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Ukrainian Crisis-Urgent !! Name Address City

Dear Friend, We would ask you to remember the volatile situation in Ukraine. In the last few weeks the Ukraine has become a real international crisis. While this is news-worthy, our Ukrainian Staff reminds us that world-class turmoil always boils down to real people and real families. One of our Eastern European Staff members knew some of those killed when the protests in Kiev turned violent. He states: ‘Many of those who joined the protests in Kiev wanted to stop corruption and lawlessness in their country… and were killed for their views. Many had families with small children and just wanted a better future for their children’. To the outside world the events in Independence Square seemed to be the start of the crisis in Ukraine. For Ukrainians, however, these protests were the result of many years of economic hardship and political corruption. Many felt integration with the

European Union was the best hope for the future. When that seemed to have been taken away, their hope was lost.

Roadblocks with Armed Guards

Having worked with the local church over many years in Ukraine, Mission Without Borders (MWB) sees how hopelessness affects 6,000 Russian Troops Descend Upon Ukraine real people. We are continuing to support those families and children that have been bearing the brunt of the worsening situation. Take families like the Romanyk’s, for example. Petro, the father, works as a driver but his meager salary is barely able to provide enough food for his family. This winter, as the temperatures dropped to -30⁰, MWB was able to provide firewood for them so they could keep themselves and their children warm. No one knows how the situation in Ukraine will develop but the political and financial repercussions always seem to be felt by simple, ordinary people, like the Romanyk’s. Apart from the practical help, what also matters to Petro and his wife Olena is knowing that someone cares. Mrs. Romanyk says: “Thank you so much for your kindness. May God bless you with every possible blessing”. Record

The Romanyk Family Trying to Stay Warm

Please continue to remember the Romanyk family and our MWB colleagues in Ukraine at this especially-challenging time. They have specifically asked that you:      

Pray that the MWB Staff, their families, and our offices, remain safe. Pray for the leaders in Ukraine (and others), that they might be wise and humble in their decisions. Pray for the many families like the Romanyks and the thousands of children in government institutions. Pray for the churches and church leaders that we work with that they might be a light in their communities. In particular please remember the Easter celebrations planned with the children who may be feeling fearful because of the current circumstances. Pray for the distribution of goods that is such an important part of our work. Pray that it is not disrupted by problems within government departments that are in a state of flux. Pray that Ukraine can move forward again to become a stable nation with a fair and honest government.

Literally thousands of poor families receive one-time emergency help from Mission Without Borders. In addition to receiving emergency winter firewood, the Romanyk family are also a part of our Family To Family Sponsorship program. Each month they receive practical help with food, sanitation, clothing, schooling materials, and other essential items. They are supported, counseled, and coached by a Mission Without Borders Coordinator who works with them to become self-sufficient. As we begin the season of Lent, let’s be reminded that Easter is the basis of our true hope, that light will conquer darkness, and good will ultimately triumph. In the resurrection, God gives us the true hope that dares to change the world. Many thanks,

Eric Floreen Eric M. Floreen, National Director Mission Without Borders, USA P.O. Box 6008 Camarillo, CA 93011 (800) 245-9191 Cell: (805) 822-4806

P.S. – Will you pray:   

We do not know how long the Ukranian borders will be open to allow relief goods through. But we know how to get funds into the country to help these poor families. Right now some 6,686 poor Ukrainian families are facing an uncertain future due to the political turmoil. A sacrificial gift of $25, $50, $100, or $500 would go a long way to help poor families in crisis.

Enclosed is my Gift to Help a Poor Family in Crisis. ------------------------------ Please return this bottom slip with your gift in the enclosed envelope ------------------------------

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Mission Without Borders – PO Box 6008 - Camarillo, CA 93011 – (800) 245-9191 All gifts are tax-deductible. Please call our 800 number to make credit card donations. Please visit to learn more.

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