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3 The brochure is accurate at the time of print. Products may vary slightly from image shown.

Get Your Starter Deal Delivered Immediately Starter Deal Options Deal 1, The Blaster Package includes: 18 x Cases of Blasters (12 per Case - That’s 216 Units in Total!!) 1 x 18 Tier Stand 20 x Pillar Packs 150 x Cello Bags

Deal 2, The Mallow Package includes: 18 x Cases of Mallows (12 per Case - That’s 432 Units in Total!!) 1 x 18 Tier Stand 20 x Ballotin Box 150 x Cello Bags

Deal 3, The Mixed Package includes: 10 x Cases of Blasters (12 per Case) 8 x Cases of Mallows (24 per Case) (That’s 312 Units in Total!!) 1 x 18 Tier Stand 20 x Pillar Packs 150 x Cello Bags 20 x Ballotin Box


18 Tier Stand Dimensions (With trays) 167.5cm (h) x 62cm (w) x 52cm (d)

Make sure customers have easy access to packaging as it’s an incentive to multi-buy. Choose from our Ballotin Boxes which hold 6 Mallows, Pillar Packs where you can stack 3 Blasters and Cello Bags which can hold a mix of items inside to create a simple gifting idea. For more packaging ideas, go to page 67.

Pillar Packs

Cello Bags

Ballotin Boxes


Made with pure essential oils


Bath Blasters made using micas and dissolvable glitters so you can sparkle safe in the knowledge that you aren’t harming the environment

contains pure essential oils to help heighten or enhance your moods paraben & preservative free

some of our blasters are topped with a squirt of natural butters to add a more moisturising effect to your bath and skin

we carefully select each fragrance to compliment the essential oils to take you on a trip to distant lands or down memory lane hand pressed blasters fizz much more than a machine made blaster which means more aroma is thrown into the air for a truly fragrance explosion

Bath Blasters are one of the easiest, most convenient and fun ways to use aromatherapy and essential oils in everyday life, and because we make each and every one by hand we can guarantee each one is packed with free extra love! 7

Immediate Delivery Bath Blasters Baby Shower

Can’t Touch This

Fragrance - Jelly Babies Oils - Rose, Ylang Ylang Benefits - Aphrodisiac

Fragrance - Baby Powder Oils - Chamomile, Clary Sage Benefits - Calming

Fragrance - Fresh, Floral, Green Oils - Sandalwood, Ginger Benefits - Hydrating, Calming

2.9 inches

All You Need Is Love

Cherry On Top

Cotton Flower

Dizzy Fizzy

Fragrance - Cherry & Apple Oils - Lime, Grapeseen Benefits - Energising, Stimulating

Fragrance - Jasmine & Cotton Oils - Jasmine, Geranium Benefits - Soothing

Fragrance - Sherbet Lemon Oils - Lime, Lemon Benefits - Exciting, Awakening

First Dawn

Flock Star

Honey Bee Mine

Fragrance - Pretty, Fresh Floral Oils - Clary Sage, May Chang Benefits - Cleansing, Reviving


Fragrance - Fun, Flirty Oils - Rose, Geranium Benefits - Uplifting, Arousing

Cases of 12

Fragrance - Milk & Honey Oils - Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang Benefits -Mellowing, Calming

Ice Cream Queen

Lemon Da Vida Loca

Let’s Get Kraken

Fragrance - Vanilla Frosting Oils -Sandalwood, Bergamot Benefits - Relaxing, Nostalgic

Fragrance - Lemon Meringue Oils - Lemon, Lime Benefits - Energising, Enlivening

Fragrance - Blackcurrant Oils -Rosemary, Frankincense Benefits - Cleansing, Refreshing

Move Over Pavlova

Mermaids Delight

Rain Dance

Fragrance - Coconut, Raspberry Oils - Coconut, Geranium Benefits - Relaxing, Warming

Fragrance - Shimmering Sands Oils - Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood Benefits - Balancing, Restorative

Fragrance - Fresh, Rain Oils - Eucalyptus, Peppermint Benefits - Refreshing, Hydrating

Sparkle & Shine

Squeaky Clean

Thanks a Bunch

Fragrance - Oriental Fine Fragrance Oils - Gold of Pleasure, Sandalwood Benefits - Relaxing, Luxurious

Fragrance - Neroli & Pink Pepper Oils - Rose, Jasmine Benefits - Cleansing, Refreshing

Fragrance - Banana & Strawberry Oils -Clary Sage, Bergamot Benefits - Exciting, Invigorating

Turtle Recall

V for Violet

Wild Rose

Fragrance - Lime & Coconut Oils - Coconut, Lime Benefits - Uplifting, Exhilirating

Fragrance - Violets Oils - Geranium, Rose Benefits - Exciting, Sensual

Fragrance - Rose Oils - Rose, Geranium Benefits - Soothing, Comforting

Find more Bath Blasters on Pages 28-30


Bath mallows & creamers Bath Creamers and Mallows are completely different to Bath Blasters. Although small, they are absolutely choc full of creamy cocoa and shea butter, which are both renowned for their ability to moisturise and deeply nourish your skin. This means instead of fizzing violently like a Bath Blaster, they slowly and luxuriously melt, releasing butters and pure essential oils into your bath and onto your skin.

why is shea butter so good for my skin? •

• •


Shea butter nourishes the skin with Vitamins A and E which help maintain the skin and keep it clear and healthy and can help prevent premature wrinkles and lines. It also contains Vitamin F which acts as a skin protector and rejuvenator to soothe rough and dry skin. Shea butter has between 7-12% unsaponifiables compared to Avocado Oil (also a well known skin conditioner), which only has 2-6%. This is what makes Shea Butter so invaluable in treating the conditions above. Shea butter is easily absorbed into the skin, allowing it to breathe without clogging pores.

with 20% cocoa and shea butter 11

Immediate Delivery Bath Mallows

Away With The Fairies

Button Moon

Fragrance - Jasmine, Cotton Oils - Jasmine, Clary Sage Benefits - Uplifting

Fragrance - Raspberry, Coconut Oils - Jasmine, Coconut Benefits - Calming

Fragrance - Pink Bubbly Oils - Ylang Ylang, Bergamot Benefits - Exciting, Enlivening

Chasing Rainbows

Chic And Cheerful

Do the Robot

Fragrance - Blueberry Sundae Oils - Patchouli, Clary Sage Benefits - Balancing

Fragrance - Pink Cedar, Fig Oils - Rose, Lemon Benefits - Soothing, Uplifting

1.9 inches approx.

Bring on the Bubbly


Fragrance - Birch Wood Oils - Black Pepper, Sandalwood Benefits - Soothing, Stimulating

Fairy Whispers

Garden Party

Lime Aid

Fragrance - Strawberry Marshmallow Oils - Bergamot, Geranium Benefits - Enlivening

Fragrance - Vintage Rosehip Oils - Ylang Ylang Benefits - Comforting

Fragrance - Lime Oils - Lime, Lemon Benefits - Moisturising, Reviving

Cases of 24

She Sells Seashells

Sunflower Fields

Sun of a Beach

Fragrance - Oceanic Waves & Coconut Oils - Coconut, Grapefruit Benefits - Refreshing, Calming

Fragrance - Sunflowers Oils - Litsea Cubeba, Lemongrass Benefits - Uplifting, Cheering

Fragrance - Sunshine Lolly Oils - Coconut, Grapefruit Benefits - Hydrating, Cleansing

Strawberry Mojito

The Fresh Princess of Bel Air

Queen B

Fragrance - Strawberry & Lime Mojito Oils - Lime, Ylang Ylang Benefits - Exciting, Exhilarating

Fragrance - Sugar & Spice Oils -Clary Sage, Cedarwood Benefits -Refreshing, Revitalising

Urban Rose

Vintage Vibe

Fragrance - Floral Oils - Rose Benefits - Calming

Fragrance - Powdery Rosehip Oils - Patchouli, Geranium Benefits - Moisturising

Fragrance - Roses and Cream Oils - Jasmine, Ylang Ylang Benefits - Nourishing, Uplifting

Wild Strawberries

Fragrance - Strawberries, Champagne Oils - Rosemary, Geranium Benefits - Nourishing, Calming

Find more Bath Mallows & Melts on Pages 31-34


Soap FAQs All our soaps ar e ; Vegan friendly ; PH neutral ; Contain pure essential oils ; Handmade

1) Place the soap on a steady surface and rest the blade in the middle of the soap. Rest your weight evenly on the handles and cut the soap in half. 2) Rest the blade in the middle of the half block and press down evenly, cutting the block into quarters. 3) Place the blade in the middle of each quarter and press down with your weight balanced evenly to split the bar into eighths. You should have 8 slices per bar.

