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MWCC’s Dual Enrollment Prog

Offering the best of both worlds for ambitio

W By Janice O’Connor

hen Kim Anderson first started college, she didn’t have a driver’s license or a high school diploma and wasn’t old enough to join the military. In May 2011, at age 20, she earned a bachelor’s degree at a state university. Now 22, Anderson is enrolled at Suffolk University Law School, where she is earning her Juris Doctor degree. How did this ambitious future lawyer accomplish this so fast? By starting her academic studies at age 16 as a dual enrolled student, simultaneously earning her high school diploma and her first two years of higher education at Mount Wachusett Community College.

“I decided to become a dual enrolled student because I did not feel like I was being challenged in high school,” Anderson says. “My guidance counselor agreed it would be a great opportunity for me. As a traditional dual enrollment student, I was able to have the best of both worlds. I was able to attend high school events like graduation and prom and the

program allowed me to learn in a much more independent and mature environment. At the time, I knew I wanted to earn a four-year degree in Communications Media from Fitchburg State University, and because virtually all of my MWCC credits transferred, I received an affordable, quality education and was able to earn my bachelor’s degree sooner.”

appreciates the rich dialogue in his courses with classmates of all ages. “The classes are challenging, but if you have a good work ethic and your mind is in the right place, you can do really well here. Yes, I am going to miss out on some of the high school experience, but I’m also going to gain more. I feel like it’s preparing me for the real world and I love the environment here.”

A range of options

Other students taking a traditional approach are augmenting their high school schedules with one college course each semester and during the summer and paying a grantfunded cost of just $30 a course, including text books. Part-time dual enrollment students can enroll in a variety of freshman-level courses, such as English Composition, Biology, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Pre-Calculus, Statistics, and others.

MWCC’s Division of Access & Transition has been preparing North Central Massachusetts middle and high school students for college for more than two decades by partnering with area school systems and districts. Whether teenagers are interested in earning transferrable college credits by taking a few courses or completing an entire degree, there are a number of options available to them. Dual enrollment courses are ideal for students who are motivated, are not enthralled with the traditional high school experience, or are home schooled and looking for advanced levels of learning, says Veronica Guay, MWCC’s Director of Dual Enrollment. In any given year, several hundred area high school students are dually enrolled at MWCC. “We have strong partnerships with area school districts, which adds to the success of our dual enrollment programs. The program works because everybody works together.” says Guay.

Kim Anderson


I Spring 2013 I CareerFocus

“Providing students and their families dual enrollment opportunities is important to today’s students because it makes a post-secondary degree or certificate more accessible,” says Victoria Zarozinski, Director of Student Support Services for the Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School District, one of MWCC’s many partnering districts. “By taking advantage of dual enrollment courses both junior and senior years, students may earn a semester’s worth of college credits

Brooke Horrigan

at a substantial cost savings. With the credits being transferrable, it allows the focused student an opportunity to meet some of the prerequisites prior to enrolling in college full-time.” Some students, like Anderson and Fitchburg resident Jack Reynolds, take a traditional approach by remaining enrolled in their home high school to maintain ties and access to high school activities and programs, while paying regular MWCC tuition and fees to attend college full time.

By taking this path, Brooke Horrigan, an honor student at Gardner High School, will have completed a full college semester at the grant-funded price, saving time and money toward her ultimate goal of earning a medical degree. “I want to go into pre-med for pediatric oncology,” says Horrigan, 17. “It will take a lot of schooling

A junior at Fitchburg High School, Reynolds wanted to maintain his connection there so he can continue participating on the school’s volleyball team and other activities. But with a career goal already firmly in place in the field of marine biology, he also wanted to get a jump start on his college education. “I know what I want to do, that definitely helps,” says Reynolds, 17, who is enrolled this semester in Biology, Introduction to Psychology, Computer Technologies, English Composition and Statistics and is pursuing an associate degree in Liberal Arts & Sciences. Reynolds says he has met many other teens on campus, and also

Jack Reynolds

Mount Wachusett Community College I

I 978-410-9695


ous teens to get there, so getting a head start sounded like a smart option. Hopefully, by the time I graduate from high school I’ll have a semester of college done, so I’ll be that much more ahead of other freshmen. Taking higher level courses in high school made it easier to transition and easier to work on the material because I had been challenged before.” Two dual enrollment programs offered in partnership with the Ralph C. Mahar Regional School District are available to students who live in Massachusetts: the Pathways Early College Innovation School, a two-year program that allows motivated teens to simultaneously earn their diploma and college degree using school choice funds to cover tuition and fees; and the Gateway to College program, which provides a true second chance for students who have dropped out of high school, are at risk of dropping out, or have fallen behind, to earn their high school diploma and credits toward a degree, also through school choice funds. Newly established programs include the Robinson-Broadhurst Foundation Career Tech Scholarship, a oneyear, full-time program available at no cost to Winchendon students who are seniors at Murdock High School, thanks to a generous grant from the foundation; and the Careers in Psychology program for North Central Massachusetts high school students interested in careers in the field of psychology. Through a grant from the American Psychology Foundation, the Careers in Psychology program will provide exposure for underrepresented, gifted high school students to a range of career options in the field. Building on the college’s existing Introduction to Psychology class, MWCC is recruiting 60 additional high school students from North Central Massachusetts to a second offering of the course in the spring 2013 semester, as well as a higherlevel course, human growth and development. The grant-funded courses will incorporate a speakers’


Murdock High School seniors simultaneously earning their high school diploma and an academic certificate from Mount Wachusett Community College through the Robinson-Broadhurst Foundation Career Tech Scholarship program include: front row, from left, Samantha Fournier, Ashley Caley, and Emily Jablonka; back row, from left, CJ Husselbee, Jordan Flores, and Vitali Bobrov.

series made up of professionals working in counseling, forensic psychology, addiction counseling, executive coaching, sports psychology, elder care, human services, management, and other areas, all of whom began with degrees in psychology.

parent Charles Husselbee, whose son, CJ, is enrolled in the RobinsonBroadhurst program. “Our job as parents is to steer kids in the right direction and get them started in life. This program is a terrific tool for a child who wants to make the most of the opportunity.”

