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Winter 2012 - Volume 3 - Issue 8

MVM School Newspaper

Harsh, Mean, and Cruel. Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying seems to happen now more than ever with the increase use of MVM students on facebook

By: Ashley Martinez Gomez Many students experience bullying, either by being bullies themselves or knowing someone who gets bullied or being a witness to bullying. Many students are scared of talking to an adult about it, but they really should. The majority of the bullies tell the students they are bullying, not to tell anyone or else something bad is going to happen to them. That’s how they intimidate them so they won’t get in trouble or get kicked out of school. Some students get bullied because they’re smart students that like to work, some students call these people “nerds”. Others bully because they don’t have many friends or they just like to make fun of people that can’t defend themselves. Students don’t just get bullied on campus, they can also get “cyberbullied.” According to, cyberbullying can be defined as “willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.” Here is one case of cyberbullying. Interviewer: Have you ever been bullied? Student: Yes, I have! Interviewer: When did it happen and where? Student: It happened in spring break and it was on Facebook. Interviewer: How did the bullying start? Student: A misunderstanding on Facebook with my profile picture. Interviewer: What did they misunderstand with your profile picture?

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Student: I had the girl as my profile picture because she wanted me to have her, but something went wrong and they thought I was calling her ugly. Interviewer: And what were they saying on Facebook? Student: They were posting bad words on my wall. Interviewer: Did you answer back? Student: Well, yes I did but without bad words. Interviewer: Did you tell an adult about what was happening? Student: No, I didn’t but my sister saw everything they were posting on my wall so she told my mom. Interviewer: What did your mom do about it? Student: Well, my mom took copies, and wanted to show them to the Principal. Interviewer: Did your mom go to the Principals office? Student: No, I told her not to because I felt more comfortable telling my teacher. Interviewer: What did the teacher do? Student: Nothing really, since I had lost the copies my mom had made, so she just told me to be aware if they did that again. This case of cyberbulling is just one case of many. No students should get bullied. Students can be cruel and mean, but it’s not okay to bully others. If you are a witness to bullying, please tell an adult on campus. What if it was your brother or sister being bullied, wouldn’t you want someone to protect them?

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Campus News

Like It Or Not?

Melannie Villela enjoyed reading the article of One Direction Vs. Justin Bieber.


The Viking Times

School Newspaper By: Andrea Perez The Viking Times is in its third year of production. Mar Vista Middle School has won two awards for newspaper at the San Diego Fair! We won second place in 2011-2012, and we won third place in 2010-2011. This year, 2012-2013, we are working hard to get the first place award! The first edition of newspaper in Mar Vista Middle School, 2012-2013, was done on September twenty-first and was distributed to students the week before Fall Break. There were stories about: One Direction Vs. Justin Bieber, ants, Facebook, the aloha dance, back to school night, etc. With all the hard work the Journalism Students are doing to produce a quality newspaper, we wanted to find out if students like the newspaper. Lets find out! 89% of Vikings were asked if they like the newspaper. Alicia Llamas said, “I did like the newspaper, and my favorite article was the one on Facebook.” Karina Pereda states, “I loved the newspaper! I mostly liked the “As Long As You Love Me Vs. One Thing article!” Breanna Hubbard said, “It was awesome!” My favorite article was the Aloha Dance one.” Giovanni Cespedes said, “The newspaper was pretty cool, and my favorite article was The Hunger Games. Genevieve Flores said, “Yes, I did like the newspaper, but I mostly liked the pictures that were in it.” Which was your favorite article from this Winter edition of the newspaper? Vikings made their own opinion, and they have mostly chosen that they did like the newspaper! That is a great thing to know for the students who made the newspaper. On every newspaper edition, there will be cool articles, interesting thing to read. Keep on enjoying the Mar Vista Middle School’s newspaper, The Viking Times!

college and see what it’s like to be a college student.” “I liked getting to explore a college campus,” agreed Dmitri Otanez. “Food!!!” said Bob Nunez. “Bookstore, hands down!” argues Nicole Kerlin. Faizah Hussei joins in and says, “I liked the dancing at Viejas arena.” Compact For Success is for the benefit of all students in the Sweetwater District. Try to stick to these requirements so you’re guaranteed a spot in SDSU. They give you an opportunity to go to fun and enriching classes like language, cooking, and the arts. You’d be surprised by what you might pick up for your future career. Photo by Faith Lopez

Justin Stonebreaker, and Leilani Uyeda, lead a group of students through SDSU. They took time to attend this event on a Saturday. They are investing in their future.

