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Matthew Vermeyen Art portfolio I chose to feature the artwork that I have created this year in AP Art in this portfolio because I think it clearly highlights my achievements apart from academic or athletic endeavors. The walls of my home are decorated with works of art from my grandfather who is an architect and amateur artist. Perhaps this is where I got my initial introduction to creative inspiration, but it wasn’t until my junior year in high school that I became interested in taking AP Art after being introduced to stippling. This is a form of art that uses many small, distinct dots with a layering effect and spacing to simulate shading, eventually creating a larger image. The photos I have included show the pens I used to go about making these pieces. All of these works have some connection to my life, whether it be a specific region of the country or animal that relates to me or a family member. I have really enjoyed becoming better at this medium and expressing myself through art as a whole. Every day my AP Art class is a great way for me to take a break from the daily stress and pace of my other classes, allowing me to decompress and use my mind in a different way. I hope to be able to keep improving upon my skills as an artist and explore different ways of using stippling to make truly great pieces.

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M vermeyen portfolio  

stippling art portfolio

M vermeyen portfolio  

stippling art portfolio