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“The Pampered Pet” 13-7503 Pet Snack Launcher Fun for you and your pets. Load the treats, pull the switch and push the button. No batteries necessary. Measures 7" long. Gift packaged.

14-3058 Portable Pet Porta™ Bottle Hydrate your pets with our 20 oz. water bottle. Flip down the bowl for use, flip up for travel. Wide mouth bottle allows for adding ice. Comes with handy hanging strap. Measures 8" tall when closed.

23-4450 Pet Blinker Display Free with 36 pieces. Display measures 13" tall by 6.5" wide.

23-4427 Pet Blinkers

Enjoy the added security and peace of mind knowing you and your pet are visible at night. Attach our waterproof pet blinker to your pet’s collar and be seen a half-mile away. Assorted flashing color lights come with on / off switch. Three inserted button cell batteries plus 3 replacement batteries included.

63-0234 Laser Pet Toy

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Entertain your pet for hours as they chase the little red light all over the house. Dogs love it and drives cats wild. Also doubles as a key chain with both snap and split key ring. Comes with 3 button cell batteries and gift packaged in assorted colors. Minimum 24 pieces in a counter display. Display measures 7.5" across and 9" deep.

92-5713 Retractable Leash / Light Comes with 4 bright LED lights, 12 foot extendable leash and waste bag dispenser with bags included. Uses 2 “AA” batteries, not included and measures 6" x 6" x 1". Suitable for dogs up to 80 lbs. Gift boxed.

Hand covered plush synthetic fur pet comes with adoption bundle. Breathes continuously for three to four months on the same single “D” battery (included). Great for home, office, dormitories, kids, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Each pet measures approximately 10” x 7.5” x 3.5”.


29-9104 St. Bernard

29-9109 Pug

29-9102 Golden Retreiver

29-9103 Alaskan Husky

29-9113 Chocolate Lab

29-9115 Beagle


29-9119 Shih Tzu

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

29-9122 Black Lab

29-9132 Cocker Spaniel

29-9205 Orange Tabby

29-9206 Black & White Domestic Shorthair

The Adoption Center Display includes the following items: • 23 grid panels • 36 grid connectors • 2 adoption center display signs • 4 rings for hanging display signs • 1 adoption center store sign • 6 newspaper panels • 1 bowl with “dog” food • 1 rope bone • 1 set of instructions • 1 adoption agent pin

29-9126 Yorkie


29-9214 Gray Tabby

Golden Retriever (In Adoption Bundle) 29-9800 Petzzz® Adoption Center Display You may purchase the adoption center for $35. We offset the price by giving you 1 pet free when you purchase 36 or more pets. Visit the “Special Promotions” tab on our web site to see set up configuration options.

Your new pet comes with carrying crate, adoption certificate, collar, plush bed, ”D” battery and hair brush.

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“The Evolution of Light” COB (Chips on Board) is a new technology of LED lighting. Multi LED chips are packaged together as one lighting module circuit. It appears as more of a lighting panel when illuminated, thus producing up to 10 times more light.

34-1614 COB Key Ring / Flashlight

88-0357 4-in-1 LED Flashlight Anodized aluminum casing measures 5.25" long. Press once and use the 5-bulb Green LED light for night vision, again and use the 10-bulb bright White LED light for general use and press again for a strong red laser pointer. Press lightly on any setting and use as a signal light. Three “AAA” batteries are included. Shockproof and water resistant. Minimum 6 pieces in our attractive counter display. Now with a liquid compass built into the handle.

Ideal for garage, camping, vehicle, emergency, household, outdoor, indoor, anywhere! Encompasses COB enhanced lighting technology. Batteries included. Minimum 24 pieces assorted in a display.

88-2042 COB Dual Light High intensity beam with front LED and side flood COB LED light. Rubberized body with magnet on back for easy mounting. Measures 5.25" long and comes with 2 “AAA” batteries. Minimum 8 assorted in a counter display.


Newest LED technology comes with a 3 watt bulb and projects 200 lumens of light. Measures 4” long. Comes with 3 “AAA” batteries. Minimum 15 assorted in a display.


34-1253 Camo Waterproof Flashlight Super bright slim design is waterproof and even floats. Includes 3 “AAA” batteries and measures 4" long. Minimum 15 pieces in a display.

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34-1691 COB LED Flashlight

63-0294 Combo Bottle Opener / LED Flashlight Minimum 16 pieces in an attractive counter display. Measures 3" long and comes with 3 ”AAA” batteries.

“The Evolution of Light” 41-8209 Cree 3-Watt Zoom Head Lamp Great for hiking, emergencies, biking and more. Zoom focus light produces a full 120 lumens of long range power. Rubberized body pivots 180°. Three stage switch includes strobe function. Comfort fit adjustable head band. Uses 3 “AAA” batteries, not included. Gift packaged.

63-2101 Headlamp with 10 White LED’s Works on 3 operating modes; high, low or flashing for walking, jogging or biking at night or working around the house. Pivots 180°. Comfort fit adjustable head band. Uses 3 ”AAA” batteries, included. Gift packaged. Minimum 12 assorted colors in a display.

