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Spring #2 2012 - Volume 2 - Issue 5

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Thanks for the Memories!

- Saturday Academy - Pg 2 - Lost & Found - Pg 2 - Teachers & Hobbies Pg. 3 - One Direction - Pg. 3 - Volleyball Team - Pg. 3 - Football Team - Pg. 4 One more edition of The Viking Times will arrive before the end of the year......The Summer Edition. Stay Tuned

These Pom Pets are ready to be taken home and placed in a bookshelf somewhere, to remind you of the wonderful memories you experienced at Mar Vista Middle

Eighth Grade Promotion By: Caytlin Rico It’s that time of the year again. CST’s are done, EOCE’s are around the corner, and summer vacation is around the corner. There is just one last thing eighth graders have to take care of before they leave...Promotion! Promotion can be one of the happiest times of your school career, knowing that you finished one chapter and are moving on to the next. It’s also a confirmation that you have successfully completed this middle part of your school, and are ready for high school. According to one of our counselors, Mr. Matson, “You need 21 credits and you have to have passed all of your Math and English Maribel Perez and Kaitlin Morales were amazed and intrigued by the display.

50 Stinky Shoes

Kick Butts Day By: Melissa Carrasco Mar Vista Middle A.S.B. wanted to show the students that tobacco is deadly but in a way that they can be impacted and tell others. They wanted them to realize that those people are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. During lunch on National Kick Butts Day, March 21st,

classes to promote.” So as you can see, it isn’t always easy to promote, especially if you don’t have the support you need, but your teachers are always there for you. They want you to be successful and they will always cheer you on. MVM teachers are a big reason why students promote, and they deserve a thank you for getting you to where you are today, ready for high school. This year, Promotion will be on May 31, 2012 from 5:00pm to 6:00pm at the Viking Stage. Promotion practice will be earlier that day from 8:15am to 11:30am. Students will remember Promotion for the rest of their lives, and when students look back, they will be able to say thanks for the memories Mar Vista. 2012 there was a special display next to the library with 50 pair of shoes representing the 50 people that die of tobacco. While some people were just passing by many others were looking at all the shoes and the sign that said, “The 50 pairs of shoes you see here represent the amount of people that will DIE from tobacco related disease while you are at lunch.” Many students who stayed and read the sign, you could see it in

their faces that they were really taking in the information they were presented with. According to The Centers for Disease Control, 1 out 5 deaths in the U.S. are smoking related. Cigarette smoking also increases the risk of other cancers like mouth, kidney, throat, and bladder. Cigarette smoking also causes pancreatic, and cervical cancer. So the best thing to do would be to stay tobacco free.

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Campus News

Dr. Seuss Remembered... Read Across America By: Jade Espinoza On March 2nd we remembered Dr. Seuss, not only because its his birthday, but also because of all the great things he did. One fun thing that people did to remember him was start a program called Read Across America. Read across America started in 1998. Dr. Seuss once said, “You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child” And

Hurry, Time is Ticking!

Saturday Academy By: Melissa Hernandez The school year is closing in. For a lot of people it means extra studying because the endof-course exams are almost here, which means few chances to improve their grades. Retaking a quiz or turning in one assignment can be the difference between a passing or a failing grade. Everyone has the opportunity to get their grades up! Summer is time to hang out with friends, not stuck at home grounded. “I go to Saturday Academy

The Viking Times

all the time to get my grade up in Math,” said Malana Larson. Every Saturday, there is Saturday Academy for English, Math and Science for both seventh and eighth graders. It is from eight to twelve. Just four hours of your day can make a difference in your grade. You can retake a quiz you didn’t do so well on or practice anything you didn’t fully understand. Saturday Academy gives an extra opportunity to raise your grade in subjects you may be having trouble with.

what better way to inspire you than see your teachers dressing up like Dr. Seuss and reading to you. But it’s not just about seeing them dress up. Studies show that students who are motivated to read do better in school. Mr. Ruiz, Library Assiatant said, “It was a fun way to promote reading to the students.” Each year there is more and more people reading across America! Dr. Seuss will always be in our reading hearts.

Mariana Alvarez gets it, she proudly displays her correct answer. Saturday academy really helped her to improve her math grade.

Where could it be? Lost and Found By: Leslie Olvera Have you ever found a sweater in the hallway and wanted to return it to the owner but you don’t know where the Lost And Found is located? At MVM, we have two lost and found locations for students to turn in, or check for items. One is in the Main office and the second one is in the counseling center. Here are some examples of what you might find in the Lost and Found: binders, planners, notebooks, sweaters, shirts, lunch bags, and shoes. “I found

Spring#2 - 2012

my binder!” says Laura Guerrero. From personal experience Laura Guerrero can say that having a Lost and Found at Mar Vista Middle School is helpful. You should go check it out if you’ve ever lost anything from a sweater to a binder or lunch box because you never know, you may find that thing you lost when you lost it.

Do You want to be in Journalism Class? This is an elective course. You must enjoy doing the following...... - Reading - Writing - Taking Photos - Designing/Drawing - Groupwork - Being a leader - Must not be afraid to talk to students they don’t know. If this is you, then we want you in this class. Come see Mr. Lopez at the ASB to sign up.

