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Spring 2011 - Volume 1 - Issue 3

MySpace Vs. Facebook

Which Social Network Site Do MVM Students Use? By: Jean De La Cruz There are many social networking websites that people participate in. There’s Twitter, Friendster, Downelink, Flickr, Formspring, Tumblr and of course, MySpace and Facebook. Most of these social websites require individuals to sign up in order to be actually registered with the website. There has been competition between the two main social networking sites, MySpace and Facebook, but which one is better? According to, MySpace was popular in June, 2006, when there were more than 100 million users worldwide. It was first created by Tom Anderson in January, 2003, in Santa Monica, California. MySpace is a place for users to add friends, write blogs, upload photos, play games, type statuses, update your mood and send Instant Messages. MySpace users have the ability to customize and personalized their profile with a variety of layouts to choose from. Any kind of information that can be added about yourself can be placed in different categories such as: about me, interests, basic info, details, networking, companies, and schools. There are many people who still use MySpace. Facebook came along in February, 2004, a year after Myspace, and this is when the competition really began. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. According to, Facebook was created as an art his-

May I get a Tissue?

Seasonal Allergies are Arriving By: Cesar Zepeda Springtime might be the preferred season for some people because of the sunny weather and the flowers blooming, but for some people springtime is torture. You might be wondering why spring might be torture for some people and the answer is seasonal allergies. Spring is considered the beginning of seasonal allergies. When spring arrives, the trees and flowers start to bloom, pollen gets carried by the air and the pollen makes people sneeze and cough. ` According to the website, over thirty five million Americans have seasonal allergies. Currently, there is no cure for seasonal allergies, but there are ways to prevent them and not cause too much discomfort. also included that, to prevent seasonal allergies in spring, try to be indoors as much

tory study tool, then developed into a site for Harvard students to share notes. It then expanded to Stanford, Columbia, Yale and other Ivy League schools. Eventually it was opened to anyone over the age of 13 with a valid e-mail address. Facebook is easier to use than MySpace, according to many MVM students. Facebook notifications update your profile whenever someone comments on your pictures or comments you’ve posted on your wall. Therefore, you’re welcome to post any links, wall photos, and more on your status. Facebook lured more than 600 million people by January 2011 and it became more popular than MySpace. Facebook became more popular than Myspace because it’s easier to use. MySpace became boring and confusing and so it began to lose members. MySpace has lots of features, but unorganized links and other features make it confusing and slow for users. MySpace has made changes to look similar to Facebook because it wants more attention and wants to be as popular as Facebook. However, for many users who have switched over to Facebook, they won’t be going back. When comparing MySpace and Facebook, each has their unique features that make them both still popular. Vanessa Vargas said, “Well, I think that MySpace used to be really cool and a place to have fun with your friends. You can decorate your own profile and stuff, but now it’s copying everything that Facebook does!”

From Excedrin, to inhalers and even prescription medicine, there are many products out there to help alleviate your allergy symptoms.

as possible during the morning. Also, keep windows closed during the spring to prevent pollen coming in your house. Shower and change your clothes after be-

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Sophie Marshall said, “I think Facebook is better because it’s more organized and doesn’t have as many creepy people as there are on MySpace.” Jeremiah Sales said, “Personally, I think Facebook is way more awesome because it’s less complicated and not that stressful. Facebook is easier to make than My Space. Myspace gets confusing and it’s hard to make your own profile.” Even at Mar Vista Middle School, most students prefer Facebook than MySpace. As a result, Facebook beat MySpace in a MVM student poll. The competition between the two main social websites, is now over. Facebook has finally won the top social network.

“Let’s get ready to ruuuumble” Facebook knocks out the competition.

ing outside and wash your clothes more often than usual during spring. Don’t use window or attic fans because it can bring pollen inside your house. Avoid dairy food such as wheat, sugar, and white rice to prevent having extra mucus. These are just some of many ways to prevent having seasonal allergies. A student named Matthew Gimutao who claimed he had spring allergies said, “I hate the spring because I sneeze a lot and I also have a lot of mucus, which is really disgusting and annoying.” Another student said, “Having seasonal allergies is like a nightmare that never ends.” Isaiah Martinez said, “Having allergies during the spring is the worst because I cough a lot. Also, my throat and eyes get super itchy. According to MVM school nurse, Mrs.Quillin, seasonal allergies have many symptoms such as itchy skin, red eyes, runny eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat, and coughing. These symptoms occur all at once for seasonal allergy sufferers. Mrs. Quillen also said that about twenty-five percent of students in MVM have seasonal allergies. She also said that there are medicines that can help limit and relieve seasonal allergies symptoms but ask your doctor before taking any medications and ask he or she for a prescription of a type of medicine. So remember try to stay indoors as much as possible and good luck!

