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Progress Report of Masiha World Mission 2013

ORGANIZATIONAL HISTORY: Masiha World Mission is a humanitarian organization. We started this mission on 10th October 2004 at Kathmandu, Nepal. We work through our projects and programs on need based issues relating to improving the lives of poorest and most vulnerable population including women suffering from poverty, children and communities for natural resources management, livelihoods, social justice, equity and development in diversity. We work for uplifting the blind children, orphans, women, Christian leaders, and old-age beneficiaries for standard life. We have competent staff to implement the result-oriented projects in quality for the benefits of beneficiaries on humanitarian basis. Our organization is registered with the government and abides by the law of Land.

Project For Chepang Children MWM has been helping these suppressed Children. These Children come from Jungles. MWM has been successful to reach here and uplift the daily life as well as studies of the Children. It takes 11 hours by walk to reach Simar Village in Makwanpur where these children stay. These Children come from very poor family background but MWM has been helping them continuously from last 5 years. This year MWM

provided Scholarship to 150 Children in this Area. Email:

Progress Report of Masiha World Mission 2013

These Children received Books, Copies and all the necessary stationary materials from Masiha World Mission and now they are ready to head off to School with a Beautiful Smile on their faces.

MWM Provided Annual Scholarship to these children currently studying in Manohari School and living in Hostel in Ramatar.

10 Children from Masiran Kakda-4 are in picture, and more 25 children received their annual scholarship from Masiha World Mission. The Family International Taiwan are co-operating to help these children in Makwanpur, Nepal. Email:

Progress Report of Masiha World Mission 2013 Annual Scholarship

Provided Scholarship to 35 Children

Masiha World Mission Provided Scholarship to children living in hut houses with the help of project manager Stephen Lee from U.S.A.Masiha World Mission provides scholarship to this Childrens every year.

Rev.Matthew Suroya and Project Manager Stephen Lee went to Ramatar village in Makwanpur to give scholarship to Children.

Ready to go School after receiving Scholarship.

Materials ready to be given to the Children.

Stephen lee giving Scholarship and School materials to Chepang Children in Ramatar,Makwanpur,Nepal.

Children with Staff of MWM in Ramatar, MWM gave scholarship to this Children in April 2013. Email:

Progress Report of Masiha World Mission 2013 Masiha World Mission provided 6 months tailoring training for poor and widow women’s in Nepal. With this training now they can earn for their daily life. This Project was launched with the help of Mustard Seed Foundation U.S.A. Many women’s have received the training and we are trying our best to provide more training to women’s so they can develop their life Standard.

Opening Ceremony of Tailoring Center with a Prayer by Rev.Matthew Suroya,Founder/Chairman of Masiha World Mission.

Women are busy in receiving the knowledge and skills about tailoring. They Come here every day and feel happy to get a chance to receive tailoring Knowledge. After the Training they can earn for their daily life and live a better life.

Student Group Photo with Rev.Matthew Suroya. Email:

Progress Report of Masiha World Mission 2013

World of Blind Children These Children are from the remote hilly region of Nepal. There are many more children such as these who are locked away in rooms and are not given the opportunity to become part of their communities, they are often hidden away and never shown to the world. Culturally people in these parts do not understand or tolerate disability, we want to ensure that we help these children to have a full life and have every opportunity to become part of society.

Blind child is studying her book Email:

Progress Report of Masiha World Mission 2013 The main aim of the Masiha World Mission in Nepal is to help these blind children and many more like them by providing them with education facilities that ordinarily is not available to them. Our Foundation provides is endeavoring to instill in these children values that will help them through their future and help to make them good citizens in society despite their disabilities. Our Foundation came across 14 blind children in the remote District of Gorkha in a Village aged between 5 and 3 years are from very poor families. These Children were living in very poor living conditions; they were undernourished and often ostracized by their families who could not cope with their needs.

Family Background The World knows that Nepal is one of the poorest country in the world, villagers are uneducated, with no land to cultivate, no medical coverage. Illustrate families have 6 to 10 Children to look after. Under such condition any child who is not able to contribute to the family is ignored. The standard of living is poor and life is hard in rugged terrain with at the most one meal a day being the daily intake of food.