Did you know... if you don’t fancy cutting them yourself, you can buy them pre-cut and labelled in cases of 8 pre-sliced, wrapped & labelled in cases of 8 14

2.2lb blocks to cut by hand

Stack three blocks of soap into a pyramid and display on our soap table! For more information on our stands, go to page 66! 15

Immediate Delivery Handmade Soaps Baby Ur A Star

Beyond Be-leaf

Fragrance - Baby Powder Oils - Chamomile Benefits - Revitalising, Warming

Fragrance - Strawberry Oils -Rosewood, Magnolia Benefits - Exhilarating, Exciting

Fragrance - Winter Pomegranate Oils - Frankincense, Rosemary Benefits - Refreshing, Purifying

The Big Blue

Bubble Up


Fragrance - Ocean Fresh Oils - Tea Tree, Spearmint Benefits - Refreshing


Fragrance - Coconut, Woody Oils - Frankincense, Ylang Ylang Benefits - De-Stressing, Relaxing


Berry Bar

Fragrance - Passionfruit Oils - Neroli, Lemon Benefits - Exhilarating, Exciting

Fragrance - Prosecco, Lime Oils - Lime, Grapefruit Benefits - De-stressing, Astringent

Dapper Chap

Dead Sea Salt

Fragrance - Masculine Oils - Black Pepper, Eucalyptus Benefits - Stimulating, Refreshing

Fragrance - Oceanic, Ozonic Oils - Eucalyptus Benefits - Hydrating

Cases of 8 or in 2.2lb Bars to slice yourself!

Honey Bee Good

Lemon Meringue

Lime and Dandy

Fragrance - Honey Oils - Cedarwood, Clary Sage Benefits - Uplifting, Warming

Fragrance - Lemon Meringue Oils - May Chang, Ylang Ylang Benefits - Uplifting, Sensual

Fragrance -Zesty Lime, Lemon, Grapefruit Oils - Lime, Lemongrass Benefits - Refreshing

Olive Blossom

Ring of Roses

Stick it to the Mandarin

Fragrance - Olive Blossom Oils - Olive, Bergamot Benefits - Cleansing, Uplifting

Fragrance - Rose & Pink Pepper Oils - Rose, Black Pepper Benefits - Exciting, Stimulating

Strawberries & Cream

The Refresher

Fragrance - Strawberries & Cream Oils - Clary Sage, Bergamot Benefits -Comforting, Warming

Fragrance - Sweet, Lemon Meringue Oils - Orange, Mandarin Benefits - Refreshing

Fragrance - Mandarin Oils - Sweet Orange, Mandarin Benefits - Stimulating, Energising

Whip Up a Citrus Storm

Fragrance - Citrus, Orange Oils -Orange, Mandarin Benefits - Stimulating, Uplifting

Find more Soaps on Pages 36-39


Immediate Delivery Body Butters Our thick, creamy Body Butters contain at least 20% pure Cocoa and Shea Butters in each pot! This is twice as much as most formulations on the market and the natural butters ensures a very nourishing yet easily absorbed butter. Coco Beach Body Butter

With Chamomile & Geranium Pure Essential Oils, 7.1fl.oz

Pineapple Prefect Body Butter With Shimmer

With Grapefruit and Lemon Pure Essential Oils, 7.1fl.oz

Rose Revolution Body Butter

With Geranium and Rosemary Pure Essential Oils, 7.1fl.oz

Immediate Delivery Shower Butters Shower Butters are on another level of cleansing! These beauties are a rich, creamy shower gel that is semi-solid at room temperature. As well as gently cleansing your body, the formulation contains natural Shea Butter to richly moisturise and condition your skin. Mandarin Cleansing Shower Butter

With Orange and Mandarin Pure Essential Oils, 12.3 fl.oz


Raspberry Cleansing Shower Butter

With Palmorosa and Bergamot Pure Essential Oils, 12.3 fl.oz

Cases of 6

Vanilla Cleansing Shower Butter

With Geranium and Cedarwood Pure Essential Oils, 12.3 fl.oz

Oil Based Scrubs & Body Polishes Our Body Polish is a butter rich, highly foaming and gently exfoliating body product to use in the shower. It bubbles and moisturises whilst gently buffing away dead skin to leave your skin feeling silky smooth and contains pure essential oils as well! Our Shower Scrubs are a more traditional oil-based scrub. We have used Sweet Almond Oil as a base which means after exfoliating, the oil creates a barrier on the skin to ensure moisture is not lost, leaving you with gloriously silky skin and feeling sweetly scented.

Espresso Yourself Body Scrub

Grapefruit & Nectarine Body Scrub

Pink Himalayan Body Scrub

With Frankincense & Black Pepper Pure Essential Oils, 12.3 fl.oz

With Grapefruit & Mandarin Pure Essential Oils, 12.3 fl.oz

Contains Pink Himalayan Salt With Chamomile & Geranium Pure Essential Oils 12.3 fl.oz

Scrubology Body Scrub

Jade Jojoba Body Polish

Icelandic Lava Body Polish

Contains Jojoba Beads With Jojoba Oil & Cedarwood Pure Essential Oil 12.3 fl.oz

Contains real Ground Lava With Spearmint & Peppermint Pure Essential Oils 12.3 fl.oz

With Rose & Cedarwood Pure Essential Oils, 12.3 fl.oz

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Immediate Delivery Handwrapped Gift Packs


Glitter Gift

Ice Cream Queen

Lemon Aid

Let’s Flamingle

Palm Springs

Sprinkle of Magic

Cases of 4

Stuck On You

Thanks a Melon

Three Little Birds

Time for Tea

Totally Tropical

What in Carnation

Find more Gifts on 54-55


Immediate Delivery Piped Candles Baby Powder

Cotton Clouds

Nostalgic scents of delicate baby powder with a sweet vanilla note with Chamomile & Geranium Essential Oils.

Fresh and clean aldehydic notes of fresh cotton with delicate citrus notes and pure Clary Sage & Cedarwood Essential Oils.

Frozen Margarita

Lemon Drop

Sharp citrus notes of lemon and lime, finished with a rim of sugar to give it a sweet finish and pure Lime & Grapefruit pure essential oils.


An intriguing blend of zesty citrus fruits including fresh Lemon and Orange with sweet notes of candy and pure Lemon & Sweet Orange essential oils

Cases of 4

Mojito Mojo

Peach Bellini

Pina Colada

Refreshing notes of mint & lime to create this classic cocktail, with a sprinkle of sugar to sweeten with Peppermint & Lime pure essential oils.

Crisp notes of sparkling wine with a sweet drop of juicy peach to leave you bubbling with Mandarin & Grapefruit pure essential oils.

If you like Pina Coladas - this coconut base with fresh pineapple scents will have you going loco with Grapefruit & Mandarin pure essential oils.

Shimmering Sands


Tropical hints of coconut with bright, beachy ozonic scents meet with the gorgeous heat of sunshine with Sandalwood & Clary Sage pure essential oils.