What are the requirements? By: Aria A. Archer What do the A-G requirements mean to middle school students? To find out, I went to the 13th annual 7th grade Compact For Success (C.F.S.) field trip on October 20th to SDSU. Along with the tour, many students were given T-shirts and other free items at the many workshops and got a chance to explore the campus themselves. There was even some dancing to “Gangnam Style” in the Viejas arena! According to Mr. Matson, the Compact for Success was created 13 years ago. Students must stay in the Sweetwater High School Union District 7th-12th grade. During the C.F.S. field trip, students learned more about the A-G requirements. As it turns out, SDSU and our school district formed this compact to help students get into SDSU if these requirements are met(See chart to the right). Also during the field trip, I asked some 7th graders what they liked most about the C.F.S. trip. Sydney Shultz told me, “I really like getting to visit a

Winter - 2012

A-G Requirements

A – 2 years of US History, Government/World History B – 4 years of English (ELD 7-8 may apply) C – 3 years, (4 recommended) – Algebra, Formal Geometry, Intermediate Algebra, Math Analysis, Calculus D – 2 years, (3 recommended) – Biology, Chemistry, Physics E – 2 years, (3 recommended) – Foreign Language (same language) F – 1 year of Visual and Performing Arts G – 1 year College Prep Elective or additional year of any of the above (e.g., 4th year of math)

Saturday Academy

By: Christian De La Torre Mar Vista has Saturday Academy because they want students to go retake tests, review for exams, make-up missing assignments, and go for extra credit. Interviewer: Why does Mar Vista have Saturday Academy? Principal: The major purpose for Saturday Academy is for kids who do bad on tests, teachers offer those students help to improve their grades. Interviewer: How many teacher participate? Principal: 4-6 teachers show up, mostly English and Math we are trying to start World Cultures, U.S. History and General Science. Interviewer: What is the average amount of students that show up? Principal: On a good saturday is about 120 to 128. One Saturday we had 150 students. Interviewer: Who started Saturday Academy? Principal: I took a look with the school members and the teachers and we all came up with an idea with a program to help students.

Winter - 2012

Sir, Yes Sir!!! Navy Assembly By: Angelique Farina Schools nationwide have been experiencing budget cuts for the last few years. That means schools like Mar Vista Middle have not been able to buy extra supplies. Have you ever wondered why people don’t donate to schools anymore? That’s what Commodore Eleson wanted to do when he called Mr. Winters and wanted to donate $3,000 in PE equipment on September 21, 2012. Every PE period kids got to work out with the navy, doing jumping jacks, burpees, squats, bicycle kicks, flutter kicks, and push-ups. Then they got to listen to a presentation about what they do and kids got to ask the presenters questions about their job. At the end of the day 7th and 8th graders had an assembly to thank the Commodore Eleson and the rest of the Navy for their donation.

Campus News Mr. Winters introduced Lieutenant Commander Evans and Commodore Eleson on the Viking stage as the Navy assembly began. The Navy Lieutenant Commander and Commodore donated basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, flags for flag football, a pump, a new flag and a new flag pole. During the assembly Mr. Winters also called the names of the winners of the push-up competition during PE on stage. Those winners were…. Noah Berry did 70 push-ups during sixth period. Izeak Sanchez did 62 push-ups during fifth period Xochilt Chavez did 43 push-ups during sixth period Jenna Tijerina did 42 during period four. The top two boys and the top two girls won a shirt and shook the hands of Lieutenant Commander Evans and Commodore Eleson. After all of the winners got their tshirt Mr. Winters read a biography of

Can I have A Slushie?

Rosie Ayon thinks to herself, “This is taking forever,” as she waits in line at the ASB The ASB Store By: Maricel Tan The ASB store is a great place for you to buy PE clothes, dance tickets, haunted trail tickets or just a snack. The store is located behind the stage and in the adaptive building. The store is only open during nutrition break, lunch and occasionally after school. The ASB uses the proceeds from the sales to help fund the awards and rewards programs that the ASB sponsors. The Associated Student Body student store is a place where you and your friends could buy a variety of things. For example, you could buy a bag of corn nuts, a slushie, PE clothes and more! You all probably know that the ASB is part of the adaptive building. The ASB advisor, Mr. Lopez, was kind enough to agree to be interviewed.


3 in1 Drill - California Shakeout By: Adriana Madrigal On October 18, 2012 there was a annual shakeout drill. At participating locations, the entire state of California at exactly 10:18 participated in the 3-in-1 drills. This was to prepare schools and businesses for when a real emergency happens. According to, some areas of California are more likely to have earthquakes than others. All of California is at higher risk compared to the rest of the country. The Great California Shakeout is an annual opportunity to practice the drills. An estimated 9.4 million people participated at this annual drill with the strategy “Drop, Cover, and hold on”. This event is very important so when everything is moving people around the whole state will be able to proceed to a safe location. The big earthquake could

