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Do You Know Why Most Affiliates Fail Within 6 Months while Some Tried for Several Years Without Any Significant Results??? Affiliate Marketing is a multi billion dollar industry, it is responsible of making a lot of people online millionaires. But asides from the hype on the internet, Affiliate Marketing is not easy as it sounds. Many affiliate marketers struggle to make good money online, while others are making huge commissions each and every month. It is a huge difference, but understanding the reasons to it will help you take firmer steps along the way.

See Marketing With Anik 2.0 Official Site Affiliate Marketing is essentially targeting the right niche towards the right people. Many newbies might make the mistake of spending too much time delivering content that gets little attention and not understanding who they should be communicating with. Without proper targeting and research any campaign is likely to head for failures. To add insult to injury, no one in the marketing industry will give you a perfect formula and set your path strait. Not even the Gurus! This is why so many failed and gave up on Affiliate Marketing. Concentrating on the wrong things can cost you! However, let me give you a valuable piece of advice. Those who are willing to go out and make mistakes, are usually those who will succeed. And those who goes through proper coaching and trainings will achieve success faster! Vital Rule No.1 – Affiliate Marketing is for Serious People Affiliate Marketing is not about going out and try out something new. When Marketing is concerned you need to pay serious attention to your business, it is not a hobby, it is not a game, it is not for people who thinks they can learn a new way to make easy money. Within my Career as an entrepreneur I have come across many people who virtually

started from zero, in fact I should say every business starts with this sacred number! Zero! My coach once told me, everything starts from zero, all you need to do is to find your number and make your first dollar. Once you know how, you can do it again, rinse and repeat. That really have sinked in over the years and has become a part of my personal philosophy. Vital Rule No.2 – Affiliate Marketing is about Learning from Your Own Mistakes There is no better way to learn then to learn from your own mistakes, because you already know what’s wrong learning how to fix it is faster. But if you do not know how to do that, your coach plays an important role and that is to show you the way. The more mistakes you make the faster you will learn. Conventional wisdom works! Vital Rule No.3 – Think Big and Expand I have come across many people who are willing to try, but they are always afraid of making mistakes. Therefore they often do not put in 100% dedication. In the business world there is NO TRYING, you cannot try to make things work, it does not exist, it is not real! You have to go out and do it, be 100% serious about creating and delivering value. This Creates something and it contributes to your success. Think of marketing as going for fishing, if you go fishing with one hook, you’ll probably get one or two. But if you go fishing with many hooks you’ll have plenty! As ironic as it sounds, this is how marketing works! No one click software will ever send you millions of dollars into your bank account. But if you put in your dedication with work and time, your results will multiply. Vital Rule No.4 – Learn from the right People. Who is your Coach? It is so important to identify who to learn from and knowing what you should do next to replicate what he does. You may know a lot of things or done a lot of reading and watching Guru videos, but what really matters is your Application of what you have learned to your Affiliate Business and turn it into a skill. That’s the money maker! If you want to make a fire, your Coach will help you make your spark. Vital Rule No.5 – Concentrate on getting your numbers not the money. The more people you’ve helped the more successful your business will become. The more value that you create the more people will want to learn from you or do business with you. Again it’s about concentrating on the right things, money is just the bi-product. There are no confusing steps to become a successful affiliate marketer, you just need to make one step ahead of the other. Learn from the right people and do what they do, you will succeed!

The Secret to Affiliate Marketing is in fact There is No Secret!

Get Your Coaching with Anik and Get Serious With Marketing!

Vital Rules and Steps To Becoming A Super Affiliate  

Do You Know Why Most Affiliates Fail Within 6 Months while Some Tried for Several Years Without Any Significant Results???

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