A fresh ozonic fragrance combined with floral notes, cool melon and reviving lemon scents and pure Amyris & Lemon essential oils.

Find more Candles 56-62

Summer Picnic

A fruity summer picnic with juicy pineapple, wedges of pear & sweet strawberries with Sweet Orange & Rose pure essential oils.


All of our candles contain pure essential oils. These complement and enhance the fragrance, and can help alter or enhance your moods and emotion. Some scents have the ability to help unlock almost forgotten nostalgias, and many fragrances contain subtle triggers which can help stimulate in a variety of ways. We also make each and every one by hand and they can burn for over 30 hours too!

Made with Soy Wax!


Tinned Candles Caramel & Pink Pepper

Cotton Fresh

The fragrance opens with an indulgent caramel accord laced with pink pepper. With Black Pepper & Sandalwood pure essential oils.

Fresh and clean aldehydic notes of fresh cotton with delicate citrus notes. With Lavender & Clary Sage pure essential oils.

Honey & Peach

Jelly Baby

Juicy peaches are sweetened with sticky notes of honey and creamy sandalwood. With Clary Sage & Orange Sweet pure essential oils.

Top notes of fresh fruity Strawberry and juicy Raspberry are mellowed by elements of edible parma violet and completed by delicate creamy caramel. With Ylang Ylang & Bergamot pure essential oils.

Red Velvet

Vanilla Honey

Crumbly chocolate cake is mixed with sweet creamy notes. Cocoa notes continue and sweetened by a base of vanilla cream. With Cardamon & Bergamot pure essential oils.

A milky fragrance with a sweet caramel middle and brown sugar base. With Vetivert & Cedarwood pure essential oils.

Elderflower & Apple

A gentle combination of Apple Blossom leading to a rich floral bouquet of Elderflower. With Palmarosa & Litsea Cubeba pure essential oils.

Mint Mocha

Sugared peppermint leaves first greet the nose, sweetened further by creamy chocolate, all mixing effortlessly to create an intoxicating aroma. With Peppermint & Spearmint pure essential oils.

Warm Espresso

Smooth, rich roasted coffee notes blended with cream and dark chocolate to create this awakening fragrance with lingering caramel tones. With Vetivert & Black Pepper pure essential oils.

Find more Candles on Pages 68-69


Love Bomb that little bit more? Want even more Bomb goodness in your life? Our extended range has over 450 products to choose from, meaning you can have your very own Bomb wonderland in store. The products shown on the following pages are all available but will be subject to a minimum order value of $2000 and a longer lead time. Choose from a wide range of: Bath Blasters • Bath Melts • Soaps • Shower Mixers • Gift Packs • Blastercards • Shower Scrubs & Gels • Hand & Foot Treatments • Candles • Stands • And much, much more... •



Longer Lead Time Bath Blasters

All That Glitters

Appleberry Butter Burst

Azure Skies

Bear Necessities

Fragrance - Summer Cherry Oils - Bergamot, Orange Benefits - Enlivening, Invigorating

Fragrance - Blackberry, Apple Oils - Grapefruit, Black pepper Benefits - Refreshing

Fragrance - Calming, Fresh, Ozonic Oils - Cedarwood, Vetivert Benefits - Balancing

Fragrance - Pink Marshmallow Oils - Rose, Geranium Benefits - Comforting, Warming

Bomb-jamin Button

Bomb Voyage

Chocolate Kisses

Close Encounters

Fragrance - Cherry Liquer Oils - Geranium, Bergamot Benefits - Sultry, Sensual

Fragrance - Lemon & Lime Ice Lolly Oils - Lime, Grapefruit Benefits - Peaceful, Surreal

Dandy Lion

Darling Buds

Fragrance - Golden Syrup Oils - Bergamot, Sweet Orange Benefits - Revitalising, Invigorating

Fragrance -Coconut, Green, Jasmine Oils - Vetiver Benefits - Calming

Fragrance - Vanilla Frosting Fragrance - Oceanic, Coconut Oils - Clary Sage, Cedarwood Oils - Lemongrass, Coconut Benefits - Moisturising, Calming Benefits - Moisturising, Relaxing

Crazy After Dark

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Fragrance - Neroli, Pink Pepper Fragrance - Passion Flower Oils - Cardamom, Chamomile Oils - Jasmine, Ylang Ylang Benefits - Toning, Balancing Benefits - Aphrodisiac, Sensual

Diva Fever

Fragrance - Ylang Ylang & Sandalwood Oils - Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood Benefits - Invigorating


Dunk-in Sailor

Fragrance - Sea Salt Oils - Peppermint, Eucalyptus Benefits - Awakening, Enlivening


Fairytale Fantasy

Fragrance - Strawberry, Coconut Oils - Coconut, Ylang ylang Benefits - Relaxing

Fragrance -Woody, Fruity, Floral Oils - Cedarwood, Rosemary Benefits - Soothing

Some Blasters have a “Squirt� of Natural Butters Too!

Fizz, Bang, Pop

Flying High

Fresh Berry

Garden of Eden

Fragrance - Lemongrass & Black Pepper Oils - Lemongrass, Bergamot Benefits - Uplifting, Revitalising

Fragrance - Ylang Ylang & Sandalwood Oils - Patchouli Benefits - Moisturising, Relaxing

Fragrance - Raspberry Ripple Oils - Ylang Ylang Benefits - Moisturising, Enriching

Fragrance - Crisp Apples Oils - Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang Benefits - Exciting, Warming

Go Nuts

Goodnight Honey

Fragrance - Cocoa & Ginger Oils - Ginger, Neroli Benefits - Exciting, Euphoric

Fragrance - Honey Oils - Bergamot, Chamomile Benefits - Soothing, Calming

Just Keep Swimming

Ladybug Hug

Mad Hatters Tea Party

Fragrance - Oceanic Oils - Vetiver, Cedarwood Benefits - Calming, Euphoric

Fragrance - Macaroons Oils - Bergamot, Clary Sage Benefits - Soothing

Fragrance - Scones & Cream Oils - Clary Sage, Sweet Orange Benefits - Inspiring, Refreshing

Pink Lady

Porcelain Peony

Queen of Baths


Fragrance - Musky, Sensual Oils - Lavender, Patchouli, Hemp Seed Benefits - Comforting

Fragrance - Musky Rose, Jasmine, White Lily Oils - Frankincense, Rose Benefits - Soothing

Fragrance - Nectarine & Amaretto Oils - Neroli, Sweet Orange Benefits - Exciting, Awakening

Fragrance - Raspberry Oils - Palmarosa, Bergamot Benefits - Invigorating, Glamorous

Heart 2 Heart

Fragrance - Jelly Babies Oils - Clary Sage, Bergamot Benefits - Comforting

All With Pure Essential Oils

In the Mood

Fragrance - Musky, Sensual Oils - Black Pepper, Frankincense Benefits - Sensual, Aphrodisiac

Man Grenade

Fragrance - Masculine, Spicy Oils - Black Pepper, Rosemary Benefits - Stimulating, Energising


Longer Lead Time Bath Blasters


Rocket Man

Shades of the Sea

Shiver Me Timbers

Fragrance - Fresh Fragrance Oils - Black Pepper, Tea Tree Benefits - Stimulating, Reviving

Fragrance - Sparkling Ocean Oils - May Chang, Geranium Benefits - Uplifting, Balancing

Fragrance - Oceanic, Sweeties Oils - Mandarin, May Chang Benefits - Refreshing, Revitalising

Sky Flower


Summer of Love

Fragrance - Lavender Oils - Lavender, Patchouli, Hemp Seed Benefits - Comforting

Fragrance - Tropical Fruit Oils - Sweet Orange, Mandarin Benefits - Enlivening

Fragrance - Strawberries, Cream Oils - Vetiver, Ginger Benefits - Toning, Aphrodisiac