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Academic News

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Were You On the List?

Aireal McCoy and Celina Martin pick up their muffin and cookie, during the Principal’s and Scholarship Honor Roll Assembly.

Principal’s and Scholarship Honor Roll List By: Jasmine Sirnes Gutierrez Did you get good grades so you can get on the top academic honor roll lists? Lots of people tried their best to get on those semester 1 academic lists. In order to get on the Principal’s list you had to have a 3.83 and above G.P.A. (nothing lower than one B). In order to get on the Scholarship list you had to have a 3.0 G.P.A(nothing lower than B’s). How did you find out if you were on one of these two academic honor roll lists? At the beginning of first semester, Mr. Lopez, MVM ASB Advisor put the two lists up on the main office windows for students to check their names: Many students didn’t notice until they passed by it. Maybe a friend or the teacher gave a reminder to check names. Also, announcements were made in the mornings. Another place you could find out is the school website http:// Letters were sent to the students during sixth period because they didn’t get the chance to get them mailed home. The letter was to invite the students and parents to a special assembly. As students found out they were on the list, they went home and told their family right away. On January 21, 2011, the day of the ceremony, the students came to school happy and ready for that ceremony.

Spring 2011

By the end of second period, teachers passed out their awards in class and many teachers recognized the students in front of their peers. They were then sent to the Viking Stage where their parents where waiting for them. “I thought that the best part was when we got recognized during second period!” said Iliana Itzel Aguirre Rodriguez excitedly. After they were recognized in class, they went to get their food that the A.S.B. had provided them. Joanis Marie Biano said, “I really liked the delicious taste of the chocolate muffins.” After they went to sit down with their parents. some parents took bits of their child’s food while some didn’t. Then Mr Lopez, the A.S.B. advisor, and Mrs. Kalafer gave a short speech on how the core classes (Math, English, Science and Social Studies) are the academic classes and that those classes will help you get a good start in high school and help to get a good start for college. Jennifer Price said, “I thought Mrs. Kalafers’ speech was inspiring.” Then after Mrs. Kalafer was done speaking to the students and parents, she gave the microphone to Mr .Lopez. He congratulated the special group and then he let the families be together for the rest of the time until the nutrition bell rang. They played music while the students mingled with each other and many parents took the time to get some pictures of their student. Every one went to their third period class and the parents left campus.

On Time, Everyday. That’s the Viking Way!!!! Students Get Recognized For Perfect Attendance. By: Edgar Magallanes Have you ever had perfect attendance at your elementary school or any other school? Well, students at MVM got recognized on January 13, 2011 for having perfect attendance every day from 8/16/2010 to 12/17/2010 which comes out to a total of 72 days, with the ceremony taking place at the Mar Vista Middle cafeteria. Parents were more than welcomed to come to this assembly. To have perfect attendance, have no tardies, and if you have any absences, take those checks off by coming to Saturday School! When it was time for the students to go out in to the cafeteria, students were proud to enter this assembly for having perfect attendance. Students were not allowed to enter the cafeteria unless they showed their certificate to the A.S.B girls who were at the only entrance available. Before starting the assembly, the students were given some muffins and cookies with an orange juice. The muffins and cookies were, as always, donated by MVM A.S.B. and the orange juice was donated by the Cafeteria. During the assembly, Ms. Kalafer talked about what it meant to her to have these many students with perfect attendance. She said some words of wisdom, congratulated all the students in the cafeteria, and explained what it meant to have perfect attendance for 72 long and frustrating days! After Ms. Kalafer finished, Mr. Lopez took possession of the microphone to talk about the A.S.B, who organizes these types of events. “All these events are organized for students, from students” he said. All the money the A.S.B gets from selling chips and squirts of chamoy, ends up in getting spent on these events. Seventh grader Max Contreras was interviewed and asked questions about his award. “I feel

