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Editor’s Thoughts

December is supposedly a happy month. You hear carols on the radio and you feel that special Christmas feeling that puts a smile to your face. You see all the

lights around the neighborhood at night and all the Christmas wreaths on the window sills – and you cannot help but be happy. But, that was not the case with me. After coming back home from the Philippines to bury my mother (On the very same week that Yolanda hit the Philippines), I could not make myself happy. I find myself crying no matter what I do. Not only was I grieving over my deep loss, but I also experienced the impact of what Yolanda did to Northern Cebu, Samar and Leyte and Central Tacloban when I saw all the refugees flocking in Cebu Central after escaping the stench, the devastation and their loses. I tried singing, keeping busy with Christmas décor and activities and having spa parties and yet I still find myself crying in the wee hours of the morning. I decided I needed help. I researched online many ways to overcome grieving and to learn how to be happy. As I was browsing through the internet, I came across “Happiness Workshop”. Curiosity got to me. And this is what I learned: I learned that happiness is 50% genetics! Some people are just happy-go-lucky with everything turning up roses. No wonder, some families are happier than others. Some people are more accepting of their losses and tragedies than others. Genes play a big role. The other 50% however can be controlled by us! In the same way that we can crank the thermostat to warm up on chilly days, we can also reprogram our happiness “set-point” to a higher level of peace and wellbeing. To be happy is something most of us aspire to be. Nobody wants to be with a “grouch” or “crying papaya”. Studies have also shown that money doesn’t buy happiness. It is the other way around. Happiness attracts money. Do you know that people who are happy earn $750,000+ more in their lifetimes than others (higher wages)? Additionally, happy people are more fulfilled, promoted in their jobs, and are more relaxed and peaceful. They naturally get lower prices or great deals, more business opportunities, better care, more friends, greater intimacy and so on. People love happy people. How can we be happy? Is there really a way to be truly joyful? Matthieu Ricard once said, “Genuine happiness doesn’t mean pleasant feelings one after the other. It’s more like a cluster of qualities that we can develop as skills – like openness, genuine altruistic love, compassion, inner strength and inner peace. We need to nurture loving kindness, unconditional love, an act of generosity with no strings attached . . . and inner peace, inner strength, inner contentment. Together, those make a way of being – and that is what genuine happiness is.”

Look at these photos. Is he a picture of happiness? Does he have a contagious smile? Matthieu Ricard has been scientifically declared by US neuroscientists as the Happiest man in the World. A 64-year-old Frenchman who is a former Molecular Geneticist (PhD) and researcher, an author, nature photographer, devout Tibetan Buddhist monk and French translator for Dalai Lama, simply exudes joy. He believes that everyone can create their own lasting joy and wellbeing. His face is the very picture of serenity. The corners of his mouth lift in a permanent half smile and his eyes are liquid and gentle. He earned his “happiest man” status after a series of laboratory tests in 2004 which revealed an extraordinary capacity for joy. He was a volunteer subject in a study performed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s on Happiness. Researchers cluttered his bald scalp with 256 electrodes, seeking to gauge the effects of meditation on brain activity, and what they observed was groundbreaking. Ricard and the other meditating monks in the lab showed a sharp spike in activity in the prefrontal cortex, the area linked to positive emotions such as happiness. His scoring was significantly beyond the average after testing hundreds of volunteers. Ricard believes that we can certainly teach ourselves to be happy if we can learn to train our minds – a discipline as important and beneficial as taking care of our bodies. Mind training is more than just a “supplementary vitamin for the soul. We love to go jogging for fitness and we do all kinds of things to remain beautiful, yet we spend surprisingly little time taking care of what matters most: the way our minds function, which is the ultimate thing that determines the quality of our experience,” he says with a smile.

In keeping with his Buddhist training, he says meditation is the most efficient way to train the mind to be happy, allowing all thoughts and emotions pass across our consciousness. But he insists, we do not have to have the discipline of a month to practice the kid of meditation that can make a difference to your happiness levels. Half an hour a day for a few months is all it takes to achieve benefits. You can read more about this from Reader’s Digest - Asia

Poem for the week My Cup Has Overflowed

I've never made a fortune, and it's probably too late now. But I don't worry about that much, I'm happy anyhow. And as I go along life's way, I'm reaping better than I sowed. I'm drinking from my saucer, Cause my cup has overflowed. Haven't got a lot of riches, and sometimes the going's tough But I've got loving ones all around me, and that makes me rich enough. I thank God for his blessings, and the mercies He's bestowed.

I'm drinking from my saucer, Cause my cup has overflowed. I remember times when things went wrong, My faith wore somewhat thin. But all at once the dark clouds broke, and the sun peeped through again. So Lord, help me not to gripe, about the tough rows I have hoed. I'm drinking from my saucer, Cause my cup has overflowed. If God gives me strength and courage, When the way grows steep and rough. I'll not ask for other blessings, I'm already blessed enough.

And may I never be too busy, to help others bear their loads. Then I'll keep drinking from my saucer, Cause my cup has overflowed. ~ Author: Unknown

Hilltop News MVC RESCUE 741 UNIT, INC. JOINS TACLOBAN CITY CLEARING/RETRIEVAL OPERATION The Rescue 741 Unit, Inc., under the MVC Community Extension Service Office, joined the 1 Bukidnon Help Movement, a private sector in Valencia City, for a clearing and retrieval operation in Tacloban City, Leyte, November 21-26. 1 Bukidnon Help Movement describes itself in facebook as an umbrella organization of various Bukidnonbased groups and individuals who are mobilized to help. On November 19, the team underwent an orientation and briefing by their lead convener, Dr. Pol Murillo at the

