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sophomore Quarterback Elijah Burress talks to the offense during a home football pagel15. october 2012 lgame. the viewpoint 3


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2 l the viewpoint l october 2012

The Viewpoint


It’s that time of year To our readers:

October 2012 Volume VII Issue I

llllBack-to-school advertisements say it. Fashion advice columns in teen magazines like Seventeen say it. The beginning of a new school year is supposed to mean a new look, a new style, a new year. We’re a year older, supposedly a year more mature than when we started school last year. Let’s be honest, though, most of us are still the same people. One thing has changed, however: this “newspaper”. We made a few big changes. First, we’ve moved away from a typical newspaper to become a magazine. We felt that you, as our readers, would enjoy this style and content more. With our new look came our new name. Although The Voice has been with us since the school opened, we thought a new name would be appropriate for our new style, and that’s how we’re now The Viewpoint. We hope you enjoy the changes and continue to turn past this page. If you would like to give your opinion on the new magazine, any of the pieces or any of the issues, send us a letter to the editor to either room 303 or 307 or send us an e-mail at Also, you can post on our Facebook page and mention @MVtheViewpoint on Twitter. This magazine is for you, and we want your opinions. Keep on reading, and keep on the lookout every month for a new one. Perhaps our new look will inspire you to actually do what we all say we will do at the beginning of each year: reinvent yourself.

Editor in Chief

Emmy Reinwald Assistant Editor in Chief

Kerry Reichhardt Business Manager

Ashley Friedl Opinion Editor

John Keppeler Entertainment Editor

nicole eshelman

Victoria Conner Student Life Editor

Lexi Stevens Advisor

Nicole Eshelman

The Viewpoint is a cross-section of the news and opinions of the student body of Mountain View High School. It is a forum of expression published by aprintis. Editorials represent the views of the writers and are not necessarily the opinions of Mountain View High School, its administration or staff. Unsigned editorials represent the majority of the editorial board. Letters to the editor are welcome and should be submitted to rooms 303 or 307 or sent to

