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Blue Scrubs The Horror of Honor



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“The Fixer-Upper”



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Welcome to Mwari Magazine! After four years of research and two of development we are excited to present our publication to you. We have a team of AMAZING writers who are all experts in their respective fields and eager to share with you the tools necessary for becoming effective leaders of our global society. Our goal is to inspire you to carry out the Mwari lifestyle beyond the pages of our magazine and help you lead your best life. Thank you for choosing to include us during your journey through adulthood. Please feel free to send us your stories and photos; we’d love to read them. It is our hope to always be a reflection of you, your sisters and friends. Feel free to send any questions, comments, concerns or story ideas our way — we’d LOVE to hear from you! See you in the next issue.

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attention 2 years ago. A friend traveled to Uganda with some of her friends and while there realized the villages were in dire need of shelter, food, medication, school fees, etc. The women worked hard to provide for their families by creating handmade jewelry out of paper and other materials found on the land. However,

unfortunately the market was not sustainable and from the jewelry the women did not make enough to support their families. The founders of 31 Bits saw this and decided to help. They partnered with the women to help them expand the market and reach of the jewelry. You can find their colorful jewelry online and in boutiques across the country!

Bitch is the New Black

– This tongue-and-cheek memoir by Helena Andrews will definitely keep you entertained and by the end you’ll feel like you just had an epic phone date with your closest girlfriends. The quick and easy read will have you laughing for hours.

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Platform H

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You, Incredible You!

Candace Burney

!"#$%&'()*'+,%-'.'/"-'0$12#'-3.4'50,'%0'()62'3.1'7,"-2'.'829':3.4:2%'-0'%.5&' ;(8'()1'04$5'1042'<%0*2-3"4=)'%0042#>?'@2$$&'%"4:2'50,'409'A409'*2&'*5' .16":2'9"$$'32$B'50,'$"62'"4:#21"/$5&'"8'40-'"**21".-2$5&'"4'-32'42.#'8,-,#2> I’ve learned the key to a fulfilling & fantastic life is strength — physical, mental & spiritual. We have been created with each of these layers & each requires attention. Since many of you are pursuing higher education, I trust you believe knowledge is power. So, answer me this… What do you know about your body? For my medical students this question goes a bit deeper than Anatomy class. The question is what do YOU know about YOUR body? Within this question lies the key to your wonderful life. We all have the gift of hindsight and the knowledge I have gained with this “back vision,” gives me the ability to discuss definite, simple, fun and creative ways to improve your life beginning today. I have one more question.



n every way imaginable, you, my girl, my sister, are a dynamic creature, given charge of so much. We are natural nurturers & teachers. We can’t change that. So embrace it and know we must to be strong enough to support our innate strength. Am I making sense? Here’s my rationale: I’ve always envisioned women as trees. From the intricate details to the curving shapes, trees become even more magical as they move AWAY from their root system. As it reaches up, it also reaches out. It blooms. It blossoms. It bears fruit. It changes colors. Imagine how strong the roots must be in order to


support all that’s happening above. As women, we too, support the very ground we spring from, making everything & everyone around us even stronger. Our reach grows exponentially. Our strength supports our strength.

In this portion of Mwari, you & I will explore the “how’s.”

How are we able to do that? How are we able to give so much and still maintain our sense of self, our sense of HER? How do we hold on to this strength throughout our lifetime? I promise you, it’s not as difficult as one may think. I’ve spoken with several incredible women, asked them this very question and everyone’s answers are quite similar. Like Ms. Maci Peterson, the Founder and Editor of Mwari. Unless my antenna is off, she instantly struck me as a beautiful, giving spirit. I recently asked her… How? How, with everything happening in her life, is she able to remain focused, healthy, & happy? At such a young age, Maci has embraced her strengths, nurtures her talents and simply goes for it. She’s no different than you. She’s not better than you. So, how does SHE do it? (You can read the details of our conversation on my blog, (http://candace-celebrateher. blogspot.com/).

Ω How to properly feed ourselves

Ω How to become stronger physically Ω How to become stronger spiritually

Ω How to give to ourselves You will find simple, fun and creative ways to answer “how?” There are recipes and exercises for your physical self, and you’ll discover ways to embrace your creative and spiritual selves. I will share with you what I know and because there are many ways to do this, invite you to share your knowledge with me as well. Send me an email at live@mwarimag. com and tell me your stories about how you choose to strengthen and celebrate your being as a SHE.

@2'3.62'$0-%'08'90#A'-0' 10'="#$%>'E#2'50,'#2.15D

How to

Find Her Be Still.

At this moment in your life it is extremely important to find your own voice because honestly, this is one of the easiest times to do it. As life goes on, we assume more & more responsibilities. We get married, have careers, maybe a couple of kids. When life begins to pile on, if we don’t already have a true sense of self, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. This is a beautiful time in your life. Embrace the blessing of these moments and get to know who you are, what you like, and what you want. Get to know the core of you, the voice of your feminine soul. Finding your voice is about allowing the whole being to be expressed, through your voice, your movement, your creativity. It’s about realizing there is passion in your heart, wisdom in your soul, knowing in your mind, and a phenomenal strength and beauty in your body. A woman who has found her voice is free. And it isn’t a matter of picking out one note and singing that forever. The beauty of being women is that we play so many

tunes, though each must be in harmony with our true essence. And the world needs them all, all the loving, tender, caring feminine energy we can give it, served by our power and strength. How do we find that? How can we hear the voice of our soul?

Be still, then… Ask yourself, “What do I want? Why am I here?” Then, get still because when you become quiet, it just dawns on you. Embrace the feminine spirit, that thing that makes you different from men, because you are. Give thanks to the Divine that you are not the same as men. Claim & celebrate your being in this world as a woman. Believe in the power and strength of other women. Release those words we’ve all heard, “women just can’t get along,” because the reality is when we spend time together, we sync. Celebrate your ability to heal. Tell yourself the truth. Believe in your strength, resilience, and capacity to do difficult things. Be your ultimate, committed lover.

“What do I want? Why am I here?” Then, get still because when you become quiet, it just dawns on you. says, “pick your friends like you pick your fruit.” I have this is posted on my mirror and it’s such a powerful way to walk out the door – “She went out on a limb, had it break off behind her, and discovered she could fly.” Remembering this statement gives me wings to move through my day. It is such a simple measure but it empowers me which, in turn, empowers the people with whom I come in contact.

Do exactly what you want to do.

Embracing your strength, knowing your power, believing you were designed to be healthy & happy enables you to hold your head high and look the world straight in the eye. As a woman, it is all up to you. It is up to you to be amazing, strong, unstoppable, sincere, alive, and to tap into your inner source of power, a power so strong, it can change the world.

These are the moments to try everything, explore your interests, to be unashamed and daring. These are the moments to surround yourself with goodness; good sounds, good smells, good people. As Erykah Badu

Eleanor Roosevelt beautifully stated, “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

Accept help. Accept change. Create change. Enjoy your sensuality. Let go. Dance.



These are the moments, girls. This is the time. Today is the day.

Equipment needed: Jump rope 5lb – 10lb dumbbells

How to

Strengthen Her

10lb medicine ball Stop watch Tenacity

Let’s Play! Confession… I am a Personal Trainer who dislikes going to the gym. What?! Yes, you read that correctly. I prefer not go to the gym but I do love being healthy and I enjoy being active. I appreciate my strength; my body enables me to try anything I desire. I delight in the fact that I have the ability to savor the flavors and aromas of my favorite chocolate cake without worry. How am I able to do this without stepping foot inside a gym? When I began to spend most of my time losing the mental battle of trying to convince myself to push just a bit harder, I knew it was time for a different plan. When I began to understand how my mind and body worked together, I started to develop creative ways to keep my body humming in tip-top condition. Here is what I like to call PLAY. The concept behind PLAY is simple. All you have to do is remember what it was like to be a kid. We ran all day simply because we could. We jumped rope, we crawled under & over things, we rode our bikes and climbed trees. The uncomplicatedness, the ease with which we did everything, is a concept that we must grasp again, and I have. Come play with me.


Warm-up Grab a jump rope and get to it for at least 3 minutes. Take a breather (no more than 1 minute) and hop to it again. Do 3 rounds. That’s 9 minutes of jumping rope. In addition to this being good cardio, it’s also great for gorgeous calves.