LGU covered court in Valencia City. All the team members were given free check-ups, anti-tetanus and anti-leptospirosis injections and medications. They were divided into teams: Logistics, Relief, Medical, Stress Debriefing and Humanitarian (which was later divided into teams: the Cadaver Retrieval and the Clearing). The Rescue 741 Unit was assigned to the Humanitarian Clearing Team. Riding on a bus provided free by the Rural Transit Bus Company, the team departed from Valencia City around 5 PM, November 21 and arrived in tacloban City at midnight, November 22. They were housed at the Liceo Del Verbo (Divine World University) compound. Upon arriving, the team prepared the place by clearing the area of debris, preparing water and making the place more convenient for them and for other people who were already there. “The place was badly hit as evidenced by the debris scattered around,” said Michael Lusaya, an MVC Volunteer. “People related that the water rose up to 16 feet high. It was a blessing that the school where we stayed has a deep well where we could fetch water for washing, bathing, and flushing the toilets. Our sources of electricity were the electric generators that we brought. I realized that any group, no matter how small it is, can accomplish much if it works in unity.” The Rescue 741 Unit members and volunteers spent their Sabbath at the East Visayan Conference Church. In the afternoon, they did community service in the school where they stayed. The 1 Bukidnon Help Movement served the following banaggays Pawing, Palanog, Salvacion and other areas in tacloban City and Baranggays San Roque andAmambucate in Marabut, Samar. They distributed relief goods, did stress debriefings and gave medical assistance. The Humanitarian team cleared 12 foot-high debris, chain-sawed uprooted trees especially those on the roads, and placed the dead bodies in the cadaver bags. “Tacloban City looked like a war-zone area because of the dead bodies scattered everywhere,” one volunteer said. “Although we went there two weeks after Typhoon Yolanda hit Tacloban City and the neighboring towns, the roads weren’t cleared still. It was hard for the vehicles to pass and therefore made the distribution of the relief goods move at a slower pace. Cadavers were uncollected and you can imagine the smell! The people had gotten used to the sight of dead bodies and they seemed immuned to the foul smell. They were also confused as to when and how to start their lives anew because they had nothing on hand. Everything was taken by the wind and the water. But after receiving help, they showed gratitude through their bright smiles and words of thanks,” Mr. Dionisio Lazo, Rescue 741 Team Leader commented. On Tuesday, November 16, the team came home. “What I saw and heard in tacloban City made me realize that wealth and fame in this world are vanity. The important thing is what you have in your inmost soul”, Nepthalie Apa, a volunteer said.

The Rescue 742 Team members were: Mr. Rolando Marcia, Dionice Pearl lazo, Sumielygen Noro and Mr. Dionisio Lazo. They were joined by volunteers Niel Dela Pena, Michael Lusaya, Nepthalie Apa and Gerniel Sabanal. ~by Jediah Bais, Campus Journalist student

CABANA CONDUCTS SEMINAR/WORKSHOP ON CARE/USE OF LABORATORY ANIMALS Veneracion Cabana, Ph.D., F.A.H.A., Director of the Center for Research, conducted a seminar/workshop on the care and use of laboratory animals on November 29 at the Liceo de Cagayan University, Cagayan de Oro City. Majority of the attendees at the seminar/workshop were Radiology Technology students with some Physical Therapy, Nursing and Biology students. A lively question and answer period followed. Drawing from her over four decades of experience in working with laboratory animals, she emphasized The Three Rs Principle of Laboratory Animal Care and use: Replacement, Refinement and Reduction. Replacement refers to methods that avoid using animals. The term includes absolute replacements (i.e., replacing animals with inanimate materials, e.g., replacing vertebrates with animals that are lower on the phylogenetic scale). Refinement refers to modifications of husbandry or experimental procedures to enhance animal well-being and minimize or eliminate pain and stress. Reduction involves strategies for obtaining comparable levels of information from the use of fewer animals or for maximizing the information obtained from a given number of animals (without increasing pain or distress) so that, in the long run, fewer animals are needed to acquire the same scientific information. Reusing animals as a means of reduction strategy is strongly discouraged. According to McCarthy 1999 ND Perry 2007, “The decision to use animals in research requires critical thought, judgment, and analysis…” “Using animals in research is a privilege granted by society to the research community with the expectation that such use will provide either significant new knowledge or lead to improvement in human and/or animal well-being …” “a trust that mandates responsible and humane care and use of these animals.” In other countries, particularly the United States, institutions that support the use of laboratory animals, whether for experimental research or for use in routine laboratory procedures, are required to have an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) charged with supervision in the use of laboratory animals. Since more and more students have expressed their desire to use laboratory animals for research and, IACUC needs to be formed at MVC.

CFR ADDS NEW STAFF This second semester of AY 2013-2014, the Center for Research (CFR) added new staff members: The new Research Associate, Mrs. Venus Borja, M.S.N. was an Assistant Professor II at the School of Nursing who taught NCM 103 and Research classes, among other duties. In addition, she is a certified Diabetes Educator. The CFR Director is pleased to have her. The new student assistant, Reach Iward Mahusay, an IT major, takes the place of Abner Labadan who graduated last March and recently passed the LET exam. Reach will be responsible for CFR-related publications and IT functions. The different schools are urged to submit articles for publication in the MURJ so Reach can start working on them. Research proposals and thesis defense would now have to be scheduled through Mrs. Borja. The CFR is offering assistance in the preparation of manuscripts for publication. Faculty, students and staff who have publishable data should contact the CFR for assistance in preparing the manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals. In addition, the CFR has some limited capacity to produce soft-bound books. Faculty and staff who wish to avail of this service may contact the CFR. ~by Dr. Vener Cabana

SOE STARTS IN-HOUSE LET REVIEW The School of Education has started an in-house review for the education graduates who will take the Licensure Examination for Teachers on January 26, 2014. This review is offered by the SOE. Headed by Dr. Olivia Vasquez, Dean, and not by an agency. At present, there are 20 reviewees but a few more are expected to come during the Christmas break. The LET review is conducted to help the graduates pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers. The SOE is inviting three resource persons from state universities in succession. These experts will review the Professional Education courses. The other fields will be reviewed by the SOE professors. On January 24, 2014 the SOE teachers, together with the takers, will travel to Cagayan de Oro City where the LET .will be held. ~by Raiah Truta, Campus Journalism student

HILLTOP CHORALE HOLDS DEDICATION CEREMONY The Hilltop Chorale (HC) held a Dedication Ceremony, November 29, at the Amethyst Hall. The singing group had the theme “Fill us with Your Spirit, Lord.� The dedication aimed to foster the loyalty of the group to the singing ministry. Roxanne Digman-Nkomo, a former HC member who now lives in England, gave her testimony of encouragement. She said that being an active member of the group drew her closer to God. Mrs. Rebecca Acot-Tabaranza, a former MVC music teacher and an original member of the Hilltop Chorale, gave the message. She talked about choosing God above all. She related the history of the group, her experiences, the struggles, and how they overcame them.

