a lot of visiting athletes to the area, but my focus in this article is to encourage more local cyclists of Masters age (30-plus) to participate and help consolidate the future of these games. I know there are a lot of groups and individuals who regular participate in recreational cycling in the area, and I hope some of these riders will consider the Mildura Masters Games as their next challenge. In general, the Mildura Masters Games have 26 different sports to choose from, and are designed to give mature-age sportsmen and women a chance to remain physically active. Participants are encouraged to select a sport of their choice and challenge themselves by competing with peers of the same age. The qualifying age can vary from sport to sport, but generally starts at 30. Some start at 35, and a select few (including the early ‘burn-out sports of swimming) can start as low as 20. The competition in sports is within a five year age groups. Many come and try a new

sport, or return to those they once played. Statistics show there has been a substantial increase in Masters Games’ participants in the past 15 years, the result of an ageing population. This has highlighted the need for events to encourage mature-age members of the com-

munity to continue to be physically active and competitive. The best part about Masters is that you don’t have to belong to any club or organisation…it is designed for the person ‘off the street’ to have a go. Sport provides valuable opportunities for people of all ages to improve themselves, display team-

work and become engaged in community activities. The games contribute to the health and well-being of our community, and the real success comes not from winning, but from participating. Being involved in a sporting activity is important for helping build character, whether young or old, male or female, and regardless of ability. When involved in sport, individual character comes out, as well as determination and the ability to be part of a team. With more than half of Australia’s adults now being either overweight or obese, Masters Games are a great opportunity for people to consider whether they are getting enough exercise, and to think seriously about taking part in sport again at a competitive level. People who are overweight or obese are at a greater risk of many chronic health problems, including heart diseases, diabetes and some cancers. Masters Games also have a huge social element, so we can expect the Mildura hospitality industry to benefit from the influx of visitors. And based on the experiences of past Games, visiting participants will stay an average of nine days, extending their stays to include a holiday as well, which is great news for our tourism operators. I have provided some information on the cycling events, but more information on all the sports

Peter Mills

is available on and I encourage every member of the community who has had a sporting background to ‘bite the bullet’ and sign up. Games booklets are available from the Mildura Visitor Information Centre, or the front desk of the Mildura Weekly. Finally, I would like to mention that a Mildura Cycling Network is currently being discussed and will hopefully link together the local cycling community with regular online updates and help co-ordinate activities and provide information to help cycling in general. The Mildura Masters cycling events will be a cross-country race covering about 25 kilometres, on Sunday, August 16, at Coomealla Golf Club course. Age groups start at 30, up to 60-plus. More information is available from Grant Brooks on 0438041419. Road racing will be on Saturday, August 22, a 55 kilometre handicap starting from the Werrimull Hotel. Information this race is available from co-ordinator Richard Hale on 50 230912, or 0437462303. BMX racing will be held on Saturday and Sunday, August 22 and 23, at the club headquarters in 11th Street. There will be two events, with full details and entry forms (for all events) in the official program. Details on BMX are available from Stephen Ladd on 0417013718.

Where inMildura can you dine all day?

Come in & enjoy tappas, main meals, light meals, cheese platters, coffee & cake from 11am to 9pm every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Beer Garden Gourmet sausages cooked on the barbecue every Friday & Sunday from 3pm, while you watch footy on the 60” plasma screen. 41 Langtree Avenue, Mildura


P: 5022 1010 |

F: 5021 0002


15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly


Times have been tough for the Merbein Football Club faithful. Their club was close to folding four months ago, and they are currently without a win this season. However, thanks to some help from local businesses and the loyalty of their followers, President Ian Carter was able to make a confident statement this week, telling supporters...

We will survive! and football minded people in place to take us into the future. “But we still need the support of the Magpie faithful, which means we need supporters to get to games, especially our home games, and help lift our revenue. “We acknowledge we’re struggling on-field, we haven’t won a game and realistically don’t look like winning one anytime soon, but we’re begging supporters to stick with us, and weather this storm.” Last week in the club’s round six clash loss to South Mildura, seven of the side’s starting 22 were still eligible to play Under 18s, a fact that while not favourable, has the President brimming with hope for the future.