Eyes Check Up

Hope for blind children The eye check up of these blind children were held in Teaching Hospital on July, 2013. All these children were brought from Gorkha district. It took about 3 days for them to bring here. We take their deeply test from which we got hope that some children had light in their eye which could make them see again if we can operate their eye. It is too expensive but Masiha World Mission is doing its best trying to give light on these blind children from which again they can see this world. Email:

Progress Report of Masiha World Mission 2013 Teeth check up program held in July, 2013 by Masiha World Mission with collaboration with Dr. James and his team from Taiwan held in Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Dr. James and his team from Taiwan Dental Association came to Nepal and with co-operation with Masiha World Mission organized the teeth checkup program for the blind children. They served these children as volunteer. This program was not possible without the help of Stephen Lee, (USA) project manager of MWM. They came here and check our all blind children and our staff member. They check their teeth, clean their teeth and fill as well seeing the requirement. We want to thank them for their support, time and effort in helping these needy children. Email:

Progress Report of Masiha World Mission 2013 Ordination program was held in October, 2013 in Chitwan district organized by Masiha World Mission. This was the first time ordination program held by MWM in Chitwan. 25 people were participated in ordination.

Group Photo after Ordination where people are looking happy with certificate in their hand. And with banner of Masiha World Mission Ordination Program in next photo.

People taking oath in picture 1. We had two session of lecture in ordination program. Matthew Suroya giving lecture in 2 different sessions in Chitwan, Nepal.

People receiving blessing while ordination to Pastors. Email:

Progress Report of Masiha World Mission 2013

Ordination program was held in October, 2013 in Chitwan, Nepal. 25 pastors were participated in ordination program. It was organized by Masiha World Mission. It was the second ordination program held by Masiha World Mission and first time held in Chitwan district. It is first ordination held in Chitwan district in history of Nepal. All these pastors are ready to go to serve in difficult area of Nepal. We are proudful to be first to held such program in Chitwan and make people ready for Kingdom of God.

Photo taken after distribution of Certificate to all the ordinate pastors. Jamshed Gill, General Secretary of Flame Foundation, Pakistan and Asif Masih, Director of Solid Pakistan and Rev.Matthew Suroya distributing certificate to ordinate pastors. They came from Pakistan for this programmed. Ordination Program was managed by Masiha World Mission . Email:

Progress Report of Masiha World Mission 2013

Rev.Matthew Suroya gifting Bibles to the Ordinate Pastors.

Masiha World Mission distributes holy Bible to all ordinate pastors as gift. Everybody were feeling happy while receiving certificate and Bible. This people came from Hill areas to receive the pastor Training and now they have been spreading the words of Christ in Hill areas. Email:

Progress Report of Masiha World Mission 2013 Distribution of Blanket in Makwanpur Nepal

Matthew Suroya and General Secretary of Japanese Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal Matthew Suroya and General Secretary of Japanese Embassy for Nepal Mr. Hisashi Hoshino distributed 30 blankets to the Chepang people of Naya Basti, Manahari, Makwanpur. These blankets were sponsored by Mr. Hisashi Hoshino General Secretary of Japanese Embassy and distributed through our organization Masiha World Mission. He is working as volunteer in our organization. Email:

Progress Report of Masiha World Mission 2013 Church Ministry In Makwanpur,Nepal We started our work in this district Raksiran,Chainpur 3 years ago. All the people in the community are Chepang and Tamang. This People live in Hill areas . It takes about 4 hours to reach the place where they live. We prepared a Hut Church for this people so they can pray and praise the Name of God. We have total of 40 Church Members in this Area. And we are planning to prepare a church for this people so they can pray.

Church Members in Makwanpur.

Rev. Matthhew praying for people

Church Members reading Holy Bible in a Hut Church.This members have been converted from Hindu to Christian.

Church Members praying for the growth of Believers in their Church. There are 45 members in the Village.

