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Subject: RE: Draft documents for review - Draft Engagement Policy and Draft Engagement Guidelines for Applicants and Holders of Water Licences and Land Use Permits From: "Hanna, Bruce" <> Date: 14/03/2012 4:49 PM To: Helga Harlander <> CC: "Gibson, Corrinne" <>, "Carthew, Ruari A" <> Hi Helga, I've taken a look at the engagement guidelines and policy and only have a few comments as both look good.

1. Main point is they seem to be aimed at aboriginal engagement primarily so perhaps the title could

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

reflect that or an additional line or two could be added. For instance, recommending early engagement with applicable regulators can also help streamline the process going forward as input can be incorporated into LUP and WL applications before they're submitted to the Boards. When it is stated in the guidelines that all affected parties should be included in ICRP/ AEMP workshops etc it could include regulators but the definition at the beginning doesn't really indicate that regulators are considered affected parties.Likely just needs a bit of tweaking for clarification. In the definition section of both documents there is a separate definition for affected community but the definition of affected party includes communities so it could be redundant. 1.0 Introduction of the Guidelines, Paragraph 3: potential of good engagement could be changed to potential benefits of good engagement. Page 6 Workshops: documentation of workshop proceedings could include action items as its the term normally used. Page 10 Storage Authorization - I wasn't aware of this one, could be added as a definition Page 5, line 5: change "..any approved engagement plan will satisfy" to "any approved engagement plan must satisfy"

Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback. Have a good night. Bruce Bruce Hanna

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