The Robinson-Broadhurst Foundation Scholarship program, implemented this academic year, is providing students with an opportunity to learn a trade by simultaneously earning their high school diploma and a college certificate in Accounting, Automotive Technology, Allied Health or Information Technology Support. By the end of one academic year, the scholars will have earned academic credentials to enter the workforce and will have completed the first year toward an associate or bachelor’s degree.

MWCC Associate Professor Candace Shivers says dual enrolled students benefit socially as well as academically from the experience. “I have had students say they are no longer scared or intimidated about what the college experience will be like. They get a chance to see what it will be like in college, what type of work is expected, and what the level of conversation will be in most classes.”

“It is a change for the better, one that means growing up and taking responsibility. But with that responsibility, I also have many doors opening up for me,” says Samantha Fournier, 17, a Robinson-Broadhurst scholar majoring in Allied Health. “This program is an excellent opportunity for all of these kids,” says

I Mount Wachusett Community College I

“I’ve been impressed with the students’ maturity, willingness to learn, and their ambition,” says MWCC instructor Jay Gearan, who teaches English Composition to many of the teens. “They enjoy the college setting and appreciate being able to set their own schedules.”

Hubbardston, is working as a legal assistant at a law firm in Franklin while pursuing her law degree in the evening to achieve her goal of specializing in intellectual property. “Dual enrollment isn’t for everyone, but for the person who is mature enough to take on the challenges of college, it’s a great opportunity,” Anderson says. “Initially, I was a little nervous to be in a learning environment with students that were older than me. But after a few classes, I realized that just because I was only 16 didn’t mean I couldn’t succeed. It gave me the confidence to continue to challenge myself, even today. There is not a one size fits all way to learn and teens should know that they have options when it comes to their education.” For more information about dual enrollment options at MWCC, visit or contact Veronica Guay at 978-6309533 or

Achieving the dream Anderson, a Shrewsbury resident and former resident of Rutland and

CareerFocus I Spring 2013



“The fact is, going to a community college first saves money. Completing my first two years at MWCC has saved me thousands of dollars.” Crystal Beckwith

Start Near, Go Far MWCC’s transfer options with


By Limari Rivera

eginning a college career at a community college and then transferring to a public or private four-year college or university continues to be a popular strategy for students interested in earning a bachelor’s degree. From teens to adult learners and career changers, more students are taking this route for its many advantages, including low tuition, small class sizes, online courses, transfer agreements with public and private colleges and universities, and the opportunity to explore academic and career options while determining a major. Transfer advising is offered at MWCC for students who want to continue their education beyond an associate degree. Additionally, MWCC has established many transfer agreements with private and public colleges and universities to ensure a smooth transfer process, and continues to establish new


I Spring 2013 I CareerFocus

agreements with schools. Most recently, MWCC forged agreements with Rivier College for Broadcasting and Electronic Media, Criminal Justice, History, Political Science and Nursing; UMass Lowell for Criminal Justice; and Cambridge College for all degree programs.

During the past academic year, new agreements also were developed with Assumption College for students majoring in Human Services, and at Anna Maria College for students majoring in Criminal Justice and Fire Science Technology.

“MWCC put me on the path to where I am now by helping me focus on a particular area of my art concentration.” Alyssa Fishenden

Earning an associate degree at MWCC before transferring can provide substantial savings. For starters, tuition and fees are far less than four-year institutions. By starting at your local community college and completing an associate degree, students can take substantial sums off the overall cost of a bachelor’s degree. Crystal Beckwith of Leominster, who is graduating in December with an associate degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, decided to start at MWCC and then transfer for that exact reason. “The fact is, going to a community college first saves money,” she says. “I have a limited income and completing my first two years at MWCC has saved me thousands of dollars.” There are several reasons students decide to start at MWCC first and then transfer, Beckwith says. “The class schedule and availability is flexible, which is ideal for students who are trying to balance school and work. I work full-time and wanted to be a fulltime student, as well, which I was able to do by coming to The

Mount Wachusett Community College I

I 978-410-9695

Mount.” She really enjoyed her classes, also. “I don’t always feel comfortable in crowds, so with this being a community college I was able to feel at ease because it isn’t too big or too crowded. There is also great staff working here, especially the professors. Even in classes that weren’t necessarily my forte, I had instructors who were able to help me to understand and make it interesting.” The important thing to remember to get the most of your time here at MWCC is seeking out the resources that MWCC has to offer. Beckwith says, “The key is to meet with an advisor with any questions or concerns regarding your ultimate goal. All of the advisors are extremely helpful when it comes to making sure you’re on the right path. One of the major things I learned here is how important it is to ask questions and to always use the resources available to you.” Beckwith will be attending Worcester State University in January and pursuing her bachelor’s degree in psychology.