very proud of my award, I have never earned one until this day.” he answered. Mellvin Santos said, “I feel like I’m going to die, this is my first perfect attendance award!” he exclaimed. Marco Romero, a seventh grader at MVM, said that he also felt very proud for winning this award. He says that last year when he was in 6th grade, he got like 20 absences for being sick! Serena Sablan, a seventh grader said “Yes, I can’t believe it, I won a perfect attendance award and I’m very proud.” Lastly, Damian Terriquez, anotherseventh grader said he felt very

proud of himself for having perfect attendance at school. He said that it runs in the family to have everything perfect; in fact, he is an “A+” student. In conclusion, students feel very proud for having perfect attendance at school, because if you miss a day, you miss out on a very important lesson in school. It’s not easy to be here on time everyday, but these students did it for semester one and were recognized for this very amazing achievement. Congratulations to every Perfect Attendance Award winners.

Aina Guatno, Sensiminah Castillo, Damian Terriquez and Jean De La Cruz want to get back to eating their muffins. So hurry up and take the picture. “This will go great next to my other awards” says Jean De La Cruz

Spring 2011

Academic News

The Viking Times

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Congratulations, You Earned An Award!!! Citizenship Honor Roll By: Edgar Magallanes On Thursday, January 27th, over three hundred Mar Vista Middle School students were awarded for having good citizenship for semester one. The ceremony took place at the Viking Stage during an extended sixth period from 2:50 to 3:15. The students received a certificate with their name on it representing their efforts. To win this award you need to have a 3.0 GPA or above in citizenship with no grade lower than a “B.” Students received the awards in front of their 6th period teachers and classmates, then proceeded to the Viking stage where they were greeted by the Principal, Ms. Kalafer, and parents. Parents were invited to attend this event. After the assembly, parents felt very proud that their son/daughter had accomplished a very big goal. Students received snacks for their time. Instead of orange juice and a big muffin, students were given the choice of getting an apple juice, or an orange juice. Also, they were given the choice of DORITOS, TAKIS, or HOT CHEETOS. All of this was given to you by your A.S.B. Eighth grader Efren Esqueda said, “Well, I knew I was going to be a winner because I have very good participation and good behavior in all of my classes.” You can’t get more confident

Mrs. Kalafer stands proudly to share in this special moment with Alonzo Escalante and his mom.

than that! Alexander Jeremy Wallace said, “Hi, my name is Alex Wallace and I won a citizenship award; I feel that I’m a winner. My mom will be very proud of me and she will give me lots of money.” Dominique Estephan Mayou was a little shy but he said, “I feel grateful for winning an award like this one.” Lastly, Eliseo Flores said, “I feel very proud of myself and I

Second Semester, Second Chance.

Alonso Pereyda focuses in class. This is one of the keys to suucceeding in school. Along with hard work, dedication, commitment and responsibility. Do you have what it takes to succeed?

Did You Try Your Hardest? By: Jazmine Adams How important is middle school to you? Do you think you did better second semester than the first semester? What did you do differently to succeed? We’re towards the end of the second semester at Mar Vista Middle School. It’s time to reflect back on your work and see what you did better this semester than last semester In the first semester, you may have had unfinished work or you were failing classes. Second semester was the time for you to succeed, and try your hardest. In order to promote from 8th grade and walk across the Viking Stage, you need to make

thought I was never going to win this award.” When you recognize students for their achievements, they feel very proud of themselves and will try to win these awards once again after having a great second semester. Congratulations to every Citizenship Honor Roll Award winner.