The Viking Times

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Front row seats at the assembly. This group of Vikings got to see all the goodies donated by the Navy up-close. Commodore Eleson’s life as a Navy Commodore. Savannah Griffin said, “ I loved the Navy assembly.” Anna Melture said, “I liked the Navy assembly, but I didn’t at the same time.” Christina Esquell and Kayln Davis both thought, “The Navy assembly was pretty cool.” Sofia Ibarra said, “The Navy assembly was awesome! I was so excited!” In addition, September 21 was an out-of-the-ordinary day for students. They got to work out with the Navy, learn and ask questions about what they do and got to see the equipment they will be using during PE. Students also had an assembly at the end of the day to thank Commodore Eleson for donating sports equipment to our school. Interviewer: Where do you get your products? Mr. Lopez: “We get our products from a company called “A&R”. Also all the food has to be SB12 approved.” Interviewer: What are some old products the ASB used to sell? Mr. Lopez: “A long time ago, we used to sell sodas, nachos, regular chips, candy and other not-so-healthy food. 6 years ago, we had to stop selling unhealthy junk food and we started selling more nutritious food.” Interviewer: What is your most popular product? Mr. Lopez: “A lot of students buy slushies and corn nuts.” Interviewer: What programs get money from the ASB? Mr. Lopez: “We help pay for the rewards like during semester 1 and 2, the end of the year, free dress day wristbands, and CST celebration.” Interviewer: What is the most money the ASB has made to pay for free food? Mr. Lopez: “For 2010-2011 and 2011-2012, we gave away over $10,000 for free food with the Viking Golden Tickets.” Interviewer: Why don’t you open before school? Mr. Lopez: “I teach US History period 2 and we are deciding if we want to in the second semester.” Interviewer: How long has the ASB been here? Mr. Lopez: “The ASB has been here ever since the late 1960’s.” There you have it, some unknown and known information about our ASB student store. Interviewer: How long have you’ve been the ASB advisor? Mr. Lopez: “This is my eighth year as ASB advisor, it’s fun and we get to do a lot of really cool things for the students of MVM” The ASB store is the perfect place to buy drinks and goodies. If you want to get a bag of corn nuts for an affordable price, head to the student store. The ASB store isn’t here to take money, the ASB gives it back by paying for rewards given to the students. The Viking student store is for the convenience of the students to buy many varieties of snacks and refreshing drinks and all the proceeds go back to MVM students. So go to the ASB before the line gets too long ! come when you don’t expect it, you could be at home, school, work, or even on vacation. This earthquake could kill many people if people don’t know what to do, “It is very important to every school in the state, all schools must practice this annual drill, it’s the law” says Mr. Contreras. Never forget this strategy “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” this could save your life.

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Campus News

Wearing the Red

Ribbon Week By: Vivian E. Moran Every parent and/or adult wants to keep their student on the right track in life, away from harmful drugs and chemicals, it’s their job. Our parents do these things for us because they care and want the best for us. All those “average” everyday things they do for us, are to prepare us for the world we live in today. They want to make sure we’re prepared when we do go live on our own, keep us on the right path in life, and to keep us away from the consequences and dangers in our world. So what can we do to help accomplish that goal? We can participate in Red Ribbon week to educate ourselves about the harmful effects of drugs and tobacco. Red Ribbon Week is about keeping kids drug free by teaching them that there are consequences in doing drugs. In October of every year, Mar Vista Middle School holds an awareness ceremony where we pledge to be drug free. The ASB held activities on Monday October on 22nd and Tuesday October 23rd for Red Ribbon Week to show and teach Vikings how important it is to stay tobacco and drug free, as well as giving them bookmarks and having kids take the “I Pledge to be Tobacco Free” pledge. “I thought it was a great idea,” said Katie Griffin. “It was really, actually fun!” Dolores Nissen states. “I thought it was going to be a boring assembly.” Andrea Alvarado recalls. “It was good,” said Raven Ruiz and Destany Dougherty said “I thought it was entertaining!” Red Ribbon Week is dedicated to highlight and educate students and bring awareness of the dangers of tobacco, drug and alcohol use and abuse. It’s actually generally easy to stay drug, smoking and alcohol free all you have to do is.... NOT drink or try it in the first place. According to, Red Ribbon Week is nationally recognized and celebrated, helping to preserve Special Agent Camarena’s memory and further the cause for which he gave his life. The Red Ribbon Campaign also became a symbol of support for the D.E.A.’s efforts to reduce demand for drugs through prevention and education programs. By wearing a red ribbon during the last week in October, Americans demonstrate their ardent opposition to drugs. They pay homage not only to Special Agent Camarena, but to all men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in support of our nation’s struggle against drug

Hit the Polls!

Who did Vikings vote for? By: Quinlan Orell This year is the year that president Barack Obama’s presidency continues for another term. On November 6 the day of the election the students of Mar Vista Middle held there own voting poll. This poll was just for the students, the students even got their own “I Voted” sticker. This was the first year that the ASB has done this. The students were able to vote during nutrition break and lunch and many took the opportunity and cast their votes. The total amount of students that voted was 312, that’s 30.6% of the 1017 total students in the whole school. Out of the 312 total votes 263(84.3%) of the votes were for Barack Obama and the other 46(14.7%) of the votes were to Mitt Romney. “I feel Obama will help the people more than Romney.” Alexis Bailey stated “I voted for Obama because I believe he will pull this nation out of debt.” said Khail Spruill. So it was official Barack Obama won the school election and the national election, letting him have another 4 year term in the white house.

The Viking Times

Winter - 2012

Many students stood in line to sign the pledge after they were shown all the harmful chemicals that cigarrettes contain. trafficking and abuse So you can see why we have this campaign huh? Well you know what? It works to keep kids away from those paths of a bad future and leads you to the good future you deserve. It also keeps you away from suffering and the problems of rehab and jail so you should be thanking your parents and teachers ALOT because they are the people that keep you drug free. You also have to make the right choices. How hard is it to not try any of them, well in some cases it’s not because sometimes it ends up your friends are doing drugs or smoking and they insist you try it and it’s hard to say no to a friend, especially a close one. Then you end up trying because of peer pressure, to keep your friendship and “fit in” even if it is wrong. Red Ribbon Week helps kids understand that you don’t need to do drugs to fit in and if your friends are and want you to try them out what will you do? We all want a good future for ourselves so why don’t we get a head start? Will you smoke when you are pressured by your peers? Would you say no and tell a teacher? That all depends on you doesn’t it? So make the right choice.

