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Spring 2013 - Volume 3 - Issue 9

Kiss me, I’m Irish!!!

Why the students at Mar Vista middle celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. By: Miriam Torres Picture this, you wake up one morning, you go to school, and then all of a sudden, everyone starts pinching you. Everyone is wearing green, and they have lucky clovers in their hands and people are dressing up like leprechauns. You guessed it, St. Patrick’s Day. But St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just about pinching people for not wearing green, or looking for gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s about celebrating the holiday that came from Ireland. According to, this holiday is a day observed by the Irish to commemorate the patron saint of Ireland. St. Patrick was a Romano-British and Christian missionary. He was the “Apostle” of Ireland. He was born in Britannia AD 390. He died in County Down AD 460. St. Patrick was a great man

and he was devoted to his people. When he died (March 17) the people decided to make a holiday in his honor. So, every year on March 17 we celebrate and remember what a good man he was. But why do students like St. Patrick’s Day? There are so many reasons to pick from, but lets see what the students say. Mary Ruiz says, “Because it’s fun to pinch people.” Kashawn Kashner says, “I like St. Patrick’s Day because green is my favorite color.” Ellery Becker says, “Because I like the lucky clovers.” And Jaila Jordan says, “Because that’s where Niall Horan is from!” St. Patrick’s Day is liked for many reasons, pinching, clovers, the color green, even Niall Horan. I guess everyone admires and celebrates St. Patrick’s Day for their own special reason. Uh-oh! I better wear something green on March 17th, I don’t want to get pinched!

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Can you do it?

New years Resolutions By: Gabriella Bolla Its March already, New Years was 3 months ago. Have you kept your New Years Resolutions? A New Years Resolution is a commitment that a person makes to set personal goals or projects for themselves, but most people fail. Some New years resolutions might be like donating to the poor more often, or being kinder to the environment. What was your resolution? Some popular resolutions are, improving school work or grades, weight loss, being more independent, volunteering in activities, and studying more New Years Resolutions have changed during the past decades. Many resolutions are more super-

Do You Want To Die?

Teens Kick Ash! Don’t smoke By: April Villanueva On November 29, 2012, there was something different at lunch that day. On the stage there were body bags and tombstones of people who died from smoking. The tombstone contained facts about smokers who died in California. Students’ reaction was curious, some students asked, “Are those real bodies?” Students wanted to touch the bags, they were pointing and staring with wonder. Students were so surprised, many were speechless. When student opened the pamphlet their face was shocked, by the information they read. According to Campaign for Tobacco-Free kids, as of November 2012, 13%(304,000) of high school students smokes tobacco, cigarettes and cigars. 6.7% male high school students use smokeless or spit tobacco, which mean females students use much lower than males. About 34,400, kids under 18 become new daily smokers each year. 1,114,000 kids are exposed to secondhand smoke at home, which makes it worst than regular smoking. 76.6 million kids buy or smoke packs of cigarettes each year. 12.1% (3,383,000) adults smoke in California. Here are some more interesting facts……. High school smoking rate: 18.1% Male high school student who use smokeless tobacco: 12.8% Adults smoking rate: 19.0%

Campus News

The Viking Times

The new year has come and gone, have your kept your resolutions?

ficial and appearance-oriented than in previous times. According to, “at the end of the 19th century, a typical teenagers reso-

lution was forced on good works which resulted in being lessselfcentered, more helpful, and a more diligent worker. In the 20th cen-

Why did you kick me?!?!?

Don’t be one of the 36,000 in California that die each year from smoking Tobacco.

A lot of people die of smoking, you can get Lung Cancer, Mouth Cancer, Ischemic Heart Disease, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), Asthma, Bronchitis, and Pneumonia. 36,600 adults die each year from their own smoking. 596,000 kids now under 18 and alive in California will ultimately die prematurely from smoking. California spends $9.1 billion dollars by smoking and losses about $8.54 billion dollars a year. Sharon Hoyos said, “It was really weird to see all those thingies on peoples mouth and stuff like that.” Dafney Hernandez said “That stuff is crazy and ugh, disgusting!” Adriana Sanchez said, “I thought the bags were real humans but then I thought why would they have real people in bags at school?” Say NO when someone offers you tobacco, cigarettes, or any other thing that can damage your body.