Alyssa Fishenden of Leominster says she simply couldn’t afford her chosen four-year college straight out of high school. “In an attempt to continue my education as soon as possible, I decided to search for an affordable alternative that would comply with my work schedule. MWCC not only fit that requirement, but it was easy to commute to, it had a diverse student body, and a variety of concentrations to choose from. MWCC put me on the path to where I am now by helping me focus on a particular area of my art concentration.” Fishenden graduated in May 2012 with an associate degree in Art-Professional Track and is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Production at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

A popular transfer program at MWCC is the 3+1 program, which provides associate degree graduates with a convenient, cost-effective path to a bachelor’s degree. A 3+1 program is a transfer agreement that allows students to complete their first three years of college at MWCC, paying MWCC prices, before transferring to a bachelor’s program at a participating college or university. The final year can be completed online, at the four-year college or university, or at one of their satellite campuses, including MWCC. At MWCC, students can participate in 3+1 programs with seven different partnering schools in specific majors: Bellevue University in Nebraska and Charter Oak State College in Connecticut for all degree programs; Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences for an online bridge program to a master’s degree in Family Nurse Practitioner; Mount Ida College for Dental Hygiene; Nichols College for Business; Regis College for Nursing; and Saint Joseph’s College of Maine for degrees such as Business, Nursing, Criminal Justice and Human Services.



Another important, yet often overlooked, benefit is scholarship opportunities. When students start at a community college, they start building their college transcript, and their academic achievements there can lead to scholarship opportunities not only at the community college, but at the four-year institution as well. Many prestigious private colleges such as Smith College and Mount Holyoke College, have long offered generous financial packages and transfer programs for community


college graduates. In addition, with our state universities and through our Mass Transfer program, if a student graduates with a 3.0 or better, they are eligible to receive a 33 percent tuition waiver at the fouryear state university.

MWCC sponsors an annual transfer fair which brings 40-plus fouryear colleges and universities to the campus, and also hosts regular visits throughout the semester from representatives of four-year institutions. “It’s so important that our students take advantage of all the transfer opportunities provided to them, especially when there are representatives from four-year schools right here on our campus,” says Stephanie Fielding, Transfer Counselor for the Visions Program at MWCC. “They can learn about new schools, expand their options, and speak to the person who will review their application without ever having to get in the car.” For more information, call 978-630-9109, email, or go online at

I Mount Wachusett Community College I

Ann Reynolds

Alumni Spotlight Ann Reynolds of Fitchburg wasn’t sure she was going to transfer to a four-year school when she started at MWCC in the summer of 2009. She enrolled in one class, English Composition I, and after a week she was hooked as a student. “I instantly felt at home at MWCC and quickly made the decision to go for my associate degree. After my first full semester, I was looking at four-year institutions to attend after earning my associate degree,” she says. “The MWCC motto, ‘Start Near, Go Far’ says it all. If you work hard and take advantage of everything MWCC offers you, there is no reason for any student not to move on to the institution of their choice,” says Reynolds. “It is a huge money saver and if you challenge yourself to do your very best in all your classes, you will definitely be prepared at a four-year college.” Reynolds definitely took advantage of what MWCC had to offer. She was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa honor society, and also served as president, treasurer and as a founding member of Active Minds, a nationally-affiliated campus club that raises awareness about mental health issues affecting young adults. She was a recipient of several scholarship awards including the Human Services Curriculum award and a Barnes & Noble scholarship award upon graduation. “There was so much I enjoyed about attending MWCC. I loved my classes. I personally like the ‘campus’ feel of Gardner and the convenience of the cafeteria and library. What I enjoyed most was meeting so many different people from so many different walks of life. This was a lesson in itself! I have met some of my best friends these past three years.” She also had a great experience with her professors. “MWCC professors truly care about what they are teaching and the success of their students. I never felt as if I was ‘just a number’ at MWCC and was always given excellent advice from professors.” Reynolds was a peer tutor while at MWCC and is now employed part time in the academic support center as a tutor in writing. She is also chair of the PTO at Fitchburg High and on its Renaissance committee. Reynolds graduated in May 2012 and transferred to Assumption College where she took advantage of MWCC’s newly created transfer agreement with Assumption for Human Services. She is working toward her bachelor’s degree in Human Services and Rehabilitation. She is married and has four children, including a son who is currently enrolled at MWCC as a dual enrollment student with Fitchburg High School. “MWCC fully prepared me to move on to the next chapter,” she says. “I have taken what I learned while attending MWCC and am applying it to my courses at Assumption College.” – Limari Rivera

CareerFocus I Spring 2013



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Payment Arrange for payment options Make payment arrangements, waive insurance, learn about the Mountain Lion Debit Card. Student Accounts Office: 978-630-9149 or


If you attended another institution before MWCC, forward your official transcript(s) to: MWCC, Office of Admissions, 444 Green St., Gardner, MA 01440. This will allow you to possibly receive academic credit for your past work.

Medical Submit your medical information Full-time students must complete and submit Immunization and Medical History Forms, along with their physician’s signature. These forms are available at Forms can be sent to: MWCC, Health Services, 444 Green St., Gardner, MA 01440. Questions? Contact the Health Services Office at 978-630-9136 or fax 978-630-9528

8 Orientation

Attend a student orientation At orientation, you will learn about important campus resources, be introduced to campus life, and obtain your Student ID. Fall enrollees will receive an invitation to orientation during the summer and spring enrollees will receive an invitation during the fall. Orientation is required for all new and transfer students.

9 Textbooks Buy your texbooks You can purchase textbooks at the MWCC Bookstore or from an outside vendor. If you purchase from the MWCC Bookstore, you can do so in person or online at You may qualify for a bookstore credit to assist with textbook costs if you are receiving excess financial aid. Bookstore credit information is available in your iConnect portal approximately three weeks before the start of classes.