Did You Know ? ...

Fun Facts By: Dafne Arellano

• The average chocolate bar has 8 insects’ legs in it. • The average human eats 8 spiders in their lifetime at night. • Right handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left handed people do. • It’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. • The average person falls asleep in seven minutes. BuildMaze.asp • Every time you lick a stamp, you’re consuming 1/10 of a calorie. • China has more English speakers than the United States. • Women blink nearly twice as much as men. • Almonds are members of the peach family. Get more interesting facts at:

Winter - 2012

Student/Teacher Spotlight

Angel Sanchez

By: Andrea Perez According to Ms. Jaramillo, CSTs are important because “they are report cards for students. They help us know where students are at their certain level and they tell us where a student’s goal is at.” Ms. Jaramillo also said that students need to be at Basic and up. Grades for the CSTs are released in late August or early September. Angel Sanchez improved his CST score back in sixth grade at Bayside Elementary School. What is it that helped him improve his score? and do you think Angel will try to do the best for himself here in Mar Vista Middle School this year? Let’s find out what he did and what he will do! Interviewer: What was your reaction when you heard you got proficient? Angel: I was very happy, and I was like, yes! Interviewer: On what subject did you get proficient? Angel: I got proficient on math. Interviewer: Did you get proficient or advanced on anything else? Angel: I think I got proficient or advanced in English. Interviewer: Are you glad you got proficient? Angel: Of course I am! I have been working hard to get a good grade for myself. Interviewer: When your parents heard you got proficient, what did they do? Angel: They were proud of me, so they bought me some new shoes. Interviewer: What is your favorite subject, are you good at it, and did you get a good grade on it? Angel: My favorite subject is math and I think I am pretty good at it. And I got proficient on math. Interviewer: Do you think you will get a good grade for this year here in Mar Vista Middle School? Angel: I don’t know, but I will try my best either way. Interviewer: What changed in your score? Angel: I would say that my grade just changed up to a better level. Angel Sanchez is not the only student that had a low score and improved on it. There are many students here in Mar Vista Middle School trying to achieve for amazing things and trying to do their best. Just imagine how many students there are trying to achieve for the best. Are you one of them?

Mrs. Cathy Stutzman

Hidden Talents: Stutz Your Stuff! By: Aria A. Archer We all know her Mrs. Stutzman: Algebra and Math teacher by day. But do you know what she likes to do during her free time after creating fun math worksheets and riddles? It turns out that a lot of the clothes Mrs. Stutzman wears she designs herself. But where does she get her inspiration to make such stylish clothes? To find out, I interviewed the teacher in room 802. Here’s how it went: Interviewer: When and why did you start designing your own clothes? Mrs. Stutzman: I was 11 years old, and my family was very poor, and I was in middle school and I was embarassed wearing hand-me-downs. My dad found a very old Singer sewing machine and I taught myself how to sew and continued in highschool to make clothes that fit me right. Interviewer: How do you get your inspiration for a design? Mrs. Stutzman: You can transition fom patterns- which is how I learned to sew since their weren’t any computers- and patterns were difficult to learn from because they were 2Dimensional drawings of 3Dimensional stitches. In highschool therewas a 1-Day fashion day competition and each year I won because I knew how to sew pretty well. I made my Prom and Junior Prom dresses, which was challenging since I was only 17 years old. As I grew into adulthood, I went from clothing to home design out of a necessity to save money and make my apartment more attractive. I was on my own because my family was poor and I had to pay my college tuition. My high school boyfriend and I had been crowned Senior Prom King and Queen, so we had to go back the next year and I had to sew his leisure suit, which back then is what we called colorful tuxedos. It really had to do with during my early adulthood to buy uniquely designed clothes was way to expensive. Curtains, quilts, apholstry, table cloths, placemats- I did just about everything possible to save money! As I became a mother, I made clothes and baby things for my children. One of the easiest things I made were

