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Karine Gondim

Project Pop Up Art Project Proposal for Popup Art Gallery

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Any participant who is interested

Proposal Issued: 29.06.17

Statement of Confidentiality This proposal and supporting materials contain confidential and proprietary information. These materials may be printed or photocopied for use in evaluating the proposed project, but are not to be shared with other parties.

Karine Gondim | Project Pop Up Art

Welcome to our project proposal. Our vision is to create together with you a new and creative platform to share your business with your clients and other participants. For a couple of years we have been observing and participating in the art world. During this time, we have built a passion for it, and want to contribute to make this world even more fun and nice. Therefore, we have initiated a project to open new ways for interaction between artists and potential buyers and persons interested in art and culture. In this document, we would like to explain our project more into detail. We will explain the purpose of this project. Also, we would like to explain our business model, and values of our team. In this way, we hope to give you a better insight of our idea. Our ideas are in constant development, especially based on your input. We try to give you the most vital information in this document.


We hope this will lead to your participation in the project. We can imagine though that this document leads to new questions from your side. Or even better it might lead to new ideas from your side to make the project even more successful. Therefore, we hope to have a personal conversation with you after you have read this document, to share our perspectives.

Karine Gondim | Project Pop Up Art

About us

Karine Gondim Project Leader “My lens is a two-way tool – the superficial image on one side and my own instinctive need for authenticity on the other”.

Who we are Karine Gondim, Brazilian Photographer and Interior Design resident in Belgium is inhibited, with a unique clarity of vision, she brings a wealth of personal experience and reference to her pictures.

What we do We strive to be the best at what we do and offer:

Photography Interior Design Art Expositions Personal Shopping


Karine Gondim | Project Pop Up Art

Why the Project For years, the art world was governed by artist movements. In the 70’s and 80’s the art world was taken over by connoisseurs, buyers, galleries and museums. This made it more difficult for young and aspiring artist to get the recognition they need. This we try to solve with our project. On one hand, we want to create a new way for artists to meet their admirers, and potential buyers. On the other hand, we want to open a new way to attract people to enjoy the fine world of art.

We want to attract young artists in art, food and design and give them the opportunity to show their art pieces in relaxed and comfortable surroundings. The project will include catering (drinks, finger food) and on special days music. Depending on the artists we are thinking of creating theme based days where the artist art pieces and themes are aligned with food, drinks, music and clients. The themes can be country based, style based or be based on a specific theme. On the theme days, we also want to create an additional platform for the artists. This could include special interviews or presentations by the artists.


In this way we try to achieve an easy accessible art gallery, which will not only attract the established customer base, but also a new customer base. The new customer base we are trying to attract would be ideally in the age range between 25 and 40 years old. They have a basic or “starting” interest in art and the world of art, food and design. In our opinion this customer base has a “fear” of entering art galleries, since they lack the knowledge of the connoisseurs. They need a little guidance on the subject. Next to the art they want to have a fun night out in which they can enjoy food, music and obviously, art.

Karine Gondim | Project Pop Up Art

On one hand, we want to create a new way for artists to meet their admirers, and potential buyers. On the other hand, we want to open a new way to attract people to enjoy the fine world of art. To make our project and its goal more tangible we strive to rach to following goals. And try to adhere to the following definition

To create an easy accessible space for people interested in art, music, culinary and culture. The space will exist temporarily (e.g. 1-2 months) with the prospect to come back in the same space or travel around.

Project Goals:

We want sell our own art We want to create an atmosphere of creativity We want artist to create a network amongst each other We want artist to meet new clients We want participants to create new business opportunities We want to learn to make the project even better to repeat it again We will present different forms of Art Culinary,Cocktail,Photography, Painting, Sculpture, Furniture, New Objects, 5

Karine Gondim | Project Pop Up Art

Our Values

01.It should be fun. First of all, we want to have fun during the project. Life is more than work and making money. We want to achieve an atmosphere of fun and creativity to bring out the best in each other and our clients.

02. We collaborate to make it a success. In our opinion this project can only be a success if all participants collaborate. We are looking for participants who are willing to contribute not only with art, food or design, but also with activities to run the gallery itself. Later in this document we will describe the minimum activities we see as necessary to run the whole project. This value also tries to achieve a minimum of hierarchy in the project team.

03. It should not cost us a lot of money. Obviously, it is necessary to invest in this project. Our principle is though that we want artists to easily access our project. We will try to build a business model, which makes sure the entry level for participants is low, and it will be fairly easy to make money. In the end, we understand artists and other participants have to make a living out of their work.

