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Environment Topics Are you interesting in environmental topics? Are you environmentally friendly? If your answer is yes, you should read this document because its purpose is to educate people. It also aims to help humanity work for the environment and to think about our carbon footprint with aspects such as recycling, planting trees and using water responsibly. These are the most relevant topics when taking care of the environment, although humanity does not practice them. Another important aspect is to know the benefits of adopting these practices. Our lifestyle needs to make significant changes in the way we treat our environment. Recycling is a very important activity because it helps us to take care of our planet. There are many materials that can be recycled, for example, paper is one of the most common recyclable materials. Also, people can recycle carton, plastic, glass,

technological items and so on. In Costa Rica, there is a recycling company that is named “Ambientados�; they are responsible of collecting different products, like

carton, plastic and paper. Moreover, their job is very important because they are giving a hand to the environment. Humans should plant trees because they are a synonym of live. Unfortunately, people do not work on this. The trees ' job consists of capturing the carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen. Oxygen is necessary for us because we cannot live without it.

Another important aspect of trees is that they participate in the filtration of fresh water, the protection of soil, and drought; for this reason it is important to stop the

deforestation. One benefit of planting trees is to reduce flood, because roots can capture rain excess. Moreover, is very important to educate people to plant trees and make them think about the necessity of planting trees instead of cutting them.

Environment Topics Water is important for people’s lives. Though in this moment we have a lot of water, people need to think about this resource adequately because someday it can disappear. Consequently is very important to take care of fresh water and to use it properly. Some common mistakes are for example, to brush teeth not closing the tube and to take a shower for a long time. Furthermore, in many houses, hotel, factories, etc they don’t have a dirt water treatment plant. Another thing is that in rivers there exists more water contamination, because people throw garbage into them. As a conclusion, there is a terrible problem in the environment, besides the bad attitude of humans to increase this situation. In addition, we do not work for caring about the environment which contributes to the increase of the global warming and causes a global catastrophe. People should have a positive attitude and work for protecting the environment. Everyone needs to practice recycling in their houses and protect the fresh water. Furthermore, it is important to plant trees in order to help the environment.

Deep Web Concept Nobody










By entering this kind of website, it is directly defined that you are older than 18 years.

Google, Facebook and other popular websites are a unified series of webs that just want to be famous among a lot of people, but they are not the entire Internet. The

Deep web is a dangerous place that you can visit just with an especial browser called Tor, you cannot see this place with Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and others; it is composed by weird places that are located much deeper and more hidden than others. Surfing in the Deep web is like a jump to the past because it is very different and also it is hard to find what you are looking for. In general everybody should have a medium level of computer knowledge to navigate in the levels that we are going to see below. These levels could contain completely illegal information. Besides, the Deep web is divided into five danger levels. The first one is called “Surface level” and it has

information about vampire freaks, hidden databases and foreign social networks. The second level contains hidden Google results, FTP servers, pornography and more. In the third level you need a lot of security if you want to be there. Also you are going to find navigating real hacker groups, celebrity scandals, virus information, suicides, computer security, gore, child porn, cosmologists, dark magic, data analysis and many

but different and dangerous topics. The fourth level is called “Charter web”; at this point you just will find abnormal information like questionable visual materials, personal records, human trafficking, most of the black Marquet, hard drugs trade,

bounty hunters, head hunters, banned material, rare animal trade, corporate exchange, assassination networks, secret bases like Area 51, super-secret documents and more topics that actually are not recommended for anyone.

Deep Web Concept We cannot forget the fifth level that it is called “Marianas Web�; it is controlled

by the government and people do not know anything about this place because it is very deep and dangerous. Actually it is the part of the Deep Web where anyone wants

to get in. If you are wondering how those people can make purchases in this place, the answer is BitCoin. Bitcoins behaves just like any other kind of coin; the most impressive part is that the Bitcoins might be changed in Dollars or Euros. With this

coin in the Internet now these people can acquire all they want. That is why we should know the reality of this place. Everything could be dangerous if you decide to navigate in the Deep Web and even also in the surface web. It is really dangerous but I am going to show you how you can navigate in this place below.