The Viking Times

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Sharon Hoyos

By: Audrey Quintero Interviewer: Where are you from? Sharon : I’m from San Diego, California Interviewer: What do you like to do in your free time? Sharon: I like to play outside or on my iPad Interviewer: Do you have a hobby, what is it? Sharon: I have no hobby” Interviewer: If you could go back in time what date would you pick, and why? Sharon: I would pick my tenth birthday because it was horrible. Interviewer: What elementary school did you go to? Sharon: I went to Audubon elementary Interviewer: What’s your favorite song? Sharon: I don’t have a favorite song Interviewer: What is your favorite TV show? Sharon: My favorite TV show is “Spongebob Squarepants” Interviewer: If you were the richest person in the world how would you spend your money? Sharon: I would spend my money on myself, I would buy clothes, shoes, etc., I would also give money to homeless people. Interviewer: What’s the best thing you like about Mar Vista middle? Sharon: The thing I like best about mar vista is the iPads. Interviewer: Who is the person you most admire, and why? Sharon: The person I most admire is my mom because she supports me and because she’s been through a lot but she is still standing strong Interviewer: What advice would you give to students at mar vista who are struggling in school? Sharon: Never give up. soft reuseable hankerchiefs for runny noses. And being able to sew came in handy for patching up sport uniforms. Interviewer: I understand that you have a granddaughter, does she ever help you create clothing items? Mrs. Stutzman: Definitely. I hope to start a business when I retire where you recycle clothing. I like to take some of my mother’s old clothing and make clothing for my granddaughter. I got the idea from going through my wardrobe one summer when I found a glittery Tshirt with “Princess,” which is the nickname I gave my granddaughter. So I cut the shirt and made something special for her. Now my motivation is design. Finding interesting clothes saved more money, but I found acessories to rework clothes. So now I buy inexpensive clothes and put in some time to rework it. Veteran’s Day I went through my wardrobe to rework some items. Interviewer: Some of the word problems you make up have to do with buttons and ribbons, will there be other fashion items in the distant future for the class to look forward to? Mrs. Stutzman: For Math 7 I use yardage to apply fractions. Algebra is mostly physics like travel and Linear problems bring up my experience in business. Interviewer: Have you ever tried to make something, not find the right inspiration for it, then wake up again thinking,”That’s it!”? Mrs. Stutzman:Absolutely! I now have a philosophy I started two or three years ago: “If there’s any doubt, don’t throw it out!” When I was younger I had the terrible habbit of starting something and then abruptly stop. Now I set goals to stay focused on my tasks. There you have it, a teacher and a fashion designer; the best of both. But Mrs. Stutzman isn’t the only teacher with a cool talent: many of your teachers do interesting things, too. It only takes a little curiosity to find out just what they do.

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Campus News

Remembering Our Ancestors

The Viking Times

El Dia De Los Muertos (Day of The Dead) By: Adriana Madrigal The Day of the Dead, one of most important holiday for many cultures around the world. This holiday is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd in Mexico. This is a way to honor our beloved friends and family that have past away by making private altars using sugar skulls and marigolds. On November 2nd people in Mexico dress-up and paint their faces like dead skulls and wear traditional clothes like ballet folklorico and mariachi clothes. This day is to celebrate and unite with our ancestors, family, and friends. But some people don’t know what day of the dead means like Alejandra Conrriquez and Stephanie Pineda they said “El Dia Del Los Muertos is like the Mexican Halloween” but then Daniela Pineda corrected both of the girls and said “that is not true” and added facts why it was not the Mexican Halloween. All cemeteries would be filled with people making the tombs of their beloved, pretty with sugar skulls, marigolds, roses, and catrinas. Catrinas are one of the most popular figures people use on El Dia de Los Muertos, they are clay statues. They also have parades on the streets after sunset and make food for a great feast so people can enjoy. This day is taken very seriously that all banks and schools in Mexico are closed. Now Vikings, this day of the dead is not the Mexican Halloween is a day that we celebrate for our beloved friends and family who have taken a different path and are no longer with us . This is also a day where you can enjoy and many more people can enjoy this day where we can unite with our beloved families and friends.

Winners’ Costume is a THRILLER Costume Contest Winners By: Miriam Torres At Mar Vista Middle, students work and study for their grades and try to do their best on their assignments. Teachers also focus on teaching their students and doing their job..........but on October 31st that all changed. Everyone got to dress up for Halloween, including the teachers. On this day, everyone was having a good time showing off their costumes. Some of the students that had really good costumes got to come up on stage for the costume contest. There were four categories: the scariest, the most creative, the best face painting, and the Viking’s choice. The scariest costume was won by Garret Conder, he was dressed up as a “Zombie”. The most creative costume was won by Johnny Garcia, he was dressed up as “Sundrop”. The best face painting was won by Zackary Rall, he was dressed as “Zipper face”. The final contestant was chosen by the Vikings choice, Elias Rosa, dressed up as “Michael Jackson”. There were also some other good costumes that were not selected as the finalists. Rita D’agnillo (8th Grader) was dressed up as Psy from the song “Gangnam Style”. Andrea Veno (7th Grader) was dressed up

Most Improved Breakfast

Pedro Aleman Camacho - Perdue Andrea Alvarado - ASAP Daniel Amaro - Hales Calvin Askew - Hales Erika Azhocar - Blankenship Brenden Blattner-Thomas - ASAP Malachi Carter - Baum Malachi Carter - Cooke-Salas Arlene Castro - Goodnough Kalyn Davis - Swalley Tayler Davis - Lipman Patrick Delos Reyes - Arciniega Christina Esquell -Holguin Savanah Evans -Stanko Pablo Flores Jimenez - Lipman Vanessa Franco -Stanko Christian Gaona Emerick -Stanko Christian Gaona Emerick -Lucero Jesus Garcia - Matson Andres Garcia Gil -Camacho Rosaisela Guizar -Cuevas Viviana Gurrola -Wasson Makayla Henderson -Camacho Jonathan Herrera -Huerta

Eugene Iniguez - Ventura Jose Lamas -Catalina Christopher Lopez -Bennett Julia Martinez - Catalina Michael Mason - Dotson Cassandra McAtee - Hollis