63-2350 COB 3-Watt Head Lamp Works on 3 operating modes; high, low or flashing for walking, jogging or biking at night or working around the house. Pivots 180°. Comfort fit adjustable head band. Uses 3 “AAA” batteries, included. Minimum 12 in a display.

63-2305 LED Football Switch Light

88-2070 COB Cap Light Our newest cap light produces 200 lumens of light. Wide beam covers 180° area. Comes with 3 “AAA” batteries. Minimum 12 pieces (6 in two displays) for multiple store display area.

To Order, Call 800.241.9786

Six bright white LED lights hang anywhere with included hook and loop adhesive strips. Great for closets, cabinets or as a night light, especially in a kids of sports room. No wiring needed. Uses 3 “AAA” batteries, included. Minimum 12 assorted colors in a counter display.

63-2367 COB LED 2 Watt Night Switch 63-2178 LED Night Switch Six bright white LED lights hang anywhere with included hook and loop adhesive strips. Great for closets, cabinets or as a night light. No wiring needed. Uses 3 “AAA” batteries, included. Minimum 12 in a counter display.

No wiring required! Our new night light now with COB technology produces a full 240 lumens of light. Stick anywhere with included Velcro strips, built in magnet or hanging hole. Great for closets, cabinets, garage or trunk. Comes with 3 “AAA” batteries. Minimum 12 in a display.

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“The Evolution of Light” 88-2048 200 Lumen Lantern Comes with folding handle, tube LED design and dimmer switch. Great for indoor and outdoor. Measures 8” high and comes with 3 “D” batteries. Minimum 6 assorted colors in a display.

13-0462 Vintage Lantern Bright 12-LED bulb dual powered bronze lantern. Requires 2 “D” batteries (not included) or optional AC power adapter (not included). Built in dimmer switch and fold down handle. Bulbs last approximately 100,000 hours. Measures 9.5" high. Gift boxed.

88-0399 Pop Up Lantern Three way lantern is light, portable and compact. Closes as a flashlight and opens as a lantern. Comes with 360° swivel hook and strong built in magnet. Measures 3.5" x 2.5" closed and 5.5" x 3.5" open. Minimum 12 assorted colors in a display and batteries are included.

76-4198 Rechargeable Spotlight Comes with a bright 1 watt spot light and a 12 LED work / area light. Simply eject plug from base and put directly in the wall. Great for emergencies, auto, home, camping and more. Measures 6” long. Gift boxed.

34-1479 LED Extendable Lantern Newest technology Super Bright 15 bulb 150 lumen lantern is easy to use. Just pull up and it is ready to go. Comes with hanging hooks and 3 “AA”batteries. Measures less than 5” high but puts out a tremendous amount of light. Minimum 8 pieces in a counter display.

41-8459 Collapsible Solar Waterproof Lantern Collapsible lantern has an impact resistant gel body and sturdy clip handle. It is fully waterproof and buoyant and comes with 3 LED lights (low or high power) inside and can be used as a flashlight when removed. Charge it up with either the solar panels on top or use the included USB cable. This is great for camping, hiking, boating and emergencies. Measures 6.5” by 3.75”. Fully instructive color gift box.

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76-4191 Solar LED 3-Way Powered Lantern May be charged with solar energy, through the USB port or the wall charger (included). Can even use 3 “AA” batteries, not included. Gives off a full 120 lumens of bright light. Great for outdoors and emergencies. Compact, just pull straight up and the light goes on. Measures 5” when closed. Gift boxed.

“The Evolution of Light”

63-2104 Portable Desk Lamp Comes with 12 bright LED bulbs and head swivels 150°. Minimum 9 assorted in display and batteries included. Measures 8" tall.

63-2268 LED Folding Desk Lamp Our newest design in desk lamps. Adjusts to any height and direction and comes with 21 bright LED bulbs. Uses 3 included batteries and a USB adapter that is also included with each lamp. Three assorted colors come 9 minimum in a counter display.

18-2500 LED Sensor Night Light (Set of 2)

88-2067 COB Handi-Worklight

Photoelectric sensor turns on at dusk and off at dawn and comes with a 360° rotating head. LED bulbs rated at 100,000 hour life. Gift packaged.

New ultra bright LED technology that produces a full 200 lumens of light. Also comes with standard LED flashlight, hanging hook, magnet and “Glows-in-the-Dark”. Measures 3.5 x 2.25 x 1.25 inches and uses 3 “AAA” batteries, included. Minimum 12 pieces in a counter display.

34-1696 COB Wide Beam Light All new 300 Lumen Wide Beam safety light. This heavy aluminum case with rubber grip has high and low beam COB Technology, an emergency red blinking light, powerful magnetic base and a heavy duty magnetic pocket clip. Measures 7.5” long and comes with 3 “AA” batteries . Minimum 8 assorted in a display.

63-2282 LED Menu Magnifier LED brightness is perfect for menus, receipts, prescription bottles or any small print. Compact 3.5” x 2” and comes with a carrying case. Magnifies 2X and 3X. Button cell batteries included. Minimum 18 pieces in a display. Gift packaged

34-1425 COB LED Pocket Light Ultra bright technology produces 200 lumens of light. Magnetic swivel clip rotates 180°. Strong aluminum construction measures 6.25” tall. Comes with 3 “AAA” batteries. Minimum 20 assorted colors in counter display.