10 Start near. Go far.

Achieve success This is your time to shine! Get ready to positively impact the rest of your life with a Mount Wachusett Community College education. Attend class, visit with your professors during their office hours, stay connected with all the services on campus, and seek help if you need it.

We generate. Success. 6

I Spring 2013 I CareerFocus

Mount Wachusett Community College I

I 978-410-9695


Financial Aid FAQs

Helping you get the money you need for the education you deserve


t Mount Wachusett Community College, we believe that going to college should be a destination that everyone can reach. We also know that not everyone has the money to get there. Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked financial aid questions.

What is Financial Aid? Financial aid is money provided by federal, state and college sources to help students pay their expenses while attending college. Many students find it increasingly difficult to finance a college education without some assistance. In general, all U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens who are enrolled in an approved degree or certificate program are eligible to receive some type of financial assistance.

If I receive financial aid now, do I need to pay the money back later? There are many grant and scholarship programs available that offer “free money” that does not

have to be repaid. Other financial aid programs are in the form of low interest loans that do require repayment, but only after the student has stopped attending school. If you apply early, chances are a significant amount of your financial need can be met with aid that doesn’t have to be repaid.

The entire financial aid process seems overwhelming and confusing. How can I get financial assistance if I’m not even sure how to apply? Applying for financial aid can be confusing. At MWCC, many workshops are offered to assist students with the online application process. There is also one-on-one assistance available through the North Central Educational Opportunity Center (NCEOC) located at our Leominster Campus.

I’m not sure I qualify for financial aid. Should I complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)? Yes, the best way to determine what funds you qualify for is by completing an application. It doesn’t cost anything to apply. Financial aid removes financial barriers for families who cannot afford the cost of an education, and also provides needed funds for families who can afford only a portion of college costs. Your financial eligibility will be determined by a number of factors including family income, the size of your family, and number of family members attending college.

You can complete a FAFSA online at Using a PIN to Apply and to Sign Your Application. Obtain a PIN, an electronic access code number that serves as an identifier, at

What is a PIN and what is it used for? It is an electronic access code number that serves as your identifier and electronic signature. Safeguard your PIN because you will use the same PIN every year during college.

Your PIN helps you to: • Apply online for federal student aid, using FAFSA on the web. • “Sign” your application electronically and complete the student aid process totally online—no paper is involved. If you’re a dependent student and your parents have a PIN, they can sign the application electronically, as well. Signing the application at the time you apply means you’ll get your results faster. • Make corrections to your FAFSA. • Access your Student Aid Report and make corrections to it. • Access all your federal student aid records online, including any federal loan information. If you have any questions about the PIN process, you should either visit the PIN website at or call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243). This is also the number to call to check on the status of your financial aid application. Please allow two to four weeks for processing.

When To Apply Now is the time to apply. File as soon as you can, even if you are unsure about your college plans. Meeting financial aid deadlines is important, however, even if you have missed a deadline, you should still apply as soon as you decide to attend college. • If you want to be considered for the Mass Grant Program, you must file your FAFSA by May 1.

Missing Information Letter Some financial aid applications are selected for the verification process by the federal processor. For students who are required to complete this process, a missing information letter will be sent to students once the MWCC Financial Aid Office receives your results. It will indicate the forms you will need to submit to complete your file. A financial aid award determination cannot be made until all required documents are submitted.

Award Letter Award information is made available to students 24/7 using the online self service system called WebConnect. An email is sent to the MWCC student email account once the file has been reviewed and packaged.

Join us for FAFSA Fridays 10:00 AM – noon Every Friday, February 1 – April 26, 2013 Gardner Campus The Financial Aid and Advising offices, in conjunction with the Perkins Grant financial literacy program, are pleased to offer weekly workshops to provide one-on-one assistance to help complete the FAFSA online. Students are encouraged to apply or reapply for financial aid for 2013-14 beginning January 1, 2013 but no later than May 1, 2013.  Please call the Financial Aid Office at 978-630-9169 to sign up.


I Mount Wachusett Community College I

CareerFocus I Spring 2013




Finding Your Career Direction Let MWCC’s Career Coach help you get there


By Brenda Schelling-Biggs

ount Wachusett Community College wants to help students and potential students make informed choices in their search to find a good career. MWCC’s newly acquired Career Coach tool can help! Career Coach is a free online tool designed to help identify potential career matches by providing the most current local data on wages, employment and job postings, and the associated education needed to get there. MWCC is the only institution in Massachusetts offering this service and proudly delivers this free benefit to its current and prospective students, as well as the greater community, simply by visiting MWCC’s website: careercoach. “It is such an easy tool to use, and will really help students and potential students to make informed decisions about their career choices,” says Fagan Forhan, Director of Experiential Learning Opportunities and Civic Engagement at MWCC. This valuable and vital information, useful in making informed and educated decisions while career planning, is now readily available to students and local community members. In August, 15 new members of the AmeriCorps Job Ready Program participated in a training session to prepare them to use this tool to assist students and job seekers. Each AmeriCorp member has been assigned to an MWCC campus, a participating middle school, high school or a community-based program, where they will provide


I Spring 2013 I CareerFocus

tutorials and instruction on an asneeded basis. Career Coach was first introduced to our new students at orientation events this fall. AmeriCorps Members hosted a station set up with laptops for attendees to try the tool. Many students and their parents stopped by to experience how helpful this tool can be in planning academic and career options.

Forhan has piloted the use of Career Coach as part of the curriculum in the college’s First Year Experience courses and visited FYE classes to demonstrate the tool. Students were excited at the opportunity to use Career Coach to help make important decisions with the guidance of MWCC’s student career services staff. Through a simple keyword search, students and any visitor to the college’s website can learn about the

employment prospects for careers they want to research. The realtime information is customized to the college’s geographic region and includes detailed wage estimates and up-to-date job postings associated with any career. It also includes information about how many job openings in a given field are typically open each year, as well as the anticipated number of retirees projected. Users are directed to the college’s associate and certificate programs when searching for specific jobs.