Winter - 2012

as “Katy Perry”. All of these costumes were wonderful, but only four could be chosen as the finalists. We have interviewed the winner of the costume contest (Elias Rosa). Interviewer: “So, how did it feel being up on stage?” Elias: “It felt exciting and awesome, I was also a little nervous.” Interviewer: “Why did you choose to be Michael Jackson?” Elias: “Because he is very cool and I am a big fan of him.” Interviewer: “Did a lot of people like your costume?” Elias: “Yes they did.” Interviewer: “What did some people say when they saw your costume?” Elias: “They said that I looked good

and cute.” We have also interview “Zipper face” (Zackary Rall). Interviewer: “So why did you choose to be zipper face?” Zack: Because I thought it was cool and I was actually zipper face last year. Interviewer: How long did it take to put on all the makeup and details?” Zack: It took about 45 minutes. So the costume contest was a big success and a lot of people had fun, we had some pretty funny costumes that did not win, like bacon and eggs, someone was even a teletubbie. What other crazy costumes will the students wear next year?

Matthew McAtee - Ventura Carlos Murillo - Ventura Eduardo Najar - Ezell Cesar Neri-Aguilar - Ugarte Christopher Nicholson -Stanko Dante Otanez - Ugarte

Lizbeth Perez - Holguin Denise Rivera - Bennett Christian Rodriguez -Stutzman Luis Roldan - Wasson Luis Roldan -Wiens Andrea Roman - Huerta Kevin Rosas Nunez - Cuevas Christopher Ruiz - Dotson Raven Ruiz -Ezell Brianda Sanchez -Perdue Sophia Shepherd - Lucero Zharlz Imma Sierra - Arciniega Joel Simpson - Wiens Khalil Spruill - Stutzman Justin Stonebraker -Lucero Alex Tapia - Cooke-Salas Alex Tapia - Goodnough Victoria Uribe - Holguin Martin Valenzuela-Silva -Sevilla Oscar Vargas -Sevilla Jose Victorino - Holguin Christopher Weinert -Blankenship


Winter - 2012

Entertainment News

The Viking Times

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Hello Winter, Goodbye Summer

Show me your Kicks!

Remember the sand at your feet, the warm sun hitting your face and the sound of the waves crashing?

Converse, Toms and Vans, Oh My! The top 3 most popular shoe at MVM.

What season does Mar Vista Middle school prefer? By: Gabriella Bolla Hello to jackets, pants, boots, and cozy clothes and goodbye to swimsuits, shorts, and wanting the cold weather to come. Summer is gone and Winter is here. Many people enjoyed the hot, nice, and beautiful weather, the blue skies, the warm air, the days spent on the beach or by the pool. Summer was a time of fun and games and a break from school. Now it’s time for the hot cocoa, snow, and crispy cold weather, trips to the mountains to play in snow and time for winter break. 53% of students surveyed at Mar Vista Middle school prefer Winter, and 48% prefer summer. Imari Washington says “I like summer better because I can go to the beach.” Jovelle Ladiero said “ Summer, because of the hot weather”. Genevieve Lara said “ Winter, because it’s Christmas time and snow season.” Sidney M. Brown said, “I like winter because I like to snuggle in bed and drink hot chocolate.” Kimberly Rainey said “Winter because I love snow in the mountains,” and Clarissa Buena said “ I choose Winter because I love the cold weather.” Winter is here, so enjoy it Vikings! Happy Winter MVM.

Shoe Style By: Phoebe Garcia Shoes! The first thing you see when you enter Mar Vista Middle. Shoes are also a way students express themselves over the uniform. However, have you ever wondered what kind of shoes are the most popular in Mar Vista Middle? Lets find out! First, students talked about their shoe style. For example Emely Nieto says, “I like Vans because that’s my style.” Alex Tellez says, “Well, my favorite are Converse because they last a long time which means I don’t have to spend more money on shoes.” Leah Washington wasn’t afraid to say which one she liked. She said, “I like Nike shoes because they have bright colors.” Even a teacher wasn’t shy to vote! Mr. Ruiz, the Librarian Assistant, said, “I have a comfy pair of Vans in my house.” Hannah Ruiz, “I like Toms because they feel really comfortable.” Now that’s style! Alright, so the votes are Converse 40, Vans 33, Nike 18, Toms 9. Now you all know the best shoe to wear in Mar Vista Middle School. Converse are very stylish shoes, nice pick Vikings! You might have a different style, but that’s ok. Being unique is what makes Mar Vista Middle School special. If you want to look stylish at Mar Vista Middle then Converse are the best shoes for you. Keep in style Vikings!

Save Money Live Better!

New Walmart! By: Jason Cruz On October 26th 2012, a new Walmart opened in the Southland Plaza shopping center off Palm Avenue and the 5 freeway. The Walmart is between The Home Depot and Big 5 where Mervyns used to be. The new store is a megastore’s and it opened with a big ceremony along with San Diego’s Mayor Jerry Sanders. On opening day, the plaza parking lot was full, there was hardly any parking. Some people parked as far away as Starbucks. The Walmart has a grocery section, electronics, and supplies for the house. 70% of students surveyed think the Walmart is going to be the good thing for Imperial Beach. 30% of students think this store is going to be a bad thing. Derek Oliva said, “The Walmart seems a little small and the store might not sell good stuff.” Christian Woods said, “It’s great because it’s close to my house and we don’t have to travel that far just to get something at Walmart. Dante Otañez said, “The Walmart is going to be good because it might have great sales and we don’t have to go to another store.” Zahid Garcia said, “I like the new Walmart, it’s going to be awesome because we don’t have to go all the way to Palm Ave. and the 805.” The Walmart will bring a lot of customers to the plaza and the store. The new Walmart may seem a little small but it still has many items that MVM students and their families need.