MERBEIN Football Netball Club supporters can take a collective sigh of relief... your club’s future is secure, at least in the short-term. President Ian Carter told the Mildura Weekly that thanks to some public support, especially from those in Merbein, the club would survive through to next year, and hopefully continue to prosper in the future. When the story of the ‘Pies’ financial troubles broke earlier this year, the club was $30,000 in debt, had lost a number of senior players to Sunraysia and Millewa Football Netball League clubs, only had 100 paid members, and was struggling to put a team on the ground. Thankfully all that is starting to change. According to Mr Carter the club has almost broken even, has close to 500 paid members, and is looking to implement further business and playing strategies to ensure they’re successful both on and off the field. “Thanks to some major sponsorships from businesses in Merbein we’ve almost eradicated the $30,000 debt,” he said. “We still have a long way to go before we’re completely out of the woods, but I’m happy to say that financially we’re under control.” Forty-five businesses jumped on board to help, chipping in $200 each to launch a Merbein calendar, with the catering and social side of the club also helping to bring in some revenue. However Mr Carter said now wasn’t the time for support to fall away, but rather to begin intensifying. “Our short-term business plan was to survive, and hopefully take the club’s finances back into the black” he said. “We knew that if we could roll with the punches, pay off some debt, and still be here in 2010 that we’d be one step closer to rebuilding our club. “I strongly believe we have the right committee

“Part of our long-term business plan was to ensure the success of our juniors,” he said. “Within the next few years we wanted to be able to have these young kids primed and ready to play senior football. “Those plans are starting to yield results, our Under 13s through to Under 16s are performing very well, and are well on the way to becoming the future of our club. “At the moment the young guys who are in the seniors probably aren’t ready to play at that level, but are still enjoying the experience.” Mr Carter said though the on-feild form of the club had been “terrible”, he had every faith in senior coach Leigh Riordan, saying he was doing a fantastic job

under trying conditions. “Leigh’s supported the players really well through a tough four months,” he said. “The biggest difficulty for him has been finding experienced players to represent the club. “We couldn’t stop the mass-exodus of players last year, and it’s going to be very difficult to get players to a club that’s been belted from all angles. “We’ve also had a number of injuries to some of our better players, which has left us with a very young and inexperienced team. “I know Leigh is working hard to turn things around, and is looking for the team to just improve each week which is all we can ask. “Again it’s a case where we need our supporters to stay with us, and not get too discouraged by the fact things aren’t going well onfield this year.” Although things are starting to improve, the club still needs financial support, with tomorrow night the perfect opportunity for Magpie supporters to add to the Merbein cause. Straight after the game against Mildura, members of the club and community are invited to attend the ‘Merbein Bash’ due to be held at the Mildura Settlers Club from 7.30pm. The night will feature the chance for participants to walk away with a number of donated goods and prizes, including a 42” Plasma TV, and a trip to New Zealand for five nights. Australian Idol alumni Holly Weinert will open the night, with tickets priced at $30, which can be purchased at the door. Drinks will be at bar prices, with plenty of food to go around. “There’ll be plenty to do on the night, and it will be another way for supporters to get behind the club,” Mr Carter said. “The good thing is we’re still here, we’re still fighting, and I assure you we’ll survive.”

• Merbein Football Netball Club president Ian Carter.

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Mildura Weekly - 15/5/09

One group of Sunraysia retirees have turned the game of tennis from love-all to their advantage, using the game to stay healthy, and most importantly, remain active. As the Mildura Weekly’s VINNIE RODI found out, it’s about more than just sweating it out on court as a way to fitness, but rather proving that the...

Net result is all about fun! SHOUTS of triumph and anguish were coming from all directions as the four men lined up for a supposedly ‘friendly’ game of tennis. Competitive natures were on show as the lobs were high, returns fierce, and the banter occasionally cringe-worthy. Not bad for a group of retirees aged in their 60s. For this group of local ‘elderly folk’ (and we use the term loosely because these guys could probably run

keep fit, remain active, and keep in touch with people of a similar age. “I think we’re proving that older people can still get out there and be active in retirement,” he said. “I’ve got a lot of mates who retired and basically stopped doing anything. “As a result they put on weight, developed diabetes or similar illnesses, and now can’t do much of anything even if they wanted to. “I’ve found that by playing tennis once a week, amongst other things,

this 21-year-old ragged!), this weekly tennis match has fast become tradition. Every Tuesday morning at around 8.30, Toby Howard, 67, Ross Murray, 60, Brian Vorwerk, also 60, Len Poole, 64 and about three or four others meet at the Aerodrome Ovals Tennis Courts to play, have a chat, and have a good time. Mr Howard said the group first started the tradition in an attempt to

I’m still fighting fit at the age of 67, and thoroughly enjoying the retired life.” The group play for close to three to four hours each week, which is often dependant on numbers and the relevant mood of the players in attendance. And while mainly played for a laugh, some of the encounters have taken on an epic and competitive feel.