Across the Quad Lunges With a dumbbell in each hand, step forward with your left leg into a lunge position. Raise your left arm to the side until it’s parallel to the ground. Lower it, then step forward with your right leg until you’re standing straight up. (Your exhale comes on the follow through, as you stand up straight.) Continue for 100 yards, doing lateral

arm raises on the same side as the lead leg. For the trip back, do lateral raises on the side of the trailing leg. And to cap off the final set, do both arms with each lunge. Yeah, it burns but do it anyway. Lunges have a nice way of lifting & tightening the butt. Oh, that got your attention huh?

Overhead Medicine Ball Throw Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold a medicine ball chest high, then squat, touching the ball to the ground between your feet. Explode upwards into a maximum effort jump, throwing the ball up and behind you as far & as hard as possible. (This should be a powerful exhale!) As soon as the ball is released from your hands, turn & sprint to retrieve it. Try for 3 sets of 10 resting for 1 minute in between. This move works every piece of you!

Dumbbell Row with a Twist Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and hold a 10lb dumbbell in

each hand. Bend forward at the waist with a slight bend in your knees. Let the dumbbells hang in front of your thighs, palms facing each other. Pull your right arm toward your rib cage while twisting your torso as far possible to the right. (Exhale on the twist.) Hold, then lower your right arm while pulling up your left arm and twisting left. That’s 1 rep. Go for 3 sets of 15 reps. This move is great for your abs, shoulders, & back.

And even if I did, it’s still up to you to make the right choice. So let’s just give you some good tips.

Eat Breakfast! Yes, it is the most important meal of the day. It is the best way to get fueled and ready. Sorry girls, whether you have the ability to cook or you have to trudge over to the cafeteria, you need to get up just a bit earlier to start your day off properly.

Figure 4 Stretch Begin on all fours. Cross your left leg under your body so you are almost resting on your left hip. Extend your right leg directly behind you. Lower your upper body over your left leg, placing your forearms on the ground

Be Fruitful in front of you. Hold for 30 seconds then switch sides. Take deep breaths to help yourself sink deeper into the stretch. This move opens up your hips flexors & glutes.

How to

Fuel Her The business of nutrition is to build a better body. Everything about you— your skin, your hair, your nails, the enamel of your teeth, is made of the nutrients you eat. You are not off the hook for eating healthy because you no longer have access to mom’s fridge. You now have a mini fridge of your own to fill with goodies and it’s easier than we choose to believe to put the wholesome stuff inside. You’re a smart girl. I don’t have to run down a list of good vs. bad.

Keep fresh fruit around at all times. It must be one of the easiest foods to consume because it doesn’t have to be cooked. All you need to do is wash it off and take a bite. Eating fruit is also a perfect way to not get bored with your food because new seasons bring new varieties. A few superstars to sample: Blackberries – strengthen collagen structure, the major protein structure in bones. Remember, we are very susceptible to bone loss. Blackberries also add elasticity to the skin (keeping us looking younger, longer) and protect against coronary disease, the number one killer of women Blueberries – fight against bladder infections. Canteloupe & Oranges – are both



great for keeping your skin firm & bright. With winter approaching, coupled with the fact you living in close quarters, you’ll need the Vitamin C.

Befriend a Nut Almonds, pistachios & Walnuts are bursting with vitamin E, an antioxidant that bolsters the immune system. They are also known to lower blood pressure so your heart doesn’t have to work as hard. Just a handful makes a filling snack.

Raise Your Energy Bar Papers, tests, reading, social organizations, parties — who has time to prepare for the new demands of life? Life happens which is all the more reason to be prepared. Throw a few whole-grain bars in your bag before you walk out the door. The nutrients of the whole grain keep the brain awake so you can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel of that English Lit paper.

Water your Body Water regulates everything in your body; tissues, cell function, glands, blood flow. Not enough water can cause dizziness, fatigue, irritability and weakness. So drink up! Clothes courtesy of Lucy Women’s Activewear Photographer: Jordan Hall Model: Malia Cunningham


Dear Young Sisters of the Diaspora, As you young, energetic, talented, and educated women prepare to make your mark on a world much in need of visionaries and leaders, I challenge you to make your health a priority on your journey to greatness.

Without question there is a health crisis in America. As descendants of the Diaspora, you are most impacted by lifestyle choices which will shorten your lives unless you take a stand and become leaders in a wellness revolution. According to the Federal Government Source for Women’s Health Information, African-Americans face more health risks than all other minority groups. We have more diseases, disabilities and early deaths than all others. Since so many of our health problems are chronic, they plague us all our lives. Whether it is Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Glaucoma, high blood pressure or other diseases, too often we fail to educate ourselves and take preventive steps that could bring us improved health and longevity. womenshealth. gov/minority/africanamerican/ Obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight are major steps you can take to free yourselves from this plight. Four out of five African-American women are overweight or obese, making us fatter than all other minority

groups in America. That excess weight increases our risks for Heart Disease, Type-2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, arthritis, breathing problems, Gallbladder Disease, sleep apnea, some cancers, and many other diseases. While we think “thick” is in, the truth is excess weight is just a ticket to disease and early death. Even worse, we pass these attitudes to our children who adopt our eating and exercise habits. Starting today, you must make healthy eating choices and exercise regularly. You must do this to save yourselves, your family and our community. This goal is achievable. It is one I have chosen. For over thirty years I have strived to make healthy eating choices and have exercised almost each and every day-albeit for only a few minutes on my very busy days. This wellness discipline has held me in good stead. Recently, when my degenerative joint disease flared up, disabling me and placing me on a walker, it was my habit of regular workouts and healthy eating that

enabled me to recapture my mobility — and dance again. While my DNA would predispose me to it, I am not at risk for Diabetes; my blood pressure has been that of a teenager. Happily for me, my adult son is modeling my behavior. I challenge you to do the same — make wellness a habit. Your taking this critical step can be the spark for the much-needed wellness revolution in our community. Cheryl Blackwell Bryson is a partner in the Duane Morris LLP law firm. Because of her commitment to healthy lifestyles, she is also a wellness advocate. Her book, Solving the Back Pain Puzzle: Unlocking the MindBody Connection with Alternative and Complementary Therapies will be published in 2010.





Going to Chicago for the weekend, but donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know what to do? Join Chicago native Tyler Murphy as she takes you to some of her favorite hang outs. From Wicker Park to Hyde Park she knows all of the best places in her city. EPIC

This restaurant just opened a few months ago. The food is great, but go there on a Thursday night for amazing drinks & a DJ who plays everything from Michael Jackson to Queen.


Great place for dinner with friends! The lounge is also a good place to hang out and have a couple of cocktails. If you want to go there for dinner, be sure to make a reservation.

Elate This new restaurant located in the Hotel Felix takes a new twist on traditional American food. Try the Hickory Grilled Scottish Salmon or Grilled Short Ribs!

Le Passage/Drawing Room

Text by: Tyler Murphy Photo by: Tyler Kaschke

These places have been in Chicago for a few years, and you can never go wrong here. Drawing Room is included on several lists as one of the top places for drinks in the country!



J Bar If you go there on Wednesday nights for Super Fun Party or on Fridays for their new event, you’ll definitely have fun. The line can get long, so arrive early.

Second City A Chicago staple and one of the top comedy theaters in the world, Second City never disappoints! Go here for a funny evening or Saturday afternoon.


Another place for bottomless Mimosas, but located downtown. And there’s a $20 brunch!


Located in Wicker Park, this is a great place for a Saturday or Sunday morning brunch with friends. Great food, people watching, and bottomless Mimosa or Bloody Mary’s!

Millenium Park There’s always something going on, so whether you just want to hang out with friends, by yourself and read a book, listen to a concert, or see a play this is a great place to be.

Park 52

Get away from busy downtown and go to Hyde Park! Great food, great atmosphere.

Wells on Wells

Lincoln Park beer garden! There are cocktails and wine, but they have a beer for EVERYONE, even those who hate beer.

BlueScrubs T

he man across the table is wearing blue scrubs, indicating he is a medical professional of some kind and came directly from work for this interview. His face reflects a smug smile as he answers questions from the survey, suggesting a sense of entitlement or perhaps disdain for the questions I ask him. “What are the top reasons that you purchase sex?” I ask. The john looks me square in the eye and without pausing replies, “Because I can.” I’ve interviewed many men in Chicago who buy sex. Some do it because they’re sad and lonely and desperately seeking human contact. Some are simply angry and frustrated and require a visceral outlet they can’t obtain at home, whose rationale consists of statements like, “When you’re upset you can’t hit your wife, you can’t hit your kids, and so you go out and get a prostitute.” Some keep lead pipes and other weapons in their cars when they purchase sex “just in case.” Still others are attracted to the power dynamic, indulging a philosophy of “she gave up her rights when she took my money” as a way to justify their exploitation.

