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2 AUG/SEP/OCT 2013


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Model Basics

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offered by Makeover 101


This class starts Sept. 30th. It is designed for aspiring models and girls interested in gaining more self confidence.

All classes will be taught by professionals. SPACE IS LIMITED so Register NOW!

GET IN TOUCH We want to hear from you. Contact us about customer care, advertising rates, subscriptions, donations, sponsorship, volunteer or intern opportunities and general inquiries. [online] [email] [phone] 281-619-0882 [mail] Makeover 101 Ministry P.O.Box 662, Fresno TX 77545

Time: 6pm-7pm on Mondays Location: Sugar Land/Stafford Area Classes: Make up, Styling for your body type , Self Confidence, & Posing for Print Cost: $25/class or $85 for all 4 classes

Book a photo session GIVE TO THE MVMNT online at or with IyoWorks. Give tear out the insert on p13 and mail it to us. Say you saw this ad in MVMNT magazine and receieve 1 8x10 photo or 2 4x6 photos for free 281-410-5496

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The Makeover 101 Conference is an attempt to makeover the world, one girl at a time, from the inside out. The conference is filled with games, music, make-up sessions and a fantastic runway show. Our speakers explore all aspects including spiritual makeovers, while our breakout sessions guide girls through physical makeovers. The girls were invited to attend the conference from local areas, as well as inner city Houston. We believe that God wants to change our world and He can use teen girls to start the revolution. We challenge girls to have a foundation based on Christ and to give up their baggage acquired from 4 AUG/SEP/OCT 2013

their life choices. We teach girls that God created us in His image, therefore we are already beautiful. We must live a life of true beauty reflecting God’s image by following His Word. Our speakers hosted a “talk show” in which the girls actively participated in and had their questions answered from a Godly perspective. We know that in today’s society, answers to questions are only a click away. Whether or not the answers are of God is our main concern. Our speakers who are also youth leaders and pastors are able to elaborate on topics the girls provide with Christian-based answers.

Who We Are Makeover 101 believes that youth development encompasses the process of growing up and developing one’s capacities physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and professionally. Makeover 101’s main purpose is to teach young ladies to see themselves as God sees them. Consistently reaffirming proven life principles while reminding each individual that they are created in God’s image. We seek to help adolescent girls live a balanced holistic lifestyle while realizing their full potential. We are an organization committed to changing the lives of teenage girls and young women by empowering them through various avenues. We teach both the physical and spiritual aspects of a makeover. We emphasize the importance of knowing who you are in Christ which gives you the strength to face many of today’s challenges. We are inspired by perfection and the attempt to teach Godly standards, morals, and principles desirable to live by in today’s world.

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It’s time for college. For freshman, it’s going to be the first time that you’ll be living away from home. Finally freedom! Freedom to have your room the way that you want! You arrive to check out your new room, but freeze as you open the door. “There must be a mistake. This couldn’t be my room. It’s the size of my closet! Where am I going to put all of my stuff?” Yes, this is your room for the semester and possibly the next several years, but it’s not just your room; you have to share that tiny space with a roommate. It also seems that you have enough stuff to fill it from the ceiling to floor. You can’t bring your whole home with you to the dorm; you can only bring a small portion of it. You can prepare and make the best use of the space that you’re

• Small removable shelving for storage in your closet. This is the best way to store all those shoes you are still going to bring.

• Over the door storage for toiletries, school supplies, and accessories. • Removable strips and hooks for the walls to hang purses, belts, and • scarves. • Plastic bins that fit under the bed for clothing storage. • Trunks. Old school is the new school. Trunks can serve as storage and coffee tables for snacks and homework.

• A container with handles that holds all your bathroom supplies to make shower time a little easier.

given by having a plan.

• Bring in pops of your favorite color and your favorite accessories to

Here are some tips: • Consider what you absolutely have to have in order to live. Do you

• Be sure to go to your college’s website to know what to bring and what

really need or have the space for all those shoes? How many pairs

personalize your space. not to bring.

of jeans do you really need to bring with you? Think in terms of

College is going to be a lot of fun, and these tips will help your tiny space feel


just a little more like home. A tiny, tiny home. Enjoy the school year!

storage because you may not have the floor space for regular shelves

Follow me on Pinterest for more organizational ideas for your space at

• Small shelving/ cubbies that sit on your desk. This comes in handy for and/or you may not be able to install shelves up on the walls.