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BBQ Time 13-5308 Digital Barbecue Thermometer Fork Stainless steel 14" long fork comes with a pre-programmed thermometer. Six different meat selections. Auto power-off. Measures in F or C degrees. Uses 2 “AAA” batteries, not included. Gift packaged.

63-2360 Extendable Spatula Cushioned grip tool expands to 24" and closes to 9". Minimum 24 assorted color handles in a counter display.

63-2359 Extendable Stainless Steel Barbecue Fork Extends to nearly 30” and folds for compact storage. Cushion grip handle and stainless steel construction with attached safety tips. Minimum 24 in display. 20-0033 Stainless 3-Piece Barbecue Tool Set Comes with high grade stainless steel tongs, spatula and fork. Measures 14” long. Gift boxed.

41-8454 Rechargeable UV Bug Zapper Great for home, travel, camping, boating and more. Turn on the on/off power button and the four UV bulbs with attract bugs in your area and dispose of them quickly. Included battery is fully rechargeable with included barrel jack power USB cable. Can be hung or free standing. Measures 11.5” high and 6” across. Gift boxed.

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63-2170 Extendable Fly Swatter No more standing on chairs or tables! Comes with a rubber cushion grip handle. Sturdy stainless steel shaft extends to 27” and closes to 10”. Keep one at home and one in your office. Minimum 24 pieces assorted colors in a counter display.


34-0288 Extendable Backscratcher

34-1633 Extendable Rolling Massager Rolling ball technology is a great stress reliever. Comes with a cushion grip handle and extends to a full 25.5”. Folds for compact storage. Minimum 24 assorted colors in a display.

Comes with a rubber grip and made of stainless steel. Opens to a full 27” and measures 7.5” closed. Keep in a briefcase, purse, office or glove compartment. Minimum 25 pieces of assorted color grips in counter display.

34-1665 Wood Handle Jumbo Extendable Backscratcher Our 3” backscratcher now comes with a solid wooden handle. It extends to 23” and folds to 8” for compact storage. Minimum 24 assorted in a display.

34-1146 Jumbo Extendable Backscratcher Now in a large 3” width. Comes with a cushion grip handle and extends to a full 27” long. Minimum 24 assorted colors in a display.

To Order, Call 800.241.9786

41-2800 Telescoping Shoehorn Stainless steel shoehorn comes with a rubber grip handle and spring neck. Measures 13” closed and 32” extended. Assorted colors come packed 12 in a display.

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Tool Time 63-2172 Cool Colors 8 Lb. Pick-Up Tool Large surface magnet will lift up to 8 lbs. Measures 33" when fully extended. Minimum 25 assorted color rubber grip handles in counter display.

63-2299 LED Flex Head Magnetic Pickup Tool Magnetic flexible extending head illuminates and retrieves metal objects up to 5 lbs. in hard to reach places. Another magnet is on the base for hands free lighting. Extends to 22” and collapses to 7” for storage. Also comes with a pocket clip and area for engraving. Button cell batteries included. Minimum 12 assorted in display.

34-1229 Jumbo Aluminum Carabineer Great for strollers, shopping bags, cords, water bottles, backpacks. Measures nearly 6” long and comes with cushion grip handle. Minimum 20 assorted colors in a counter display.

34-1397 Lighted 8-lb Magnetic Pick-Up Tool Bright LED light comes with on / off switch to activate light. Comes with cushion grip handle and extends to 28". Minimum 25 assorted colors in a counter display. Button cell batteries included.

63-0203 LED Light Up Precision Tweezers Stainless steel construction with button cell batteries included. On / Off button. Measures 4” long. Minimum 24 assorted colors in a display.

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20-0851 Pink 55-Piece Tool Set Comes with ratchets and drivers, wrenches, precision screwdrivers, tape measure and utility knife and all in a handy carrying case. Measures 11" x 8" x 2" closed. Gift boxed.

Tool Time

63-2288 LED Lighted Precision Screwdriver Super bright light precisely targets area. Comes with 6 various bits that store in the cap of the chrome vanadium tool. Great for small electronics, toys, eyeglass repair and much more. Button cell batteries included. Minimum 24 in a display.

37-0267 Micro-Pocket Multi-Tool with Light Our 8-function stainless tool comes with a bright LED flashlight with button cell batteries. It also has pliers, wire cutter, knife, flat and phillips head screwdriver, bottle opener and saw. Comes with a nylon belt pouch and measures 2.75” long when closed. Gift boxed.

32-1185 Utility Multi-Tool with Light

88-2012 8-in-1 Screwdriver with Dual Light

Comes in four assorted cool colors with aluminum handle. Measures 2.25" closed. Minimum 12 in display.

Unique tool comes with 7 folding bits, including one for eyeglasses and a light facing the direction of the bits. The other side comes with a bright LED flashlight. Tool measures 5” long and 4 “AAA” batteries are included. Minimum 8 in display.

To Order, Call 800.241.9786

13-4208 7-Piece Tool Set Tools come In a compact hard-shell case. Includes hammer, screwdrivers, pliers and more. Case measures 8.5" x 3.5" x 1.5". Gift boxed.