A Fools Day By: Vivian E. Moran It’s that time of year’s April Fools!!! A day where we have permission, and a reason to prank our family and friends. We all like the day where we can have a little fun without boundaries. First of all though...when did April Fools start??? According to NationalGeographic. com, they state that “The beginning of April Fools is shrouded in mystery, but that there are many theories.” Here are two. The first theory is that France changed their calendar in the 1500’s so that the New Year would begin in January to match the Roman calendar instead of beginning at the start of spring, which is in late March or early April. The second theory is offered by a professor by the name of Joseph Boskin, his theory of the holiday’s roots....a joke! In 1983 he spoke to an Associated Press reporter saying that “the idea came from Roman jesters, during the time of Constantine the first in the 3rd and 4th centuries A.D. As the story goes jesters successfully petitioned the ruler to allow one of their elected members to be king for a day. So, on April 1, Constantine handed the reins of the Roman empire for one day to King Kugel, his jester.” Now that we have that covered some of the possible theories of how the day began, let us get back to now, where we start looking for the school’s extreme or well known Aprils Fools pranks. We all know the common pranks of today, like the bucket of water on the door, the zapper hidden as a

Spring - 2013 tury a teenagers’ resolution was also forced on good looks such as makeup, hairstyle, and clothes.” Resolutions have changed a lot in such a short time. According to Wikipedia, in 2007 a study by Richard Wiseman from the University of Bristol involving 3,000 people showed that 88% of those who set new years Resolutions fail and 12% do not fail, despite the fact that 52% of the studies show that they participate in the beginning, but then fail. Men achieve their goals 22% more often when they engage more in the goal. Women achieve their goals 10% more when their goal is public, and get support from other people such as friends and family. The data shows that most people fail with their resolutions. Have you become a statistic?

bubblegum stick or putting hot salsa in your friend’s drink or food. What prank will you pull on April 1st? “My favorite prank I like to pull off is to put ice in the bathtub with water, act like there’s a spider in it and when someone comes to check it out push them in.” says Destany Dougherty. Kylan Saleem states that, “Mine would be to put that shoe polish on the binoculars and give them to friend, but only if I say we going bird watching, it makes a good cover up.” “I like to do the one where your friends are asleep and you put whipped cream in their hand, tickle their face, and have it end up with their face full of cream!” says Katie Griffin. Harley Hall says “I’d put some Tapatio sauce in someone’s milk, the way they react to it always makes me laugh endlessly.” And an anonymlous students recalls one particular prank he pulled, “I like to glue a penny on the corner of a sidewalk and hide behind a building, when they bend down and try to grab the penny I pull out a piece of cloth and rip it, then I sit back as I watch them freak out because they think their pants ripped.” I guess we really do have some pranksters here at Mar Vista Middle, huh? Well now we know who to look out for on April Fools, and that reminds me, have a happy April Fools!!!!!!!

Oooh, a lucky penny on the sidewalk......or is it?

Spring - 2013

Student Spotlight

Harley Hall: Art Extrodinare’! Check Out What One Girl Can Do! By: Aria A. Archer Some of you may know Harley Hall. But don’t be fooled, her being in Choir can mislead you from the truth: this girl is an artist! With her skills, it’s nearly impossible to believe that the pictures in her notebook and on her binder were hand-drawn. Here is the inside scoop on how she makes this art possible. Interviewer: Harley, your style of drawing is incredible, What’s your technique? Harley: Mostly shading, but I don’t know the exact name of the type of shading I use. Interviewer: Did someone teach you how to draw and you branched off of that, or did you teach yourself? Harley: I taught myself. Interviewer: I’ve noticed that you don’t use color in your artwork, why not? Harley: I do, it just depends on what you’re drawing. Sometimes it just looks better without color. Interviewer: You tend to write next to your drawings, and earlier you told me that they were stories to go with each sketch. What are most of the drawings