Two Hearts

Ugly Duckling

Up, Up and Away

Fragrance - Blackcurrant Oils - Rosemary, Lavender Benefits - Calming, Balancing

Fragrance - Refreshing Oils - Kukui Nut, Geranium Benefits - Moisturising

Fragrance - Bubblegum Oils -Marjoram, Bergamot Benefits - Uplifting, Exciting

Vintage Rosehip

Wish Upon a Starfish

Fragrance - Powdery Rosehip Oils - Geranium, Patchouli Benefits - Moisturising, Sensual

Fragrance - Oceanic, Tropical Oils - Eucalyptus, Bergamot Benefits - Refreshing, Awakening

All Bath Blasters Are Available in Trays of 12

Longer Lead Time Bath Mallows

Best Fishes

Fragrance - Sparkling Ocean Oils - Rosemary, Thyme Benefits - Restorative, Stimulating

The Dream Machine

Fragrance - Lavender Oils - Lavender, Geranium Benefits - Relaxing, Soothing

Bunny Hop

Fragrance -Sugar & Spice Oils - Amyris, Frankincense Benefits - Revitalising, Refreshing

Fly Away Home

Fragrance - Apples, Cherries Oils - Chamomile, Geranium Benefits - Calming


Hot Lion Bling

Fragrance - Tropical Island Oils -Sweet Orange, Clary Sage Benefits - Energising, Refreshing

Fragrance -Caramel & Pink Pepper Oils - Black Pepper, Frankincense Benefits - Exciting,Uplifting

Cloud Dancer

Fragrance - Ozonic, Floral Oils - Litsea Cubeba, Benefits - Euphoric

French Fancy

Fragrance - Victoria Sponge Oils - Rosemary, Frankincense Benefits - Calming

The Island

Fragrance - Tropical Fruits Oils - Grapegruit, Sweet Orange Benefits -Balancing, Uplifting

Made with Natural Cocoa & Shea Butter


Longer Lead Time Bath Mallows



Life’s a Beach

Looking Sharp

Fragrance - Lavender, Vanilla Oils - Lavender, Rosemary Benefits - Relaxing

Fragrance - Citrus, Ozonic Oils - Sandalwood, Clary Sage Benefits - Refreshing

Fragrance - Oriental Perfume Oils -Gold of Pleasure, Patchouli Benefits - Nourishing, Reviving

Mr Melter

Oopsy Daisy

Fragrance - Masculine, Fresh Oils - Vetiver, Bergamot Benefits -Refreshing, Stimulating

Fragrance - Tropical Fruits Oils - Grapefruit, Neroli Benefits - Energising

Fragrance - Oceanic, Sweeties Oils - Marjoram, Bergamot Benefits - Comforting, Restorative

Polkadot Pot

P.S I Love You

Raspberry Riptide

Fragrance - Strawberry Tea Oils - Rosemary, Bergamot Benefits -Strengthening, Reviving

Fragrance - Passion Flower Oils -Ylang Ylang, Jasmine Benefits - Arousing, Sensual

Fragrance - Raspberry Oils - Jasmine, Ylang Ylang Benefits - Relaxing

Octopi My Heart

Available In Display Trays Of 24

Shake Your Tail Feather

Sea’s the Day

Tropic Wonder

Fragrance - Dragonfruit Oils - Grapefruit, Mandarin Benefits - Uplifting, Stimulating

Fragrance - Sea Salt Oils -Eucalyptus, Lemon Benefits - Exhilarating, Reviving

Fragrance - Papaya Oils - Grapefruit, Lemon Benefits - Awakening, Exciting

Spoiled Pretty

Strike a Posy


Fragrance - Raspberry Cheesecake Oils - Vetiver, Geranium Benefits - Relaxing, Balancing

Fragrance - Exotic Flowers Oils -Rose, Geranium Benefits - Entrancing

Fragrance - Forest Fruits Oils - Bergamot, Marjoram Benefits - Empowering

Violet Nights

Fragrance - Sweet Violet Oils - Geranium, Jasmine Benefits - Balancing, Uplifting, Sensual

Walk the Plank

Fragrance - Sea Mist Oils - Gold of Pleasure, Cedarwood Benefits - Hydrating, Exciting

Bath Creamers & Mallows are completely different to Blasters. Although small, they are absolutely choc full of creamy cocoa and shea butter, which are both renowned for their ability to moisturise and deeply nourish your skin.

Slowly Melts for a Creamy, Moisturising Bath


Longer Lead Time Bath Creamers Bloomin’ Lovely

Cornflower and Juniper Berry

Fragrance - Fruity & floral Oils - Rose, Geranium Benefits - Aphrodisiac

Hello Ducky

Fragrance - Freesia, Floral Oils - Rosemary, Cedarwood Benefits - Toning, Moisturising

Fragrance - Delicate Floral Oils - Geranium, Jasmine Benefits - Nourishing, Relaxing

Fragrance - Calming and Oceanic Oils - Clary Sage, Sandalwood Benefits - Balancing

Jasmine and Cotton


Malva Flower


Fragrance - Jasmine, Fresh Cotton Oils - Jasmine, Magnolia Benefits - Calming

Fragrance - Lavender Oils - Lavender, Geranium Benefits - Relaxing, Comforting, Moisturising

Fragrance - Floral, Watery Oils - Chamomile, Aloe Vera Extract Benefits - Calming, Soothing

Fragrance - Floral, Rose Oils - Geranium, Lavender Benefits - Relaxing, Moisturising

Stress Less

Tweet Me

Fragrance - Rose, Floral Oils - Rose, Frankincense Benefits - Rehydrating, Regenerative

Fragrance - Neroli Blossom, White Jasmine Oils - Vetiver, Sweet Almond Benefits - Soothing

Fragrance - Very Cherry Oils - Frankincense, Sandalwood Benefits - Romantic

Milk & Honey

Orange Blossom & Jasmine

1.1 inches approx

Flower Bazaar

Rosie Heart

Bath Brulees

2.5 inches

Up to 6 Baths!

Fragrance - Creamy, Honey Oils - Chamomile, Ylang ylang, Benefits - Hydrating


Just pop it in the bath and allow a portion of it to melt. It will fizz very softly releasing the moisturising natural butters and softening the water. Remember to remove and save the rest for later!

Fragrance - Orange Blossom, Jasmine Oils - Jasmine, Geranium

Made With Natural Cocoa & Shea Butters

18 Tier Stand All our Blasters, Mallows & Creamers come in their very own tray to easily clip into our free* 18 tier stand. Check out our starter deal on pages 4-5 for an immediate delivery package with all you need to set up Bomb in store! Or for more stands and packaging ideas to suit your needs see pages 66-67.

Ballotin Boxes hold 6 Creamers & Mallows!

Dimensions (With trays) 167.5cm (h) x 62cm (w) x 52cm (d)

* Subject to Terms & Conditions


Longer Lead Time Soaps

Berry The Hatchet

Big Softee

Fragrance - Fruit, Blackberry Oils - Cedarwood, Sweet Orange Benefits - Energising

Fragrance - Musk Oils -Ylang ylang, Lavender Benefits - Comforting

Fragrance - Candy Canes Oils - Peppermint, Spearmint Benefits - Refreshing, Purifying

Clean Getaway

Cotton Fresh

Crazy Cupid

Fragrance -Masculine, Spices Oils - Black Pepper, Lemongrass Benefits - Energising, Stimulating

Fragrance - Fresh Cotton Oils - Amyris, Patchouli Benefits - Invigorating

Fragrance - Complex, Lavender, Amber Oils - Lavender, Chamomile Benefits - Sensual

Crystal Waters

The Climb

Dark Pleasures

Fragrance - Oceanic Oils - Lavender Benefits - Balancing

Fragrance - Rose & Rhubarb Oils - Rose, Black Pepper Benefits - Stimulating, Uplifting