41-9080 11-in-1 Survival Tool Stainless steel tool measures 2.63” x 1.75”. Comes with travel case and fits easily into a wallet or purse. Comes blister carded with instructions showing 11 different tools in one. Minimum 12 pieces.

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Happy Hour

20-0959 Cava Wine Tool

20-0725 Montalcino™ Round 4-Piece Wine Tool Set

Six function Stainless Steel wine tool is shaped like a wine bottle. Comes with a corkscrew, bottle opener, knife blade, serrated blade and magnifying glass for reading labels. Measures 4" long.

Comes with 3-function Corkscrew, Classic Bottle Stopper, Drip Ring and Wine Pourer. Boxed in a traditional style round two-piece cherry wood case. Measures 1.62" high and 6.25" in diameter. Gift boxed. 20-0845 Stainless Steel Brussels Double Walled Mug Our 14 ounce mug is stainless steel and BPA free. The double wall keeps drinks cold for a long time. Measures 4.25" tall and individually boxed.

92-5100 Wine Bottle 7-Piece Set Attractive bottle shape stores easily. Bottle Opener, Wine Stopper, Foil Cutter, Wine Spout, Bottle Stopper and DripStop Collar. Measures 12.5" tall. Gift boxed.

20-0840 Stainless Steel Double Walled Mug Barrel shaped insulated stainless steel mug holds 14 ounces. Measures 4.25" tall and comes boxed.

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55-2793 Copper / Stainless Moscow Mule Mug

55-2758 Copper / Stainless Moscow Mule Mug

Copper plated with stainless steel construction and hammered polished finish. Holds 18.6 ounces. Gift boxed.

Copper plated with stainless steel construction and smooth polished finish. Holds 18.6 ounces. Gift boxed.

Happy Hour 55-7576 Stainless Steel Black Leather Wrapped 8 Ounce Flask Features polished finish on top and bottom with screw-down cap. Gift boxed.


JUMBO 1/2 Gallon Stainless Steel Flask What a great conversation piece for your den or game room! Measures 7.85" x 1.75" x 11.65" tall. Gift boxed.

55-0256 Stainless Steel Brown Leather Wrapped 8 Ounce Flask Features polished finish on top and bottom with screw-down cap. Boxed.

55-9178 Camouflage Stainless Steel Flask In our Oak Style design. Holds 8 ounces and comes boxed.

55-9253 Executive Stainless Steel 8 Ounce Flask Flasks feature screw-down caps, brushed finish sides and polished finish tops and bottoms. Minimum 12 in counter display.

55-3576 Stainless Steel Flask Set Our 8 oz. stainless flask comes with a satin finish all around and polished finish on top and bottom with screw down cap. Also comes with a convenient stainless funnel and beautifully gift boxed. Flask measures 5.25" tall.

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Diverse Sundries Batteries not included

41-0020 Battery Tester One of the best battery testers we have seen. Who does not need one at home, office or in a car or boat. This even tests the small, round button cell batteries. Gift package.

Married? In Love? (Both?)

20-0190 Travel 6-in-1 Board Game

A book written by wives and husbands who know. Full of heartfelt and practical advice, these books are a must for anyone who is married or in love.

Magnetic set comes with chess, checkers, cribbage, backgammon, dominoes and playing cards. Padded black folding case measures 5.25" x 5.25" x 1.75" closed. Gift boxed.

71-5620 “How To Be The Almost Perfect Wife” Book by husbands who know.

Bob’s™ Butt Wipes and Bou Dé™ Wipes They’re Not Just for Baby’s Anymore

71-5613 “How To Be The Almost Perfect Husband” Book by wives who know.

Hanging container with flushable wipes is the best idea in years! Hangs securely on most toilet paper dispensers. Installs in seconds without tools. Comes with our sewer and septic friendly wipes that are easily replaceable in our fully sealed canister while in the hanging position. Canister measures 6” x 4.5” x 2.5”. Great for home, offices, and all outdoor activities. Gift boxed.

96-7009 Bou Dé™ Wipes Color is Misty White.

96-7184 Bob’s™ Butt Wipes Specify Green or Tan.

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Optical Accessories 88-2030 5X Magnifier with COB LED Bulbs COB bulbs are brighter and prevent shadows. Minimum 12 in a counter display. Measures 9” long and batteries are included.

34-1409 3x Sheet Magnifier Great for enlarging print of newspapers, telephone directories, maps and more. Magnification of 3x and works best if held 4" away from page. Individually packaged and measure 10" x 7". Minimum 36 pieces in a counter display.

To Order, Call 800.241.9786

63-2354 Flex Head LED Book Light Dual mode high / low beam can be adjusted to any position. Unique feature clips to almost anything or can sit on a desk. Comes with 3 “AA” batteries. Minimum 12 assorted colors in a counter display.

63-2174 Magnifying Glasses Optical Grade glass magnifiers in one attractive counter display. All are 5x magnification. Included are 3 of each 2.0", 2.5", 3.0" and 3.5" sizes. Minimum 12 pieces in a display that measures 11.5" x 7.5" x 7.5" high.

