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THE FEATURE STORY of people that I have met through the visiting process. I think my family is going to flourish under the guidance of Maumee Valley’s dedicated teachers.” After 19 years away, the Casto’s return to their home state is a dream come true. As they settle in, they are experiencing the warm and welcoming culture of the midwest, and they are happy to be within a few hours of their grandparents and other relatives that are scattered about Ohio.

With a busy summer ahead for the entire Casto family, Lynn is focused on the quickly approaching school year. She’s looking forward to diving into the daily life of the school, and getting to know the ins and outs of Maumee Valley. During her summer months preparing for the school year to begin she remarked, “I am struck by the degree to which MVCDS aligns with who I am as an educator and a human being, and I believe that the greatest joy is to share the gift of knowledge and self-discovery with others.”

As Lynn learns more about Maumee Valley, she sees opportunities to further build on progressive educational initiatives already underway in a cutting-edge learning environment. She believes that every child needs a champion, someone to encourage each of them and to nudge them along their educational journey. She hopes that the future brings more opportunities to support faculty in their endeavors to create stronger, more student-centered classrooms, and to offer opportunities to Maumee Valley students not traditionally available in Northwest Ohio.

As the Maumee Valley community transitions from farewell to welcome, it’s easy to recognize that change is inevitable, and that our school is larger than any one leader. Maumee Valley is defined by many dedicated students, parents, teachers, and staff. These members lead by example, through their daily contributions and service to the school’s mission.

As Lynn begins her journey at Maumee Valley, she will be welcomed to a community that supports her, stands by her, and loves her.


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The Valley - Summer 2018  

The Valley - Summer 2018  

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