As the Mildura Weekly watched it became apparent that for a group of 60-year-olds, these guys could still move like the men of their youth. However as Ross Murray pointed out between serves, the weekly outings haven’t come without some strains, muscle cramps, and the occasional nasty injury thanks to ageing bodies. “The way we’re sliding around the court today someone’s probably going to pull something, and it wouldn’t be for the first time,” he said. “We had one player who came to have a hit, and wound up in hospital with a torn ligament. “Basically he over-extended while chasing the ball, and with a rather loud and unsettling pop fell to the ground clutching his leg unable to move. “An ambulance came and picked him up, took him away and that was the last we saw of him. For the next two weeks we kept seeing this ambulance circling the courts, they probably had a bet on who was going to drop next.” Mr Howard said the group was now looking to extend their numbers, and possibly start a tournament or a light hearted competition depending on the response. “We’ve been wanting to get more retirees to come down and get involved,” he said. “We’re very flexible in terms of how long people want to play, or how often they want to turn up. “People may only want to come for half an hour or every second week and that’s fine, although I guarantee after you’ve played you’ll be hooked.” Mr Howard said anyone interested was more than welcome to come along, they just need to turn up. “Men, women, we don’t really mind,” he said. “If you’re looking for a way to pass a morning in a fun and thoroughly enjoyable way, come to the Aero Ovals on a Tuesday morning. “There’s good company, an opportunity for a chat, and the chance to play a bit of tennis. “It’s a lot of fun and something I think more retirees should get involved with. It certainly beats sitting around the house doing nothing.”

• SERVING UP FITNESS: Brian Vorwerk unleashes a vicious backhand, while (LEFT) Len Poole works hard to get the ball into the opposition’s court. Both retirees are doing it all in the name of fitness and fun, encouraging others to join them in their active lifestyle.

Each-way safety bet for race day, urges TAC THE Transport Accident Commission is urging Sunraysia race-goers to put a safety plan in place if they are going to the Mildura May Cup Racing Carnival next weekend. The TAC’s Executive Manager of Community Relations, Philip Reed, said race goers who were planning to consume alcohol during the carnival should plan to leave their car at home. “Drink driving is a major contributor to road trauma, and no-

body wants the Mildura May Cup Carnival celebrations to turn into commiserations,” Mr Reed said. A quarter of all drivers and motorcyclists killed on rural roads in the past five years were over the blood alcohol limit. “It’s up to drivers to take responsibility for their own actions,” Mr Reed said. “If you are planning to drink, use the shuttle bus, catch a taxi or get a lift with a designated driver

who won’t drink.” The TAC is providing free breathalysers to help race-goers monitor the effect of their alcohol consumption. A TAC refreshment station at the exit gate will provide coffee, water and free breath-tests. “If you are near or over the limit, don’t drive. It’s not worth the risk of losing your licence, your life or the life of someone you care about,” Mr Reed said. The TAC has partnered Country


Racing Victoria to ensure that racing events are enjoyed responsibly. The TAC had some handy tips for race-goers, ‘to avoid being a Mildura Mug.’ • Eat regularly if you are planning to drink alcohol, • Alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones, • Don’t drive if you’re unsure about your Blood Alcohol Content; test yourself first at a free TAC breathalyser station,

may vacuum specials



P: (03)5022 9913


F: (03)5022 1640 M: 0488 660 833 MW24207

Unit 2, 57 Seventh St East Mildura Vic 3500 E:

• Remember that your BAC can rise after you have stopped drinking, • Drinking the night before can affect your BAC the next day, • Avoid any confusion or uncertainty and leave the car at home. Shuttle buses will be running between town and the racetrack for the duration of the carnival. The bus route will start at Centro Mildura and run along Deakin Avenue, stopping at all regular bus stops.

$380.00 GST INC.


$280.00 GST INC.

• 1300 Watt Motor • 3 Stage filtration - provides better indoor air quality• 18m power cord - for maximum coverage • Weight 5.8kg - easy to carry compact unit. • 2 piece wand & combination floor tool as standard • Reusable cloth bag as standard • 5 castor wheels - to ensure sturdy mobility.


15/5/09 - Mildura Weekly


Mildura Weekly


Friday, May 15, 2009

Veterans rally on...

• READY SET...Toby Howard, 67, Len Poole, 64, Brian Vorwerk, 60 and Ross Murray, 60, take a breather between sets.

Meet some of the fittest and keenest veteran tennis players of Sunraysia, just four of a new breed of players taking to our courts for ‘friendly’ competition in a bid to stop some middleaged ‘spread’, along with the ageing process. Read all about it on page 62.


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Mildura Weekly  
Mildura Weekly