13-8257 Tapestry Eyeglass Holder Soft fleece lining keeps your glasses from getting scratched. Locate glasses easily. Measures 4.75” x 3.5” x 5”. Gift boxed.

13-8271 Tapestry Weekly Pill Organizer Stores and organizes your pills. Discreet carrying case with snap closure. Four marked compartments for each day of the week, AM-PM (Morning, Noon, Evening, Bed). Perfect for travel. Measures 5” x 1.25” x 7.5”. Gift packaged.

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Accessories for Him The “Greatest” Pocket Watches

come in an antique gold finish and are made with all Japanese Quartz movement. Push button flip opening with a 14” clip style chain. Watch measures 2” in diameter and comes gift boxed.

33-0265 “Greatest Dad” Pocket Watch 33-0286 “Greatest Grandpa” Pocket Watch

20-0600 Watch Valet Executive Leather Style Watch Box features chrome finish clasp closure, exterior with precision white contrast stitching, six suede lined storage compartments, six soft padded watch cushions included. Measures 3" x 8" x 8". Gift boxed.

20-0010 Dresser Valet Elegantly crafted Leather Style Valet Box. Features gray suede liner, snap closure, 7 storage compartments, coin slide compartment, two padded watch cushions, slim lid strap for paper currency, receipts or photos. Measures 2.75" x 10" x 8". Gift boxed.

13-2133 “The Traveler” Manicure Set 10-piece chrome implements come in in an attractive tan hard back case with velour interior and snap closure. Measures 6" x 3.25" x 1" closed. Gift boxed.

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37-0231 “The Senator” Manicure Set 6-piece chrome implements in a black 4.5" x 2.5" zippered case. Gift boxed.

37-0273 “Armor” Manicure Set Comes in snap-closure lined handsome brushed metal case with 6 brushed metal implements. Case measures 4" x 3" x 1" closed. Boxed.

The “Greatest” Pocket Watches

It’s About Time

All of our Swiss Hunter watches use a Japanese quartz movement, come with stainless steel back and are water resistant. Each individually gift boxed. Sub Dials are for design only.

83-2452 Metal Band Specify: Silver or Two-Tone band.

83-2458 Soft Rubber Band with Accents Specify: Red or Yellow Accents.

83-2528 Dress Metal Band Specify: Gold, Silver/Silver or Silver/Black Design.

To Order, Call 800.241.9786

83-2523 Leather Sport Band Specify: Black or Brown Band.

83-2485 Leather Gator Grain Band

83-2522 Leather Snake Skin Band

Specify: Black or Brown Band.

Specify: Black or Brown Band.

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Waterproof Smart Phone Case Display

front view

back view for camera use

85-6210 Waterproof Smart Phone Case

Our Smartphone case is waterproof up to 33 feet and even floats. You can speak, hear and use all the controls right through the supple case. Super clear window in the rear for taking pictures. Comes with a neck strap and gift packaged. Fits up to 5.7" including iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note4. Specify: Black, Blue, Green, Pink, White, Yellow or just order assorted. New counter display free with any 12 pieces.

18-2777 Tablet Sofa

41-7229 Stylus 3-in-1 Touch Pen with LED Flashlight and Writing Pen Our 5.5" pen comes 24 assorted colors in a counter display. Comes with a slide button for both the flashlight and pen. Uses 3 button cell batteries, included.

Gently cradles your tablet for comfortable, hands-free use virtually anywhere. Allows use in either portrait or landscape positions. Perfect in bed, while lounging on your sofa, during travel and more. Zippered cover comes off for washing. Minimum 6 assorted of blue, green and red. Measures 10” x 7” x 4.5”. Gift packaged.

14-4031 Cell Cup Mobile Communication Organizer Our CommuteMate® CellCup cell phone holder is tapered to fit most standard cup holders. Made of high impact black rubber, it is great for your car, truck, SUV, RV or boat. Holds pens, note pads, coins, smart phones and MP3 players and even connects your cell phone charger through the base. Measures 4" high and comes 6 pieces in our attractive counter display.

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14-1065 Dash Grip Lets things cling to your dash to avoid distractions while driving. Great for cell phones, sunglasses and GPS. Secures an forms to your dashboard without adhesives. Washable, reusable and easily movable. Measures 6" x 6". Gift packaged.

Auto Accessories

63-2324 Auto Emergency Multifunction Tool Comes with glass break hammer for vehicle escape, seat belt cutter, bright LED flashlight, red safety flasher and strong magnetic base for vehicle mounting. Two “AA” batteries included. Measures 7.5”. Minimum 12 in a display.

20-0195 Traveler Auto Set Heavy duty 5.5" aluminum LED flashlight comes with 2 “AAA” batteries. Also contains analuminum tire gauge that measures up to 50 psi plus a retractable silver ballpoint pen. All 3 come in a two piece metal case. Gift boxed.

13-4274 Dual Auto / USB Heater Mug Our 16 ounce mug keeps your favorite beverage hot in your car or at your desk with the dual power source. Comes with a stainless steel inner wall with a frosted acrylic / stainless outer wall, rubberized anti-skid bottom and press-on lid with open/close thumb slide. Measures 7.5" x 3.5" and comes gift boxed. Mug should be hand washed. Specify: Blue or Red.