about? Harley: Anime or portraits. Usually they’re about some of my favorite shows, or brothers and sisters from a far away planet. Interviewer: How long does it usually take you to finish a sketch? Harley: That depends. Anime takes 10-15 minutes, and Portraits take about 30 minutes. Interviewer: Where do you get the inspiration for most of your work? Harley: Usually, from past experiences. Interviewer: What kinds of things do you enjoy pursuing at home when you aren’t drawing? Harley: Writing poetry or watching TV. Interviewer: Is there a specific reason why don’t you believe in tracing? Harley: Tracing is like plagiarizing someone’s art. I imagine myself getting fined for doing so. Interviewer: At home, does music ever help you concentrate on your art? If so, what genre of music helps you the most? Harley:Yes, music helps me,

Step into the ring

Student Spotlight Interviewing Maria Marmolejo By: Adriana Madrigal Did you know that Maria Marmolejo has a secret sport she participates in off-campus? Did you know that she has also earned many awards for having straight A’s? Last year here at MVM, she earned these awards by studying a lot and doing all her assignments and focusing on her own work. Maria Marmolejo is a well behaved student, her transcripts(grades) show many A’s and B’s and most of her teachers and peers think that she is a very good student. Sharika Quiroz stated “I think that she’s a great friend and that she helps

The Viking Times

One of Harley’s drawings, it represents “Best Friends.”

but the genre depends on what I like that day. Interviewer: Did someone special in your life encourage you when you first began your “career” drawing? Harley: Yes, my friend that died of Cerebral Palsy. Harley is one of the many talented artists we are privileged

When Maria hears “ding! ding! ding!,” at school and in the ring, she’s ready to take care of business.

out when you need help and she is always there for you.” Besides being a very good stu-

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dent, as well as being a student aide, she’s also a boxer. Interviewer: About how long

to have at Mar Vista Middle School. There are no limits to Harley’s creativity, and she is certainly lucky to have such imagination. These are the qualities of an art extraordinaire, and if she continues, she will become a worldwide sensation. You go, girl!!! ago did you start boxing? Maria Marmolejo: I started boxing about a year ago. Interviewer: Are there rules for boxing like there are in Karate? Maria Marmolejo: Yes there are rules for boxing like karate, the number one rule is only use boxing for self-defense not to hurt someone on purpose. Interviewer: How did you get into boxing and manage to have good grades at the same time? Maria Marmolejo: It was not that hard all I did was always being focused, listening, and doing all my work. Maria Marmolejo has the focus and dedication to maintain her grades as well as maintain her boxing practices off-campus.

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The Viking Times

Spring - 2013

Youtube’s Greatest Smash hits of 2012

Top Ten Videos (Not in order) Top Ten Viral Videos of 2012. viral video we have.... By: Miriam Torres Xochilt Chavez says, “My 1.Gangnam Style (Psy) 2012 has been a great year, favorite video would have to 2.Rewind Youtube Style with all of the crazy events that be “Asking all them Questions” 3.Catch the Ice dude happened, the election, rumors because it is catchy and fun about the end of the world. to listen to!” Alex Cobb says, 4.Overly Attached Girlfriend Hostess going out of business. “Gangnam Style is definitely 5.Dumb Ways to Die Also, some popular Youtube my favorite because it’s awe- 6.Asking all them Questions videos have gotten a lot of atten- some and the dancing is cool!.” 7.Extremely Scary Ghost Elevator Prank tion. These are called viral vid- Phoebe Castro says, “My favoreos. According to Wikipedia, “a ite video is “Dumb Ways to Die” 8.Call me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen) viral video is one that becomes because the little characters are 9.Facebook Parenting for the troubled teen. popular through the process so cute!” Alex Ramos says, “I 10. Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney (Epic Rap Battles of internet sharing, typically like “Rewind Youtube Style” of History) through video sharing websites and email.” We have gone around Mar Vista Middle asking students which youtube video they like the most. Some videos have over 5 million views, some over 10 million, some even got over 30 million views!!! One viral video is said to be the most viewed video in youtube history, a lot of people are familiar with this video; “Gangnam Style” this is a kpop (Korean Pop) music video sung by a man named Psy. This video currently has over 1 billion views, and still going!! But, that’s not the only