promote from middle school. As you can see, the goal of credit recovery is to give students a second chance to pass a class they sure you do your best to work hard and gain the failed the first time they took it. credits you need. To be promoted you need 21 credAll this can happen to you, but it all depends if its including 8 credits in English and Math. You get you try to progress or not. A lot of this information credit for each class you pass. is stated on page 5, 15, and 16 of your Mar Vista Finding resources for yourself can help. Some Middle School planner if you want more detail. examples, of resources are: the homework center, Janneca Ames- “I think it’s really important your friends, your parents, tutoring, and credit rebecause it prepares you for high school and colcovery. There is always someone at MVM that can lege. Also I think I did better this semester because I be there for you, to help you in Principals Honor Roll - Scholar- worked harder.” order to succeed. Breanna Hamlin- “I think The reason you should ship Honor Roll - Citizenship middle school is really imHonor roll - Top Student & portant because it would help do better is because if you succeed in middle school then Most Improved Student Awards prepare for high school, and I you can do the same thing in think I did better this semester high school and eventually college. because I got a lot more work done.” There are, however, pros and cons to your acSophia Fisher- “Middle School is important tions. If you keep progressing and do well you can because it paves your way to high school, I did betget recognized. If you do not do better in school ter this semester because I got more A’s.” there are negative consequences that go along with Kassidy Burns- “Middle school is important to your actions. me because if I am successful I can get into College, One of the negative consequences from not and I think I did better this semester because I did trying or not being productive is failing a class, not more of my homework.” gettiing the credit and having to make it up by takParis Franklin- “ I think Middle School is iming credit recovery. The past director of Credit reportant because it prepares you for high school and covery, Ms. Shields, claims that credit recovery is college; I know I did better this semester because I an opportunity for students to gain the credits back worked harder.” from the classes they failed, like math or English. Middle school is very important and everyone Credit Recovery is needed because you need to should try their best to score high on tests and do make up for the classes failed in order to promote their homework. Middle school is just the start, it’s and be prepared for high school. If you do not go to getting you ready for high school, college, and evenCredit Recovery you stay with an “F” and you don’t tually the real world.

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Academic News

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What’s My Grade On The Exam? Quarterly Exams By: Mariebelle Lorenzo Do you think you did well on your quarterly exams? You should have because your teachers have prepared you for the exam. If you didn’t pay attention, then you might not get a passing grade. These exams come quarterly each semester. They are also here for you to practice for the California Standards Test (C.S.T). The teachers give the quarterly exams to give a measurable test to compare everybody in the district on what students have learned. The purpose of quarterly exams are to see the progress of students to see if they are learning the California standards that the state wants students to learn. These exams are preparing you for the C.S.Ts. The exams test you on the skills your teacher is teaching you. Students also take the quarterly exams so the teachers see how they are doing in class, such as if you’re doing well on a specific standard or doing poorly on a standard. There is so much that happens before your teacher gives you your exam. Did you know your exams were organized in a special room? This room is controlled by the assistant principal Ms. Jaramillo. In this room, they put the exact number of exams each teacher needs to give to each of their students. When it’s finally time for the test, teachers pick up their exams from this room. After everyone is done with their test, the teachers will score it by using a computer program called Data Director. The teachers will not grade these test themselves because they have a lot of classes so they have the Data Director tools scantron. When you take a test you have a bubble sheet. That sheet is of course your answer sheet.

Test Taking Tips

Helpful CST Taking Tips For Students By: Pablo Cuellar With the CSTs behind us and the End Of Course Exams just around the corner, some students worry that they may have not be prepared to do well on the tests. Sometimes, students find it hard to find study tactics that actually work for them, even though their teacher had already suggested a method for them to use. Such tips include inferring, if you don’t understand question or understanding what a question is trying to say to you. Therefore, students should have viewed the different study tactics made by Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) to help them achieve success in the CST’s. That’s why we have Mr. Ronald Tye, the Site Coordinator of Categorical Programs. Mr. Tye plays a vital role in the success of students and teachers at MVM for he is the one who manages the teachers study tips for the CSTs. He also sent bulletins to teachers to suggest tips to them about

According to Mr. Tye, Data Director program is an innovative online data and assessment management system that puts a fast, powerful, and easy-to-use decision-support system in place. It allows the teacher to compare multiple sets of data so that they may identify needed interventions, devise enhanced curriculum, and drive the academic achievement of all students. It helps struggling readers to high performers to special student populations. The purpose of this program is to help the teachers meet the needs of the students in our school and improve their performance, Mr. Tye continues. Data Director makes sense of

Spring 2011

a huge range of data at every level. The No Child Left Behind (N.C.L.B.) program mandates that teachers make decisions based on an understanding of how data are related to each other. Data Director helps the teachers meet the twenty-first century learning requirements with ease. Data Director scores fast and costeffective plain-paper scanning, high-speed Optical Mark Reading (O.M.R) scanning, and hand-entry methods allow educators immediate access to test results. The quarterly exams are important to you. They help you practice for the big test. Also, it helps teachers to see whether you are doing well and where you need help.