The members are: Sopranos – Dayne Hope Ortiz, Darlene Mae Ortiz, Precious May Aribal, Lydisa Pebs Gata, Rojean Ivy Canillo, Jenyl Ann Buhat, Llenny Jyn Cagampang, Mary Joy Edralin Altos: Jonette Rose Canillo, Elberlyn Mae Singsing, Angelie Jotea, Abigail Ebon, Rancy Vivien Buo, Crisyl Jane Saballa, Dorothy Elaine Paypa Tenors: Jemuel Dela Peña, Kent Harmon Nietes, Charles Vergel Marcera, Marde Feljon Oliverio, Roy Almer Geal, Harlan Nietes Bases: Haries Ben Guillermo, Jovel Rey Vacalares, Lester Mesa, Aldrin Dotimas, Albert Gupit. The director is Robert Chris Flores and the pianist is Dann Merck Arellano. The sponsors are: Mrs. Jocelyn Reyno, Dr. Veneracion Cabana, Mrs. Ruth Almocera, Mrs. Allen Jarovilla, Pastor and Mrs. Carlos Aganio, Mr. Leodegario Elona, Mrs. Lourlyn Mansaguiton, Dr. and Mrs. Apolinar Paulican, Pastor Tersilito Almocera, Mrs. Monyfer Porquez, and Miss Adeline Calaguian. Leading out in the planning of activities are: President -- Darlene Mae Ortiz, VP Religious – Jemuel Dela Peña, VP Social Affairs -- Aldrin Dotimas, Secretary – Precious May Aribal, Treasurer -- Lydisa Pebs Gata, Associate Treasurer – Mary Joy Edralin, Auditor -- Jovel Rey Vacalares, P.I.Os. -- Rojean Ivy Canillo and Benjie Ente, and Artists – Neptali Layaog and Dayne Hope Ortiz. --by Mary Joy Edralin, Campus Journalism student

MVC HOSTS BFJPIA CONVENTION The Bukidnon Federation of Junior Federation of Junior Philippine Accountants (BFJPIA) held its annual convention in Mountain View College, December 7-8 with the theme “ACT: Accountability, Credibility and Transparency Now”. The highlight of the program was the Search for the Ambassador and Ambassadress of Goodwill on Saturday night, December 7 at the Florence Kern Auditorium. An annual convention, the gathering allowed the MVC accountancy majors to get acquainted with the accountancy students from Central Mindanao University (CMU), San Isidro College (SIC), and Bukidnon State University (BSU). The activities included academic and non-academic contests. Under academics were: quiz bowl for subjects in Basic Accounting, Practical Accounting 1 and 2, Business Law and Taxation, Theory of Accounts, Auditing Theory, Managerial Accounting Services (MAS), and Auditing Problems. The non-academic activities were MTV spoof, interpretative dance, general knowledge, Word for Fun, and Amazing Race. When asked for his comment, Harries Ben Guillermo, the MVC contestant for the Search for Ambassador and Ambassadress of Goodwill and a graduating senior accounting student, said: “I am honored to be chosen as one of the contestants.” BFJPIA aims to enrich the potentials of the youth by exposing them to opportunities that develop their intellectual and social capacities for maximum performance in nation building. BFJPIA is under the umbrella of The National Federation of Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (NFJPIA) and accredited by the Philippine Institute of Accountants (PICPA). ~by Alvin Almonte, Campus Journalism student

Quotes for the week “I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.” ~by Martha Washington

“To do more for the world than the world does for you – that is success.” ~ Henry Ford (1863-1947) Founder of Ford Motor Co

“There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.” ~Epictetus “Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Bible Study for the Season "THE VIRGIN SHALL CONCEIVE": WERE THERE TWO VIRGIN BIRTHS ACCORDING TO ISAIAH 7:14? An In-depth Biblical Study on the Book of Isaiah ~By Dr. Diego Sausa One of the most problematic texts in the Bible is Isaiah 7:14 where the prophet declares, “The Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel” (NKJV). In Matthew 1:22-23, Matthew applies Isaiah’s oracle to the virgin birth of Jesus. The problem stems from the fact that Isaiah’s context demands that the oracle has to be fulfilled in his time. IMMEDIATE CONTEXT The immediate context of the passage is the Syro-Ephraimite war in 735-732 BC.1 The chapter starts with the picture of the Syrian king Rezin making an alliance with Pekah, the king of the northern kingdom of Israel to make war with King Ahaz, the Davidic king of the southern kingdom of Judah. The Syro-Ephraimite coalition was besieging Jerusalem because King Ahaz refused to join the coalition against the emerging superpower of Assyria.2 So God tells Isaiah to tell King Ahaz not to fear the Syro-Ephraimite threat because God would deliver Judah and that the coalition would not prevail over Judah (see verses 8-9). To clinch this assurance, God challenges King Ahab to ask Him for any unlimited miraculous sign. This unbridled promise of miraculous sign is clearly expressed in verses 10 and 11: “Moreover the Lord spoke again to Ahaz, saying, ‘Ask a sign for yourself from the Lord your God; ask it either in the depth or in the height above.’” The ungodly Ahaz, apparently pretending that He trusts God, responds negatively to God’s own offer for a miraculous sign, and expresses in verse 12 that he did not need a sign from God, “I will not ask, nor will I test the Lord.” This is where the famous Isaianic passage regarding the virgin conception comes in. Because King Ahaz refuses to ask God for a sign, in verse 14, God Himself offers to show King Ahaz a sign, “Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, the virgin [ha‘almah]shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel.” The immediate context, therefore, clearly connects this oracle with Isaiah’s