• Storage drawers on wheels. These may fit nicely next to your bed or in your closet. 8 AUG/SEP/OCT 2013

n O e r ’ e W

ve o M the

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INTERVIEW Check out Alisha’s music at

Alisha Pace WHAT IS YOUR HOMETOWN? WHAT WAS YOUR CHILDHOOD LIKE? I was raised in Sugar Land, Texas. It’s a pretty SWEET destination. I have two WONDERFUL siblings: Alexis is my recently married sister, and my brother Reagan is the proud new owner of a driver’s license. Growing up, my mom home-schooled us, so we had a lot of time to get to know each other. I can honestly say that they are two of the best friends I will ever have; two people I can be incredibly silly with and yet also have serious conversations with. My parents are pretty cool too. My dad is really good at early morning coffee one- on-ones. He is wisdom-infused. And my mom is a living GPS--she can get you ANYWHERE. I have been so blessed by these four. They’ve shaped so much of who I am!

YOU JUST COMPLETED YOUR FIRST YEAR AT BAYLOR UNIVERSITY. HOW WAS IT? ANY WORDS FOR GRADUATING SENIORS THIS YEAR? COLLEGE. College was a good time. College is so interesting because it’s a BIG group of people who are all near the same age gathering in one place. So, SOAK IT UP! Get out there and meet everyone you can. Go eat lunch with 10 AUG/SEP/OCT 2013

that person you hardly know. Make plans to do something fun on the weekend. Include everyone!

HAS COLLEGE CHALLENGED OR MADE YOU EVALUATE YOUR FAITH? IF SO, WHAT HAPPENED THAT LED TO THIS? WHAT REALIZATION DID YOU COME TO? College challenged my faith for sure. Something that I often struggle with in my daily life is insecurity. I got to college and had moments when I felt small and insignificant. Sometimes I would look around me and think, “Wow. Everyone else fits in perfectly and has like a kaziIlion friends. I must be LAME.” And because I felt so small, I was also very discontented with my surroundings for awhile. My trust in God was quite lacking, and I was totally allowing my feelings to dictate what I thought was true. Then God kind of rocked my world and was like, “HOLD UP ALISHA. Here’s some truth for you: You are loved like CRAZY, by people and by ME. Comparison is the thief of contentment.The

coordinates of your life are in no way random

notice. The world is full of broken people who

and I planted you WHERE I did WHEN I did

are searching and crying out for love, and I truly

for a divine reason. Just BE YOURSELF and

think that even the smallest actions can brighten lives everywhere!

the right people will stick to you. I am refining you through any affliction that you


feel right now. Allow me to refine you my sweet child.”  Sometimes I think God allows us to go

To not lose faith in God’s plan. With this

through rough patches so we can learn to feel

career, it is easy to get discouraged because

deeply for others who may be experiencing

it is so highly competitive. And giving up has

the same thing. Sometimes I also think he

definitely crossed my mind a couple of times. But

allows us to be discontent, because total

if God wants me to go on to sing for thousands,

contentment can be a dangerous place, in that

it will happen. There’s no stopping His will. The

it can leave you with no thirst to make changes

only thing He’s told me to do is to not waste any

for the better. God was refining me through

of the gifts He’s allowed me to have. So while I

that season. He was teaching me to be able to

have breath, I will definitely be singing, whether

love on others who feel what I was feeling.

that will be on a big stage or just for my family.

He was planting in me the desire to let others


know just how special and significant they are. There’s a reason for everything and God never fails to show me that, even when I don’t

Currently, I am a waitress at Salt Grass Steak

trust what He’s up to. God is so incredibly faithful and He never stops showing me just how faithful He is!