04. We like to learn from each other and from the project One of the major principles we live by is that we want to learn from each other. This can be on any level: new contacts, new techniques, new ideas. We want to create an atmosphere where there is an openness to learn and openness to share ideas with each other. Since this will be a novelty for us, we also want to learn from the project to make it even better for the future.


Karine Gondim | Project Pop Up Art

Business Model

We will base our business model on the business model canvas of Alexander Osterwalder. A template of this model you will find above.

Key Partners Who are key partners/suppliers? What are the most important motivations for the partnerships? The organization will have a network structure, which means all participants are equally important. Most important partners/suppliers will be the artists, culinary suppliers, djs. Next to that we will have to build a relationship with the lender of the location (including suppliers of amenities). Key Resources What key resources does your value proposition require? One of our principles is to keep costs low. This means we have to be careful with our selection of resources needed of running the project. Most important will be a space suitable for displaying art, preparing food and drinks. This could lead to the fact we would have special requirements for the electrical systems (e.g. 380V). Further inquiry will be necessary. Depending on the location we would need basic store furniture (cashier desk, seats, sofa). One of the other key elements necessary will be a good lighting system for the art objects. Lastly, we would need to rent a payment system. 7

Karine Gondim | Project Pop Up Art

Key Activities What key ativities does your value proposition require? What activities are most important for your distribution channels, customer relationships, revenue streams etc?

• Setting up the location o Lights, electrical, water, gas, heat o Payment systems o …. • Managing the location during opening hours • Managing the location outside opening hours • Selling art • Preparing food • Selling food • Cleaning up • Administration of sales • Financial administration of sales • Opening location (daily) • Closing location (daily) • Final closing • Administration of location • Communication with neighborhood • Marketing and communication with clients

Cost Structure What are the most important costs in your work? Which key resources/activities are most important?

As mentioned we will try to keep costs low. Costs will be divided over the participants. Artists will be provided with space to show their objects based on the amount they pay.

Audience Relationships What relationship does the target audience expect you to establish? How can you integrate that into your work in terms of cost and format?

The relationship with potential clients can be divided in three periods, namely before the grand opening of the gallery, during business hours of the gallery and after final closing the gallery. Before the opening of the gallery we must build a relation with our potential clients. This means we should find the right communication channels to announce our gallery. Logically channels will be social media, website and flyers. Next to that a guerilla marketing campaign could be required to make an impact. During the running of the project we anticipate that the participants themselves manage their relationships with their clients. If necessary one focal (independent) person can be onsite for general question. This person will also oversee communication through website and social media. After the final closing of the gallery one person will do the after care of communication with (potential) clients, of the website and social media. Since we anticipate to run this project again, it is necessary to maintain a minimum communication to (potential) clients.

Distribution Channels Through which channel does your audience want to be reached? Which channels work best? How much do they cost? How can they be integrated into your and your audiences routines?

The main distribution channel will be the gallery itself. We are open to create a web shop for specific participants if necessary. But this is not in our plan right now.

Karine Gondim | Project Pop Up Art

Audience Segments Which groups are you creating value for? Who is your most important audience?

We are trying to target three different groups of clients. First, we want to target the established art buyer/person interested in art and culture. Second, we want to target persons with an interest in art/design/food, but new to the art world. These people sometimes feel a border to enter a gallery or cultural event. Thirdly we want to target the persons who “happen to pass by� and attract them to enter the gallery.

Revenue Stream For what value are your audiences willing to pay? What and how do they recently pay? How would they prefer to pay? How much does every revenue stream contribute to the overall revenues?

Revenue will come in on two levels. Firstly, we expect participants to join in on the costs. More importantly we want to sell our art, object, food etc.

Value Proposition What core value do you deliver to your audience? Which needs are you satisfying?

The added value we try to bring is a platform for participants to interact with their clientele (conversation, selling, opportunities for new sales). For the clients, we want to build an atmosphere where they can enjoy and buy art, food and drinks. The atmosphere should be in such a way that you feel welcome to enter without hesitation and you want to stay for at least 20-45 minutes.


Karine Gondim | Project Pop Up Art

Practical Information Location Antwerp, Belgium

Possible Starting Month: TBD

Estimate Running Period: 4 weeks Operation Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday Business Hours: Friday 16.00-24.00 Saturday: 12.00-20.00 Sunday: 12.00-20.00

Karine Gondim | Project Pop Up Art

Thank you.

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Project proposal

Proposal pop up art  

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