‘Just another chapter of our book’ Lauren Davis photography editor














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let’s try to go to NIKE Team ments there were a few disNationals in Portland, Or- appointment. O’Baker said, “The most egon by qualifying out of the difficult thing for me this On Saturday, November southeast region.” Lawn said, “Most of all whole season was to see 14 the cross country team was on the prowl at Great though, we come into every the girls’ team be so unforseason hoping to push our- tunate, and time after time Meadows Park. They made Mountain selves further than we ever have a top runner get injured View history, the boys’ team have in order to take the ... We knew they could podimb Nove taking first at the podium and team as far as possible, and um at states and that would the girls’ team placing tenth. when everyone sets their have been so cool to have ce e Voi Junior Tyler Smith said, “I goal as a team and avoids both teams on the state pode th believe the main reason for being selfish, individual dium.” Insi y Art e Lawn said, “Our boys’ the team’s success is Coach goals are accomplished and ar Stat Culin nts visit Davis’ intense and special- the team is stronger than team is ranked number one de stu in Virginia, and I believe they ever.” II ized individual training.” stu ior d nia t I an le. Jun ore The individual goals for deserved the title very much Senior Logan O’Baker Fair linary Ar to the Virgidak, Douband sophom e g tur Cu veled y said, “Our overall outlook on states were incorporated by ... They scored Mountain Frn m Seein Marce e for a piclike spirit tra chary View the first state title in any things, we stayed very re- Davis. MandyElam pos ek. “I dents Fair. Za etitor frod in whole the i we d. gs Kim spirit Lawn said, “My goal for team sport. We worked very laxed and maintained a tenState ly comp, compete st it brin rcey sai to on nte during ause Ma bec ether,” together ore the tain View ing co t’s sion-free environment. We states was to do exactly hard and have earned all the day rat tog ha ed rit, bef y. Moun e deco . “W what Coach Davis told me rewards we’ve gathered as a did through team bonding.” school sses join t spi rall dca fth pep All cla their wil ing the the cak ced fi 2 Junior Noel Lawn had to... When I run it is purely team. I think both teams re- Cross country boys win states. At Great Meadows Park the boys team took first place and the girls pla page show ing dur and pet other reasons for the teams’ heart that keeps me going. flect Coach Davis’ and all of team placed tenth. Senior Logan O’Banker said, “We went out there, had fun in the mud, and just did what we ing?” com g cook success. She said, “I believe One of our team’s favorite our assistants’ hard work ... had done all season as Coach Davis says ‘Just another Chapter of our book’.” rkin Kirrane cle pa resolved riding ielle we were as successful as we quotes is ‘I will never quit on Without them I never would Dan Bicy s n ga lem be were this season ... because my teammates’ and it is a have known this true feeling on the season and be thank- er, we supported each other sons next year and the years prob dents beto school dDay iz of accomplishment.” ful that my team was there more than anything and I after,” O’Baker said. at the end of the day, we all rule we run by and live by.” row Stu ycles s Duo Jamie Ru ht overc tion bic The team has developed for me when I was hospital- think that feeling of family is Smith said, “Next year I O’Baker said, “Our goal believed in the same goal amou ht as thoug their buses are ministra e ay-F y was tig of duos bik ad Volume and had a mutual respect was to win states, [and we] more than just accomplish- ized and couldn’t be there what I will look back on the look forward to another succause School ased a 2 Thursd Duo Da plenty e and near us ments. for them. I will remember most.” cessful, fun, yet difficult sere Issue 4 for the hard work everyone succeeded. We just didn’t News..... ed. tly purch located le De Famo ere we .............2 d. Tweed Th O’Baker said,, “I Seniors and the juniors nior year.” we else put in. We believe, that think too much about it,Stud Janu 3 think what the unity that we developed recen which is . were Doke sai h and ers,- put it. Dayary 2008 ent Life. di look back on the most when we learned that Kristi said they are both looking O’Baker said, “They will sister ....... if you really believe, some- went out there, had fun in I will eec rack, ker rooms page 3 ....4 HeroPower Rang r Ente up. e and my senior An were Ch d. ” loc pe rtain e? is the great times we had off [Lyman] was out for the sea- forward to the cross country have great leadership and the mud, and just did what how, some way, good things the or bik ment...... Su , the sai see “M Dum,” and I Mou ...5 around, son, the heartbreak we went season next year. day- rman le Johns ntain View High Opin ny to d the....... course, joking upperclassmen to show the we had done all season. As ion.. “Bus are going to happen.” e School, s fun and Bat- Tweed y frien an Jackie Tues tman, Supeon? ......6 up wa 2135 Mou , 7 and the through for a lot of the sea“I believe both the girls rest of the guys what Mounan- building friendships, “M O’Baker said, “Our main Coach Davis says, ‘Just Ba y Spor shm s to y! It perman b said. ing ts........... ov tro ntain re color llawa Su g,” fre t’s go ..........8 ro Da great memories.” son really had us down and and guys cross country tain View’s cross country other chapter of our book.” goal was to View win Roa states, Impr d ts we d, Staff Wha uper He d up as y Newcom acting as Chon is Ca Day in school ir faces, te derac ord, VAthe l sse “S Lawn said, “I will look back out for a little while. Howev- teams will have great sea- program is all about.” Despite accomplishwhich is what we did. Then d Alex 2255 crea e Thun year by drarter were ncipa Melod -Spirit ed out nts on the elashes. 