WHEN DID YOU DECIDE YOU WERE GOING TO PURSUE BEING A PERFORMING ARTIST? I was sitting in Pre-Calculus one day during my Junior year in high school, and thinking about life career choices. We had probably just taken some

House, and it has just been an AMAZING job! It is literally my JOB to serve people. What better


way to show people the Jesus in me?! I know that

COUNTRY. I love the stories that country songs

time with the people I meet, so I try to use it to love

tell. Sometimes there’s pain. Sometimes there’s happiness. Other times, love. But I think country songs are beautiful because they are so real.

being a waitress only gives me a small window of on them like crazy! That isn’t always easy, but I’m learning. It’s also a super humbling job, because I make a lot of mistakes. I might accidentally pour a drink in someone’s lap, but hey, I make sure they

mark in the world through SINGING than I am


about anything else! I should probably stick with

The stage is wonderful, but it can also allow a


lot of pride to step in. And when I get proud, I

Stay close to Jesus. Stay humble. Never stop

crazy test or something, and THAT’S when it hit me, “Hey, I’m more passionate about leaving a

this thing.” And that’s where I discovered my career choice- right there in math class!

normally just end up looking like a dumbo! God

When was your first performance? Were you

gave me a gift and graciously allows me to use it,

nervous? If so, how did you work past the nerves?

but He does not NEED my gift to do His work. I’ve

My first solo singing performance was at a home-school talent show called Share Night, and I sang, “I’m Alright” by FFH. Even though it was ten years ago, I assume that I was quite the nervous little bunny. I have several things that I do to work past nerves: I pray, I repeat Bible verses to myself, and I’ve found that speaking to the audience before I sing is also really beneficial for calming nerves. But a little nervousness isn’t a bad thing; it gives you just enough spunk for a fabulous performance!

found that staying humble is crucial to performing. And staying humble also automatically gives you the freedom to view your worth from God’s

have a good time despite that.

using the gifts Christ gave you. Those three things can NEVER steer you wrong!




HEY! Now that you know a bit about me, let

perspective, not from your accomplishments.

me know who YOU are! Tell me about yourself!


What’s your story? What’s your favorite color?

MINISTRY TO THE MAX! For me, I think actions speak louder than words. I think that when

Your favorite hairstyle? What’s Jesus been teaching you these days?! Find my music page on Facebook or ReverbNation and hit me up. I’d love to make a new friend!

you combine walking with Christ in your daily life and purposefully loving on people with the same passionate love He has poured out on us, people MVMNTMAG.COM


12 AUG/SEP/OCT 2013



My freshman year of college, I tried to take a bus to visit a friend in Austin, but I fell asleep on the bus and ended up in Houston! The bus driver agreed to drive me back to school. When we got back, he made me promise I would never ride on another bus again! In 7th grade, my friend’s uncle got me an audition to sing for Bow Wow, but I chickened out and never went. I am TERRIFIED of the dark! I still have a night lamp I keep on. My favorite show EVER is Beverly Hills 90210! I’ve watched all 10 seasons 15 times, and I still ball my eyes out on the last episode. I’m half Cuban on my dad’s side, and I long to visit Cuba one day to see the other half of my culture. I ran up our phone bill in high school by $1000! This was before my parents believed in unlimited everything. In high school, I had aspirations for becoming a rapper and had a cool rapper name, “Young Minnie.” That dream was crushed when I could’nt flow or come up with rhymes. The book fair came to my school in elementary school. My parents wouldn’t buy me books off my wish list, so I took one of my mom’s checks to try and buy them. She found it under my bed. I didn’t get anything from the book fair that year. I AM A TWIN!

Support the

MVMNT! MVMNT Magazine is a part of Makeover 101 Inc. (a non profit organization) and has a mission to spread the gospel of Christ. We produce a range of 1000-5000 magazines per issue in and around the Houston area. Our magazine is placed in Christian book stores, medical offices, churches, Christian schools, etc. We share information about other positive organizations, artist, media related movements, etc. We think it is important for others to know who to volunteer with, how to connect with them and exactly why to help them. Our main purpose is not for you to be a part of every organization we share but to find one that steals your heart and join the MVMNT!








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Read Zowie’s fashion articles at 14 AUG/SEP/OCT 2013

Servant Leadership Training 101 June 12 - 15, 2014 Orlando, Florida $350 You are invited to attend Makeover 101 Servant Leadership Weekend in Orlando, Florida. Location We will be staying in a beautiful resort in Orlando but traveling south to a small town to assist and serve a community in need.

Who Can Attend This is a fun filled weekend of serving and leadership training. The event is open to teens (male & female) 13 years of age as well as youth groups. Space is limited. There are many requirements to attend the weekend.

Funding The cost is $350 Fundraising opportunities will also be provided if needed.