Walmart opened to mixed reviews from MVM students.

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La La La La La!!!

Campus News

MVM Music Program By: Marcy Tapia Have you ever wanted to play an instrument, be a part of a symphony, a rockstar or maybe even a singer? Mar Vista Middle School has a class especially for kids that are interested in music. In it you can learn anything from string instruments to woodwind instruments, percussion to brass, or if your real interest is singing MVM also has a choir. Ms. Marilee Hall is the teacher for the Advanced Band, the Beginning Band, Jazz Band and also for the Choir. Interviewer: “What instruments are available for students to learn?” Ms. Hall: “Brass instruments, the drums, wind instruments, so there’s a variety to chose from ” Interviewer: “How many instruments can a student learn at a time?” Ms. Hall: “They should learn their first instrument first before trying another one.” Interviewer: “How can 7th graders get into the school band for the school year of 2013-2014? ” Ms. Hall: “They should go to the counseling center to speak with their counselor. ” Interviewer: “Are the classes fun?” Ms. Hall: “ YES. If you saw the kids here they’re veeeerrry happy in this class.” Thanks Ms. Hall for giving us time to answer our questions because we know you are a very busy teacher. So if you’re interested in music and would like to learn to play an instrument or learn to sing there’s an elective class you can take if you choose. Also if you learn any of these you can continue your progress in the high school. Who knows what you could become later on?

The Viking Times

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Winter - 2012 “Santa Claus is coming to MVM,” or is he?

Do you still believe in Santa Claus? By: Marla Gallegos When did you stop believing in Santa Claus? When did someone tell you he wasn’t real? Were you heart broken? It must have been devastating to find out your childhood idol was not real. Or did you know from the beginning he didn’t exist? We wanted to find out at what age people found out he wasn’t real. Children either find out straight up Santa is not real or they start suspecting things and start asking questions like “ How does Santa Clause get in our house?” or “How does Santa deliver all those toys in one night?” In internet research we found out the average age worldwide is 7. What is the Mar Vista Middle average age? We conducted a survey asking students and teachers. We asked 4 teachers, 48 girls and 48 boys. The girls average age was 6. The boys average age was 5. The teachers’ average age was 4. Angie Martinez said “ I’m not sure I’m guessing around the age of 4.” Juan Carlos Rodriguez said “I stopped believing in Santa when I was around 6 or 7.” “Kattia Zamora said, “My mom told me when I was like 7 or 8” In the end the Mar Vista Middle average age was 4. When did you stop believing or do you still believe? He may or may not be real but it’s all up to you. What’s your opinion?

Music Is Life and Life Is Music & Word Search Top 10 Songs By: April Villanueva For many students, listening to music is calming, it takes them to a relaxing place where they can block everything out that’s around them, it’s their La La land. As students at Mar Vista Middle we listen to music a lot just like in any other school. The top 10 songs were published in 2012. As teenagers, we feel left out, sometimes we feel like no one is there for us but they always have that song that’s makes them feel better, makes them feel alive, makes them feel like their not alone. A lot of us “kids” these days like songs like music but it’s difficult to pick our favorite one. Many students answer with, “There’s too many songs to pick, so I don’t have a favorite one!” Adriana Sanchez said, “One of my favorite song is “Sum Night” by Fun.” Tahany Gayosso said, “I don’t have a favorite songs but I feel relaxed when I listen to music!” Cassandra Fuentes said, “I LOVE MUSIC! It’s what make me happy, my favorite song is, “Give Me Everything Tonight”, I can listen to that song everyday!” The ten top songs Vikings voted in 2012 are…….

1. What Makes You Beautiful - 1D (One Direction) 2. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Taylor Swift 3. Don’t Wake Me Up Chris brown 4. Diamond - Rihanna 5. As Long As You Love Me - Justin Bieber 6. I Want You Back Cher Lloyd 7. Wide Awake - Katy Perry 8. Live While We’re Young -1D (One Direction) 9. Thinking About You -Frank Ocean 10. I’m Glad You Came The Wanted Add your own top 2 songs..... 1.__________________ 2.__________________

Use the word search puzzle to find the top 10 artist at MVM using the words below.



Winter - 2012

Campus News

The Countdown To The End The End of The World By: Kimberly Piedra Do you believe that the world’s going to end in 2012? There has been movies made, newspaper and magazine articles written on this hypothesis. People think this because the Mayan calendar didn’t go on any further, the end of the world will come on 12/21/12. If you do, then prepare, because December 21st is coming soon. Is this idea a myth or is it reality? You decide. According to topics/earth/features/2012, scientists say that “Nothing bad will happen to the earth in 2012. Our planet has been getting along just fine for more than 4 billion years, and credible scientists worldwide know of no threat associated with 2012,” but still, people are preparing for “doomsday.’’ There are 3

million people preparing for the end of the world. The movie infers that everyone will die by buildings crashing down, tsunamis drowning people, and a massive earthquake shaking the entire world. Are MVM students preparing for this day? The real question is, do MVM students really believe that the world will come to an end in December 21st of 2012? We decided to do some research on this topic and the results are … 6% of students surveyed predict that the world will end. 94% of students surveyed predict that the world will not end. Mr. Cuevas, a world cultures teacher, says “The Mayans never said that. People are exaggerating. They had a calendar that ended an era, it’s all just a

Got Game?!

