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My name is Janeth Perez, i am thirty six years old, I am from Bucaramanga and my adress is avenue Quebrada Seca Street thirty three number twenty-sixty four, and neighbourhood is San Alonso. My birthday is in ogost fourteen,

I am married my mobile number is three eleven four eight one nine nine seven seven. I am profession is teacher,

my hobby is shopping, and favorite color is purple, my favorite animal is ostrich and favorite and favorite fruit is peach, my favorite food is lasagna,

And my favorite sport is swimming, my favorite place is park, my favorite music is Christian praise, my favorite book is Last Chance and my favorite movie is life is beautiful‌ Bye teacher!


I get up at 5 am, I brush, I make breakfast for my daughter and husband who are

going to study and work. After I shower with my daughter later I get to do the house chores, then I do homework with my little daughter.

Then prepare lunch, I get ready to leave for work and uniformed my daughter who goes to school. We had lunch in family with my husband and daughters brush my

teeth again, I'm going to work in a school as an assistant nursery, I come home at 6 pm, share some time with my daughters, after that, prepare the food we ate, we,

I sleep with them, read them a book called "Treasure kids" are Bible stories, pray and lay down to sleep. After that I get to do my college work comes later my husband and we went to bed. In my spare time I go watch TV and play with my daughters, I sleep a while.

1 my daily routine