because all of the popular Youtubers are in there, so it’s fun to see them all in one Video!” A lot of Mar Vista Students have different opinions on which videos they like. Some like the funny videos, some like the action ones, and others prefer music videos. But in the end, all of these videos are worth seeing. These videos have something special that catches your eye and makes you think, “Hey, that’s interesting I wonder what that’s about!” 2012 was a great year, I can’t wait to see what 2013 has in store for us!

Monsters and Motorcycles Supercross By: Cindi Shaner Does James Stewart, Chad Reed, Ryan Dungey, Ryan Villopoto, and Kevin Windham sound familiar to you? If so, the American Motorcyclist Association(AMA) Supercross should sound familiar as well, because these are the names of some of the champions of the previous AMA Supercrosses. An AMA Supercross is a motorcycle race that starts in late December and ends sometime in mid-May. It consists of 17 rounds in the Supercross Class, and 8 rounds in Supercross Lites West Class in December and 8 rounds in the Supercross Lites East Class in February, which the final round has the East-West Shootout in May. The AMA Supercross is

sponsored by Monster Energy Drink, a common energy drink known by most students. “My favorite part is the beginning,” says Rebecca Rodriguez. On February 9, the 2013 Monster Energy AMA Supercross was held at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. On May 4 the Monster Energy Supercross

Psy and Gangam Style, the most watched video on YouTube.

World Finals will take place at Sam Boyd Stadium, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the champion will be told. Ryan Villopoto won the past two years in 2010 and 2011, will he get the glory again this year? “The Supercross is really cool to watch,” says Kaitlyn Thomas. More than 800,000 fans attend the Supercross, cheering on their favorite riders. There are 20

The first to cross the FINISH line is whate every racer strives for.

riders during the main event, and 15 in the Supercross Lites category. “The Lites are fun to watch, since they have a smaller track,” Mariah Thurber said. The Supercross Lites class are the 250cc, they have smaller races and different bikes. Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha all field teams for each race. At around eleven or midnight, the Supercross ends. A poll on, out of eight racers and 107 votes, 30% says Ryan Villopoto will win, 23% that Justin Barcia will, 20% James Stewart, 14% Ryan Dungey, 9% Chad Reed, 3% Trey Canard, 1% Kevin Windham, and no votes that Dean Wilson will win. “I hope Villopoto wins!” says Katie Griffin. But the actual question is, “Who will actually win?”

Spring - 2013


The Viking Times

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Video Game Review By: Gabriella Bolla There are thousands of video games that are first person shooter, but which one is the most played? According to CBS news and Mar Vista Middle Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is the most popular. Why? It is popular for its shooting and multiplayer material. The game was created by David S. Goyer, and is a first shooter game that was first developed by Treyarch and published by Activision. It was released November 13, 2012 for playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows also a separate version for the Nintendo Ds developed by N-Space, but what is the game about? According to CBS News, within 24 hours of the game being on sale, it sold 5.6 million copies in total, 4.2 million in the U.S. and 1.4 million in the UK. Breaking the world record from Modern Warcraft by 2.3 million copies. Activision made 500 million dollars within 24 hours of the game being released. The game takes place between the cold war in the 1980s and a terrorist attack in 2025, but the set and war grounds take place all over the world such as the Ural Mountains in central Russia, Cuba, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Laos, Vietnam, and the Arctic Circle. According

to, the player of the game takes the place of a foot soldier. During the game a player can take three stances: standing, crouching, or prone (running while crouching). The online multiplayer mode of black ops usually revolves around two teams on a specific mission. For example, when playing the mode such as “Team Deathmatch” the team with the most kills wins the game. Black ops 2 offers many different types of games modes that can be played in the game, also it is supposed to bring competitive players, and a lot of fun and excitement. The game has a lot excitement and “horror” to the game. But many of you might be asking how can horror fit into the game? We’ll