Prostitution, sexual exploitation, and human trafficking are driven by men like these who purchase sex, and by the pimps and traffickers who stand to make a profit. There are a variety of factors that usually precede someone ending up in prostitution, including limited economic opportunities, early sexual abuse, running away from home, homelessness, and drug and alcohol addiction, and though these factors facilitate one entering the sex trade, they are not the source of its existence. The sex trade exists

The john looks me square in the eye and without pausing replies, “Because I can.”

because there is a constant demand to purchase sex, which generates significant income for the pimps and traffickers who benefit from prostituting women and girls. We do not know how many individuals are impacted by prostitution in the United States. The best research estimates that at least 100,000 –300,000 children are sexually exploited every year or are at risk of being exploited1. Research also tells us that life in the sex trade is filled with daily psychological, physical, and sexual trauma. Prostituted individuals experience post-traumatic stress disorder at the same rate and significance as returning war veterans. They are raped an average of 40 plus times a year2. Johns and pimps regularly use extreme physical and sexual violence to keep control of their victims, and the FBI 1 Estes, R. & Weiner, N.A. (2001). The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children In The U.S., Canada and Mexico. University of Pennsylvania. 2 Hunter, S.K. (1991). Council for Prostitution Alternatives annual report. Quoted in Farley, M. (2000). Prostitution: Factsheet on human rights violations. Prostitution Research & Education. Retrieved June 28, 2010, from http://www. prostitutionresearch.com/factsheet.html


estimates that once entered into the sex trade, a prostituted individual’s life expectancy drops to just 7 additional years3. If society perceived prostitution as not a victimless crime but as a violent injustice where women and children’s lives are being destroyed, then perhaps we would stop arresting and incarcerating victims. Instead, we would demand that prostituted individuals receive the services that they need to exit the sex trade safely along with the tools to start reassembling their lives. But this is not our understanding of the issue. Instead, we lock up prostituted individuals, give them felonies for their actions, and let the pimps and johns go free with almost complete impunity. That is why the medical interviewee’s statement resonated with me so deeply. He buys sex because society enables him to commit this crime by not arresting him and not holding him accountable. Change must happen on this front. That is why the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE) has launched End Demand, Illinois (EDI), a multi-year organizing and advocacy campaign that aims to transform Illinois’ response to prostitution and sex trafficking. EDI reflects the philosophy that sexual exploitation of women, girls and children in prostitution will never end until our community focuses its resources on 3!Fang,

providing specialized services to those harmed while holding those accountable who create and accommodate the demand. To find out more about the campaign or ways to get involved, please visit www.enddemandillinois.org. Text by: Rachel Durchslag

B. (2005, October 16). Young

lives for sale: Why more kids are getting into the sex trade—and how the feds are fighting back [Electronic version]. U.S. News & World Report. Retrieved on July 15, 2009, at http:// www.usnews.com/usnews/news/articles/051 024/24sextraffickers.htm



Horror of Honor The

Vaughn Aitchison

The frightfully powerful forces of globalization have exposed the world to the chilling brutality behind the primarily Muslim practice of honor killings


killing family members to maintain household integrity. This practice is a growing trend and is not contained within the Middle East or amongst Muslims. With recent exposure, especially after an investigation by The Independent, it is clear the amount of victims of honor killing are 20,000 annually instead of 5,000 as reported by Amnesty International. Honor killings disproportionately affect Muslim women who are often caught or accused of being involved in acts that bring shame to their families. Men caught in similar offenses are either released or receive lashings and women are murdered. Irrespective, female victims who are killed are tortured by having their limbs cut off, burned, buried alive, stoned to death and/or electrocuted â&#x20AC;&#x201C;just to name a few. In the area surrounding the Middle East, Honor Killings have been part of the general culture impacting both Christian and Hindus; although, both


religions are apparently committed to phasing out the tradition. Unfortunately, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the parents of victims, or their family members who subject them to these dramatic ends. In one case, a 13-year-old was stoned after she ran to her family for being brutally raped by three men. Why was she stoned? Adultery. Later she was buried alive. Another young woman was buried alive by her father when it was determined she bore his child after he raped her. Likewise, she was convicted of adultery.

Literally tens of thousands of horror stories about women without names, faces and histories could be told. Over the last decade or so they have been appearing in Western countries more frequently. The difference? When they happen in Western Countries there is a track record because the media in more advanced civilizations are very savvy and accurate when telling these stories. About two years ago, Amina and Sarad Said were murdered by their father, Yaser Said, in Texas for reasons family

members and friends said was an honor killing. The two beautiful young girls were reportedly killed for dating non-Muslim boys. Once further investigation of the case was revealed, it was clear their father had an obsession with his daughters. He secretly videotaped them while at work and around the house. In one incident while Yaser was spying on one of his daughters at work, he told others she was in trouble for talking to and smiling at customers. Even though his other daughter defended her sister

with the blatantly obvious facts: it’s her job to be nice to customers – he did not understand. A difference between honor killings in Western civilizations and those in the Middle East is our penal code which punishes murderers. However, honor killings further complicate debates in America and abroad about the acceptability of Muslims clinging to practices that are incompatible with Western customs. The liberal left is always developing academic frameworks through which cultural relativism can

be analyzed. The conservative right, is accused of having a more belligerent nature that wants to war with countries that don’t share the same practices in social equality. In the face of such chaos where do you balance the two views and draw the line?



Note to Self, In case you tripped, fell and somehow forgot; You are brilliant. You wild haired angel eyed sphinx of a woman You hold the keys to the secret of creation. Riddling the world with the laugh in your wisdom The sorrow in your fortitude You are the reason stars will buckle at the puppet strings of your pressure.

Laughing through life with diamonds in your eyes and

Remember, you are powerful beyond measure.

poetry on your lips

Potential fuels your cup full - overflowing.

You are free spirit like the freedom tribal dancing

You, hold the ability to create the change you wish to

through the tips of your fingers

see in this world

and out through your soul.

in the crescent mooned nailbed of your pinky.

You are beauty like a black star rising shinning on your

You whirlwind of a woman, oh how you dance between

way to heaven.

the cracked pavement of this world.

If heaven is where the heart is, you carry Her with you

You are the dancing melody that will shake this


shattered earth whole.

So donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be afraid to embrace the howling war cry ripping

You adapt like rivers and flow like Spirit.

free from the belly of your diaphragm.Remember the

You are humble, listen to your elders, sisterhood lights your path. You inspire others to sit comfortable in their skin and

power of the wind lying dormant under your tongue and

SPEAK. You almost forgot who you were,

listen to their voice within.

SHOUT against the silence to the tune of insanity.

You are talented.

YOU are the answer youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been waiting for,

Have already accomplished so much

YOU are tidal waves of wisdom crashing wildly against

Lives are touched by


And yet you are destined still for so much more. You are intelligent, smart, compassionate Looking out for your fellow (wo)man You are open minded and unafraid to conquer adventure in every turn... You are awkward And corny (in the best possible way)

the shore YOU are worth more and this life is a gift worth living so give it justice. Speak freely to your truth,open your mouth wide, heart held high like lion and


words: Yazmin Watkins, photo: Nevil Jackson



Ariana Austin, Kafè Editor

Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond, a Vassar grad who has written for Trace Magazine and The Village Voice, published her debut novel this year, Powder Necklace. Her story begins in London where young “Lila” is sent to secondary school in Ghana to afford her mother a greatly needed break. There she’s forced to cut her hair, endure a water crisis, and is confronted with being a “broni” or “foreigner” among the girls. But Lila, a curious and likeable narrator manages to make magical moments of her time befriending fellow classmates and for the first time, embracing her culture. Suddenly she’s shipped back to London where she get’s her first job, meets a boy, and struggles to reconcile with her mother’s new boyfriend and his daughter. After her real father comes calling, Lila heads to New York where yet another family and country await her for navigation. Lila negotiates and transcends boundaries throughout the novel. Photo: Manjari Sharma 26 MWARI MAGAZINE ! ISSUE ONE

or readers it’s this journey through nations and languages and observing a young woman growing up in an extraordinary way, that makes for a refreshing take on the classic coming of age tale. Mwari’s Kafè Editor, Ariana Austin, chatted with the author while she was in Ghana to talk about Nana and Lila, “New Africans” and infamous National Geographic Photographers: 1) Can you describe your own background and how it parallels Lila’s? When I was 12 years old, my parents sent me to Ghana to attend secondary school. It was a jarring experience, and like Lila, I was desperate to return home to all that was familiar to me. When I ultimately returned to the States, I knew I was forever changed by the three years I spent in Ghana and as a writer I knew I had to document the experience. That said the book is fiction. I wasn’t born in London, and the circumstances that led up to my parents’ decision to send my sister, brother and me to Ghana is different from Lila’s.

