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How to Grow Your email list using Doorway pages James Saunders is the owner of TrafficBoosterPro, the SEO software which makes Unique Content pages Quickly and Easily! Software that bring massive Traffic from RSS Feeds in AutoPilot, now in it's 2nd The lifeblood of any Internet marketer is their list. If you have an opt in email list then you are sitting on piles of cash, if you properly use your list then your earning potential is very high.As many people ask 'How do I build a list faster?' the following points describes how you can do that using Doorway Pages, Squeeze pages and Popups for building your email list.This kind of technique that I will describe is an advance one and requires you to use a domain name, a seperate hosting account and a Doorway software as for example the Traffic Booster Pro from TrafficBoosterPro dot com. Those are needed so that a competitor will not report you to search engines for using Doorway pages in your site. Unfortunately there are many people out there that try to get in your positions that would do anything to get you out of their way. The technique to get a Domain and hosting just for your Doorway pages is called 'Shadow Domains'. Those domains are created to rank high and if they get banned it would cost you only ten bucks to get a new domain and continue your marketing on the new domain name.Try only not to link those domains to you Main Domain.'Shadow domains' and 'mini sites' are almost the same technique in the SEO language. The purpose of this article is not to explain what are those techniques so I will not analyse it here.Why you should use a Doorway Software for building an email list, you might ask? The answer might surprise you but it's a technique that works and is pretty legitimate. It's not creating stand alone or doorway pages with practically no content, overly optimized with keywords and a link back to the homepage. Doorway pages work but only if you know how to do it well. And this article will talk a bit about this topic as well.Imagine you come up with several keyword phrases that generate a few monthly searches, you now can build several pages. So each page targeting a specific keyword phrase is worth traffic and not any type of traffic but it will be targeted.So if you have one page which brings you only 1 visitor per day and you have 50 pages, you can easily receive 50 visitors per day for free. Now what about if you have a thousand of those pages? You see the potential now.First you need to gather keywords and Keyword phrases. The strategy is to search for overlooked keyword phrases which are not too competitive and create effective doorway pages related to these keyword phrases. These pages can be promoting a product for instance.You need to be extremely careful with keyword research so that you don't miss excellent opportunities or aim so broadly that you target phrases that will never rank well. Here are some strategies to guide you along the way:1. Start with core words.A core set of keywords - even if too broad - can stimulate creative thinking.2. Look at the industry.Examine industry trade group web sites and related newsletters to find potential keywords.3. Study competitors.Some companies make a bigger deal of competitors' keywords than they should, but it's still a useful strategy. Invariably, a competitor will be using a strong keyword or phrase you don't want to miss. Often, however, they load their web sites with single keywords that aren't appropriate. If Internet users are seeking cookware, their search terms shouldn't be laundry-based words. Yet we came across that very example. Be careful which words you use.4. Be specific - add other words to your primary phrases.If you sell toys, try plastic toys or toys import. Or, how about toys import companies? To Know More Information: namecheap coupon code august 2012 , namecheap coupon codes august 2012, namecheap coupons 2012

How to Grow Your email list using Doorway pages  
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