New Believers receiving new life through water Baptism in Raksirang River by Rev.Matthew Suroya and Jamshed Gill. Praise to Lord that he is preparing more people for His Kingdom. People are coming to Christ day by day. Words of God were able to reach in this Remote Hilly areas through MWM leaders. God said who receive Baptism receive new life. Now this people have become a member of Kingdom of Heaven. Email:

Progress Report of Masiha World Mission 2013 Masiha Church Kathmandu,Nepal MWM has built a church among Newar Caste people in Tokha. This people have very deep believe in their religion but God has been able to change their Heart and now they have received new life in Jesus. God is working in this Church and every year many people accept Christ. MWM has been handelling all the Churches from Tokha. Many leaders have been prepared to share the Words of Christ and prepare more people for the Kingdom Of Christ.

Rev.Matthew Suroya with Founder of Breese Institute, Fletcher Tink from U.S.A in Masiha Church.

General Secretary of MWM Rabina Kapali welcomes the Guests from SEAP-Pakistan.

Members of MWM receiving Certificate after completing theological Training provided by Breese Institute and SEAP-Pakistan.

Pastor Shehbaz and Bishop Joseph from Pakistan sharing the sermon of God and having a great time worshipping. People received many blessing through the sermon. God has used them a lot for his Work and we hope they come back again and save more souls for Kingdom of Christ.

Team from Pakistan with Kiran Ghouri in Masiha Church Kathmandu,Nepal Email:

Progress Report of Masiha World Mission 2013 Baptism Program In Kathmandu,Nepal

Group Photo of the Church Members and People Receiving Baptism.

MWM arranged Baptism program in Chandeshwori. Newari people were baptized and some guests joined too and had a picnic program and we worshipped to God. Baptism were given by Rev.Matthew Suroya and Pastor Daniel James.

] pooi

Pastor Vivek k Das sharing sermon of God and Praying for the People receiving Baptism.

Rev.Matthew Suroya,Evangelist Jamshed Gill and Pastor Daniel James giving Baptism to new Believers.

Pastor Daniel James from Australia sharing sermon of God and Pastor Vivek Das translating. After Baptism new believers received Holy Communion and People enjoyed this time and this time has been a memorable moment for this people. Email:

Progress Report of Masiha World Mission 2013 Partners: We are thankful to all those organization and people who had supported us throughout the year to carry out our programme. We appreciate their help towards our organization. Below are the list people and organization without whom we were unable to do these services.

   

The Family International, Tiwan Mustard Seed Foundation, USA Village Development Committee, Thumi, Gorkha Dr. James & Tiwan Dental Association Mr. Hisashi Hoshino, General Secretary of Japanese Embassy, Nepal Christin Phillips, Australia

Thank you for your co-operation The report we have prepared was about our work that we have done in the year 2013 in Nepal. Many people had been benefited from our work. We provided scholarship to orphan and disabled children. All staffs of our organization had supported us and worked honestly to reach in such difficult areas and help these needy children. Our organization reached in such difficult areas where it is difficult for other organization to reach there. It is all because of your co-operation and support for us. We are thankful all the people, organization that has helped us through any means to our organization. Without your help and support we were not able to do any work. Our staffs had reached in many outreach area where they had meet with many new faces who are deprived of general facilities. We are thankful for all those who had supported us and will be blessed from blessing of these people who are benifited from these social work.

Join Hand Together in Future

We hope your support continues in coming years as well. And we hope support  from other new donor who wants to Special Thanks to our Project manager help these helpless Stephen Lee and Christin Phillips who people who are had managed all these programs. deprived of food, cloth and some of the basic requirement. Many children will be able to get education from your help. So hope for more support from other new organization as well 

We hope you will be satisfied with our work that you have read above. We wishes for your co-operation and suggestion from which we will be more motivated to help these helpless people and give them better future.

For more information here are our contact details: E-mail:, Skype id: masihaworldmission Email:

Final progress report of mwm nepal2013  

Progress Report of Masiha World Mission Nepal2013

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