contemporary historical setting, with the“sign” of the “virgin birth” specifically addressing King Ahaz. THE WIDER CONTEXT The problem arises because Matthew applies this “virgin birth” to the birth of Christ more than 700 years later. Basing on Isaiah’s writings, Matthew’s application is not out of order because Isaiah himself had clearly foretold the birth of the Messiah in Isaiah 9:6-7. The wider context of this Isaianic passage in 7:14, therefore, points to the coming Messiah. The natural question that arises is, Are there two virgin births in the Bible? MAJOR VIEWS ON THE IDENTITY OF THE CHILD IN ISAIAH 7:14 Scholars have proffered various explanations to this difficult passage. Walter Kaiser proposes a proleptic or the“now-and-not-yet” hermeneutic of this prophecy. That is, that this Isaianic prophecy was indeed fulfilled locally in King Ahaz’ time by the birth of his son Hezekiah through one of his wives, and ultimately, the prophecy was fulfilled universally through the birth of Christ.3 Although Kaiser believes that the Hebrew word ha‘almah for “the virgin” in this passage really means virgin and not just a young woman, he believes that like other proleptic prophecies in the OT, this Isaianic prophecy finds only partial fulfillment in King Ahaz’ time by the birth of his Davidic son Hezekiah, thus, Hezekiah’s birth does not fulfill the true virgin birth specification of the prophecy because he was born through natural birth; Kaiser concludes that this Isaianic prophecy finds ultimate and complete fulfillment in the actual virgin birth of the promised Seed of David, namely, Jesus Christ.4 Paul Wegner proposes that the Hebrew word ‘almah in this passage does not necessarily mean a virgin but a young woman, and that in King Ahaz’ time there was a child named Immanuel who was born of a young woman through natural fertilization, but that centuries later the prophecy had found its complete fulfillment through the real virgin birth of Christ. 5 Wolf presents another scenario. He proposes that the oracle was locally fulfilled in King Ahaz’ time by the birth of Isaiah’s son Maher-shalal-hash-baz,and ultimately fulfilled in the actual virgin birth of Christ.6 Wolf suggests that Isaiah gave his son this negative name to reflect God’s judgment on Judah, which meant “speeding to spoil, hurrying to the plunder,” but that the mother, Isaiah’s prophetess wife,who was a virgin before Isaiah married her, named their son Immanuel. 7 THE MEANING OF THE HEBREW WORD ‘ALMAH The Hebrew word ‘almah, which is either singular or plural (‘alamoth, is also plural),occurs 9 times in the Old Testament and in all of its occurrences the context never specifies whether it refers to a virgin (never had sexual contact with a man) or just a young woman. But Hebrew lexicographers are unanimous to acknowledge that ‘alam, the root word for‘almah denotes a young woman implying ability to bear children. The masculine form of‘alam is ‘elem and it also denotes a male that has reached physical maturity. The specific Hebrew word for virgin, with the connotation of sexual purity is bethulah. Isaiah uses it himself comparing God’s people to a young man marrying “a virgin [bethulah],”meaning a sexually pure woman (Isa. 62:5). The most striking use of “young women” and “virgins” together in one passage is in Esther 2:2. King Ahazueros was publicly embarrassed by his very beautiful wife Queen Vashti, so he commands his trusted men to look for a new queen for the king. Esther 2:2 says, “Then the king’s servants who attended him said: ‘Let them be sought for the king young women[na’aroth] virgins [bethulah] that are of beautiful form.” In this passage, bethulah(virgin) is clearly

distinguished from the word “young woman.” In other words, the king’s men were seeking not just “young women” but also, that these young women had to be sexually pure virgins because any one of them could become the potential new queen for the king. It is then clear in the OT usage that OT writers use bethulah to specifically refer to a sexually pure virgin woman (virgo intacta), and ‘almah to refer to either a young woman or a virgin. The usage of ‘almah in Isaiah 7:14 is therefore, a double entendre, that is, it could refer to a “young woman” or to a “virgin.” The prophet Isaiah had full knowledge of the wordbethulah to specifically refer to a virgin woman and had used the word elsewhere in his book, but by preference in 7:14, he used ‘almah obviously for a specific purpose: to make it mean either a young woman or a virgin. THE PROLEPTIC NATURE OF CLASSICAL PROPHECIES Classical prophecies are proleptic in nature, that is, it is bi-focal because it has a dual focus, namely, it has a local fulfillment, the near focus in the prophet’s time, and it has an ultimate eschatological fulfillment in Christ, the far focus. It has the element of the “now”but it also has the ultimate element of the “not yet.” The prophet’s time is only a local or typical fulfillment, but the eschatological fulfillment is universal in scope and is fulfilled through and in Christ. LaRondelle explains, “The historical type may be local and incomplete,but the eschatological antitype will be worldwide and complete in its results.”8 The prophet does not clearly differentiate the gap between the local and the universal fulfillments, because as LaRondelle explains, “it is the same God that comes now and in the future.” 9 For example, in Isaiah’s oracle against Babylon, he predicts of Babylon’s local destruction but he merges his oracle with the world’s universal destruction as if it is one single event. In Isaiah 13:6, 17,19-20, Isaiah announces,“Wail, for the day of the Lord is at hand! It will come as destruction from the Almighty….Behold, I will stir up the Medes against them, who will not regard silver; and as for gold, they will not delight in it….And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldeans’ pride, will be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah. It will never be inhabited, nor will it be settled from generation to generation.” But in the intervening of this oracle, the prophet merges the universal judgment with the Babylonian judgment. The local judgment is merged with the universal judgment as if they were one event. In Isaiah 13:10-13, the prophet says, “For the stars of heaven and their constellations will not give their light; the sun will be darkened in its going forth, and the moon will not cause its light to shine. I will punish the world for its evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; I will halt the arrogance of the proud, and I will make a mortal more rare than fine gold, a man more than the golden wedge of Ophir. Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth will move out of her place, in the wrath of the Lord of hosts and in the day of His fierce anger.” This prophecy of cosmic universal judgment was clearly not fulfilled in the judgment of Babylon and is reserved in the final day of Christ’s judgment of the world, but the prophet Isaiah merges the local and the universal predictions as if they were one event, but in reality, the oracle has two fulfillments: the local and the universal, the now and the not yet. CONCLUSION The internal evidence from Isaiah’s own prophetic book clearly shows that his oracles are proleptic in nature, that is, they are bi-focal in that they have a dual focus, a local and a universal fulfillment which are merged as one oracle. The local fulfillment is only a type of the larger universal fulfillment, the anti-type, and therefore, the anti-typical universal fulfillment is always greater than the local fulfillment. A phenomenon that is true to many classical prophecies. The prophecy of the “virgin birth” in Isaiah 7:14 is one of them. Since the oracle in Isaiah 7:14 about the “sign” is contextually specific to King Ahaz, the local fulfillment must