20-0945 Explorer Gift Set Great for camping, hiking, backpacking or just store it in your car. Comes with 11 function stainless camping tool, 9 function stainless knife and magnetic pocket compass with key ring. Packaged in a two piece metal case and gift boxed.

13-2194 Roadside Emergency Kit Hard-shell carrying case comes with jumper cables, screwdrivers, tire gauge, pliers, nut driver set, work gloves and more. Included is our bonus road atlas. Case measures 11.5" x 7.5" x 3" closed. Gift boxed.

76-4170 Zippered Auto Emergency Set Comes in a padded soft shell case that measures 10” x 6” x 3” and is gift packaged. Comes with jumper cables, work gloves, 7-LED Headlamp, tire gauge, rain poncho and first aid kit.

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Personal Accessories

55-4530 Money Clip / Knife 37-0267 Micro-Pocket Multi-Tool with Light Our 8-function stainless tool comes with a bright LED flashlight with button cell batteries. It also has pliers, wire cutter, knife, flat and phillips head screwdriver, bottle opener and saw. Comes with a nylon belt pouch and measures 2.75” long when closed. Gift boxed.

Our honed blade knife with thumbstud and frame lock comes with a sturdy money clip on the back. Each measures 2.5” closed and 4.5” opened. Comes assorted black, gold, green and magenta. Minimum 24 assorted in display.

32-2833 Multi-Function Stainless Steel Swiss Style Knife Our stainless steel knife comes with eleven different blades including scissors. Measures 3.5" closed. Gift boxed.

33-1658 “3-D” Lifelike Design Locking Blade Knives Measures 4” closed and 7” opened. All stainless steel knives come in attractive see-thru gift box. Specify: Wolf, Horse, Eagle or Deer.

To Order, Call 800.241.9786 Page 20

20-0921 Journeyman Multi-Tool Stainless steel tool features a pliers, wire stripper, opener, screwdrivers, fish scaler, knife, saw and more. Measures 4" closed. Comes with a nylon belt pouch and is gift boxed.

Personal Accessories 37-2010 Wood 9-Function Multi Tool Made of stainless steel and wood plus comes with handy nylon belt pouch. LED flashlight comes with batteries. Measures 3.5" x 1.5" x 1" closed. Boxed.

37-2011 Hatchet Multi-Tool This multi-function hatchet tool features a heavyweight, forged stainless steel hammer and hatchet with protective guard, spring-loaded pliers with wire cutter, 2.5" straight and serrated blades, double-tooth saw with file, a flat and Philips head screwdriver, and a 4 position mini wrench with can/bottle opener. This multi-tool comes in a black nylon pouch with Velcro closure and a belt strap on the back. Boxed.

32-0962 Stainless and Pakkawood Engravable Knife Single lock blade knife measures 3.5" closed. Gift boxed.

32-0963 Stainless and Pakkawood Engravable Folding Knife Comes with 3 blades and measures 3.5" closed. Gift boxed.

32-2832 Wood Inlay Stainless Knife Thirteen function stainless steel knife with our beautiful wooden inlay. Measures 3.5” closed. Gift boxed.

32-2834 Outdoor Pocket Tool Comes with compass, knife, nail file, phillips head screwdriver, can opener, scissors, wire stripper, cap opener, flat head screwdriver, mini drilling tool and corkscrew. Reflective mirror on reverse side. Also has a bright white LED light with battery included. Measures 4" long and comes in a green rubberized easy-grip outer casing. Gift boxed.

33-0978 “Wild Outdoors” Wood Grain Design Locking Knives Measure 4" closed and 7”opened. The blades are stainless steel and each comes in its own wooden gift box. Specify: Bear, Deer, Eagle or Wolf.

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Rainy Days 68-0900 Automatic Folding Pushbutton “Golf Size” Umbrella with wooden handle Opens to a full 60" spread and closes to 22 " long. Comes with shoulder strap carrying case. Specify: Black, Burgundy or Navy.

68-3500 Auto Open / Auto Close Umbrella Push the button once and the umbrella opens to a full 42". Push it again and it closes automatically. Comes with cover and rubberized grip. Specify: Black, Purple, Pink or Navy.

To Order, Call 800.241.9786

95-4196 Rockin Umbrella Unique umbrella looks like a wine bottle, but opens up to a full 42” folding umbrella. A great saying on the front (I Am Not Your Wine Bottle! I Am Your Um…Brella). Hard shell protective case and comes in five assorted colors. Measures 12” long. Order 12 assorted and receive a free counter display.

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68-0100 Automatic Folding Pushbutton Umbrella with wooden style comfort handle Opens to 42". Assorted solid colors only.

68-0300 Automatic Folding Pushbutton Umbrella with rubberized comfort handle Opens to 42". Black only.

55-5698 Super Mini Umbrella A great value! Manual opening umbrella comes with a snap vinyl case and measures 42” when opened. Minimum 24 pieces in a counter display. Display measures 12” across by 10” deep.