Career Coach also includes a built-in résumé builder to help students and job seekers quickly and efficiently put together an updated résumé with key skills and job experience highlighted. MWCC staff is excited to work directly with current students on career exploration and job searches, to help undecided students find a career pathway. “Career Coach is an exciting and fun ‘how to’ tool to help students, their parents and the general public narrow down realistic career and job options by matching job titles to job availability within a 20, 50 and 100 mile radius of the college,” says Patricia Brewerton, Career Planning & Placement Coordinator. “By matching these career dreams to degree and certificate programs

offered at the college, students will know, in advance of graduation, who is hiring and where. Students just starting their college major search can also search by specific major and then cross reference jobs suitable for graduates in that major,” she says. “Career Coach takes the mystery out of the job search process. Equipped with the latest labor market data, students are now able to make informed decisions when it comes to their career, saving them both time and money.”

Try out Career Coach at careercoach and get started on the path to your career. A short tutorial video will walk you through the features. Then explore hundreds of potential careers showing information on wages, employment, and jobs, plus the education needed to get you there. Current MWCC students should consider meeting with Nancy Greenlaw in the Advising Center about matching their career aspirations and ideas with their skills, passions, and interests. In the upcoming months, MWCC will provide additional information to potential students, parents, high school guidance counselors, career centers, workforce investment boards, economic development boards, chambers of commerce, area businesses, communitybased organizations, and others. Organizations and schools are encouraged to add this link to their website as an important resource. Career Coach is made possible by funding through a U.S. Department of Labor grant and MWCC’s Division of Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development, and with support from the Center for Civic Learning & Community Engagement and MWCC’s Division of Access and Transition. Career Coach helps support the state’s interest in connecting the available workforce to employers. For more information on MWCC’s Career Coach, contact Heather Daly, Center for Civic Learning and Community Engagement, at 978-630-9435 or

Mount Wachusett Community College I

I 978-410-9695


Finish What You Started MWCC will help you complete your degree


By Ryan Forsythe ack Wilson followed a varied path through college: three colleges; multiple majors; plenty of academic credits; and some confusion. It was not the easiest path to a college degree.

Wilson, a Massachusetts native who is now a successful salesperson, began his higher education at Florida State University studying the sciences. After a year at Florida State (and admittedly plenty of fun times), Wilson made his way back to Massachusetts to follow a different path. Wilson spent a semester exploring other options before realizing his desire to complete his education. With varied credits and an unclear educational future, Wilson came to Mount Wachusett Community College with a renewed interest in completing his degree. He wanted to finish what he started!

started.” From DSST/Dantes exam scores to CLEP test results to transcripts from multiple colleges, MWCC assists students to parlay past educational experiences into an attainable degree plan. In September, MWCC received a Massachusetts Vision Project Grant to establish a Center for Alternative Studies and Educational Certification to help facilitate student re-entry to postsecondary education and accelerate the time required for program completion. The project builds the college’s capacity to assess for prior learning. The project will also look at the potential to develop assessments for prior service learning and civic engagement activities and applying that earned credit toward completion of MWCC’s graduation requirements. As another option for students, the presidents of Mount Wachusett Community College, Fitchburg

The Mount welcomed Wilson with multiple options to help him complete his educational goals. Wilson met with an academic advisor who examined his past academic credentials, suggested an academic program that would work for him, and registered him for his first term at MWCC.


Each year in October and again in February, the two community colleges identify students who have left their institutions prior to graduating to enroll at Fitchburg State or Worcester State, yet have completed the number of credits equal to satisfy requirements for a degree or certificate completion at the home community college. Once students have been identified, the community college sends letters encouraging the students to continue their enrollment at the state university, and send their credits back to the community

college to be applied toward their degree. The letter will include a waiver that the student can complete authorizing the state university to send his or her transcript to the community college each semester for the duration of their enrollment at the state university. Once a student has satisfied his or her degree requirements at the community college, the student can complete an application for graduation with all graduation fees waived. Students can participate in all commencement activities at the native community college. “The Finish First initiative gives many transfer students a competitive edge while pursuing their bachelor’s degree,” says MWCC President Daniel M. Asquino. “By reversing the credits back to their home community college to complete the requirements for an associate degree or certificate, students will be able to add these credentials to their résumés. The accomplishment will be beneficial on job interviews or to enhance the opportunity for advancement in their current workplace.” These programs and all the options available at MWCC are designed to encourage degree completion. Wilson’s story is one example of how an institutional commitment to student success, faculty and staff that care, and options to help students capitalize on past experiences, can result in a better future.

“I remember coming to The Mount and having no problems with my credits. The Mount took all of my credits toward my new degree,” Wilson says. “The advisors were easy to work with and Professor Michael Greenwood helped me find my passion for business.” Students often come to The Mount with college credits from multiple colleges. Mount Wachusett Community College endeavors to assist students “finish what they

State University, Quinsigamond Community College, and Worcester State University have signed a unique student-centered “Finish First” agreement, working together to achieve the goal of helping students complete their education. This initiative supports a unified commitment to improving student persistence and degree completion.

Jack Wilson

I Mount Wachusett Community College I

MWCC invites students with past college credits to finish what they started. Explore the options for your future by contacting the Office of Admissions at 978-630-9110 or

CareerFocus I Spring 2013


Linda Patterson and Gloria Steinem at a House of Peace and Education event held at MWCC.

