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Should Moraine offer campus housing? “ The convenience of college housing permits students to concentrate on the depths of their studies in addition to other benefits.”

“The potential for financial strain on students, doesn’t seem justified by improving the college experience for a minority. ” By Connor Reynolds Layout Editor

By Jayne Joyce Views Editor

On-campus housing offers the promise of improved athletic recruiting, an imTo learn well, one must live well. proved international students community, and a boost for campus life, but doesn’t A successful college experience is marked by the integration of social and academic components that characterize the important task of obtaining a qual- fill the needs of the students of this district. Community colleges have increasingly instituted on campus housing in recent ity education. Student housing harbors necessary leadership skills within higher educa- years. As educational costs have risen, students have turned to community colleges, tion. Students can thrive a positive dwelling space that promote virtues such as but still crave a college experience, which requires housing outside of their parents’ house. critical thinking, conquering adversity, and learning in a diverse setting. In California 11 out of 110 community colleges offer on campus housing, twoAdditional factors that positively affect a student’s learning experience while residing in college housing includes the positive peer support and accessible year colleges in Minnesota offer housing at a 40% rate and according to the Ameriamenities offered through the college. College housing offers 24-hour access can Association of Community College, 25% of community and technical colleges to technology such as computers and printing. Furthermore, students have the offer housing. Offering a dormitory or apartment style living space at Moraine isn’t unheard of or unprecedented. option to engage in a variety of recreation opportunities. However, only three community colleges in Illinois (Joliet Junior College, LinStudent retention is a chief concern among college academic and student life. coln College, and Shawnee Community College) offer on Community College students often fulfill many roles campus housing. Schools with an effective college housing than other than students such as working and helping program tend to be small or medium sized and located in family members. Housing made available through colsmall towns or rural areas. Housing makes sense in large lege can reduce anxiety associated with the demands of districts where students are traveling from large distances owning/renting a house or apartment. or have few other housing options. Students won’t have to worry about dining options, Moraine Valley and the surrounding district do not fit security, or major housekeeping issues. Amenities ininto those trends. Only 17.8% of students are from out of cluding cable, Internet and even special events are readdistrict and travel times to the district limits from the main ily available. campus do not range over thirty minutes. The Moraine ValMoraine’s community would be a great platform for ley campus is also a well-served hub for public transportastudent housing opportunities. Being a diverse campus, tion. Students are not struggling to attend classes. the abundance of different cultures can serve as an asThe rising costs of education have driven the demand set for students. for housing at the community college level, but they’re also The convenience of college housing permits students a major contributing factor to the unsustainable level of to concentrate on the depths of their studies in addistudent debt in the US. Community colleges are a cost eftion to other benefits. Higher education lends itself to fective option for students, but not nearly as much so if novel experiences. students are going into debt with housing costs. Being in close proximity to the campus, students are Students aren’t the only group who should be concerned more likely to be involved in student organizations and by the financial aspect, Moraine Valley recently completed socializing with the student body. the $35 million Health, Fitness and Recreation Center. To Those who reside on campus would be more inclined complete that project the school instated an additional fee to participate in events that can create distinct experi[Graphic by Donnell Outlaw] for all students. It isn’t feasible for the school to start anences and help define their professional identity. Also, students are shown to stay involved in extra curricular activities, which is very other multi-million dollar project (similar projects in the past three years have been in the $17-$20 million range). At Des Moines Area Community College the housing important for student retention. As the job market continues to embrace globalism, residing in a diverse set- cost is estimate at $12,000 for a two year degree, assuming that’s how long a student ting can help hone vital skills in the competitive workforce. College housing is attends school. The potential for financial strain on students, doesn’t seem justified by improva great networking and learning opportunity for students. ing the college experience for a minority. Moraine Valley is lucky to be located in an Overall, educational achievement is largely dependent upon the influence among peers. On campus housing provides a necessary environment for stu- accessible area with adequate transportation and available housing in the private dents to take ownership over their higher education. The novelty of living sector. Campus housing would be fun and improve many qualities of this college, among individuals with the similar educational goals encourages a dedication but it is not in the best interest of the complete student body or the future of the institution. towards learning unlike a traditional dwelling situation. Jayne Joyce can be contacted at

“It would be convenient for students who have to commute long distances.” -Kierra Cobb

“It would be easier and more effective academically for student housing.” -Jhan Huitrón

Connor Reynolds can be contacted at

“Currently, I don’t think the school could afford offering student housing.” -Tabu Knight

“I don’t think student housing is necessary, especially for Moraine Valley.” -Jessi Janeway

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