Fragrance - Hawthorne, Jasmine, Rose Oils - Lavender, Patchouli Benefits - Romantic, Sensual

Fruit Diamond

Fruit Of The Flower

Electric Dreams

Fragrance - Fresh, Urban Oils - Lavender, Geranium Benefits - Cleansing, Balancing


Candy Cane Mountain

Fragrance - Mandarin, Blood Orange Oils - Grapefruit, Tangerine Benefits - Awakening

Cases of 8 or 2.2lb Blocks

Fragrance - Mango, Vanilla Oils - Neroli, Mandarin Benefits - Refreshing

Hawaiian Flower

Heard It Through the Grapefruit


Fragrance - Pina Colada Oils - Sweet Orange, Mandarin Benefits - Revitalising

Fragrance - Pink Grapefruit Oils - Grapefruit, Bergamot Benefits - Cleansing, Strengthening

Fragrance - Fresh Fine Fragrance Oils - Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang Benefits - Uplifting, Inspiring


Love Cloud


Fragrance - Tropical Island Oils - Mandarin, Sweet Orange Benefits - Enlivening

Fragrance - Very Cherry Oils - Mandarin, Litsea Cubeba Benefits - Revitalising

Fragrance - Calming, Oceanic Oils - Rosemary, Teatree Benefits - Calming

Mellow Meadows

Orange Soda

Fragrance - Peony Oils - Chamomile, Lavender Benefits - De-stressing

Fragrance - Orange, Mandarin Oils - Orange, Mandarin Benefits - Refreshing, Enlivening

Fragrance - Mint Oils - Peppermint, Spearmint Benefits - Enlivening

The Piano Bar

Pink Pamper

Plum Berry Ice

Fragrance - Mint Ice Tea Oils - Peppermint, Bergamot Benefits - Cleansing, Stimulating

Fragrance - Poppy, Geranium Oils - Ylang Ylang, Chamomile Benefits - Nourishing

Fragrance -Plum Berry Crush Oils - Bergamot, Clary Sage Benefits - Uplifting

With Pure Essential Oils

Peppermint Patch


Longer Lead Time Soaps

Planet Peppermint

Postcard From Paradise

Red Berry Blast

Rock ‘n’ Roller

Fragrance - Peppermint Oils -Peppermint, Spearmint Benefits - Exciting, Energising

Fragrance -Passionfruit Oils - Grapefruit, Mandarin Benefits - Enlivening

Fragrance - Blackberry Oils - Chamomile, Lavender Benefits - Calming

Fragrance - Green Kiwi, Lime Oils - Lime, Sweet Orange Benefits - Energising

Ruby Vegas

Strawberry Fields

Summer Cherry

Sweet Dreams

Fragrance - Light, Delicate Fragrance Oils - Geranium, Ylang Ylang

Fragrance - Forest Fruits Oils - Lime, Ylang Ylang Benefits - Uplifting

Fragrance - Cherry, Summery Oils - Mandarin, Litsea Cubeba Benefits - Comforting, Uplifting

Fragrance - Lavender Oils - Lavender, Geranium Benefits - Relaxing, Soothing

Sweet Sundae

Swizzle Stick

Top of the Pops

Twist & Shout

Fragrance - Jelly Babies Oils - Bergamot, Clary Sage Benefits - Uplifting

Fragrance - Tropical Fruits Oils - Bergamot, Clary Sage Benefits - Awakening, Revit-

Fragrance - Fruity & Fun Oils - Orange, Mandarin Benefits - Stimulating, Uplifting

Fragrance - Floral Oils -Clary Sage, Sandalwood Benefits - Euphoric, Inspiring

Velvet Star

What a Melon

Lemon Meringue Delight

Let’s Go Disco

Fragrance - Uplifting Euphoria Oils - Lavender Benefits - Relaxing, Calming

Fragrance - Watermelon Oils - Neroli, Grapefruit Benefits - Awakening

Fragrance - Lemon Meringue Oils - Lemon, Lime Benefits - Awakening

Fragrance - Fruity Mix Oils - Grapefruit, Mandarin, Lime Benefits - Energising, Awakening


PH Neutral

Longer Lead Time Solid Shower Gels Cloud Nine

Let It Bee

Bombs double Shea Solid Shower Gel will envelope you in a rich and creamy foam, leaving your skin super-soft and happy. Deep within each deliciously scented bar, is a unique blend of mood enhancing pure essential oils for your enjoyment. Perfect for shower and travel.

With Gold of Pleasure and Passion Flower oils for a soothing shower

With real Honey for a warm embrace and a sweet shower

Lime & Shine

Shower Up

Yes Man

With Lemon & Lime essential oils to awaken and uplift the senses

With a blend of get up and go Black Pepper and Rose essential oils

With a confidence inspiring blend of Black Pepper & Spearmint essential oils

See page 66 for more stand ideas!

Case of 8


Longer Lead Time Shower Mixers Similar to the idea behind our Little Hotties, our Shower Mixers have been created in 20 different fragrances and blended with pure essential oils, so you can pick & mix and select 2-3 different fragrances to create your very own customised aroma explosion. Simply select your fragrances, pop them on the floor by your feet in the shower, and go about your usual routine. Much like our Bath Blasters (but with double the fragrance), as the water hits the mixer it creates a fizzing sensation, throwing the oils and scents into the air to create the ultimate aromatherapy experience in the shower! Blackcurrant




Oils: Tangerine, Sweet Orange Benefits: Reviving, Refreshing Try With: Cranberry & Cherry

Oils: Marjoram, Lavender Benefits: Uplifting, Relaxing Try With: Vanilla & Cookie

Oils: Mandarin, Orange Benefits: Awakening Try With: Lime

Oils: Coconut Benefits: De-stressing Try With: Ocean





Oils: Nutmeg, Cinnamon Benefits: Comforting Try With: Coconut & Vanilla

Oils: Lemongrass, Lavender Benefits: Balancing Try With: Floral & Rain

Oils: Litsea Cubeba, Tangerine Benefits: Stimulating, Reviving Try With: Lime

Oils: Geranium, Lavender Benefits: Soothing Try With: Rain & Lawn





Oils: Chamomile, Magnolia Benefits: Calming Try With: Floral & Cotton

Oils: Lime, Grapefruit Benefits: Cleansing Try With: Citrus & Cranberry

Oils: Geranium, Ylang Ylang Benefits: Uplifting Try With: Strawberry & Vanilla

Oils: Black Pepper, Lime Benefits: Restorative Try With: Cotton & Lime


Highly Fragranced With Pure Essential Oils!





Oils: Amyris Benefits: Calming Try With: Mallow

Oils: Petigrain, Chamomile Benefits: De-Stressing, Calming Try With: Cotton & Lawn

Oils: Lemon, Tangerine Benefits: Awakening Try With: Mallow & Vanilla

Oils: Ginger Benefits: Energising Try With: Raspberry & Cookie



Mix & match in your shower to create your own bespoke aromatherapy experience! Oils: Ylang Ylang, Tangerine Benefits: Comforting Try With: Mallow & Vanilla

Oils: Nutmeg, Ginger Benefits: Warming Try With: Raspberry & Mallow

Our Shower Mixer Display Stand (Holds 5 Rows of 4 Fragrances).

