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Biotech Club: We range from current biotech news feeds and informative presentations to hands-on experiments. Our mission is to create a free forum where people can share ideas and knowledge about the field of biotech. Bacterial Resistance Experiment

Academic Club Partnership Basic Information Meeting Area: B102 Meeting Time: Tuesday Lunch Club Website: Email:


We range from current biotech news feeds and informative presentations to hands-on experiments!

In spring 2012, we studied and characterized the evolution of bacterial resistance by observing the effects of the antibacterial agent triclosan on E. coli. Guest Speaker on Drug Eluting stents In winter 2012, a manager and researcher from a local biotech company came to share her experiences in research on stents. Apple Juice and Pectinase In spring 2011, we made apple juice using an enzyme called pectinase to break down whole apples. Making Plastic out of Milk In fall 2010, we created biodegradable plastic out of casein, a protein present in milk.

Officers and Advisor(s)

Elia Chen President

Zehan Mistry Vice President

Victoria Morris Yifei Wu Manager of Manager of Experimentation Experimentation

Amy Tsai Secretary

Renee Fallon Advisor

Clarissa Qian Treasurer

John Zhang Manager Of Research

Kinnari Shah Manager Of Research

MV C++ Club: A club that focuses on teaching members essential C++ programming skills while providing outside resources to help students achieve success. Tech Club MV C++ Club Partnership Basic Information Meeting Area: D105 Meeting Time: Lunch Club Website: Email: m

Google Tour We will be having an exclusive Google Campus Tour visiting the different buildings and learning about what’s it like being a Google Employee! Apple Tour We will also be having a Apple Tour at 1Infinite Loop (Apple’s Headquarters) and having lunch at their cafeteria.


EA Games Tour

C++ Club is unlike any other tech club on campus in that we provide not only campus tours but also we help members find internship opportunities.

We will be having a EA Games tour of their campus and having an employee speaker from their Game Development Team. Afterwards, students will have a chance to shop at their company store with an employee discount

Officers and Advisor(s)

Kevin Xia Ashish S. Archit Dua Srikanth J. Radhika D. Goutham R. Mr. Shimazaki Co-President Co-President Vice President Treasurer Public Relations Webmaster Advisor

MONTA VISTA JAVA CLUB Want to go beyond Java and APCS classes and see what Java can really do? Come expand upon your existing skills, or join and learn as a novice! Special Interest

Artificial Intelligence

Basic Information

Learn about what artificial intelligence is, and learn techniques for building your own AI, including A* Star search for path-finding and autonomous steering behaviors for realistic movement in games!

Location: D105

Games and Graphics

Java Club

Time: Thursdays at lunch! Website:

Impress your friends with the coolest game out there, complete with a scrolling screen, awesome graphics, and epic background music.

Algorithms, Data Structures, and Competitions


We provide you with the training in data structures and algorithms to succeed in regional competitions like Stanford ProCo and online contests like USACO.

Why join Java Club?

‌and much more!

Java Club provides members with the opportunity to learn about all sorts of cool stuff Java can do and compete in regional events.

Other topics we’ll cover throughout the year include the Mandelbrot set (image with infinite resolution), genetic algorithms to recreate the Mona Lisa with just colored polygons, and edge detection to detect the locations of objects in images!

Officers and Advisor(s)

Ajay Gopinath

Goutham Rajeev

Lisa Fei

Vice President

Mr. DeRuiter


Secretary and Treasurer



ational echnical

onor ociety

We Are… † An honors society † Elite † The best of the best

Monta Vista NTHS When: Friday at Lunch Where: P3 – Mr. Mueller’s Room Email:


NTHS partners  with  CTSOs  like   DECA  and  FBLA,  only  inviting  the   best  of  both  organizations  to  join   our  society.  We  aim  to  help   further  careers  –  to  help  students   apply  what  they  learn  in  the   classroom  into  the  real  world.   Our  various  connections  with   different  local  businesses  and   competitions  allow  students  to   get  internships  and  apply  their   skills.  

