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World of Blind Children These Children are from the remote hilly region of Nepal. There are many more children such as these who are locked away in rooms and are not given the opportunity to become part of their communities, they are often hidden away and never shown to the world. Culturally people in these part do not understand or tolerate disability, we want to ensure that we help these children to have a full life and have every opportunity to become part of society.

Blind child is studying her book


main aim of the Masiha

World Mission in Nepal is to help these blind children and many more like them by providing them with education facilities that ordinarily is not available to them. Our Foundation provides is endeavoring to instill in these children values that will help them through their future and help to make them good citizens in society despite their disabilities. Our Foundation came across 14 blind children in the remote District of Gorkha in a Village aged between 5 and 3 years are from very poor families. These Children were living in very poor living conditions, They were undernourished and often ostracized by their families who could not cope with their needs.

Family Background The World knows that Nepal is one of the poorest country in the world, villagers are uneducated, with no land to cultivate, no medical coverage. Illustrate families have 6 to 10 Children to look after. Under such condition any child who is not able to contribute to the family is ignored. The standard of living is poor and life is hard in rugged terrain with at the most one meal a day being the daily intake of food.

Focus: Our aim is to collect these type of Children and provide them shatter ,food and education under one roof. We have 14 Children at present. The Cost-graf is rising sharply day by day . therefore we feel hardship in maintaining their standard. Hence, We request all our readers to co-operate with us financially to look after these children. We pray to almighty God to give you more and more.

Needs of Children: There are basic need of Blind Children:(a) Shelter (b) Food (c) Clothing; summer and winter (d) Books (e) Bedding and Bed To Fulfill all the above needs minimum we need 6000/=Rupees Nepali Currency ($79 USD)

Long-term Objectives  

To establish a school and a vocational training center for blind children. To develop a facility that can cater to the needs of these children.

How to achieve the goal: In order to achieve our goal we need financial help from various donors as the care of each child costs a minimum 6000 Nepali Rupees (about $79 USD) per month. Below is a breakdown of expenses per child on a monthly basis, we hope that you will consider assisting us financially.



Stationary and Book



Total Monthly Expenses

Yearly Expenses

Rs. 3400-/

Rs. 480/-

Rs. 1400/-

Rs. 444/-

Rs. 555/-

Rs. 6280/-

Rs. 75,360/-


US $6.00

US$ 17.5


US$ 6.94


US$ 942

We are unable to continue our work without assistance; we request a financial contribution of any amount to help us maintain these children. Should you wish to send gifts for them we would be happy to receive these and we will ensure that these are distributed accordingly.

Activities of Children

“Give and it will be given to you LUKE-6:38. ‘’Bear one another’s burden, and so fulfill the law of Christ’’. Galatians 6:2 Should You Need Your Postal address for gifts or for some more information, we welcome you.

Contact Us: Masiha World Mission Rev.Matthew Suroya Founder/Chairman G.P.O Box: 8975 E.P.C: 4022 Kathmandu,Nepal Email: Web: Skype ID:masihaworldmission Cell no: +977-9751017275

Project for blind cildren  
Project for blind cildren  

Project for blind children of Nepal