Mix & Match for a Shower Aroma Explosion


Longer Lead Time Bubble Baths

Honey Glow Bubble Bath

Loco Coco Bubble Bath

Pink Amour Bubble Bath

Vanilla Sky Bubble Bath

With Sweet Orange & Nutmeg Oils 10.14 fl.oz

With Coconut, Sandalwood & Ylang Ylang Oils 10.14 fl.oz

With Rose & Geranium Oils 10.14 fl.oz

With Vetivert & Ylang Ylang Oils 10.14 fl.oz

Baby Shower Shower Gel

Exceedingly Good Shower Gel

Flying High Shower Gel

Lime Sublime Shower Gel

With Chamomile & Clary Sage Essential Oils 10.14 fl.oz

With Frankincense and Ylang Ylang Oils 10.14 fl.oz

With Sweet Orange and Mandarin Oils 10.14 fl.oz

With Lemon & Lime Essential Oils 10.14 fl.oz


Shower Gels

Cases of 6

Mango And Vanilla Shower Gel

Passionista Shower Gel

Pretty Perfect Shower Gel

Sea Salt Shower Gel

With Sweet orange and Grapefruit Oils 10.14 fl.oz

With Grapefruit & Mandarin Oils 10.14 fl.oz

With Lime and Black Pepper Oils 10.14 fl.oz

With Eucalyptus & Peppermint Oils 10.14 fl.oz

Shower Power Shower Gel

Up, Up & Away Shower Gel

Zest Appeal Shower Gel

All of our Shower Gels, Bubble Baths, Handwashes, and Lotions are Paraben and SLS free, meaning you can use, or sell, our products with confidence. They also all contain pure essential oils, gathered from around the world, and chosen for their individual skin and health benefits.

With Bergamot and Rose Oils 10.14 fl.oz

With Lime & Black Pepper Essential Oils 10.14 fl.oz

With Orange & Mandarin Oils 10.14 fl.oz

With Pure Essential Oils


Longer Lead Time Handwash & Body Lotions Free As A Bird Handwash

Handbags & Gladrags Handwash

Peppermint Patch Handwash

Strawberries & Cream Handwash

With Geranium and Myrrh Oils 10.14 fl.oz

With Amyris and Patchouli Oils 10.14 fl.oz

With Peppermint and Spearmint Oils 10.14 fl.oz

With Bergamot and Rose Oils 10.14 fl.oz

Cloud Cuckoo Land Body Lotion

In The Pink Body Lotion

Milk And Honey Body Lotion

Sweet As Cherry Pie Body Lotion

With Ylang Ylang and Coconut Oils 10.14 fl.oz

With Grapefruit and Rosemary Oils 10.14 fl.oz

With Chamomile and Ylang ylang Oils 10.14 fl.oz

With Chamomile and Marjoram Oils 10.14 fl.oz


Cases of 6

Longer Lead Time Foot & Body Polish 365ml Blackcurrant Body Polish

Butter Babe Body Polish

With Orange and Mandarin Pure Essential Oils 365ml

With Clary Sage & Amyris Pure Essential Oils 365ml

Chamomile & Clary Sage Pure Essential Oils, 365ml

Dr Foot Refreshing Foot Polish

Limelight Body Polish

Mango Unchained Body Polish

With Black Pepper and Lemongrass Pure Essential Oil 365ml

With Lemon & Lime Pure Essential Oils 365ml

With Orange and Grapefruit Pure Essential Oils 365ml

Milk & Honey Body Polish

Strawberry Fields Body Polish

Vanilla Frosting Body Polish

With Sweet Orange and Mandarin Pure Essential Oils 365ml

With Ylang ylang and Patchouli Pure Essential Oils 365ml

With Frankincense & Sandalwood Pure Essential Oils 365ml

Cloud 9 Body Polish

Body Polish To Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturise!


Longer Lead Time Body Scrubs 12.34 fl.oz Cranberry & Lime Body Scrub

Our Oil Based Body Scrubs are a more traditional way to exfoliate your skin. We have used Sweet Almond Oils as a base which means after buffing away the dead skin, the oil creates a barrier to ensure moisture is not lost.

With Black Pepper and Lime Pure Essential Oils 12.34 fl.oz

Kiwi & Lime Body Scrub

Pepperland Body Scrub

Contains Real Fruit Seeds With Lime & Black Pepper Pure Essential Oils 12.34 fl.oz

With Clary Sage and Lemongrass Pure Essential Oils, 12.34 fl.oz

Pink Marmalade Body Scrub

With Clary Sage and Lemongrass Pure Essential Oils, 12.34 fl.oz

Longer Lead Time Shower Butters 12.34 fl.oz Mint Choc Chip Cleansing Shower Butter

Shower Butters are on another level of cleansing! These beauties are a rich, creamy shower gel that is semi-solid at room temperature. As well as gently cleansing your body, the formulation contains natural Shea Butter to richly moisturise and condition your skin.


With Frankincense Pure Essential Oils, 12.34 fl.oz l

Cases of 6

Longer Lead Time Bath Time Treats 12.34 fl.oz Cleopatra’s Desire Bath Salts

Meadow Fresh Bath Powder

With Jasmine and Rose Pure Essential Oils, 12.34 fl.oz

With Petitgrain and Clary Sage Pure Essential Oils 12.34 fl.oz

Miss Vintage Bath Salts

With Patchouli & Rose Pure Essential Oils12.34 fl.oz

Longer Lead Time Facial Freedom

Our gentle range designed specifically for your face and hair is comprised of face washes, masks, hair masks, face creams and scrubs. Each is carefully formulated using mild and natural ingredients, and pure essential oils. Facial Palatial Face Scrub

Rosy Cheeks Face Scrub

With Sandalwood and Neroli Pure Essential Oils. 4fl.oz

With Jasmine and Ylang ylang Pure Essential Oils. 4fl.oz

Petal Perfect Face Wash

Honey Hair Mask

Mango & Vanilla Hair Mask

With Geranium and Rose Pure Essential Oils. 7.1 fl.oz

With Ylang ylang Pure Essential Oil, 7.1 fl.oz

With Mandarin & Sweet Orange Pure Essential Oil, 7.1 fl.oz

Freedom Of Peach Face Wash

With Bergamot and Mandarin Pure Essential Oils. 7.1 fl.oz

With Pure Essential Oils


Longer Lead Time Body Butters 7.1 fl.oz Our Body Butters have over 20% pure cocoa and shea butter. This is twice as much as most formulations, and ensures a very nourishing yet easily absorbed butter.

Angel’s Delight Body Butter

Bluebell Wood Body Butter

With Bergamot and Geranium Pure Essential Oils, 7.1 fl.oz

With Jasmine and Geranium Pure Essential Oils, 7.1 fl.oz

Body Buff Whipped Shea Body Butter

Body Shimmer Body Butter

Strawberries & Cream Body Butter

With Neroli and Litsea Cubeba Pure Essential Oils, 7.1 fl.oz

With Neroli and Grapefruit Pure Essential Oils, 7.1 fl.oz

With Rose and Ylang ylang Pure Essential Oils, 7.1 fl.oz

Longer Lead Time Fingers & Toes 7.1 fl.oz

Our fingers and toes are exposed daily and are often in need of some tender loving care to keep them looking and feeling beautiful. This range offers nourishment in many forms and fragrances, all with pure essential oils to protect your hard working hands and feet.


Holding Hands Hand Treatment

Shea Bliss Hand Treatment

Tippy Toes Foot Treatment

With Rose & Black Pepper Pure Essential Oils, 7.1 fl.oz

With Clary Sage and Bergamot Pure Essential Oils, 7.1 fl.oz

With Peppermint and Rosemary Pure Essential Oils, 7.1 fl.oz

With Over 20% Pure Shea Butter

Longer Lead Time Hand Treatments We’ve taken our top 5 fragrances and developed them into these “handy” treatments. These also contain pure essential oils and are the perfect size to take on the move! Give your skin a helping hand and ensure you’re never without this staple product! Hand in the Cookie Jar

Mint Tea Manicure

Passionfruit & Shea

Rose & Pink Pepper

Fragrance: Cherry Cookies Essential Oils: Bergamot, Ylang Ylang 0.84 fl.oz

Fragrance: Watermint Ice Tea Essential Oils: Peppermint, Spearmint 0.84 fl.oz

Fragrance: Passion fruit & Shea Essential Oils: Clary Sage, Amyris 0.84 fl.oz

Fragrance: Rose & Pink Pepper Essential Oils: Black Pepper, Rose 0.84 fl.oz

Vanilla Ice

We’ve now designed a new counter stand to display these hand treatments, just call us on +44 1202 859059 for more information!