6 e dre Th usa an rit everyon homore students sistant pri Day. I Friday nts deck paw pri false ey roon this nne Ca on we said, once we win states, So d spi ma d le sop ize ll as . As mes Hero Stude port with hats an udly in Nico riters organ cher Jea provisati nk ar co ance to man,” ff as we superhero Super gh and ev es, im tea sup d pro W d, lSta orite ool ye u a ch did tou that us and thi ma show hair, cap displaye Staff er sai ong, d, “I said w sch gives yo re Cari Wi fav ed s teach nt on a ne who actors foc ] their Smith sai se he’s str color thing wa ws we With it Week sophomo ology r sho helps ir feet. Mark aft becau to be!” ,” pir sday Everyorange. dwin, techn .” He laterpainter. ng be fou Sh want week . “[S of my years. I then taught at Colonial Forge Brittany Grant d ad edne dents the on the ere will ties comi was I week zy for a ky Wday for stu way. an Terry Gointed my heBaker was - erything Amer Th for two years when it first opened and Mounactivi racts. editor in chief be cra said. icans sweat a ful de le pa -Wac throw other was away aboutsd color things “They that Ky tain View will be my last school. and the Thun acts out,” 40aybillion Day-the-shouldersembles. d liams in a wident esday soft ne s th senior Katel e f drink eal By dn for cans Reilly up ed 80 sel rev s en ha and up Belton and to yn Platt The Voice: How do you feel about being v tro the said. c erbottleclo cky Weplasti Emma Melch day- ir, offrt legging s fun and llin WeryWayear. is startin s,” the inn ir s ev“Impro5 er teacher of the year? TV: What did you want to be when you g a schoo Mon 84: big ha Ba named color classe Many wa ski rd press ered the . l-wide and Place s and clubs, recycling progr 19 d layered cause it Chelsea ssuch page d lay towa to ex tch “Because end toma am. HowGreg Feducia: I’m very honored and privi- were younger? ever, recyc re s be t end, tthey an run clothe Technas Production Syste t woulddents reach of Central it’s based out ling is a you shirts like the 80 sophomo ms daunt d. not no to dif ce ers pu t andStuback ology, have feren leged Mountain View High GF: Well, I hadn’t planned on being a teachthe Office,toit’srepresentSpenc sai moon len did er oth n ing said. t Will ,” “I task for more all 20 times small steps taken only tha nearly lor Day assistan I actually wanted to be a journalist. I ofSchool, Melvi. ght? ool vio ea maint Thethere especially are so many er. 80s e Environme of co one club classrooms enance when ist Moun“I did reView Britt carbon footprin easing their the fi ries of schpers and telngs ntal Club actually lots is this joyed nistrativ ent tw chased tain tookare classes to be a journalist and to hopin mo r thing, take en talented teachers in building. for recyint. purg Sto wspa oti cling paper on. ho ” e mi studen the fer re 80 sop 5,928 Spen- asm For exam said. e som - the aschoo a dif it, ad lly bo could’ve been teacher. in October bottled drinks e ne cer added is enough t enthusi- at ol sho ing “SCA ple, Todd l uses least 3,125 . Welker ’t rea to school Whil flair on “We put if we we to make of 2006 witho plagu s. Scho a recurr ne program esn ,000 receiv is the n mean helpt as g do In ed d, do ut surviv paper s ow TV: Why order do you believe thate. you have to recycle d recycled vin 5 is no “It materials each month sheets of vision become being t if their hing sai dresse the 80s.” ing and for said, be dri . you become a journalist? for the pro- this “Toda $7 “The vendi them. TV: Why didn’t t’s y we’re At Large honor? work with the students to for me. I will year so who will been awarded cans with have . Wha Find ou putting flyers NHS Meg s Day. We were in had so many ng machines from a stairw $50and vio dy GF: At num the time, itlids was ole arehard to get a job as alumi Spenc company. half GF: Igram would hope that it up,” is based onermy ser- for to “It’s dents ellucedstoo trage vent it? porting said. and plasti on 80 than if we and we were plastic bottles more like the whdeal. Stu driving ve m e . anc.intern at a newspaper think it’s I was a word-ofMountain ly m ha vice toflouri is red est just throw the sh, International Baccalaureate pro- a“Ijournalist. her to pre are sup n View mouth projec it on IBer. stubig the really them rat n’t View ing a y rm that nts away sem stude are good tai pe was d bu lected as nt Spotsylvania, but they didn’t have any job when we started it gramme, which I feel very t.” strongly about, it inwe are pay $45 and should stude at Moun wds,” d nts Stafford seconse- de The Envir be recyc up. I think a n d , ”y Coun stu e nert sthe will help cro onmental ling them, could pilot schoo the openings. m has been year price.” the E nest Club onPlatt lence ts draw of the our schoo and Isthink perhaps my desire to improve ” Environmental l inh initiat“If ty’s v i r o n the planning taff hig l,” said. to ing a d sem usi Club Co-pr ng - lf the pay full the price cultmy this pros.recycllling gram tooprogrior “Figh 7 effectiveness in the classroom. since esiam. the secon menta l Clubha to the summ ll, Spencer ng lot sti -partic diffi ipaer. said,point in your life did you realAt what “I started parki ces are ThentsEnvir only . Jun page Overa permit is and fac onme tion is necyear. nextTV: nk ntal Club sponsor Lisa fall, all schoo “Come the Pri e stude contact the in August to ng “I thi Spencerofsaid. dents essary ng. you wanted to be a teacher? that ford ize TV: for What do you enjoy most teach. peoplabout Coun will ls in Stafsaid, parki rking felt r,” parki t for stu e and we got the “The it cafete e of for soml Porter We ep ria have GF: I fitynished college, fai this and I was a substitute ker per pa fford likeing?the - Spenc cans January 7,” program. It won’t charg nie s t d acc alikeis. really into er said. this,I think ord mine who was teaching Eng- Teacher of the year never stops. English teacher