Monta Vista Robotics Team: MVRT is a club that teaches its members not only the technical skills of machining, programming, animating, and grant-writing but also the life skills of cooperation as a team and time management. Toys for Tots Academic

Toys for Tots is an event hosted by one of our biggest sponsors, BAE Systems, to help give underprivileged children a present for the holidays and MVRT attends annually, bring not only volunteers but also our robot for the children to play with. Kickoff

Monta Vista Robotics Team

Basic Information Meeting Area: F108 Meeting Time: Lunch and after school

Other teams in the area are invited to join MVRT’s Kickoff at which the game prompt, rules and other information are announced by FIRST and strategies are made by the team.


Build Email:

Build is a six week period from January to February during which we design, prototype, machine, and program a robot that completes the challenge that the game prompt released.

Blurb The team maintains a great relationship with its sponsors so members have opportunities to intern at high-tech companies such as NASA.

Regional Competitions The robot we build will compete at regional competitions held in March and compete with other teams first in elimination rounds in random alliances of three then in finals in alliances hand-picked by the alliance captains, the eight teams with the highest cumulated score by the end of the elimination rounds.

Officers and Advisor(s)

Karen Feng President

Namrata Ramani Finance Director

Jimin Park VP of Engineering

Emma Lewis Media Director

Archana Kikla VP of Operations

Sachin Makaram Public Relations Director

Chirag Toprani Mechanical Director

Andrew He Nikita Sankar

RJ Cunningham Praxis Bays Engineering Outreach Data Director Director

Electrical Director

Documentation Director

David Greenstein Club Advisor

MV TSA engages members in a hands on learning experience at the intersection of technology and leadership. Activities include competitions at the nation and state level which are part of the national TSA organization. Other activities include fundraisers and tours.Visit us at to join! Technology/Leadership

Conferences and Competitions

Meeting Time:

TSA members throughout the nation all that for them, the highlight of the school year are the state and national conferences. The TSA national conference is packed with competitive events and challenging activities that foster personal growth and leadership development. This conference also offers you the chance to excel and place nationally in competitive events.

Club Website:

Technology Symposiums

Basic Information Meeting Area: D107

MVTSA hosts technology symposiums bi-annually which showcase four speakers. Last year, there were over 250 attendees with refreshments and dinner provided. Symposiums are a great way to see what's it like working in a certain career field as well as just broadening your knowledge in the technology area in general.


Blurb Joining Monta Vista TSA creates unforgettable lifetime experiences for members! Come compete in nationally acclaimed competitions by traveling to conferences! No prior experience required.

Tours MVTSA provides members unique opportunities to take tours at some of the best technology corporates in the area. Last year we toured Google headquarters. Touring is one of the best ways to learn about technology hands. Also, its a great opportunity to see the work environments in different companies and career fields to see what works best for you!

Officers and Advisors

Mr. Stark Advisor

Karan Gugle Co-President

Sachan Ganesh Director of Public Relations

Rohan Pai Director of Technology

Sarah Im Co-President

Vanessa Qin Director of Membership

Amruth Chamraj VP of Public Relations

Ellen Kulla VP of Chapter Activities

Akilesh Shridar VP of Competitions

May Cui Secretary/Treasurer

Nick Shen WebMaster

Warren Shen Director of Chapter Activities

MV WiSTEM: MV WiSTEM is a science and math focused club, with its main goal being to help its members explore various STEM fields. Members participate in hands-on labs, interact with guest speakers and mentors, and go on trips to see what working in the field will be like! Maker Faire MV WiSTEM (Math + Science)

Learn more about technology, science, engineering, and innovation at the Maker Faire!

Basic Information Meeting Area: B105 Meeting Time: Wednesdays ! ! at Lunch Club Website: http:// /index.html Email:

Programming Workshop Learn how to program your own video game using a language called Scheme! Tech Challenge Teams build devices and compete in the Tech Challenge an annual event sponsored by companies like Cisco and Intel!

Blurb MV WiSTEM offers students the opportunity to explore various STEM fields. Members will participate in labs, interact with mentors, conduct research, and much more!

End-of-the-year Expo Work with mentors to conduct your own experiment in a field of interest and present to judges at the first annual WiSTEM expo!

Officers and Advisor(s)

Ms. Lerner Advisor

Joyce Tien Treasurer

Molly Vora President

Nupur Banerjee Research Lead

Namrata Ramani External VP

Varsha Venkat Public Relations

Emma Lewis Internal VP

Section 3 Technology