Traveling in Style

55-0138 Embassy Italian Stone 21" Midnight Brown Leather Tote Bag

55-1014 Embassy Leather 21" Tote Bag Our black leather Italian Stone design bag comes with 2 roomy zippered saddlebags on each end, 2 zippered outer pockets and an additional end pocket. Includes heavy duty comfort grip handles and an adjustable / detachable shoulder strap. Measures 21.5" x 11.25" x 10.25".

Features multiple pockets, detachable / adjustable padded shoulder strap, reinforced bottom with polypropylene feet and brushed finish hardware. Measures 21" x 11.5" x 10.5".

55-1631 Embassy 21" Tote Bag Features high quality Brown Angola material, heavy duty handles and adjustable shoulder strap. Fully lined. Measures 21" x 11" x 10".

55-5823 Embassy 24" Brown Tote Bag Angola bag features a double zippered closure on the main compartment, shoulder strap, padded handles and six outer zippered pockets. Measures 24" across, 12" wide and 12.5" deep.

55-0940 Extreme Pak 19" Camo Tote Bag Features zippered main compartment, detachable/adjustable shoulder strap, padded handles, and 2 exterior zippered pockets. Measures 19” x 12” x 10”.

55-1029 Embassy Italian Stone 18" Black Leather Tote Bag Features double-pull zipper that opens from one end to the other and a detachable / adjustable strap. Includes zippered end saddlebags to carry your small items. Measures 18" x 10.25" x 9".

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Traveling Bags 73-1723 Roll-Up Toiletry & Travel Kit Additional space without the additional bulkiness. Main zippered large compartment, clear zippered pockets and Velcro closures and metal hanger ring. Made of PVC 70 denier nylon. Measures open 11" x 22" x 4" and closes to 11" x 8.5" x 6.5". Specify: Purple, Red or Teal. (Toiletries not included).

27-0106 “Sidekick” Hanging Travel Kit Large U-Zip opening for easy access, two interior and two exterior zippered pockets, hanging feature for convenience and side carrying handles. Front patch for embossing. Made of 600 Denier nylon. Measures 10.5" x 6" x 6". Black only. (Toiletries not included).

To Order, Call 800.241.9786 55-9394 Extreme Pak Camo Water-Resistant 17" Backpack This backpack features heavy-duty 600 denier nylon construction; multiple zippered exterior and interior compartments; see-through mesh exterior compartments; top handle and shoulder straps, plus stitched webbing zipper pulls. Measures 15" x 17" x 7". (Water bottles not included).

27-1094 “Travel Mate” Hanging Toiletry Kit Black heavy denier nylon with PVC backing. Hangs conveniently from a towel rack or door when traveling. Inner organizer sections for all your necessities and two zippered outer pockets. Front patch for embossing. Measures 10" x 8.5" x 3.5" closed. (Toiletries not included).

55-8602 Camo Shave Kit 18-2722 Backpack 3-in-1 Cooler Seat Portable seat holds up to 200 pounds. Insulated cooler compartment measures 13" x 11" x 7" for food and beverages and a separate zipper compartment for dry storage. Comfortable straps for use as a backpack. Folds flat for easy storage. Measures 19" x 14" when folded flat. Display free with 6 pieces.

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Features zippered exterior compartment, roomy interior compartment, and hand strap. Measures 11” x 7” x 5”. Water resistant.

73-6326 Utility Travel Kit Heavy 600 denier nylon with PVC backing. Double zip kit comes with 3 inner pockets, 1 outer pocket and carrying handle. Outer contrast piping helps support stability. Measures 10” x 4.25” x 6”. Specify: Black or Gray.


Hand patched in such a way as to create a product of superior quality and value from the original, allowing a new way to redefine GREEN, thus pairing elegance with urban vintage style. Kits come lined and note that colors may vary slightly as they are all unique.

45-2930 “Blended” Suede Leather Double Zip Shave Kit Measures 11” x 4” x 5”.

17-2710 Leather “Travel Mate II” All leather hanging toiletry kit contains seven inner mesh pockets and two outer zippered pockets plus hanging hook and carrying handle. Black leather kit measures 10" x 8.5" x 3.5" closed. (Toiletries not included).

17-0104 Leather Double Zip Travel Kit 45-2710 “Brushed” Suede Leather Shave Kit

With side zipper pocket. Made of soft lambskin. Measures 10" x 5" x 5". Black.

New oblong design comes with inner zipper pocket. Measures 9.5” x 5” x 3.5”. Specify: Brown or Tan. (Toiletries not included).

17-5516 Leather Travel Kit with Bottom Compartment

55-1026 Oversized Lambskin Black Leather Shave Kit Measures 11" x 4" x 7". Black. (Toiletries not included).

Full black lambskin kit comes with water resistant lining and inner zipper compartment. The bottom of the kit unzips three quarters around to reveal two mesh pockets, one mesh zipper compartment and six elastic holders. Measures 10" x 5" x 5.5". (Toiletries not included).

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Safety Accessories

93-5400 Smart Phone Design Rechargeable Stun Gun Easy to conceal. Comes with wall charger, carrying case and has a built-in flashlight. Measure 5.5” x 2.75” x .25”. Black only. Gift boxed. May be restricted in some states.

93-4100 Jogger Rechargeable Stun Gun The premium in self-defense employing the latest technology to ensure maximum performance. Comes with belt clip carrying case, on/off switch and wall charger. Black only. Measures 5” long. Attractive display gift box. May be restricted in some states.