Greg Feducia stuffs a Thanksgiving basket for the pal in ty dollars the Sta and Da too,” the interaction with the students. for a friend ofend.” Strea s a lo a waSu th er lan ulty “I just doon’tcan’t affGE: l,” family that the National Honor Society adopted for the Thanksgiving holiday. Reilly Belto Blue plasti to It’ Image from Fif oo et the . es dg in school. I also owe my junior a c cans s lish in summer www.rogerwen wh really enjoy the subject matter in my toI sch it go hool Bun and Austin Tate lous in Eng- m. reag adult ’ve been rk in Staff said. rter has students drive perm Writers wanted to do. Had it not been for that, I don’t were the worldto pa a lish classes. ridicu t to n Elor n ty Sc nd I find that I have the opportunity level English teacher in high school for in- ence you have had since you started Po t . no d. un is mi en lee “If it e it wouldre were ce 5 Co “Comain n’t fer teaching? know if I’d be here now. $7 rland sai “Iofdolearning “It’s too at it nt a variety of subject matters with spiration. Kath illy Belto rem munic nc the dience. chan “I precise of a dif amou the se 5youis ations is a great audie t, but GF: It was when I decided to quit teaching. Suthe rter said, the ink fitheld tostbefor a need .” ience. a profession.inion. - becau exper $2 study students. ableindependent en that and Re have the au good op Youvery ThePodestru to know sonthat abun ining “I thwhat’ ction ju in where differ kids in m with g spotyouercan A small rea is a TV: Do you ever plan on retiring? erlands and TV: Where did you attend college? was rs for im to the dworld ,” ll be ople g athat $25 he saw in the Nethoneys goingpaonrkinvenorPosaid. get that exper publiswiher rt lot of a proble sive.” useraphic en tsretired presid ment ispe about payin Edito er shock lined up forGeog one year;no TV: When did you quit teaching? GF: Yes, of course I do. of of and GF: I got my undergraduate from Mary t ience, in em Gilbe the Natio l d cultur en the TV: How long have you been teaching? uld ck fl las ” oods rt US knew ie “He e aroun nts its said to fit?” like Sti cause I ha ing off shoGrospr ov ool. Grosvenor repea nal the sch stude assem had a lot Danforma perm officer Washington and my graduate from George GF: I quit teaching after seven years. It was “It was nice. d the world be ce nt.” a GF:d him a bene photograph tedly Why . y was Thistoisrealiz my 29th year teaching. - of AP/IB ou ed that at the r o v e bly rce key part the dant as parking p in pristudents. d.“Thalate get am The video tion for art of in“They went Art sou during the middle of the year, too. ma to TV: What do you plan on doing after you and ir Mason. I have a master’s in supervision and , throug news. on lost rce p t y they showe IB studen jum Re an their count and h every single m form allow o pasee art ol urston d ts becau a lot IBwhto get the ar. The was a sou GrosvI enor could Jeff Smith ry in that retire? endorsement invite se ofto his their Scho Coffm ring the ntswas rter.theirslehisto y Th ry ed me students by said. flood,” e,” junior in gifted education. Grosv TV: Where else have you taught besides an cultur ye to $75 ty d to presen world travel s. It’s mesenior enor d Po eyes uri k throu the lou du ce said. “My We t d ar 5 sai to s r gh sec me beca an and the Racha TV: Why did you quit? favori GF: Travel during the off-season, take up M Gil he $2 ke ga use if it’s of geogr te place on ridicu Mountain The a ch studies etche a l s el Taylo d in Junior flood in View? ablisthroughbemy father aphy from stration. strea coming Earth estshare t forand cultur t it is jus the Neth- Wat in Cambodia,” change stone you can’t t.” the m a t e r i . I felt he r. “ I met thaTaylo is Angk erland TV: What is the GF: I taught at Stafford High School for most that.” It’s and s starte or most memorable experi- GF: I wanted to make sure this was what I golf. I would like to take some art classes, Grosvenor rysaid. ng spo rkie,” ng saw his know had a lot ne . home lf-time. Angk of fru ces were ard for d Grosv ty or the to of mo said. pa Wat thinking ha I’ve always liked to do that. used ng Grosv said. like ledge l bo Taylo Pri thewas invalu a parki ofstarte Cor un the about the enor 40 miles long is a series of templ Gilbe s in ilding able,” schoo ffordGrosv rk in enor differd with retire rt Grosvenor ent cultur st es over that illustr horse of the bu and parki in- apalittle eofcohis their cultur es presen d ate of by the at all Sta a top-no enor presi backg the the p Th e. dent world. history of round “What’s ma He told ffic to becom how jumphotofrontted ontra of photograph . National Geog of important “That art Check out Mountain View’s mix tape. Page 4 same ools. tant the tch journaing for the ayseandhigh raphic about histor form allow cultures is y in ect list and school and usedthe impor ed fora lphoto .....2 high sch reason forrolenethat dirjourna ed they dw y me or .... throug all to see their - eled to in colleg s, do the roa same thing h their eyes the ........ ........3 e when he can play etched The schoo decal celist we do. of the was because ........ in floodin the Netherlands to trav- Grosv the just do They Grosv in stone you if it’s ........ e.............. ........4 help after g. Linda tenan can’t prices ney in Wa it enor ws enor differ said. chang to in huge said. ently,” Ne nt Lif e that,” ntnci-anothe mo 5 ing Grosvenor ature. “It was intere showed a r snow day Stude nt Life Fe ................ 6 extra et accord istant pri sting hearin of pictures video set about travel ass .... dg t... de g of , someo to the world ? Students Stu tainmen ............ 7 bu rland ne talk . It illustr music such a prestiing the world and working ated life are now Enter s............... ................ 8 Suthe for Smith said. gious magazine,” in control. junior Elise Sport on............ ................ See “Ca n you mak Opini re............. e it snow?” Featu