How to Attend Signup online at




BACK-TO-SCHOOL SUCCESS Written by Katherine Dillard


MAKING YOUR CHRISTIANITY COUNT Written by Kimberly James Don’t let the end of the summer blues get you down! The first day back to school is on the way. From Valedictorian to the athletic jock, or whatever you do during the school year, here are some fun and efficient tips to kick off the beginning of the school year with a bang.

So you say you are a Christian? Ok, great! What is your contribution to humanity? Have you ever thought about your personal mission? reach out to “all the nations” in Matthew 28:19. However, many people are not called to be

If you’re the type to procrastinate getting your work done, then regret it, but repeat the cycle all over again, you are not alone. Try to stay one step ahead of yourself. Cope with your schedule and habits to find clever ways to help your day go a lot smoother. For instance, start with a schedule. Once you get the hang of it, add another step, like getting organized. You would be amazed by what a hole-puncher and some dividers would do. If you don’t like getting organized during class, designate a time/day as often as you want to get all of your notes and handouts together. Some surveys showed that over 50% of students say that they would have done better in school had they been organized.

age or circumstances, there is always a way

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7 16 AUG/SEP/OCT 2013

global missionaries and travel abroad. Yet, we ought to be mission-minded in all the things we do. Have you discovered your passions? Are there areas in your home, school, church or community that would greatly benefit if you created or supported a missions program? As a body of Christ, we ought to invest in our

• • • • • •

local church. Join Habitat for Humanity, United Way, relief efforts. Serve others daily in the same way you would like to be served. Mentor a younger person than yourself. Allow others to go first in line. Buy a stranger a meal or a drink. Share your testimony with others by way of social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Create a Facebook fan or blog page for your peers to talk and express themselves

mission, as stated in Acts 1:8; no matter our we can evangelize and serve others. If you

Assist with Sunday School classes at your

Salvation Army, or Red Cross in their

Jesus made it very clear that Christians should

Maybe you can benefit during your study break. Studies show that blueberries can increase your learning capacity. These sweet and tangy berries make for a delicious snack. However, blueberries aren’t the only snacks that are good for your brain. Research also shows that tea, avocados and nuts can help you focus in the classroom too. Nuts are a win-win. Not only do they stimulate better brain activity, but they give you more energy before physical exercise.

Most importantly, stay positive and don’t give up. Your perception has the ability to make you or break you. Albert Einstein once said, “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer”. Three of the best keys to success no matter what you face are to stay calm, keep a positive attitude, and persevere. Cast your worries to the one who died for you, and Jesus will take care of the rest.

about Jesus. Inquire about starting a Christian Student

are excited about being an “Ambassador for

Association for your local school or

Christ,” prayerfully consider working on your


personal mission or evangelistic work for the kingdom in the next coming weeks. Here are some suggestions: • Buy extra non-perishable items when you

• • • • •

grocery shop to deliver to a food bank. Donate your gently used clothing to a shelter.

• • •

Organize weekly food, clothing, or book drives for your school or community. Raise your standards in your conversations to include more positives than negatives. Live out loud for Christ every day in every way. When given the opportunity, prayerfully

Invite others to worship with you regularly

join a mission group to travel and

for two services a month.

serve others in different cities, states or

Donate your time talking to an elderly


person in a nursing home.

Above all things, remember to live a life of

Visit a child with cancer and read a book

service to others, and you will be greatly

to them once a week.


After talking with friends, always end the conversation with an encouraging

scripture. Create your own gospel tracts and distribute them to your family, friends and community.

Makeover 101 presents

The Southwest Building Inner Beauty Pageant April 2014 Stafford /Sugarland area Entry is free but spaces are limited Ages 6-18 Email us at




NBA Star Mike James

by Janiah Lockett

Basketball, illustrious for being one of the hardest games ever invented, is also known for its amazing players. They jump incredible heights, move at phenomenal speeds, and can do serious damage with a piece of rubber. New York-born Mike James is one of these players, but is also a Christian. I had the privilege of interviewing the Dallas Maverick.

18 AUG/SEP/OCT 2013

WHEN WERE YOU INDUCTED INTO THE NBA? I was inducted into the NBA in the 2000-2001 season.

HOW TALL ARE YOU? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN STARED AT BECAUSE OF YOUR HEIGHT? I am 6’2’’. The only time I was ever stared at was when I was in China.



slap you on one cheek, offer them the other. You

I listen to gospel music. I have a game ritual


[which includes being] specific about what I eat. My preparation keeps me from being nervous.