Since people know that the Internet is more that they know, they start to feel curiosity by entering the site. Like I have mentioned before, we need a special navigator called Tor.) This browser provides us anonymity, privacy and security at the time to enter in this new world. Once you are inside, you must implement all the security that (the browser) provides us to protect you from any threat, which is one of

the most important parts; you should not forget that. The entrance to the Deep Web is done through what is called Onionland; these are associated sites with domains that normally are like and is important to know that provides one new extension such as .onion which has the property to not reveal the content when you

access the web page, for example: ks48fd.onion, which is why no other browser can index these pages. In addition to the danger, there is also very interesting, useful and

hidden information that motivates a person to enter, but it is not recommended to download compressed files or play audio and video files. You must accept the consequences of what you do if you decide to break the rules without security.

Deep Web Concept To conclude, I need to mention that the Deep Web is still an ambiguous side of

the Internet in spite of the useful or dangerous information that anyone can find. Most people have not heard about this topic and they believe that what they see in the common web sites is all that the Internet has to offer. I would advise that if someone

wants to investigate this source of information, he should accept the possible consequences. My intent is not to promote these practices or other illegal actions; I just

want to instill a bit of my knowledge in the people with the purpose of making this topic known. Now it is time to choose between the path of ignorance and the risk of knowing a little more; it depends just on you.

My Community Do you want to know a wonderful place in the Caribbean? Then, you have to visit Guápiles. Guápiles is located in Limón. Pococí is the real location of Guápiles but many

people do not know Pococí. My hometown is in La Sirena, La Rita and Pococí. One of The principal attractions in Guápiles is the weather; the temperature in summer is 32°

C and in winter it is (approximately) 22°C approxomate. Moreover, the people are friendly, kind and revelers. Another attraction on the Caribbean coast is the rivers. Guápiles has many rivers with warm and cold water. However, people prefer the beach or San José downtown.

The first attraction is the weather in Costa Rica. It is tropical, and in Guápiles it is mostly hot and rainy. Weekly the rain is present once and sometimes twice, however, in summer people love the warmth because it is perfect for going to a river, a

park or staying at home. The temperature in summer is approximately 32° - 34° C; in winter the temperature changes a bit; it is a little colder compared with the summer.

From September to January the temperature is 19° - 22° C and it rains many times, like 3 or 4 times a week. The Caribbean has the hottest and most tropical weather in Costa Rica. People in Guápiles are friendly. They like going to parties and drinking, and

The love Expo Pococí. This is an exposition of animals, food, plants, games and music. It is the final 2 weeks in the month of September. In Christmas time, the Guapileños go to the park for some festivals and carnivals. Young people go to the mall in the

afternoons with their friends and in the night they go to bars and the skate park. Generally, The Guapileños are very close to each other and them like helping people. Rivers









In total there are approximately 27. The water of these rivers is warm and cold in some cases. People enjoy visiting Guápiles because of the famous “pozas” which are 2 meter deep in the water. Some famous rivers in Guápiles are Blanco, Danta, Quebrada

Gonzalez, Toro Amarillo; they are located on route 32. The rivers Guacimo, Pocora, Parismina are rivers that have the same name than the place they are located at.

My Community If you want to enjoy your summer in a different place, and with many

attractions, you have to come to Guápiles. Remember the temperatures are roughly between 32C ° - 34C °, the people are very sociable, they like partying and enjoy

carnivals, and the Expo-Pococí, which is a show that is done in September, to expose cows, flowers, furniture, and a lot of parties. Another attraction in Guapiles are the rivers that have the name of the place where they are located, for example Jimenez. Guápiles is close to San Jose; just 1 hour away. Come and enjoy the Caribbean.


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