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r. I last yea out” tion ng publicait’s reachi gazine, t 2 ma of the ause lly feel thaon scene ” page rea Estes scene, a g the d.” e foo Chelse “Settin a mu g saf tion, Senior servin inspec 2 having esee about health ,” page for it’s “I ; or me r on the inspection and ut you e Baxte health depth ..” not aboef Denis passes much season , fe “It is Ch the season had so at Ca l 6 team ughout “Wildc e our ent thro successfu ,” page aus l bec consist on golf’s than par tty cessfu ter ler re suc yed pre and m bet we we we pla Tyler Ch“Golf tea t k tha Junior “I thin er ch larg


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w n Vie untai . Mo varsity ys tip off at the out the bo ab game s his arn more bring son 7. Le John cember thony De rd An fford on wa for nior rth Sta st No ’! Se . Ballin -59 again Page 12 66 m. won tball tea baske

t in a baske de a victory. l ma na Hil d a 42-38 Sabri ha t net. tball team in’ bu Noth rsity baske va girls


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october 2012 l the viewpoint l 3

election 2012

Sorting out the candidates Voting for the first time? If you’ve ignored all the news, tweets, and debates, there’s still hope. Here’s a breakdown of some basics.

Barack Obama

Mitt Romney

Party – Democratic Age – 51 Height - 6’ 1” Previous Positions – Illinois State Senate (elected 1996), US Senator for Illinois (elected 2004), US President (elected 2008) Economic Views – Raise taxes on the wealthy and corporations, bring jobs back from overseas Healthcare Views – Uphold Affordable Care Act, cut Medicare spending Foreign Policy – Withdraw from Afghanistan by 2014, stop Iranian nuclear development through diplomacy Education – Excuse states from “No Child Left Behind” program Other Social Issues – create legal path for illegal immigrants; supports same-sex marriage; supports renewable energy

Party – Republican Age – 65 Height - 6’ 2” Previous Positions – founder of Bain Capital investment firm (1984), Governor of Massachusetts (elected 2002) Economic Views – Cut corporate tax rate to promote job growth Healthcare Views – Repeal Affordable Care Act, have fixed payments to seniors replace Medicare Foreign Policy – Label China as a cheater or “currency manipulator”, stop Iranian nuclear development through action Education – Uphold “No Child Left Behind” Other Social Issues – build US/ Mexico border fence, against samesex marriage; supports US fossil fuel production



Who is the better candidate? Hard to tell Well, it’s election year again, and Americans have a tough choice ahead of them. Many are angered at how President Obama has handled the country for the past four years, but will Mitt Romney be any by Jonas Chechak better? Barack Obama looks to be standing strong in the polls. The Democratic ticket has had a small edge over the GOP in many battleground states and seems to be winning the overall race. Obama has been praised for his speeches and his progressive social stance. The passing of his Affordable Health Care law and his support of same-sex marriage has helped him in the polls.