WHAT IS YOUR DIET LIKE? I have a sweet tooth. But for the most part I try to eat healthily; I try to stay away from a lot of fried foods. But I am a sucker for junk.

have to pick your battles.

I remember when I was first cut from the Miami Heat. I went to CBA and wasn’t playing well. In the midst of a hard game, I thought to myself that if the game was going to be this difficult for me, I’d rather not play. It was a tough decision. I called my wife and a close friend, and was ready to give basketball up. Then, all of the sudden, the game

My favorite country was Austria because my


wife and I got married there. My team paid for

It teaches you how to interact with other people.

It was just one of those moments, and I always

everything, and my coach gave her away. I always

In business, when there’s a project that has to be

want to go back there to visit the church [where

done, you have to come together with one common

the ceremony was held].

goal. That’s the same thing when it comes to

WHAT HAS BEEN THE ODDEST CULTURAL DIFFERENCE YOU’VE EXPERIENCED WHILE OVERSEAS? ALSO, WHAT IS THE HARDEST THING ABOUT ADJUSTING TO A NEW COUNTRY? The oddest thing has been the Chinese food. It’s not the same type of food we call Chinese in the US. The hardest thing about adjusting is the language barrier. Without communication, you can’t go anywhere or do anything.

WOW! THAT’S INTERESTING. ON ANOTHER NOTE, DO BASKETBALL PLAYERS EVER HAVE TO WEAR MAKEUP? Sometimes basketball players have to wear foundation, eyeliner, concealer, and lip gloss for commercials.

professional sports; you’re not an individual, you’re a team, so you have to learn how to work with other players and still show your leadership skills.

Never quit. Never give up on your dreams It’s only what you believe about yourself [that determines] whether or not you’ll be successful as a professional athlete.

DO YOU HAVE ANY WARNINGS FOR ASPIRING PLAYERS? Don’t become cocky from other people’s praise.

4 hours, and I’m replaying the game in my head. Losses are tough for me. I hold onto them more than I hold onto wins. For wins, as soon as the


Larry Brown always said: “Play the game the right way. Because if you can’t play it the right way, you can’t play.”


I got saved my senior year of college, in 1998.

regardless of what people say about who you are.

I like being alone. I don’t go to sleep for about

Play the game the right way. That’s what Coach

The NBA is everything I expected it to be. It’s the



game is over, I’m done with the game. A loss hurts


you like to say to those aspiring to play in the

thank God for allowing me to hold on.


IS THE NBA IN ANY WAY DIFFERENT THAN WHAT YOU EXPECTED IT TO BE? best basketball league in the world. What would

started turning around, and I started playing better.

HOW DO YOU BALANCE SUCH A BUSY SCHEDULE WITH A CHRISTIAN LIFESTYLE? I keep God the head of my life, and understand that I’m never too busy for Him.


that much more for me. I hate to lose more than I love to win.

[I keep in mind that] the game is over when the buzzer rings. You have to always play with heart and not give up a single opportunity, because when there’s still time, you just might gain the momentum needed to win.

WHAT IS TRAINING LIKE FOR YOU? I do too much. I swim, run, do yoga, etc. My day may start at 5:30 in morning and end at 5 in the evening. The training’s not fun, but that’s not what I’m focusing on. I’m focusing on the results.

WHO HAS HAD A POSITIVE INFLUENCE ON YOUR CAREER? Negative people in my life. People who say I won’t amount to anything; that I can’t be or do certain things. They are more motivation to me than the people in my corner.

supposed to be a light no matter who you’re

Mike James is a great player, but is also a good

playing with. Have you ever experienced trash

role model. He always keeps God first, even while

talk during a game? How did you overcome it?

in the midst of a crazy NBA schedule. He reminds

As quickly as they can love you, if you stop having

You have to know that being a Christian doesn’t

success in that sport they can turn their back on

mean you have to accept just anything that anyone

you. If that happened, you wouldn’t know how to

says to you. But, at the same time, you always

overcome [because you’ve become cocky from

have to understand that you are supposed to have

listening to their praise].

meekness about you like Christ. He says if they

Christians that no matter where you are, whether it is in business or in the NBA, the light you shine should never be hidden.