“Without the scholarships, I would have dropped out. The scholarships enabled me to continue my education and pay my bills while still having some quality time with my children.” Neisha Boulanger

MWCC Foundation, Inc. Scholarships


By Robin A. Duncan id you know that thousands of dollars a year in scholarship funding go unclaimed simply because an application has not been completed and submitted? There is a misconception that scholarships are only available for valedictorians or star athletes. In reality, scholarships are available to a broad range of students at different levels, interests and talent. In these economic times, many students are wondering how they will pay for their higher education. One easy way to do it is simply to search and apply for scholarships. Mount Wachusett Community College Foundation, Inc. has grown from awarding $259 in scholarships to MWCC students in 1971, to now awarding more than $260,000 annually through generous support of local businesses and organizations, alumni, and other

supporters. Without their generosity and scholarship funding, many student recipients would be unable to advance in their careers or pursue their dreams. A wide variety of scholarships are available, some for specific disciplines or needs, while others are unrestricted, accessible to all kinds of students in need. Linda Patterson is studying Natural Resources at MWCC with the hope of transferring to a four-year institution to complete her education in botany to become a plant pathologist. Patterson learned of the scholarship opportunities through the financial aid office at the college and through her participation in the Visions Program. “None of this would have been possible without the scholarships I received and everyone at the college has been so supportive, helping me every step of the way,” Patterson says. “It is a large enough challenge simply raising two children and trying to run a small business as a single parent without also having the

Scholarship Resources Websites Applying for scholarships can also help finance your education. Check out the following links for tips on locating scholarships and winning scholarships:


I Spring 2013 I CareerFocus

burden of finding enough money to go to school,” she says. Andres Figueroa is completing his degree in the college’s Physical Therapist Assistant program. Figueroa says the scholarship money allowed him to concentrate on his studies. “Rather than having to work to pay for loans, I was able to get more involved in activities on campus and within the community, and focus on my education,” he says. Saysha Surette-Narcisse, a Nursing major from Gardner, is a second generation scholarship recipient. In 2010, her mother, Heidi SuretteNarcisse, also received scholarships from the MWCC Foundation while attaining a degree in Paralegal Studies. “The scholarships helped both of us when we needed it. If we didn’t have scholarships, it would have really been a struggle to go to college,” Surette-Narcisse says. “Going to school for nursing can be expensive and the scholarship helped me pay for my tuition and books. After graduation, my dream is to work in a doctor’s office, gain some experience, and then maybe even further my education,” she says. Neisha Boulanger earned her associate degree in Human Services at Mount Wachusett Community College last spring with the help of scholarships. Now an AmeriCorps Member, the mother of three commented on how two scholarships helped her pay for college. “As a single mom with three children, I didn’t know how I was going to pay my rent and electric bill, buy food, and pay for school, all at the same time,” Boulanger says. “Without the scholarships, I would have dropped

out. The scholarships enabled me to continue my education and pay my bills while still having some quality time with my children,” she says. MWCC’s foundation offers a wide variety of awards and scholarships to students to help make college affordable. The foundation’s support flows beyond the campus into the community. There are also scholarship opportunities for high school students. For instance, the foundation recently worked in collaboration with Rollstone Bank & Trust and the college’s Divisions of Access & Transition and Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development to launch the first initiative of MWCC’s Academy for Science & Math. This successful project saw the implementation of an energy unit between the Leominster High School Center for Technical Education, Samoset Middle School and Skyview Middle School, as well as a banking program in the Samoset Spirit Store and an afterschool science club at Samoset. The foundation and the Division of Access & Transition also teamed up with Athol Credit Union to provide a college biology course called Plants and Society at Athol High School. Students not only were engaged in the college course, but earned transferrable college credits, as well. Bottom line: if you’re concerned about how to pay for college, it’s important to search all avenues for potential assistance. Scholarships and other financial aid opportunities exist to ensure that money is less of an issue to those who wish to pursue higher education.

Mount Wachusett Community College I

I 978-410-9695

Heidi Surette-Narcisse

Saysha Surette-Narcisse

Andres Figueroa

s: Making Higher Education Possible To learn more about scholarship opportunities and to apply for one is easy. Check out the information on the financial aid pages of MWCC’s website at paying-for-college.

For a complete scholarship list or to learn more about Mount Wachusett Community College Foundation, Inc. scholarship opportunities, visit the foundation’s main webpage at or contact the foundation office at 978-630-9387.

Why We Give James and Peggy Garrison “When Mount Wachusett Community College Foundation, Inc. embarked on the firstever capital campaign for MWCC in 2005, to build an Early Childhood Education Center, my wife Peggy and I made our first major gift to MWCC to the building fund. It is my strong belief that all children should have access to a quality preschool education. I’m proud to have played a role in bringing the building to life, but that was not enough. In order to broaden the programs and expand access, we needed to increase the number of teachers. That is why we endowed the Garrison Fund for Early Childhood Education.” The fund provides $100,000 annually for student scholarship funding, childcare stipends for students in the Early Childhood Education program, and supports the capacity-building efforts of the Early Childhood Education program. James O. Garrison, a member of MWCC’s Board of Trustees and past chair, foundation board member, and community activist.

Professor Joseph Baldyga Paying for college, often while juggling family and job responsibilities, remains as critical an issue for students today as it did when former Mount Wachusett Community College Professor Joseph Baldyga taught the finer points of marketing, economics, business math, advertising and other subjects from 1970 to 1995. That’s why the former Athol resident recently donated $13,000 to Mount Wachusett Community College Foundation, Inc. to establish three new scholarships for students. Veterans and students majoring in business administration or education will benefit from his generosity. “Few of us will earn the world-wide fame of those such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, but with the proper higher education and motivation, all of us can make significant contributions in rewarding and interesting careers,” Baldyga says. “In the final analysis, I am pleased that these scholarships will help worthy MWCC students fulfill their promise.”