“We prefer the term Caster......” Beautiful Creatures By: Faith Lopez On February 13th.... something big happened.... something dark.... something evil lurked in the dark. “ Beautiful Creatures” came out in theaters. Many Vikings have read this spectacular book, now they couldn’t wait to see the movie. You can buy your tickets online and in the movies on opening day people are getting ready to see the new romantic movie. Ms. Hernadez, the Librarian, Arely Lupian, and Cassandra Fuentes all have read or are still reading the danger and romance in this book. We asked a few people to tell us their opinion…… Mrs. Hernandez – MVM Librarian

Interviewer: What do you think the story is mainly about? Mrs. Hernandez: “I think the story is mainly about god and evil casters, there’s romance in this twist of the story.” Interviewer: Why did you like the book? Mrs. Hernandez: “I thought

Black ops 2 has brought “Zombie mode” to the game. Zombie mode is where you or three more players have to fight through a horde of zombies. The main objective of the zombie mode is to stay alive as much as possible. However the rounds in the game get much harder every single round. To proceed to the next round you must kill a certain amount of zombies. To mostly stay alive in the game you must get points. To get points you must either kill zombies or build barricades in the game. With points players have the opportunity to buy items to help them survive. Such as new weapons and abilities. There are 2 types of modes in “Zombie mode” there is Tranzit where up to 4 players can try to Survive much

it’s really good because I like the intense and suspense, you never know what’s going to happen next, a book that keeps me awake is a good book to me.” Interviewer: Will you be watching the movie? Cassandra Fuentes: “Yes I will be watching the movie when it comes out.” Interviewer: Do you think the movie will be anything like the book? Cassandra Fuentes: “Maybe a little different. In my opinion I read the book and I was interested in it.” Interviewer: How did you like the book/or series? Arely Lupian: “It’s a really a good book, the story is about a boy who has mysterious dreams about this mysterious girl. The entire book is about this character finding out who the mys-

Page 5 as possible. Then there is Grief, Grief is we’re players are in two teams of four and they must battle to see who can survive the longest. The team that stays alive the longest wins the match. What does mar vista Middle school think? What do you think of the game? Kalyn Davis said “The game is fun, but a little too violent.” Do you like the game? Trevor Jason says “I love the game, its good for entertainment.” Why do you play the game? Rene Guzman says that “I play the game because it helps get my anger out sometimes, but its fun to play.” What’s your favorite mode? Why? Adrian Castro said “Zombie mode, it helps on aiming for any other shooting modes of the game.” When did you find out about the game? Ruben Gonzalez said “I found out about the game when the 2nd Black Ops came out.” Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is a pretty well known game and also a very popular game. This game is popular for its shooting material and modes for the game such as Zombie mode, team death match, and much more.

terious girl was and the epic battle that comes towards them. On her 18th birthday she must make a choice to be good or a bad caster.” Even famous authors are talking about Beautiful Creatures, like; Melissa Marr, NYT bestselling author of Wicked lovely says, “ Gorgeously crafted, atmospheric, and original, I devoured it” Holly Black, NYT bestselling author of Tithe: a modern faerie tale says, “A lush southern gothic whose memorable, eccentric characters draw you into their captiving world.” If you want to read an interesting book that can keep you on the edge of your seat, then Beautiful Creatures is the book for you. Also, if you want to watch the movie go on down to AMC or any other movie theater and enjoy the danger and romance.