REMEDY FOR TEMPTATION Written by Libin Abraham

13 Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am being tempted by God,” for God cannot be tempted with evil, and he himself tempts no one. 14 But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. 15 Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death. James 1: 13-15

James addresses a key issue here that all of

shore until we have gone too far. Therefore it is

is history. What kinds of lures or baits are before

us face: temptation! Whether we are young or old,

necessary that we recognize and take action. So let

you that grab your attention and affection?

we are tempted by different things. When you are

us first recognize what is the source of temptation.

going through particular seasons of loneliness or stress, things that we normally would identify as clearly wrong, now seem to be acceptable due to our circumstances or trials. We know that stealing is wrong, but if we are really hungry and there is a buffet table near us, slipping into the line doesn’t seem like a bad idea. In many instances of stress, we turn to alcohol or pornography. When we have an intense desire to be liked, we may start compromising our morals. When we are hurt or angry, we tend to lash out at someone, and we claim that it is justified. These are some of the temptations that emerge from various trials. Are you going through something now that is causing you to be tempted to do something you normally wouldn’t do?

that these baits when bit into lead to certain death.

our temptation is us! It is not God or others, but our

There is no question about it. Temptation itself is

own evil desires. Forks and spoons don’t make a

not the sin, but the entertaining of the temptation

person obese, they their own eating habitsdo. God

is, because it leads to sin itself. A union takes place

may test you but he will never tempt you. Testing

between our desires and the object of temptation

is meant to strengthen and build us up while

and it conceives sin. It continues to grow, until it

temptations are meant to destroy us. In temptation

is fully mature and accomplished. Then it kills,

we are lured away just like a fish that sees a baited

which was its goal from the beginning. James here

hook. The fish spots an easy target that is helpless

wants us to look at the long road that temptation

and seems to promise great fulfillment. It proceeds

takes us on before we decide to take a ride with it.

to bite into the hook only to find out that it was not

A vivid description of this long road is also given

live bait but a deadly trick. We all have these lures

in Proverbs 7:10-27. Ultimately, flirting with

in our life that promise to either give us pleasure or

temptation is opening the door to a vicious cycle

to numb our pain. There is a different lure or bait

of death. Where would your tempting bait take

for all of us. Satan has tailor-made a temptation

you if you continued?

for each of us. Lures will always first grab your

Temptation is not a single wave that crashes

attention, and then grip your affection. You will

on us, but a steady pull of an undertow; a slow

see it and notice it, and then you will have a

but constant occurrence of small waves. It’s as if

feeling of attraction to it. When such feeling is

we don’t realize how far we have drifted from the

kept and not destroyed, you bite into it and the rest

20 AUG/SEP/OCT 2013

James continues and tells us in verses 14-16

In James 1:13, James says that the source of

James gives us a remedy for our deadly temptations in verses 16-17. The remedy is to simply look to the only one that can give true pleasure and joy, God himself. We all want good gifts and perfect things, and God is the only one

FROM THE READERS 16 Do not be deceived, my beloved brothers. 17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. James 1: 16-17

that can give us that for he alone is good and perfect. However, our temptations will blur our vision and prevent us from seeing that. The greatest danger of temptations is that it can disfigure the true picture of God. In the story of Eve and the Serpent, before the serpent could make the fruit look appealing, he first had to make God look unappealing. In tempting us, Satan makes God look insufficient, old, outdated, and with nothing to offer. However, this is Satan’s scheme to keep us turned away from God. In order for us to be rescued from the vicious cycle of sin, we must turn to God in Jesus Christ.


Submit your questions at Q: What’s wrong with rock/country/CCM/jazz music? How can you tell what music is good and what is bad? ― Love 2 Listen A: Love 2 Listen, Have you ever heard of that phrase, “You are what you eat”? Well, the Bible tells us in Proverbs 23:7 that you are what you think. Often times, the things that we listen to become the things that we think about, so we have to be very careful. If we are trying to live a life that is pleasing to God, then we have to think about the things that please Him. So, there is nothing wrong with rock, jazz or county music, but that doesn’t make it right for you, depending on what it makes you think about.