2) The lack of water at the school and the subsequent symbolism of having a “Powder Necklace” were pretty powerful. Was this based on truth? Why did you decide to name the novel after this particular strand of the story? The book is a fictionalized account of my true experience attending Mfantsiman Girls’ Secondary School from 1990–1993. During the period I was a student, there was an awful water crisis. Those whose families sent them water used to bathe and afterward, display the fact by dusting their chins to their cleavage with powder. After a while, all the girls started powdering their necks — whether they had bathed or not. It’s something that I notice Ghanaians do — symbolically, everyone is powdering their necks so you can’t see the struggle they are going through. I wanted to reflect that point in the book.

3) Lila manages to find her ground in Ghana, London and New York. Would you describe her as a “global citizen,” as a “New African?” How important is the melding of travel, languages and cultures to this story or in Lila’s modern world? Lila is actually the old African. Slavery, colonialism, economic factors, political issues, war, and other things have caused many Africans to leave the continent and find their place in the world abroad. Anywhere you go in the world — Russia, Saudi Arabia, Europe, the Americas— you will find Africans or people of African descent. These people have become comfortable matriculating into different cultures. I always marvel at the transition people make on the flight from Ghana to the States. At the start, the Ghanaians are in flip flops and tees laughing and talking loud — by the end of the trip, everyone has become



quiet, and wrapped up in layers of wool and cashmere, flip flops replaced by shoes/sneakers. 4) Why do think coming of age stories are so universal? Is there anything about Lila’s that is especially unique? I think everyone can relate to the awkward transition from childhood/ adolescence to adulthood. You don’t have to be on another continent to experience feelings of emotional isolation from parents and peers or to question cultural norms like family and faith. What makes Lila’s experience unique is that her story is a little more epic than most. She is at a critical time in her life cycle and not only makes an emotional transition, but one that is physically and culturally jarring as well. 5) It’s interesting that Lila gets the chance to meet the National Geographic photographer, then is able to essentially write her own story alongside those photographs. Was this a conscious nod to all those National Geographic photos that never get subtitled by the people in them? The National Geographic photographer was meant to represent/challenge all the images of Africa that are put out in the mainstream. National Geographic is known for capturing Africa’s wildlife and I wanted to explicitly


and implicitly make the point that there is more going on in Africa than lions, safaris, disease, war, genocide, etc. I wanted Lila to be able to explain for herself what the pictures were about; and even more strikingly, I wanted it to represent a full-circle moment for Lila. She starts the book off ignorant of Africa and disdainful of it, but by the end, she’s excitedly and proudly explaining what it means to this group of strangers. 6) There are lots of references to a particular brand of religiosity in the novel. Does this speak to your own experiences/observations? Definitely. In Ghana references to God and spirituality are pretty much EVERYWHERE. Decals on cars often quote bible verses. Secular radio stations play Christian music. Pastors are celebrities. Church conferences are packed. My own family is deeply faithful and when I came to Ghana from New York I was introduced to a world of all night prayer services, fasting, Integrity Music, etc — and I became born again. My faith in God definitely carried me through my time in Ghana as a kid. I was incredibly lonely, missing my immediate family, and also being taunted and abused at every turn in the boarding school I was attending. If it wasn’t for those moments at dawn (rising bell at school was 5am) before everyone woke up, when I could just cry out to God from my top bunk, I think I would have

lost it. My faith journey has taken many turns since those days, but I have come to the firm belief that God is in control over everything and even when I don’t understand or agree with what’s going on at the present, I need to trust that it will be okay. Now when I come back to Ghana and see the references to “Nyame”/”Maw u”/”Nyongmo”/”Ewurade” (God) and attend church services, etc I see that faith is what is carrying much of this nation through. Life can be very very hard in Ghana. In most cases, people’s paychecks — if they get them regularly — are just not enough to cover basics like commuting to work, food, electricity, etc. And even those who are better off are struggling to survive. Faith in God lifts people’s spirits, imparts self-esteem, and keeps people hopeful that things will be better in the immediate future. 7) What are you working on next? I’m working on a second novel about a girl whose family was relocated when the Akosombo Dam was built in early 1960s Ghana. The relocation decimated the family’s economy and her family is forced to send her to live with a wealthier family as a maid. The book will examine class and faith in Ghana.* *Powder Necklace was published in April by Washington Square Press.

Doing It Our Way: collectives Art Collectives are making their mark in rising cultural capitals across the country spreading the inspiration and the fun. ReadySetDC, Washington DC In less than two years ReadySetDC has become the de facto cool kids blog of the city capturing the energy of a culturally pulsing Washington. Magazines are launching, the city’s music scene is alive, and fashion designers, artists and Djs are now calling DC home.

“With the new administration there was all this positive energy and emerging pride in our city and at the same time the cultural scene was thriving” says Allicia Tek, ReadySetDC Contributing Editor and Outreach Director, “we wanted to spotlight developing artists and those contributing to this moment by being a platform to talk about how we all see DC from a variety of perspectives.” Readers get a glimpse of “art in the everyday;” reader or staff submitted photos of unlikely art found in the city. Also included is a line up of news worthy happenings and people in the

DC cultural scene divided into topics like food/drink, design, cycling, music and art. ReadysetDC posts a weekly free events calendar and in depth interviews with local artists such as graffitist Kelly Towles, filmmaker Steven Greenstreet and rapper Tabi Bonney. Recently the site has expanded to promote its own events partnering with other creative entities in the city, as Tek says, “in order to directly engage this community.” They began hosting “Activation” a local gallery



driven attempt to promote emerging artists, and initiating projects such as the “new DC tourist t-shirt contest” where local designers were encouraged to create original designs to be the new mark of a changing city. ReadysetDC’s logo itself just might be a winning design.

Art Nouveau Media Group, Atlanta Art Nouveau Media Group (ANMG) is a go to destination for what’s happening in the contemporary art scene with a focus on pop art, music (an independent record label, Nouveau Music which produces Corinne Stevie, Jay Scott, Ben Carson, & the “Noise Porn” music compilation), apparel (a sunglasses/accessories line), and events (originally curated exhibitions). Founder and Creative Director of ANMG, Kendrick Daye, attended school in Atlanta and has been making his mark on the culture scene in his adopted city. A writer, photographer and art/music lover Daye says, “My role at Art Nouveau finds me


wearing many hats, from promotions and design to photography and video. I have my hand in every aspect of Art Nouveau.” Though Atlanta is his artistic home he contends, “Art Nouveau fits in the Atlanta arts scene by not fitting in. When you come to an Art Nouveau event or see an Art Nouveau project, it’s created in a DIY way that’s clean and still has a design aesthetic exclusive to our camp.” Art Nouveau’s collective includes designers, musicians, writers and visual artists. Daye says, “The obvious benefit is being able to put out a lot more work to the public quicker and more efficient(ly).” Art Nouveau has been on the scene for two years and continues to grow and spread into various artistic venues with its indie approach to media, music, art and events- and continues to deliver.