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Food News

The Viking Times

May the Twinkie Rest In Pieces. Wait, It’s really gone?! By: Vivian E. Moran (WARNING: The information you are about to read below may be extreme for some readers, viewer discretion is advised.) They are what we have known for all our lives, and they have now disappeared from existence. The fatty goodness that we have craved and eaten since it was first created, the Twinkie. Hostess is the company that has created this sinfully good treat, as well as other products that are well known for their sugary goodness such as Cupcakes, Ding Dongs, Ho Ho’s, and Sno-balls. So, why did they go out of business? The real question you should be asking is that what is going to happen to our beloved Twinkie? The information that has been researched is sad, but true. So if you want to know the truth about and why the Twinkie and other sweet American treats have left this world, continue reading the information below. (The information you are about to see is the cold truth, no hoaxes or rumors are involved.) The website explained that “after more than 80 years, America must give a fond farewell to these

iconic desserts.” Last year, 2012, Hostess announced that it was going out of business. “Many people have worked hard to keep this from happening.” said Hostess CEO Gregory F. Rayburn. He also said that “there is no other alternative, but to begin the process of shutting down and selling the last of their brand.” Hostess was founded in 1930 as an Interstate Bakeries Corporation. However, the past ten years, Hostess has experienced difficulties in its management AND had high labor costs. The company had also experienced some money troubles in the past, unfor-

tunately they would not be making a recovery this time, and with the loss of our sweet treats goes nearly 20,000 jobs down the drain. The fall of Hostess is due not only for their financial problems, but are responsible for making the country the way it is. According to, “The country’s lifestyles and tastes for food are different than they were eighty years ago. America has become more health-conscious, and they are demanding for more healthy food products with less trans-fats, sugar, and salt. But, Hostess is a high calorie product manufacturer,” and

Spring - 2013 there it makes itself obvious as to why Hostess does not fit into this new way of life. Not only that, but Americans don’t eat as much bread as they once did. “More and more, we are opting for one-dish meals,” said Harry Balzar, a food industry analyst. “The tradition of bread as a side dish is diminishing.” Americans are finding alternatives to replace their morning toast too. Instead they’re eating quick snacks like yogurt and energy bars. What will become of America’s beloved Twinkie? Will it be the distant memory of a bygone America? Hostess fans are hoping that a company will buy out the maker of this spongy snack and secure its spot on supermarket shelves for years to come. But all we can do is wait. While eating some fruit for dessert instead. “I never really liked Twinkies and on top of that I never had one.” says Alana Jones. “ I don’t really like Twinkies,” says Andrea Alvarado. Austin Penasi states that “ I think it’s really sad, but I will wait until someone buys the recipe,” and finally “It’s just really messed up” says Brianna Hubbard. A Special Teacher’s Quote: “I don’t really care for the Twinkie, but I do miss some of their products.” - Ms. Jaramillo

I Scream, You Scream, we all scream for ice cream. Ice Cream, oh yeah! By: Jason Cruz What your Favorite ice cream, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or mint chocolate chip. There’s so many flavors for ice cream. Ice cream can be a good dessert or a snack when it’s a hot day. But like for me I can eat ice cream all day. Ice cream is a frozen dessert that’s been around since at least 4th century B.C. Still the ice cream is still famous about its frozen and creamy taste. Some people put root beer in their ice cream to make a root beer float. According to, the origins of of ice cream was a Roman emperor, Nero who declared ice from on top of a mountain and combined it with fruit toppings. Ice cream was also famous in China because they had a method of putting milk and ice. Ice cream was likely brought from China and Europe. Joshua Navarro said, “I like strawberry ice cream but not just plain I

like it with chocolate syrup and whipped cream.” Roman Marquez said, “I don’t know what I think about ice cream and there so many favors I can’t choose.” Christian Woods said, “My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip and I like ice cream because it cools me down.” Derek Oliva said, “My favorite ice cream is vanilla because I like the taste of it.” Angel Luna said, “I like ice cream because it calms me down and my favorite flavor is oreo.” Jorge Padilla said, “I can eat chocolate ice cream all day because I love it.” Some students buy their ice cream at Baskin Robbins, Cold Stone, Cowabunga, Wienerschnitzel or at stores. There are still more places to get ice cream. The cheapest place to get ice cream is Cowabunga and the place to get delicious ice cream is Wienerschnitzel.

