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Webinar #3 What. Quality Servicing for Customer Loyalty


Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty

customer acquisition and retention

Customer loyalty is about • Attracting the right customer; • Getting them to buy; • Buy often; • Buy in higher quantities; • Bring you even more customers.

What makes customer loyal • 73% - friendly employees or customer service representatives • 55% - ability to easily find information or request help • 36% - personalized experience • 33% - good reputation

Customer Loyalty

Marketing Campaigns

Customer Servicing


Marketing Campaigns

Thinking by benefits

Customer Servicing

What is Customer Servicing?

Sale is not a finish!!!

What is servicing? • Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation.

Customer servicing goals

Maintain and strengthen partnership

Share our market based on strong brand


Account management

Who’s account manager? An employee whose job is the day-to-day support of a particular customer's account with a business, and who serves as the primary point of contact between the customer and the company. The account manager position can provide customer support, technical support, planning and optimization for the account, as well as developing a relationship with the customer.


Who’s your girlfriend ? LCP – Universities LCP/PM – Government oGIP – EPs, Candidates, Alumni iGIP – Companies, Alumni

How to make relations successful ? Think 1 minute and write in comments!





Giving the BEST SERVICE!!!


Attitude Communication

Thorough product knowledge Understanding needs Support

- Build your daily schedule/priorities around these deliverables - Profitability Management All sales are not the same Graph: Time – Profit (30-40 unprofitable, 20-30 bring most of profit)

MUST DO! • Promise only what you know you can deliver • Plan the time line together • Educate/inform involved entities ahead of time • Always be on time • Have consistent and open communication • Make right expectations

Evaluation - Measurement Surveys - Ask for feedback - Be flexible and adjust

- What product do you offer next?


Customers Relations Management (CRM)


Knowledge Management

Benefits • • • • • • • •

Streamlined sales and marketing processes Higher sales productivity Added cross-selling and up-selling Improved service, loyalty, and retention Higher close rates Better profiling and targeting Increased market share Higher overall profitability


Tips and tricks • Personal relationships matter • Think/obsess on ROIR (Return On Investment in Relationships). • Phones beat email.

• A 3-minute call today can avoid a game-loser of a fiasco next month

Tips and tricks • It’s always your problem — you sold it to them • Regular progress meetings • Customized Products • Partnership expansion • Making Case study of the traineeship

• Remind about yourself from time to time • Walk your extra mile

Servicing in oGIP

Standardized GIP EP flow Lead on ORS

TN on OP

Mailer from AIESEC

Invitation for interview



Key Training

Application for TN from OP

Registration on

Searching for TN

Constant tracking by EP-manager

Inner journey meeting

EP Matched

Advanced Training (OPS)


Constant support during Re

Key training: Knowledge and principles AIESEC Knowledge Action plan

Key working principles

Interview passing

Leadership in GIP

CV/ Cover letter

MA tools

Constant tracking: efficiency EP tracking tool


Action plan

Mailers with TNs

Mail cc in applications

Use CRM! • EP Tracking Tool: tWXlETFE&usp=drive_web#gid=1

Inner journey meeting: reflection and replanning Developing as a leader

Solutions and opportunities

Main problems and wins

Advanced training (OPS): preparation Culture Shock preparation


Preparation to delivery

Soft Skills development


OPS • Local/National • – all materials

Support during internship: ensuring quality Communication

Leaving checking

NPS and firefighting

Arrival checking

Conditions checking

Use CRM! • General LC EPs tracking tool • Use Customer Gauge data

Servicing in iGIP

iGIP • REMEMBER you have to service 2 stakeholders:

- TN-taker - Intern (EP)

Servicing in iGIP Create clear timeline together and follow it

Make reports and evaluate their expirience

Tracking of receiving right experience from both sides

Tracking of matching process

Set right expectations for TN-taker and EP and be sure that you delivering in.


Showcasing • Goal: Sharing your market, growing brand loyalty • Method: Story telling • Resource:, VK, FB • Tools: pictures, presentations by realized Eps on LCMs, promo events, etc. • Result: people buy from people, no wide promo


#3 sdp what quality servicing for customer loyalty  
#3 sdp what quality servicing for customer loyalty