Fragrance: Vanilla Frosting Essential Oils: Patchouli, Clary Sage 0.84 fl.oz

49 Case of 6

Longer Lead Time Luscious Lip Balms Apple Crumble Lip Scrub

Appley Ever After Lip Balm

Bubblegum Pop Lip Balm

This classic dessert inspired scrub will buff away dead skin to leave your lips soft enough to make anyone crumble

Specially created to lock in moisture for an extended time

This long-lasting lip balm will keep your lips hydrated for hours

Cherry Blossom Lip Treatment

Chilli Mango Shimmering Lip Balm

Coco Kisses Lip Treatment

With Sweet Almond & Olive Oil to hydrate and moisturise your lips

A subtle shimmer locked into a highly hydrating Lip Balm

With Coconut and Sweet Almond Oil to add extra hydration

Donut Worry Lip Scrub

A gentle scrub made from sugar and shea butter to leave chapped lips a worry no more


Fizzy Cola Lip Scrub

A gentle scrub made from sugar and shea butter to remove dead skin and moisturise

Cases of 10

Fruit Salad Lip Tint

A subtle pink tint for a pop of colour in this sweetshop favourite scent

Honey Pear Lip Treatment

Lady Grey Lip Treatment

Mint to Be Lip Balm

A buttery treatment with Coconut & Almond Oil to nourish and hydrate your Lips

A teatime treat with Coconut & Almond Oil to nourish and hydrate your lips

A cocktail of mint & lime in our specially developed formula to leave your lips hydrated

One Smart Cookie Lip Balm

Rhubarb & Custard Lip Balm

Sherbet Lemon Lip Scrub

Protect your lips with our specially formulated Lip Balm to leave them hydrated for hours

Made with a specially created formula to leave your lips locked with hydration and protected

This sugar scrub will gently exfoliate your lips with a hint of zesty lemon and shea butter.

Spiced Cranberry Lip Tint

Strange Fruit Lip Tint

Strawberry Cheesecake Lip Balm

A hint of pink to make you wink! A subtle shade that also locks in moisture

A Yuzu flavour and a pop of orange to create this strange, but hydrating lip balm

Creamy notes are blended into our specially formulated lip balm to keep them hydrated for hours

Strawberry Daiquiri Lip Treatment

Turkish Delight Lip Tint

What a Melon Lip Treatment

A buttery cocktail to lock moisture into your lips and keep them smooth

A dusty pink pop of colour combined with our hydrating lip balm to make your lips feel delightful

With pure oils and butters to ensure your lips are kept soft and hydrated

From Balms, to Tints, and Scrubs to Treatments!


Longer Lead Time Blastercards Age is Irr-elephant

Birthday Bubbly

Fragrance: Rhubarb & Custard Essential Oils: Cinnamon, Rosemary

Fragrance: Bubbly Essential Oils: Ylang Ylang, Bergamot

Our “Blastercards� each have a highly fragranced Bath Blaster, redolent with pure essential oils and handmade with love included in a Greetings Card!



Happy Baa-thday

Sealed With a Kiss

Fragrance: Pineapple Essential Oils: Mandarin, Bergamot

Fragrance: Lemon & Lime Essential Oils: Lemon, Lime

Fragrance: Blueberry Sundae Essential Oils: Palmarosa, Bergamot

Sending You Sunshine

Sprinkles on my Ice Cream

Starfish Wishes

Fragrance: Raindrops Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, Amyris

Fragrance: Vanilla Ice Cream Essential Oils: Cardomom, Chamomile

Fragrance: Sparkling Oceaon Essential Oils: Rosemary, Thyme

A Card and a Bath Blaster in One!

You Are My Sunshine

You Make My Heart Soar

Fairy Magic Card

Fragrance: Milk & Honey Essential Oils: Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang

Fragrance: Cotton Candy Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Frankincense

Fragrance: Cotton Candy Essential Oils: Geranium, Rosemary

Cracking Couple

Get Pumped For Your Birthday

Fragrance: Pineapple Essential Oils: Grapefruit, Mandarin

Fragrance: Masculine Essential Oils: Black Pepper, Rosemary

Happy Mother’s Day

Fragrance: Chrysanthemum Essential Oils: Geranium, Bergamot

Mum You Are The Best


Save Water

Fragrance: Rose & Pink Pepper Essential Oils: Rose, Black Pepper

Fragrance: Bubblegum Essential Oils: Orange, Mandarin

Fragrance: Fresh, Ozonic Essential Oils: Lavender, Patchouli

Two Peas in a Pod

What the L?

When Life Gives You Lemons

Fragrance: Mint Iced Tea Essential Oils: Amyris, Peppermint

Fragrance: Fresh, Ozonic Essential Oils: Cedarwood, Coconut

Fragrance: Lemon Meringue Essential Oils: Lemon, Lime

Each Card Comes in Cases of 5


Longer Lead Time Longer Lead Time Items Cherry Bathe-well

The Distinguished Gentleman

Into The Woods

Mallow Out

Pretty In Pink

Vintage Velvet

Chocolate Ballotin Gift Set


Little Box Of Love Ballotin Set

Cases of 4

Luxury Ballotin Gift Set

Longer Lead Time Handmade Gift Packs A Close Shave

Showers or Baths? Either way, we have you covered with our new gift packs! Butter Me Baby

Fingers & Toes

Shower Me Up

Simply the Zest

Beach Bomb

Lovey Dovey

Secret Garden

Sleepy Head

Cases of 6


Longer Lead Time Gourmand Candles


Blueberry Sundae


Dive deep into this dreamy dessert layered with plump blueberries & creamy notes with pure Mandarin & Lime essential oils.

Pop the bubble bursting with sugary scents of candied ripe raspberries and pure Bergamot & Orange essential oils.

Coconut & Lime

Holly Daze

Trek through the tropics and source an exotic essence combining creamy coconut and sharp lime with pure Coconut and Lime oils.

Walk through wintery woodlands as crisp notes of ripe red berries and sprigs of fresh holly surround your senses. With pure Patchouli and Cedarwood essential oils.

Cases of 4

Jelly Babies

Strawberry Tea

Soft sugary sweeties dusted with icing sugar and transformed into a delightlfully delicious candle with pure Chamomile & Sandlewood essential oils.

Evoke summer days with our sweet British blend. Enhale freshly brewed black tea with hints of stawberry and pure Rose & Sweet Orange essential oils.

Jelly & Ice Cream

We take great pride in the creation of each and every candle range we develop, ensuring that only use the finest waxes are used for a long, slow and clean burn. The perfumes used within our candles have all been masterfully created by expert perfumers to give an incredible “scent throw” to fill your house full of wonderful scents.

The perfect party piece, delicious fruity strawberry jelly topped with a layer of velvety vanilla ice cream…delightful! With pure Litsea Cubeba & Ylang Ylang essential oils.

As part of Bomb Cosmetics on going affair with pure essential oils, we have added them to each and every candle so there’s one for every mood and occasion.


Longer Lead Time Cocktail Whipped Candles


Pink Bubbly

Redcurrant & Cassis

Pop the cork on this bubbly inspired fragrance with crisp notes of apples & grapes and a hint of berries to sweeten with pure Ylang Ylang & Bergamot essential oils.

Sharp red berries blended with ripe and juicy blackberries to create this fruity punch! With Geranium & Sweet Orange essential oils

Strawberry Daiquiri

Candle Stand

inspired by the classic cocktail made from fresh strawberries, rum and a sprinkle of sugar and lime and pure Ylang Ylang & Lime Essential Oils.

1670mm (h) x 590 mm(w) x

Cases of 4

Coming Up Roses

Bluebell Woods

Floral notes of delicate bluebells fill the air as you walk through the English countryside with Ylang Ylang & Geranium Essential Oils.