l the viewpoint l october 2012

However, his performance in the first debate was less than stellar, and he lost some undecided voters the next day. Many of his opponents also disagree with his economic and foreign policy, stating that he is spending wildly out of control and that he needs to be stronger overseas. According to, Obama is ahead by 24 Electoral College votes, even though he only has a slim lead in the popular vote. It is looking like it is the incumbent’s race to lose, but there is no room for error. The challenger to the White House has had an interesting road getting here to say the least. Mitt Romney came out as the victor in the confusing mess of Republican hopefuls. His performance during the presidential campaign has been rocky as well, with many stumbles along the way (Anyone remember that 47% comment?). Romney has

been trailing in the polls for a while now, but not by much, and his impressive performance at the debate has been very helpful to his chances. What Romney really needs to worry about now is the electoral votes, where he is trailing behind. For him to win, he will need to win over a few more swing states, which won’t be easy. Romney needs to play down his previous mistakes, continue to focus on his economic policy and keep up his strong performance in the debates. Whether he can make up lost ground in time will show soon enough. The U.S. is in for a photo finish, and I don’t believe that anyone can really predict the outcome of the election. Every vote counts and any small mistake can cost a candidate the presidency. The only questions left are, who will win it all, and who will fall short?

Why Vote?


Civic duty, privilege or obligation? If you are 18 years old and registered to vote, will you? In a what’s-in-it-for-me culture, is voting important? Here’s what they had to say.

Susanna Newsome

The Viewpoint: How do you feel about voting for the first time? Are you excited? Susanna Newsome: I am very excited to put my own opinion out there. TV: Do you think your vote can make a difference? SN: Yes, I do. TV: Why vote? SN: I feel like it is my duty as a citizen to vote. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while.

Simeon Khan

The Viewpoint: How do you feel about voting for the first time? Are you excited? Simeon Khan: I was excited after the first debate, but I wasn’t as excited after the second debate. TV: Do you think your vote can make a difference? SK: Yes, in every democratic system every vote counts. TV: Why vote? SK: It is important because we have to have somebody that we choose making the right decisions for our country.

Will Scheid

The Viewpoint: How do you feel about voting for the first time? Are you excited? Will Scheid: I’m excited to become a part of the wonderous world of diplomacy. TV: Do you think your vote can make a difference? WS: One vote doesn’t matter as much, but the large population should try to vote to give a concensus as to the direction of leadership desired. TV: Why vote? WS: To get my voice heard.

Kati Frost The Viewpoint: Are you excited about voting? Kati Frost: I am, I love voting. This will be my second presidential election. TV: Do you think your vote can make a difference? KF: I do think so. I used to work on campaigns, so I know how much difference one or two votes can make. TV: Why vote? KF: Because it’s one of the few opportunities for everyone to have their voice be heard and if you have a strong opinion about something, you should say so.

october 2012 l the viewpoint l 5

student life

Where’d the good stuff go? Students were forced to adjust to changes in the cafeteria’s menu and pricing due to new laws attempting to improve the nutritional value of meals. Emmy Reinwald Editor in Chief


hen this year’s seniors came to high school, it was the first year french fries were not offered at lunch every day. This seemed to be the most radical change in the lunch menu until last year when buns and pasta were changed to whole wheat. OK, some students may have grumbled about it, but it was a change they could deal with it. llllThis September, however, brought even bigger changes that have invoked complaints across the student body. Passed by Congress in 2010, the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act is the reason for cafeteria changes this year. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, this law’s purpose is to help fight childhood obesity and provide healthy meals for students on the free or reduced lunch program. Director of School Nutrition for Stafford County Public Schools Chapman Slye said, “These changes are a result of the new pattern which is part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.” The new standards schools are required to implement over the next few years include limiting calories based on the age of students to control portion size, increasing whole grain foods and reducing saturated fat, added sugars, trans fat and sodium in school lunches. The most noticeable change has been to the chicken sandwich. Last year, students observed how the buns went from white bread to whole wheat. This year, “skinny buns” have replaced the normal bun. Slye said, “The menu must meet whole-wheat requirements for all breads.” It’s not just the chicken sandwiches. These standards have caused multiple changes in the lunch menu. Students have had to get used to the absence of croutons in salads and the reduced size of rolls. Senior Monica Brito, who eats salad every day that it’s offered, said, “I’m already eating healthy by choosing the salad. Why are they taking out the croutons?” This opinion was echoed by senior vegetarian Becca Smoot. She said, “Students are just going to go back to eating pizza because the best part of the salad was the croutons.” As for the smaller size of the rolls, Slye said, “The new meal pattern calls for a bread-serving range between 10 and 12 servings per week.” There have also been price changes this year. The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act implements the “six-cent rule” in which a school is reimbursed six cents for every meal it serves that reaches the new standards set by this act. In the cafeteria, in order to be charged for a lunch for $2.40, a student must purchase the entrée, milk and a fruit or vegetable. If a student does not get all these items, he will be charged for each item individually which is more expensive. There are price changes that help the students, though. Slye said, “High school students ... can take up to two different fruit selections and two different vegetable selections with their meals at no extra charge.”