involve him, therefore, the promised sign, the son from “’almah”birth primarily must mean his son Hezekiah, the seed of David and not the son of Isaiah. However the “’almah” birth must mean naturally conceived birth through a “young woman” and not through a “virgin birth.” It was a local typical fulfillment of the prophecy which still had a coming universal fulfillment. The antitype reality is always greater than the type reality. The ultimate universal complete fulfillment of the oracle would be realized in the actual miraculous virgin birth of the Seed of David, Jesus Christ, Immanuel, the God with us. Thus, under inspiration, Matthew applies Isaiah’s oracle to Christ in Matthew 1:22-23, but he interprets Isaiah’s ha‘almah not as “the young woman” but as“the virgin,” he says, “Behold! The virgin [ha parthenos] shall conceive.” The Greek word parthenos is equivalent to the Hebrew word bethulah, meaning sexually pure virgin woman or virgo intacta. Isaiah’s oracle in Isaiah 7:14, therefore,has dual fulfillments: locally through the birth of King Ahaz son, David’s seed, Hezekiah through natural conception of an ‘almah (a young woman), and universally, through the birth of the Seed of David, Jesus Christ, through supernatural conception of an ‘almah (a virgin) named Mary.

What is Happiness? 10 Truths you will learn before you find Happiness

1. It’s impossible for anyone else to define YOU. You are indefinable. You are the only one in this world who gets to say who you are. Circumstances and the opinions of others can only define you if you allow them to. Do not give away your power and the magic of your essence by putting weight on negative situations in your life or the negative words of other people.

2. You were born with everything you need. There is nothing you are missing. There is no need to frantically become more, be more, do more, or get more. You are whole and complete, and were gifted every talent and insight you needed to thrive in this world in the moment you were born. Your only job is to accept this truth and then allow it to unfold. Some gifts don’t become apparent until later in life. Some insights only become clear to you once you have life experiences that unlock such wisdom from within you. Trust in this and relax.

3. Perfection is a man-made illusion. We are beautifully imperfect beings, operating in a very imperfect world, and that is just the way it is meant to be. Striving for perfection is a hollow goal, one that can never be achieved. Society shows us doctored images of perfection constantly in marketing, media, opinions and expectations. Do not buy into this illusion; it will only lead you into darkness. Embrace your quirks, your flaws and the fact that life is a roller coaster at times. Strive for excellence, have high standards… but never confuse that with the crippling behavior of perfectionism.

4. You are NOT your thoughts. You are the witnessing essence and consciousness behind the noise in your mind. Your mind doesn’t define you, nor does it control you. It is not who you are. As soon as you recognize this, by watching your thoughts like an intrigued third-party observer, you will create instant distance from those thoughts and therefore no longer be identified with or enslaved by them

5. Your beliefs can be modified to lift you up. Whatever you believe to be true about yourself and life in the long-term becomes your reality. Your beliefs are ingrained patterns of thinking that you build up over a lifetime. They are habitual ways of processing the world around you. If those beliefs don’t work in your favor, you can change them. How? In the very same way the negative beliefs formed in the first place – via repetitive thoughts that you accepted to be the truth. Ingrain new beliefs by consciously choosing and repeating messages that lift you up.

6. The past and future don’t exist. Now is the moment. The past is just a memory. The future is a mental projection. You can choose to dwell back in the past for learning and joyous reflection. You can choose to dwell in the future for visualization and practical planning. However, any time your awareness floats away to the past or future frequently for negative purposes, you are suffocating your ability to thrive in the only moment you ever have… the now. Past and future literally do not exist right now – feel the freedom in this truth.

7. Your calling in life is to fully express who you already are. The world will never see another human being like you. There is no one on the face of the planet that has what you have. Your uniqueness, in every respect, is your gift. Life asks one thing of you… to be the full expression of yourself so that you can leave your unique imprint on all those you encounter and upon the world. Never underestimate the power of your energy and how it ripples outwards to affect everything and everyone around you – IF you are being your full, authentic self. Honor your intuition and act upon all your inspirations.

8. Challenges are gifts for your growth. Without challenges you cannot unlock your full potential. Obstacles are opportunities for growth. The world needs the fullness of who you are, and it is through your experiences in life that you unfold into that fullness. How can you demonstrate willpower and strength if your resolve has never been tested? How can you role model love and compassion if you have never faced the opposite? Knowing there is a higher purpose within dark times, is what leads you to be at peace in the midst of those storms, knowing that you are a diamond being forged under pressure.

9. Forgiveness is choosing happiness over hurt. We do not forgive others in order to free them of the situation, burden, guilt or regret. We forgive others to free ourselves and walk into compassion and love by doing so. It is in freeing ourselves that our energy level rises, our consciousness rises, and in doing so those around us benefit too. The words of forgiveness have a positive impact on those we forgive, but ultimately

FORGIVENESS IS A CHOICE THAT ALLOWS US TO BE HAPPY AGAIN. This goes for both forgiveness of others and forgiveness of self.