I Mount Wachusett Community College I

Understanding Financial Aid & Scholarships The cost of tuition should not stand in the way of getting a college education. A community college education is the most affordable option in higher education today. Low tuition and fees, combined with financial assistance for eligible students, allow many to attend MWCC with little to no out-of-pocket expenses. At Mount Wachusett Community College, 65 percent of all students receive some financial aid, and the college’s office of Financial Aid will help walk you through the application process. Financial aid is money provided by federal, state and institutional sources. Financial aid may pay for tuition, fees, books, supplies and transportation. Private foundation grants and scholarships are also available. All students are encouraged to apply for financial aid, even if they think they may not qualify. Scholarships are forms of aid that help students pay for their education. Like grants, they do not have to be repaid. Awards are available for students who are interested in particular fields of study, who are members of underrepresented groups, who live in certain areas, or who demonstrate financial need.

First Step to $$$: When seeking any financial aid, the first step is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at You may list up to 10 different college codes on the FAFSA. Make sure that MWCC (school code 002172) is listed as one of your choices.

Deadlines: Scholarship applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. However, the deadline for scholarships awarded for the upcoming fall semester is March 10.

How to Apply: Scholarship applications are available in the Financial Aid office and online. Go to All scholarships require an essay and two letters of recommendation, as explained on the scholarship application. Some scholarships require additional essays. For more information on scholarship criteria, call MWCC’s Financial Aid office 978-630-9169, email, or visit

CareerFocus I Spring 2013

I 11


REGISTER NOW! Educational Benefits Available JANUARY 22

Enrolling is easy

toSpring Military semester begins Families MARCH 25

New/Former Students


Continuing order to transferStudents benefits but each

8 week cycle 2 begins

By Janice O’Connor

for me to attend school full time. Without the Post 9/11 GI Bill, I wouldn’t be able to do it. Having this support allows me to focus on my schoolwork instead of worrying about overextending myself.”

For more information visit

ince the enactment of the Post 9/11 GI Bill in 2008, many active service members and veterans have been enrolling in colleges and universities across the country thanks to expanded GI educational benefits. The Post 9/11 GI Bill allows active members the option of transferring their educational benefits to their spouse or dependents, providing significant savings on the cost of tuition, fees and textbooks.

Czekalski, who is a member of the dental hygiene and student veteran clubs and a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society, says navigating through the paperwork and military lingo can be complicated. She helps promote GI benefits to military families and provides other assistance by serving as a family readiness lead for her husband’s unit.

Students new to MWCC or those who have not taken courses at MWCC in the past 12 months can enroll: Kelli Bator • Call: Office of Admissions at 978-410-9695

• In person: Office of Admissions at the Gardner Campus Kelli Bator of Winchendon is service determines whether to enrolled in the General Studies •waive Online:, click on “iConnect” the four years on a case-byAllied Health program at MWCC, completing prerequisite courses case basis. Although entitlement •can Call: 978-630-9109 in anticipation of enrolling in the be transferred to children after serving six years, the service Dental Hygiene program. Her •member In person: Advising Center, Room 116Sgt. at 1st theClass Gardner must complete 10 years husband, GarryCampus Bator, Jr., serves in the Army National of service before their child can Guard and is a former Marine who use benefits. Stepchildren are also eligible. A spouse can retain benefits has served overseas in Iraq in 1989 and 1990, Cuba in 2003, and most if divorced and children may keep recently, in Afghanistan for a year the benefit if they marry, as long from 2010 to 2011. as they were eligible for the benefit before marriage and before their Under the Post 9/11 GI Bill, the 26th birthday. Purple Heart recipient was able to Kristine Larkin, assistant project transfer the benefits to his wife. “It director who oversees MWCC’s definitely helps a lot,” says Kelli, Center of Excellence for Veteran who is eligible to receive 80 percent of the education benefits, a housing Student Success, says veterans, allowance and book stipends. “It service members and their keeps me from having to take out dependents are integral members of student loans.” the college community.

Mark Your Calendar!

Jessie Czekalski, a former Winchendon resident and graduate of St. Bernard’s High School in Fitchburg, is earning an associate degree in Dental Hygiene at Mount Wachusett Community College with the majority of her educational expenses being covered through the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

The Department of Defense determines transferability under the Post 9/11 GI Bill and benefits vary, depending on the years of service, length of deployment, credit “We welcome the participation of load and other factors. Benefits veteran spouses and dependents. under this bill may be transferred While the service members are the to a spouse or dependent after six ones who are deployed, we recognize years of service and can be split An Honors Program student and that the family members are serving among more than one person, as now a resident of Fitzwilliam, our country too, in a different way,” long2013 as the combined total does not Sunday, January 27, NH, Czekalski completed her Larkin says. exceed 36 months. A new four-year 1:00 PM | Gardner Campusmay be required in prerequisites before being accepted commitment into the selective Dental Hygiene Get FREEAdam, Help program. Her husband, a Applying for College Financial Aid staff sergeant in the Army National Join us and get free assistance applying for financial aid for the 2013-2014 Guard, was twice deployed to Iraq, year. in 2003 academic during Operation IraqiFor more information visit: Freedom, and again in 2010 during Operation New Dawn. Based upon the amount of time he was deployed and his length of service, the family is eligible for 90 percent coverage of education costs, as well as a book stipend and a housing allowance.