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This summer I crossed the pond to watch the Olympic games. I was able to see so many different events, but these are my top three.


Cat on the go Ashley Fr

student life

Olympic Top 3 There’s nothing more exciting than going to a basketball game. Oh wait, there is! Going to a women’s gold medal Olympic basketball game! I had the time of my life watching USA whoop France’s butt, and the crowd was so intense. The crowd was jumping up and down waving their American and French flags hootin’ and hollarin’. The men’s volleyball game was exhilarating; the crowd was so energetic, and it was amazing to see that no matter where you’re from we can all come together in the spirit of the Games. It really was life a changing experience to cheer with and for other countries around me. The crowd was hilarous. When Brazil was winning they formed a conga line and ran around the stadium. I also discovered that the wave is an international crowd pleaser. The gold medal match for taekwondo was really interesting to watch. The women seemed to be a lot tougher than the men. I walked in not having a clue what to expect. I thought maybe there would be a few rows of seats, but it was a full stadium of people from all over. Even though I didn’t understand a lot of the rules, I still was able to count down every time the timer got close to zero with the rest of the crowd. I was able to see both the Olympic women and men fight for the gold along with their country. 8

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student life

C. Janson Doyle Junior Mummy

B. Vince Olger Senior Lego Man

pe ophomore G ra S g in K n so ar A. C

E. Allison Dockter Laundry

D. Dr. Stemple Tourist

How to Make a Costume Can’t afford a new Halloween costume? In a few simple steps you could create a costume made from home that will impress everyone.

A . Gr ap e l l l

Purple t-sh ir Purple bal lo Safety pin




l Blow up b to cover th alloons enough e shir t fron t and back. l Use the safety pins to ad the balloo d ns to the sh ir t. l Add a green-co lored leaf for detail.

10 l the viewpoint l october 2012

an B. L ego M

fi t e sm a ll to b o xe s: O n ne o d n l Tw o a d a yo u r h e o n to p o f f yo u r th e si ze o t fi to e la rg b o d y. paper w ra p p in g l Red l

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s w it h si ze b o xe C o ve r b o th g p a p e r. ra p p in th e re d w ic cu p s. o n 8 p la st l G lu e th e o tt o m o f o u t th e b rm s a l Cu t r u yo r o le s fo b ox a n d h . d a e h d n a


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Je a n s - N O DRES PA N T S S l

D re s s in th e s e it and hav ems e a la id bac v a c a ti o n a tt it u d e k , . l

tt o m in th e b o C u t a h o le t e n d ry b a sk t o f th e la u r yo u to fi fo h g u o b ig e n th ro u g h .


u rd co v e r yo H o p in a n . ry d n u la se lf w it h




What is the scariest movie ever? We asked. You told us. MV students believe these to be the most bone-chilling, hair-rising, allaround scariest horror movies of all time. If you’re looking for a thrill this Halloween, plop down on the couch with some friends along with one of these classic movies and enjoy the terror.


The Exorcist



*132 MV students were polled


Paranormal Activity 1


Saw 1


Nightmare on Elm Street


The Grudge


The Last House On The Left


The Ring

Honorable mentions: The Orphan, Eight Legged Freaks, The Last Exorcist. october 2012 l the viewpoint l 11


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too long without eating or drinking, and your blood will start to drop. In Day Z, the player starts out at a random location on a massive map with other players. The player must look in buildings for weapons, food and other supplies. Weapons randomly appear, so it’s a good idea to check as many buildings as you can in order to get a better weapon to defend yourself. Zombies are attracted by sound and movement. Unfortunately, they’re not the only enemies you have to worry about. Other players may shoot you in order to get at your gear or to defend themselves. The game is never more intense than when you shout out “friendly friendly!” over chat in hopes that the other player

won’t open fire the minute he sees you. The ability to kill other players really ups the intensity and opens up new ways to play. Instead of just surviving, you can turn to banditry to kill players for their supplies. The game has many awesome parts. Its reliability isn’t one of them. From day one, it has been criticized for being full of bugs. Bugs in a game are glitches that do unintended things. In Day Z these bugs range from losing all your gear randomly to dying after a door slams into you. Day Z is a fun, heart-pounding game. Whether you’re flying a helicopter, shooting players or getting chased by zombies, you’re sure to enjoy yourself. october 2012 l the viewpoint l 13

