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Are you one of those traders who look for High Accuracy Rate Trading Indicators? Here is a typical trading signal derived from the math formula that I am going to share with you:

Discover the Profitable Mathematical Formula That Helps You Grow your Trading Account Fast - even if you only have a 25% Accuracy Rate ** Spoiler Alert: this Math formula does not give you 100% Winning entries, but you can be profitable as long as it hits a 25% accuracy rate! ** Curious to know why? That's the magic of Mathematics, it’s a predictive science. A quick intro about myself. I graduated from the University of British Columbia (Canada) with an A+ in Mathematics, Statistics & Logic and a A in Economics, and not surprisingly, I see the world through the lens of math. The good news is, after 20 years of back AND FORWARD testing, I have found a simple, profitable and repeatable math pattern that I could see on a regular basis in the market - and you don’t need to be an advanced math geek to implement this in your trades.

You may be wondering, behind every technical indicator was a very famous trader or mathematician. So, why is my repeatable math pattern work better? First off, it takes all the guesswork out. No room for any variables and ambiguities like MA, RSI, trendlines, Fibonacci ratio etc. Unlike all the indicators, the entry points are deduced from pure mathematics. You can’t interpret the entry signal in any other way. Let me give some examples. You can have different buy points using 14 vs 21-day Moving Average and 14 vs 10-period RSI; or you can connect a trendline from top A to another top B, but not Top C; for Fibonacci ratio, when it breaks 618, you wait for the turning points possibly at 768, 1.272, 1.618. My point is, there are lots of variables that create hesitation, frustrations and analysis paralysis when it comes to pulling the trigger on your trades. My unique math trading method, however, comes with a precise entry price down to 0.01. And for each price cycle,

there is only one entry signal.

Secondly, it works in any market and timeframe. What if I tell you the market movement is very much like the acceleration of all falling objects on earth? ( a=F/m=mg/m=g deduced from Isaac Newton’s Law of Gravitation). There is an implicit rule that guides the market movement, very much like Newton’s Law of Gravitation.

That’s how I found this overlooked hidden pattern

using mathematical calculations. And just like Newton’s Law of gravitation, the acceleration of all the falling object is the same and irrelevant of the mass of objects, you can apply the same principle to any trading charts and i.e. all financial assets. You can see the repeatable pattern right in front of your face on an intra-day, intra-week and longer-term level and in my experience, intra-week has the highest accuracy rate. My students have frequently spotted some 3-4 figure trades on an intra-day or week basis. Thirdly, it only takes a 25% winning rate to grow and scale your account quick. You may be wondering, how that’s possible?

Here’s why. The repeatable pattern doesn’t only show you good and consistent entries that make you profits, let me pull back the curtain on this profitable trading formula: It helps you spot not only safe but quality entries - high reward low-risk opportunities. [Khit, use some math example to illustrate. People need to see the numbers to find the concept sexy] It allows you to set an ‘Effective Stop-Loss’ so you only risk ¼ of your target in any given trade. If you have one winning trade, the profit can cover 4 losers, meaning you can afford to lose 4 trades in a row.

As such, as long as you are correct more

than 25% of the time, your equity will keep growing. My Signal record has a 45%+ accuracy rate, so it almost doubles 25%! I am confident it is a Proven Method that can scale your trading account quick!

Want to know how it works? Send us an email with the subject line: ”Math trading SCR” to to get more details on how it works and more importantly help you to find repeatable patterns you can see and trade consistently in the stock, forex, crypto and commodities market.

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WD Gann Trading Method

WD Gann Trading Method  

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