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Type Anatomy I was given this assignment in the first year of my Graphic Design course. The aim was to research typography in order for us students to familiarise ourselves with the terminology and the principles used when working with type. I began answering the brief by making an illustrated glossary of terms. This later developed into the digital graphic on the far right. It attempts to portray typography as simple and elegant in its outward appearance, yet highly complex and sophisticated in its design. I think there are various possible applications for such an image; it could be used for a book cover or as a poster for example.

The Branded Environment We often have the perception that just because a product is made by a popular or prestigious brand, it must be worth having. There is a definite allure surrounding favoured brands. It is what convinces consumers to pay twice or three times as much for something with a label, than they would for the same product without the label. This poster is a representation of that argument. One does not know what is in the gift box but because it is branded, the box oozes magical allure and we think that whatever the gift may be, it must be something rather nice.

Book Cover

Tribute Poster

This poster is a tribute to a designer for whom I have great respect and admiration. Charley Harper had a very long and successful career as an illustrator. He worked mainly on children’s books and school text books where nature, predominantly birds and rodents, were the subject. I Thought it fitting therefor, to try and emulate various aspects of Harper’s work in this tribute to his career. His resting place is among nature and the birds that were so often the subject of his work, now holding vigil by his grave site.

Magazine Layout

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Typographical Design

The graphic on the right is a poster promoting a display typeface called Rota. When creating this font I set up for myself many limitations and parameters within which to work. I used a simple universal formula to join straight lines and perfect circles, making the letter forms. This typeface is intended to reflect order and simplicity while remaining exciting and unusual.