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup from Wienerschnitzel. Mmmmm good.

Spring - 2013

Just For Fun/Interactive

The Viking Times

Page 7

This edition of of T*he Viking Times, includes these last two pages that are fun and interactive. We received such a positive response from the “Fun Facts” and interactive games we’ve included in the last few editions, that we wanted to give the students more. Enjoy, and have fun.

Adernester - Color Me.

By: Faith Lopez and Aria Archer

Who Sings this?

By: Andrea Perez


2. Sings “Magic” 5. Sings “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” 7. Sings “Whistle” 9. Sings “Bad Romance” 12. Sings “Don’t Wake Me Up” 17. Sings “Let Me Love You” 18. Sings “Bangarang” 19. Sings “Call Me Maybe” 22. Sings “Locked Out Of Heaven” 23. Sings “Glad You Came” 24. Sings “Price Tag”


1. Sings “Don’t Stop The Party” 3. Sings “What Makes You Beautiful” 4. Sings “Wide Awake” 6. Sings “Some Nights” 8. Sings “Diamonds” 10. Sings “One More Night” 11. Sings “Gangnam Style” 13. Sings “Starships” 14. Sings “Set Fire To The Rain” 15. Sings “Addicted To You” 16. Sings “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” 20. Sings “Beauty And A Beat” 21. Sings “Try”

Find your way through the maze Part: 1 By: Marc Gimutao

Page 8

Just For Fun/Interactive

Interesting, Fun, Random Facts:

By: Cindi Shaner - Ketchup was sold in the 1830s as medicine Most lipstick contains fish scales. - Honey is the only food that doesn’t spoil. - A pregnant goldfish is called a twit. - An ostrich’s eye is bigger than it’s brain. - The ant can lift 50 times its own weight, can pull 30 times its own weight and always falls over on its right side when intoxicated. - Orcas (killer whales) kill sharks by torpedoing up into to shark’s stomach from underneath, causing the shark to explode. - About 300 million cells die in your body every minute. - A giraffe has a 21 inch long tongue. A klazomaniac is someone who feels like shouting. - Over 2,500 left-handed people are killed every year from using products made for right-handed people. - An average of 13 boxes of Jell-o are purchased every second in the United States. - Elizabeth I of England suffered from anthophobia, a fear of roses. - Coca-Cola was originally green. - Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated. - Pink was considered a perfectly suitable color for boys up until the 1920’s. - Anyone under the age of 21 who takes out household trash containing even a single empty alcohol beverage container can be charged with illegal possession of alcohol in Missouri. - The total weight of skin in an average adult human is 6 lb. - Every time Beethoven sat down to write music, he poured ice water over his head. - On an American one-dollar bill, there is an owl in the upper left-hand corner of the “1” encased in the “shield” and a spider hidden in the front upper right-hand corner.

Connect The Dots.

By: Seth James

The Viking Times


Spring - 2013

Vikings Fun Facts By: Dafne Arellano 1. The word ‘Fagna’ means ‘Be glad’ in Old Norse language (Old Norse language is what Vikings spoke). 2. The name ‘Viking’ means ‘a pirate raid’ in the Old Norse language. 3. The worst possible death for a Viking was to die peacefully in bed. 4. Only one Viking helmet has ever been found, in a Viking grave in south Norway. 5. The Vikings were probably the first to make and use skis and ski poles. 6. Viking women were honored in their culture. 7. Vikings were most famous for their ships. 8. Vikings believed in afterlife. 9. When important Vikings died, they would be placed with all their clothes, jewellery, even their animals, in a burial ship. 10. Dublin, Ireland was founded by Viking raiders. Find more interesting facts at: ages_vikings.php

Find your way through the maze Part: 2 By: Marc Gimutao

The Viking Times Spring 2013  

The Viking Times Spring 2013