BOXeight, Los Angeles BOXeight is a full scale creative agency and the brainchild of photographer Peter Gurnz and his two partners, Michael Utsinger and Azzuro Mallin. Conceived in 2007 as a space to house photographers, visual artists, filmmakers and musicians, the 12,000 square foot gallery and fully equipped studio allows artists to rent the space, use professional photo/ video equipment, consult on advertising campaigns, and have an array of creative services at their fingertips. “The L.A. Arts scene has exploded in the last five years,” Julia Stein, BOXeight’s managing producer confirms, and BOXeight has been at the center of that resurgence focused on their major goal, “to utilize combined

resources to provide inspiration, support, affordable studio space, entertainment, fun and commerce to Downtown Los Angeles.” Their creative ventures include ”Fashion Refocus,” a Los Angeles Fashion Week event. The live editorial photoshoot spotlights not only the L.A. designers, but also the photographers, makeup artists and models. The audience (including tastemakers, press, fashion buyers and stylists) are invited backstage to enhance their experience of the designs. On this fresh approach to the traditional fashion show Stein says, “We focus on the collection but we allow everyone to shine furthering the collective process.” Art Box, another component of BOXeight, brought in an original curator, 6 galleries and 70 artists to BOXeight’s garden space while Biz Markie Deejayed. “It’s a gallery opening, but there is a level of interactiveness there that changes the dynamic,” Stein says. Even though anyone can use the facilities, a definite community has developed at the space, one Stein compares to Andy Warhol’s legendary co-op, “The Factory.” Photos: Kendrick Daye, Chad J. Wilson, ReadySetDC




Naturis Gone


Ariana Austin, Kafè Editor of Mwari Magazine

Naturi Naughton grew up singing at her neighbourhood church in New Jersey. At age 15 landed a deal with Epic Records as part of platinum selling trio, 3LW. Since then she’s crafted a steady career in music, 3-year theatre career in Hairspray, and movies. She was praised for her role as Lil’ Kim in the Biggie biopic, Notorious,as Denise Dupree in the 2009 remake of the cult classic Fame, and most recently, The Lottery Ticket, a film in which she costars with Bow Wow playing his best friend and love interest. Now based in L.A., the bi-coastal, multi-talented Naughton says, “It’s been a great journey so far. It hasn’t always been smooth, but every experience has made me a better singer, actress and entertainer”. This month she’s making a guest appearance on the award-winning AMC drama, Mad Men. She hints that she plays a love interest and loved working with actor Jon Hamm. I had a chance to sit down and talk to Naughton and here are her answers to some of your burning questions.

Her Faves: FC,#Beyonce “Dangerously in Love” G00A:#"Dreams From My Father” by Barack Obama H"$*: Love & Basketball I"%,.$'E#-"%-:#I love all art. I can’t think of a specific person right now, but I love the use of color in art. J09'90,$1'50,'12%:#"/2'93.-'50,'10D#I would say I use my gifts to help inspire others… living through service. K0,#',$-"*.-2'1#2.*D#To win a Grammy and an Oscar in the same year! L3#22'L3"4=%'M32'F.4)-'N"62'@"-30,-O 1. My parents 2. My cell phone 3. My fans P42'N"42'N"82'Q3"$0%0B35:#Don’t let other people determine your happiness because love for yourself is the best love ever!



The Fixer-Upper We women have definite ideas about the men with whom we ultimately want to share our lives.Actually, we have these ideas from the time we are little girls playing with dolls and setting up fantasy houses with the men of our choice. Ha! Key words – “Our choice.” Maybe we didn’t all play with dolls, but we certainly played, if only in our minds, with the ultimate outcome of our personal lives.


hese fantasies are triggered by lots of factors at different ages. Was there a Daddy in the house, if so, what kind of Daddy was he? Present, loving, struggling, angry, rich, poor, competitive with mother, manly, athletic, intellectual, kind, understanding, distant, driven, taking pleasure in loving and pleasing to mother? Were there brothers in the house? If so, what were those relationships like? Brothers can also be very helpful in the long-term

decision-making process of sisters choosing which men to love. Was there a mother struggling to survive financially? Were you wishing for a rescuer? Lots of historical details go into our formation of a profile of the man we want. Okay, you’re not really into choosing yet – right? You think you have lots of time and other things are more important right now. Well, it’s not

too early to start the thought process of choosing. The playing field is NOT even. Biology IS destiny and thinking is not doing, but it is starting the process – one that can unfold over several years. In this decade women are marrying later (mid-thirties) and many are not marrying at all. The opportunities in the workplace are on the upswing and women have embraced the preparation process which increases graduate school time and postpones the search for

In choosing a man, pay attention to your needs, not just your wants. MWARI MAGAZINE ! ISSUE ONE


the work/life balance. More women are becoming successful in the business world, only to find that as time passes they have missed romantic opportunities that won’t reappear. The outcome? More and more single women in their late thirties and forties — not by choice! What accounts for these missed opportunities? Well, one reason is that early on – in college, for example, when the immature, trying to be cool, maybe nerdy, maybe jocky, smart, but

women and the confidence young men adopt as they progress with their careers and start making significant money. For the reader who’s out of college, let’s see: what went on back there?? You might have been operating on the old profile: good looking; good manners; well groomed; good student; good family; take charge; gentlemanly; athletic; high goals – headed for professional school or family business — i.e. money. This

If you want a perfectly perfect guy, get in line. not directed enough, not tall enough, not popular enough guys showed up they were kicked to the curb lightly as you waited for the guys who seemed like they had it all together already. You thought you knew who they were (unless you had a brother who clued you in). Not that they were all bad guys, but they had many choices too, and they weren’t always ready to commit (an essential). You may have

is the perfectly perfect profile. Two questions: did YOU meet the perfectly perfect profile yourself, and did you know what psychological pieces might go along with the Type A man? Things like philandering, arrogance and narcissism, all highly possible at an early age when some men think it is more important to gain sexual experience than invest in romantic commitment.

but often – he just didn’t show up and you were on the fast train forward to the life you’d constructed in your head. Reality has a way of shooting holes into fantasies and perfectionism. Well, it’s one thing if you’re at the beginning of the process right now, that is, college. What if you’re at the other end? In your thirties and no one on the horizon? Would you consider a “Fixer-Upper”? I know, you’re thinking – what the heck is this all about? Well, the “Fixer-Upper” is a guy who needs some help, but has – like a house of the same name – some areas that need renovation. Most importantly, though, the foundation is solid. He has a good education, good mind, good sense of humour, isn’t threatened by your confidence and success, and is calm and able to commit. He values your thoughts and opinions – if that’s a new experience for you, then pay attention.

Hone your relationship skills with guys while you’re in college, they’re available. Save some of yourself for yourself, don’t give away the store. tried them out and gotten disappointed or you may not have been on their list. Looking in both directions as we consider the road to the future, we see the past, and its experiences and feelings and expectations, and the future, a new age and the changes that accompany it. One young man stated, “Before they’re thirty, it’s her game. After they turn thirty, it’s our game!” He was commenting on the anxiety that begins to move in on young


If you did connect with your stereotypical perfect guy, why didn’t it work? Did you have to split for graduate school? Were YOU not ready? Was HE not ready for a future together? Were the two of you able to talk about the relationship or was it just electrical and without psychological substance? Did either of you cheat because something was missing or was the timing just not right? Were there cultural, racial or class differences? It could have been anything,

Where is the help needed? He may be socially shy — intellectually brilliant, but not very expressive with strangers — or he may need your patience as he learns to express his feelings. For many men, expressing emotion isn’t considered masculine, so you may have to become his language teacher or psychological coach. Teach by example, but don’t reverse the roles. Maintain your femininity and let him show you his masculinity. Yes, it’s

A guy who clearly loves himself the best won’t have space for you. work, but can be well worth it. He’ll also get some things wrong. He may not know how to celebrate important days, that is, days that are important to women like Valentine’s Day. He may get it wrong the first few times. You may have some explosions, but if he is willing to learn how to please, you can help him learn. No discussion is complete without considering what to do when things aren’t working. If you have tried every possible compromise and given him every chance to learn new behaviour and he still sticks to his old ways that are frustrating and aggravating to you then your thoughts should start moving in another direction. If he doesn’t WANT to remember birthdays or if he doesn’t WANT to improve communication, but expects you to just put up with the dissatisfaction and “take it,” then you need to leave. You can give a relationship six months to a year. By then, you’ll have a pretty accurate assessment of the possibility

Don’t let greed set your guidelines for the best guys. for growth between you. You’ve followed all the steps: identified issues, discussed them together, processed the feelings on both sides, discussed the needed changes and waited for implementation. If this is repeated often and nothing changes, DON’T waste excessive time on a failing relationship. Don’t be afraid to move on. Most of all – don’t be masochistic, that is, don’t willingly inflict pain on YOURSELF – if it hurts, move on. Leaving an unsuccessful relationship is not about you being a failure, it’s about taking care of yourself properly— being healthy. Sometimes it’s not a Fixer-Upper, it’s a tear-down! More types: he may be a boring dresser or worse — he may have a peculiar

A “Fixer-Upper” needs training so practice patience.


sense of style (like cowboy hats or plaid shirts) — you can change this part fairly easily, but make sure he’s financially solvent, not mean, and not infantile to the point of having meltdowns or prolonged shut- downs. There are lines to be drawn and distinctions to be made, but if the basics are there and there’s curb appeal, you may have a keeper. One thing is for sure, a “Fixer-Upper” likes to have one owner. He doesn’t need a crowd catering to his ego so you can have a secure and trusting relationship for the long run. Don’t fail to check out the family. You’ll see who “bought” the “furniture” you found in the “house. Some of it is salvageable, some you’ll get rid of, but in the end, you’ll love living with your choice. Text by: Dr. Carlotta Miles, Amorè Editor of Mwari Magazine Images by: Jordan Hall, Jordan Hall Photography


They tend to gravitate toward humanities and the sciences, not politics and business. Church. Cultural events and lectures. Research medicine. Small law firms and independent practices, non-profits and government agencies.