Minecraft, the most popular online game at MVM

The Viking Times

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Doomsday preppers are ready for this to happen.

coincidence.” “I don’t think that we’re going to die because the Spaniards conquered the Mayans and they took them away so they couldn’t finish the calendar,” says Samantha Sandoval. “The world isn’t going to end because that’s not a smart thing to say,’’ says Itati Galvan. “I don’t think that the world will end. It won’t end because I said that it won’t,” claims Alejandro Montes Maya. The idea of the world ending is still a thought in some people’s mind. Apparently most of Mar Vista Middle school students believe that the world will not end, and we will be fine to come back in January for the second semester of 2013. What do you think? Popular Online Games By: Jordan May Mar Vista students play online games because of the popularity and entertainment one gets by playing online games. You can play online games anywhere, as long as you have internet. To play online games, you just search up the game on the internet, download it if necessary, and soon you’re playing a game. Registering and logging in is an option only. According to, 217 million people play online games, which is 28% of people using the internet. For a week, Mar Vista students were asked what their favorite online game of all time was. The top 3 games mentioned was Minecraft, an 8-bit virtual world where you try to survive the night , Slender, a game where you try to find a mysterious no-face figure in the woods, and Happy Wheels, a game where your chosen character completes levels by trying to get to the finish line avoiding many obstacles. Angel Luna replied, “I like Minecraft because its like having a second life.” Joshua Navarro said,” I like Minecraft because its like I get to create and destroy stuff.” Daniel Santillan says,” I like play Minecraft because there are endless possibilities in-game.” Jumare Mates replied,” I like Slender because it is a hard game to play and it’s scary fun.” Jake Durazo said,” I like to play Happy Wheels because I can play as an old guy in a wheelchair.” 44% of the students surveyed like Minecraft, 36% choose said Slender, and 20% said Happy Wheels. Minecraft wins!!!! Minecraft is officially the most popular online game in Mar Vista Middle because of the great adventures you experience in the awesome world of Minecraft.

Winter - 2012

Entertainment News

The Viking Times

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Have You Seen Anything Supernatural Today? Supernatural Cindi Shaner Have you ever wondered what it was like to fight off demons and evil creatures from Hell? You’d know what it was like if you watched the hit show “Supernatural” on the CBS-Warner Bros (The CW). The characters fight not just demons but vessels, family, and even Lucifer himself. From going to Hell and back, at least once, to killing your brother’s daughter, Sam and Dean Winchester sure know what it’s like. On September 13, 2005 the pilot of Supernatural aired on The CW. 52% of MVM students surveyed watch “Supernatural.” “Season six, seven, and the first of eight are the coolest,” Sophia Ruthenberg says. On October 3, 2012, the eighth, and possibly the last season, aired. “The season premiere of Season Eight was awesome!” said Katie Griffin. From season one to season eight, “Supernatural” is a very thrilling series to watch. “The series’ grim tone and overall look of a grimy world in perpetual need of dusting or wiping is a long way from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and closer to Japanese movies like The Grudge.” reviews Tom Gliatto from People Weekly. To sum up the show, it’s about two brothers who travel the country looking for their missing father and battle evil spirits along the way, in stories inspired by urban legends and other folklore. “Dean is my favorite,” Kaitlyn Thomas stated. If you haven’t seen “Supernatural”, it’s a very action-packed, thrilling, and sometimes touching, series of episodes. “This creepy storytelling carries extra punch because the drama has an excellent, easy-to-root-for cast,” Hal Boedeker from Orlando Sentinel reviewed. More than half of the students I interviewed here at Mar Vista Middle School watch Supernatural so it’s a very popular show with young teens. And if you like drama, action, and comedy shows, this show is for you. The show has new episodes every Wednesday at 9:00 PM, and if you need to catch up with the series, seasons one to seven are on Netflix!

The Viking Times Staff for 2012-2013

The Runic Yearbook Staff for 2012-2013

Back Row L to R: Christian De La Torre, Quin Orell, Jason Cruz, April Villanueva, Miriam Torres, Adriana Madrigal, Aria Archer Front Row L to R: Cindi Shaner, Dafne Arellano, Kimberly Piedra, Gabriella Bolla, Faith Lopez, Andrea Perez, Vivian Moran, Audrey Quintero.

Back Row L to R: Marla Gallegos, Ashley Martinez Gomez, Phoebe Garcia, Zack Rall, Maricel Tan, Jordan May, Catlyn Castillo. Front Row L to R: Angel Farina, Marcy Tapia

This Winter edition is the second of four newspaper editions this school year. If you have an idea for a story, or we made a mistake somewhere in this newspaper, stop by and see Mr. Lopez - Journalism Advisor in the ASB room.

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