When we take the time to turn to God, we discover a God so satisfying and good that all temptations pale in comparison. We discover a God so constant and patient that we can count on him to be merciful despite all of our failures. Do not allow the enemy to paint an inaccurate picture of God. Satan’s drawings of God will make God look angry, boring, irrelevant, distant

― KJ Q: Why is it so hard to be consistent in the Christian life as a teenager? ― Trying Teen

and mean. However this is a lie that you must not believe. God’s deepest desire is to fulfill every need that you have. God wants to be your source of satisfaction. Most often the reason for our temptations, whether they be addiction, pleasure, immorality or another desire, is a dissatisfaction or a void in our hearts that we think we need to fill by ourself. The Christian-converted life as described in Colossians 3 is a life where our hearts and minds are set on Christ and satisfied by Him. He becomes our life. The remedy for temptation is not only turning away from temptation, but turning towards Jesus and allowing Him to become your satisfaction. This truly glorifies God and brings healing and eternal fulfillment.

A: Trying Teen, First, let me say keep up the good work! One of the things that God requires of us is that we keep trying. God’s word tells us that if we “endure to the end” we will receive rewards. God does not require that we be perfect; in fact, He knows that we are not. That is why He sent Jesus, the only perfect one. As believers, we rely on Christ’s perfection. We don’t have to be perfect, but we should consistently try to be. There are a few things that can help, but first and most importantly, you must accept Christ as your personal Savior and Lord. Next, we have to build our relationship with Him by reading the Bible and praying. We also need to surround ourselves with people who are trying to live for God like we are, so it helps immensely to go to church. Get involved in a youth group where others are living for God also. They can help you when you’re slipping, and you can help them also. Remember though, never give up. If you’ve already given your life to Christ, you can trust Him to help you when you are weak, and if you are honestly trying, He will forgive you when you mess up. Remember Christ is perfect. If we are believe and accept Christ, then He will be perfection for us! ― KJ Q: What is appropriate clothing for a Christian and why 832.554.SKIN(7546) 2409 Arbor #1, Houston, TX 77004

am I supposed to dress modestly? ― Fashion Forward A: Fashion Forward, My mother used to always tell me,

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“You never have a second chance to make a good first MVMNTMAG.COM


impression.” At first I didn’t know what that meant, but I learned. It simply means that whatever I wanted people to think of me, I had to make sure I presented myself that way. Honestly, you can wear whatever you want. That’s right, I said it. You can wear whatever you want. Just remember, whatever you wear will cause people to think about you in a certain way. I can best answer your question using an example. If you saw someone in a police uniform, what type of person would you think they were? That’s right – a police officer. What about someone in pants and a white coat with a stethoscope? You would probably think a doctor. Well, would the word “Christian” come to mind if you saw a young lady with shorts on that were incredibly short and a top on that was 2 sizes too small? Probably not. So there you have it. You can wear whatever you want, but if you want someone to think of you a certain way, it’s a good idea to dress like you want them to think. You can dress modestly and still be fashion forward. Give it a try! ― KJ



Immigration. Gay Rights. Gun Control.

3:9, “Do not repay evil with evil or insult with

It’s all so frustrating! Congress can’t seem to

insult. On the contrary, repay evil with blessing,

get along for a single day, let alone solve big

because to this you were called so that you may

problems in our country. It’s easy to get caught

inherit a blessing.” Now, responding with a

up in it all, and when parents are frustrated and

blessing doesn’t mean we say, “May the Lord

talk about it, it’s hard not to get mad. But what

bless you.” That will probably make the person

good will that do? Getting angry about politics

even angrier. A blessing could be that we walk

is easy. Rising above it to be a true follower of

away. It could be that we change the subject.

Christ is a different story.

Or, it could be that we apologize on behalf of

As followers of Jesus, our goal is to respond as He wants. When it comes to living with and around others, especially those who

and nasty, since we all know someone who acts that way.

think Christians are intolerant, judgmental

Ultimately, getting mad about politics

hypocrites, we try to be peaceful. When

isn’t going to solve the problems, and you will

someone who isn’t a follower of Christ talks

only inherit bigger problems unless someone

about us as if we are all bigoted jerks, we don’t

starts to follow the example given to us in

have to get angry and respond with insults.

scripture. So, why not you?

The Bible talks about this very thing in 1 Peter 22 AUG/SEP/OCT 2013

other Christians who actually have been mean

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24 AUG/SEP/OCT 2013

MVMNT Fall 2013 [Issue 06]  

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