First, find out if he’s seeing anyone, then arrange for a mutual friend to say casually to him that you asked about him. Next, make sure he’s invited to something given by an organization or a friend and then act surprised to see him. Talk to him and if he doesn’t try to make a next date then you do it. He may be reluctant to reach out to you because of the events of the past. He’ll be re-assured of your interest if you make the first move.


()62'/224'1.-"4='.';H"S2#TUBB2#?'80#'.'52.#'.41'262#5-3"4='"%'=0"4=' B#2--5'92$$'2S:2B-'80#'3"%'9"$$"4=42%%'-0'%B241'*0#2'-"*2'9"-3'*5' 8#"241%>'@3.-':.4'('10D

Look closely at the people with whom you want him to spend time. Also, check on the number of people you want to be around him at one time. If he is an introvert, remember he may find crowds draining. Ask him about his critical mass – i.e., small dinners in house; groups of friends going on a hike or to a concert (he doesn’t have to talk much). You may like larger groups and more raucous settings, especially if you have been single for awhile. Women like to talk — a lot! If he isn’t comfortable with your liveliest girlfriends, then only invite one or two of them on an outing with you and him. The one thing he doesn’t get to do is NOT spend ANY time with ANY of your friends. Also, be sure that YOU try to spend some time with HIS friends. Tell him which ones you like spending time with and plan something that includes them. Most importantly, remember what he likes best is spending time with YOU. 38 MWARI MAGAZINE ! ISSUE ONE



Revitalize Your Text By: Lianne Farbes, Bèl Editor of Mwari Magazine


Summer is always hard on your skin, more so than winter because we are much more likely to be out in the harsh elements. Sun, Sand, Salt and Chlorine can all do a number on your skin and let’s face it, you will probably have been in a situation at some point this summer where one of those elements were involved. Fear not Mwari Girls! I have some tips for revitalizing your summer skin that will have you looking fresh and rested in no time! irst off, you ALL should be using sunscreen. I don’t care how LIGHT or DARK you are. As far as I am concerned, sunscreen is the fountain of youth and you need to get some in your life. There are several inexpensive sunscreens on the market that work very well. Your primary concern should be whether it blocks aging UVA rays and burning UVB rays. Oil-free and waterproof products are always a plus. Just apply sunscreen in the morning under your makeup and you are good for the rest of the day. Next, if you have been at the beach or out by the pool, chances are you will have some dead skin. Contrary to popular belief, the best way to keep a natural looking tan is to exfoliate and moisturize. A great way to exfoliate is with a mud mask, I have been using them for over 20 years and have

newer drugstore lines use the same technology that exists in creams that cost 3 times as much in department stores. So it is possible to get innovative, quality skincare for drugstore prices.

Stick to these simple steps and any tell tale signs of summer skin damage will be a distant memory.

always had great results. Make sure you find a mud mask that contains minerals for the best results. The mud acts as a drawing paste and helps extract impurities from the skin. Your skin will feel comfortably hydrated, firmer and invigorated, plus you exfoliate without using anything harsh on your skin which is very important if it’s dry, dehydrated or sun damaged. Finally, one of my favorite ways to moisturize in the summer is with a gel creme. Gel-cremes are lighter weight and absorb into the skin at a faster rate. In addition, these days you can find a premium product in the drugstore aisle. Some of the newer lines available at mass drugstore retailers rival more expensive department store lines as far as the technology goes. Also, some of the

Product Listing Ω Aveeno Positively Ageless Sunblock Lotion with SPF 70 [$10.99 drugstores] Ω Borghese’s Fango Active Mud for face and body [$33.50 for a 7OZ tube] Ω Lumene Excellent Future Deep Repairing Creme [$29.99 for a 1.7OZ jar]

Lianne Farbes Is the Beauty Editor at Large for Mwari Magazine. She is a regularly sourced Beauty Expert whose tips have appeared in InStyle Magazine, Glamour.com, Women’s World Magazine and Clutch Magazine.



Five Minutes Five Questions "


Bel Editor Lianne Farbes

@3.-'/#.41'08'062#T-32T:0,4-2#'3."#':0$0#'10'50,'#2:0**241D There are several options when it comes to at home hair coloring and honestly, my recommendation depends on your desired results. For semi-permanent results that will eventually wash out over time I like Clairol Herbal Essences. You can get a nice shot of color without peroxide and it has extra conditioners for shine. If you are looking for a more permanent option, try Garnier Nutrisse. It has grape seed and avocado fruit oil concentrate to keep hair hydrated during the hair coloring process.

@3.-':.4'('10'80#'%,B2#'1#5'3."#D' No matter how many products I end up testing, I always revert back to what my Nana used to do for me every weekend…a hot oil treatment. Take olive oil and heat it gently in a pan and slather on your hair for an hour or so. Also, Coconut oil works well too…

@3.-'#2.$$5'90#A%'80#'1.#A':"#:$2%D' There are a few things you need to know about dark circles, no matter what shade you are there will be a good amount of pink or grey in the area that needs concealing. With that in mind, you always want to use a concealer that is slightly lighter and is a bit more orange than your face. I like Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer and Becca Cosmetics Compact concealer both of them offer superior coverage.

@3.-':.4'('10'80#'1#5&':#.:A21&'9"4-2#'90#4'822-D' First off, if any of your skin is dry it could be an Omega-3 deficiency. Load up on the salmon and/or fish oil supplements…that will help out a lot. In the meantime, I have discovered a WONDER product called Callex. It can be found at drugstores and contains an enzyme that dissolves dead skin and calluses. I have been using it for the last two years as part of my summer to winter routine and my feet are super smooth.

J09'10'(':$2.4'*5'*.A2,B'/#,%32%D' Makeup brushes are an investment so make sure you take care of them! The best way is to make sure you clean them at least every 3 weeks and you don’t have to use anything other than a mild baby shampoo. Make certain not to get the handles and the stem wet as that can loosen the glue that holds the brush together. Use a jar with some baby shampoo inside filled up about and inch or two and swish them around. Pull them out to rinse, again taking care not to get the stem wet, squeeze the excess water out and lay them flat to dry.


Indian Summer As we transition from summer into fall, so should our makeup and skincare. It is extremely important to make sure your skincare routine reflects the changing of the guard (mother nature). You can do simple things to achieve this such as using a gel cleanser in the summer and a creamier cleanser in the fall/winter. It is also a good idea to switch up your moisturizer as well. Listen to your skin as your regimen doesn’t have to cost a fortune. As far as your makeup goes, for our inaugural issue here at Mwari Mag, I wanted to show you a pretty and clean look that is perfect for the transition from summer into fall…. our Indian Summer. Here, international makeup artist Victoria Stiles shows us how to get the look of glowing fresh skin with only 5 products. This look is an easy one to do and can be achieved in about ten minutes. Text by: Lianne Farbes, Bèl Editor at Mwari Magazine Makeup by: Victoria Stiles Photo by: Ajani Truth, Ajani Truth Photography

Ω Ω Cover Cover FX FX Big Big Cover Cover Kit Kit b b Ω Ω Makeup Makeup Forever Forever Aqua Aqua Cream Cream Shadow Shadow in in 28702 28702 (on (on lids) lids) Ω Ω Wanderlove Wanderlove Beauty Beauty Eye Eye Wand Wand in in Bronze Bronze (Liner (Liner above above and and below below lash lash line line and and cream cream shadow shadow on on lash lash line) line) Ω Ω Becca Becca Beach Beach Tint Tint in in Strawberry Strawberry (on (on cheeks) cheeks) Ω Ω Cargo Cargo Reverse Reverse Liner Liner to to even even lip lip tone tone Ω Ω Cargo Cargo Gloss Gloss in in Luxor Luxor (on (on lips) lips)



Camel – The utilitarian hue is back this season and its ladies-who-lunch simplicity adds instant luxury and class to every wardrobe. Investing in a camel coat, suit or pencil skirt simply whispers jet set class.