10. Surrender is the essence of a happy life. Letting go is not giving up. Letting go is surrendering any obsessive attachment to particular people, outcomes and situations. Surrender means showing up every day in your life with the intention to be your best self, and to do the best you know how, without expecting life to go a certain way. Have goals, have dreams, aspire and take purposeful action, but detach from what life must look like. The energy of someone aspiring to create their dreams, teamed with surrender, is far more powerful and creative than someone determined to create outcomes with a desperate ‘must have’ mentality. Surrender brings inner peace and joy, and lest we forget that our outer lives are a reflection of our inner state of being.

Devotional And now, little children, abide in Him, that when He appears, we may have confidence and not be ashamed before Him at His coming. — 1 John 2:28

When Jesus was born, few people recognized or accepted Him. There was Mary and Joseph, of course. There were the poor unknown shepherds and of course the mysterious wise men. But most of the world missed it. There were no colorful, twinkling lights or sales at the downtown market. There were no Christmas songs written yet. Children did not find it hard to sleep that night, because it was a night like any other night. But the first Christmas was not without its signs, which dated back a few centuries. The prophets had predicted the Messiah was coming, and they were very specific in pointing out that he would be born of a virgin in the little village of Bethlehem: " 'But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of you shall come forth to Me the One to be Ruler in Israel, whose goings forth are from of old, from everlasting' " (Micah 5:2). Yet when He finally arrived, so many missed it: There was no room for Him in the inn. The people of Bethlehem seemed oblivious that the Creator of heaven and earth came into their village. Some of the scholars and religious leaders who had a glimpse of the truth were apathetic. “He came to His own and His own receive Him not” (John 1:11). Only a handful of people got it and were ready. Even on Christmas, it’s possible to miss Jesus. The greater reality is that Jesus Christ is coming back to this earth again. The question is, have we done more to prepare for the celebration of a past event than we have for a future one? We may all be ready for Christmas, but are we ready for the return of Christ? ~Junnie Ree Pagunsan

Laughter, the Best Medicine A SINCERE PRAYER TO BE HAPPY: Dear Heavenly Father, So far, today, I've done all right. I haven't gossiped or lost my temper. I haven't been greedy, grumpy, nasty, or self centered. I'm really happy about that so far. But in a few minutes I'm going to be getting out of bed and then I'm going to need a lot of help. Thank you! Amen

Little boys prayer "Dear God, please take care of my daddy and my mommy and my sister and my brother and my doggy and my cat and me. Oh, please take care of yourself, God. If anything happens to you, we're gonna be in a big mess."

The Same In My Business A minister waited in line to have his car filled with gas just before a long holiday weekend. The attendant worked quickly, but there were many cars ahead of him in front of the service station. Finally, the attendant motioned him toward a vacant pump. "Preacher," said the young man, "I'm sorry about the delay. It seems as if everyone waits until the last minute to get

ready for a long trip." The minister chuckled, "I know what you mean. It's the same in my business."

Special Announcements and Notes 1. An experienced OB-GYNE, preferably female with a minimum 5 years of experience in OB GYNE, is urgently needed to join the Kanye SDA Hospital team in Botswana, Africa per the open call at the General Conference level. At this time, Dr. Arthur Lasta is the only general surgeon in this hospital and ends up doing a lot of OB-GYNE surgery cases meant to be performed by OB-GYNE specialists. This also takes him away from doing his general surgery cases. If you know of an OB GYNE who is willing to serve as a missionary to Africa, please have that person contact Dr. Lasta at or

2. INVITATION: for the December 27 issue of CyberFlashes, share your thoughts, hopes, and goals, for the New Year 2014. Email your contribution to before December 23. 3. the brand new website for DXCR continues to grow. Visit it often to see upgrades, news, and to listen to DXCR. 4. LETTER FROM OUR MISSIONARIES: Dear MVC alumni, God bless you for the JOB well done! The help you all did for Panay Tacloban and other affected areas of YOLANDA is so GREAT! We keep you in our prayers to continue serving the Lord in other ways. Our love to all. Roger and Evelyn Pelayo Adventist University Zurcher, Madagascar

Advice for the week SPEND WISELY THIS CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY by May Ann Segovia-Lao, M.D.

Talking of holidays, the Christmas season is one that is anticipated amidst a melting pot of emotions. Some like it near; some like it now; some do not like it in the calendar at all. Great trepidation is brought primarily about by added strain to already existing budgetary constraints whether it be at home or in places of work and business. As such, some practical tips and reminders may help one enjoy an almost, if not totally hasslefree Christmas holiday season. Avoid the nightmares and anxiety tension states that may come in unwanted and unexpected holiday packages. Q: How do you go about preparing a Christmas budget? May Ann Segovia-Lao: First, be organized. Being organized is tantamount to being a great saver. The earlier you plan, the better. Earmark or approximate a certain fixed budge from which your expenses will pivot around. The amount spent the year before (if you can more or less bull’s eye a figure) may be a good basis for this year’s budget. You may want to downsize it depending on whether you want to scrimp or save for other projects and priorities; or, you may want to expand the budget as warranted especially if new events are in the offing. Break down the budget for each planned affair. Make written lists (not just mental lists) on a well-kept notepad. This is a great time saver. List down all activities and events with corresponding dates you plan to block for yourself, family(ies) and relatives particularly if you keep certain holiday traditions or plan for a holiday trip out of town or out of the country. Other events and dates related to your job, or invites from friends and colleagues you can calendar later as they trickle in. Make early bookings for transport and accommodations if trips are planned. After listing the activities, make a list of persons to be invited for each planned occasion and the type of affair you plan whether at home, in a hotel, restaurant, clubhouse, gym or beach. Determine whether it would be buffet-style, a formal sit-down dinner, a merienda sena or potluck-style. This would help in mapping out the budget and placing early

orders. If possible, make personal calls and inquire whether those you plan to invite would be around as you firm up your guest lists. You never can rely on the art of RSVP. Make a list of those you would be giving gifts and donations to and the allocation for each from your over-all budget. The budget breakdown should include expenses for basic holiday expenditures such as food, drinks, gifts and donations for various Christmas parties and carolers. Other important holiday bills would include that of plane, boat or bus tickets, hotel accommodations, tours and concert tickets. With a robust and expanded budget, other miscellaneous expenses can be set aside for a new wardrobe, shoes, purses, jewelry, cosmetics, house furnishings, paintings, repairs, renovations, repainting and sprucing up of homes and gardens in time to welcome the festivities.