Finding a Career Event

“I would like to be a financial contributor to the family. I’ve Wednesday, March 6, 2013 had the luxury of being able to stay home, though I’ve | Gardner Campus 5:00 - ultimately 7:00 PM always wanted to become a dental hygienist,” Czekalski says. “Now Discover your ideal career and how to get that our kids are older, it’s easier

Jessie and Adam Czekalski on track to obtain it. Please RVSP for this event by calling 978 - 410 - 9695 or online at


I Spring 2013 I CareerFocus

Bator is serving in the new Peer Mentor program administered though the college’s veterans’ success center, and recently sewed an American flag that adorns a wall near the center’s offices. “I’m excited to be here. It’s a great place,” says Bator, an active volunteer on campus and in her community. Czekalski and Bator agree the services offered to to transitioning Scan QR code get students the center morethrough info on FAFSA Day. are greatly appreciated. “That’s what makes Mount Wachusett so unique,” Czekalski says. “They’re really taking the time to find out what would be useful to the veterans and their families.” For more information about MWCC’s services and programs for veterans, active military personnel, and their dependents, contact MWCC’s Center of Excellence for Veteran Student Success at 978-630-9408, or visit

Scan QR code to register for the Career Event

Mount Wachusett Community College I

I 978-410-9695

Start near. Go far. Discover the many educational opportunities that Mount Wachusett Community College has to help you achieve your dreams. Whether you are a first time student, seeking skills for a second career, looking to transfer credits, or want to attain an education without breaking the bank—MWCC is for you. With over 45 degree and certificate programs, as well as over 100 online course options, you just can’t go wrong. And did we mention affordability? There is no better educational value in the area for such a low cost and with such flexibility.

MWCC Campus Locations & Hours Gardner

444 Green Street, Gardner, MA 01440 Hours: Phone: Email:

Mon - Thu, 8 AM - 6 PM.; Fri, 8 AM - 4 PM 978-630-9110


100 Erdman Way, Leominster, MA 01453 Hours: Phone: Email:

Mon - Thu, 8:30 AM - 7 PM, Fri, 8:30 AM - 4 PM 978-630-9810


One Jackson Place, 27 Jackson Road, Devens, MA 01434 Hours: Phone: Email:

Mon - Thu, 8:30 AM - 7PM, Fri, 8 AM - 4 PM 978-630-9569

Associate Degrees

Certificate Programs

Accounting Concentration* Allied Health Concentration* Art—Professional Art—Traditional Program Audio Engineering Concentration* Automotive Technology Automotive Technology—General Motors Biotechnology/Biomanufacturing Broadcasting & Electronic Media Business Administration—Career Business Administration—Transfer Clinical Laboratory Science Communications Track* Complementary Health Care Computer Graphic Design—Print Computer Graphic Design—Web Design Computer Information Systems Criminal Justice—Corrections Concentration* Criminal Justice— Law Enforcement Concentration* Dental Hygiene Early Childhood Education—Career Early Childhood Education—Transfer Elementary Education Track* Energy Management Fire Science Technology Fitness Leadership & Exercise Science Track* General Studies History & Political Science Track* Human Services Liberal Arts & Sciences Manufacturing Technology—Plastics Medical Assisting Natural Resources Nursing Paralegal Studies Photography Concentration* Physical Therapist Assistant Pre-Engineering Track* Theatre Arts Track* Video/Film Concentration* Yoga Teacher Training Concentration*

Accounting Allied Health Automotive Technology Biotechnology/Biomanufacturing Business Administration Complementary Health Care Computer Graphic Design—Print Computer Graphic Design—Web Design Dental Assisting Energy Management Human Service Technician IT Support Specialist Law Enforcement Medical Coding & Billing Medical Office Office Assistant Paralegal Practical Nurse Professional Photography Small Business Management


Other Options 3+1 Baccalaureate Degree Completion Option Emergency Medical Technician Certificate of Completion English as a Second Language Courses Honors Program Nurse Assistant Courses Phlebotomy Certificate of Completion Radiologic Technologist Articulation Agreement * Denotes a concentration of an associate degree

Spring Semester Begins

January 22

Register Today!

AA/EEO Institution MC106-02 Rev:Oct12

t MWCC in


SMART START EVENT Select one of these dates to one of these dates comeSelect to campus, talk to an to come to campus, talk to an advisor, apply and register for advisor, apply andeasy! register for fall classes. It’s that fall classes. It’s that easy! Today! Online: Online:

Call: 978-630-9110 Call: 978-410-9695

Gardner Campus Gardner Campus Monday,January December 10 - noon TBD Friday, December 14 - noon

Devens Campus

Devens Campus January TBD

Wednesday, December 5 - noon

Leominster Campus January TBD

er Campus

Scan QR code to register!

Scan QR code to register!

NONCREDIT COURSES NONCREDIT COURSES Need quick training to start a careerquick or looking to take Need training to start a a classorforlooking fun? to take career hasfun? it all! a MWCC class for

MWCC has it all!



RSVP Today!

• Comedy • Computers • Crafts & Hobbies

Visit or call 978-630-9525 for a brochure

Visit or call 978-630-9525 for a brochure

• Photography • Comedy • Music • Computers • Cra ts Hobbies • Photography • Music

• Mind, Body & Spirit • Test Preparation • Website Development

Mind, ody Spirit •• Green/Renewable Energy •• Medical Coding & Billing, Medical Test Preparation Transcription & Medical Editing

• Website Development

• Green Renewable Energy • Medical Coding illing, Medical Transcription Medical Editing

CareerFocus - Spring 2013  
CareerFocus - Spring 2013