student life



14 l the viewpoint l october 2012

going on on the field? If there’s a lull, what would get them pumped up? What would give them extra motivation?” Simeon Khan, senior and co-captain of the varsity football team, knows first hand the impact that a group of screaming fans can have on an athlete. “All the hype from the audience gives me a boost,” Khan said. “They always help no matter if we’re winning or losing,” he said. Dockter said, “We see what goes on at pep rallies, and we wanted to just continue that.” She added, “We want the team to feel supported.” And they certainly want the athletes to have as much fun playing as The Crazies do cheering. “It’s a lot more fun for us to play the games knowing that we have such a concentrated force of loud noises and emotions going on,” Khan said. The Crazies are important in strengthening the fan-to-athlete bond cultivated at Mountain View already, but they also serve as a way to show wildcat pride for the school as a whole.

“This is what makes Mountain View what is,” Dockter said. “We’re here … to show the parents and community we’re proud to be at Mountain View,” said Mallory. They do this not only by making up a huge part of the noise that goes on at football games, but by supporting and cheering for the other sports teams at Mountain View. Dockter said, “We go to the football games, but we’re also here to support other athletics as well. We put posters up around the school to let people know about field hockey games or to congratulate the cross country team.” The Wildcat Crazies are a great representation of the pride and spirit of the Mountain View student body, and the club is a great way to get our school connected one game at a time. Students of all grades are welcome to sit in the spirit section, but leadership positions for The Crazies are reserved for juniors and seniors only.

by Kerry Reichhardt Danielle Evans

This year, wildcat pride was taken to a whole new level with the creation of The Wildcat Crazies--a club based around the school spirit shared among so many Mountain View students. This spirit is what Concessa Mallory and Allison Dockter, co-sponsors of The Wildcat Crazies, had in mind when they started this swag-a-rific club. “We really started The Crazies to give the students here an organized way of showing their school spirit,” said Mallory. “We just wanted to give a place to support our students. We’re with them in class, we want to be with them on the field,” Dockter seconded. Apart from being a great way to gather fans into one ultra-loud group, The Crazies are mostly here for the sports teams. “We’re here to support the athletes who work so hard every day,” said Mallory. When Dockter finds herself leading the group of pumped-up Wildcats in a chanting roar, she said she is thinking, “What would support what’s

student life

rallying behind the sophomore The season has had its ups and its downs, big losses and even bigger wins, under first year starting varsity quarterback, sophomore Elijah Burress. by Paul King

The Viewpoint: What was your first thought when you found out you won the starting job? Elijah Burress: Hmm… just not to mess up. TV: Just not to mess up? EB: Yeah, I just really didn’t want to mess up. Before the first game, I was a little nervous. TV: Who did you end up beating out for the starting job? EB: A senior named Collin (Hasenecz), and a junior named Sean (Morgan), but the junior, Sean, is starting safety and also plays a little bit of linebacker, too. TV: You are considerably young for a starting varsity quarterback. How have you gotten your teammates to look past your age and to believe in your ability? EB: I mean, they always thought I was pretty good. I guess they thought I was exceptionally good after the Courtland game. I guess that’s when I earned their trust as quarterback. TV: So it wasn’t all that hard to gain their trust? EB: You just got to work hard. TV: Since you are new to the offense, have the coaches simplified the offense for you? Was it hard to learn? EB: They hadn’t really simplified it. I learned parts of it playing JV and when I was bumped up to varsity during my freshman year, it wasn’t really all that hard to learn. They make it simple for everybody. TV: So, the regular season is starting to close, and the playoffs are getting closer. How are you and the team preparing for the fact that if you lose one game, your season is over? EB: We’ve been working hard the past couple weeks, and we know that these are the last few games before the playoffs. We’re just trying to play our best. photo provided by the cat’s eye

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Spirit Week michelle staggers

victoria Conner

Nerd Day

Hawaiian Day

Left: Kyle Brennan adorning nerdy attire during lunch. Right: Janson Doyle, Cory Ohlin and Caitlyn Nolan showing school spirit during the homecoming football game.




erika ausley

Decade Day Top Right: Shawna Mumma in class with Hawaiian spirit. Below: David Slupeck and James Hartmen representing the 70s.

Left: Becca Smoot representing the senior class. Bottom: Jackie Tennant’s class during Hogwarts Day.

victoria conner

victoria conner

16 l the viewpoint l october 2012

Hogwarts Day

The Viewpoint October 2012  

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