The Two-Piece Skirt Suit – The staple of any ladylike wardrobe, two-piece skirt suiting is back in a big way. Look for beautifully-tailored pieces that are well-cut with glorious details like unique buttons and luxurious linings. Wear the pieces together or separately, just remember to dry clean them together or the suit will fade unevenly.

Gypsy – Rocker Stevie Nicks and celebrities like Nicole Richie are the cause (and chic effect) of the continuing fascination with bohemian style and it’s the season’s alternative to the structured Hitchcock femme

.-/) )01-2+3)42&,5

Ah, fall: the allure of cooler temperatures, cozy foods and, best of all, the clothes! The siren call of fireside knits and luxurious fabrics always seems exciting after summer’s consistent blast of heat. This season, top designers from New York, Paris, London and Milan seem to have declared in unison: luxury and ladylike glamour is back! Here’s what you’ll see this season:


Kristin Booker

Fur – Fashion’s biggest headline this season, the luxurious fabric was spotted on almost every runway in the world from Michael Kors to Chanel. Pelts — real and fake – are the main ingredient in sumptuous items from trapper hats to fur-cuffed boots. Look for handbags with fur trim, shearling coats, oversized fur collars and loads of trimmed knits.


Top Trends for Fall 2010 the

silhouette. Shawls with dangling tassels, long skirts and dresses, hippie chick prints – this look is for all the fans of free love with a touch of black magic.

Chunky knits

– The first piece that came down the runway at ADAM was an oversized, cozy scarf that looked like it could lay end to end on the catwalk with no problem. Big, chunky knits are the fashion equivalent of comfort food when it gets cold and you’ll see them in abundance this season. Go for extra-long

scarves, slouchy sweaters, sweater dresses, cable-knit covered boots – whatever literally makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

Socks – With a drop in the Mercury, tights continue to be a mainstay. Take note of extra-long socks and legwarmers as a new way to keep your legs stylishly warm. Try an extra-long pair of patterned socks with your favorite skirt or add legwarmers over your favorite tall boots or heels. You don’t need supermodel legs to wear this trend; you just have to be aware of patterns and fit. Leather

*# (+ 5) )

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– Spring’s translation of leather into unexpected wardrobe staples from designers like Phoebe Philo at Celine and Alexander Wang continue this fall, with leather shirts and shorts remaining all the rage. Your beloved leather jacket is back but in super-rich autumnal colors and softer silhouettes. Think more aviator and British countryside when planning your leather looks, and a tad less rock and roll.



– Every woman will need something made of lace to complete her wardrobe this season. Lace blouses can be somewhat tricky (be sure to include nude camisoles or linings with them for the illusion of skin with more modesty) so try a touch of the fabric at the hem of a skirt or go all out with a cocktail dress covered in the fabric.

Feminine Blouses and Dresses – Ladylike silhouettes demand a top that can evoke its elegant style: the button-down blouse. Endlessly alluring in silk or utilitarian in cotton, blouses are poised to make a strong comeback this season. Invest in a few versions that will breathe life into everything from a basic pencil skirt to your favorite pair of jeans. Also, call it the Mad Men effect, but dresses are super hot this season, especially in a classic A-line silhouette. Shapeless Liberty-printed hipster dresses are going away, replaced with more substantial shapes, waspy waists and flattering skirts worthy of Betty Draper.

The Tuxedo Jean

– Denim has become much more acceptable to wear in places that would honestly have surprised us in years past, but the quest to make it more evening friendly has led to embellishments that can honestly make them hazardous to clean (and wear.) Enter the tuxedo jean, a flattering silhouette (skinny, straight leg or trouser – your choice) with a signature pipe of satin or velvet running down the side of the leg. Paired with a tuxedo jacket and a slinky top, this is a hot evening alternative this season.

The bottom line is that these investment pieces, when added to your wardrobe, add just a touch of the season that will keep you current and cool. Try them on and take home what makes your heart sing. It’s time to fall in love with fall fashion!

Last but certainly not least, we have the Structured Bag. Slouchy hobos and overly-studded rocker bags can take a break this season. Frame bags and structured totes in glamorous crocodile (embossed or real), canvas and leathers will be everywhere. Look for a top-handle tote that can handle all your daily needs but is structured enough to look in step with your other on-trend items.




“Only the strong survive Hey, you’ve got to be strong, you’d better hold on Don’t worry about it, don’t you know that things are gonna change Oh you’ve got to be a [wo]man, you’ve got to take a stand.” 48 MWARI MAGAZINE ! ISSUE ONE – Jerry Butler, Only the Strong Survive

Make-up Artist: Ashley Vest for FACE atelier, Hairstylists: Tennae Sanford and Brittany McClendon of Lillian Dion Salon. Photographer: Daniel Landstrom, Stylist: Destiny Love Jones, Director: Elena Thomas


today are the product of generations of strength. From the Stone Age, through the Middle Passage to present day we have adapted to new environments and thrived. We have invented products that have been used for centuries, run major corporations, been ambassadors to foreign lands,

nurtured our biological and sociological families, lead matriarchal societies, educated the masses and endured centuries of hardship as members of nations that are products of colonization. As Maya Angelou stated, “The fact that the adult American Negro female emerges a formidable character is often met with amazement,

distaste and even belligerence. It is seldom accepted as an inevitable outcome of the struggle won by survivors, and deserves respect if not enthusiastic acceptance.” The fall collections of designers from the “City of Broad Shoulders” exude this fortitude.

On opposite page: Knit Rabbit Fur Draped Coat with Hood $980 by C/Fan, Orange Bias Dress with, Asymmetrical Draped Skirt $325 by Anna Brown, Milly Ring $215 by Megan Greene On Kai: Beige Coat $700 and Black Lingerie Set $250 by Kreatia, Crystal Necklace $250 by Megan Greene On Akilah Oversized Batwing Coat $448 by C/Fan, Beige Lingerie Set $250 by Kreatia, Milly Ring $215, Scout Ring $195, Parker Ring $212 by Megan Greene

“Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave, I am the dream and the hope of the slave. I rise I rise I rise.”

Maya Angelou, “Still I rise,”MWARI And Still I rise! (1978) MAGAZINE ISSUE ONE 49

Black Coat $700, Yellow Dress $500 by Kreatia, Crystal Necklace $250, Morgan Ring in Gold $195 by Megan Greene

“The quality of strength lined with tenderness is an unbeatable combination, as are intelligence and necessity when unblunted by formal education.” –

Maya Angelou

“No time to marry, no time to settle down; I’m a young woman, and I ain’t done runnin’ around.” – Bessie Smith, Young Woman’s Blues (1927)

Knit Rabbit Fur Draped Coat with Hood $980 by C/Fan, Orange Bias Dress with Asymmetrical Draped Skirt $325 by Anna Brown, Milly Ring $215 by Megan Green



Fashion Must Haves for Fall

options in different hues and pelts. Just make sure if it’s faux it looks as real as possible. No one looks good with ratty fake fur matted around their throat.

Kristin Booker

A fabulous structured bag – Retire those hobo and slouchy cross body bags for the season in favor of ladylike totes and satchels with structured detailing like top handles and frames. Crocodile (real or embossed) always sort of whispers Park Avenue and look for new and unexpected colors and textiles like canvas mixed with leather and tweed.

Now that you know the top trends for fall it’s time to go shopping! Before you head to the stores, you’ll need to make a list. Since we’re friends, we’ll share some of our favorites with 067'8)#/)!"'':)0#6, you. Here are ten fashion Silk button-down blouses *,/-(,-/':)?6A items you must pick up this – An essential workhorse of any season: woman’s wardrobe, a button-down A fur collar

– The easiest way to add instant luxury to any look is with fur and there’s no easier way to accomplish that than a fur collar. Whether you choose real or faux, wrap a fur collar around your throat and it will instantly transform any sweater or blouse into something completely extraordinary. Everyone from Talbots to high-end retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue will have multiple

blouse adds instant style to even the most basic pair of jeans. Look for silk versions in gorgeous jewel tones and/ or prints that offset your eyes.

A camel coat or tweed coat – Nothing says class as well as a camel or tweed coat. Look for reinforced buttons and well-sewn linings to make this an investment piece at any price point. A rule of thumb: busty girls should go for single-breasted versions, lean and petites might consider military-style coats. Women of any size can look at single-breasted car coats as a great addition to your closet.