A sensual floral scent, with hints of opulent roses and fresh flowers with Rose & Lavender Pure Essential Oils



A fun, fruit cocktail mixing floral scents, mango, strawberry, pineapple and pears with a tropical breeze with Ylang Ylang & Geranium essential oils.

A beautiful blend of rose that is mixed with a touch of citrus, green scents and fresh blackcurrant with Patchouli & Amyris pure essential oils.

With Pure Essential Oils


Festival Dream

Flower Power

A unique, free-sprited & vibrant fragrance with red berries, cherry and warming amber with Clary Sage & Patchouli essential oils.

Gentle notes of rosebud & greenleaf mixed with magnolia & jasmine pure essential oils.

Fruit Firework

Jade Princess

This fragrance explodes with scents of Lime, Mandarin, Kumquat & Pineapple to create a sweet and zesty fragrance with pure Mandarin & Sweet Orange essential oils.

A dynamic bergamot fragrance enhanced with a zesty splash of lemon, lime, grapefruit and mandarin with Ylang Ylang & Bergamot pure essential oils.


Made with a Soy Wax Blend

Loco Coco

Rhubarb Rave


An inviting, smooth coconut scent with hint of vanilla and sugar with Grapefruit & Bergamot pure essential oils.

A sweet & fruity blend of Rhubarb is encased with deep notes of Blackberries & Red Berries with pure Neroli and Bergamot essential oils.

Sweet notes of vanilla blended with ripe, juicy raspberries to create this ice cream favourite with pure Mandarin & Bergamot essential oils.

Shiny Happy Purple

Sweet Love

Wild Cherry

A vibrant blend of passionfruit and citrus zest softenened with sweet intoxicating carame and pure Grapefruit & Mandarin essential oils

Sugary notes combined with fresh fruity berries are mellowed by elements of edible parma violet with Ylang Ylang & Jasmine pure essential oils.

A warm fruity accord with lush cherry, raspberry, strawberry and blackberry with Litsea Cubeba & Sweet Orange essential oils.

Handmade with the Finest Fragrances


Longer Lead Time Tinned Candles

Blue Daisy

Chocolate Orange

Grapefruit and Nectarine

Iced Cranberry

Mystical Moon

Nectarine & Amaretto

Pear & Freesia

Pink Rhubarb & Blackberry

Rhubarb & Rose

Sea of Tranquility

62 Cases of 4

Cranberry and Lime

Lavender Musk

Passion Fruit Sundae

Rainy Day

Snow Angel

Starlight Diva

Very Berry

White Amber & Musk

Blissful Rest

Cherry Bakewell

Flower Power


Paradise Lost

Rose Blush

Sex On Fire

Passionfruit Fandango

Sky High

Three Little Birds

Up To 30-35 Hours Burn Time!

Fleur Botanica

Vintage Velvet


Longer Lead Time Little Hotties Mix and Match our Little Hottie Wax Melts to create your own bespoke fragrance for the home! With up to 130 hours of fragrance throw and burn time per box of Little Hotties!

Feeling Hot Hot Hot Burner

Light Up & Let Go Burner

Pick Your Potion Burner

Retailers: Simply give your customer an empty box and let them ‘pick and mix’ their own fragrance combo. We have allowed an excellent margin to make up for those few consumers that will pack lots of Little Hotties in a box. Every time you order an outer of Little Hotties you get enough free consumer boxes and to sell all of your Little Hotties.

Relight My Fire Burner

You Know It Makes Scents Burner

Little Hotties Table *

Dimensions 95cm (h) x 95cm (w) x 59cm (d)


Create Your Very Own Bespoke Scent for the Home

Try Mixing:

Sugar & Spice, Doughnut & Blueberry for a Blueberry Muffin Fragrance!

Lime, Sea Salt & Oceanic Wave for a Splash of Citrus Scent!

Cherry, Raspberry Ripple & Blackcurrant for a Very Berry Fragrance!

The Fragrances include: Almond Milk Cranberry Lemonade Pomegranate Aloe Dragonfruit Lemongrass Popcorn Alpine Delicate White Tea Lily Raindrops On Roses Apple Doughnut Lime Raspberry and Liquorice Baby Powder Elderflower Log Fire Raspberry Ripple Banana Eucalyptus Lychee Red Wine Bergamot Fairy Dust Magnolia Blossom Salted Caramel Biscuit Fleur Botanica Mango Sandalwood Blackcurrant Floral Mayan Plumeria Sea Salt Blood Orange Flower Power Mint Spearmint Bluebell Frankincense Morning Coffee Strawberry Blue Sundae Fresh Fig Oceanic Wave Sugar and Spice Blueberry Geranium Orange Blossom Summer Lawn Bottle of Bubbly Gin Pancake Surf’s Up Bubblegum Gingerbread Parma Violet Sweet Neroli Cake Grapefruit Passion Fruit Toffee Cherry Kiss Guava Patchouli Tropical Sands Chocolate Hazelnut Peach Vanilla Honey Chocolate Orange Honeydew Pear Watermelon Cinnamon Jasmine Pineapple Whipped Cream Citrus Blizzard Jelly Baby Pink Marshmallow White Chocolate Truffle Coconut Lavender Pink Pepper White Musk Cotton Fresh Lemon Pink Rhubarb & Raspberry Xmas Pudding

1.1lb per Fragrance


Free Display Stands* Little Hotties Table *

Soap Table *

Dimensions 86cm (h) x 120cm (w) x 61cm (d)

18 Tray Stand

Dimensions (with trays) 167.5cm (h) x 62 cm (w) x 52 cm (d)


Dimensions 95cm (h) x 95cm (w) x 59cm (d)

Home Fragrance Stand

1670mm (h) x 590 mm(w) x 470mm base

Wall Stand

1670mm (h) x 590 mm(w) x 470mm base

*SUBJECT TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND EXCLUDING TABLES WHICH ARE SUBJECT TO A RETURNABLE DEPOSIT All display stands remain the property of Get Fresh Cosmetics Ltd. Only Bomb Cosmetics products may be displayed on the stands.

Packaging and Legal Notices 3 Tier Counter Stand

Lip Balm Stand

We provide a variety of stands to fit your display needs. Email for information on how to get yours!

Dimensions: 185mm (h) x 251mm (w) x 230mm (d)

Dimensions (with trays) 53.5 cm (h) x 32 cm (w) x 32 cm (d)

Large Carrier Bags Pk 20

Small Carrier Bags Pk 20

Ballotin box Favour box (suitable for six creamers) in 20’s. (suitable for single creamers) in 20’s.

Pillar Pack in 20’s

Printed Ribbon in 100m rolls

Cello Bags In 150’s

Empty Gift Box Size 210 x 135 x 117mm

Organza Bags In 25’s (for single creamers)

Soap Bags with free label in 100’s (waxed lined)

Copyright Notice All images used within this brochure are copyright Get Fresh Cosmetics Ltd t/a Bomb Cosmetics. All rights are reserved and no image may be used or recreated without the express, written permission from the owner. Cosmetics Regulations and Ingredient Information Many of our products are available both loose and wrapped and labelled. The EU Cosmetics Regulations allow for products to be unlabelled providing that the approporiate legal information is displayed at the point of sale. Please ask about our point of sale. Get Fresh Cosmetics Ltd. cannot accept responsibility for action taken against stores if they do not display legal information at point of sale. Specific product ingredients can be found on our website, Bomb Cosmetics is a registered trademark of Get Fresh Cosmetics Ltd t/a Bomb Cosmetics


Get Fresh Cosmetics Ltd. t/a Bomb Cosmetics Unit 4, 502 Wallisdown Road Bournemouth Dorset BH11 8PT United Kingdom tel: 44 (0) 1202 859059 fax: 44 (0) 1202 859259 email: web: @bombcosmetics_official


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