63-0257 Safety Flasher / Bike Light Comes with 5 LED bulbs that flash in 6 different modes. Visible up to 2,500 feet with a 2 hour run time. Also included is a bonus bike attachment and reflective arm band. Great for jogging, bikes, backpacks, dog walks and even strollers. Comes with 2 “AAA” batteries that can be replaced. Minimum 18 pieces in a counter display. Gift packaged.

63-2176 LED Safety Arm Band Be Seen….Be Safe! Super bright LED light has different flashing modes or all on. One size fits most adults. Great for walking, biking, hiking and jogging. Button cell batteries included. Minimum 12 in counter display.

93-0100 10 Mil. Stun Gun No need for batteries as this one comes with a rechargeable battery and handy built-in wall plug. Soft touch rubber grip comes with denier nylon case with belt loop. Measures only 4" x 2" x 1" and gift boxed. Specify: Black, Pink or Purple. May be restricted in some states.

93-0031 Pepper Spray

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Maximum strength spray is used by law enforcement and has a range of up to 12 feet. Multiple blasts plus identifying dye and comes with attractive carry case and split key ring. Measures 4" long. Order assorted solid colors or specify Black, Pink or Purple. Gift packaged. Counter display free with any 12 pieces. Made in the USA. May be restricted in some states. 63-2358 Magnetic Clip-On LED Light & Flasher White SMD light produces over 30 lumens, red light has two modes; flashing or on. Super strong magnet attaches to metal or fold over to attach to your clothing, belt loop, backpack and more. Measures 3” closed. Comes with 2 button cell batteries. Minimum 18 in a display.

RFID Security 24-5138 RFID Wallet Assortment Assorted Bifolds and Trifolds in black leather. Minimum of 12 in a counter display. Gift boxed.

(Radio-Frequency Identification)

Blockers keep readers from scanning your credit cards, debit cards, bank information, smart cards and drivers licenses. Our leather RFID items come in black only.

24-5452 RFID Bifold Leather Wallet

To Order, Call 800.241.9786

Comes in black and is gift boxed.

24-5453 RFID Trifold Leather Wallet Comes in black and is gift boxed.

41-0612 Aluminum Security Wallet Excellent protection of credit card data chips by blocking RFID readers from accessing sensitive & private information. Made of sturdy aluminum and fits easily into your pocket or purse. Fan shape compartments allow for easy access. Measures 4.25” x 3” x .75” Minimum 12 pieces in assorted solid colors.

24-5147 RFID Leather Passport Case Packaged in an attractive gift box and comes with a see thru window in front.

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Combo card holder & extra strong magnetic money clip. Carry only what you need in a small amount of space for quick access. Leather pouch protects credit cards from being de-magnetized. Each comes individually gift carded. Specify: BLACK or BROWN. 24-0102 Leather Magnetic Money Clip

24-0057 “Window” Front Pocket Wallet

Strong, ultra thin cowhide magnetic money clip.

24-0093 "BiFold" Front Pocket Wallet Inside the double fold wallet are six credit card slots and two side slots.

With center pocket and back window pocket for a drivers license.

24-0055 “Combo” Front Pocket Wallet With 3 credit card slots on the back.

"Top of the Line" Smooth Grain Cowhide Wallets

24-5314 Paul & Taylor S kin ny Trifold “Ultrathin design”. Specify: Black, Brown or Tan.

24-2304 Paul & Taylor Trifold Specify: Black or Brown.


24-2112 Paul & Taylor Bifold Specify: Black or Brown.

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24-5311 Paul & Taylor Sk inn y Bifold “Ultrathin design”. Specify: Black, Brown or Tan.

S kin n y Styles

Small Leather Goods Laredo Collection

Genuine cowhide grouping of our most popular priced wallets all gift boxed. Please specify BLACK or BROWN.

24-2627 Bifold MAX This has the works!

24-2620 Hipster

24-2637 Bifold

24-2613 Trifold

Tuscany Collection Genuine cowhide grouping of our mid-priced wallets all gift boxed. Please specify BLACK or BROWN.

24-2319 Hipster

24-2218 Bifold

24-2364 Trifold

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Traditional Wallet Assortments 24-4113 Boxed Exotic Grain Wallet Assortment

Special assortment of lambskin trifolds and bifolds in black and brown.

Our newest boxed version. An assortment of various leather grains of bifolds and trifolds in assorted colors. Minimum 16 assorted in counter display. Gift boxed.

24-4018 Boxed Wallet Assortment Assorted Bifolds and Trifolds in black and brown lambskin. Minimum of 16 in a counter display. Gift boxed.

24-4000 Wallet Assortment Special assortment of lambskin trifolds and bifolds in black and brown. Minimum 12 assorted only in counter display.

24-4086 Coin Pouch Assortment Special assortment of lambskin leather pouches with see thru ID slot, 2 zipper compartments and hidden key ring. Minimum 15 assorted colors only in counter display.

Celebrating 1 30 Years in Business

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Orders: 800. 241. 9786

24-4093 Leather Card Case Assortment Minimum 18 pieces in our attractive counter display.

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