This may look like a printer, but it’s not. Once teachers collect your quarterly exam, they use this scanner to grade your test, and it also sends the results to Data Director, where teachers can analyse results to identify interventions.

the test, plus he gave all students the word of the day, which were the thirty most used words in the CST’s. Therefore, if you felt unsatisfied with your method of studying, try some of these ways to prepare for tests like these ones Mr. Tye suggested for students: clear any unresolved business for the day, get a good nights sleep (at least eight hours), study subjects that you feel need improvement, have a good breakfast, arrive on time, don’t panic, don’t rush on the test, read instructions, use a process of elimination, if you don’t understand the question move on and come back to it later, reread if done, and feel confident. These are key ways that can help you improve your score on any tests, also a message from Mr.Tye, “Students, please take this very seriously. Believe me, this counts towards your future development in your education.” He also says that these strategies can be used for any test no matter how important it is. Any of these tactics are effective in improving grades. Here is what students and teachers do as their own test taking tips:

Matthew Gimutao said, “I take really good study notes and sleep at least eight hours before a test.” Tarra Moore said, “For vocabulary tests I use flash cards to help me remember important words.” Eduardo Limon said, “I tend to look back at the homework for the subject of the test and use it as study notes.” Maria Catalina said, “Take notes in different colors to retain them in your head and recall them much easier.” Todd Blankenship said, “Once your teacher tells you to take notes, listen carefully to the information to copy it down correctly.” If you are interested in learning more tips you can use for tests ask Mr. Tye in room 901 or any of your teachers. Yet don’t despair students. Also keep a positive attitude until your CST grade comes to you around August of this year. Also if you wish to know even more tips you can use, try talking to various teachers in the school.

Spring 2011


Academic News

A Good Teaching Method By: Paden Hazuga Do you know how powerful an index card can be? These index cards, allow students not to have to raise their hands, but still tell the teacher you need help so you don’t get left behind. Mrs. Goodnough, the accelerated math teacher for 7th grade, has desks arranged in three rows. In each row two desks are next to each other and each group of two shares one index card. Each of the index cards have either green dot that says, “I could teach this,” a yellow one that says, “I kind of understand this,” an orange one that says, “I have a question,” and a red one that says, “I am lost.” If a student has the “I am lost card” then she tries to get to them first. If a student has the “I have a question” she tries to get to them next. Then sometimes if there are too many red and orange dots, she will have someone that has green help people with red and orange, but before you can teach others she has to check your answers and you have to have 100%. Mrs. Goodnough doesn’t use the index cards everyday, usually only once a week. I sat down with Mrs. Goodnough to discuss this teaching method with her. Interviewer: “What gave you the idea to make the index cards?” Mrs. Goodnough: “It was a strategy I learned from another teacher.” Interviewer: “Do you have a name for this method?” Mrs. Goodnough: “The teacher I got it from called it “Checking for Understanding.” Interviewer: “How long ago did you start using this?” Mrs. Goodnough: “I have used it for a

Free Dress Day Wristbands

Shavonte Sanders wants a free dress day wristband so she focuses on the AR Test in the Library.

The Viking Times

year. I have found it to be more helpful for me and also for students that don’t like raising their hand.” Interviewer: “Have you ever had any problems such as students messing with them or anything else?” Mrs. Goodnough: “Yes, I have. My policy is if a student writes on it or bends it he or she makes me a new set. I bring the materials and the student does the work. It usually takes 2 hours to make a whole set. This helps the student have a new appreciation for the cards.”

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According to Christian Quiroz, “They’re a good idea and they kind of help you learn things you don’t know.” and said, “I don’t have to raise my hand for a long time and Mrs. Goodnough can just come to my desk if have a red dot.” You have six teachers each day, each one uses different teaching methods to see if you learned what they are teaching. This is one of many methods. Be a green dot!!!!

Christian Quiroz displays the “I am lost” index card. How many times have you uttered this phrase in class and wished you could tell the teacher?

May I take an AR test? By: Cesar Zepeda Why do some students wear regular clothes on Friday? They know a secret that many students are not aware of. Some students have discovered that if they get a 100% on just one AR test, they will receive a free-dress day bracelet. Ms. Hernandez is in charge of the AR testing program in MVM at the library. According to Ms. Hernandez, MVM’s librarian, the purpose of AR testing is to make sure students understand what they read. She also said AR testing will help advance students to higher reading levels, which is the goal of the program. Do you know how to take an AR test? First, you go to the library and log on to Renaissance. Second, you have to click on “take quiz” and after that you type in the title of the book that you are willing to take a test on. Students may take AR tests before school, during lunch, and after school . Most students take tests because they want a free-dress day bracelet. Students may get a free-dress day by getting a hundred