Extra-long socks and/or legwarmers – This is a trend that will instantly add new life to your shoe wardrobe. Tall socks can transition your favorite open-toed shoes into fall’s cooler temperatures, legwarmers look new and fresh spilling over the top of tall boots or gathered over a pair of chunky wedges. Both 52 MWARI MAGAZINE ! ISSUE ONE


D2'9='(,':)*&81#-',,'5)&2)>'6,1'/)) )


A lace top – I’m personally obsessed with the Marc by Marc Jacobs white lace blouse that’s shown in his pre-Fall advertising campaign. Even with its nude lining, a word of caution for those who want to invest in this seemingly-prim-but-quite-alluring trend item: lace is not a forgiving fabric. Shapewear underneath a top like this is essential for all of us. Chunky knit sweaters

double your footwear options for months to come while keeping your legs warm.

Leather in an unexpected silhouette – If you’ve got the legs (and the guts,) try leather shorts over tights for a slick and sexy evening look. Those who want to go even more edgy should look for thin leather fashioned into shirts and tees of all kinds. Either way, designers are doing all sorts of things with leather that haven’t been done before, so you owe it to yourself to give it a try.


– Fashion’s version of comfort food is back for the season. The trick to wearing nubby knits is to keep all other items streamlined. Pair a slouchy oversized knit sweater with leather shorts and tights or layer a nubby cable-knit cardigan over a sleek black dress. Either way, you’ll create a warm and inviting look that’s body conscious and oh-so-hot.

Over-the-knee boots

– This sleek staple is back in flattering shapes that aren’t so tight to the leg and are right for everyone. Flat riding styles are quite universally flattering (petites should try just under the knee or add a higher heel for vertical lift) and the prices are right this




season. Tuck last season’s leggings or skinny jeans into them, and then add any of the items on this list for an ontrend look.

Ready, ladies? Let’s hit the stores. It’s time to go shopping for fall!





Melissa Robinson



Fallâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Liquor with Flavor



ooler weather inspires bold flavors. This fall, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re shelving our bland vodka and embracing Aperol, the vibrantly colored, aromatic Italian aperitif.

Classic cocktail: Aperol Spritz Aperol is known best for this recipe, which makes for a sophisticated predinner cocktail. Ingredients:

2 parts Aperol 3 parts Prosecco

Text by: Shenna Zadeh, Taste Editor of Mwari Magazine

Bold move: Spiced Aperol Martini Who said spices are only for cooking? Take a big step out of the cocktail box and try this exciting drink. Ingredients:

2 parts gin 1 part Aperol 1 part spiced simple syrup Juice of half a lemon

To make cocktail: In a cocktail shaker with ice, combine ingredients, shake, and strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with lemon twist or mint leaf. *Non-alcoholic version: Combine soda water, spiced syrup, and lemon juice. Serve on the rocks with a lemon twist or mint leaf.

1 cup sugar 1 cup water

To make cocktail:

1 cinnamon stick

*Non-alcoholic version: substitute orange juice for Aperol and sparkling cider for Prosecco

Remove cinnamon, anise, cloves, and cardamom pods and allow syrup to cool before using.

Spiced simple syrup recipe:

Splash of soda

Mix ingredients and serve on the rocks. Garnish with a lemon twist or an orange slice.

Allow to boil for 5 minutes and remove from heat

3 star anise 3 whole cloves 3 whole cardamom pods Directions: Combine all ingredients in sauce pan over medium-high heat to create a simple syrup. Stir to dissolve sugar while bringing mixture to a boil



Spices & Benefits

Text by: Sheena Zadeh, Taste Editor of Mwari Magazine Photo by: Josh WenzelÂ

Spices offer not only culinary benefits, but health benefits too! Check out what some of your favorite spices can do for your insides.

Cinnamon Aids digestion, increases circulation, improves energy and vitality, has been known to lower blood sugar

Cayenne Pepper

Paprika Powerful

Increases metabolic activity which can help with weight loss; improves circulation to lower blood pressure

antioxidant which helps prevent cancer; has antiinflammatory properties

Turmeric Natural antiseptic,

Ginger Excellent digestive

contains antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, can be applied topically to the skin as a treatment

aid, can reduce gas and nausea, contains antioxidants


Wine Pairing Chris W. Barker


s we approach our Destination of Morocco, I can already start smelling the wonderful spice-crusted rack of lamb and anxiously await the freshness of the cucumber mint sauce. The succulent lamb calls for a deep red wine that would blend well with the coriander, ginger, nutmeg and pepper. Today I am choosing a nice Petite Sirah. Petite Sirah is not like syrah/shiraz â&#x20AC;&#x201D; it is its own grape varietal and can also go by the less used name Durif. It is a particularly deep, dark, inky red wine. It is full-bodied, with a great mouth-feel and richness. Flavors of chocolate, blackberries, espresso and pepper jump out of the glass. This fabulous wine has the tannins and the intensity to not disappear into the spices of the meal, and a complexity of layers upon layers of flavors. The finish will last and interact with the lamb as the flavors repeat in waves. This wine, paired with this meal, will definitely have you and your friends wanting more.



Text by: Sheena Zaden

I once proudly called myself a purist, claiming that all food should be seasoned with nothing more than kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. I maintained that seasoning be used only to enhance the true flavor of an ingredient and not to mask it. While standing on my proverbial soapbox, I was missing excitement, and quite literally, spice in my life. As it turns out, if used correctly and with finesse, spices can take you on a culinary journey around the world with just a few dollars.

Spice Crusted Rack of Lamb with Couscous and Cucumber-Mint Sauce Serves 3 – 4 For the lamb:

1 Rack of lamb 1 Tbsp paprika 1 Tsp salt ½ Tsp freshly ground black pepper


pice mixtures are truly based in geography. Throw some star anise, cloves, cinnamon, ground fennel, and dried peppers into a pot of boiling water, and you will be transported to China (or your favorite Chinese restaurant). Grind turmeric, ginger, saffron and cumin using a mortar and pestle, and take a trip to the Mediterranean. Our brains have a tremendous ability to associate scents with memories, so cooking with spices gives us the chance to create colorful, fragrant photo albums of our lives.

Destination Morocco 62 MWARI MAGAZINE ! ISSUE ONE

½ Tsp cumin ½ Tsp ground ginger ½ Turmeric powder ¼ Tsp ground nutmeg ¼ Tsp cayenne pepper 1 tsp ground coriander seeds Directions: Preheat oven to 350. Combine all spices in a small bowl. You can buy all the spices pre-ground, or buy them whole and use a spice grinder (or small coffee grinder) to combine. Place rack of lamb on baking sheet and sprinkle both sides with the spice mixture. Rub and pat to ensure good coverage Cook lamb for 25–30 minutes. Remove from oven, cover loosely with aluminium foil, and allow to rest for 10–15 minutes. During this time, the juices will redistribute throughout the meat so your lamb will not be dry. Cut between each bone to serve.

Vegetarian option – Seitan Kabobs Ingredients:

1 package seitan 2 tbsp olive oil Same spice mixture Wooden skewers, soaked in cool water for 30 minutes Directions: Preheat oven to 375. Place all ingredients in a bowl, and toss to evenly coat seitan with spice mixture. Skewer seitan to make kabobs. Place on baking sheet and cook in oven for 25–30 minutes. Serve with couscous and cucumber-mint sauce. For the couscous:

2 Cups water, chicken, or vegetable stock 1 ½ Cups couscous 1 Tsp salt ¼ Cup chopped scallions Directions: Bring liquid and salt to a boil in a medium saucepan. Add couscous, place lid on pot, and turn off the heat. After 5 minutes, remove lid, add scallions, fluff with a fork, and serve. For the cucumber-mint sauce

¾ Cup plain yogurt ½ Cucumber, peeled, seeded and grated ¼ Cup chopped mint leaves ¼ Tsp salt 1 minced garlic clove (optional) Directions: Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix using a fork. Serves a couple of spoonfuls along side of lamb. Model: Amber Banks Photographer: Josh Wenzel Stylist: Belen Otero Producer: Sheena Zadeh



Profile for Mwari Magazine

Mwari Magazine's Inaugural Issue  

Mwari (pronounced Marh-ree), which means "young woman" in Swahili, is the leading lifestyle publication created for women of the African Dia...

Mwari Magazine's Inaugural Issue  

Mwari (pronounced Marh-ree), which means "young woman" in Swahili, is the leading lifestyle publication created for women of the African Dia...

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