Q: With a limited budget, how can one spruce up a home for less? May AnnSegovia-Lao: Two valuable tips I follow when I start dressing up our home for Christmas are: 1) build up on a color theme; and 2) use recyclable decors. I do not usually change the colors of my decors each year. For one, it is quite expensive to be buying new Christmas decors especially if you want the high quality and attractive ones. I used to be a die-hard client of Rustan’s and Designer Blooms in Manila for my Christmas ornaments before. It becomes an expensive investment if one changes the color scheme each year as you have to buy so much of the different ornaments and trimmings to beautifully spruce up a Christmas tree or make a Christmas wreath. You would be surprised at how many ornaments or trimmings are needed for even a small tree. My main colors at home are in various hues of orange, rust, bronze, green and gold for our Christmas tree ornaments and for the Christmas bouquets I make scattered in focal points in our living room, dining room and entertainment area. I have lately substituted red in lieu of orange. The trimmings and ornaments on our Christmas tree have been collected over several years. I buy a few attractive new trimmings each year that I take a fancy on to add to my Christmas collection or to replace those that have been broken or had their days of splendor. Over the years, the various transparent and metallic balls in different sizes, decorative sparkling flower and leaf bouquets, wreaths, strands of golden and glass-like beads and large poinsettias have been nicely wrapped and kept after the holidays to be used over and over again. Some Christmas tree ornaments which I am not too keen on hanging are recycled as

trimmings or space savers for the other decors I make and prop on side or buffet tables or on the Christmas garland that winds up along the staircase.

Q: What are the decors you can recycle? May Ann Segovia-Lao: Candles, jars, twigs, balls, cones, poinsettias, leaves sprayed in different metallic colors, ribbons, garlands, unique holders for wine, baskets used for grocery items and given as Christmas packages are among those I love to recycle. Do not throw away anything you think you can still use. Organize and place them in separate containers and put labels on the boxes you store them in. Collection of such items is a continuous undertaking over the months before Christmas and on top of those you have neatly and carefully stashed away the past years (hopefully). For example, I got one tall offwhite candle and used it as a base for a smaller black candle. The black and white combination was attractively arresting. In another, I used a two-toned lime green and bright violet candle as a base for a crystal bowl I garnished with colorful metallic Christmas balls and flowers that matched the colors of the candle cum stand. This complemented the decorative twig decked with same flowers and metallic Christmas balls as that on the crystal bowl that was set to gently frame the head part of a narra-bordered beveled mirror. Another recycled item that became an eye-catching Christmas dĂŠcor at home was a gold painted wired wine holder made to stand on a large front wheel. I draped clusters of grapes of different colors over the front wheel and filled the inside with metallic and scintillating orange-red cherries. Slim branching twigs bedecked with orange glass bead were hung from the sides and softened the wired contraption with a rich sparkling glow. A green and gold-trimmed ribbon twirled in several circles gave the original wine-holder the attractive Christmas makeover. One can use decors used during the non-Christmas season and dress it up with Christmas ornaments. Cream roses set in a big round crystal bowl which was a favorite centerpiece in our dining table was bedecked with various large transparent Christmas balls and smaller matte and metallic balls in shades of lime green. Splashing the rose dĂŠcor further with color were touches of red from clusters of small berries set on green leaves. A unique and cheap one is by using a glue gun to glue a Christmas ball at one end of a barbecue stick. Several barbecue sticks can be used to make a longer stick stand for variable heights. A cluster of Christmas balls on barbecue sticks can be used to make attractive and

colorful Christmas bouquets. Interspersed with flowers, twigs, cones, honeycombs, leaves or flowers, they make practical and eye-catching creative Christmas decors. Be creative and try your hand at sprucing up your home for less. It is worth the effort and the money saved.

~ May Ann Segovia-Lao

Alumni News Melvin Gagatam went home to Philippines to bring aid and donations from friends and family in California as well as from other states. As most of you know, Samar is connected to the island and province of Leyte via the San Juanico Bridge which spans the San Juanico Strait, known as the narrowest strait in the world. Through the bridge, it was possible to bring relief goods, water, food and other donations. Pictures below will tell their stories.

Distributing goods in Tacloban

What was left behind by Yolanda

Coconut trees look like needles or sticks

Melvin with working students from CPAC

How do they clean up this debris?

West Visayan Conference

There is still so much to be done. It will take years to rebuild these islands. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Albert Schweitzer once said, “The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.�

~Melvin Gagatam

Christmas Traditions Our Own Christmas Tradition I can still remember gathering bottle caps and flatten them with a stone (sometimes I would use my dad's hammer, LOL!), make holes at the center of each cap, poke them together with a wire and voila, I was ready for caroling! The kids from our neighborhood would gather round and practice carols using our "tansan" tambourines and we would go from house to house to sing. We even have a "thank you" song for the cheap givers! That's just one of the fond memories of my childhood during Christmas season. As much as I want to go caroling with my daughter here in New York, I made sure that we have our own Christmas tradition: making arts and crafts of sorts. We made ornaments from old cards, beads, fabric materials that we both hand-sewn just to name a few. We also made a Christmas tree from dried branches and covered each with cottons! This year, we're making garlands and ornaments from her "crazy loom rubber bands" collection. I pray that this mother-daughter tradition of ours will go along way for years to come.

Another tradition that we have in our family is opening our presents at midnight when December 25 clocked in instead of Christmas morning. We felt that it's more intimate, cozier and makes sleep even sweeter. I realize that these traditions, whatever you may have, are not worth having without the

people you love. They're worth nothing when there's nobody to share them with. I hope that this Christmas season, you will start making family tradition that you will remember years from now, maybe pass down from one generation to another. It's not too late to come up with ideas to start your Christmas Family Tradition! Let's not forget to include Christ in our tradition because He is the only reason for Christmas. I wish everyone a Maligayang Pasko!