percent on a test. Reading books is adventurous and may hook you in the setting of the story, for example cruising on the Titanic, or flying through the deadly hollows. A student named Francheska Bondick said, “I think AR testing is necessary because reading helps people improve on their English academics.” Another student said, “They should give out more rewards for students who take AR tests and who get good test scores.” Emilio said, “I think AR testing is a good thing because it gets me distracted during lunch and after school.” Xavier Sanchez says, “Reading books makes you laugh, get excited, and sometimes terrifies you.” Mellvin Santos said, “The only thing that motivates me to take a test is the free-dress day bracelet.” Twenty students were asked if they thought AR was necessary. Eleven out of twenty said that AR testing was necessary. So remember if you take more AR tests, you may not only improve on your reading skills, but you’ll also get a free-dress day bracelet that can be used on any given Friday.

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Campus News

Mmmm, That Tastes Good! Cooking Class In The ASAP Program By: Mariebelle Lorenzo “I go to cooking class because it’s really fun and the food here is delicious,” exclaimed Jennifer Sweany. Did you know the ASAP Program has a cooking class so you can learn how to easily prepare food? This class is after school in the cafeteria and starts at 3:30 then ends at 5:00. The people in charge of this class are Ms. Norma Barajas and Ms. Lydia Truxal. The cooking class is open Tuesday through Friday. If you are going to take the class you can only go once a week. It’s not cool to only go once a week, but there is an exception on Friday’s. Even if you are going to be sly and go a second time they will check if you have or if you haven’t. The reason why students can’t go more than two times is because they make the same thing every week and there is not enough food to go around. The only students who can attend this class are the students who attend the after school program. In cooking class they cook different types of food from America all the way to Asia. They prepare food like pizza, rice casserole, enchiladas, quesadilla, bread pudding, sushi, and other types of food. Also during the class you can get a piece of paper with the recipe on it so you can keep it and use it at home. Jordan Daniel said, “I love to go to this class because I like to try and eat different types of food!” Jennifer Price said, “I use the recipes at home because I love to cook.” Amanda Franks explained, “I go to this class because it’s helpful to my cooking.”

The Viking Times

Maricela Rico, Cameron Cummings and Willie Bunch make Potato Salad. Cameron can’t wait to dig into the yummy snack he helped to prepare with his smile.

Cooking class is basically a class to show students how to easily prepare food. They will prepare all types of food from different parts

SDPD Officer Carlos LaCarra was a guest speaker at a recent PTSA meeting that takes place on the first Wednesday of every month at 6pm in the MVM cafeteria.

Join Now.

P.T.S.A. By: Veronica Cano The P.T.S.A.(Parent Teacher Student Association) is a group of parents, teachers, and

Spring 2011

students whose goal is to strengthen the learning environment at home and at school. The P.T.S.A. is a good way for the students and the parents to get involved in what Mar Vista staff members are doing to help the school Some of the goals for the P.T.S.A. include,

of the world. Finally, this class is for students would want to learn how to easily prepare food.

creating a safer bike path to and from school, encouraging healthy meals at home and school, and fundraisers to fund school activities such as teacher appreciation luncheons and scholarships for students. To sign up for the P.T.S.A., go to room 901 and ask Ms. Shields for a registration paper and fill it out and bring it back to Ms. Shields or the office. You could also come to one of the meetings and sign up there. The P.T.S.A. has at least one meeting a month, July through May. The last meeting of the year is Wednesday June 1st and they are all in the cafeteria. The P.T.S.A. decides their goals for the year by having several meetings, talking to teachers, meeting with the principal, and looking at the budget. By October, the P.T.S.A. has set up their goals for the rest of the year. At a recent P.T.S.A. meeting in March, Carlos LaCarra , guest speaker and community relations officer, talked about how the students can make good choices in their lives. He also encouraged students to make healthy decisions in what they eat at home and school. The P.T.S.A. is a good way to help and be involved in the school and help the students have a better learning environment.

