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HELPING PEOPLE IN EASTERN EUROPE OUT OF POVERTY WHAT IS “GIK�? Gift-in-Kind donations, or GIK are material gift acquisitions or donations that include but are not limited to items such as clothing, bedding & house-linens, shoes, hygiene articles and food. (We do not accept used items; only new or hand-made items from new material.)

MWB also sends furniture, mattresses, sewing machines, farming equipment & tools, building & roofing supplies, school supplies ... anything that can contribute towards improving the living standards & conditions for the poor in Eastern Europe. We are always looking for corporate donations of items on a larger scale (ie. pallets of shampoo, toothpaste, sanitary pads, deodorants, etc.). Across Eastern Europe, people are living in serious poverty. They have limited access to services and their health and wellbeing is under threat. It is a problem that affects families for generations and in the six countries where Mission Without Borders works, it is a problem that is destroying communities and children's futures. We work in the six poorest countries in Eastern Europe to help people break the destructive cycle of poverty. We provide tailored support packages that can often include several generations of the same family and cut across a number of program areas. Our integrated and responsive method of working means we are uniquely placed to provide a holistic, whole-person approach to meeting people's needs.

IN 2017: $10 million worth of aid raised through GIK from our 10 world-wide affiliate offices (including Canada)

IN 2017: Over 51,960 individuals received some form of Gift-In-Kind, with 94 trucks of aid sent to our 6 field countries

Shipments of MWB Gift-In-Kind goods are received in: • Albania • Bosnia-Herzegovina • Bulgaria • Moldova • Romania • Ukraine

With the support offered through GIK, thousands of children and adults in Eastern Europe had the chance to start a new year under better circumstances. Words cannot describe the joy of a child reaching his small, trembling hands towards receiving the first backpack of his life, or a new pair of shoes and other supplies urgently needed for going to school. The same goes to trying to describe the grateful gaze of a desperate mother, receiving much-needed food, diapers or clothing for her children; or the enthusiasm of a hard-working woman upon receiving a sewing machine, which she knows will help her & her family step forward into a better future; or the serene smile of an old woman knowing that God has not forgotten her, as she receives firewood & blankets for the winter.

We thank you on their behalf! We also gratefully accept any FINANCIAL donations towards the cost of shipping GIK. We typically ship 2 or 3 containers from Canada overseas each year.


TOLL FREE 1-800-494-4454 | LOCAL (ABBOTSFORD) 604-855-9126 Follow us on Facebook at “Mission Without Borders Canada”

Donations and Sponsorships will be used where most needed to effectively help individuals, families and communities.

Gifts in Kind newsletter Spring 2018  
Gifts in Kind newsletter Spring 2018