Spring #2 - 2012

Campus & Entertainment News

I Have A Life! Teachers and their hobbies. By: Breanna Hamlin Soccer, swimming, dancing, singing, drawing, and jogging. These are just some of the hobbies we as students do after

Mrs. Perdue, 7th grade English

Hobbies: Quilting, baking, reading. Quilting is taking small piece of fabric and sewing them all together to make a masterpiece.She gives her finished quilts to her grandchildren, family, retirement homes and Rady’s Children’s hospital. Her latest quilt was a Valentine’s Day themed hearts. Being an English teacher, she loves to read because it takes her places without leaving your very spot. Mrs. Perdue also has a knack for baking. She said, “I love to bake anything chocolate.”

The Viking Times

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school. But for teachers, well all they do is stay at school, make worksheets, grade our papers all day, everyday right? No, after the bell rings and the students go home, teachers live their own personal lives filled with hobbies and many interesting things they do to pass the time. Hobbies, are for everyone, students and teachers. From quilting to having their own radio station, students at some point may have asked themselves, what hobbies do teachers have?

Mr. Facto, 8th grade U.S. History

Hobbies: Fishing, sailing, and talking on his radio station He loves river-fishing and once he caught a 50 pound shark! Mr. Facto also owns his own sailboat where he takes his wife and two daughters. With his radio station, he talks to people around the world, about weather, politics, all sorts of things, and of course history.

Mr. Paul Garrison,

Hobbies: SDSU fan, spending quality time with family. Enjoys reading, spending time with family and an SDSU fanatic, was asked what he would say to a student who says teachers have no life. He says “that is a misconception, the students only see the part of us here at school.”

The Disease Is Spreading!

One Direction By: Sophia Fisher Are you sick? With One Direction infection that is. Girls all over the world are going crazy about the British-Irish boy band. Anyone who watches the British version of “X-Factor” knows real well the history of this band. The five boys: Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan all started off as solo artists on the television show “The X-Factor”. They were told they wouldn’t make it far in the competition if they continued as solo artists, they had to form a band. One Direction made it to 3rd place in the competition. After the X-Factor the boys, and their popularity, soared. Their number one hit “What Makes You Beautiful” won the award for the best British single at the 2012 Brit awards. The boys have been traveling the world with sold out concerts wherever they go. They became interna-


1 2



Do you know the members of this band? Play the One Direction game..........1_________________2. _________________ 3. __________________________ 4.___________________________5.________________________

tionally famous in less than 2 years. Many kids at Mar Vista Middle have plenty of reasons why they like One Direction. Gabriella Bolla says “I love their voices, and they’re really cute!” I’m sure

many other people would agree with her on that. One Direction seems to have it all, the voices, the charm, and the fame, and they have made it really far. Who knows what’s next for the wildly popular boy band.

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Sports News

123...ACE!!!! Volleyball Season 1 By: Alexis Harrell This season was very exciting yet challenging. We learned enough things that will benefit us for the next season. After we lost the championships we got back up and learned from our mistakes. We’re ready for the upcoming season and coming back hard to win that trophy. Serena Sablan says, “ I loved the experience because I learned a lot of new things about the sport, knowing I’ve never played it before. I also met and got closer to new friends. After the first game I saw improvement, we had no experience during that game, but we managed to make visible progress by the next one.” Hopefully this season we will be able to win the championships to show our hard work and dedication. Practice: Tuesday & Thursday Games: Friday Won: 3 Lost:7

The Viking Times

Spring #2 - 2012

Standing: Britanney Zavala, Jennifer Bascon, Amber Arias Kneeling:Spenscer Williams, Jasmine Parra, Serena Sablan, Sarah Carr, Front Row: Joanis Baino, Samantha Rivera, Alexis Harrell, Kassidy Burns


ASAP Football Season By: Jazmine Gonzalez We are the champions, my friends! Let me start off by saying that this year we had a great football team. Our home team, the Vikings, lost only one game in the two seasons. You’re probably wondering, did they win any games? Or did they even go to championships? They stuck together until the end and fought hard. Season 1: September 9th - October 29th Championship Playoff Game, we played Rancho Del Rey Middle and won eight to six, finishing the season with a 10-0 win streak! Season 2: January 28th - March 17th Championship Playoff Game, we played Castle Park Middle and also won, but this time fifteen to six, completing this season off with a 8-1 record. Hopefully lots of seventh grade athletes are interested in next year’s team. So, lets keep cheering on Mar Vista Middle’s football team for more wins next year!

The Viking Times & The Runic Yearbook Staff Melissa Carrasco Pablo Cuellar Jade Espinoza Sophie Fisher Jazmine Gonzalez Jasmine Gutierrez Breanna Hamlin Alexis Harrell Melissa Hernandez Leslie Olvera Caytie Rico Mr. David Lopez Journalism Class Advisor

Thank you all for your hard work this 2011-2012 year.

The Viking Times Spring #2  

The second edition for spring 2012

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