Spring 2011

Campus News

I.B. Skatepark Do You Like To Skate? By:Mirella Garcia Do you want to learn more about the Imperial Beach Skate Park? If you do, well there is a whole bunch of information about the new skate park in Imperial Beach. The Imperial Beach Skate Park was first built early in 2010. The police are in charge of making sure that the children at the skate park are wearing helmets and the skate park is in good condition. The skate park was built because it was a safer way than skating on the street. Some of the rules for the Imperial Beach Skate Park are: wearing a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and no bikes, scooters or smoking are allowed. The skate park has many objects that you can do tricks on. One of the objects includes the three and seven stairs which you can jump off from. Another

Just a small display of some of the certificates and medals she has accumulated over the years.

What’s Your Game?

What Most Vikings Chose Overall as Their #1 Game Console By: Pablo Cuellar Have you ever argued with a friend about which game console is better? Do you keep saying to them that this game is better than the other for no reason at all? Well, if so, these surprising statics of what students here at MVM think is the overall best game consoles will give you something to argue about with your friends. You see, students have always been saying that certain game consoles are better than each other. Particularly the three major console students use, include the Wii, a motion controlled game system that took gaming to a new level, the Xbox 360, an attractive gaming system with free repairs for the first three years, or perhaps the Playstation 3 Slim, the high definition games system with great graphics. The following survey shows a portion of students here at MVM what they have or prefer as a game system and

The Viking Times

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object is the quarter pipe which you can ride up and down in. The skate park also has hand rails which you can grind off of. Also, there are manual pads which you can manual and do different kinds of flips. It has ramps where you can ride up and down or jump off of. Other objects are benches where you can grind off of. Also the skate park has a pool jam where you can grind up and do a trick after it. There are many reasons why many students like the Imperial Beach Skate Park. Jose H, Gustavo Rosales, Danny R. are just a few. Also the reason why they like the skate park is because of the ramps where you are able to do many different kinds of tricks. They love the manual pad, the three stairs, and the ramps where you can have fun skating in and whenever you want to get a trick in and you can make a sponsor video. There are many things to do in the new Imperial Beach skate park. If you can skate or like to watch people skate you should stop by the IB Skate Park.

Seventh Grader Steven Gomez is a regular at the I.B. skatepark.

What Do Teachers Do On Their Free Time? By: Veronica Cano Do you think your math teachers go home and do addition and subtraction after work? Some students may think that, but many teachers do fun stuff before and after work. Many like mountain climbing, taking trips to far away places, going on cruises and even running. Most students don’t have a clue what teachers do when they are not teaching. But teachers do fun stuff; they have a life outside of school. Ms. Goodnough teaches advanced 7th grade math and also happens to run track and marathons in her free time. Ms. Goodnough started running in races when she was in college; she ran on U.C.S.D’s cross-country team. Ms. Goodnough started running when she was looking for something to balance out her demanding college schedule. She was studying so

much that she could not sit still so she would run for an hour and it helped her focus and study more. Ms. Goodnough runs to get rid of stress and enjoys herself. She is only competitive against herself. Ms. Goodnough also has a coach to help her train for her races and marathons. She also trains by running five to six days a week, works on speed on Saturday, and does distance on Sunday. The shortest distance she ever ran was 3.1(5k) miles and the longest was 26.2(marathon) miles. She has won three races in the 17 years she has been running. She wins in her division a lot. Ms. Goodnough’s fastest mile time is five minutes and 47 seconds, her fastest 3.1 mile race time is 18 minutes and 2 seconds, and her fastest marathon time is 2 hours 54 minutes and 15 seconds. Ms. Goodnough loves to teach

PS 3, was it on your Christmas list? MVM’s Favorite Game Console

“Wii is just awesome because it has cool games with cute characters,” said Celine Calpo. “I Like the Wii because it doesn’t require wires, and you don’t necessarily need to stand like the Kinnect,” Cindy Moeller According to the data collected, 59.4% of the students who took part in the survey choose PS3 as their favorite game console. While Xbox 360 came in 2nd place in the survey and Wii came in 3rd. It’s safe to say that the PS3 is perhaps the favorite game console in this school maybe the reason to the success of this gaming system is it’s free online gaming, its HD graphics, or the wide variety of games.

Hit The Ground Running

their reasons why they like it. “I simply like the Xbox more rather than a Playstation. I find it more entertaining,” said Alex Wallace. “I guess PS3 is the best because you don’t have to pay to play online,” said Noah Ortiguerra. “ I have had Playstation all of my life; I am used to it,” said Jose Galleon.

Company Sony® Playstation Microsoft® Xbox Nintendo® Wii

Percentage 59.4% 25.2% 15.4%

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