~Submitted by Promise Joy Sitjar-Cortez


LIVING FAITH By: Sarah A. Famisaran Deaf Church, Cagayan De Oro City November, 2013 LIVING FAITH is the name of Sunny’s daughter. She was one of the five baptized by Pastor Jeff Jordan during his revelation seminar for the Deaf in Cagayan De Oro City. Sunny related to me his story about being born Deaf to a Seventh-day Adventist family. His mother, who was a teacher, taught him patiently in any way she could the values of attending and worshipping in church every single Sabbath. We do not know how she taught him. She did not know sign language so perhaps she used homemade signs. It is the ingenuity of a mother to reach out to her child in need of a mother’s guidance and love.

When Sunny left home to live independently, he never missed church every single Sabbath as was his custom like Jesus. “How did you enjoy church when there was nobody interpreting for a Deaf like you?” I asked. “Of course I don’t know of what the sermons are. But it was the LIVING FAITH in me taught by my mother that pulls me to attend church every Sabbath. I have believed in my heart that I belong to the family of God and I am His child.” “When I got married to a beautiful Deaf lady,” Sunny continued smiling proudly, “I could not convince my wife and children to come with me to church. That was my biggest burden. But earnestly I prayed from my heart for my family to join me someday. As I stand for my Lord, I saw blessings come my way when normal hearing children were born to us. When my wife got pregnant again and gave birth to a girl, the fifth of six, I named her Living Faith. Then I silently and prayerfully dedicated her to the Lord to bring blessing to my family. “From the day my daughter, Living Faith, accepted Jesus through baptism; she really kept a living faith as an example to her siblings. Though she is away from home studying in a University in another city, she never misses church every Sabbath. Her older siblings saw a peaceful changed life in her. This opened their minds to try this path she is now treading.” Today, Sunny is giving Bible studies to his grown up children and in-laws. He prays and longs for the day when all his children, in-laws and grand kids will be joined together in the rites of baptism into the Seventh-day Adventist church. Sunny, our lay worker and church elder for our Deaf church has many Deaf friends who come to him asking for Bible studies. He has difficulty finding sufficient time to schedule Bible studies for them as he needs to give more time to his massage work which is his only means of livelihood to feed his family. I would like to have Sunny work full time to give Bible studies to his Deaf friends for the growing Deaf church. But he needs to be paid for this work as he also has a family to support. I pray that God will send somebody to feel and fill the need. Thank You. Pastor Jeff baptizes Living Faith

Sunny & Merley

If you would like to support this mission program dedicated to taking the Gospel to the people of Mindanao, please write a check to Gospel Outreach. Mark it for the SULADS and send it to: Gospel Outreach P.O. Box 8 College Place, WA 99324 You may also donate to the SULADS using your credit card by logging on to Gospel Outreach's donation site ( and follow the directions. Again, mark it for SULADS. If you would prefer, you may write your check to the General Conference of SDA and mark the donation for SULADS and send it to: General Conference of SDA Donations 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904 Thank you for your support of this very important project.

Prayer Circle Let us pray for: * The bereaved families of Miahdel Moralde Urboda, EmEm Sanes, Jeremiah Obena, Dinah Familiar Rodrigo, Ann Teorima-Faigao, Archie Villagracia, Calape Damayo, Eunice Ferrer-Layon, Landon Alamo Merginio, Priscilla Arafiles, Sarah Zaulda-Samillano, Esterlita Ba-al, Benjamin Sumicad and others who have lost their loved ones recently. *Dr Willis Dick also passed away December 9 at 5:30 AM at San Joaquin Community Hospital, CA. He had worked at three hospitals in the

Philippines: Mindanao Sanitarium, Bacolod Sanitarium and Manila Sanitarium and Hospital. * Our fellow alumni and friends who are ill or receiving treatment: Benny Banaag, Betsy Costanos-Wooljer, Evelyn Lipay-Florendo, Allan Magie, Florence Rivera-Alconcel, Ivy Catolico-Robles, Jil Fadre, Jo Tortal, Nefre Dichoso and Violeto Bocala. *For all the victims and families of Yolanda *For the health and safety of all our missionaries and their families all over the globe. *For the work of the Sulads and their ministry of the Gospel Outreach. *For our leaders of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church * The leaders, faculty, staff, and alumni of MVC as they “Shine On Till Jesus Comes”. * Different alumni groups that are in the Philippines and other countries rendering medical services and evangelistic efforts and all other projects they do for The Master.. * Each other while waiting for the Messiah’s coming.

Acknowledgment I am thankful to the following for their contributions to this issue: for providing pictures and for coordinating contributions to this issue: Hilltop News provided by Campus journalist students:Jediah Bais, Raiah Truta, Mary joy Edralin and Alvin Almonte as well as Dr Vener Cabana through Nelson Madriaga. Heartfelt thanks also to Diego Sausa who never says “No” when asked to contribute. Very grateful to May Ann Segovia-Lao, to Roger and Evelyn Pelayo, Melvin Gagatam, Sarah Famisaran, Promise Joy Sitjar-Cortez and Junnie Ree Pagunsan for the Devotional.

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Closing thoughts To sum it all, happiness is within reach for all of us who wants to be happy. Charles Spurgeon once wrote, “It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.”I would love to share with you my mother’s favorite Christmas song sung by Bing Crosby.

It's not the glow you feel When snow appears It's not the Christmas card You've sent for years Not the joyful sound When sleigh bells ring Or the merry songs Children sing The little gift you send On Christmas day Will not bring back the friend You've turned away So may I suggest, the secret of Christmas It's not the things you do At Christmas time but the Christmas things you do All year through Songwriters James Van Heusen & Sammy Cahn

This Christmas Season, my wish is for you and the ones dearest and closest to your heart, share the joy of the season in all that you do.

Happy Sabbath, everyone!

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Cyberflashes, December 13, 2013

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Cyberflashes, December 13, 2013